The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1930
Page 5
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It «• .is a little less (linn j a v. i-c-1; T' livucc (Udoon's visit. <r. l!ioiis.-ii she nut on no tlcjli and t-.lil lnid lo iije iwo sticks. t?l»c looked around the lab!c, look . men frUuds h" sict >;-, " wii >' hasn't slio written lo - vo " ; " "' lini1 ' 1 ktl -'"'- ' r;l "' ( ll:lll!i - ' "It'll drive nw.'vazy!" Her month imcliiMeil, Kiic- Incited for ;s moment like n ciiitd nlont tn frlglitcncd me Icvvlljly—Dial you've nearly killed me?" "Judy, lltllo Judy!" Bald Chum- my—tlio jiew, lnoiucil CliiuiHiiy, svilli Mio gay voice and tho louk of bouncing liciillli. "1 do so abjeclly T:il;e that Tril> in :l Ci^Jtl I'scrt' I'.'.I-. VDII v.ill li=ivc lilt MM- il' ' lu " i-.'.r uliil.' voti'v.: tlirri: anil ills"' ;:m- trim-lint i-Mll'iiscs. ] .Make juur Si'li'i-iiun Frail tin 1 ; frllvuillj;"l.M of L'stcl C-.irs. Lew-' i-bl rrii-i'J -i"d K.isicsl IVrnvi. ; J!j:d!) Modi-1 \Vlilpiu-l Cu:u-li.. S'VJS; l-jut) Mcilfl l-'crd Cmi|ie .... t'-V.'f)- 1WJ .Miulel l-'oril Tiiiior Scil.ui Sl'JJi I'Jiti MuiM lUiii-k Sl-lUlll .... $113' 10!0 Model I'Wil Stuul. Collie Sl'JJ. l;v>!) Muicl i'cr.l Sriurl t.'cutu; ¥2(i"i| 13-!8 MuJcl <J Sedan ¥u1."> 1'riti '.Vtcdi'l Krd Timrhii; .. ¥ f»> i l!i' ] .U Maitrl I-'iird Tudin- Si' S:>Ji>! IS-'!!) Model 1'Vrd Stand- L'CUIIC S1:5| li)-;s Mudrl ford HoaiUlcr— 5?2tij • I92S Mud- Ford Uuslncss Couiic 5 '-'-K ' Inv^tisate uut New "35.00 Dc-ivn; ;:iKl Weekly" 1'lan C'uveviiiK! Ku'i'.v Lbcd Cai' in Stock. ' iipolOHizd t'vo been ahomlnnhly s-elllsli, lint iicrliap* you'll forgive me, because- I—well, Enmohnw, \ve fell lillly anil illiln't liko to lull." "Didn't like lo tell what7" cry. "Tliat wc'tfot married nnd went up her c.ilic-0 snomi. ami her.! il on ""•""»''" Sleyno s'ald (,-iicUy. oir on m.r lionc-ymwn." li'- --UIU- liii- tlio II-lla-i i"^"' 11 !1(1!1:: " ! "Who—tot —married!' sashed nailer.' iniiiiin'i; n|), < ":is lie did ; HI|C ''"' il ' i ?lc llc n - lB '>chi:iS to.Judy, lo lier lir.l.;e.4 '.vor.l. j l:: " n '".:r ill liis an,:-, •'llasllcii and 1." •".No Dan" slie said "I don't! " Yo " mubln't inin.l anything I H look moro Iliun Chummy s V.-.UH iinvni'iin:. Tlie coffee's lovely, \ •'•<> I'" 1 -" 1 )'. Alan." i.iie said wiKltu'ly. but I iv.iri ill-ink any inoic. or i!" 1 li:lvc :l inrlM : rhit; to convince Jndy llial friend wns not mad. It took In tlie liito iifii'uionn Judy ick to lier rcjius. Klio was tln-d. It liiul In en 11 Hi Ini; i!;ij-; lint weio HoliiK I" tiiko uut lo dliin.-r. » • » A l'.Of'L' EPVVM1 D'cl'lllt SICS HO hm-I Into Judy's !,lltli!K ri.nin. "Ji'ily! Jiuly!" Hi; vi;i3 p.ilc. mill lib L.ui'ls that closed over lii-is won 1 '"III. "You've board! Olarlf-a lias ir,:,uicil Diiuinnl—and I'm tree! I diiia ]:unw v.'linl I'm saying; or doiu,: J'.nly, I'm tree!" Hi- i,:..: liUe a youiiK wlilrhvli-.d. Sbe i:...!,'., .I. "l'v,> t,.;fii ivllli Ilieni all i!.iy, Alan. 11 ili-rMi'i seem like a K.: world :>t all."'1 Bloc,,. I -a. talking about "J"'iy, 1't sluid il!" 'I'Mle a lot nf filiation and rcpe- M!.« Muru'v and Mr. Dm,,,,,,." Sbe "Nur can I. Yo,, mustn't .ay lit,,,, am! aiaucc tliat Mrs lu-1 J - ^ '"..J^ , {i \, crik ' luoUd mound tl,e lablc :i B ain. "Is j naylhlng lo me. It wouldn't be moul knt>« *i: i; t sl.u was lalkitig ,,,;,, jd) ; ai s;llll |hoys!" it ].,.>F~i!)le ili.u nobcdy 1m heard f«lr." ..boi.t. ^ ^ .. ,,j j ;]i n . 'r|i ( .y'ro V crv hiifjiy." "-"dT^-nn , word-not a 5^P''f' I-,,"- -yOU a,,d l i: , St ,en, ; J,,dy \~ ^>^ ™ ™™ ^^r^^^^^'^^^^^^ « ",,,,-^'^r—'"*'• -.-;:•• , m . ,_ il' of i>-c-lr Then Mi; clnped lier eyes, and an ' " Wc lil:f!W J' 0 "'' 1 nl1 W( "" lcr :l nioii I S'.o riivc li!i,i a little :.;-c belied in-'." v:-icd Judy, "rm attach ,.[ p-i:: FCIII ncr ii'-i.i uciu- •— —;•"".- •-"-.- - ••- -»^ .-,.- .i ..... i --i,,. .1 . lc---lv Ini,-'- -ifiiu-.t the i-ii^liiutis n[ —especially I. Judy, bavins been •rt"of'(•-iiTr'^M'hlely' ^llic j I'"'i'liair." Kleync led lic'r. realiz- j f'saKed lo Alan, and Hmltns out !,,, L ,,--' '' ' I in;; l!'iit ivoids v.-cre useless (,(,. that It was a nilPlakc." "l!,i'v«i nean I.) !=;iv Slev,, ( - '• tivcen Ilieni. anil lie could rat "Was that wby you didn't ivritoV" i> }c..i 111.11 ... ou. n . "Of course it ivns—nnd vv iv wu Used Car Dept PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aulbcrized i'oru l)i-aler s heard I'mm Chmniiiyv" ; l;::i|1 h 01 ' I'-" 1 liijt a vvirril." j'JMIK HIM (by Jndy was nincli i "", L lo I | Mil stayed away so long. We determined Ij.ick until we'd (jnlte yot used tn it ourselves. Vou see. It mped!" did scetn rather an tdiolic lliiny to do." .NL bU TODAV air, and It whipped np the hound"I believe they have been," Judy j !css energy in her lltile tratnc. Klie ;-ai:l lorcsfnlly. "Tomorrow morn- I went for a walk in the inorniiiR. j iiiK I',:i Boiiij; lo the police:" j Hlic could get alone 'lullc v;ell now j ir'-i.c did i:ot ,iii KO, bccinibO Ehci on her tivo sticks. ! "" liiid a vialuiit headache tlie next I Her uriiiiiB heart look her to HIP | Ucr eyes were iixeil on her day. Il was one of Ihe resulis o! | street where Chummy and Muslim | friend. They were filled with a "But, Chummy," ?aiil Judy BUI!- lenly, "did you really want to do ".liii.;., s.iy you lovo me," he pU'iiii.-il. il-.ii ;hc w::.i still In tho crip ut win:', nuw iiiiv-i-iircd to have lifcu u gro:it Illusion. "I'l.i fa inmhllcil.' Alan —1 r, think Miiiiuin. II seems us il It conhln'l tie true!" Slic put her liltlc lininls on hl« shouHeis. It wa^ as it her bs7>pl- ness were Itio much, as 1C filie must *'OIl 1 . Jl'.c physkal suffering; and mental i strrln she had been thronsh. n^:li.- against it. "Abn. Hnii];osiny 1 wanlcd to hail bDlli lived. There, on tho side-'Ki'tut, eager nurstion. wbll". the l-'Ort RENT--AUi!' lit, one ot- n,\ l , ingrain iiuikl.i:^. li:u.n:rc- Piu-knniai Coi-,ii»;iy. L'c-t;. ^ i'-'OSt KENl'-'l:irce lo-Jiil Jin'., ill! | nu-tk-ru coiivcsii-'iiccs. 101L! Wcsi . \V,il:-.ut SI. C.'-ll «78. 19c-tf ! FOR HEM'-- 5 r-un: bungalow, hot i aiv.l LOlii wa',c-r irtiacisiuoii'.s.' ucwli ]!::i!V.eil. 11-1 Uo !kc ;.U:k-:'. t'iio'.'.e tt--'. wslli. heating out a doon:iat, was j rest ol her face looked almost va Tlio ilnctor ca::ie lo sco iier. nnd : the housekeeper of Chinnmy's leant. Elie had a Ion:; tr.l!: with him. j bnilding—a vacant-face,!, ilnrk-eyci! ] Chummy gave, n riii,;iii!; laugh. • • • | woman, thin ns a ra!<c, wiil 1 very "lint, oi couise. I wanted In do iiyciU'v/n romo to a siaudslill." i few teeth. !lt, littlo Judy!" Bhe. cried. "What l:c iiiid hir. "I'm nut sa'.U-'' "Jll^s Morlcy's b:ic!i," she said, on eavlh would 1 have dune It for, lied with yuii. You iiiusl so tiv.-ay. j sinllliis rasiially. I otherwise?" You must yet Into the sun." i "What?" pasiien Jnily. j T] K . qm-jiion W ;IM unanswerable. "All riiait — I'll so." sho pnid a I "Yes—and such news! (Jo up • v.'hy should she inive done it? 11 li;t!o uiiarutioas-ly. "I'l the end of llii.i inoiitli." Ijefi-iv; "nd .see!" |co;,viine,l .i, ; ,iy. Khri believed Ji:i!y [,:idi;v.l mi the stairs hi-eath- hlindly in bor friend's truth. She "Tiie :i::j::cv tho Letter," he re- : l' i: =s-y. hi'lb feel on cadi stair at I | ou | iC il Into Clarissa's eyes, anil •>a'e-U. p.lK-d wii!: dci-ision. | "'c siiv.-.c time. Chummy's door j v .-as foin inccd Ihnt slie haii married :—i HT bead w::s very hr.d. When , was oii'j.i. Itiiicie there was n cloud I Uaslien DumoiH bccaufu she want- FOK KENT—riout buiroan with I ,j, e | :ul ,[i : | C iy- 3 ,] : iu»i;( e r came nil to i "t (inst. ai::l-the furniture was ali 1 c .,| i,j m ,- or i lrr luiFtauil, anil want- bu'.li. private cniranuc, Ul Ucn- clan. FOP. RENT or SALK—7 rcom co 1 .-1 (a-^c, corner loi ncra- ;:i:h -:c-':-.^oLi Hni':i bal vocins. Bliady yard, j rt.i:a-;c, it-vi'nnt liou.-i.-. .Thomis. L.i'.-.d Co. - -Sciil , FOK KENT—Five room Utilise. lxu.!i ' ami i. r ar.i r jC. iiiiiii-.j;ed ot iiiunr-1 1-iishccl. I30i Chickasav.-ba, caii iSO' or £3. _ - ^ekl • if ::hc would sec Mr. Stcyiic : over the place. ISM; u ::uj> woimi see .^ir. Meyiic:" 1 ^ 1 lllt; ri.j^.-. cu no oao else. I for a f;-.v miiiutcs. she co'uhl noli "Chaminv!" called Judy faintly. I -\vhal a wed lliing you fnuuil il cat:ic Ciiiiinmy. \vitli very me for cumins." A!an j brown cheeks, and took Judy in C i ;; i n - Cl i. out in time, Cluinuny!" ?!ic ex- fsid; -b;it I thon:;i!l pcvliaps you llcr arms. j Sho opened her aims, iind the "Of ruuite you will diiuco asnitil Wlin couhl iuiaslne yon not danc- InS^" "Yo-.i wouldn't mind. Alan7" ".•'tiinl! You wiinilerful Judy! 1 elial! l:^ e\\ r :-o (muni." She sir.ilnl dreamily. "I niiel'iii'i uanl lo," nhe ir.ur- nrjrei! "even !I I C'Wld." "Judy, say you tove me!" "Yon know It. Billy!" Bho In al him tl,ro,:-.'h Firfamin;; leam. "1 think 1 vvaiit In die.' she wliif.pfircil. as i'V.e rlipvcd Into his arms. ' she i;ave a l:m^ si^b. ivbieh entb-d j up in a r;ii>lnr,nis smile, as t-lic aitikdi "iXrci't thiit t want to live —ivU'.i yiui!"' On Judy's wci!iliu= day the sun j FhnK<\ ;;i-.,i li'eu il rained ai'.'l Alan ; wc 1 .^ so i.-i-v-.n:s lint be dropprtl the ! riht;. a<:il b'lank Hytton, hiri hcst qUAufies ! I AW A : scie^-TTs-r' -To Keep pist-l 2 — virW ' A RARE OHie i^eep, ECaAPj- TAO-f IS,"THIS SPeciMS/d IS A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES f,,.|*,! t\\&\&« , , By Martui VliHY SENSITIVE! li::i! iiciin! fiuai CiaiisHa." j "Jinly! Little, tilde Jndy! Jlow'.two clnu^ loi;c[lu-r. Jinan, v.n-- so nervous that he had "Not a word," s'.io answered, i did yc.u know I was hack?" i Judy speal Ihu dny witli Chum- to clnse it l:nlfv:ay down the aisle. "I'm worried i!!." i "I jntt rainc hy." eald Judy, when my. In Ihe alicvnoou llnslicn came Tim sjiniia laughed r.ud crleil, cr.uia ami ttoo;l near her. I her friend h-i'.l done hui:?in^ lier jin, al c o very hrov.-.-eii. anil as pic- and t!:e croivil outside the church "V,;nr Iio:id a;-!ic.'. Judy?" "Il'.s nollii! 1 .^." s!ie "And have .yon heen mad'.'" .Inresrino and- lively as ever. They She crUd r.JHl nnd threiv Tlie ilower ivoman at tbo street WANTED — Fa:iuiv Washings.! Waslied iisid ironed by cuiiipe- ^ trii'. wlii'.r- vvoiiian. Mis. Jiiv.wn. j 'ill; R. I-ake- St. 17ck-tl i "Perhaps, a little." said Clinmmy. j hail been IB (ho West Indies for lookcd.-up al him ami smiled. As land slie laughed. "You're going to i their hone;, moon. en ihn lirst lii^hi when slic had 1 scold. Judy, hut you inusln't. I'll i .ludy pat between them, brim- er-iner, ulin iv:is cun-of ilio Imuored !:,-pn him. pbr> was sirnck by bis I espial!!." ' lining villi stadness. quests at the tb<( rcceiHion and ono physical illness, by tbo look which j "Explain! I .should like lo kr.ow I "Oh. you're a jierfcct couple!" of Judy's oiliest friead.-. siiinuied il K.i:i that he i;iil ivhat hu M;i:!t(-il. how }on can t-.\|d.iin. Jliss Moiley! she uicd. "1 declan?, you'ri; made . all 'if. "The doctor says I must EO away," And I must iiavo a chair to sit | for each other, anil why did we j "\Vc 'ail 1'lcnly tn eat and plenty she went on. ' j down on." , never think of it? You seem—you' to drink." :!ie said, "an' 1 cried In the Chancery Ccmi- for the j C!iirfcasa\vb;< District of Missis- ; •:p;-,: Cniuiiy. Arkansas. i St. Loins U:iic:i Trust Co, I'laintiflJ v?. I Uckcrt S. Harris, o'. al Dcfi'iidants.! "Judy, von arc soins away?" Chummy took her into the, studio "He says I must. You know i and turned a chair risht side up. there ia 'ust a chance, that some] "Rat yon ran walk, Judy! How day 1 may dnucr 1 again. I must get I marvelous, marvelous!" "Of eoiirce, yaa must get well." "It't <io me any good to go seem such tremendous friends!" tick in an' 1 ivas They lunched at Ginort's, and j never uuiie so'appy in all my life!" afterward went to the Cafe Turc. I And when ><;n KOI to the liDtlo:,i where the news was announced.', nf it, what could have been moro "And what aliout you?" Tor once and there was much toastim; and j lillmi; on liic wcddlag ilay of littlo Judy'3 voice was really cold Kithifiood ivill and l.myhter. Steyue. Judy Grant'.' ati^cr. "Do you know thai you've [Was not there. Till-; END. . Tiic dciendant. Hark M. Ar.der- , MULES For 0 lo 15 yi'civs old, tr ( ' ;) d coiutition Phillips Motor Co. ison, Trtir.'.c:; Cunnnoiiu'^altli Farm Manic went- rielirio'.is over Riuly I L'.:i!i Company: I.-c=scr Oo!d:nan. a '• Valoe wlien t!ic famous crconer! HUTS 00 ASTRAV rtlAYS OIT «r JAAf .«„*«««: Ocnera, „»«.,_ Ac- visUedJiis nanvc state the otlier - ^ LO UIS. ^--vora, ^™™^^^™ n _^ , -jt-r - I JJil JIUll U« iiJU«J>- •*•* ..^. - PnilVlOV WmVQ : cllol ' ls to scl '" L '' r v '' Um "- S f " l!lc }K M]d di'covcrc:! an olTice HJUllCJ llCVlO |_,in one in Louden had heard of ncavuyl Tht- Lv)otlct;i;c-i- tliru i>rny Arkansas, v.illiin thirty days, nnd |,,.uAv,.-r the complaint of the plain- Want Ads, lift, St. Louis Union Trust Com- isnrf.-; my hand as clerk of said i ed till- agent aiiay. 1 I Read Court"r Hows "Want Ads. ^ GOOD 10 TftvAt OV HtUt 1 PiROOWO , Wrt S»^WVi' TO NOTICE From May 1 !o September 1 j'.ir dental ofTiccs will bu closed ;ach Tluirsday afternoon. Ur. L. 11. M&orc. Dr. H. A. Tay:o", Ur. If. S. Davis- NOT1CK Why wait uiitil co'.d weather? U'K:): ynur coal ortiers liov:. for Inline df.livcry. <;ct my prices ar.d five money. Kc3 or cull JOHN I'.ITHANAN 10S N. U. K. Offiic 107 1'liune itcs. Ill New Orleans Cotton , 1 court, and the se;il thereof, on ,,.,,,,-,,,. T-, C , >-\:n ino TTI>IPX,im itliis 7tli day of July. 1930. j I'Kl'-CKLES AND HIS I'UILMJb i W. W. HOLLIHETEK, Clerk. ; By Harvey Morris, D. C. i j Rei(!. Kvrard oc Henderson, : Attorneys fu r Plaintiff. July 3-lo-2:>-29i ]iy lilossct VOO 6CT Tb TH£ IP ASAT6,TvKV f.'.R. LCMJ i stuT voo FOG.THE PAYROLL..- YoO VCKT Mt' A800T GET r 1H' LOST VllTh OLD T^W. NE'.V OKLEANS. July 20. (UP)— | j C(,U'J!1 I 0;-t. i^: O]iet-. Hicii Lev. C!n.« I2't?, 1271 1249 12"j7 Yi~n l?8i! 11=67 1J74 . Hal 1J34 T27C- Mar 1'iOl 13fli 1253 .... ilay i:i!8 132.! 13i(> 131S op-.-i-s unchiui^cfi at I'^O. quiet. New York Cotton V. K. WASHAT'I—Transfer n:iily trips to Memphis Wiil ni-r: up ;d;:! .-leaver freictit. M'.d i;aci:rr,c.> air.\vl\orc. Spcc!a! ra'.cs on crjrloaj Ict5. W E R T ' Hi.: flakes 'Em Set UoyalC. Mills Public Accountant ar.d Auditor Spccic\ii7!r.-; In Tax. ' Bcckk^r-i". 1 ! Sy.-tc!','.s ELL SOESS ITJ. Go t»>*JU TO TH6. UAK6 £T TliAT BAS OF IT To SADDLE SOMJE LOSE IT -'.' TU. FOE YOO ASCOUD BOVS..-. At-LEYOOP/.' OOOO 1 , DON'T COt'iC OW.HE V.I XOU WMO'N VJHM A, ViCUCF a W3 Stock Prices &S^^^ 1 I- I i,-J-'--|' -'f ! ^* ••':iM^ &? i ; & '^^^^••'^''' : '- : ^^^'' j '.s'EAV YOHK. July '23. (UPi — ; On-::'. liHll l.-nv C!(.s'.'Get. old i'-iii IOD3 12"i I'-nV ;O:: lif.i" I'^oi iL'i" JJ-5 1 ! 12)3 : n> old ui'5 nil !.v?2 rj : iT , r.::. r.fv 1253 12S6 1201 : .!;•.:;. cUI 129G 131V I2SG _ '' j.i". r.SV.' 127:i 12.V) 1211 1278 - ji-, : - ,.21S riM ;;•; .... K1I2 13'i3 1305 Sur.lj close;! quiet at 1M6. oil 10

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