Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1967 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1967
Page 11
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Mother-in-Law by Any Other—? By Abigail Van Bur en It. mr *i CMu* TrilMt4i. t. mm int., IM.I DEAR ABBY: That letter signed "Just an in-law" got my goat. Why should in-laws be "hurt" over what they are (or are not] called? If the relationship is right, they will be called whatever the new son-in-law or daughter-in-law feels comfortable calling them. If they aren't called anything, that's all right, too. The most important thing is for everyone to feel at ease. 1 don't think there is any problem unless a person makes one. VINCENT DEAR ABBY: Will you please tell me how mother-in-law got to be such a dirty name? I have friends with married children who detest being referred to as "my mother-in-law." Why? That's what they I do not wish to be called "mother" by anyone other than my own children. It sounds so forced and artificial. A young woman comes into the family as a stranger, really, and after having properly addressed me as "Mrs. • w»^ f «•»« v»vw« ••«• * "*o f • wf^r* mj HM«M «r*M»^M »*^ *«0 ***» <if, Jones" during the time my son courted her, suddenly 1 am "mother"! No thank you. CALL ME GLADYS DEAR ABBY: Would you believe that 1 have been married for 4 years and have avoided addressing my mother-in-law directly because I do not know what to call her? If she would only say, "Please, call me Hilda, or mother, or mom," I would be so relieved. Please print this as many of my friends have the same problem. BEWILDERED DEAR ABBY: My darling daughter-in-law didn't have to worry very long about what to call me. She [and everyone ' else] started calling me "grandma" 5 months after my son married her. I don't recommend this as a solution, but it did solve a problem. GRANDMA DEAR ABBY: Don't tell me about young wives who call their mothers-in-law "mother" out of respect. 1 have several friends who call their mothers-in-law "mother" to their faces, but you should hear what they call them behind their backs. Respect? Hah! AMUSED DEAR ABBY: I think complete honesty is the answer to what to call the in-laws: The night my daughter's beau snowed up with the ring/he turned to my husband and me and said, "After Marie and I are married, what would you like me to call you?" I said, "Anything you like." He replied, "1 have a mother and'father of my own, so if you don't mind, I'll call; you,I'Belle mere' and Beau: frede.'! 1 And that's the way it's been for many years. HAPPY IN QUEBEC DEAR HAPPY: Tres Men. If you have "de gaulle." Wane winners at Halloween party, Fenton Ponton — Hie Town Mid Country Woman's club held the annual Halloween party Tuesday evening ait the Fen* ton Community Center, There were 140 children in costume. Winners in the different categories are: 'Miscellaneous, Debbie Fin* nested, Linda Rusch, Terry Luedtke, Jerry Rabb; Hoboes and old men, Dave Yager; ghosts, Michael Ohnetmis; Gypsies, Elizabeth Madden; witches and scarecrows, Marda Theisen, Tanta Berkland; cowboys and cowgirls, Denny Feye; animals, Betty Hansen, Brent Borohardt, Duane and Carol Ann Cody, Joel Zwiefel. Clowns, Lori Zumadi, Janet Douglas; old ladies, Mike Rusch, Paul JorgcMen, lin- da Ohrisohilles; pirates and Indians, Danny Jacobsen, Angela Chrisohilles, fairies, brides and queens, Katfiy Gerhart. Laat year's king, Mike Rusch, crowned this year's king, Dave Yagier, and last year's queen Gina Koenck crowned this year's queen Mama Theisen* Judges were Mrs. Hans Baago, Mrs. Rueben Luedtke, Mrs. J. Wallace Smith. Robert Krause Jr. presided. to Mitt Waite, M». -_ ----Wegener, and Mrs. Marvin , Burt, supper guests of Mrs. CENTENARIAN — King- gold county's only centenarian!, Elmer Schlapiau was honored on his 100th birthday in •Liberty township where he 'makes his home with his nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (Damson on October 29th. SWEET POTATOES —Al- 'bert City vegetable gardners are among those with bountiful harvests of sweet potatoes this season. Oliver AronBbh, Albert City, 'harvested one weighing 3 Ib. and another about 2 pounds. DIAMOND'S CHURCH GROUP ELECTS Aid of St. John's Lutheran church met Nov. 1, at the church with hostesses Mrs. Harvey Henrifcsen, Mrs. Fred Jenitz and Mrs. George Jentz. There were 35 members present and guests were Mrs. Walt Krause and Mrs. Gerald Jenitz. Rev. Spicer led devotions and led the study on Philipians on "Witnessing by the way we live." Election of officers was held: President, Mrs. Norman Finnested; vice, Mrs. Calvin Vaudit; sec., Mrs. James Meyer; trees., Mrs. Lloyd Kern; membership committee, Mrs. Victor Stru- ecker and Mrs. Ida Dreyer; award oomm., Mrs. Lillian Votteler, Mrs. George Jenitz; L. W. M. L>and Christian Growth, Mrs. John Waite; Lutheran Home Finding Society and .Auxiliary contractor, Mrs. .Walter Jentz; stamps, Mrs. .Marvin Ackerson;cleaning, 'Mrs. Marvin Ackerson and Mis. Larry Gade; flower, Mrs. Bennie 'Berkland, Mrs. Victor Stnuecker, Mrs. Emil 'Bierstte- Kit and 'Mrs. Harvey Henriksen; pianist, Mrs. Ed Meyer; Aid Pal, Mrs. Ed Meyer; library, Mrs. Glen Flint, Mrs. DairreU Dreyer, Ms*. Ervin Borchardt. A committee to 'look into ways to purchase new silverware is Mrs. Olal Norland, Mrs. Ida 'Dreyer and Mrs. Fritz Newbrbutfi. The AID NAMIS OMIC1M The Fairvttie Aid met Wed' nesday in the church with .Mrs. James Bterttedt and Mrs. Anna Bleckwenn hostewe*. Nov. 10 was set to dean the church. Elected fof 1988 are: President, Mrs. Harlan Elm- ettt; vtoe, Mrs. James (Bier' atedt; sec., Mrs. Richard Pres- toft; treasurer, Mrs. David Berkland; LWML sec., Mrs. Lyle Haack; flower chairman, Mrs. Elmer Greinert; mem- bettftiip, Mrs. Fred Frank and Mrs. Orville Weiner; telephone, Mrs. Lloyd Bleckwenn and Mrs. Arnold Hantelman; kitchen, Mrs. Carl Beck; coupons and stamps, Mrs. Delond Bolte; L. H. F. S., Mrs. Hilbert Bierstedt; activity, Mrs. Deiphlne Hantelman, Mrs. Kenneth Johnson and Mrs. Delond Votter; Christmas, Mrs. Elmer Greiner, Mrs. H. R. Pettit and Mrs. Lyndon Kerber. TO PACK BOXES 'WSCS 6f the Fenton Methodist church met Thursday at the church with Mrs: Clarence Yager and Amanda Schutt as hostesses. Mrs. Curtis Lura had the worship service. Mrs. Leister Weisbrod had the lesson portraying several characters "The Missionary finds a rtew identity." 'Mrs. Russell Eldridge gave a report on two meetings she attended recently, the North Iowa Conference meeting at Forest City and the North Central Jurisdiction meeting at Cedar Rapids. The World Service project this year is.sewing children's clothing, men's work shorts and pants, and balby layettes. Many finished garments were displayed. Plans were made to pack boxes for Christmas for service men overseas. SAVE MORE SPECIALS SAW BOY'S CROHPTON CORDUROY PARKA ZIP OFF HOOD-WASHABLE TOO!- 4 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM _ Sixes 6 to 16. C6mpmr« at $12.95^ MEN'S ALL WEATHER COATS WITH ZIP OUT PILE LINING CHECKS-PLAIDS-SOLIDS VALUES TO $25,00 PRICED AS LOW AS .Size* 36-50 MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'* CORDUROY DRESS COATS MAHY'WITH PLUSH ORLON PILE LININGS „ Site* «to 54 PRICES AS LOW AS "SERVIS" BRAND HI CHORE STYLE 2 BUCKLE RUBBER OVERSHOES Reg. $5.95 SALE PRICE Also In Extra Long* Sizes 6-U's 2 PC. WATERPROOF RAIN SUIT FULL ZIPPER FRONT. PRICED AS LOW Camouflage style a* pictured SJW! MONDS Jtcktt Httlqiiifiii tf HorAwtit ANNIVERSARIES St. John's Lutheran church, Fenton, had its 65th anniversary and the 10th anniversary .of the Aid, on the 450th Reformation Sunday. The Sunday school childreni gave a special program ait 8:45 and a special communion service was held at 10. In the evening ithe anniversary program was given. Rev. Rex Spicer led the opening devotion. Mrs. Amos .Fininestad, Mrs. Ida Dreyer, iMttis., Lloyd Kern, Mrs. Lloyd Suinde and Mrs. Glen Flint gave a skit, "Painting the Church Red." Mrs. Norman Finnetated gave the AM history 'and a reading, "The Meaning of Ladies Aid. The Wai- ther League gave a short program. Rev,. Spicer read a history of the church. RECITAL IS GIVEN Elsie Meyer's, piano pupils gave a recital 'Monday at the St. John's Lutheran church basement. Participating were 'Linda Berkland, Sherri Boetter, Judy Bollinger, Linda [ChriscMUes, Cindy Dreyer, Ivicki Dreyer, Debbie Eiimers, ICindy Gade, Lanelda Ging|rich, Robin Heine, Margene iHenriksen, Roger Henriksen, IPatricia Huskamp, Paul Jor- IgenBon, Linda Jorgenson, Da- Ivid Hading, Edward Krause, 1 Carol Laabs, Mark Luedtke, lEmily Matthiasen, Marcia Meyler, Diane 'Mills, Kathy Morten- 1 son, Jean Pompe, Marcia The- lisen, Linda Tieiman, Cheryl luthof, Melonie Waite and Pa- Imela Zumach. Victor Schutt, Fort Dodge, Carol and Diane Laabs were Sunday guests of M!rs. Reinhold Laabs. Mrs.. Arnold Laabs was an afternoon guest. Mrs. Martha Haase and Bernice, Burt, were Friday afternoon guests of Mrs. Reinhold iLaabs. ' • There will be no school at Hhe Sentral schools Nov. 15th. Parent - teacher conferences will be held, MVF Of the Fenton Methodist church met Wednesday evening with Marge Rusch as hostess. There were 21 present. Rev, Russell Eldridge gave the lesson. Worship was by Greg Jones. The !Max Flaigs and 'boys, Norfolk, Va., Frea Meyers and Juanita, Algona, and the Emil Bierstedts were Sunday guests ait James Meyer's. iMrs. Olga Huskamp and Mrs. darter, Good Samaritan reft home, Algona, were Sunday dinner pests at Eugene Huskamp's. The Bernard Kramers visitr ed WB parents the Clarence Kramers at Riceville Sunday. The Harry Wolfes, Streeter, N. D., were recent weekend guests at Clayton Wolfe's. They were all Sunday gueste at Darrell Wolfe's, Waverly. Mrs. Lena Bleckwenn and Mjrs. Laurnetta Millelr visSted the Henry StoMocks at Fort Dodge Sunday. The Wm. Boettchers, Pwt, were Sunday guests of Mrs. E, E. Wei&brod. —, . The Wm. DeWalls and Mrs. Shirley Zumach atid girts it« 'tended <lhe operette, "ioten* the," Ffiday evening at the Burt school. Jim Runke had a leading role, Mrs. Wm. firuhn, iMiis. Marian Eimera, Mrs. James Bierstedt, Mrs. John Waite, (Mrs. Ervin Krause, and Rev. Rex Spicer attended the L. W. M. L. Christian Growth Iowa District West workshop at Storm Lake Thursday. Mrs. Eugene Hiskey and daughter, Des Moines, spent the weekend with her mother Mrs. Wm. Eimers. Mrs. Ban Peterson, Greet- tinger, Mrs. Melvin Peterson, Estlherville, were Monday afternoon guests at Gerhart Hanltdman's. The Ernest Berldands, Melvin Berklands, Bennie Berk- lands, Ed Mitchells, Albert Mitchells, MiMord Mitchells, and Curtis Olsons attended the golden wedding of the Oscar Hansons at Trinity Lutheran church, Blue Earth, on Sunday. Mrs. Hanson is a cousin of the Berklands. The Steve Berklands and Barbara were Sunday after,noon< guests at Stan Berk- land's'. The Wm. DeWalls and the George DeWalls, Carroll, visited Mrs. Clarence Egland, Es- therViiHe, Sunday. The Harlan Eimers famiJly, Harold Eimers family, Mrs. Wm. Eimers and Mrs. Eugene Hiskey and daughter attended the 25th wedding of the Hans Hansons at Esther-vine Sunday. The Art Krauses and Larry Ailts were Thursday evening guests ait Stan Berkland's for Lenni®' 2nd birthday. The Ernest Berklands were afternoon, guests. Mrs. Roy Chrischilles had her 500 dub Friday. Mks. Walter Pentl and Mrs. Carl Beck were guests. Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough and Mrs. Florence Behne were recently each presented a 20 x 25 framed picture from the soil conservation/ commissions of Algona. The awards were given for outstanding teaching in coniser- valtion. Mrs. Behne teaches fourth grade and Mrs. New- ibrough sixth grade in the Sentral school. iMaynard Nemitz and Joane Thilges attended the Central States gun collectors Ml show \at MaSorn City Oct. 29. Mr. Nemitz is a ohortec member and on the board of director^. Dorcas club met Tuesday afternoon with MTs. Roy Chr- isdiilles for a Halloween party. Mfs. Ed Sthlei won the prize for the best costume. Mrs. Marold Sohlei was a guest. . The Ray Stoebers were weekend guests^ait Irvin Kas- sulked at St. James. Ten members of the Fen* •ton MYF attended «he sub- district rally at Algona Sunday. Kenneth Kuhlmann, of Hopkins, Minn., visited Thursday and Friday at Henry Schulte's. Mr. Kuhlmann is a nephew of Mrs. Schultes. He went ito DeWitt to visit the Jack Ottos. The Charles Kerns, Ames, lhave a girl, 6 Ib. 2 oz., named Angela Marie. The Lloyd Kerns and Burdett Thompsons, Clarion, are grandparents. Mrs. Edna Mueller and Mrs. Amanda Kern are great- grandmothers, and Mrs. Martha Mueller is the great-great- grandmother. Saturday, Nov. 11 The afternoon wiM be ?a good time for window-washing at the new church. Who will help.? • • . Sunday, Nov. 12 There will be no early serv* toe. 9:20 to 10:35 a.m. — Sunday Church School. 10:45 a.m. — The Service of De-dedication for the structure at Lucas and Wooster used since 1888 by this congregation. Monday, Nov. 13 (Moving week at First Lutheran begins. All activities for ithe week involving schools and organizations will continue in the old church. Tuesday, Nov. 14 9:30 a.m. — LCW "Manifesto" study meeting at church. Bring a sack lunch and help prepare to move. Wednesday, Nov. 15 7 p. m . — Senior Confirmation class. 8 p.m. — Ruth Group, Lutheran Church Women, meets at the home of Mrs. Dale devotions. be Mi» JuM* 9:45 10:45 Worship. ^ .1 • 7:00 p.m. — Yourtg !%0|>i** Meeting. . 7:30 p.m. — Evening Evangelistic Meeting. Prayer Meeting Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Carrot A 1 Ib. 10 oz. carrot was produced on the Ed Brouwer farm near Sanborn this season. The carrot measured 12 inches long and 9 inches around. Cabbage A 17 pound cabbage was grown in the garden of Mrs. Ldrene Goodwin of rural Floris this season. This head was the size of a basketball. SERVICES ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN Rev. Oliver Johnson, Pastor DEPEW Sunday, Nov. 12 9:30 a.m. — Sunday School. 10:30 a.m. — Worship Service. 7:30 p.m. — Lutheran Church Men Family. Night. Richard Berkland will show slides. Serving committee, Bernard Solberg, Irvin Sol- 'berg, Amo Juhl and Art Juhl. Tuesday, Nov. 14 9 - 10 a.m. — Bible Study. Wednesday, Nov. 15 7:30 p.m. — Jr. and Senior Choir. 7:30 — Bible Study "The Art of Christian Relationship." First Lutheran Kev. Robert F. Lorenx, Paitor Algdno Thursday, Nov. 9 3:30 to 4:55 p.m. — Weekday Church School. 7 p.m. — Junior and Senior Ghotirs practice together. 8 p.m. — Sunday School staff meeting, including all teachers, officers and substi- GOOD/YEAR 4 PLY NYLON CORD WINTER TIRES ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ -^^r- ^ ^ ^^— •— ^ — — — — The winter tire buy of the season! Buy now whili stocks ara full 6 V FOR 8.50/7.00 x 13 tu&»lttl blichwill plut f 1.93 Fid. El. Til p*r tlrt •nd 2 tndi-ln tltti • 3-T nylon cord Sill 7.35/7.751 14 1.25 1 14 (.55 1 14 7.75 « 15 8.151 15 8.45 1 15 8.85/9.00 I IS •iKkTrtiltit Pilr PriM J19.95 »00 $24.95 $21.95 $23.95 % *oo $29.95 Plyi ttt. (I. 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