The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, 10, WA'THL'iVlUAO, (AUK.) COUitIEk N14W8 Classified PAGE F1VB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate iwr line tor consmi- Hi'c Insertions: One time j*i tine lOc Two times \xi line per day .. OBc Tnrco times per line pel day . Mo Six limes per line per (lay .. 05c Month rnte per lino 60c Mlniinum crmrjje 60c Aas ordered, lor tnree or six tlinc-s mid slo|>pod More expiration will be charged for the number ul limes tho ad ap|)eured and —Ijustiueiit of bill made. All Classinco Advertising copy fiibmUtccl by persons residing outside, ol me city must be accompanied by rasli. Rates may bf eully computed from above table. Advertising orncrcct for irrcgulnr Insertions take tlie one time rate No icspon.'iuliiiy will bo taken for more than one livioncct in- lerti&a of nny classified ad. Business Directory (Wanted - Used Furniture Spot Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co. VACCINOL 301-303 E. Main Formerly IJavis & Dodson When They Swarm Plume 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONIiV HACK (illAKiYNTEK Will livery K. & O. Or Square . Deal Car lloufihf From 1'hillips Motor Co. ISSG r 0 It n V-S T U 1) O It TOUHINli —Hliic colur, XOOO allies. S a m c as New S5!>5 1935 F O It 1) V-X T U II O II T O U K 1 N G. Itllilio. A lieal Buy ?" 5 1!)3I 1'OKI) V-8 I-'OIlllOIl SUDAN—Same us New .. ?3'J5 1931 roiil) V-S Dli l.UXK TUDOIi—New paint, new lirrs ? :! ~J MONUV HACK UUAIIANTEE ON ALL JMKKS Liberal Att<nva:u:r. On Your I'res- cnl Car - - Low 1'maiicc Charge Through U. C. C. U|:en Kvcnliijpi for Ynur Convenience. Drive by I.nts and Get Acqiiaiiilcd. fall 810 - 811 for Dcmcnslralioii or Information. Ask for Oaves, Shanks, Calvin or Uiirbcr. PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th & Walnut I'lioiie »10 or 811 Open At Niffhl Best Prices Paid For SCRAP/IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Ul.vllievillc Iron & MtUl Co. 221 W. Cherry STOVES STORED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black Bui I trfut You White JOHN' IIUC'IIAN'AN—I'lIONU 107 Automotive. I 1 KICKS (HIT ON AUTO 1'AKTS Tires. Tubes. Itatterlcs. Paint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mats, Seat Covers. Ciet our prlees before you buy. Save Money! WOLF AH1AN I'lione 17G 12B 15. Main s, Poultry For Sale PPIMG GUIDE! VOHLTUY HOUCllIT & SOLD iitehesl PliutS Paid B. T. WOKTHY— 315 E. MAIN MINNOWS--Ic each rJorllllnl 1'otino t'iuut.s—'I'oituilu, j IY[>|UT A- KKK I'lanUi' I (). C. Hunks i Cor. Uike & Main or I KO Madison ! Good IJsedTnicks! llioTi—If.j t'on l-'urit 1!I35—!.. Ton I'oni rU'k-U|i 1MI—|i.; Tun Chevrolet I'Jltl— l\t, Tun InfellKlllinial All have (incut Muki! Hollies Tl'.lilUS Del in Implement; Co $135.00 Credit on New Chevrolet or >IK«| 1'iir, value . S-IOO.IIO uv mo' 1 ;, to buyer Imvin;) no Irndc-ii). Ci'od tllsc'ouiit for cash. Box "All". Courier News. illi 1C Mile Thai Bo an Auto, Girls Barksdale Mfe Co. Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 511 B. Main PHONE 19 Found lor Rent 3 room FURNISHED apartment, 221 DOUBUII. Mrs. Wcrt. Call 991-W c-k-tf a Room HOUSE. 115 S. Division. Ideal lor tourists, Low rent. Max H. Reid, I'honc 882. 19c ktl aige front cool Bedroom. Miss Bess Hall. Call 280. c ktl COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mvs. Jennie Craig, DCO W. Main. 2 rooai Furnished apartment, 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 683.' pk-21 2 FURNISHED apartments, adults only. Available June 1. 415 Jo'iin- son Avc., osecoliv, Ark. 13-pk-20 a room house, furnished or uufnr- nislied. 2 baths and sleeping porch. Sit Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call 86 or 20. pk-20 3 room FURNISHED apartment, inodvTii. 1U7 Ash. Mrs. George MalUiews. Call 201. ck-tt :i & 4 room modern furnished apartments, Reasonable. Call 280. 14-ck-tl Modern furnished house for summer. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross, 300 Lake. 6-ck-tf '2 betlroornr. or a t\vo rooir. fnr- nir,]ird apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins. 1020 Ilcarn. Lo-.vcr floor at 1013 W. Walnut, 4 unfurnished rooms. Call 2'27-J. ck-tf UNFURNISHKD 4 room sparlment with bath. Call 327, or 55 nt nijht. 12-ck-tl Fnrnl^herl 3-room house. 503 N Fifth 5>t. Couple Only. dh 5 liooni Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. J. H. SniMt. Call R05-J 2c ktl ROOM, size 22 cy 50. next '.c Huhbard Tire ,fe Dnllcry: newly deroratcd. Tom Jackson. Phone K. 25-ck-tf Lost WHITE HULL PUP-REWARU for return to 2'2l W. Cherry. , 8c Salesmen \Y anted ViHiNr; imnietl man «'. h autn- mchilc. Salary and commission. Permanent employment with pos- rismili'.s of advancement. Must be nWe to make bond and willing to work Marrt. Arnrty <n Sinner Sewing Machine Co., Blythcvlllc, Ark. WANTUI* — AUj KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 'S'/jC Ib. Copper Wirfc, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4V-c Ib. HIDES & FURS WOU' AKIAN PHONE 17G 128 E. MAIN AWNINGS' FOR HOUSE:S COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Heady M:nlc Awnings S1.25 up Best Prices lor CJuality Work Carney Awning Co. Call G43 113 S. First HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open l>y and Night -' FKESIl CKA1TIE 350 Eycr'y lYiday. Saturday .t Sunday LION & TEXACO GAS 10.80 gill. Cigarettes $1.25 Cnrtou DIG BASEBALL C.AME EVERY SUNDAY Plioue 1503-F4 or M3 Do You Want to Bullii a New HOME? InvcstiBatc Our FIIA lo 20 Year Payment I'lati E. C. Robinson Lumber Co We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 19 Wall Paper NKW 1'ATTERNS— LOW TRICES CANVAS, PASTE AND TACKS ARK ABOUT PITTSBURGH'S NEW PAINT FINANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 Free Estimates Highest Market Prices PAID roil SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc. WE SEU, All Leading Brands ol 'CO A L Small lots, Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Ato WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co. \Vholc~salpr.s, Kclailcrs A Miners N. Ilinay 61 Opp. .lake linear Gin Plionc 100 Hlyllicvlllc, Ark. Extra Special! SOLID BRONZE Screen Wire 5c l>er .iq. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Mrs. J. J. Davis — Spencer Corseilcre Call 421-W for appointments Arkansas Truck tense No. 217-73!). Owner may Imvc same by Ciill- iiiff ni courier News ollice and piiy- ; charges. Barber. Shops HOLT'S IIAKKICK SHOP 101 South 2n<l St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE 15o Dalh—Ulosc 8 p.m.—Shine V?anted To Buy Good Jersey milcli cows, freiili or Shoe Repairing Al:isli;vn Slniit'ljcrrlrs Trklril KKWAII1), Alnskii (OP).--Mr.uiHli Mrs. Ales Itoliiiu niv I'xpi'ilmciit- i»i: wllli ninny in-xv vuiIdles of insiiborrli'* nml Blinvvk-rrles, inul 135 varh-llivi of polulm's m \\ w \ r fiirin lion- \\n\\ They will u-st tlio viulou.s [j)),-s to ili'ti-nniiii' wlilcli lire ncljiislcil Insst lo rllimille viivliitlona o( Aluski \Vrcekcr Sfrrlco - Oas OI'HN A 1,1, N1C11T I'HII.LII'S SKUVICU CJJNTMIt I'lioncs 17'l - 610 Shoes Repaired, 65c & up I Htrlnsis with Job. lu I'Xtrn SATIKl-'ACTION GUAIiAN'rKR Titui; ui.iii: sunn sum- Next to n. T. Worthy's filmed In he llu' cheapest rut yel produced In llrlliiln, nnd pro!)- ihly Hie chcnpesl lo opnale, too. lliu now midget ear |iletiued dnni;si[U- a .stundnrd model \viis di-nioiislmlal hi London, Tlie •iiniifi ladies tire telling Hie lad In the bin OILS that Miry eiui dn 'ITi in llu'lr little enr. and t;et HO miles out of u uidHin ot liiisuliiii'. 'Mm ninlor Is iinly J 1-a horticpowcr. UKTTKU iwrnai\ Call J. B.:Clnnc.. t\t Tom Jackson's Service Stiitloii C.'n-rds ^l;ty 1'oriu Ihlllil LAWIIKKCK, 'lias. (UP) ....... A eo- rd b;i:iil imiy' he formed oil the Utilvc'ttiily of Kiiniaiti : cmiipu.s lic- IUIT lonij. Tims fur. -nine iniist- ehuis liiive sliiulltcd. Uii'lr Intention of .'.i^nin^ up for the co-cil civhcftra. llio Weil fur whteli criniiiiititl with Ht'lviic Keltey, of Ciuion. Colo. heavy siirinyer.s. Cniif;'! S. Franklin St. phone 'H. Codec drinkers or llu: Unllei) Slales (ti'ntjk CD 1-2 more tups • Dairy. I in 19:15 than in 1934. suttiiiij n nqw e-t( liijjli mark. WAKNINC 01:111:11 W. M. Williams, us executor "I !•:. M. lliirns, deceased; Annlo I:mni l-'oixl; 11. c. l/onl; Will Hutns; Mrs, Will limns; Jlni Hums; Mrs. Jim Hums; Jeff Hums; Mrs. Jeff limns; WiiUur llrrns; Mvs. Wnllrr Hums; Mllllu .Smith; Kil Smith; Liu-y Allen; Cenrijir Allen; W. II. stoviill nml Mary H. ijtnvnll live warned to ii|]|H>iir In UK; Chancery Court (or the Chlclaisawl);i District of M!|>pl County,, lo luiiiwrr a compl:ilntlHediij;alii:;[ them by Homo OwuriV' Corporation. Daled llils •Ith day of Muv, 133(i. 11. M. CltAKl. Clerk, lly A, K Kinllli. 1). C. Held Kvrurcl. Altys. for Plulntlll. S-I2-111--.HI One edition of a ILIVBO elty iiDws])H|>or will Mil i'i bonk blugn Hum the nvi'rngi! ;iOl)-|iaBe novel •Aiihln Uilily days from this dalu incnls. This Is exclusive of udverlls;- JS'IB Now Ix)c«(ed Hi 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON CmVAllDS, I-ruprlotur All niaku of rebuilt Tyimrrllcrs, AdilliiR Mncnliic« Rn* C»l- ciilators—Rcpalrhif— 1'nrte—Hllibuui 1UTKPUICGS Kmirt, v] u nr. VnM.i Hvery (lny on Meals. Clroeeriei and I'rocliiee, Rnity iinij nny ([iianllty. ' ' l'«r einivrnleiiee ire olVer "I'rii- III Sinning I'roleelli'K Creilll" Conic hi or Phone RITE PRICE GROCERY I'huno 1!;U \Y ( , f) t i|[ v ,.|III I!. Main In ()l,l )'. (). )i],|.,.. RADIO REPAIRING \ Complete f.lno of Tillies unit I'urlj HUiniARl) 'VlltE A MA'ITKUY CO. VliONR 476 SKItVICH STATION •Hilt VOIJU CONVKNlliNCE'. SINCLAIR GAS AND LUIWICATION — Hull cry Service —Itadiiilur Itcpiilr —Itiitly Work —l'\'ink>r Work —(,'hisH Insliillcd Purls —Alllo 1'iU'ls W.T.BARNETT I AUTO SALES Otvilcr 1'HONH 888 ALLHY 001' HEAR! HEAR! If you have n burial iissociiiUoii cci'lifieiito oC any kind on your loved ones whun Lhcv pans away we will iiwt'iit it aL full value, on lliu fiincml, provulMl you buy na much us ?50 cr moro in inorcliamlisc, COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONIO 2(i KOOXA" HOLDS HIS .101)! i. liy Hitmlin WHY, ! WAS APPOIWTED BY OOP.' WHY UO7,SIMCP YOU'VE JAILED THAT OTHER. /if OOOP 9 HMM -VEH -THA'S THEM I'M TH' MAM, RIGHT.' I GOTTA \ YEP- PROBLEMS TO HAVE A GRAMO } RACE .'ILL DOTH' WIZER,-THAT'S [GRAMD WIZlM'.ALL A CIMCH/ / OVER TH' PLACE ~ WELL,ILL BE -.'-' ( OH, OOPS A QUEER GUY SAY, FOOZY-HOW V HE'S FUMMY THAT WAY- COV1E ALLEY OOP > HE'D RATHER HAVE DIMMY WASUT MAD 'CAUSE V THAM A CROWkJ, OH, HE WOULD, WOULD HE/?*® WELL, I'LL HAVE YOU KWOW THAT BEIN' A KING IS AKJ'/^-VEH, IKMOW, HOUOti'f l-n-IIMKSO,TOO- BUT BEIM' &PAUD WI7ECS TH' BEST I CAM DO. GRAWD WIZER I TOOK MY CROWN BACUi •> BOOTS AND HICK lUIDDIES GtePfVR\V.VI\ . COURSE •- K)0 HOW D\O VOL) WOTVCt VT'S GEt \WOOVOt\i\ YOU ^ '. I'M IXVMOSV \\ '. SAVM TLIIiilK! N HEAH'5) WHERE'S THERt'SONLVONE. HE HAD HOLVMIKEJ YOU BET HE'S DANGEROUS.' HE'S DETERMINED NOT ~TO ; BE TAKEN ,, — <, ALIVE.ANO VHE'5 AWLLK. ME CORNEREP BEHIND /LOOKIT EASVS !j THIS ROCK,AND EVERY /HAT. SAY, THAT TIME I LIREP MY HEAD-/FELLE:7'S FAMG'KO HE CAJ'J SHOOT/MEN. WE'LL BE l-'KE BLATE5./LUCKV IP WE-. ~—y — -~\ HEY.' ^S ^ 7HET? I'llECKLES AM) IMS FKIKNDS wo YOU bow'T..^e>u CAN'T! rrs war UI^IL You GET YOURSELF M A JAM AND FEEL THAT YOU'LL IJEVER HAVE YOUR FREEDOM, THAT YOU REALLY KK'OV/ VVHAT IT MEANS ! BIT OF MATURE THAT YOU CAM SEE WITH YtXlR EYES BE - LOWGS HAVE YOU EVER HAD RICH VEG ETABLE SOUR AFTER IT WAS PUT THRU A H'— SIEVE V/HEM FREE,YOI CAM V/HERE You WILL..VI&U CT.'AJ THE SKY, THE: TREES AND TIE RIVERS ! THEY'RE YOURK TO EM JOY '! V;ELL,THATS WHAT A REFORM SCHOOL WOULD DO .'.'

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