Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1967 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1967
Page 3
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•TfHOMAtlfrHAM •****•*, gMtoM|A«MeMti«n 6f I have two children, 5 8, end would like to make relative tafe invest* menti aimed at paying for their college education. I feel I can put |50 a month into investing. How should I g£ •bout it? A. I recommend a three- pronged approach. Put a third of your monthly savings into a savings account; a third jnto convertible debentures of a good-grade corporation and a third into the common stock of a good growth company, lalk ovor this objective with your broker, or bank trust officer, for assistance in selecting the specific securities. Q. How do I figure the percentage of return on my investment? A. Take the price you paid per share and divide it into the annual dividend. Let's suppose you paid $50 a share and the dividend is 50: cents a quarter or $2 a year: $2 divided oy $1,000 is 4 per cent You can do the same thing with the total amount invested. Say you invested $1,000 dend is $2 a share per year, or $40 on 20 shares; $40 divided bq $1,000 is 4 per cent, the rate of return on your $1,000 investment. 0. I bought bonds of a company shortly after World War II for $25,000. They pay 2 3/4 per cent and have a 1974 maturity date. Recently, I considered selling, but found they are only worth $21,000, so I held off. Should I go ahead an get rid of them? 'A. You still own bonds that will be worth $25,000 at maturity. You'll get your $25,000 in 1974, unless the issuing company goes into a disaster- ous decline in the meantime. You have run into one of the "facts of life" in the ownership of bonds. Bonds will be worth their face value at maturity but in the intervening years there is no assurance they can be sold at any •given time for the price ori- — g - * — *. -—*»••**!* «-*«Bwn£v\sii WOO «1 ginally paid. s - This even an,- t,Sun0ay guest ,at the cafe at Plies to U. IS. ' Governmerft Mlnrift &. % * <& u. 1sr.;Goy e '» / Piles bonds. ^ 'Frequently such" government bonds are listed at 90. With a par value of $1,000, a bond listed at 90 is worth at the time, $900. This doe not mean that the investors have decided the United States government's credit is no gojod. It simply means that bonds generally-sell on the basis of yield rather than face value. And right now, .investors can get 4 or 5 per cent in' bank savings, so there is no great demand for the 2 3/4 per cent you've been getting on the face value of your bonds. The price has come down so that today s buyer will get the higher income he.'! demands. I would say three factors should be considered as a reason for selling your bonds: (!) Do you really need the money? If you have to have the cash immediately, then, of course, sell them. (2) Would a tax'loss of $3,100 be 'helpful to you? If it would, you could probably find another bond of approximately equivalent quality and yield and if you switched to it, you could then use 'the tax loss resulting from the sale against other capital gain income. (3) If you have another investment you understand well and would see the opportunity of gaining more by putting your money into it. Gold Coast, West Africa, is. known as the "White 'Man's Grave." Dry Chi* Your Own Carpet and SAVE iUS, Mrs. Pefty Watfieni, Mrs. Mike.Coyle and Mfs. W. d. Cooper. Lutheran church Had a 500 pafty Saturday night. James Jacobson had high for men and Ralph Jacobson low. Allan Wehfspann had travel. Mrs. Louis Jacobson had high for Women and Mrs. bean Telfofd low. Thfe Roy Telfords took Lawrence Tetford to Fort Dodge Saturday where he took the bus back to the Sold' iers home at Marshalltown. He had . visited here for a week. Parents of Mrs. Victor Meyer, the George Baigemans, who moved recently from Cupertino, Calif., have purchased a home at 2305 6th St. in EmmetsbUrg. They will get possession November 15, They have been staying at the Meyer home. Mrs. Loren Daniel and Margaret Holt visited Mrs. Jack McCutcheon at Mercy hospital Sunday afternoon. The Cecil Simmons, Walnut Grove, Minn., were Thursday visitors at Ralph Richard's. Mrs. Anna Longsetlh and her daughter, Mrs. Harold Sundet, Algona, went to Atlantic Wednesday. They were overnight guests of another daughter, the Alfred Lemkes. Mrs. Gary Cooper, Fort Dodge visited Mrs. Essie Cooper Sunday afternoon. The John Larsons and sons, Swea City, spent the weekend with her parents, the Donald Larsons. Other Sunday afternoon visitors were Mrs. Leona Daniel, Humboldt, the Ronald Walsh- es, Moorland, Ronald Vinaas, and the Conrad Johnsons. At the Reformation banr buet for area Lutheran syn. ods alt Whittemore .Sunday night were the Raymond Wehrspanns, Gerald Hbff- mans, Victor Meyers, and Donald Ushers. The Roy Jacobsons were Sunday visitors at Walter Jacobson's at Rembrandt. Mrs. G. C. Hood, Rutland, was a Friday caller at Ralph Richard's. The Gus Henningsens, Rolfe, were Sunday guests at Lenhard Holdeh's. The Jake Koeihls and Joe and Douglas Koeihl, Hancock, Minn., were Saturday overnight guests at James Banwart's. The Sam Krppfs wsre Sun- ha* fco...i dav guests at Harold kropf's' ?j_a^srw-r-";:v""j«5i nad her? at Dakota fjtv •, • , Canasta party Monday after- ™*r• R SLiir« ( , rtoon. Guests were'Mrs. Oliv- Mi TJ e C ^ K °! hls .. Hancock, Minn., and Dennis Former OttoseR school head dies at 66 Ottosen — Kenneth Me- Chine, 66, died of a heart attack it his home at Panora, Augu-vt 22. Mr. McClune was spsrintendent of the Ottosen school a few years ago. The're are four children in the family, three boys and a daughter, all grown. Mr McClune had signed up to teach this year at Panora. Mrs. Me- Clune has since moved back to their home in Perry. WED 48 YEARS The Mike Coyles had their anniversary card party group Tuesday night. Guests were fihe Donald Larsons, Martin Meyers, the Roy Telfords, Eugene Hofiuses, Raymond Wehrspanns and .Oliver Kinseth s. Ray man d' Wehrspan n spann had high for women and Mrs. Roy Telford low. The Coyles celebrated Cheir 48th wedding anniversary. LOSES TOES Mrs. Arnold Bratland, Bode, accompanied the Leo Tofte- bergs to Fort Dodge Sunday 'afternoon where they visited Arnold Bratland'at Lutheran hospital. Mr. Bratland lost all the toes except the big one on one foot in an accident Where he was employed. CT3 Anthony Oppedahl, Mrs. Oppedahl and their 12 day old daughter Renee came to Omaha Friday night by plane from California. The Oscar Oppedahls and Ronald met them and they will * visit here ten days. Renee was 'the youngest passenger that United had H eyer had. Mrs. Irving G'lobsitad, Fort Dodge, was also a weekend guest. Mrs. Gunda Enockson was a . er Kinseth, Mrs. Eugene Hoif- bargers and Paula, "Rock Rap- LIFE.. NEW guests at Victor Banwart's. The Cittei Hisvoltte, Oof* with, and Barf OlsonV wefd Sunday guests at URoy Han< selfnan's at LuVerne. •<." Operetta to be given by Burt chorus Burt — Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. the Burt high school mixed chorus will give the Operetta "lolanlhe" by Gilbert and Sullivan. It is the story of a fairy who has been banished from her fairy ring because she married a mortal. There are 10 principals, 5 girls and 5 boys who are played by Janet Becker, Linda Becker, Patty Sheirbon, Connie Sheir- bon, Jill Smith, Jim Ruhnke, John Fries, Dave Stiltz, Howard Batt and Kevin Fraser. Mrs. Erna Grover is the director. Colleen Kruse 'is the, Chairman of the stage committee with Debi Stenzel, DK ane Person, Sandra Ortman, Lenm'ce Waltman, Jill Smith,; Mark Mawdsley, Jim Ruhnke," Steve Becker, Kevin Fraser, Franklin Becker, Gary Hub-, er, Randy Presthus and Alan; Mescher ass'lsting. Chairman of the costume committee is, Connie Sheirbon with Ruth. Long, Marcia Soderberg, Jean-, ine Chaff ee and Gloria. Hay-; es assisting. WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS The Burt Woman's Club met Oct. 23 at Thecla Christ- ehsen's with Lulu Hawcott and Helen Vogel as assisting hostesses. Thecla Christensen presented the budget for the 'year which" was accepted. Iva JUrgens and Darlene Merrick 'iFepOrted on the district meeting which was held at Humboldt. Benita Mitchell introduced Becki and Colleen Kruse who played a piano duet, "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Brahms. Mary Smith narrated the filmstrip. "The U. S. and the World". Leona Lacy reviewed the book, "When the Mountains Move", about UNESCO. Ruth Patterson gave a book review on "Hungry Nations" by William Paddock. President Vera Bradley adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will bo held Nov. 6 at the home of Mary Smith with Mary Jean Andrews assisting hostess. Guests Oct. 22 of the Michael Scott's for Armando's third birthday were Mrs. Dorothy Scott, the Dean Andrews, Bernard Giffords, Dale Struthers, Algona, aind the J. D. Andrews, Mankato. President Larry S. Provo, of the Northwestern Railroad, sent a letter of congratula- MEET YOUR FRIENDS WHERE THE ACTION IS! QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY THE PINE Algona, Iowa dry cleaning U toty! Tlw HOST Eltclric Brush if dttigntd for W9in*n to »av« work. Evtry cvi- ' lomtr who hat tried HOST, lovti it. Thij Process i| favortd by Carpel Mills for all types of fibers. Clean |00 19. ft. horn*) $9,95 yi for Inl9nnoli«n. HQST fliminales every prpbl? ni pf / "in hpmf" cle'an- g ing. Not a ihoro- fi poo— no wet car- n, pel— vse rooms ,-i, ioitanfly. Wf rteomnien<j it. The best of computers never could have projected the effect of Martin Luther's hammer blows on the Wittenberg church door 450 years ago on October 3 I. Prospects for this radical young priest to achieve anything significant were slim. But his insights, his principles, his beliefs remain alive. They are more alive than ever before in this age of fresh air entering through opened windows. This Reformation anniversary year emphasizes the theme: LIFE—NEW LIFE. It means that life moves toward death but does not stop. Death is transition. Those who know Jesus Christ look forward to life in the fullest sense. The apostle John put it this way: "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men," That's what the Reformation message keeps trying to explain. Are you listening? Mwn« READ'S FURNITURE , Iowa FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH Algona, Iowa ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Whittemore, Iowa TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Algona, Jowa *>***»#**^^*<t*#»#*^^ tiohs and good wishes io Waiter Rents in appreciation of his 36 years of service. He recently retired. MI wet climate we w. : ,,JGU- ably have non-rust aluminum cars, similar to the early day Franklin automobiles. John Donahoo Apt. 538, 730 Capt. Cook Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813 Dear Editor: t remember when 1 was a boy at AJgona, Iowa, we had "Glidden Tours" of automobiles which included gas driven and stelam driven cars {steam cars burned alcohol to heat water). The gas driven cafrs finally took over 'the market. Upon hearing from relatives and friends recently from Los Angeles, California, it now appears that the mainland U.S.A. has a real health problem from smog and gas fumes. Therefor I visualize an early change to electric powered automobiles. Our present gas stations will change their big selling product. They will deal in new auto batteries and electrically re-charge the used batteries for cars on an exchange basis. They will no longer sell gasoline, but will continue to sell lubricating oil and some other products. Archer Wayne Tollagson, ,16, of Thompson demonstrated his skill as a bow and arfow defer hunter on opening day by bagging a 200-pound buck. This was the first deer hunt for the high school junior.! Starting Nov. 4 MODERN DRY CLEANERS -will close at 1 p.m.- Saturdays X SAMPLE BALLOT Regular Municipal Election — City of Algona, Iowa TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7, 1967 FIRST WARD FOR MAYOR (Vote For One) WILLIAM J. FINN THIRD WARD FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (Vote For One) SHERIDAN A;-COOK . In i n FOR MAYOR (Vote For One) WILLIAM J. FINN D FOR PARK COMMISSIONER (Vote For One) JAMES R. KOLP n IIIIIIMIMIIMMIIIIIHIMIMIIIUHIIIMtHIMIMIMMMIMIIMMMIIIMIIIIMMHIUIIHMMMUMHIIIIINMIMIIIUMMMIIIMUMIHMMIMIIIIIMIIIIMMIIMIHM SECOND WARD FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (Vote For One) SHERIDAN A. COOK FOR PARK COMMISSIONER (Vote For One) JAMES R. KOLP n IIIIIIMIHIHMMIMIHIIIIHIIIIKIIIinHltlHtHUHi IMIIMMMimMMIIMHIMIIMMIItlllMM I FOURTH WARD FOR MAYOR (Vote For One) WILLIAM J. FINN FOR MAYOR (Vote For One) n FOR COUNCILMAN (Vote For One) [~n JAMES H. ANDREASEN n I—I WILLIAM J. FINN n FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (Vote For One) SHERIDAN A, COOK FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (Vote For One) I—I SHERIDAN A, COOK D FOR PARK COMMISSIONER (Vote For One) JAMES R, KOLP FOR COUNCILMAN (Vote For One) KEVIN C. NASH FOR PARK COMMISSIONER (Vote For One) JAMES R, KOLP

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