The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—No. 115 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythe»ill« Courier, Blythevillt Herald, Blytherill* Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYT11F.V1LLK, ARKANSAS. WEDNKSDAY. JU.I.Y .'SO, IJ13Q ..SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FEAR AIR DERBY PILOT CRASH VICTIM SMS LEKE PUI IS BESI Memphis Is Faced With Rum Famine j MEMPHIS, July 30. (UP)—A liq- | uor shortage with resulting higher '. prices was forecast here today fol- Impractical to Handle Pris-i lowlll s seizure of a-1200 gallon stin 1 ~ . . , i i i on the Arkansas side of ihe. river oners Utnerwise Under I opposite the Present Law Says Judge j '"ciiarles Vann. alleged ringlead- i er. two other white men and six Under Ihe present law the system negroes were arrested. Nealy 1.000 of leasing county prisoners to a! gallons'of whiskey were deslroyed. private contractor is the best plan I available County Judge George W. 1 Barham declares in a statement to | the Courier News in which he j pledges if reelected "to do my best i to see that the contractor, whoever' lie may be, treats the men under his conlract in a fair and humane manner." Judge Barham's statement, written in response to an invitation to tlie two candidates for county judge to tell definitely what they propose to do with county prisoners, if elected, recites the history of the handling of county .prisoners In Mississippi county and condemns as Impractical proposals for employing them on county highways Marsh Would Provide Institution to Solve Convic Leasing Problem. Solution ol the county convic problem through establishment, b; act, of the general assembly, cf : farm. The statement in full follows: "I want to thank you for the expression of fairness and the opportunity you have given both myself and my opponent to state our policies to be carried out touching the leasing of convicts, as outlined your editorial of July 26. "The abolishment of the present system of leasing convicts has been agitated In every election here for last- night. The, state farm for representative liom Mississippi county, in u talk at Promised Land plan, he said would end the abuses incident to the private contract system without buidening the taxpayers with boarding or feeding prisoners in jail or with establishing a county owned farm for them. The plan, he declared, has worker! out suc- 'cessfully in other states. SHYER FOES OF HIM Deceived Corn Liquor and Second Hand Car (or Cai- olina's Senator's Murdei COLUMBIA. S. C., July 30. lUP - -\V. L. "Sporty" Thornley has confessed to the assassination cf Stale Senator E. J. Dennis at Monk's Corner last Thursday moru- ng, Ciov. John G. Richards announced today. The chief executive said Thorn ley told him he was hired ty political enemies of the solon to commit the crime. Three Berkely county men imph cated by Thornley In the assassi nation were placed in the state peiv ilentiary here today under orders of the governor. They are Fred Ai tis, Clr>rence Woodward and Cur Its Thoniley. brolher ol (he man held as the alleged assassin of Dennis, who \vas murdered in a Berkeley county political feud. A fourth man, Glen McKnighl, also wanted in connection with th? case, has not been arrested. Thornley received one pint of corn liquor, a. second hand Ford automobile and the promise of home from McKnighl, former "Hell Hole" swamp bootleg king'and lat er federal prohibition agent, for the murder, according to his confes i Broadway's Newest Gift to Films Is Follies Graduate the past twenty years, and I may "it is one thing," he said, "to add that the number of men con-! abolish the leasing, system, but we victed in this county has increased| must find some, way to take care to a large number, due possibly to I of the convicts without a heavy the fact that we are on the through i t"x burden on the taxpayers ol highway from the north to the | Mississippi county. We cannot place to the further reason these, convicts in county jails; and feed Jlhem—the expense would bs too .great. They should be punish- FfJR LYNCHING SUN FLEEING ftFTER \ LILE KILLING; Heat Fatal to Fireman at Springs HOT SPRINC.1S. Ark., July 30. <UP)—Severn! lliemen were over', cu:nc find one died from the ?lfecls Patrolman Identifies Cap-.?' '«•»'"' n «" llll B « *>'»<•* » ru . .'. ncre tcxlay. . OI1C Aide as IVlan lie Emnnurl Hunch, assistant fl''B i a , r- M • »,i i chiof, t'.li'd shortly aflci 1 lie coU . lased hollowing Murder: lapsc( , flom m c iicm. -me others! wcri' revived. Tlu> dcu.irluuut hud been called ! Mii|) n fire that \viis rupul \aiK'iii[; on a rrsldenttal ): I lie cily. .,t CHICAGO, 111.. July 30. iW>> — Frank Foster, Al Caponc gangster under Indictment for complicity in the murder of Alfred Lingle, Chicago Tribune reporter, was positively Identified today by Pntiolmnn Anthony Uulha as. the fugitive' tuspect he chased through downtown Immediately after the slaying June 0. The Idcnlincnllon wos made during n courtroom hearing on Foster's application for release under bond. The gangster who once owned the revolver used in the Lingle; murder, was unaware of Ihe l(k-n- j llflcation because he wns unable (o , hcnr Rullui's testimony. After the ' olliccr left the stund Judge Troll- i continued the bond application j Hearing to September fl nnd at the; ._...,,... . , ,,„ HIP')— Winds!today to lake off for Lincoln. N,?b., same time otdcred the state to be • lOM ON July 30. £111 vv ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ rp ready to proceed with the piosecu- j « "'" " ' '""">' u ; '^ „ b , tulll ,,-ip [0 Ue troit from I.os An- tlou of rosier on that dale. , " r °' lb " l „„£p 1 lo M on real [ fieles Al the time Foster wns Indicted]'™" ! V. | ° \ ' b ,',' lc airship's* J- «• Wcddcll, New Orleans, was Ihe slnlc's testimony said it was j : , nromlsliiK easier (rav-1 forced to withdraw from tlic race not believed the gangster was ill-1",.'" '" ','' ' ,,„ , _.?„.. .,,„ no ,., n | yesterday wlien his plane crashed rccllv Involved . In Ihe slaying but •'" b . "• • • " - , in Los Ang ,,i es . that he probably knew who the I Thc dlr | glme , mk \ ne an expevi-1 L« Ohlbach of Little Hock sllll murderer was. | , , n|glu ,'„ leA , ts usefulness!l™ds the fleld with theunofficial (llsiaul elapsed lime of 31:18:17. Bro. T, Believes Joseph' i\: .ehan ,May Have Suf; ft:red Appendicitis Attack N'ICIPAL AIRPORT, OGDEN, '"ly 30. iUP>— All organized [, along the route of flight Ogdcn and Los Angeles was started today for Joseph Mee- hnn, Ironton, Ohio, all-Americnn air dcrbylbt. ,- Thc flyer 1 ., brother, Paul Mee- linn, liead of tta Meehan Products crmpnny o[ Ironton, called air port olllcials and authorized them to . L " .-o expense In ^ : -aid Ills pilot brolher had I ju;,i .-^covered from an attack of ' appendicitis and he feared lifi had «/i i • j {suffered a relapse while flying and ! had crashed. 1 Craft Is Good Progress on Jour-, OGDEN U(nh July 30 (DP ,_ IK'V Across Atlantic. -Ten entrants In-the American' tilr derby awaited the starter's gun tlidi'Venaye a border county. . • ._M»ny Judges Faced Problem ed and made to work. But th The question of what to do with should receive decent treatment and gentlemen whose honesty and sin- bm -' Umg a coimty farm. This would cerity of purpose no one ever questioned, were unable to find a better way of handling this matter be a burden upon the taxpayers. Ry DAN THOMAS NFA Sen-ire Writer HOLLYWOOD—Blond hair, blue eyes, red lips, a beautiful c'omplei- . Ion and lounging pajamas thpl Armed Posse Seeks.Negro!"»*ed *> ™°' fl ™» comfortable, < wn D i ntf " T i i Those were the things about Who Beat Urticer -- JnlO ciaire Luce, newest -of ournci--> j ccmers. tliat made a lasting im- I prcssion wlian we met lor the first TlIN icA, M^,,y 30. .UP,- ii r he h:r r ^-^ apolcgies to ihe Chamber of Corn- whflt T Ulil!k is An armed is searching (his vicinity for a negro who earlier in the day attacked Harry Hall, deputy sheriff, taking the officer's gun and beating him to senselessness. is to abolish i violence is feared il the negro is leasing system by legislation caught as feeling runs high over without adding ruinous cost bills al)(J jj^j-g a law ,| lat w m B ive the i the attack. for feeding and housing prisoners. I am informed lhat these gentlemen, like myself, have given' much thought to the advisability of do- nty judge and the voters the choice betwaen owning n county farm or sending the convicts to a state farm which could be created away wllh the leasing of con- i by j aw nun carried on under victs and either working them on i stlxle prison board. the "If the latter method is adopted no additional expense would be in- Hall was attacked when he al- templed to arrest the negro for chicken thefts ill the community. Hall was attempting to place handcuffs on the negro when the latter merce—but somehow or other »' c i j'oii' ar s ever, having loen signed to a long- term conlracl by Fox and having starlrd rehearsing for John Ford's nest production, as yet untitled, she is accepted by the film colony as one who belongs. Claire's entire career lo data has been spent In various dancing schools and behind 'the foolllghls. She was cne of tlie few smart New Yorkers who stayed right there on Broadway until her film contract \ — ;; l|»!"n was signed, sealed nnd dellvereu ] "" "" And while "Alfalfa Bill" Piling Up Substantial Advantage Over Frank'Buttram. ; ' OKLAHOMA CITY. July 30. (UP H. "Allnlfa Bill" Mur- mllcS from -t] n'.' in. managed to screw up sufficient energy to climb abcard our iron horre and rattle out to Claire's Beverley Hills home. . "We're all but in the patio try- Ing to keep cool." was . Claire's greeting, as she led the way to this spot where the temperature was supposed to be a bit lower. And l»rhaps it was—or it might have the roads of the county or having the county purchase and equip a farm on which to work the prisoners, i method would insure fair trcatmen "The proposition of working the i to the convicls. They would receive | roads with that class of labor can- j medical treatment and would net 1 suddenly turned on the officer. Un- been the tinkle of Ice against the der the rain of blows Hall was felled. After making certain the officer curred by the taxpayers, and ths | W as unconscious the negro fled. Use Airplane lin Search not be thought of, as we live in a i be compelled to work when they 1 (UP)—An airplane was dispatched flat country. Our road building and ! were sick. Surely these poor un- I f rmn the municipal airport here maintenance is largely a problem , fortunate persons are entitled tcf s ] )0r ti y before, noon today to par- TheOf-re we must .better treatment than is accorded 1 ticipale in Ihe search for an uni- livestock. The state farm system [ dentificd negro who attacked an of- has been tried in olher states and of use graders and tractors. This class of work requires trained men. — The proposition of the county own- found suc.vssful, and Ing n farm and working the pris- made so here, oners was not found to be feasible I glasses that made It seem that ww. Hut still it didn't seem right for her wire-haired pups to race around as they did. That opinion also was held by Claire and her husband, Cl.fTord Smith. • * * As yet Miss Luce, or Mrs. Smith if you prefer, is sort sailor without a ship, words she is a screen actress who I, S11 (1 'U lulu ui*j*civu. * — ,, . waltine she kept the Oklahoma City millionaire, today ,ng in by dancing In Ihe ^ " substantial «ml ncreasing Ziegfeld Follies and playing the feminine, lead in "Scarlet Pages." Claire' i> a licensed pilot, but declares she is through with flying for Hi- nexi few years at least. Her last flight was as a passenger across the English channel. And the very next day she. read about the plane in which she had flown falling inlo the channel, killing seven persons. That put an end to her flying ambition fcr a while. Som? might say that she lost her we know some who merely was plurality in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor of Oklahoma. Returns from yesterday's primary from 1.821 of the stale's 3.340 precincts gave Murray Bl.COO votes against 58,OCD for Buttrnm. C. J. Wrlghlsman. Tulsn oil millionaire, held a slim lead over a fleld ol nine for (lie Democratic senatorial nomination, which he lost HITE5 TO cm Aiiln AUtO : in iiaiiipovlation between parts cf the British empire, veered. ; sharply from Us original cour?.; as _ u . „„. , . . . Ill fought strong head wmds yes- tan Wilson Allied HI leiday, and today followed the [ greal circle course where the traiiB-j Atlantic liners ply. A message from the S 3. Lauren- tic said the R-10!) v,'ould be approximately 1,200 miles Irom Ihe Irish coast. Indicating . that the ship progressed satisfactorily since reporting itself more, than 1,000 Earl Wilson. 30, nephew of Mrs. J. H. Fisher, who lived here unlll two years ago, ' was killed In an automobile accident at ' Kellogg, Idaho, Monday. The remains are jl being sent to this city whera fun- oral "' scrvices i y~§unday atfd'-'uur'iSI"'wtll be "made at Ihe Cnnitherss'llle, Mo., cemetery. . The dccear.?cl was a resident' of ' Blythevllle for five years and during Uiat lime was in the cottou business having teen employed at I the S. S. Slernberg Cotton com- i i-any, at (he time of his depar- l ture for Idaho. j No particulars of the tragedy are 'known other than that two oth- i ers were seriously Injured. Commission Order W i Mean Saving of from 2'/i I to 4 CdltS Per 100 Pounds j anibrealii, nlso of this city. I only near relatives are his grand father, B. F. it can be "If elected your representative I of i Pledge myself to devote:my energy fleer at Tunica early today and fled, j n(H , er llflS|b! , en on the screen. How- Another request from the Tunic.: sheriff's office called for bloodhounds. The negro is armed, authorities were informed. Then too, this would run into the same proposition ol turning these prisoners over to guards and we would have not only the enormous j expense but would also have the i criticism. • The above named gen- | tlemen. backed by the advice and j men throughout this county, did] not and do not now advise work-! „ J t - ing the prisoners other than by j Sentenced I0r Man;h altacked hts OI)DQ . • E A i exander , f 0r h is {all^ , 5 years in the , sgis . of the system of leasing. Reviews 1928 Pledge j •The abolishment of the system i used In this county for the past I twenty-five or thirty years was an' issue between myself and opponent in the campaign of 1928. He said he would, if elected, abolish the system. I stated my policy and my platform, and it was publish- OSCEOLA, Ark.—As a result of the drouth which lias prevailed for more than sixty days, the water in the Mississippi river has fallen and the river receded till the from the bank at Osccola. This b he first time this has occurred in the history of the stream. WI J Cto., rko., n kl<»- eurred in the history o: me s-.ream. Wife and step-Daughter Wagcns are kep t busy this week, hauling gravel from the dry river RUSSELI.VILLE, Ark., July 30.1 te[1 wn i c ij is being used for the (UP)-J. A. Co'.eman faced life ; construction of both city and pri- ^^ ^ __ __ imprisonment loday for the alleg- j x<atsly owne d streets and drives [ iobca farm reliet measure, framed 'But Il's Forty Cents a Pound in,a Paper Sack' STEELE, Mo—A check for "only forty cents"—the proceeds of a two- months old calf, shipped to the St. L:uls market, was brought to the Bank of Steele one day this week by M. C. (Mitchell) Holton, a ne- gro farmer from the Mabel Martin plantation. The negro was prompted to ship his calf to the St. Louis martot by the passage of the Smoot-Hawley tariff bill, which he understood using good sense. Right now Miss Luce is quite excited about the prcspect of gelling in (rent of the cameras nnd mlcro- But after sfe has made a few pictures we may have a dllfer- years, was running him a close second... The Democratic nominee, will be selecled in a runoff mary in two weeks, probably will rnln centers ol me MIGUI? j /est' will become effective October I Chinese communist trcops swarmed i 1st a' stnfment issued by the com- i through the streets of Changsha i I mission shows. i today burning and pillaging homes i The readjustments were mad? | and executing officials and wealthy hearings held ; landowners. oppose W. B. Pine, incumbent.Re- , ^,—p,,^ s . j^. Chicago.. A nft]l 0 , the nnllve population ' I Wichita. Denver and Dallas, under ; 0 f soo.OOB succeeded In fleeing the I provisions of the Hoch-Smith res> I c | tv i^fon- the communists .-argv- hition calling lor a general liiv:s- I e(1| uuti t i K f a t e O f tfo ethers can • • • . . . -. ,:.,, publican, who had hi!,- Co-Receiver Named in . Ug . lliol , 0[ rreigin rates Saunders Bankruptcy! MEMPHIS, cral Judge Harry day appointed York, co-recel Swimming Accident Costs Life of Young Pemiscot County Resident. , , I front , deliberated more than an hour. made, defense ed in all of the newspapers throughout the county, and some 10,0001 An a pp ca | w m copies were printed on cardboard aUomC y S $^3 and tacked up over this county. 11 The hvo wcmen are alleged to now copy the part of the platform have ^en killed after an argument relating to the county farm: j wi j h coleman. "•I am and have always been opposed to the present system of leasing convicts. Former judges have been unable to find a better way of handling the prisoners without adding ruinous tax bills, caused by keeping convicts confined in the Jails. I will appoint a board composed of leading citizens from all parts of the county to serve without pay. With this board I will work out a system to Insure the humane treatment of prisoners and at the fame time save the taxpayers the enormous ccst of boarding them In the county jails as has been suggested.' "In carrying out my platform I named as members of the convict board T. J. Mahan, Blythcvillt. E. (Continued on page three) ed murder cf his wile ana step- [ ond residents near the "ver ironi ( gnd cd {or (hc re)lcf of the daughter. Miss Dolores Breadon. in | are salvaging .> winler supply of [ Amer j can f arme r a river cabin near here last year, i co - al from ( he rugc lumps that j ,. HJt sho (J ' (u • , low , ly , v A verdict of guilty wns returned j havc fa i| ell f rom passing boats and look my ralf ., relnarlced tnc r,e- i n jury last night after u had I ba rges during years past and be- gro as he pushed the check through "•" " """" | come a part of the river bed. by ; he pu ! the bank window, "the Railroad Vouchers Mailed {or j and Express Co., gets theirs—Ihe ! commission man gets his and (he j bulchennan will get his, and I o n i T D 1 i butcnennan will tOUtlty Koad lUrn-BaCKIgcts forty cents." Manila Boys Enjoying Life at C. M. T. Camp MANILA, Ark., July 30.—On their last week ot encampment a', th* C. M. T. C, camp at Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis. Mo., the boys from Manila are loath to return home. Tlie three weeks, that they have already spent In camp have passed swiftly, with drills, parades, baseball gomes, swimming, and movies. All letlers that friends and relatives here have received are full ot the good times that the yomvs- sters are having. Those who are attending from here arc Robert L Elevens, James N. Moore. Richard Osborne. Edgar H. Johnson, an' Arnold Tiplon. {McDonald Tells Court j Billings Not Bomber half of the' 1930 turnback of $1, | SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. July 30 800.000 to county Judges to be used • - - • n constructing county roads. The vouchers totalling approximately $000,000. representing the second first Installment of the annual allotment was distributed last lUP)—John McDonald told tin California supreme court today thn the man he saw place a bomb a the scene of the July 22, 1916 P.-e paredness day parade dynnmitln- S16.203 according to a voucher is- in no way resembled Warren Bil sued by State Auditor J. Oscav! tings, who was convicted ot com Humphrey and mailed In warrants piicity in the crime. Mississippi county receive covering the turnback vouchers. The highway department withheld from the Searcy county allotment approximately $2,866 to reimburse the highway fund for money paid on right ol way Judgments when the county treasury Tlie admission came shortly afte the opening of the second day of court hearing on Billings' pardo application. McDonald, who Identified Billing in 1916. refuted his testimony ei tlrely under the questioning of Eu had no funds with which to pay i i;cne MrKenzle, altorney lor ihe claims. lings. nor*, co-recener o, ...r ^ •"•"--| B0un a s . will give Blylhcville a re- Saunders stores to serve with . 2 ,_. ,,. „„ ...t.ipmenU „ . lie Stratum ol Memphis, the r «-| "„,„ coftevvlUc and 4 cents from Salesman through- cn |y D( , guessed from dispatclies.- All Americans with the exception of three missionaries Burns to Death Truck at Little Rock ROCK, July'30. (UP) — walched. 'helpless HAYTI. Mo., July 30.-Merwln whose debts represented $300.000 i ^, " , from Oklahoma City and to aid him, John Hogan. 52, sales- arris, age 20, son of Jeff Harris joined in the petition. j f Co f[eyvllle. ! man. was burned to death in his f Ccnccrd, near Hayti. died at Insolvency hearing for the Ten-. 1 - 'overturned truck laic yesterday. , , «.-« «v, ----------- , --------- . o'clock last night with a broken [ nessee corporation, scheduled ....... ack received while on n swim- Ing party at Troy, Tcnn.. Monay morning. Harris was visiting his sisler at • oy and in an attempt h f :ol slipped and he fell in tallow water and suffered a brck- n back. H5 was- rescued from drowning by other members of the party nnd rushed to his home at Concord in a special ambulance. Dr. J. W- Rhodes of Haytl was called but It was too late to take the »y to a hospital. Slow paralysis jrought death. Harris was a well known high school" athlete and would have be<en enrolled in the Senior class of the Haytl high school this fall. Funeral arrangements havc not been competed. He is survived by a numbsr of relatives In this section. heard next Monday, was postponed until the October term of courl. Final Report on Sanity of TUis I his The truck turned over a 25 foot embanknwnt. pinning Hogan un,l( j derncath. The truck burst iiito ! flames which prevented persons at' in nipi— ! traded by the accident from res- LITTLE ROCK. July JU. i uri , cul him. His body was'consumed, of Dr. J. A. Bass 01 ; life sen- - iister at; * r> 11 to dive.] Anonymous Ull _ :Thc sanlly Police to Gang Victim . Columbia. Me., servli-.g a life sen- . i uiu-e tu^j & ^^ to tfc k)i|ing of w j. pear-, Dnver Will Give Hood lice rcceivin_ call telling them that teen killed, today n«rpnla at USCCOla Three Face Judge in CHIC.\GO Julv 30 i UP)-Pa-! man. a fellow townsman, in an, who searcVd all ni?ht nftrr I Insurance plot, will be determined, an anonyn^s teleph=n. | before Sund^ it _ wns^ a^ounced ; ^^ ^ ^^ ^ •nnr-l the sho' Dr L R Brown, superintendent' J. Driver ot Osceola, congressman f Do'nlnic Fal- !of the State Hospital for Nervous; for this district and member of the 'de lii Eimhurst. | Diseases, has been asked to con- • flood committee of coiigress^^ who ."uracteV tail ^Bas.^ wa^'senteMed at Benton-i Inspection with the committee w'ind "ride" ville for the alleged killing of {through the Mississippi river val- = = : Pearmon. whcse body was found Icy. will speak on problems of flood Inear Gravette. Ark. control as they affect this section, a banquet meeting of the Oscenl.i Civic club here tomorrow evening of the members, and i of out of town apparently •.Iclim. Recover Only One Body . ,,.,, , .• it,.; Strong Winds Buffet of Fi teen Lost in Lake' f . M t ui i uiccii LV Endurance Monoplane BUPFZ\LO. s. Y., 30. «up) '. >ats contin- ST. LOUIS. July 30. lUP>-The ! ' Invited to attend the banquet which ! wil | ^ served at 7:30 o'clock in the Wednesday Police Court Led to search ihe un'.crs of Like endurance monoplane "Grealer St.! evening In the club rooms at the I Erie off Dunkirk today for the-bad- • Louis." piloted by Forest O'Brine : C0 urtl'.ousa. J. T. Coston, prssidenc "Shorty" Bratcher was fined $10Jtes ol the Illteen persons who lost; and Dale Jackson, hummed ir?rrl- ! ot the club, will be toaslmasler. on a charge of assault and bat-! their lives yesterday the sand | ly omvard today despite strong I tery and his wife, five dollars on I dredge George J. \V!icelan foun- a charge of disturbing th? peace, dered. In police ccurt this morning. I Only one body IMS u«n rccwcr- Ollie Williams, negrtss. was ineted ! ed so far. liff preservers winds which buffeted it about Ihe air. O'Brlne and Jackson have teen WEATHER out a fine of $50 on a charge of I have been nssnult with a deadly weapon. I guardsmen. picked ronst - In the nir 216 hours in their attempt ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy Into shatter the record held by tr.r : m.jht and Thursday, Not muvh Hunter brothers of Sparta, 111. | change In temperature.

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