Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 28, 1987 · Page 125
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 125

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1987
Page 125
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BEST Mimi COPY ALL EnmPNR EXTRA 4W-B THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1987 'It works': Numerologist has your By LAUREN MILLETTE The Arltona Republic If your name is your music, then EH in Dodge may be your maestro. -Just;as music is written, in pfbgressi6ns, so are names. Your name is your music," she said. "It fevfeals capabilities and what's inside a person." The west Phoenix resident is an internationally known numerologist who has taught people for 20 years the ancient parascience of taking control of one's destiny through understanding personality qualities that are associated with numbers , reflected in one's name and birth date. t Numerology is based on single mtmbers, Each letter of the alphabet' is assigned a number between 1 and 9. For example, A, J and S are assigned the numerical value 1; B, K and T are given the number 2; the, value for C, L and U is 3; D, M and V are 4; and E, N and W are 5. te value for F, 0 and X is 6; G, P and Y are assigned 7; 8 is applied to 1)1 Q and Z; and I and R have the vafue of 9. Alter the letters in a name are assigned numbers, the numbers are added from left to right. The total is then reduced to a single digit. For example, the number 34 equals 7: 3 4 7. Numbers that reduce to a double digit repeat the cycle twice. tot example, the total of 28 would bS reduced to 1: 2 8 10 1 61; Clinical confirms By JERRY HICKEY TH Arizona Republic ''Frank Baranowski got special attention at the age of 8 when he disclosed to Catholic nuns that he cpuld see strange lights around people. 1 But it wasn't the kind of attention he wanted. r As a Catholic, Baranowski was ready to receive certain holy sacraments in his hometown, Michigan City, Ind. However, after his revelation about the lights, the nuns decided they should determine whether he was possessed by the deVil, he said. . ,""There was a knock at our door, ap'4 in walked a priest, and then in caiie tyo more," Baranowski said. r .fourth priest was walking aound outside blessing the yard." The priests inside performed a "miniexorcism" on him to drive out evil spirits, using candles and a rtsary, he said, and then he received the sacraments. - Baranowski continued to see auras around people, but he kept it tj himself until he later learned ttfere were others like him. ;Now a clinical hypnotist in Mesa, Baranowski said aura reading has become accepted by those who Wlieve in parapsychology. J Cameras such as one invented after World War II by a Soviet Xray technician can actually photograph auras of energy around people, he said. j According to Baranowski, the auras, shown by what is known as Kgrlian photography, explained the lights he had seen. He since has lectured in various parts of the world on the subject of auras as an emotional and even healing energy. b Run 3 lbs.. .We you my " rKEE Give You 1 INSULATED CARRIER WITH ICE PACK AVAILABLE $1 OFF ANY 1 FOUND All Natural Ingredients PHOENIX 4222 n. Scottsdale Rd 947 8127 201 C. CamclbacK 277-2883 Park Central Mall 265-2232 Porodlje Volley Moll 996-5783 Good Thru J Au(f. 31, 1987 Lfw'tfM ?' C JvsSt ' - 'i;"'" ' yrf "''",7 "'''' ', m it , - Vi f - ' - V I i 4 I . Liz Numerologist Ellin Dodge explains Dodge's clients include Panamanian government officials, stars of stage and screen, psychiatrists and business executives. She says some of her clients are Rona Barrett; Joseph Kolody of General Motors; David and Shirley Johnston of the New York Commodities Exchange; Anne Eisenhower; Pulitzer Prize winner David Mammet; and Adnan hypnotist's reincarnation In 1976, he was the only American invited to the World Conference of Healers in Lourdes, France, as an authority on human auras and unexplained physical healings. As a result of his work as a hypnotist and research he has done to investigate some clients' recollections of past lives, he is a firm believer in reincarnation. He is a founding member of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy. He said he became interested in hypnotism in the 1950s after visiting a hospital burn unit in Indianapolis. A boy in the unit had suffered burns over 60 percent of his body, and doctors were about to change his bandages. Removing bandages from a burn victim normally is a very painful process, Baranowski said. "But a doctor hypnotized the boy and told him it would tickle, and he laughed throughout," he said. "I decided I wanted to learn how to block pain that way." According to Baranowski, he has hypnotized individually more than 12,000 people from 43 countries. As a clinical hypnotist, he treats people for conditions such as obesity. However, much of his time is devoted to paranormal studies and hypnotic regression. Baranowski began a study of reincarnation in 1972 while teaching non-credit courses in psychic phenomena at Scottsdale Community College. He said that in working with about 100 student volunteers, he found that more than 95 percent of them talked of past lives under hypnosis. He has compiled 774 pages of a manuscript on a Phoenix woman COUPON .. wee FREE CHOCOLATES! DELUXE ASSORTMENTS 6f LIQUEUR CHOCOLATES TUCSON United Bank. I So. Church 882-8410 Crossroads, Grant at Swan 881-7927 Park Mall, C Broadway 790 2431 Tucson Mall, upper level 293-5459 Suzanne StarrRepublic the numbers on a chalkboard. Khashoggi, one of the world's wealthiest men. She has spent most of her life in New York City and was certified 18 years ago by the state of New York to teach numerology. She said her commitment to numerology was magnified through her work at the Silva Mind Control Center in New York, where she was research who recalled under hypnosis that she had died as a man while serving in the Navy during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The woman originally had come to him for help with a weight problem. On Aug. 1, 1980, as a guest on the Mutual Broadcasting Co.'s Larry King talk show, Baranowski regressed her into recalling a past life as a sailor aboard the USS Nevada. The ship was bombed by Japanese aircraft at Pearl Harbor. Baranowski said he has been able to document much of what the woman told him under hypnosis through Navy and other U.S. archives. He has compiled a manuscript of nearly 350 pages on another woman who indicated during a hypnotic regression that she had lived during the time of Lord Horatio Nelson. The woman talked of knowing Nelson, England's most famous admiral and the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, in which he died in 1805. Baranowski said he has established through research that other people the woman named under hypnosis lived about the time of the Battle of Trafalgar. He also has done research with 758 couples, each of whom felt a strange bond when the man and woman first saw each other. More than 85 percent of the couples recalled under hypnosis that they had known each other or had relationships in past lives, he said. People who feel racial prejudice or religious bigotry may become more tolerant through hypnotic regression, according to Baranowski. HURRY LIMITED OFFER OR MORE Mo Preservatives Enjoy A Co:',pliiiicntjry Taste one of the principals between 1970 and 1976. She left the organization at the end of 1976 to write books, lecture and develop a private consulting practice. She has written five books on numerology and is working on a sixth, which should be out next year, she said. Her books include You Are Your Birthday, You Are Your First Name and Win the Lottery. Dodge recently held a seminar for the Phoenix chapter of the National Association of Professional Saleswomen on how a name can affect the closing of a sale. "This is not psychic whoopee," she told the group, "this is a system. It's been used as far back as 3100 B.C. "Ancient kings and Pharaohs, the Chinese, Phoenicians and even Moses, Julius Caesar and Napoleon relied on it. The astonishing thing is it works. It shouldn't, but it does." Dodge said she involved herself in the parascience created by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras because it gives her the ability to alter her level of consciousness, attain a greater level of concentration and hone her intuition. "The most important part of my work is that I wake up in the morning knowing what I'm going to do and what I want to do," she said. "I love my work." She said most skeptics of numer A trip to a hospital piqued Frank In accepting reincarnation, people must accept each person for himself without being judgmental because anyone could have been of a different race, religion or sex in a past life, Baranowski maintains. "Whatever you do to people comes back to you," he said. "If you HERE ARE 6 REASONS WE'RE AMERICA'S LARGEST FULL-SERVICE REAL ESTATE COMPANY 2nd Quarter 1987 Standings OUTSTANDING SALES ASSOCIATE I WANDA GREEN Colonnade SFISC Not Pictured: ROCKO OUTSTANDING TOM McKELVEY Colonnade SFNC Pictured Above: KEN NOVAK, North Central: SALES & LISTINGS MARY RUETTINGER, North Central: SALES & LISTINGS WANDA GREEN, Colonnade SFNC: SALES Not Pictured: ROCKO WESTFALL, Arcadia: LISTINGS Arcadia 840-8222 Colonnade, Sear's Financial Network numbers ology change their mind after she interprets their personality traits. "It's not a bunch of hocus-pocus," she said. "Of all the parasciences, numerology is the most accurate." Ladrrio of the Wallace and Ladmo Show on KPIIO (Channel 5) said he sat in an audience at one of her demonstrations and posed numerous challenging questions to her to see how she would react. He said, "She is quite entertaining. I think a lot of it is hit and miss, but for the most part, she was very accurate in telling people in the audience about themselves." Dodge admitted that many of the things she tells clients are generalizations. Most people have the same basic personality traits, she said, but the combinations of dominant traits are different in all people. Women attending the National Association of Professional Saleswomen meeting at the Executive Park Hotel said Dodge was incredibly accurate. Of the six women in the audience she "read," each said everything she said was true. Dodge said the numbers in the first name of a person reflect the person's point of view, the middle name reflects the person's emotional self and the last name reflects the spiritual self. When people start to rely too heavily on Dodge's readings and ask her questions on how to live their lives, she suggests they consult a therapist. f X mm Suzanne StarrRepublic Baranowski's interest in hypnotism. treat people with dignity, that comes back to you. So it behooves you to be nice to people, just for your own benefit." Baranowski has a talk show on radio station KFYI, Explorations '87, which is carried on Saturdays from 7 to 10 p.m. KEN NOVAK North Central WESTFALL, Arcadia ACHIEVEMENT, SALES & ; : :.: ' " " " ' i JIM CORALLO Arcadia MEMBER Of THE ril BFABS RNANQAl NETWORK JBt Ilk MMI UM...HI lirwwn--jiiiiiWil Bookmobile to lure fans of non-fiction. The Phoenix Public Library's Bookmobile will have a special treat for non-fiction lovers during September. Extra books on topics from computer programming to biographies geared Jo bothr adults and children will be available as the bookmobile makes its way around Phoenix. The bookmobile also has videos for children, books on cassette and books with large print. Requests may be made for items not normally carried on the bookmobile. Books checked out may be' returned to any of the cityVpublic libraries, and library cards may be obtained at the bookmobile. The bookmobile schedule for September follows: ;, t Mondays in September except Labor Day, Sept. 7 South Mountain Community College,. 7050 S. 24th St., 9:30 to 1 1 :30 tun. Second Avenue and Washington, northeastern corner, noon to 2 p.m. Tuesdays in September 19th Avenue and Union Hills Drive, Union Hills Plaza, 1 to 6 p.m. Saturdays in September 35th Avenue and Greenway Road, K martABCO shopping, center, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 2 Seventh Street, "and Bell, Safeway Store, 1 to 5 p.m. Sept. 3 Washington Manor and McCarty Apartments, 1123 E. Monroe, 10 a.m. to noon. V, 48th Street and Southern Avenue, ABCO shopping center, 1 to 5 p.m. '.. Sept. 9 Catalina Village Mobile Home Park, 1001 N. 43rd Ave., 9 a.m. to noon. Falcon Park, 35th Avenue and Roosevelt, 2:30 to 4 p.m. Sept. 10 Perry Rehabilitation Center, 3146 E. Windsor; J2:10 to 1:10 p.m. Kivel Manor, 3040 N. 35th St., 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Sept. 16 Fellowship Towers, 222 E. Indianola, 1 to 2 p.m. Lanai Apartments, 31l2 Stxth Ave., 2:10 to 3:10 p.m. Sept. 17 Casa de Priniavera, 1617 N. 45th Ave., 9:15 to 9:45 a.m. Phoenix Manor, 2636 N. 41st Ave., 10 to 10:30 a.m. 75th Avenue and Thomas Road, Westridge Mall, 2 to 3 p.m. Sept. 23 Seventh Street and Bell, Safeway Store, 1 to 5 p.m. Sept. 24 Washington.' Manor and McCarty Apartments, 1123 E. Monroe, 10 a.m. to noon. 48th Street and Southern Avenue, ABCO shopping center, 1 to 5 p.m. Sept. 30 Catalina Village Mobile Home Park, 1001 N. 43rd Ave., 9 a.m. to noon. Palcon Park, 35th Avenue and Roosevelt, 2:30 to 4 p.m. ; ,' : WHERE TO CALL ARIZONA REPUBLIC CENTRAL PHOENIX BUREAU 120 E. Van Buren Phoenix 85001 Bureau news chief: Jack Mullins Assistant Metropolitan Editor News 271-8263 Sports 271-8251 Fun & food 271-8825 Advertising 271-8420 Circulation 257-8300 1-800-332-6733, toll free MARY RUETTINGER INorth Central - LISTINGS North Central 277-1414 Center 263-4048 .TJU"!

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