The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVRMBER 20, 1!)30 m/VTHKVlLLR. (ARK.) COURTED NEWS News of lho. Blytlifiviile Schools PA OR THREE' School Delation 'this year. Severn! more '* books have been Tin. .boys ai^Trls of the 0-A, ^ tT^bMe to Hie 5A jjnch niiil all of lire ol*cr allrac- little effect upon tlie altene-ncalt] tlons Hint go with a carnival. . anA ai d student to arrive at s deflite c!e- moil's room, .won Uio dollar at clslon In regard to his future car- p. T. A. last Wednesday aftcr- eer and teaches how Its I to pi?- neon for hnviiis uie urc.icesi per pare to moke a uiccc&s of his oc- cent of motlicrs tliere, They also cupition. received three duMurs Icr biins one Students cf this department have hundred per ce:u cf mothers bc- hijh claf= instruction. Each year longing to the P. T. A. It was the ' til? sc'iool has eif.rler. In district tciond ilme tlili lo.'m won the and State contc-st, often winning dollar. l.isi ur stcoil honor.. In 1821 Eve- The ,. B . 3 c)ass cf JllnUlr i il8 ), was dismissed at 2:30 „ oll KovC mUcr IB. for Ivav- Central Ward The children in grade 5-B are having nn Interesting contest in tlie spelling. At (lie present, time E. M. T Terry, jr., and Susie Clillds are «,„ tied for first place, eacli having grtute Imp nrennt/Ki into ilir-m •"•««: OUITOI ncnieve- : "'" <•'•• " fpelllnp tcU Thlcapm re ""I 11 I0sls «! vc " lh™«houl the ment nn Emma im. Pn« \Sfrv RiwWinii syslem reccntl J'' °»t- «' five tests, The com u"l James Wilson. The !•"£ ^ DuilC!1 " srowl "" '"»»«« ln j^S time. ing Foundations for iness Careers. lyn Harwell established the Arkan- ciH r?co:J by writing 76 words per ir.'.m' s in f tt'jdmt of und s merber of the Commercial missed only one word during the semester. In a recent tost John Haip was a close second. This graae was entertained last Friday morning . by hearing Dr. Damroscli's Appreciation Hour for . „ _ , , , . . ,„ , children on the radio in the high The 7-B-3 class of Junior Hlgli SC , IOD , nutmor , uri ,. School went on a picnic Nov. 181 D Damrosch has been trivlre to the J, U. G. Mound. The picnic I ur ' uamrascn lms Mm K' vl '-E '•vP-»?- SI'-? was then a ,,, p r r i,, ct attendance five clays BJythcvillL' men seh:o ^ L are ti-ioA- arp l-n milk. dr , I to drink ill o > v^LUCcrS I 11 " uji. «i **' > - j - *••"""«. i*>w ^«v««-« scliooJ concerts for tlirpp vp&rs find jlini'Olimeilt 111 was held in Honor of Thclma Ms- ,' mmms of chlldren C nj oy them He toBlySnc^ih^S't ™' ; City SCIIOOIS IS ^'live.^.e, te&'of thifsU }£ ^t^Z'f^utefSd'! cf t.'.?? mo.i papular departments! Sln\ r l i Pi'A\i'imn ' ^'^ „ \ , venture stories, and animal stories . . cf the school. Despite the fact that : tlie courses an5 elective nearly one- Ihivd cf the student U'Uy is en- lolled in one of ths fcur courses' system is slowly increasing. The 1-A-2 class regrets the loss i n music. These concerts are given of Jessie Mae and Charles. Ed-'. every two weeks. Last Friday's The enrollment throughout the ! walc!s vvll ° luwe m o vecl to Louis-1 program was on "Animals.In Mu- grndes of Cenlrnl and /Sudbury played a game of soccer Wednesday afternoon. Tlie results Loroy Brown Is captain of , team and Graiulall Klnnlnijham Ls i captain of Central Ward team. ' », : The 6A reading club of Budbury Hie UK group of Ihe Budbury school held an Interesting proarnm sci.ool, Mrs. J. R. Webster home; Monday morning. Mary Sue Wll- rooui le.ichcr, Is subscribing for the Hicham, Eula Mae Judd, Nancy uiut Lire" magazine this week. | clalrc McCauley and Marie Rlg- The 4A grade Is putting on a gins made iiUeicstln greports on heahli project "Climbing the Hill nood books. of lU'ilih" under Uie direction of 1 Franklin Johnson ot the lA grade Mrs J, n. WeUsicr. ! has moved to Trumann. Tin- 511 group scored above stun-1 Tl>c m P l| l>ils arc making toy Th:; proceeds from this carnival School Achieve- : will h- used for playground crtuin- "Delusions ot Rclljlon" v/lll be ' nmt Increasing ihe library. l!ie theme of. the Thursday tmiunlty und the surround- sermon, mmlllis arc planning upon ntlcmlinif this ciirnlval and having, n big time. 'Ihey (Hied the offices of :. The total enrollment inj November H the enrollment was jirrBsurer and vlcc president. MM department is 117, cf which'ns follows: r.bcut 17 are duplications, leaving! LLMI<™ net enrollment of approximately !tl). S:venteen students are taking shorthand-. 2G bookkeeping, 52 typewriting and 22 Orcupationl. The purpoe of the Cem:n;rc!nl | D:i:arlmcnt- is to sive K:c pupils j tpeclal training for business life.! Central Ward Sudbury Junior High .•S.nioL 1 ilijh 2-10 221 520 240 310 ;i 'Total 15C1 I The following new pupils have! recently. High Many students can never hop* Unentered ,. illsll „,„„„, go t-r college. fo enable lhe<e stu-, Jamcs Mar kliam: Lange, Clyde MilV^.-f "* ?!,,-- .. S " C . C . e: ' s - m ,, aip '5 Belle l.inebcrry. Clara Ruth Linc.,, , t{n .^ LeJ)a j cnnm j Si Jo , A rwool i.! Malcolm Flake, J. L. Mile-hell. Bonard Jackson. Bonnie Jackson, J. Iriisins^s lif.> Ihis course is offered in the High School. Hid Small Berinnlnjf The Commercial Department cf Ihe 1 Blytheville High School, now known tiir'fjRhcul the State of Arkansas, began in January of 1925. Four student?; who w.?re deeply interested in talu work were The home room program given by 7-A-2 was as follows: Science—Putty Shane. The Wonder' of Cr/1—D. J. Carter. Science Play—Eloulse Reynolds, Frieda Secoy and Louclle Bour!and. Gay Funerals—Eddie Sallba. November Health Aaultons. 1 clothes—Frankis Tucker. f pr—oebber Sallba. 3. R»d—Evie Lou Hawkins. 4 F.letr-—Virginia nurliam. 5. Watch Your Step — Charles the Brook—Beet- W. Brownfield. Jewel Shanks, Wil- Fender. .'ic Mae Jenniii»s. Tuesday and Wednesday of last \ week were Visit-thc-School Days G. nothing at NiglnV-Lystra Brackln. Violin Solo—Woodrow Fisher. Piano Solo—Kathryn Walpole. Mrs Shoe Maker was a welcome able tq form this organization by i r est in this wcrk and h at present i nd q mior Hi[ , h heed of the Commercial Depart- ( tn ment. Bookkeeping wad being taught at that tim.3, but the department did from Kress. not po.oiess typewriters, and, did , n-L offer c=ur^ in Shorthand and'.!^." The results of the tests given in the 5th and Cth grades in the Na!i °" Wi . dc tes ' nB p "" vam vere comparison. soon be available for ] program. James Reeves is the an| nouncer. Tlie following program [will be given: ,— . . I 1. "Firsl Thanksgiving Procla- LVerybody had their pictures ; ma t[ on " William Ely Aitken. mnde ai Junior Hkh lasl week. _^ Junior High William Faught lias been 111 but he is able lo be back in school. • v Troop 31 re-registered this week with 24 members, an assistant scoutmaster and scoutmaster. Following is the roll: Occupation. Two typewriters were then purchased by Mr. Moore and a plan was found which would enable th.3 students to pay for the typewriters and equipment, by means of charging a small laboratory fee to each cc.mmercial student.' With the purchase of thes.i two. typewriter.!, tl>e four students b3Kah their, knowledge of trying by spending hours after school in reeking commercial aid, and their efforts prcvcd to be very successful. Since these four were successful' other student-J became interested -and a. bigger organization was tlie result. I The courses of Shorthand annd Occupation were Introduced into thhe Commercial Department in 19M, average enrcilment. Classes 'In.Typewriting continued in growth until itj bccama 'liecesr sary to purchass six addilional TjT.?writei'E. Thu:: th? number of. - __ —_ __ Typewriters has gradually Increas-1 sistant scoutmaster and Sam II. cd until at present Kie schosl pos-' sesscs one of the best, equipped Commercial Departments in the State cf Arkansas. Equipment Bought With Fees The equipment of this department which has been entirely secured by payment of laboratory fees by th2 464 students who have been enrolled In this~ department since ID25, is now v-alued at approximately $2,108. This equipment includes a numter of high priced typjwriters, several bookkeeping I derks, and numerous charts and Lange School Lange school is having a radio entertainment for Thanksgiving sic" and consisted of the following numbers: 1. Midsummer Night's Dream— Mendelssohn. 2. Dance of the Mosquito—Ua- dpn. 3. Scene by hoven. 4. Cavalry Ride—Rubinstein. Girls I.tad Contest The fourth grade children are still working in their attendance contest, with the girls 5 points In the lead. Class President Robert Ilcrrick appointed Jlmmle Crook and Jannetta Hawkins attendance officers for the week. Margie Garner, Lonnlc Peters and Margaret Ledbettcr will serve as traffic officers. The following members of this doss have had perfect attendance during the semester: Virgil Boyd. Carroll Bcherer, Connie Cunningham, Annie Hendon, Sarah Lunsford, Bonnie Peters, Louise Philips, Wanda Smith. Patricia Wood, Edwood Beall, Chas. Carter. Garrard Caudill, C. A. English, Verdain Gill, Steven Johns, Ezra Snow, Churchill Buck, Rita Mae Cooper, Jannetta Hawkins, Sarah Hill, Gloria Martin and Delia Pfty Sykes. Head Courier News Want Ads. darrt In their public school achievement tests. Mr. Ktubbs has presented the 41! room library with a new book, "Boy Wanted," by Nixon Waterman. Alice Jane Hester and J. B. Holt have been absent for cause of sickness. The 4U Health club Is planning : B1 ' adc ' an Inteicsliiif health program for chnpcl. The 3A grade Is planning a Thanksgiving party lo which ihcy are going to Invite their parents. Christine Sco'.t has brought n nice, large pumpkin for the 3A room for Thanksgiving. The Indian project in the 3B grade has led lo making of Indian costumes by the pupils Iheinselvos. These pupils are also making Thanksgiving booklets to illustrate n i»em. The 2A girls are making little Pilgrim dolls, from corncobs. They look very attractive. Gordon Stewart has moved to Tennessee. Four new books have ben added to the 2A "reading table." The books were presented by Mary Ixm- ise Waters. Cornelia Smith, and John Hampton. New books arc placed on the 5B reading table each week. The pupils are now enjoying "The Motor Boys Series" by Clarence. Young. Several books have been bought with the five dollars the 5A room I Von for having the most paid up I members of the Parent-Teacher as- Tl>c m booklets this week. They draw and color pictures of toys and write the name of enc hone under ttie picture. The money earned from the P. T. A. attendance supplemented by ,,„ i the school fund was used to purl " 'chase a sol of books for the first Maty Alice McAffee Is Burdette Class President BURDETTE, Ark,.—T.lie seventh grode class i,t Uimlott: Junior high school organized Monday wllh Ihc following officers: president, Mar> Alice McAfee; vice .president, Lurs Crook, secretary. Mary dracy treasurer. Agnes Hooper, progran crinintUM. Bernlco Vcsc t#lltv Rh?a Evnns, Charles Hurdln and Russel Wjlder. Miss Ballew Is Ihe class siwnsor. The motto Is "Let He. Al Work Together." Ths class col ors are pink and while. Christian PaslOr Outlines 3-Fold ' Revival Purpose At the revival now In progress t the First Christian church the lev. E. K. Lallmcr reiterated the Jjjictlves ot the meeting In Ills ermon last night. These are lo en- .sl every member In ihe campaign, o enlist every unidentified nism- er of the Christian church In the ellowshlp of the local congrega- lon, and to enlist every member In he church program of 1031. Tonight the subject will b? Whipping the Devil Around the Slump." A goodly number heard the pas- or last night In his sermon on What a Stranger Found In Bly- hevllle." Many pronounced this sermon the best heard In the evoii- ;ellsllc meeting thus far. The cooperation of the members is outstanding; In the meeting, according to Mr. Latlmcr. and the Inclemency of the weather has had Gosnell School Will Hold Carnival Friday Tho Gosnall school 1:. giving n carnival Friday night November 2i) 1D30. Tlie enUrtnlnliig fenture will Inst from 7 to M p in. Some o( the features are n Negi'i Minstrel Wedding Presents, n oil aa piny. Fortune Teller, Dailcliv Olrls, The Smnllest Midgets lii th World, A Henl Prlzo Fight. A Doll 'POWDER It's Joub/e acting Usi? K C (or fine texture ' and large volume in yaui . . baldngi. MIUIONS.OF. POOW BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Couglis front colJ* cuy ic^d to so rious (rouble. You can Bte;i Eficm now wllh Creoinuliioii, an cniuUlfiei! rrcosolc that is pleasant 1o lake, CiconiulsEon J$ a medical illscovci)' wiih twi>-foM aclion; JL soolliea and hc.ils (Ue iiiftaiucd imMiibrancs and in- liltil* gcnn gro\vtli. Of alE known drugs creosote 13 recognized ty high medical aullioritira DI one of tlie greatest hcj]iri[; .Tg'-ncius for cuuElis from wlds and Lronclilal Irrilaliuiis. Creomubiou contains, in ad(ljlion lo_ creoaolc, oilier healing elements which sowtio act! bcsl the" JulCantcd njomtranca and stop the ir-' i( _ J rit.itiun, while the creosote goes on to''.'].' thu tlomacli, h nb«orhctl into Hie • blood, attacks tlio scM of i)ic trouljld'-- (mil checks iho growtli of the geims. " 1|1 Crcomulsion Is sunrar.iccJ aniisfac-'"' lory in tlie Irraiincnt of coughs from colils, broncliilis mul minor form ot--- Lronchinl irriuLionn, and is cxcullenC' for LmiEdmn uji the syslem nflcr coMa"" or l!u. Muncy refunded if not rc- liuvcd after inking according Indirec-... tions. Aak your druggiet. (adv.) ••••' CREOMUIS FOR TH£ COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG OM 2. Song, America the Beautiful. 3. Piano solo, "Japanese Doll Dance." Sarah Pauline Evrard. 4. Poem, "Thanksgiving Thanks' Bessie Sue Arwood. 5. Thanksgiving grade. play, I'mrd N. B. Menard . John Roscmerant,! 6. Lange school Glee club: "We Ell:s Tankersly, J. J. Hargett, How- j Abbrate. Thanksgiving": "Pagnn ard Masscy, Ha! Moore, D. J. Car- I Love Song"; "Springtime in the ter. Jack McHaney, Arnold John- -Rockies." son, Deck Johnston. Roland Bishop. Jan:€s Gill, E. B. Rogers. Bill JllcKenzie. U. S. Branson, Jr., Mell .?rpoks.^-.Ir., .Herbert Mack, Mo!r- 'ris ThomVson, Gordon Hamey, J. P. 7. Piano solo, "Old Fiddlers Dance." Lavelle Deaette. 8. Tap dance. Sarah Pauline Evrard, Betty Blair. 9. Thanksgiving play, second Ramsey. Albsrl Ridings, Snooks [ grade. Dillahunty. Rouse Harp, and Jackj 10. Thanksgiving Acrostics. Wilson. Howard Davis i; the as- Branch is the scoutmaster. The Jrcop is sponsored by the Dud Cason Post of the American Legion. Mary Ethel Taylor Is back in '•• school again after several weeks absence on account of illness. • Estelle Lunsford has been ill for [ had a glad surprise Thursday. Mnry several days. The 7-A-l English Class The fifth grade had a canny and sandwich sale Thursday and made $4.86. The money will be used to buj' a steel cabinet for the room, similar to that purchased recently by the sixth grade. The first grade girls and boys Lynn's mother. Mrs. Ernest Jack- To appreciate Ui.? course of High School Eockkceping, it is very necessary to know the extent or business kncv.-ledge one r.btainy through Life of Samson Life of \fark Twain Lucile Niersthiemer 'P on unnllp Rffi business man without extra training. The knowledge of bookkeeping obtained in this Commercial Department can be u^ed throughout the United States. This is Standardized bj'_ testing mid . with similar courses in „ T he , *' " d;u . b .. ° f _ J "" 101 . other schools of America. Graduates of the Blytheville High School, whci have been trained n Ihis department, arc now holding responsible positions with some of Arkan.-as' b;st professional men and t!r?est business houses.' Short-'.iaud students who have completed the. course offered in this Department have founH It to te auvantag^cus in many ways. These itucVmts have secured petitions In hii-Mnsss offices nnd have made excellent steno7raphers and secretaries without furth;r training. These who flnisl'.-jd this course and cnler- cc 1 college rec'tT.mend Shorthand l:y .saying it i.l very beneficial Itru- out their college training. Occupations, another ccmmcrcial course, which proves to be very important In choosing nine's life work, n beneficial in that it enables a the following program en Nov. 21.' ri um and four goldfish. Tlie chll1930: - l dren were so happy over them, that Life of Booth Tarkington i Vernoh -Thomas Sanders said: .Toe Burns j "Let's sing about them." Since they I did not know a song about goldfish they'decided to write one. so the following song grew out 'of their group composition: "We have some fish in a bowl. The little fish are gold, They swim and play In the water all day." Vernon Thomas led the singing to an original tune. For language work the girls and boys wrote Idlers Ihanklng Mrs. Jackson for the fish. During tlie art period and aquarium were drawn. Mary Lynn's and James Lee Hawkins' drawings were selected as the best ones, and they will be used to illustrate the gold- fhh story on a reading chart. c £er "• '* Green Hill Robert Moore A Scene from Penwcod and Sam Opal Brooks A Scene from Miss Minerva and William Green Hill High School was given a party at the home of Willie Lynn Edwards Friday evening. The 15 young people were entertained with games and music after which dainty refreshments uere served. The 7-A-l go! out Fridny afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. November 21st. This is the second time the group has been out in the last Un days. The class of 7-B-3, Mrs. Stick- Courier News wan 1 ads. If you vmnt to buy for cost Sec WEST END FURNITURE COMPANY Going- out of business. S01S West Main SI. HER PILES HEAtB AFTER25 YEARS Mrs. Ccorjc Wilkinson. 142 fT-slnm fji.. Richnonrt. Mo., who, was entirely healed of Piles and [ i>:ncr Rectal Trouble after suffering 25 years, urges all sufferers lo write The Thornton & Minor ' Clinic, Suite 510, 926 McGec St.. Kansas City, M 0 ., for a new free copyrighted book which tells all about hemorrhoids (plies), fistula and other forms of rental diseases and which fully explains a safe, sure, mild treatment that has restored more than 40.000 afflicted people U renewed health. Tlicre Is no cost or oblijallcn. —Adv. 500 j ANNCLNCEHCNT I have leased tlie Gulf service station at tlie corner of Main & Division Streets, where I will be glad to servr all my friends and customers of the station. WE ARK ESPECIALLY FEATURING' .... THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE GULF SUPREME AND GULF PRIDE MOTOR OIL NO-NOX MOTOR FUEL G. P. A. GLYCERINE, ALCOHOL & PUESTONE ROAD SERVICE TIRE REPAIRING it takes to "get there"! ITS a far cry from the conquest of the ak to the making of a good cigarette, but a certain "singleness of purpose" distinguishes both. Chesterfield takes the sure, straight course to the one goal that counts in a cigarette: milder and better taste: MILDNESS —the wholly natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness or bitterness. BETTER TASTE — such as only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. ^ CARS WASHED AND GREASED §1.50 CuKed for and delivered Bryant Stewart GULF SERVICE STATION Main at Division Phone 4 MILDER dxsterfitltt Ctgantits an manufactured ly LIGGETT & MYUS TOBACCO Co. that's \V/;v'/

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