Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1967 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1967
Page 14
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• • "Tfct DMf Dwn" RiM i BtnuN Obiliii In Cfmwlo Fllin *we) Aefe fc OftT^iJ, n mill tut n <.VrrM«fi-»«:riifnW chalmni, /.«'«' Mnrriii, fnr Iff I, nn<l Cliitrlrx llriinwn lire <'(»«•(/ on* <•/ their /V«a« uniform* f»v ./«'«« Onnrn n«it .faint f.Vi.s.Kincrc.i in ffiix *<•(•»!«• fr<nn .'/'•.'' » The Wiriv Ihizfii." Thf il_\HHiiiil<--i»irtt<'il tlrninn It'll* tin- xlnry of lin-lri'. rminVrW <•' " '•'"" nn »fi;»«r»iiniiv »«» iht-nl lln- liitnHitinit l»y i>.w.Htinx n iloitHi-rotix ini**i<»i hi'hnnl riuH W'or'iW M «r II. A K<<in«'ll> llynum i>r<nl>l>-lion in ,W«'iriii'(»/or, llif <nit*litiulntft ritt'Hl Hiir#iiiii««, Hii-lmril ,/««'(•/<«'/, f".'«'i»rX'' K<'IMI«'«/.V. Trim' /,<>/«•=. Hnliili ,»f«Tfi-«'r, Hulkcr tinil Itiilwrl It'tflihi-r. IMn-rl ,ll<tri<-li </ir.T>«'//. nrr firm rntl alxtt xlur* Hynn, Tally Suvnlii*, Clinl. MOMCNADMRt CLUt the Aigdftt l»f6mtfL__-_ 5 Square Dance Club will have a Friday the 13th dance Friday night, the dance wilt begin at 8:30 and will be held at the K C. hall in Algona. Callers wilt be Bob and Nona Griffith, Des MoinM. Free lunch will be served. All guests and Visitor*,lite welcome. No dance Saturday evening. ' :-.'; : ,/M lIlilMf^^ Church N^tes UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Albert C. Bullock, LONE ROCK Sunday, Oct. 15 10:00 a.m. — Morning Worship. 11:00 a.m. — Sunday Church School. 6:00 p.m. — Youth Fellowship. Tuesday, Oct. 17 8:00 p.m. —. Adult Bible study. Wednesday, Oct. It 7:30 p.m..— Choir rehearsal. oVtt MflTet aww«6ir' Itt6 IN tHt tSfATE OF CAJL GOtTXH. . vOU Ofw nVfvDy r*BTt Vro/Q,, TrlOr Mr TFIv 11th day of S«pf*rfib*f. l»67, fhi last will end f»iTom*nf of Cdfl Go«t«eh at- CMMd bearing dot* of fM 28th day of September, 1962, wo* admitted to probate In the above named iourf and that Lucille Goetieh WM appointed ex* •tutor of sold «tat*. ^^ Notice n furtner Oivvrt ftlm WW tt€* tlon to Mf aside told will mut* be brought In the dlltrlcf court of told county within one year from the date of the tecorn publication of thn not* lee. or thereafter be forever barred. Notice It further «lven that all per* iont Indebted to iald Mtate art re- Queftteo to molte frftmediate payment to the undesigned, and creditors having claim* ogolnit told estate shall fife them with H* clerk 6* tht. above named Mtfrltf toutt, as provided by Jo*, duly authenticated, for ollo*o»tt« ono UnWn id fifto wtWft sift fttorWiil from the lecomr publication af thi* netlc* (UMM etfwrwlte eftowM or Mid) such claim shall thereafter M forever barred. • • Doted thli 28th day of S*plemb«c, 1967.. Luellte Goefich. , CMcutof of sold Eitote Aldono, lowo MeMohen 4 Coiiel Attorney* tor told Executor Dote of second publication 12th day of October, 1967. Published in the Algono Koisuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, October 5 and 12, 1967. tHE*OWA •TOWE CmW6? KOSSUfH TY: Notice li heftby given thai a petition for a franchise to erect, maintain and operate Clectrie , frtinsrnliiien line as provided-for lrf Chdpter 489, Code of Iowa. 1966, and amendment* hereto, has been filed by the Iowa Public Serv- Ice COmpdhy, Sioux City, Iowa, and that said petition sett forth the fallowing os the rnaxlmum voltages; starting points, routes and termini of • thi pro' posed line: 12,470 volts: < Beginning in the Southeast corner of Section Thirty-five (35), Township Ninety-four (94) North, Range Twenty- eight (28) West Of the 5th P.M. Ko*° suth County, Iowa, thence North ori W* We»( ^mafdlfi of -JW hlfltway, alori« fhi to»f line bf Settled Thirty- tr«« (35) „ oW>rb*frni«*ly *l*ty-flv* hxmdrtffhi (.«SJ>fl».^£ -t '*:**. Ofti&tfiofSS . to tWfe. * VafWrfW of IfiUcH fronchUe bocfcet l-l523o. rrtuM I* Irt , writing and filed Ift frlplltat*. with' this CtttmitlWl, fi6 later fhWi 20 doyJ offer the dote of iecotti (rublfta- flori of thli notice, thli b*lng the iccond 6f fwo .<!6r*eeu*lv* publication!. . IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMlSSfOH . Bernard J. MdrfIn, Cholrmoh Frortk B. MeorlJ, CeWmitiloner blek A.'Witt, Commisilorter Docket E-15236 ATTEST: E. B. Storey, Secretory Doted dt Des Mbines, -lowo, September 25, 1967, Published In the Alaono KbMuth t County Advohte, Alaono, Iowa Oetobef 5, and 12, 1967! , ALGONA vSeen A Movie Lolcly?" F NJOY ONF TONITf This One Is IN COLOR! ALGONA THEATRE —Thursday • Friday • Monday Tueiday - Wednesday ONE COMPLETE SHOWING EACH EVENING Complete Program begins: 7:30 "The Dirty Dozen" 8:05 —Friday the 13th Complete Program begins: 11:00 "Devil's Own" 11:00 "Prehistoric Women" 12:30 —Saturday Matinee Only Complete Program begins: 1:30 "Tarzan's 3 Challenges" 2:00 —Saturday Evening Only Complete Program begins: 6:45 - 9:30 "The Dirty Dozen" 7:00 9:40 —Sunday Complete Program begins: 1:00-3:45-6:30-9:30 "The Dirty Dozen" 1:15 4:00 - 7:00 - 9:40 mother, for her birthday. The Jack Loofts, Rochester, Miinn., have a 6 Ib. 8 oz., girl, born Thursday, Oct. 5. She will be named Ann Maree and has a brother, Thomas and a .sister Sara. The Elmer Horstmans, Britt, and Henry Loofts are the grandparents. mniinHiniiiiHii immi mini iimiin > "" IIKIIIM dispersing of their chinchillas, as they have retired from farming and plan some traveling in the future. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF PROtATI OF WILL, OF AFPOINTMINT OF IXICUTON, AND NOTICE TO CHIOITOM IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY Probate No. 9198 Seneca church to have blind musician talk being raised in Kossuth Swea City — Interesting news for chinchilla fanciers >in the area is a litter of 5 in the 'herd of the Andrew Brones, who live in Eagle township. The litter of 4 females and one male are all healthy. The Broneses stairted with a herd of 10 in 1963, and now have a total of 120, with 48 breeders and 72 young. Only the males are pelted out, with the exception of those kept for breeders. Females are kept to increase ithe hard. Chinchillas arc pelted out at 9 months to a year. The life of a chinchillas is about 8 years. Chinchilla 1'ur is very luxurious and in the same class as sable and ermine. — The Blakjer Quality is determined by den- Lutheran church will have s jty and color, so breeding an annual Harvest Mission animals are carefully selected Festival Sunday, Oct. 15, f or these factors. Claire Hobart, blind musician The little animals are kept and composer and missionary i n individual cages, and each to Latin America as speaker. ca g e has its own water, feed, The service will begim at and dusting box. They live 10:45 a.m. There will be a on hay and special pellets, •fellowship dinner at noon and a formula, the latter of ain'd an afternoon service will w i,j c h is fed by teaspoon by begin at 1:45. Mr. Hobart, Mrs. Brones, daily. For bresd- WTto hals been blind isince i ng , there is one male to 8 three months old attend- female. Utters run Prom one ed public school and college to three, with two litters a with those not so handicap- yea r. Mr! Brones has made pert. He is a graduate of the a ll the equipment for the high school at Taylor Falls, animals. They will soon be Minn., and the Gustav Adbl- phus College at St. Peter, Minn. He has also been a missionary to the Latin Americans since 1942. First located at San Antonio, Texas, he and his wife, the former Norma Lien, Lake Mills, are now located at Laredo, Texas. The public is invited. MODERN MIXERS MEET Modern Mixers Club met with Robert Burt, October 3, with eleven members in attendance. Birthday members were Iva Witham, Mrs, Jerry Wilberg and Mrs. Robert Burt. Present were Mesdames John Johanneses, Fred Johannesen, Calvin Vaudt, Wayne Ohnemus, Clifford Gangestad, Joe MaddtMi, RU|-.iard Bauer, Herbert Krause, Jerry Wilberg and Henry LoofL Mrs. Alvin Cyphers will be the November hostess. The David Loofts attended a family dinner Sunday evening at Town House at Ormsby, Minn., for the Glenn Hoppes wedding anniversary. The Harold Jacobsons who have made their home for some time at the Bailey apartments at Seneca, moved last week to the house formerly occupied by the LeRoy Bras family, Lone Rock. Mr. Jacobson was hospitalized for some time at Estherville following a heart condition. The AJfred Petersons were Sunday evening callers at 0. R. Peterson's, Ringsted. Th« David Loofts and Henry Loofts were Sunday guests I* Gerrit peWaards, rural Wesley, for Mrs. Bertha Poraoner, AJgoija, Mrs. De- Waard'* and Mr. Looft's THURSDAY FOR SEVEN DAYS OCT.'llth THRU 11th ONE COMPLETE SHOWING STARTING »T 7-JO-THUR.-FRI.-IION.-TOES.. SATURDAY ONLY-2 COMPLETE SNOWS FEATURES AT 7:00 AND I JO SUNDAY ONLY-CONTINUOUS SNOWS FROM 1 PJ. CHECK MOVIE CLOCK FOR FEATURE TIMES. The* vtotence brought them together for a mission that wouM set them apart from all war heroes! METRO- GOLDWYN- MAYER presents A KENNETH HYMAN PRODUCTION THEATRE ALGONA Here On.... ADMISSION Adults SI.25 Children 50c Under 12 RICHARD BEORBE TRINI RALPH HRRERMEUY GUM HRREHI MECKI (Mf mi mm 11 SMIUI, mmmm Based on the e»citing best-seller about the. deadliest commando unit of World War II. A glowing new concept in room heating . . . plus all the other great Tcmco "Comfort Command" heaters! "They didn't louse it up." "Bulck started off with a clastic design and they stayed with it—for good reason. The simple sculptured look was unique at the time and it still Is. I'm glad they didn't louse it up by changing it!' Joe Meyer, Stockbroker, Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick? The '«• Butelit with the new CM safety features are at your Buick dealer's. SCMULTZ BROS., SOUTH PHIUIPS ST, ALGONA Never before a room heater designed for your most.beautiful room! You'll be pleased at the authentic decorator styling of the exciting new MOUNT VERNON VENTED GAS LOO HEATER ,., and the many other Temco room heaters. See the new Gas tog heater on display in our showroom today) NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. IH-teM COMPLETE LP AND NATURAL GAS SERVICI 10 EAST STATE t IWHMHUWHimWWIIMimilllllUH4imWMMIIIIIIMimillllHIHIIMMHIUIMHHmHHHIM!l .. lll m l MU lll | l UnMIIIIM ll M» tl mM lll IMM ll MM l HIMMmilMUIU > IMIMMIMMIMI>t»<WMMU.m»IHMIMIMIIIHII|t.»IS||| H

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