Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 9, 1967 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1967
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DNittTHIt dAMtt nil tin ww»ww v i MMV vMtiw rwn IHB MYS SWIM M VKT MM! IM > Again this y**f, th« Kossuth County Advance will cooperate with Algofli merchant! and the Algoni Junior Chimter of Commerce in providing addreisei for those perrons wishing to lend HolidayGratings to young men from Kostuth County serving in Viet Nam. But we mutt have the names and correct id' drettes of boys from Koiiuth serving in Viet Nam. The entire list will be printed in the Advance later thia month. If you have a relative or know of someone serving in Viet Nam how, send hit address to the Name Address Alqona ho^uth County **********j ^ ^ ....... . , i f ""* «•§ MM*, ft* I, MM, M AfcMfc MA M1t t*ufB« un*ir Art of 6*fr*i Mat* I, tit* VOL, 47 - NO. 7i - MONDAY, OCT. »,1947, ALOONA, IOWA - I PAGES IN 1 SECTION Town canvass this week -"— ~-°— *" ' • i i m i i i»l if . — - - . .._.._ ._! ' , .. _ Bancroft man's arm Ledyard farmer wins honor Men to "* answers to torn off by picker Auditor to semi out tax credit forms The county auditor's office was busy last week mailing out forms to all registered personal property owners to be used in claiming the new $2,500 personal property tax credit on 1967 taxes. The law passed by the 1967 legislature makes filing such an affidavit mandatory. It must be sworn to before a notary public or other official authorized to take acknowledgements. Up to Thursday afternoon some 3500 had been processed out of an estimated 5,000. These will be mailed the first of this week. Property owners only have a few days to file because the affidavits must be back in the auditor's office by October 20 — next week Friday. It is NOT necessary to file for. household items as these have been exempted from taxation in the same law. Household items are described as "all tangible personal property customarily located and used in or about the residence . or .residences of the; owner of said property, all wearing apparel and food used or to be used by the owner or his family, and all personal effects." There is considerable confusion about the effect of the new law and the tax credit. In many instances persons will own several separate items of personal property, and also own property in partnerships, etc. The $2500 personal property credit is in addition to the $300 previously in effect on farm machinery, mechanic's tools, etc. The personal property tax credit is not applied to personal property exempt from taxation. Buildings on leased land are not eligible. Buildings on leased land are considered real property. A person can claim only one tax credit. However partnerships and corporations are considered as "persons" hence a/partnership or corporation is entitled to a $2500 credit. The individual partners are also entitled to a $2500 credit each on personal property OTHER than that owned by the partnership. It is important to note that the personal property tax credit is on the assessed value, not the actual value, which may be considerably higher than the assessed value. Boats are not exempt under the household exemptions. A boat is taxable. However ra-4 dios, televisions, deep freezers and air conditioners are "customarily used in the home." A boat is not an item used in the home, and is taxable personal property against which the $2500 exemption can be used. It is noted in commission rulings that "The rule is taxation, exemption the exception." Thus when in doubt the tax is levied and where taxable as personal property the $2500 can be used. Persons 65 years or older whose income is less than $3500 a year are entitled to certain exemptions on a household tract other than Screal DeGeeter, Bancroft farmer, was taken in a serious condition to a Rochester, Minn., hospital after his right arm was torn off in a corn picker accident. Also a part of .the flesh around the shoulder was severed by the picker. Mrs. DeGeeter said she heard a strange noise about 6:30 Thursday night, and ran to the cornfield about 300 yards from the house and found her husband. She turned off the tractor—ran back to the • house and called neighbors and Dr. T. J. Egan. He was released from the picker, given first aid, and rushed to St. Ann hospital where blood transfusion's were given. j After about three hours here he was taken to the Rochester hospital. " The DeGeeter farm is about a mile and a half southeast of Bancroft. J. His pant leg caught in the picker, and pulled him into it off balance. His right ankle was also badly fractured. He is 54 years old. : His condition Saturday was reported as satisfactory. / Prevention Week to be observed here A small businessman is entitled to claim only one $2500 personal property tax credit on all his holdings. Thus a man who owned a store and also livestock and machinery m addition to his store inventory is entitled to only one $2500 tax credit. A businessman sole owner of three or four stores, regardless of whether they are operated under different trade names, is entitled to only one $2500 tax credit. He can not claim one for each store. A corporation owning several stores also is entitled to only one tax credit — not one for each store even though assessed separately National Fir* Prevention Week is October 8-14! The Algona Fire Department will have an open house' at the Fire station on Tuesday evening, Oct. 10. Coffee and doughnuts will be served, and the public is invited. Fire drills will be made in all the schools during Fire ^Prevention Week and Smokey the Bear, the national fire preventiotn symbol, wa(5 in the Band Festival Parade on Saturday. :*>.On Wednesday/.c^h.tn^'j'at 6:30 the fire whistle will blow and OPERATION EDITH will be in effect. Edith stands for Exit Drills In The Home—it trains families to escape from fires. Bach school student should bring home a leaflet of explanation before then and families are asked to participate. It is proven that exit drills reduce chances of panic and injury in fires and that trained and informed people have a much better chance to survive fires. ; The Algona Volunteer Fire Department has 25'men with Chester Willey, Chief and Don Meyer, Asst. Chief. In the past year the local department has made 36 city and 20 rural fire calls. Drivers for city ambulance Since the end of private ambulance service in die Algona ares and the purchase of an ambulance by the city of Algona in July, the Kossutii County Emergency Ambulance Service has made over 40 caflls. At the time of pur- phjwc, the Supervisors of Kos*i*th ppunly agreed to pror vide a monthly sum of 1400 to help with the maj costs, while the city ed, maintains and operates the atnlmlance for Algona and other communities in K.o&swth county needing eoner- gaapy service. Mayor Finn was named administrator. The ambulance is e wm a two-way radio *ng omen. AM dpy Re4 Cross trained and are presently attendmg advanced Cray training classes conducted by Mrs. Irene lasch, Algoni, Anyone in need of fie Kossuth County Ambulance emergency Service call the Algona Police Dept. at 295-3515. Pictured above are Mayor Wliiain Tinn, and drivers Bob Bomgaars, Chuck Yolk, Bob Wells and Stove Krasean. Drivers not pictured are Marten Smith and Glenn Habeas corpas to be heard ^ County Attorney W. B. MacDonald, James Andreasen, Sheriff Ldndhorst and a representative of the Farmers and Traders Savings bank, Buffalo Center, will go to Anamosa Tuesday for a habeas corpus proceeding in court there brought by Jerry Brickley. He pleaded guilty to writing a bad check to Ogrens service station at Lakota for $47.14, and was sentenced by Judge Hand last March to seven years in the penitentiary ; at Anamosa. Last July he filed a motion for habeas corpus basing it on alleged irregularities in his sentencing. He was arrested in California and brought back to Iowa last .winter, by,Sheriff Lindho^t. Mr. Andreasen was named to represent Brickley. Belmond gives invitation to an open house A letter of invitation has been received by Mrs. Robert Bickert of the local Red Cross Chapter from Robert E. Misner, the Mayor of Belmond, stating that the people of Belmond are planning to observe the first anniversary of the tornado which destroyed so much of their city on October 14, 1966. They have planned an "Open ^ouse" on Sunday, October 15, for every one who aided them so generously at the time. Tremendous progress toward rebuilding has been accomplished, and the people want to express their appreciation to those individuals and organizations whose prayers and gifts of time and money helped make this recovery possible. They plan a short special program in the City park at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. They will serve a chicken barbecue diiv- ner, provide a tour of the tornado area, show the new housing and the main street will be set aside for a friendship tour where they hope to visit and personally thank all who were kind to them. Tickets fer Reagan talk are here Tickets for the talk by Gov. Ronald Reagan, of California, at the fund-raising dinner at Des Moines Oct. 25 are available here from Kirk Hayes county ticket chairman, 01 Royal Nold, county finance chairman. The $100 a plate dinner will be at the Veterans Memorial auditorium. In the past two years Iowa has had such top speakers as former Vice-President Nixon, Gov. George Romney, of Michigan, and Senator Charles Percy of Illinois at such republican events. Gov. Reagan is a former lowan, and was an announcer for station WHO, Des Moines, for four years. FAMILY GROUP picture shows (seated) Mr. and Mrs. Soren Pedersen of Grant Township, Ledyard, Iowa, admiring "Provider of Plenty" medallion. Standing are their daughter, Mrs. William Tokheim of Swea City, and her husband, current president of Kossuth County Farm Bureau; third from left is Henry Pedersen, veteran of Vietnam service and now helping with farming; next is John Pedersen, also helping on the farm; and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pedersen, operating .another family farm in Grant Township. Ledyard man is Medallion award winner Soren Pedersen, Ledyard, received an official Federal Land Bank commemorative medallion in recognition of his outstanding -record, as a farmer and citizen last Wednesday evening. The presentation was made at a dinner at Charlie's Supper Club in Algona attended by 'agricultural leaders and members of the Kossuth County Extension Council coming from all townships in Kossuth, recognizing their unselfish service and contributions to agriculture. Hugh Black, president of the Federal Land Bank Association of Algona, presented •the medallion which commer- morates the 50th anniversary of the Federal Land Bank system. Pedersen is one of 88 farm ers and ranchers being presented medallions in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming—the states served by The Federal Land Bank of Omaha. One medallion is being awarded in each association territory. The recipients are representative of outstanding farm operators who have contributed to the economy of our country in meeting the challenge of efficient production of food and fiber for the increasing needs at home and abroad. The special medallion was designed in cooperation with the U. S. Department of the Treasury and was struck as one of a limited edition of 2,000 as authorized by the president and congress. The inscription of the medallion presented to Pedersen contains a dedication of the Federal Land Bank System's 50th anniversary to "America's Farmers—Providers of Plenty," Eugene Hutchins, manager of the Algona FLBA stated. Judges who considered nominees for the awards based selection of winners on a number of points including: managerial ability, progres- sdveness, financial progress, citizenship, and standing in the community. Pedersen and his family operate 480 acres of land which they own and an additional 80 acres which they rent and have a record of excellent crop yields and successful livestock production using modern farming practices and properly caring for the land. Pedersen has been active in community affairs as director of his local elevator, 'Midland Co-op Oil Company, Dickin- son-Emmet-Kossuth REA, and school board, and also active in 4-H work and in the E & R Church at Ledyard. The Federal Land Bank Association of Algona makes •long-term mortgage loams to farmers in Kossuth County. The association is owned by the borrow-members. Directors of the Association arc President Hugh Black, Al- Named winner in 13 counties on conservation town problems Four men will canvass Al- .. gonians on the streets this ; week Wednesday and Thurs* lay for interviews' on the • problems of the town including where they shop, their opinion on streets, water, sew- . er, streets, hospital, courthouse operation and other factors. The men are from the Henningson, Durham and Rich- ; ardson firm of architects and .•' planners in Omaha, and have a contract under the federal housing act No. 701 with the Iowa Development Commis-,-. sion and the City of Algona. ' This is a preliminary stu- . dy of needs of the people of ' Algona as to future growth of . the town and its development : in orderly fashion as to fu- : ture land uses and zoning. This is a two year program the outline of an inven- of the community to be monthly with emphasis on certain aspects as follows: October, 1967 — Population and economics. November, 1967 — General land use. December, 1967 — Neighborhood and housing. January, 1968 — Major streets. February, 1968 — Central business district. March, 1968 — Public facilities, v April. 1968 — Utilities. May, 1968 — Summary of Roger Frink, who farms five the analysis. >gona; Robert Deal, Algona; miles" south of Fenton has After this summary , the Donald Usher, Ottosen; Lean- been named top new soil schedule includes: der Menke, Swea City; and conservation district copper- June, 1968 — Goals and ob- Marvin Junkermeier, Elmore. ator in a 13 county North jectives. Employees are Manage*- E. H. Central Iowa region. July, 1968 — Land use Hutohins and assistants, Helen Wendell ChriEtenssn \vh.o plans. farms six miles northwest of August, 1968 — Major Wesley and Bill Marshall, who streets plan. farms four miles northeast of September, 1968 — Central Algona were named as district business district plan. winners in the other two divi- October, 1968 — Public fa- sions. cilities plan. Mrs. Florence Behne, Sen- November, 1968 — Utilities tral elementary teacher, was plan. selected to represent the Kossuth District as a tuacher that taught Conservation classes. Haas and Keith Hopp. Damage case is settled out of court In December, 1968, the firm will present a zoning in her plan for the Algona zoning commission. In January, 19- The damage case brought by W. C. Irelan against Robert E., Ardella M. and Earl X'Ln£l U S ° u .L?f C -°" rt awards program, told F'rank, Frank H. Mendell, state 69, a capital improvement conservationist for the SCS plan will be presented to the and chairman of the state council, and in February, 19- judging committee of the soil 69, subdivision regulations conservation achievement will be presented. shortly after the final ments had been made and the jury .instructed. The project is to cost $16,"You are to be commanded 400, of which the federal for your efforts in furthering funds will pay two-thirds and „. . . .. the cause of soil and water the city will pay one-third, ine jury was given the case conservation and .protecting The project will be managed at noon Wednesday, and at 2 rhe number one resource oi under direction of the Iowa p.m. they were called back in- our nation." Development Commission, to court and dismissed. At- Frank became a coope'rator The interview of shoppers torneys had settled the case w ith the Kossuth Soil Conser- will take place on this Wed-: aunng the noon hour. Details vation District soon after he nesday. Thursday the inter- .' tne settlement were not purchased the quarter section views will be mainly of vari- : made public. j^t year. ous officers to get informa- Jurors in the case were Leo- He constructed a new grass- tion on schools, city hall, pol- 2-* uK™ ' ™i ; Mary Ann «! waterway the full length ice department, courthouse, Knecnt Mary T. Bestenlehner, of the farm to handle the ex- fire department, parks and Harriet Ludwig, and Doloris cess run-off from his and his other aspects of life and fa- Hopkins, Algona; Lillian Voi- neighbor's farm. cilities in Algona. i teler, Fenton; Leonard An- Last fall he terraced the Coming to make the inter- derson, Elmore; Dick Gerdis, cropland on his farm. He used views are Dick Spelic, Jim Titonka; Muriel Boettcher. seeded back slope terraces Krick, Ron Thrasher and Lakota; Harold Kettwick, But- with tile outlets. This is a nsw Charles Tickle. Center; Robert Vaske, system of terracing that is be- 0 -"; and Bob Chambers,. ing used in this area. The ur * r, Minerva Montag, of back slopes of the terraces West Bend, was alternate jur- were seeded to crown vetch or. Accident near Lakota Thursday $200 damages was sustained by the 1963 Rambler or birds foot trefoil. Crown vetch is a new legume that is being tested in this District for critical area erosion control. AI|OM Cimit Pistort The Algona Circuit Pastor*. a) Conference was held at St. Luke, Fairville, on Monday. The conservation practices Rev. and Mrs. Clifford Bliss on the farm were designed by were hosts. The meeting be- Loren B. Bishop, Conserva- gan with a communion service tion Technician of the S.C.S. ronducted by Rev. Bliss. The *™ _„..,_-_= SJ mej>1 was ... Charles Inman, 36, Bancroft, when Mr. Inman drove into a ditch to avoid hitting a 1948 jeep driven by Raymond Andrew Kahler, rural Titonka, at 1 p.m. Thursday. Both vehicles were going north when Mr. Kahler made a left turn at the country gravel and blacktop intersection 2 miles .south of Lakota, and Mr. Inman turned to avoid a colli- sioja. Mr. Iniman was treated by a local physician for facial lacerations. Iowa Highway Patrolman Tom Cogdjall investigated. Garden club detes flower shew The Algona Garden dub is sponsoring i fall flower tion. During the meeting topics and business was discussed. Attending theV conference were Rev, and Mrs. W. T. Wolfram, Ventura. Rev. and Mrs. U G. Leopard, : Garner; Rev. and Mrs. Wm, Stock, Ldvermore; Rev. and on Wednesday, Octo*»r 18/in Mrs, R. T- Mueller, UjVerne; Rev. and Mrs. W. Osterineier,; West Bend; Hsv. and Mrs. Cleo KauUch, Whittemow; using Rev. an4 Mrs. A- YgMiRg, 01 be Lor- " .-TTffw . given by Mrs. Alice Anderson, H. of Laurero, at 2 p.m. Adnis- Rev. aon is 50c and there will be Rev. Re* church. The exhibits will be open to the public at 1:30 p.m. an illustrated

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