Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1967 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1967
Page 11
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rVlqona Koivuth County TMUftfOAY, NOV. 2, W7, ALOONA, IOWA vance Home Decor Not Son's Choice By Abigail Van Buren [c W» tf CMMft trlNBi-k V. MtM tint., IM.1 DEAR ABBY: After 18 years, my husband and 1 are finally building our dream house. Our problem is our 14-year-old son, Clyde. Me thinks we should decorate it according to HIS taste instead of our own. My husband and I like Early American, but Clyde likes modern. We compromised and decorated his bedroom in modern, but he isn't satisfied. He wants us to decorate the family room in modern, too. Clyde says if we do it in our "square" Early American style he will not bring any of his friends over. We want him to have his friends over, but we've worked hard for this lovely new home, and think we should be abje to decorate it the way we want to. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. TROUBLED MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: It's one thing for a 14-year-oW to express a preference in decor, but for him to threaten his parents with refusing to bring his friends home unless he gets his own way, I think is a bit much. Do the family room in Early American, and I'll bet Clyde will overlook the "squareness" and come 'round with his friends. DEAR ABBY: I have read your column for years and this is the first time I have ever felt compelled to write and protest one of your answers. It is in regard to ."CONCERNED AND FURIOUS," who was upset over a neighbor's allowing her pre-school children to play in the nude in the back yard in full view of the public. Abby, what "public?" Busybodies who have nothing more important to do than watch their neighbors? They should be concerned for their own dirty minds. And you, Dear Abby, should be ashamed for advising them to "call the police, who will /inform those neighbors in question of the risks involved with nudity of small children." But perhaps with people like you, thinking everything has a dirty meaning, yes, maybe those children ARE in danger. Try cleaning up your own thoughts before you censor the thoughts of others. ' ALSO FURIOUS DEAR ALSO: Hold it! I see nothing "dirty" about nudity in children. Nor would I have objections to children playing in a fenced-in area—away from public view, or where their mother could keep her eye on them. But there ARE risks in allowing nude children to play in full view of the public and in an area not fenced-in. True, no healthy-minded person would look twice at a naked child, but how abouf the offchance that some mentally deranged person might wander by and become aroused at such a sight? , If you doubt that this can happen, check with any homicide squad. They have on file records too hideous to describe here, of crimes perpetrated on such children. Museum here is attracting many visitors Throughout the month of October the Kossuth Historical Museum was kept open from 2- to 5 each afternoon with the DAR organization in charge, represented by Mesdames Fred Gdgd and G. R. Cook. During the month more than 200 people were visitors including two Algona Service dubs; Junior High pupils from St. Cecelia's accompanied by instructors; a Scout Troop from Burt with mothers and leaders; also guests from Algona, LuVerne, West Bend, Swea City, Bancroft, Burt, Wesley, Corwith, Lone Rock, Titonka, Fertile, Northwood, Waterloo, Ankeny, Armstrong and Des Moines. Mrs. William Ingham of Laguna Hills, Calif., and Mrs. Stephen Ingham of Des Moines, stopped by. Both are wives of descendenits of Captain Ingham, an Algona pioneer. Also Mrs. Sinko, widow of the Secretary to the Hungarian Association of America who had visited Algona some years earlier at the time the plaque which honors Louis Kossuth was presented to the County. The building will be open, regularly each Friday from 2 to 5 p.m. and the public Is invited to visit during those hours. Groups will be admitted at other times by special appointment. Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Potter will be in charge of the Friday visitations during November. Lone Rock soldier home from Viet Nam Servicemen MtlVATf Bernard J. Sen- ade recently was awarded the Basic Combat Trainee Unit Scholarship plaque at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He is presently stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., attending Combat Engineering school. Bernard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Schade of rural Algona. IHMnMltltllMIIIMIMIIHIHI DEAR ABBY: When all a lady could find In the way of shoes were those pointed toes with narrow high heels, you had a letter of protest in your column. '*' Today, the sensible shoes are back, thank heavens, but look what has happened to the dresses. Let's be honest. No one over 22 years of age looks good in a mini-skirt. Don't say, "the men like them," because their reasons for defending mini-skirts are obviously selfish. Lest you think I am being defensive, I am a 52-year-old grandmother and still wear a size 12. I am not opposed to young people having their fads in dress, but they don't have to take over the entire fashion world. It's unfair and ridiculous! The only good thing I can say about the new clothes is they're saving me money, for I refuse to buy the "garbage" being shown today. ' DISGUSTED ton* Rock — Buck Sergeant S. E. 5 Thomas Gietee- •naiur arrived home from V5et Nam, Oct. 2. Tom was drafted Oct. 12,1865 and took bas- ic^itrairang ~ at-- Fit.- ;: 'Leonard , Wood, then went to Fort •Benning, Georgia, for eleven weeks at the paratroop and light infantry school. When tie completed this training lie 'then went to Fort Ranken, Ala., there he did clerical work and was life-guard at the officers pool. He made 73 jumps. After a short leave he lefit tor Viet Nam Dec. 26. He received C.I.B. infantry badge, two campaign ribbons, unit citation, ribbon, also the good conduct ribbon. He was discharged October 1 of this year. dames: Amy Charland, Elmer Krause, Russell Jensen, Har- , Ian Blanchaird, Jesse Blanchard, Fred Frink, Rodger Prink, Wilfred Radig, Ralph Blersitedt, Clarence Kraft, 'Bernard Tigges, Bernard Miller, Dean Culbertson, Joe Culbertson, ST., Lawrence Ditt mer, Ralph Hammertfcrom, Irvin Vottler, Leo Ramus, Rodger Jensen, Junior Hurlburt. A November 24 wedding is planned. WEDDING RECEPTION A wedding reception was held at the Mervin Martow 'home Sunday for the Jfm, Loftus. She is Mrs. Mariow's niece and daughter of the Don Collins, Iivermor<e. Co- ihostess was Mrs. Dotty Thompson, Humiboldt. Guests that (afternoon were the Jim Loftus, Jason and Brian, Ft. Dodge; Rodger Collins, Liv- eftnofe, the Ted Collins, Algona; Don Oottin*; Ray Welters, Bode, Jim Colons, Fort Dodge, Frank Collins, Livermore, Frands Collins, Liver' more; Faber Dugan, Hum* botdt; Jack Gondeck, Chicago, 111., the Dennis Wagners, Bobby and Diann, Rolfe, Demise Wagner, Humboldt, Darnell Rusher, Humboldt, the Kearn Marlows and Michelle, Humboldt, Mrs. Georgia Marlow. KINO, QUEEN NAMED Jill Blanchard was chosen .homecoming queen at Sen- trail Friday evening. She is the daughter of Jess Blanch- >ards, Lone Rock. Robert Krause was king. He is the son of 'the Robert Krauses, Sr. Attendants from the junior class were Jean Germann and Jim Geitzenaur; sophomore, Diane Uthof, Mark Volgt; freshman Debbie Bierle and Lee Dreyer. Sentral lost to Thompson by a score of 27-13. Lone Rock is proud of the team for the work during the season with a record iof 6 wins and only one loss. .Many women from this area attended the bridal shower for Cathie O'Donnel, daughter of Bernard O'Donnel, at St. John's church Thursday evening at Bancroft. The Bernard Millers would like to thank the Lone Rock fire department and neighbors for help when they had a fire on their tractor. Executive board meeting of the UPW met Friday afternoon at Mrs. Delmar Fisher's. The Bernard Millers called Sunday at Keith Kerber's, Effimetsburg, Monday afternoon coffee party guests it Mervin Maf' low's were Meftfemes Russell Jensen, Dick O'Doflflell, Georgia MarkrW, George Kis»- nef, Bernard Millet, Dave Lynch, William Martow, Lyle Marlow, Marten Marlow and Eldon Marlow. Guests at Lyle Mariow's for Lyle's birthday were Mr*. Georgia Marlow, the Eugene Marlows, Rodney and Michael, and the John Bellingers and John. CLOSED FREEZER SALE 23 Ou. Ft. 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Light summer clothing is particularly , needed. It must be clean and strong enough to last six months wear. Shoes of all kinds and blank* ets are also accepted, but heavier bedding, handbag!:, hats and bathing suits are not suitable. Local families are request' ed to take iheif clothing donations to their own church as the first step in getting it on the way. The boxes will then be taken, to First Presbyterian Church where the truck will stop to pick them up at 8 a.m. on Dec. 11. These trucks which operate out of Nappanee, Jnd., and St. Louis, Mo., come to Iowa thiree times in a year, so Mf. Harcey says that after this call it will be April before they come again. Church World Service, the co-operative relief agency of thirty denominations, processes and ships 'the clothing and blankets for distribution in some thirty overseas areas of acute 'need. Last year inore than five million pounds was exported. Donations for processing costs are ajfap wel- comed by the local committee since it costs 10 cents per pound to prepare it for ship- merit and pay for pier and wharfage charges. This is a major community appeal to all of the people in this area. Distribution overseas is also in the hands of church agenr cies and is given to those in need without regard to race or creed, Birthday The 100th birthday of longtime resident of Barlham community, Mrs. Susan Marston, was celebrated on October 2 at her residence in •Madison Manor Home in Winterset Mrs. Marston is a very active and busy 100 r SHOWER IS GIVEN A bridal shower was held Saturday evening at the Lone Rock church for Linda Knoll, daughter of the Willialm Knolls, soon to be the bride of Rodger Tjarks, Titonka. Mis. Harlan Blanch* ard had charge of the pro- grain. A skit was given by tine hostesses. Mrs. Clarence Kraft led scripture and prayer. Rennae Vottler sang two solos accompanied by Judy Kraft. 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