Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1967 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1967
Page 13
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Officers for Fcuton church ire elected love and Respect Your Parents Now! By Abigail Van Buren , U 1t« »r CMctf* ttlHlH-N.' V. NMt »?*<„ IlK.t DEAR ABBY! I am 18 years old, and a freshman at college. When I was packing to come here 1 came across a newspaper clipping from several years back, which I had cut out of your column one day to remind me of what my parents really meant to me. I have read and reread this article and 1 hope you will reprint it so other young people will stop and THINK. Thank you. GRATEFUL "DEAR ABBY: I am the most heartbroken person in the world, I always found time to go everywhere else but to see my old gray-haired parents. They sat at home loving me just the same. : ". "' ". •'.'', "' ; , . , ';'. .': It is'too late now to give them those few hours of happiness I was too selfish and busy to give, and now, when I go to visit their graves and look at the green grass above them, I wonder if God will ever forgive me for the heartaches I must have caused them. ' . , I pray that you will print this, Abby, to tell those who still have their parents to visit' them,, and' show their love and respect while there is still time. For it is later than you think. .:.' _ ; ; ,./•• , ' ' •.,:;.•..;,•;•-;' ' TOO LATE - DEAR ABBY: I am the father of a 10-month-old son whom I frequently take for walks in his stroller. He shows an interest in many things, but he shows particular interest in women. In fact, he only smiles for the ladies. Do you think this could have a special meaning? What's the explanation? '" . x : , 7 WORRIED FATHER DEAR FATHER: The boy could he attracted to the more colorful clothing worn by women. Or he could be a chip off the old block! . ... , .. . . ., .;..•......'.. •".,.,- ; • c ,".-.,' , - : '-•:.:'.:• ';• - • DEAR ABBY: I am furious over an incident and would like to know what you think of it. : ; My husband and I went out for dinner last week, and quite by accident we met some friends who asked us to join them. [When I say "friends," I use the term loosely.] I'll call the man "John." ' -'When the check came, my husband asked for separate checks, but John insisted that we could settle up later. Then John's wife made a quick remark that we should let John pick up the check so hepould put it oh his expense account. John paid for dinner and drinks for the four of us and obtained a receipt for it. ., Now, my husband received a call from John asking for our share in CASH! My husband says it's no skin off our noses, that we had intended to pay our own share, anyway, so what's the difference who gets the money? I say, why should John turn in our bill as a company expense, be reimbursed for it, and put our cash in. his pocket? What dp you say, AbbyH &8&V Penten — Voters of St. John's Lutheran church met Tuesday evening Oct. 3 in the church basement. Election of officers for the coming year was held: Chairman, Vic Struecker, vice, Roy Mom- ann; treas., Darrell Dreyer; elder, Edward Meyer, trustee, Harvey Htnriksen; board of education, Lloyd Kern; Sunday School Supt, Martin Wegener; Youth Comm., Howard Bierstedt; financial board, Stan Berkland. The voters decided to change 'the time of service beginning October 15 to 10 a.m. for church and 8:45 a.m. for Sunday school. NEW BOOKS ADDED Aid of St. John's Lutheran church met Oct. 4 at the church with 30 members and 4 guests/Guests were Mrs. Walter Krause, Mrs. Delphine Hantelman, Mrs. Ed Bruhn and Mrs. Arnold Hantelman. Hostesses were Mrs. Donald Hainzinger, Mrs. Bldon Hantelman and Mrs. William Hantelman. Rev. Rex Spicer gave the topic from the study of Phillippians, the Mind of Christ in Us. Mrs. Calvin Vaudt gave a report on the LWML Rally at Algona. Mrs. Harold Eimers reported that the library committee had • met and put some new books on the shelf. There will be a Christian Growth workshop Nov. 2 at Storm Lake, and Mrs. John Waite, Mrs. Norman Finnested and Pastor Spicer will attend from St. John's church. The Pastor conference will be held at St. John's Nov. 3. A committee was appointed for the 450th Reformation anniversary and - the 65th anniversary of the Fenton congregation to be 'held Oct. 29. EX-RESIDENTS VISIT The Ray Ruskes, Grand Lake, Colo., and Tucson, Alriz., spent the last week visiting the Dr. E. W. Ruskes. Ray, a brother of Dr. Ruske, is a former Fenton resident and it was their first trip back in several years. They commented about the many cvhanges in the area and,.; their hotne Where rnafiy of the Rot Sari pictures were on display. COMMITTtf NAMID Aid of St. Luke's Lutheran chufch,. Faifvilie, met Thurs" day afternoon with Mrs. Mil- baft Bierstedt and Mrs. Lloyd Berkland hostesses. Mrs. Darrell Berkland and Tommy . were guests. Hie nominating committee was appointed. Members are Mrs. Arnold Hantelman, Mrs. Lloyd Bleckwenn and Mrs. Fred Frink. The next meeting will be Nov. 1 because of the Christian Growth workshop to be held Nov. 2 at Storm Lake. •Members attending the workshop will be Mrs. Harlan Eimers, Mrs. William Bruhn and 'Mrs. James Bierstedt. Mrs. Kenneth Johnson gave the topic, The Church and Its Message. WED 45 YEARS The Fred Laabs, Saint Ansgar, had their 45th wedding anniversary Sunday with open 'house at the Deer Creek Lutheran chufch, Carpenter. Attending from here were the Wilfred Uabses, Fern, Berfiard Laabses and Brenda, Armstrong, George Meinkes, Arnold Laabses, Amanda Schutt, the Delond Boltes, Prink Thilgeses, Fred Moft- ensons and Kathy. ATTINDS WEDDING Mrs/ Andrew Gowans went by air from Fort Dodge to St. Louis, Mo., Friday to attend the wedding of her niece, Carole Neary, to Robert John DeLargy. She re- lumed Sunday with her brother, Robert Neary,' and sister,, Mrs. Mildred Charle- wood, ,who will spend this Week ih the Andrew Gowans home. ; HAVE HOUSEWARMIN6 The Albert Mitchells, Milford Mitchells. Lone Rock, Morris i Mitchells, John Mick- licks, Corwith, Martin Olsons, Kuuoiph Christensona, Merle Flints, Mrs. Serena Petetiwft, 'the Richard CiefniUons, Em- meteburg, and Duahe Habe- gefs, Btift, gave I hou»e- warming for the. Edward Mitchells Sunday afternoon. . Dr. Ruske left for Colorado Springs Saturday for a few days vacation. Me and two of his sons Kaye, Colorado Springs, and Ward, LaGrange, Highlands, 111., plan on doing some duck hunting in the Monte Vista area. The Donald Becks, Des Moines, and Mrs. Dora Haack were Sunday guests at Carl Beck's. The Steve Berklands and Barbara were Sunday guests at Ernest Berkland's. The Stan Berklands were Friday callers at VirgH Borchardt's. The Kenneth Bellingers and Mrs. Carol TicHz and Michael were Sunday supper guests at Norman Bellinger's. The Norman Bellingers wefe Saturday night visitors 4t fiulan Sehuiler's. Titonka. The Befffard Kramers wefe Sunday dinner guests it Milton MaHow'8. r Mm. Don Hurtiuft, Mrs. Marte Deftton and Mrs. Ray Uthof vtotted Mrs. Dora Schwaftenbach at the hospital ft fothervtlle Wednesday afternoon. The U-Dealum bridge club met Tuesday evening with Mrs. Harold Wehrspann. Prizes went to Mrs. Lena Jentz, Mrs. Uoyd Kern and Mrs. Uoyd Sunde. Mrs. Leland Peters, Tyler, Minn., was a guest Thursday at Ervln Borchardt's. The William DcWalls and Mrs. Shirley. Zumach and girls were Monday evening guests at Dale Voigt's for Kent's birthday. The Erviri Runkes, Burt, and;. Mrs. Shirley Zumach were Sunday evening guests at William DeWall's. Sunday dinner guests of AlUGlIb \.anai MdVd IHUgJOAY, OCtj Mrs. Rose Krause wefe the Howard Krause*, Eldon tfin* telmarts and sandn, Al fttoomquists and Pirn, Rochester, the Lof en Millers, Fairmont, and Lynn Krause, Lynn Krause, Eagle Grove, spent Saturday night and Sunday at Mrs. Rose Krause's. .Mrs. Lena Jetttz and Mrs. Ida Simmons, Fairmont, were Sunday .dinner gueMs at Mrs. Eda Mueller's. The Clarence Yagers, Franklin Muellers, Mrs. Amanda Kern and Mr*. Edna Mueller were Saturday evening guests at Lloyd Kern's for Lloyd's birthday. Mrs. Ida Simmons, Fairmont, Mrs. Lena Jentz and Mrs. Edna Mueller visited Sunray afternoon, at Mrs. Can „• King's, Algona, and at BOD Hanna's, Lone Rock. Richard Panetl, LUVelrne, recently called at Floyd Duncan's. _ DEAR FURIOUS: I say that if your husband knowingly helps ."John" to skin his company, it's plenty of skin off your nosrs. Write these people off as "friends" to dine with, if, indeed, to have as friends at all. ; '•'.',''. * • ... Problems? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal, 90069. For a personal reply, inclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope..;. - : - v .';'-b •.•.•.-•'• -^ '-•-•••.•:'•-• .•••••.••.•••< FOR ABBY'S NEW BO OK LET "WHAT TEEN-AGERS WANT TO KNOW," SEND $1.00 TO ABBY, BOX 69700, LOS ANGELES, CAL. 90069. the pr.ettiest:> and cleanest; w 'towns. rFrom Fenton ttieyf will go to Oklahoma City, where they will display their unusual hobby of Roc San paintings at the gem and mineral show. Before coming to Fenton they attended the Centennial Rockrama show at Lincoln, Neb., where their paintings were rated as one of the top displays in the USA. While in Fenton Dr. and Mrs. Ruske entertained friends in •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i jeans Launder ^em fast With an automatic electric laundry,, there's no need to panic when you * discover Sonny needs a fresh pair of jeans in the morning-pr Sister's dress needs laundering before tomorrow. They'll be elean in minutes in yoyr automatic, elf etrie washer. Just pop them in the electric clothes dryer and they'll be fluffy dry before you know it. You'll wait? through washday ... no matter what the weather. automatic elf Ctric washer and dryer in your home. with an Algona Municipal Utilities **T . . . . GIVE THE UNITED \V AY 1968 ;.. t • • • ' ..•-'..• — One Gift Works 13 Wonders - ;• - .nir V •'•>•!'• & • •'•' ' '' '• ; - : ! ' : ''•".•'.'-' .- - ' •-- l ~-v -s, -D;> 9tK. : . • ..-..••, ' > : •' - ' ALGONA CHARITIES, INC. providt* a helping hand for lh« needy and for these cases net covered by government aid. Upon investigation by the school nurse, funds are allocated for corrective measures for eyes, hearing, teeth and limbs. Local Representative: Milton Norton, 3% Et«t State Street, Algona, Iowa, 2954836. v'r5v:-i ,-„• ,.,..,,',-1 ;••',;.,. ui..-> v.-in-o x - j -' "- .•;..;.'.i.< •/ - •• -.>'. .-..,,::>:.' ,-- (i y^.ju^ [j-j^u ji,,,. yi,, n ,•.,•.:.,,,•, .:•,... • .• . KOSSUTH'COUNTY SCHOOL FOR RETARDED CHILDREN provW^J .idJor« sa«ciel dey scheelrebtains specialist advice ancl'helps retarded children fit into eommOnity life. Local^Represenlfitive: Rew Robert P. Lor.ni, Box 571, Algona, Iowa 50511/2954758. \ , BOY SCOUTS OP AMERICA; (PRAIRIE GOLD COUNCIL) is a 12 month program made available to all beys and their leaders through the services of a jipcal area Bey Scout Council. Local Representative: David H. Evans, Bey Scout Executive, 811 East Elm Street, Algona, Iowa, 295-2332..,,, , . ' GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA provides instruction and leadership for girls. Representative. Mrs. Gertrude W. Pick, Executive Director, North Iowa Girl Scout Council; 115!4 Pint Street S. E., Masen City, Iowa 50401, 4234044. IOWA CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY provides care and counseling for children In foster home*, care and counseling for unmarried mothers, and adoption service. Representative: Raymond B. Wee, Pleld Representative, Iowa Children's Home Society, 1101 Walnut, Des Meines, Iowa 50309. SALVATION ARMY'S work 'is directed toward care of the peer, care for unwed mothers, prisoners and parolees and their families, aid in national emergencies, and work with service men. Local Representative: Russell Waller, 111 Eest Call Street, Algona, Iowa 50511, 2954535. '••.'• ' " ' • » - • •--;'• - ' RED CROSS furnishes volunteer aid In cases of disasters. The federal government designates the agency for responsibility in providing relief In certain disasters. Assistance is provided In swimming instruction, life saving and first aid instruction. Local Representative: Mrs. Evelyn Bickert, Red Cross Headquarters, 17Vfc East State Street, Algena, Iowa 50511, 295' '" "' ' 600.00 I 1, I 3,000.00 I 2,300.00 I $ $ 2,176.00 $ 1,260.00 i 000.00 I 250.00 t *. $ $ CANCER CAUSES — Research, education and services. Funds made available to Medical Services, College of Medicine, The University of (owe, Iowa City, Iowa 52240, for research and equipment. HEART CAUSES — Research, education and services, Funds made available to Medical Services, College of Medicine, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, (owe 52240, for research and equipment. POLIO AND OTHER NEURO-MUSCULAR DISEASES - Research, education end services. Funds made available to Medical Services, College of Medicine, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52240, for research and equipment. IOWA MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION — A non-profit educational organisation for mental health. Representative: Mrs. Anno Keen, Interim Exec. Dir., The Iowa Association for Mental Health, Inc., 304 Flynn •ulldlng, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, 2M4349, . i, ..• . ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM FOUNDATION - Service end research. Representative: C. William Schneider, Executive Director, Iowa Chapter Arthritis Foundation, 914 Locust Street, Des Maine*, lews 50309. USO provides a reminder of homo for our servicemen. Local Representative: John Claude, 21 last Cell Street, Algona, Iowa f 11R Ml 50511,2954510. * I IPsUU Campaign, clerical, publicity expenses, etc. • f IMtMl • ' ; • . • " ^ • f I INFoTiMP '"' - •':-.''- TOTAL IIIOOOJN AOVMOE in OOMKMUL «FT$ - DOT, 2 -14,1 HI - OOT.1|.2t,1H7 CAMPAIGN Term* expire December 11, 1947 Clair Blossom Jack Terms expire Sharon Cowan William Krtft, Treasurer L-L-Riter Tbelma Tschetter ; tow Wolfe, Secretary Elgin Alleq Fred Diekmann Janpf Qeelan PuWaynt Wein Jack UmUugh Richard Rin Bertha Financial S^retary: Pelores 4*^^P ffwWWW Evelyn Pwkert Harry Greenberg, Vice Preaident Irvini Ililler, Prwident Walter if on Joe Pomplun Delia Welter

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