Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1967 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1967
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OTHER NAMES TO BE ADDED TO LIST LATER Urge sending • ' .• ' I • ;v -•?_•»,• . of cards to show support For the second straight Council to hold special for Hwy. 169 At the regular meeting of the Algona City Council test Wednesday, Oct. 25, Lfcyd Ashland, representing Af- well, discussed with the coUn- oil the problem of rats it the city dump. After much discussion it was suggested that arete for dumping be clearly established and some control of the type of garbage being dumped be also established. In addition it was suggested that the city dump be locked during the night hours. All of these measures would aid in better control of the rat population, according to Mr. Ashland. Class C beer:, permits were issued to Hood's Super V«lu 'and Swansbn's grocery. Mr. SoUm, District Urban Engineer was present to discuss the proposed relocation of Highway 169 through the city of Algona. It was the opinion of the council that a special meeting be held so — — <r~ they could study the matter year, Algona merchants and and make recommendation tne Kossuth County Advance to the District Office. ' •«« sponsoring a "Christmas "Mr. Solem was in favor of Card" drive for the young this, with the stipulation that men in Kossuth County who his office receive said rec- are serving their country in ommendiation before Nov. 15, v ! et Nan". 1967. A page advertisement pre- Mr. and Mrs. Gary MoDon- senting the names of 32 aid came before the Council young men from, the county to request permission to tap m Viet Nam can be found on into the sanitary sewer line P*8« five of today's paper, installed by the developers The page will run again In 10 of River View Heights Midi- days with any additional tion to the City of Algona. It names submitted to the Ad- was noted that in 1965 the vance. Families of service- city sanitary sewer was ex- *?* n m Viet Nam who are not tended south from College listed are urged to send their Street for the purpose of al- addresses to the Advance no lowing connection thereto. later than Monday, Nov. 6 Mr. McDonald advised the for inclusion in this second Council that the line he now &&• wished to tap was more read- The .Algona JayCees will Uy available. Permission was airmail a copy of the second granted by the council, with 'newspaper in which the "Viet the stipulation that the Me- Nam names appear to each Donalds reimburse the city serviceman whose name is in the amount of one hun- Ksted. It is urged that per- dred 'dollars as partial pay- sons send Christmas cards to ment of the expense incurred thesc young men, wishing by the city in 1965. them holiday greetings and *..».,. j _, showing them their work in CLERKS and judges for the that far-off country is an- coming city election, Nov. 7, preciated 1967 were then approved. The names of the initial City Attorney .Russell Bu- list are as follows- •.$SS98v. JSRl.WJte?*^: to &>• 4 Roger Akteerman, take the necessary:. : T^^tw--'^8i^n' li *^'- 1 - i StiJiwtfe / -' 403, •terminate the lease with A2/c Alan Zimmennan, Der- Francis B. Gisch for the aM Goetz SK3, Sp/4 David L arable land at the Oily Sew- Hovey, Pfc. Alan R. Boeck- age Treatment Plant. holt, A. t. Fish, Jr. S. N., Tim The Northwestern Bell L. Claude, Sgt. Laurence W. Telephone Co. was granted Geitzenanir, T/Sgt Max E, permission to make under- Parrott, S/Sgt. Charles L ground installation in the City Heinen, Sp/5 Richard W of Algona. Heinen, David W. Tripp, Sp/5 Mayor Finn was granted William G. Tripp, Eugene permission to attend meet- Dontje, S/Sgt. C. W. Faul- ings in Cherokee and Des stick, Derald W. Berg, Sp/4 Moines concerning juvenile Allan L. Dacken, A2c Richard and local government prob- N. Thomson, Pfc. George M. len ? s - Graham, A/2c Kenneth B. Don Meyer, assistant fire Thilges, Sp/4 Reginald R. dhief tendered his resigna- Schutjer, Sp/5 Gregory L. tion upon being transferred Arrowood, Terrance J. Weir from Algona to Perry, in the AA, A/2c Paul H. Goetz, Pfc. near future. Nick Gees man, Sp/4 Gerald Discher, Spec. 4 Ralph E. Hurlburt, A/2c Robert A. Thilges, Sp/4 Donald E. Haack, David Johnson EM2, L/C P. L. P«ttit. Garrigan wins final Freshman (MM, 20-18 The Garrigan high school Day for Junior classes this freshmen ended their season unty Historical Society x VOL, 47 «NO. 04 - MONDAY, OCT. ^ tttf, ALOONA, IOWA - ance • PAOIf IN 1 SfCTION sales jump$ 1.5m bo Nam Comp.ri.on in e.tegori,, o f tal«* taxes paid in Kouuth County UHMIMMIMMMHIMIIIMIIMIIIHMHIMnilHIHHtMHMNIIMIIIHtltlHHItMmHMM Kossuth gets w/n/fer preview courthouse made a pretty winter setting for the firstsnowfall Friday, Oct 27 y «„..„__ ;| Exclusive Advance photo. MnmHimimtNiiiiMMHiiiiiHiiiimNii iimmmmi IHH .H.M.I Hiiinuiu i „ „ "Lady Luck' foi airmen Expect 420 at Titonka for Career Day The Titonka high school will host the annual Career . . , ,,• tne background, and Lt. Col. J M Dixo'n chief of helicopter logistical support at WRAMA. (Air Force Photo.) KSm 1 ... Mar,., «xu*=TTTST3r:=S5riK £J£"S£ - ta"3sr£s; girM " ne - in 1961 *• *"«> Thursday, Nov. 2. on a winning note Wednes- Approximately 420 students day afternoon by coming from State Line Conference from behind to edge the St. Edmond's freshman team, 20-18. The Bear yearling fin- and Kossuth county high schools will attend the event. Dr. Raymond Bryan of Iowa ished with two wins, one loss State University will open the and a tie for Coach Dick ' "• • Walsh. John Zatloukal session with a keynote ad dress in the auditorium. .The scored two students will then split into of the Garrigan touchdowns small groups according to on short runs of one and six their interests. yards. The first was the only Students have been survey- touchdown in the opening ed to determine interests and half to give Garrigan a 6-0 desires in many fields. It was lead. His second marker necessary to narrow the field brought Garrigan from be* m , B w .c nn-oaa somewhat but the majority hind in the final three miiv Force Inventory "From in- will be attending sessions in «tes after they had toailed ception until the first deliv- 18-13. - ' •" • ••• Robin. Air For*. B.,., G..: prov ide"shelterTr cS "SnS^"rUST" 1 Wl !. h r b J ellas ' The only female helicopter first ^J^^S^S^^^^^i^S manager in the Air Force ant. h«.ii«w»» a ,. «, «,„ i i.-_"._" . .. v l. na . m . lo . H se tne Si- may wind up being "lady luck" for downed airmen in Vietnam, Mrs. Mary Bowman of Warner Robins expedites logistics support for the HH-53B helicopter recently deployed to Southeast Asia. She is a logistics specialist in the Warner Robins Air material management directorate. •Mary is the daughter of Mrs, Clara E, Erdman, Wesley, and the late Alfred Erdman. She boasts that the new Sikorsky HH-3E "Jolly Green Giant" rescue chopper looks like a midget. Col. Donald Godbey, her boss, reports that Mary did great work as a part of First Lt. R, L. Reavis' logistics team in breaking all records in getting the HH-53B into the Air their chosen fields. Consultants are arranged for by Mr. A. M. Quintar4, County Superintendent of Schools. The consultant* come from a wide geographical area, chosen because of their knowledge and ability,, John Heinen caught a touchdown pass for 35 yards from Mike Skilling for the other Bear TD in the third period. Two Skilling passes set up the final touchdown. ery, the acquisition progiram was only nine months. This is a tremendous accomplish- menit," said Colonel Godbey. The wife of a retired Air Defense Command flight engineer, Sr. M'Sgt. Hubert A. test facilities and operational bases. While in Europe from 195660 with the Air Force Logistics Command's operations in the continent, she got her taste of travel in Germany, ^France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, England, Iran, Pakistan, Morrocco and Egypt. She is also accustomed to "firsts" in her 23-year Civil Service career, always with the Logistics Command and its antecedents. She is the first woman to receive the APLC Commander's Achiever ment Award (1951) for duty as secretary to the AFLC dep< uty director of personnel and admjnistra'tion. At Sacramento AMA, she was administrative assistant to the first chief of plans and programming to be at an Air 'Materiel Area in 1953. First woman to be the executive assistant Sup] successful under two cjcwn- manders at WRAMA. As far as anyone knows, she is the first female administrative assistant in 1956 to the Commander of Air Materiel Forces in Europe. When she transferred in 1965 from the WRAMA general's office to 'helicopters, she became the first female helicopter logistician in the Air Force. In the acquisition of the HH-53B — originally a Navy system — for Air Force operations, she has worked with the first converted model used for training, the first operational model used for training and evaluation at Elgin AFB, Fla., and with the first delivery model. "The most rewarding moment will be the news of the first rescue," she said. "The first flight in a combat zone was a very rewarding moment for all of us back at WRAMA." Food Apparel .. ." General Merchandise Furniture & Equipment Motor Vehicle Lumber & Materials Vending Machines Services Contracting .. Public Utilities Miscellaneous .._ 1966 146,465.31 15,698.07 176.838.24 8,091.31 76,374.14 57,502.38 395.58 13,479.03 496.14 33,707.39 46,938.31 1967 156,301.86 16,462.38 189,342,81 9.292.79 80,500.73 65,694.78 239.73 13,387.99 582.63 33,109.61 55,712.43 Comparison of sates taxes paid in Kossuth for years ending June 30, 1966 and June 30, 1967 Algona Bancroft Burt LuVerne Swea City Titonka Wesley Whittemore Under 500 Non Permit Rural Total 1966 1967 326,397.19 358,107.10 39,615.23 48,022.69 14,322.22 14,064.76 11,610.12 11,819.56 41.065.49 43,428.97 28,834.59 27,893.12 26,438.57 28,023.02 22.749.57 22,968.67 46.891.58 47,653.24 1,665.22 2,960.05 16,395.82 15,686.56 575,985.90^ 620,627.74 Comparison of sales taxes collected in selected towns Algona .._ _. Humboldt Emmetsburg Estherville Britt Garner Eagle Grove ._ Forest City Spencer Storm Lake Spirit Lake .... Hampton __ . Cherokee _.. Iowa Falls _ _ Webster City _. Clarion Pocahontas Sheldon 1966 326,397.19 276,304.88 185,908.18 329,589.02 96,504.36 117,711.20 148,342.37 136,976.01 565,037.01 453,946.63 146,368.76 311,328.45 357,330.13 371,075.25 368,210.86 161,918.36 130,781.62 223,802.46 1967 358,107.10 304,439.34 201,772.00 354,476.30 105,977.53 126,396.21 159,524.54 147,767.75 597,398.65 488,047.03 156,146.21 333,857.18 375,596.02 411,212.85 395,760.53 178,160.76 144,664.54 237,953.55 """ •»'""»•"»• !« »,»«„«»««,».,.„« «„„„„„„ „ , Black, Laird selected as AFS candidates Two Algona high school students have been selected as candidates for the AFS chapter, it was 1 announced this week by James Andersen, American Field Service president. They are Rich Black and Max Laird. Black is a senior and Laird a junior. The Americans Abroad Program was started in 1950 by AFS exchange students who, once they had returned home, wanted to offer young Americans the kind of opportunity which they had been provided in the U. S. FOR THE individuals involved, this program entails an experience in eve)ryd(ay living. The family experience is the core. The families participating in the prog'ram are a kaleidoscope of personalities, values and interests. Becoming part of a family involves sharing its day-to-day existance; its relationships, its spirit, its emobionq, its chores, its active moments and quit times. Hcst families accept ASF students into their home voluntarily; they are not paid. In all but the English speaking countries, Americans Abroad students must commit themselves to intensive language study. The participant is expected to participate in a school as a regular student, and generally there is no special treatment because he is an American Abroad student. Over 50 countries participate in this program. PLACEMENT is not a process of simply matching personalities, interests or cir- """II""" UllllllllllllllllllllllllAllHIIHU H • cumstances. These factors are taken into consideration, but the main emphasis is on bringing together a student anld family whose qualities and personalities will compliment each other and give a basis for mutual enjoyment •and learning. Consequently, AFS can make no guarantee <to accept a candidate from any of the participating schools or chapters. The selection committee from the local chapter in'eluded: Elgin Allen, James Andersen, Mrs. Floyd Bode, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laws, Debbie Laws, Richard Soh- in neider, Mrs. Mitch and Mrs. Rex Taylor. Combine hits car north of Bancroft One year volume of '16,319,859 Algona merchants who col- 'lect sales tax did $1,585,496 more business in the year ending last June 30 than they did m the year ending June 30, 1966. This is shown by sales tax figures released by the state tax commission'. Sales tax collected in the year ending June 30, 1966 totaled $326,397.19 representing a sales volumn in taxable items of $16,319,859. Sa'les tax collected in the year ending in June 1967 totaled $358,107.10, representing a sales volumne in taxable items of $17,905,355. The tax paid by people in Kossuth county as a whole jumped from $575,985.90 in the year ending June 30, 1966, to a total of $620,627.74 for the year ending in June. This represents a sales volume increase from $28,799,295 to $31,031,387. This is $2,232,092 over the previous year. The largest item in the collection for Kossuth was the general merchandise classification which jumped Crom $176,838.24 to $189,342.38 in 'tax paid. This represents a sales increase from $8,841,912 in 1966 to $9,467,140 in the year ending in 1987. Next biggest volume in the county was in food tax paid which went from $146,465.31 in 1966 to $156,301.86 in the year eriding last June. This represents a sales volume of $7,323,265 in 1966 and of $7,815,093 for the year ending last June. With very few exceptions •there were increases in Iowa towns. This is caused some by inflation, which raises prices which in turn at 2 percent increases the tax paid. Only exceptions to the general trend of increase were some, of the smaller towns. 'With 'the increase to three cents on items already taxed and the new three percent services tax the income from Kossuth to the state of Iowa will skyrocket. For instance each item previously taxed will require a 50 percent increase in -tax from two to three percent Thus on 'the same sales in the coming year on food Kossutii people will pay $78,150 more in that one item. Likewise in 'general merchandise Kossuth people will be taxed $94,671. In all categories the people Kossutlh will be taxed A •ruling blocking the consolidation of Bancroft and Ledyard school districts has been upheld by the Iowa Supreme Court. A. M. Quintard Court upholds school decision UCafaOn Of the J»,nlH Mna arwrmall Vioo K^~~ ^™.j ... .... . ... g»**ara&» ssasttttEr* esisssgsvss Tto tamft.Udn.1 .W, .UNM«h« a Uw,,n»*ool *j&!gg l $£S& ^ „, sdhools notified the county after Thanksgiving. He said Wie time and date' of the meeting would be announced would be open to the ,~-' the counjty board meets again ,_ DECISION affects the Bancroft and Ledyard school districts and Grant, Ramsey and Greenwood Townships. These 'townships 'have been sending students to Bancroft on a tuition basis. Although Ledyard operates a high school, it appears un- 'likely that Bancroft will be attached to Ledyajrd. A 17-year old Bancroft girl, Kathleen Murray, escaped injury Tuesday when a combine bsdng towed by a pickup truck swung into her car, sending it into a plowed field four miles west and l ] /4 miles north of Swea City on a blacktop road off highway The accident occured about 6:45 p.m. and was investigated by highway patrolman Tom Cogdall. He charged the driver of the pickup truck, Alfred Godfredsen, 77, of Fairmont, with failing to have control of his vehicle. Godfredsen was operating a pickup truck owned by Elvin Godfredsen of Armstrong and towing a John Deere corn- buns south on the blacktop. Miss Murray, driving a car owned by her father, Joe Murray, was going north. The combine apparently was loose and swung across the center line as the two mar ohmes mat, knocking the 1967 Murray Chevrolet off the rosad and into the field, ft had $1500 Taylor, $310,312 more in this coming year than in the year ending •last June if sales are the same. This is just on taxes which ihave been subject to 'the two percent 'tax in the past. In the new services tax •about everything except babysitters (so far anyway) will be taxed. What the "tax take" will be from Kossuth under the new sales and services tax is a mystery—but it will make the tax paid previously look pretty small, Auction buildings at golf course Whittemore — Auction of buildings on the grounds of the new Whittemore golf club was 'held recently. Successful bidders included Stanley Op- haim, tenant house and garage; Alfred Meyer, corn crib; and Ernest Meyer, hog ihouse. A number of cleanup days have been held at the dub to get the grounds in condition for play sometime next year. REPUBLICAN WOMEN The Republican Women's Olub will meet November 7 at 1:30 p.m. in the library at Ti'tonki. Subject, Concern WMh Presidential Candidaltes. Hostesses, RepiMcan Women of Titonka. DIES IN fNGLANO Bed* -~ Mrs. William Di- Somma, daughter of '' Oxford .- T* ^* "...iS" '-r--*^**3 Trarupiiu. '••(. t ^ff- ^^c^mmmmi

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