Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1967 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1967
Page 13
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This Hubby's No Clothes Horse By Abigail Van Buren . t e 1MT kr CMeit* TrlMM-N. V. NMTI !<««.>• IM.1 DEAI^ ABBY: My husband is a carpenter-builder who specializes in remodeling homes. He is a fine craftsman and takes pride in his work, having learned his trade from his father who was a builder. The problem is this: When my husband calls on a prospective customer, he feels it is all right to go directly from off a job in his old dirty work clothes. He says people know he is a working man and they might even have more confidence in his work seeing him that way. I admit there are times when it is more convenient for him to call on folks to estimate a job on his way home from work, but I say he should take clean clothes with him in his truck and clean up before calling on these people. My theory being that if people see him dirty and sloppy they might think his work is sloppy, too. ' My husband insists that his appearing in old dirty work clothes has no adverse effect on his customers, but I think he is Just making up excuses so he won't have to clean up. He reads your column, so if you, or any of your readers have any ideas about this, I'd appreciate hearing an outsider's opinion. HIS WIFE DEAR WIFE: Personally, if I were interested in a remodeling job, I would hire the man with a reputation for quality work and fair prices. If he came straight off a job in his old work clothes, I wouldn't object as long as he didn't (rack up my carpets. , DEAR ABBY: An old gentleman .[?], one whom I have befriended on several occasions, recently betrayed my trust in him by stealing some rare coins from my collection, a valuable unset diamond, a revolver from my gun collection, as well as several old keepsake antiques, which I had intended to donate to the local museum at a later date. He accomplished this during a couple of social visits he payed me, in my home. Upon discovering my loss, I payed him a return visit, and while there I complained bitterly about the theft of these items. I didn't accuse him openly, but strongly hinted that he was under suspicion. ' ' •'-.'.' The next day he called on me, and had occasion to visit the, bathroom. On his departure I found a few of the missing coins on the wash basin. However, the most valuable coins, the unset diamond and revolver are still unreturned. The man in question is a very well-to-do and respected citizen in this community. [So am I.] What is the best way to regain my stolen possessions? I am positive this man is the thief, but wish to avoid publicity if Possible. VICTIMIZED IN OREGON DEAR VICTIMIZED: In order to protect yourself, and regain your stolen possessions, I advise you to discuss this with your lawyer, (Clip this letter and reply''from'your local newspaper and mail it to the man in a plain white envelope—minus, of course, this parenthetical addition.] ' DEAR ABBY: What, in your opinion, .makes for true happiness? PHILOSOPHER DEAR PHILOSOPHER: It's hard to say. So far, both ' poverty and wealth have failed. FOR EATING OUT PLEASURE OPEN 4 a.m. 'HI 5:15 p.m. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY Saturday 'III 1:30 p.m. FEATURING HOMEMADE PIES & ROLLS HARRIS' DIAGONAL CAFE Phont 295-2565 Algon*, Iowa (Itwi) groan bySeneeans — Miss Rode Berg' man, bride-elect of Robert Manisch, was given a miscel' taneous shower Sunday afternoon at the Lone Rock Leg* ion Mail. Guests were registered by Pat Christenson and Valerie . DeBore. Corsages were presented to the Honoree, the groom'* mother, Mrs. Elmer Hanisch, and Pat Christenson and Valerie DeBore. Mrs. Alfred Petersen presided. Vocal solos were by Linda Sue Kracht Ann Fortney and Mrs. .William Bernhard gave ridings. A guessing game was held. Helping open gifts were Pat Chfi-tensen and Valerie DeBore. Mrs. Alfred Petersen poured coffee. Hostesses included Mrs. Alfred Petersen, Mrs. Ervin Votteler, Mrs. William Bernhard, 'Mrs. Raymond Gardner, Mrs. Verl; Smith, Mrs. Fred Johannesen, Mrs. Claude Johnson, Mrs. Lewis Breese, Mrs. Gladys Gable, Mrs. Everett William, Mrs. Ruth Nerem, Mrs. Clarence Menz, and Mrs. Russel Kauffman. She and Robert Hanisch will be married Saturday evening at 8 o'clock at the; Methodist church at Swea City. MOTHER IS DEAD Charles Beaver received received word by telephone early Sunday morning that his mother, Mrs. Hiattie Beaver, 91, of Estherville, ha'd died suddenly that morning. Funeral! services were to be held Tuesday afternoon at the Christian church- at Estherville. Mfft. VreWf rltwl «•••••••••*•••*•»•»»•« the Portland Social Club met Thursday afternoon, October 12, in the home of Either Williams at Burt. there was a perfect attendance. Members attending were, Josephine Arend, Elvira Christensen, Alleda Harms, Edith Jandl, Elizabe-th Kennedy, Shirley Lovstad. Hazel Larson, Jessie Miller, Ella Lampe, Effle Teeter and Esther Williams. Roll call, "Kitchen Super- stitutions". Alleda Harms was in charge of the program. Ai- , leda gave a reading on" How Halloween was Originated". There was also an election of officers. Effie Teeter, President, to take the place of Alleda Harms, Hazel Larson was re-elected Vice President and Shirley Lovstad was re-ele'cted Secretary arid Treasurer. Jessie Miller and Alleda Harms were put on the .flower cammiittee. The next meeting will be held in the home of Josephine Arend. Thursday afternoon, November 16. Roll call, "Thanksgiving Meditation". Social Time, Every one to bring a Thanksgiving Quizz. A week from Saturday, Oct. 21 the Club members will all eat suppar in the Cunningham Cafe in Burt. Mrs Jack Thompson and little son John spent last week in the Edmund Larson home. The lady folks dressed chickens. Mrs. Lawrence Govern and companions returned home last Thursday after spending 10 days back East. Mrs. Govern visited her brother, Sargeant Joseph Murphy and MMMMfMMMMMMt Fenton M*. ftiy UrtMl Mrs. Cecil Baldwin, Mrs. Lyle'..'England,' Mrs. August Heismian, Mrs. Bernard Mor•rail, and Mrs. Mike Peirce, all of Armstrong, were in Des Moines from 'Tuesday until Thursday night attending the Grand Chapter of the OES. The Robert Thiels, Davenport, spent the weekend, with the letter's parents, the Everett Withams. Cecil Baldwin and Mike (Melvin Bradshaw and family, Estherville, were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Clifford Henriksena, Dr. Le- 'Roy Henriksens and Mrs. Marius Henriksen were Sun* day afternoon guests at Harvey Henriksen's for Roger's birthday. The Kenneth Kerbers, Chandler, Ariz., have a girl born Oct. 14, 7 'His. 12 ozs named Angela Lynn. Grand* parents are the Alvin Thompsons, Estherville, and Lyndon Kerbers. Gilbert Hanson, Waterloo, and the Lyle Hansens family Were Thursday dinner guests at Adolph Hansen's. , Mrs. Adolph Hansen visited her mother, Mrs. Rose Hansen, at John Hage's at Thompson Sunday. hThe Arthur Gronaus, Des plaines, 111., recently spent a,weekend at Axel Peterson's and John Ruger's. . •The Friendly Neighbor club met Thursday afternoon at Mrs. W. E. Laage's with 15 members and 2 guests. Mrs. Robert Krause and Mrs. Niha Schwartz. Mr*. Edward Meyer gave readings, Ma's Old Galvanized Wash Tub, Juvenile or parental Delinquency, A PatrolmanTs ex« periences, and Autum Leaves. Mrs. Herschel Hartman and 'Mrs: Darrel Dreyer showed a film, The Truth in Packaging law. Mrs. Reuben Luedtke and Mrs. Elsie Dreyer gave a'talk on laundry methods. •The Albert Shasers were Sunday guests at Ray Uthof's. Mrs. Earl Schwartz, Hockwell City, spent Sunday at Mrs. J. A. Schwartz's. '''The rtrcle of St. John's fit l 19,* 16.00 10.08 8.75 5J6 8.42 10.00 laihbrook, salary .... 47.7> P**aOnd«, Salary i ---- 225.26 WlbNW. . Saidfy ••.-•-. J--.---. 171.28 10. Stot* Bonk Withholding 101.30 Id. Sfof« Tax Comm., Withholding 1$.S« la, Emp. Sec. Comm, Soe. Sec. 117,80 la . Pub. Err*, kef. Sy». lptr» Life Inv. In*. Co., Ins. Algona Flour It feed Co., Grow s*«d ^.^ Big Beof. Inc.,. Supplies Cook'* Welder* Supply, Acetylene Ft. Dodge Ind. Towel, Serv- ' Ice Frederick Hdw. Supplies ... 5. Stebmi, Lobor O. Robinoult. Real Eltate .. 5,000.00 ftbAO OH TAX Algona Flour ft Feed, Sup- pi lei . ... 7.26 Algona Imp. Co., Seal* . 6.A2 Arnold Motor Supply, Sup- pllei - —. 12.53 Bowman's Small Eng., Repairs — Joe Bradley Eqlup., Repairs . Gibbl-Cook Equip. Co. Sup. plies Greenberg Auto Supp., Repairs . Hilton's Super Serv., Repairs Jack's OK, Tires .' Reding'* Grovel, Lobor PUBllC SAFITY Boekelmon, Salary .. Day, Salary Hutchison, Salary Jorgenson Salary Schadendorf. Jr., Salary — *»..«, Thompion, Salary 226.11 Voigt, Salary 244.34 lo. State Bk, Withholding ... 249.60 State Comm., -Withholding .. 41.01 Ipen, Ipers 165.40 Trust ft Agency, Pension — 22.38 Life Inv. Co. Insuronce 144.82 Arnold Motors, Plug* 10.24 Bradley Equip., Repoirs ..•_- 60.47 City Clerk, Prepaid Bill* 5.29 Greenberg'*, Filters 5.55 Tom'* Radio, Service 5.00 Upper D.M., Advert 27.72 Wagner's OX, Repairs 4.00 Reminder, Supplies 46.25 Cook's, Supplies 12.00 Ken'i Auto Repoirs 227,90 Dray Publ., Folders 53.30 Elect. Specialties, Service ... 28.40 Richardson Dec., Painting .. 56.22 C. Wlllcy, Service 44.00 Fire Depl., Services 595,00 Pratt Elec.,. Service- NAMING MITIK Gfoen, Salary ... . S6 ^ _^____ 7.80 1 314.61 26.34 42.19 To. 'State Bank,' Withholding v _ 59.30 State Comm., Withholding .. 8.42 Soe, S*e.» Soe. Sec. . .^. • 43.40 Ipets, Ipett .*.*....*.*... 5.»S frus* «V Llf« Inv. PeWon -..,* i«.6 ii.2 , City CI*rk,Pf«»p1 B. n.88 i • j*enilof» ^^..Bi. ..-.-- RibfijMd th th* Altonotdiiofh County Advbnee,.AIgorta, OttObW 16, 19.6f. 2.00 3.09 5.77 .76 41.SO 32.44 38.75 304.60 242.66 279.16 232.56 227.87 launt, Mr. and Mrs. Al Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Smith were Thursday evening 'supper guests in the Jack Tie- Lutheran church, Depew, man home in honor of Ter- met Thursday afternoon at es.a Tieman's 7th birthday. Mrs. William Dewall's. Mrs. Mrs. Jack Tieman was a Oscar Sorenson gave devo- hostess at the shower given tlohs and Mrs. Melvin Berkin honor of Miss Shari Nelson 1 la*nd gave the lesson. Guests of Algona in the Lutheran -were Mrs. Shirley Ziunach, Church at Burt. Theresa Tieman is confinr ed to her home with chicken pox. Mrs: Dale Voigt, Mrs. Art Voigt and Mrs. Oliver Johnson. The Ronald Mortensons, Hilton's,' 'GO* 13.31 Harri* Fire Control, Red Light 75.00 Bomgaars Supplies 8.27 Ft. Dodge Towel, Service 1.50 Thuente's, Supplies 1.25 M. Smith, -Amb. Services ... 20.00 C. Volk, Amb. Service* 25.00 S. Kraican, Amb. Service* .. 30.00 B. Wells, Amb. Services 50.00 B, Bomgaars, Amb. Services 25.00 J. Levy, Amb. Services 5.00 G. Burtls, Amb. Services 10.00 SANITATION Reding'*, Lobor ft Mot. 41.50 Wallace & Holland, Fees ... 1,645.25 Bradley Equip., Repairs 41.95 Greenberg's, Repair* 21.62 Harrl* Fire Control, Supplies . 12.00 Frederick Hdw. Supplies 2.94 StWtft RINTAl Lemkee, Salary 378.85 Sifert, Solo/y 162.82 la. State Bank, Withholding . 43.80 State Comm., Withholding .- 10.75 Soe. Sec., Soe. Sec. 56.77 Ipers, Ipers 12.75 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 31.27 Algona Machine, Drilling 3.00 Algona Plbg., Supplies 11.94 Algona Welding, Welding ... 3.16 Arnold Motors, Supplies .... .90 Big Bear, Supplies 1.58 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills 6.72 Frederick Hdw., Blades 2.77 Greenberg'*, Plaster 1.83 Trupke Elcc., Repairs 39.85 RICKCATION Boldridgc, Salary 155.31 lo. State Bank Withholding 7.50 State Comm., Withholding .. 1.13 Soe. Sec., Soe. Sec. 15.66 Iper*, Ipers 12.46 Life Inv. Co., Insurance . 8.56 City Clerk, Prepaid Bill* .... 11.79 LAMPORT'S 2(Wh ANtfU At, 4-H CALF SALE (Night) Top Prospects F*or 4-M and PfA feeders Calves Sold Singly SATURDAY OCT 28,1967 Sale Starts at 6:00 P. M, "Sharp At The Worthmgton Sales Pavilion WORTHINGTON, MINNESOTA 120 STEER CA1.VES 70 IIEUKFORDS IIIH! 50 ANGUS CAIA'KS ITIOM OUIt SALES HAVE BEEN GRAND CHAMPIONS AT THE FOLLOWING MAJOR SHOWS! NATIONAL WRSTBRN. Denver SOUTH DAKOTA STATE PAIR, Huron OLD RELIABLE SHOW, Grand Island, Neb. JUNIOR LIVESTOCK SHOW, South St. Paul'(4 times) IOWA STATE PAIR WATERLOO FAT STEER SHOW Every Cnlf Fresh From Our Ranch The Morning of the Sale CLARK LAMPORT Brltton, South Dakota Mrs. Paul Manor of Moses ; Millard, Neb., were weekend Lake, Washington and daugh- guests at Fred Mortenson's. Mrs. Jeanette ter, Latting Iris Circle of the Peirce, Armstrong, attended and Pamia of Spokane, Wash- Mejthodist^church inet, W< a !? feceptibn : at' r DesgMpi^s^ inigton arrived here last Mon-J rtdsday - afternoon : with Mrs 4 . Saturday for the new Wor- day to visit relatives here. Roy Chrischilles, Mrs. Mar••"•"••"• " They spent Friday in the old Schlie assistant hostess. E. C. Schwietert home. Mrs. There were 12 members pres- Manor and Mr. Schwietert are ent. Mrs. Wilfred Laabs had THOMAS SS FUNERAL CHAPEL i Grahd Masters of shipful Iowa. •Mrs. Henry Looft spent last week at Rochester, Minn., helping cafe for a new granddaughter, Ann Marie, daughter 'of the Jack Loofts. The Everett Withams visited his only sister, Mrs. Myrtle Vining, hospitalized at Britt last Friday. They also visited his niece, Harriett 'Ruling, the only daughter of Mrs. Vining, who is also in the same hospital following major surgery. The Ted Jensens and girls attended Homecoming at Luther college, Decorah, over the 'weekend, They were guests of Supt. and Mrs. Gordon Christensen, former Senecans who, now live in Decorah. Mr, Christensen was superintendent of Seneca Consolidated school some years ago. —102— sister and brother. Last Sunday forty some relatives dined in Van's at Algona in honor of Mrs. Paul Manor, Mrs. Jeanette Latting and Pamie, all of Washington. The afternoon was spent in the 'Merle Schwietert home at Burt. Terry Tieman took his parents, Mr, and Mrs! Jack Tieman and Teresa, also Wanda Marshal oi Algona to Smorg- gasbord supper at Bode Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tieman, Terry and Teresa attended the wedding and reception of Floyd Lavrenz and Shari Nelson Saturday evening in the Burt Lutheran Church. Mrs. Tieman was organist and Terry was best man, Mr. and Mrs. Art Baum of Lansing, Michigan arrived charge of the program. Trinity Lutheran Riv. Paul H. S«hn, Patter Algona ' Thursday, Oct. 19 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. — Thurs- Monday at the E. C. Schwiet- ^'iT* V rr~u nursery, P rt hnmp fnr a t«,n dav visit Kindergarten Teachers meet. Sherman Best marked his er | home for a two day visit. 7:00 p.m. — Junior Choir. ••• Sunday, Oct. 22 8:00 a.m. — Matins. 9:15 a.m. — Sunday School and Bible Class. 10:30 a.m. — Worship. 7:00 p.m. — Reformation Banquet, Whittemore/ Monday, Oct. 23 7:30 p.m. — Adult Membership Class. Tuctday, Oct. 24 7:00 p.m. — Nursery, Ftnton, lewo Exp«ri«nc«d '' Embalm«r$ and r Funeral Dirtctort Rfliabla 24 Hour Ambulance Strvic* Funeral May B« Rcferrtd To Us With Confidence Phonti FENTON 119-3796 RINGSTED 166-1006 •66-1001 •A6-1970 FOR ENJOYMENT IN EATING OPT ENJOY OUR FRIDAY EVENINGS -5:30-8:30 SUNDAY AFTERNOONS - 1 1 30 • 2:00 CHOOSE FROM COMPLETE MENU ANYTIME OUR COCKTAIL LOUNGE IS NOW OPEN DAILY FROM 4:30 P.M. OCTOBER IS NATIONAL RESTAURANT MONTH Johnson House They left Tuesday. Monday ^''vh ~~ 4 At his residence at the afternoon and supper guests n !eacners meet. 102nd birtliday on September 24. Friendship Home in Audiu- bon. Mr. Best, a former Manning citizen, is a life-time resident of Iowa and was born in a log cabin in Muscatinc county. 7:45 p.m. — Primary, Pre- were also Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Baum of Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Halverson of Ringsted were Sunday evening supper guests in the Jack Tieman home. meet. p.m. — Catechists Council Minutes NOON LUNCHES LEAVE THE SERVING TO US OCTOtCR If NATIONAL RESTAURANT MONTH I MI. Friday to I LUDWIG'S CAFE 106 E. ITATf ALOQNA, IOWA PHONE 995,3114 : ' COUNCIt MINUTii The City Council met in regulor session October II, 1967 ot the City Hall with Mayor Finn and the follow- : ing council members present: Muckey, And*.^osen, Elbcrt, Nasll Cocjc & Peirce. Minutes of last meeting were ap- ' proved. Resignation of Mel Boy f rom the Planning & Zoning Comm. was accepted and the appointment of Phil Diamond to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Bay was approved. ' • Authorized the Street dept. to purchase a snow plow. Authorized the Ambulance Service to purchase, snow tires, coveralls, spot light,! emergency light. Authorized the city to ' participate in th» cost of construction of, ftorm sewer on west Kennedy street and the Rest Home Area. Instructed the City Clerk to contact owner of Holiday Station Store to see if the sign at the corner of their lot could be replaced. Moved & seconded the meeting adjourn, D.. A. Smith City Clerk 123.15 254.00 130.00 71.23 7.93 56.32 22.75 39.83 47.58 15.00 22.50 2.33 112.00 15.12 67.50 4.6.9$ 167.70 172.64 165.39 147.95 Finn, Salary Smith, Salary --- ..... _____ Sands, Salary ............. la. State Bank Withholding la. State Ta* Comm., With* holding . ........ . ...... la. Emp. Soe. Comm., Soe. Sec. lo. Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys. Ipers ... ..... . ......... Life Inv. Ins. Co.. Ins. . ..... Advance Pub. Co., Publishing /rwell. Rat Control ....... - (.olloghan t Co.. Rev. Vol. . City Clerk, Advanced Cash . W. Finn, Court costs ....... Hutzell's Notebook ..... .Nat. Institute of Law Officers Subscription ............ Upper DSJ Moine*. Pub. ---Burtis, Salary ...... ....... Frambach, Salary ......... Giddings, Salary .......... Hetawrs, Salary ........... WEEK END on sound Urt bodivil

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