The Bee from Danville, Virginia on May 13, 1947 · Page 8
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 8

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 8
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TW to: DtnvitU, V«., Tut***, M«y 13,1947 Va. Phone Dispute Settlement Seen EICKMOND, Va., May 13.—<£») i for* the end of the week if the —WHh Jutt four days remaining ,' company is willing to do what it itttil May 17-when Virginia Fed-l^ indictted .- Alfred V. Atkinson. «rati«B of Telephone Workers have . .. «._j.., »ot*d they will .trike againrt the VF ™ chairman, said yesterday. CheMpeake and Potomac Tele-' HLs statement came as the com- phon* Company of Virginia, union pany announced union and com- offieiala injected an optimistic word into comment on • ntract pany representatives would get together today at 2 p. m. for an- com* to some agreement be- been told by Victor B. Fitrpatrick. C&P bargaining committee head, that the company wanted "to talk turkey." The union's general council is to meet here Thursday at 9:30 a. m.—a meeting called prior to the setting of the one today—and this body must approve any agreement accepted by the union bargaining committee. As this major strike threat in the state continued to bring the most concern, traffic employes in Alexandria. Arlington and Falls Church—who have reached no accord with the District of Columbia FIRST SHOWING IN DANVILLE!! 5 YEARS ON BROADWAY 32 Months On the Air HOW ON THE SCREEN FEATURE TIME 11:24 — 1:24 — 3:24 5:24 — 7:24 — 9^4 • TODAY • WEDNESDAY • THURSDAY Bing Crosby Producers Inc. ANNE NICHOLS MICHAEL CHEKHOV JOANNE DRU* A TECHNICOLOR CARTOON "BEANSTALK JACK" WORLD NEWS Doors Open 11:M A. M. DAN ADMISSION 9c and 24c Telephone Company—p r e p a r e d for their work »topp«ge Wedne»- day. Commercial and plant division workers in this ar«a called off their strike notice several day* ago and have signed a contract. However, if traffic employes stop work it will mean the northern Virginia facilities will be taken over by the State Corporation Commission and operated by the commission to keep phone lines open. The SCC likewise will operate the Virginia branch in the same way after Sat- urd:y. unless the contract is agreed upon meanwhile. RETURNS TO MOVIES HOLLYWOOD, May 13.— (JP)Afler a month's fling at higher education. Actress Jean Arthur has returned to the movies. At the invitation of President James Wood of Stephens College at Columbia, Mo., a close friend, she attended classes there until film commitments interfered. GETS IN THEIR HAIR NEW YORK, May 13.— (JP)— John Sebastian's recording of Claude Debussy's "Girl With the Flaxen Hair" is being taken off the market because heirs of the late French composer felt Sebastian's instrument "did not show as much respect for the selection as the piano, for which it — iginally was written." LAST TIMES TODAY • JOY BITS • CARTOON and NEWS Mat 30c CAPITOL ^fc 11 » f M p s ' ; Nita 42c • STARTS WEDNESDAY • A Woman'j Indiscretion that led to a Lifetime of Adventure, V/ofence, Danger/ As Its Four Great Stars SPENCER TRACY ROBERT WALKER "THE SEA OF GRASS With MELVYN DOUGLAS KATHARINE HEPBURN EXTRA... A New High in the Movie SJcy/ LATEST WORLD NEWS CHILDREN Aw Oftder 12 Yr>. *V Certainly. No Increase MAT. 30c - NITE 42e THEATRE OPENS 11:45 A. M. THIS PICTURE SEE FROM START — FEATURES: 12:15—2:32—4:46—7:00—9:14 Wollace Wants Coal Industry Nationalized Urges Some Type Of Coal Authority MINNEAPOLIS. M«y 13.— (JP)~ Henry A. Wallace says "the time has come to nationalize the coal industry under some type of coal authority," and added that "coal means so much to the life blood of the world that neither labor nor agriculture can tolerate the inconveniences which come so frequently in this key industry." Speaking last night before a paid audience estimated at 5,600, Wallace said that "in the five countries I visited in western Europe in April. I found coal next after wheat to be the key problem." The former vice president and cabinet member, now editor of the New Republic, said, in continuing his attack on President Truman's proposed $400,000,000 Greece-Turkey loan, "an extra 60,000,000 tons of coal produced in the United States during the next year would do more to solve the problems of western Europe than ten Greek loans." "The world needs for coal are so great" Wallace said, "that neither the obduracy of the operators nor the stubborn will of John L. Lewis should be allowed to cause the infinitude of suffering any paralysis which would result from a coal strike." "Labor is entitled," he added to the "equivalent of what" the corporate form of organization gives to industry. Wallace said "we cannot solve our domestic economic problems by punishing our free labor movement and asked his listeners: "should (senator) Joe Ball (R- Minn) be able to use the stubbornness of the coal operators and John L. Lewis as an excuse to cripple the bargaining power of all labor?" "These people," Wallace continued, "have been nuisances long enough in our national economy." Wallace also told the meeting, sponsored by the Democratic- Farmer Labor party of Minnesota and the New Republic, that if "the Truman policy x x x is applied in France, Italy and England, as well ar in every country bordering on Russia, the result will be depression, universal chaos, and finally revolution in Europe and then war." TtttUAt, MAY I* Real Baby Gets Rough Treatment PORTLAND, Ore., May 13.— (JP) —The mistake of two children in thinking a sleeping infant was a doll baby put two-month-old Patricial Sullivan in a hospital with a fractured skull, police said yesterday. Police headquarters reported Mack Smith, a neighbor, told of watching the two girls frequently drop a bundle on the street. When he heard cries, Smith investigated and found the infant wrapped in the blankets. The girls, ages 3 and 4, said they took the infant from a carriage on the sidewalk at the nearby home of the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sullivan. IP TO YOIR EARS? far ROOFERS • LUMBER LAUNDRIES Or almott onyf*** «fc» LOOK in the YELLOW PAGES •f your Talcphen* Dlnctorr N«wt lUfort. 15 HIM.—nto Krlc tevtrttd and JS«w»—ebi Network Sifent (1 k.)—»bc-*ut Serial Hour r«p«*t—abc-w*K .Network Silent (J hr.)—mb«- Kiddlei S*rl*l Hour—(AUo ] ho*r l»ttr) — mtw-weft 1:11—America Ser*nad«; Spertt—nbe Frontl«ri of scleno*. Talk—el* •:»—Red Barber and Sport*—cbi America Serenade; SporU—nbe •:«•—Ixiwell Thomu Kewtcact—nbe World Xewi it Commentary—cb« •:00—Radio Supper Club— ntK-t>a*l« My*tery Drama tor Week—cb« .News and Commentary—abc Fulton Lewii. Jr. (we«t repeat nr. later)—mbf •:1»—News and Comment—nbc JacV Smith Sent Series—cb§ Elmer Davit Commentary—abe Danclnr Mu^c Show—mbf-basle 1:10—The Manor House Party—nb« American Melodies Sonc—cb» Gr««n Hornet Mystery—abc Arthur Hale Comment—mbs- bade • :4S—Kaltenborn Comment—nbc Sports (repeat 30 m. later}—mb* 7:00—Milton Berle Variety—nbc Big Town Newspaper Play—cb« Lum and Abner, Comedy—abc Warden'* Cases (r'pt at 10)—mbi 7:15—The Bobby Doyle Show—abc Special Investigator (repeat at 10:15)— tubs T:30—Dat« with Judy. Druma—nbe Mel Blanc Comedy Show—cb» Boston "Pop»" Concert—abc The Falcon (r'pt at 11:30)—mb» 7:SS—Five Minutei New»—cb* S:00—Amos and Andy Skt' :h—nbc Vox Poppers & Interviews—cb» Gabriel Hcatter Comment—mbi 8:15—Real Life Drama Series—mb« 8:30—Fibber McGee and Molly—nbe Studio One. Hour Drama—cbi Rex JIaupin Orchestra—abc American F»rum, Debate—mb« »:00— Bob Hope's Comedy—nbc Modern Music Museum—abe 1:15—VIC Datnone Baritone—mb« 9:30—Red Skelton Comedy—nbc Open Hearing Discussion—cbi Hoosler Hop Barn Dance—abc U. S.-Canada Quli—mb» 9:48—Earl Godwin Comm«nt~abe 10:00—News * Variety 3 hr.—nbc News. Variety, Dance 3 hrs.—cbs- News & Dance Band Hour—abo News, Dance Band, 2 hrs.—mbt 11:00—Dance Band Hr.—abc-west only Two British Constables Killed In Jerusalem JERUSALEM, May 13.— (JP)— Jewish shops and restaurants remained out of bounds for British troops in Jerusalem today following the fatal shooting of two British constables in the heart of this city's shopping district yesterday. Plans had been made to lift the out of bounds restrictions, imposed as a safety measure, but were rescinded by the military commander of the area only a few hours after the shooting. The slain constables, said to have been members of the Criminal Investigation Department, were mowed down by a blazing fusillade of gunfire shortly before dusk while the streets were crowded with shoppers. The source of the shots was uncertain, but police said they might have been fired from a nearby balcony. LAST TIME TODAY Mantan Mooreland and Lena Home The Four Red Caps In "Mantan Messes Up" Also One Round Jones With Eddie Green and Colored Cast Best to Service— Sound— Scata Open Weekday and Sunday 3:00 Saturday 10:00 A. M. ADULTS (Anytime) Children (Anytime) . . TAX INCLUDED WED.—THUR—FBI, MANTAN MOORELAND In "Condemned Men" With CARAVAN TRAIL With EDDIE DEAN NOTICE LOG CABIN LUNCH Now Under New Management WE SERVE ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES AND ONLY SOFT DRINKS. Drive Out Today DOORS OPEN DAILY 11 A. M. — SUNDAY 1 P. M. Today and Wednesday RIALTO First Time In Danville Another of Those Lovable Human RUSTY Pictures! It Will Fill You With That Happy Friendly Feeling ! ! m me tore -ADDED- LATEST NEWS EVENTS THIS IS AMERICA AND POPEYE CARTOON Regular Prices 24c — 30c Trade Program To Stand Hollywood Bowl Not Available To Henry Wallace LOS ANGELES. May 13—OP)— Action of Hollywood bowl director* in denying Henry Wallace use of the amphitheater for a speaking engagement May 19 has been deplored in a resolution adopted by the Democratic State Central Committee, chairman James Roosevelt has announced. Roosevelt said the resolution dr- plored "the refusal of the use of Hollywood bowl or any such public forum to any speaker presenting any political views no matter what they may be" and added that "it is understood that this does no f indicate the committee approval or disapproval of such views." Wallace sponsors, the Progressive Citizens of America, have obtained Gilmore stadium for his address. WASHINGTON, May 13,— After long public hearings by the Houie Ways and Meant committee. Republican leaden indicated today they will make no immediate attempt to change the reciprocal trade program. However, Chairman Knutton (R-Minn) said the committee will continue to keep close watch on the 18-nation tariff-reducing negotiations now in progress at Geneva, Switzerland, and may have some revisions to suggest later. Knutson said he will appoint a subcommittee to draw up a report to the House on the full committee's reciprocal trade study. Indications are that it will reflect the criticisms of some Republican members. Rep. Doughton (D-NC) senior Ways and Means Democrat, immediately announced that a group of committee Democrats will "con- DANVILLE aj 6 NEW FAIRGROUNDS DAILEY BROS, ' 5* R£n HUGE FREE MENAGERIE KOHMA DAVENPORT World'* Youngett Elapbutf Trainer Daring Aerialists. Warn Artiste Sensational Wild Animal Ada THREE HERDS OF ELEPHANT CAPT. ROSSI ft HIS BAND Stamped* of 50 Wild Hone* PERFORMANCES. 3 * I P. M, ADMISSION Adults $1.00 Plus Children 50c Tax sidcr" * minority report defending the program of mutual reduction of trade barrier* in p*eta with other nations. "If there ever hat been legislation that has justified itself, and accomplished its purposes, it is the reciprocal trade act," Dough- ducted the investigation. Critics don't deny this, but they seem to base their fears on something that might happen in the future." Rep. Gearhart (R-Calif) replied: "It is apparent that a lot of our industries are getting hurt. Tariffs are being cut without any compensatory entry for our goods into the markets of foreign countries." The committee investigation began over a month ago after Gearhart and Rep. Jenkins (R-Ohio) introduced resolutions proposing that further trade negotiations be held up pending an investigation of the operation of the program. No action was taken on the resolutions but the committee conducted the investigation. Criticis of the program .ontended that many American industries are be- HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU BORROW ROM US FAST? HERI'S THI ANSWIR Loom up to $300 F AM ILY FINANCE CORPORATION 2nd FLOOR, DUDLEY BLDG. 443 MAIN ST., Cor. Union PHONES 5133 • 5134 ing jeopardized by lowering «f tar> iff protection. .Proponent* that the trade treaUac commerce, increwe employment i* the United State* and contribute to world economic stability an4 peace. , ', Knutaon said the eommitl*t majority will file one report on tht baais of hewing* already held aM another one "when the Geneva conference is finished and we know what it has done—if we can fla4 out." .•"cum MOMUN irtvi COCHIN TOMORROW BANK NITE $250.00 . .^. PUnni Tin CHOOLFItL ADULTS 42c CHILDREN 18C Children under 12 11 A M DAILY IJAlls X _ TODAY and WEDNESDAY FIRST TIME IN DANVILLE MKtsr- MI MOST of 6/fMffi "WBIOOJV Sterritif GEORGE MONTGOMERY • NANCY LATEST NEWS—COLOR CARTOON GUILD • DANVILLE'S FINEST THEATRE! . * First Run Prices OPENS 8:15 A. M. LEA First Run Prices * OPENS 8:15 A.M. IN ALL THE WORLD NO SHOW LIKE THIS! He succeeded in the maddest quest in History... because one girl believed in him! Jfc-.y.;.

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