Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1967 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1967
Page 2
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N , 0g|..y. . ,^MO«Y.O«t.t»,mr dlcm Pair crowned king and queen , at Swea City flifii ^PVIV^FV §Y JULIAN CHRIICHIUIft "Met hwri * ft* THE SADDEST DAY for any family is the day they lose their dog ... by the same token, the happiest is when they get a new one . . . we've lost one and gained one in the past few weeks and the kids have run the gauntlet of canine emotions ... ten or 11 years ago, we walked out of the office one fall day and saw a cute little tan puppy on the sidewalk ... he wiggled up to us and he found a home and we'd found a family dog . . . 'Corky was part of the family, as any dog becomes, until his heart gave out a few weeks ago. He was 11 years old we recall and that's equivalent to 64 for a human being. So we buried our little pooch with dignity in the back* yard ... No. 2 and 3 sons dug the grave and there weren't any dry eyes when we covered the box with dirt . . . dad's were the wettest, 1 can assure you. Mom's frequent threats of "We'll never have another dog when this one goes" faded into obscurity after a few weeks and it was' HER idea that we get a Collie puppy . . . especially after Sara took her over to see one owned by Algona newcomers Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cramer. So on a recent trip to Minneapolis we scanned the want ads for pups and spotted one from Mankato, which was ideal for we'd be halfway home when we picked up the dog and they do get nervous ... we found the farm and in back of the garage were the parent Collies and seven little puppies . . . now if you think it is easy to pick out a pup from seven wiggling, yipping jmd nervous pups then you've never bought a dog . . . "How's that one?", you remark and point to a favorite but by the time your wife follows your finger, he is lost in the mad scramble. But you pick one out finally and grab him after a couple of futile tries as all seven attempt to escape their fenced-in enclosure at once ... the mother barks forlornly as she sees the first of her litter of seven disappear in your arms . . . and then you are home with just one accident enroute and the kids go wild and the puppy checks out all the new smells of the house and it's almost like having a new baby. You almost feel guilty loving this little, furry newcomer so much when.it has just been a few weeks since you said goodbye to another loved one! •WHEN WE GREW up, our dads and moms were always telling us "Now when I was a child ..." There are few parents nowadays who could say that to their children about school . . . these kids are learning things in fifth and sixth grades that we got as a junior and senior just 25 years ago. Which brings me to a point — what are they trying to prove? Do they think this generation is going to be happier because they studied two and three hours every night. Teachers pour the work to high schoolers so that they have little or no free time to have fun. I'm against it. This generation isn't going to be any smarter than mine and they might just not have as much fun. I didn't take a book home in four years of high school and I bet I remember just as much of what I learned as they will 25 years from now! HATS OFF to Russ Guster ... in our memory, the Algona high school band is the only band in the conference to play the school song of the visiting team in both basketball and football. This is a nice way of welcoming the: visitors and Russ should |be .commended for this practice! .'^ £• CMy; Swea Cily Community School's Homecoming Festivities began Friday after* noon with a parade thru town ' at 2:15 ending at Reynolds Park. A "Pep" Rally began with Ed Berg acting as Master of Ceremonies. The Trojan Band played two numbers and the Cheerleaders led the group in a few cheers. Coach Baker announced the football squad, and the co-captflins. Jack Johnson and Ed Berg, gave a .short talk. Jack Van Norman gave the group a short "pep" talk on behalf of the Swea City Community School Board. Supt. Ed Ste-» wart announced the prize winning floats, 1st prize went to itlYc 1 Jr. High-. 2nd prize went to the Juniors. 3rd prize to the Freshman, and the Sophomore Class received honorable mention. Bicycle prizes were given •to 1st place winner Kristi Mino, 2nd place winners Alan Eisonmann and Dennis Rich. ardson, and 3rd place winners 'to Oharlene and Mary Jo Peterson'. Steve Fisher received honorable mention. The program was then turned over to the Student Council President, Pat Mino. who announced the Swea City's Homecoming King and Queen for 1967. While Pat Mino announced the Royal Attendants, Miss Pat Phlps. the 1966 Homecoming Queen and now Freshman student at the University of Iowa, presented each of the attendants a yellow rose.' The Queen was given a large bouquet of yellow roses. Swea City's Homecoming King and Queen for 1967 arc Miss Nancy Kvamsdalc and Mr. Ivarry Anderson. Royal Attendants include fellow classmates, Becky Anderson and Mike Johnson, Alma Jo Johnson and Ed Berg, the Junior attendants were Marlene Larson and Brian O'Green, the Sophomore attendants were Peggy Eggcrth and Rodney Logan, and the Freshman attendants wore MarLou Krantz and Lance Krumwiede. Sentral downed the Trojans Friday evening with a score of 20-7. Swea City tied 'tlhe score in the 'second quarter when Randy Newlin passed to Mike Johnson 38'yards for a touchdown. Newlin kicked the extra October i» "Nittoiiil Uurant Month'' *fld nln« Al- gorift eating f>tae«s MVt Mf* vestisemeftts in today 1 * Advance inviting to their tfttib- iishmentt this monthand «v< ery month, the local firms Hi; elude Charlie's Supper Club, Georgia's, Sid's Cafe, Ludwig's? Blue it White, Van's Cafe, Chrome Cafe. Harris' Diagonal Cafe and the Johnson House. Special attention i» drawn to these ads in today's , paper. "\^ i Swea City band to play at Drake Swea City: The Swea City Community School Trojan' Band will be attending brake University Band Day which will be held Saturday in Des Moines. Nearly 50 bands will take part during the half time program of the football game between Drake University and ^Company •the University of Northern ta. (odpto married KUkoto LkfcAfe! United In marriage oh September 2 were Joan Laural Milter, daughter of Mr. and (Mts Hugo Miller of fclmofc, •Minn., and Ketth fidwln Sunde, son at Mf. Mid MfS. fnfvftld Sunde of Forest City. The dou* bie ting cfeffemony was p*r* formed at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Lakota at ft:00 pm. with Rev, fcaUlOfstedal off lei* Ping •j The maid of honor wa6 foK ana Miller and bridesmaid, Was Kafthy Peterson. Organist was Carolyn Ley arid soloist was iMrs Richard Steffen who sang, "The Lord's Prayer." ' r Best man was Ivan Sunde and groomsman Was Robert Sunde. Robert Miller and Nor-: dy Nelson Jr. were ushers. > Following the ceremony a reception for 200 gueste was held in the church dining hall. The bride is employed in the accounting department of the Forest City Bank and Trust 'and the groom is with .the Central Iowa Telephone Company at Forest City., Lokoto to •!•€* on«w Mayor Uk«U: Th6 takote pit eteefHofi will be held fue»- day. N6V««mljef 7 at* the City Mall. Afihoufwemeht has tie** received ffofh Town Clerk. It. £. Htrt*ke that the mayors seat Which has been filled by Mat** vin Austin lor the past 4 yeafs Will be open to the voters with a w*Me*in*t>allot. Efforts are being made to seek a name or hSrrveS' for foils' poSStleti.- v .- -^UttfcSltrieh Jteft ,',&$*/»-• att<t _... flrft seeking reelection. Alsd-. Seeking f§4feiftti6fi" fdf, f feaX steef is M, H Mussmafi. Triey^ ate unopposed. trained elfcphants recog- itiie 2045 different work commands. / Optn Houti . * * * * * t«t bfefi House MPOftT Of CONDITION •* IOWA ITATI BANK . •» Alien*, !•»•,. • member i«» MM MMnri RtMtv* Syttom, «f MM (tow «f hmlfwit *n October 4Mi, IM7. | uklltlMd In Mc*rtf«nc« .with • <«N ma*t ky the federal Nnervi lend ef thlt tfMrlct purulent fo Hie •raviitoM •» MM Federal Reserve Act. ''•/.:•'• , • ' AMITS 1. Cosh, balance* with other bank*, and coin item* in proccis of collection 1 :. $2,116 243.86 2. United State* Government obligations .....--. 3,273,517.55 3. Obligations of States and political, subdivisions 719,645.70 *. S-'uritios of Federal aa'ncies, orvl enrnorotions : 179,212.50 5. Other securities (including $15,000.00 corporate stocks) 15,000.00 l. i'tn r loons and discounts . : 3,972,498.28 8. Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets repre- sent.ng bank premises - 80,595.98 II. Other assets 4952.67 WE DON'T LISTEN to Minneapolis radio station WD- GY very often but happened to punch the dial the other day and we heard "This is the Perry St. John Show" . . . Perry is the son of the Judd St. Johns of Algona and is one of the top DJ's in the Twin Cities. We recall him playing the guitar some, back in his high school days (he graduated in 1956) and in those days there weren't that many guitar players . . . after graduation he was a DJ at Carroll for four years and he has had his own show on WDGY for the past four years . . he's married, has two children and loves his work in the Cities! IIMMHHIHMMimillMIIMIHIMMMIMMHIIMIIHIHHIHIIMHMIIIIIHIMMUHHIIIIHMMHIHHIMHNHNHHItMIIMIIMIimHIl M Stone Co. of which was in Tracks collide south of Algona Two trucks collided southwest of Algona on the West Bend blacktop Monday afternoon and there was about $1850 damage to the two machines when they sideswiped in the middle of the road. Drivers were Dennis L. West, driving a truck owned by Klein's Farm Supply, and Wil Ham Scoppeland, Fort Dodge, The accident occurred about 3:30 p.m. seven miles south and two west of Algona. Both drivers reported they were blinded by dust being blown onto the road from a lime Humboldt, an adjacent field. The Klein truck had an estimated $850 damage, according to Patrolman Tom Cogdall, who investigated, and the Fort Dodge truck had about $1,000 damage. Citation Logan Postmaster Francis, Gochenour received a Citation of Merit of President Johnson's Natural Beauty Award. The Logan post office won the award largely because of the efforts of the 'Beebeetown Grow and Study Club of Logan. The members have planted and tended a beautiful garden plot'at the post office. • spreader owned by the P & MSMSff.fS.VSmK>* ', ; Senitra'l'leads 'the^conference v^tth'/a $1,0 ' jj'pcprd^rtvile Swea City -Trojan stand at 1-1-1 in the conference. Following the football game prizes were 'given to the alumni who attended the luncheon. Pat Phelps received the prize for coming thejior^thesit. She is attending college fat Iowa University. The class.of 1967 had the highest attendance percentage. The oldest teacher in attendance was Mrs. John Ei'ickson. Two persons. attend- ' ing from the oldest class was Mrs. Emma Holcomb and Mrs. Clifford Anderson, both graduates of 1915. Swea Cily girl to have major role Swea City: The Simpson College Division of Fine Arts will present the one-act opera, "Sister Angelica" by Giacomo Puccini on October 27 and 28 in the Little Theatre on the college camus. 'Miss Robyn Swanson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swanson of Swea City, will sing one of Me major roles, that of Sister of the Novices. iMiss Swanson, a senior at Simpson College is a music education major. She is also a member of the select choir that will tour Denver in March. 12. TOTAL ASSETS .— ...-- -.10,361.666.54 LIASIUTIIS 13. Hemond Heposits of individuals, oartnershlps, and corporations 5,353,150.21 14. Time, arid savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations „.-.--..„ 2,173,302.44 15. Deposits of United States Government 65,626.91 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions : 1,861,773.58 18. Deposits of commercial banks _ .;.. . 54,092.30 19. Certified and officers' checks, etc. •_. 37.426.26 20. TOTAL DEPOSITS (items 13 to 19) $9,545,371.70 (a) Total demand deposits ___:•__•_- ..$7,372,069.26 (b) Total time and savings deposits $2,173.302.44 25. TOTAL LIABILITIES -.- — -„.-. ....„ 9,545,371,70 CAPITAL: ACCOUNTS ~ 26. (c) Common stock — total par value : ..... 250,000.00 No. shares authorized 2,500 No. shares outstanding ... 2,500 27. Surplus 250,000.00 28. Undivided profits -,' 316,294.84 30. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ... ._ 816,294.84 31. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 10,361,666.54 MEMORANDA TT 1 " 1. Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call 'dute . •_• ; 907631540 2. Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with call aate —:. i-. . ... ..... 3,972,366.86 3. Loans as shown in "Assets" are after deduction of valuation reserves of .-.- , _.; 20,394.77 I, A. F. Ageno, President, of the above-nomed bonk do hereby declare that this report of condition is true to the best of my knowledge end ... .»• ..•;> "•'•.' ., ' ' ' •••" ••; ''A. F^Agena, President We, the undersigned directors, attest the correctness of this report-of condition ond^djclpre thot.'it.hos been jwamined:by,.,us ,gnd .to- the best of our knowledge and belief is ttoe-ond correct.' *y -: " >T - •'•.-«• F. L. MoMohon^H.' t. Gilmore, J.,C. Mowclsley, L. E. Llnnan, H. J. Cowan, David A. Smith'— Directors. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, October 19 1967 WHITE HAT SPECIALS AT PERCIVAL'S Our Specialty BROA8TEO CHICKEN SHORT ORDERS COMPLETE MEALS HOMEMADE PASTRIES * ROLLS OPEN 24 HOURS — MONDAY Thru FRIDAY CLOSED FROM 2 P-M. SATURDAY TO 5 P.M. SUNDAY CHROME CAFE 1965 CHEVROLET ImpaU 4 door Hardtop. Nicely •quipped and Air Conditioned. 1965 FORD LTD 4 door Hardtop. See this deluxe one-owner car! 1965 CHRYSLER Newport 4-door Hardtop, a local one- owner car, with factory warranty. 1964 CHRYSLER Newport 4 door. Like new and has new car warranty. /964 CHEVROLET Impala Super Sport 2-door Hardtop, 4-speed, V-8, showroom condition. 1964 DODGE 330, 4 dr., 6^cyl., automatic. Economical. 1964 CHEVROLET Carryall 10-Passenger, 8 cyl., automatic, Low miles. 1963 CHRYSLER Newport 4 door. A one-owner car with partial new car warranty. 1962 MERCURY Meteor 4 dr. Compact car and only $695.00 1962 OLDSMOBILE 88 4 dr, Very clean and above average. 1961 FORD Fairlane 2 door. Clean and runs good. 1960 FORD Fairlane 4 door, I, Auto. Clean. $295.00 1960 FORD Fairlane 500, 4 door, 8, Auto. Runs good, 1960 DODGE 4 door, 6 cyl., straight shift. Way above average ... $395.00 1960 PLYMOUTH 2 door Hardtop, 8, Auto., power steering. 1958 DODGE Royal 4 door, "8" and Automatic. TRUCKS 1950 FORD Heavy Duty Pickup, 8, Stick Shift. 1949 DODGE 3 /4 Ton Pickup, Combination stock and grain box. VRBJI ^B^^V^BBIBJBj ^SBJPSJBB Vp 9B MHBJBJ ^SJBJF "HOME OF QUALITY DOOM + • wepve) w i. j> October 24 At, liOO p.frt. at th<* Legion M^ll.'Alt relatives aHd friends afe invited to.at* tend, Miss CdyrieS will becdfne the 1 bride of IfviM Wirtjes this month. ' •* "•***, « f,-^f N A •iJftw^Kto HALLOWEEN CANDY 15 KINDS MASKS & COSTUMES '<r y ** _>j«.": l\' MIJI »tite2^:rLj v."X ,w,. JS!TK' ,. : ; . 1"^ ' Costumes kr All! >•».,' ••'' ' pj-i : •..*••' -^^^-. •;':••' '.'.-•;.'' 1/VJDE VARIETY OF SIZES AND STYLES1 • Mask included 11 A Flame Retdrdent' ; i ~»'lndividua41y Boxed C AND ^ &***& Masks MANY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM r-*v f , *&«&£• —SSr • and up FOR YOUR HALLOWEEN PARTY NAPKINS, TABLECLOTHS, CUPS, TALLIES, CANDIES, NUT CUPS A FAVORS. BHBB1BI1B1B1 CANDY WRIGLEY'S CUM 24 |n Box Bag Box • Spearmint • Juicy Fruit • • Doublemint — Carton of 20 Packs • HALLOWEEN CANDY 15 KINDS 29c - 49c Par Bag •>~V<VM&/> J)—m.4 rr*iit »T«I "Algona's Leading Variety Store" J

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