Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1967 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1967
Page 15
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THU 'Father Time' Answer to Teen's Problem By Abigail Van Buren (c !*•> »T CMta«* TrttlM-N, Y. N«»| In*., IM.) DEAR ABBY: I am a 17-year-old girl with a big problem. , My father! My mother has been dead for six years, and my father has some very old fashioned ideas about how to raise a daughter. For instance, I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16. I went to the Jr.-Sr. prom with a really great guy. My father and I picked up my date and we had him home by 12. My father not only drove us both ways, he took us to dinner and chaperoned us the entire evening. I had a perfectly miserable time. ' On another date, my father accompanied us to a Fourth of July picnic, and he had to leave early because he had a headache, so he instructed the boy to have me home by 9. He did, but the boy gave me a simple little goodnight kiss on the porch, which my father must have seen, because he called us both in, sat us down and gave us a long talk on "the facts of life." What am I going to do? If the word gets around, no bay will want to come near me with a father like mine. • BIG PROBLEM DEAK II. P.: I think your father is holding the reins a little tight. Rut he has a "big problem," too—that of raising a teen-age daughter without a mother. Time and circumstances will add to your freedom before too long. Be patient and help your father with his problem, and "Father Time" will soon solve yours. DEAR ABBY:' I have an older sister who is 63, and she is my problem. If I call her and tell her that someone is sick or in pain, she is hurting twice as bad. She is always complaining. Many times she tells me on the phone that she is about to collapse, and I go over to her house only to find her dressing to go some place. She has spent a fortune running to doctors, and they all tell her there is nothing wrong with her, and she should see a head doctor. She says THEY should see a head doctor. Can you tell me what's the matter with my sister, and how can I help her? KVETCH'S SISTER DEAR SISTER: Your sister likes to complain, and you help her a lot by just listening. That's why she complains. To that extent, you are her "head doctor." So let it go at that. DEAR ABBY: I have been often tempted to write to you about this gripe. Now I read in your column that others must feel as I do. It is in regards to flowers at a funeral. I hate it. I told this to a florist once, and he said he agreed with me. That if people would remember their loved ones with flowers while they were living, the florists would do just as well. Flowers are a pain in the neck to the funeral director. I have attended wakes when you couldn't see the mourners for the flowers. I once knew a family who. lost a member thru a lingering illness. They spent every dime they had on doctors and hospitals. It broke them. Yet there were no less than $3,000 ..worth of flowers at that funeral from friends and-relatives.'If they had put that money in a 25-cent sympathy card and handed it to the family, wouldn't it have made more sense? I'm all for flowers. But I want mine when I'm living. • FLOWER LOVER d*y afteffirtfi it tiuti's Cafe, There were 10-jnefriberf and 2 gueits. Mrs. Kink MeFall had the entertainment of readings and (fames. Mrs. Jerry Wilbefg served lunch. The Wayne BoMlngers, and Ndfman Bollingers afid Mrs. Carol Tiete and Michael were Saturday evening guests at Kenneth Bollinger's for their anniversary. MVs. Olgt Hustamp, Good Samaritan Rest Home, Algona, was a Sunday guest at Eugene Huskamp's The William Bruhns were Wednesday- evenings visitor at George Meyer's, Whittemore, for the Meyers 56th wedding anniversary. the Kenneth Schmidts had their card club Sunday evening. The William Bruhns won high and Darrell Berk- lands low. Mrs. Duane Hanover and Joe Culbertson won travel. The William Nabors, Tipton, called Tuesday afternoon at S. E. Straley's. Chester Norland was a Monday caller •at S. E. Straley's. Rev. and •Mrs. Fred Pruel were Thursday dinner guests at the S. E. Straley homa. The Nels Flints, Merle Flints, Edwin Uthofs and Ray Uthofs were Sunday evening guests at Glen Flint's for Robin's and Renee's birthdays. 'Mrs. Jim Peterson and Randy, Minneapolis, are spending this week at Lloyd Sunde's. ' The Ray Ruskes, Grand Lake, Colo., and Dr. E. W. Ruskes were Friday dinner guests at Paul Eigler's. Sunday guests at Harold Eimers's were. Mrs. William Elmers, the Gus Krauses and Janet Hammerstrom, Lone Rock. Afternoon guests were Mrs. Harlan Elmers family, Renee, Denise and Lori Vottler. The William Hantelmani were Sunday guests at the W. B. Schmidtke home at Mor- ri'stown, Minn, for Mr. Schmidtke's 84th birthday. The Lyle Hansens and S. E. Straleys were Sunday dinner guests at Adolph Hansen's. Mrs. Adolph Hansen visited last Monday at the Merle Dean Hansen home at Marietta. ' Saturday callers at Howard Bruhn's were Mrs. Rick Holm a|nd Kurt, Estherville, Mrs. Lloyd Sunde and Roger, and Mrs. Jim Peterson and Randy, -Minneapolis. ,./.... The Larry Ramuses had ^thi WrVlrVWWWWW^ Af o u n d A 1 go n a ty ONIIT A DIDPJKSIN Phaft* 2*54405 Mr. and MM. 0*«rf* WiNk, Tucson, Ariz., old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh, arrived Tuesday of last week fof a visit here, They are enroute home from a tour of Europe. Mr. and Mft 1. i, (DU*t«) Kinsey arrived two weeks ago tomorrow from North Palm Beach, driving through, and are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Faris Miner and children. Mr. Kinsey has improved greatly in health since going to Florida,- now golfs and swims and drove to Iowa with 'his wife's help. They plan to go to Denver this week to visit their daughter Elaine's family, the Dick Pools. And if, from there they. decide to visit the sons in California, they will fly that distance. Mr. and Mr*. Lyl* Anderson with Mr. and Mrs, Wally Hill drove to Coralville to visit the Gordon Halls and with them attended the Iowa-Oregon State football game on. Saturday afternoon at Iowa City. ' Dr. and Mrt. Amunton arrived Wednesday to visit briefly at the home of their daughter, Mrs. J. K. Lytle. After leaving Leech Lake they spent some time at their son Bob's home in Minneapolis and also visited ' relatives at Milwaukee. Enroute' back from there by bus to Minneapolis their suitcase was lost. They have learned by telephone from Brownsville, Texas, that their trailer there was not badly damaged by hurricane winds, and seemingly out of danger from flood waters, so plan to return , there after leaving Algona. Rev. William Noland drove to Boone Tuesday to attend a two day fall meeting of the Camp and Conference Committee of which 'he is a member. Sessions were held at (he Episcopal Retreat Center.- A large number of friends called to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Klein on their Silver Wedding Anniversary : Open House held Sunday af- -24 ire sisters and left their children with their mother, Mrs. Sid Spear. fcalativtt who cam* tor .th* funeral Saturday morning of Mrs. Maria ZitCritsch were two sons: Matt, from Aurora, Colo., Ted and his .wife from , Detroit; and two daughters, Mrs. Glenn McMurray, Glendale, and Helen Zittritsch, Who are remaining here till Saturday before flying back to the West Coast. There were also a number of the deceased's grandchildren present. They were Mrs. Harold Jansen, Milford, Va., who is flying home today; Mr, and Mrs. Ronnie Zittritsoh, DeKalb, 111.; Tom Zittritsch and his Wife, Spencer; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Zittritsch, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Nick Wazlawick and Mrs. Ed Wazlawick, St. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hutiell drove to Aberdeen, S. D., Saturday for the wedding that evening of a cousin and came home late Sunday. Mrt. William Dau, ST., entertained her Bridge Club Tuesday at the Dau trailer, Okoboji. Enjoying this courtesy were: Mesdames, L. S. Muckey, Fred Bartholomew, Lloyd Wellendorf, E. B. Carlson, L. E. Hovey, E. W. Lusby 'and Pearl Potter. Mr. and Mrs. John Dutton and son Jack have been at the Algona cabin on Cass Lake during the past week. Mrt. J. C. Mawdtley wat brought home Sunday from Lutheran Hospital, Fort Dqdge, where she had been a patient four weeks during surgery and a critical illness, going there from St. Ann where she first spent two weeks. She is now slowly recuperating and under orders to do nothing for a time. The daughter Mary Lou, who 'has spent every weekend at home during her mother's illness, returned Sunday to her work at Minneapolis. •' "j Mr. and Mrt. Chalmer F. , Read had as weekend guests, ,;th'e former's 1 parents who re- drove to their Cottage oft Sandy Lake last week Monday to remain for a week or mote. Mr*. wljiianTHawcaM and Bess Hopkins Visited their brother, Lee Hopkins, one day this week at Veterans' Hospital in Des Moines where he is recovering from surgery. He is now improving enough to look forward to coming home in a week or so. . Mr, and Mr*. Lcroy Adam*, Cedar Rapids, spent the weekend with his mother and visited his father, Roy Adams, at Good Samaritan Home. Metdarn** M. G. Bourn*, H. M. Smith, D. E. DcWel, and Wade Sullivan drove to Lac Court Grilles yesterday to join Mrs. Luke Linnan at the Linnan's summer home near Hayward, Wisconsin/and will remain there till the end of this week. Mr. and Mr*. W, C. K*mp*r, of Arlington, came Tuesday to spend several days with the latter's aunt, Mrs. W. A. Foster, and to visit the Wes Bartletts. Dr. and Mr*. P. O. Dorweiler are in process of moving to a newly purchased home at Fort Dodge in which they are having some alterations made. Their Algona home has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frank! who expect to move there by November 1. Mr*. Charles Patterson will leave Perry by train on Sunday to go to Portland, Ore., where' she will visit her daughter's family, the Lewis •Perrys, for three weeks. Mr. and Mr*. J**s Riddl* left Sunday for their home at Claremont, Calif., after an extended stay in Algona. Mrs. Riddle injured a hip in a fall at Casper, Wyo., while en- route here in July, was hospitalized for a time at St. Ann and then transferred to Good Samaritan Home to complete her convalescence. They plan^ ned to drive home by easy stages and spend several days enroute. Guests of Mr. and Mr*. Glenn Seger on Sunday afternoon and evening were Mr. and Mrs. James Morrow, of Denison, who formerly lived at Webster City, when the Segers did. A ion, born t« Mr.ind Mf*. Dean Bctischoter on Sept. 26, at the fimmetsburg hospital, has been named KeWi Uon He has a brother, Kevin, who is two years old. Mr*. William NoUnd *nt«r- atincd the Knit and Sew Club Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist parsonage. On Monday evening she was hostess to the Wesleyan Service Guild with a large attendance. Leotia Smith showed slides taken on a trip last summer to New Orleans and Nashville, Tenn., where she visited Scarritt College and. the Upper Room Chapel. Jam** Galbraith cam* from Des Moines Saturday and remained overnight visiting his mother, Mrs. Betty Galbraith, who is still hospitalized at St. Ann with a back ailment. NOTICE OF PROBATE Of WILL, OF APPOINTMENT Or EXECUTOft, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE DISTRICT COW; I" OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY Probate No. 919t IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CARL GOETSCH. Deceased. TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF CARL GOETSCH, Deceased: You arc hereby notified that on the ?8th day ol September, 1967, the last will and testament ol Carl Goetsch de- ccnscO bearing dote nl the 28th day o( September, 1962, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Lucille Goclsch was appointed ex- ecutfir ol said estate. Notice Is further given that any action to set aside said will must be brought in the district court of sold county within one year from the date of the second publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons Indebted to said estate arc requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk of the obo\? named district court, as provided Ly law, duly authenticated, for allowance and Unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be forever barred. Doled this 28th day of September, Lutillo GofcfSctV . Execute? of laid t*t»a Atoono, »6"wd 1967. , v McMohon 4. Cossil ' Attorney* fof sold Executor Atoono, Iowa Address Dote of second publicaflon !2th day of October, 1967. Published in the Algond County Advance, Atgono, Iowa, Octobcf 5 and 12, 1967. 8 ••••••••••••••)• . I WIRING j * SITT "JIM UTT" •LICTRIC Phone 205-2223 WHERE THE ACTION IS! QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY HMHMIHIHIMIMHIMnMIIIMIHUMMIHimillHMHIIIHIIMIMMIMMIIIMmillHHIMIMMHMIHniMMHIli Fenton Jean Bellinger »»»»»»»•»•*••»»•••»»»» Clayton Ditswortlh and Mary Ellen and Kathryn, Luella Newell, Chicago, Miss Mathilda Cosgray, Waynesburg, Penn., Mrs. Charles Newel, and the Donald Shaw family were dinner guests of Mrs. E. J, Prank Sunday. The Don Shaws recently 'spent a weekend with their daughter, the Art Swansons and Michelle at Taylors Falls, 'Minn. Michelle now weighs 10 Ibs. at the age of 5 months after weighing 3V£ Ibs. at birth. Monday evening supper 'guests of the Arnold Hansens for Martha Louise's third 'birthday were Mrs. Dagmar Newel, the Arlowe Hansens, Peter. N. Hansens, Ringsted, and Robert Burkgrens, Barbara and Bradley, La Porte City, The Ray Uthofs spent Sunday at Don Uthofs at Dodge Center, Minn. •Mrs. George H. Jorgenson had the Dorcas Society Tues- ning. Mrs; Bernard Kramer won high for women, and >Mrs. Kenneth Krause won low, James 'Meyer won high for men and' Donald Hainzinger low. The Elmer Krauses and David, Lone Rock, were Sunday evening visitors at Ervin Krause's. Sunday dinner guests at the Roy Chrischilles home were the Andrew Harms family, Lone Rock, and Gerald Weiners, Bunt. Mrs. Susie Egland, Mrs. Shirley Zumach and girls, and the William DeWaiTIe were Sunday dinner guests at Ervin Runke's, Burt. Mrs. Rex Wolfe, Mrs. Albert Mitchell and Mrs. William DeWall were Monday afternoon coffee guests at Louie Weisbrod's. odist Church. Silver and white with pale pink were colors used at the tea table where Mrs. Bob Kuhn, Ankeny. served cake. Mrs. Delmar Reding, Mrs. DuWayne Klein, Monica Storr, and Mrs. Ann Merritt took turns in serving coffee. Richard Klein had the gift book and his cousin, Mindy Kuhn, presided at the gilt table. Mesdames Leota Halpin and Herbert Montgomery assisted with the serving. Out of town guests were numerous coming from Emmeteburg, Fenton, Whittemore, LuVerne, Lone Rock, Cedar Rapids, Ankeny, and also Lyle, Minn. Mr. and Mrt. Jerry Thuente with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lloyd drove to Minneapolis Sunday to see the Vikings football game. The women Mrs. Wad* Sullivan flaw to Chicago Saturday morning to join her daughter Sheliia, now Mrs. Donald Mclntyre, who went there from Minneapolis to serve as coordinator at a Fashion show for General Mills. Mrs. Sullivan returned home Tuesday. Dr. and Mrt. John K*n*fick ..Mrt. MerW 'Mrs. Ethel Colwell entertained last Thursday morning at a neighborhood "Coffee" honoring Mrs. Esther Qsborn who is moving to Mason City. There were 17 women' present for the farewell courtesy. The Duane Hacketts who are moving back to Algona have bought Mrs. Osborn's house and Mr. Hackett will work for North Iowa Directory Service. i Sec Colorful Viking Football IN EXCITING MINNEAPOLIS % and stay at W. R. FRANK'S MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Just 5 Minutes From Downtown and Mpls. Auditorium Facinf Fair Oaks Park and Minneapolis Institute of Arts DISTINCTIVE . DINING 7 ».m. to 1Z p.m. . Dally Famous For Quality at Modiral* Prices. HEATED POOL. , With' Sf eluded , Sun. Terrace. Poolsidt Service. 100 LUXURY -. UNITS ' • Alf Conditioned with Complete Hotel Service*. Free Transportation to i Airpoit, Triin ind Bus I Ccnttu. Also Met. SU- j mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummummmmummmmmmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmummmmmmummmmmm '•*• for convenience-for cleanliness an electric washer and dryer Algona Municipal Utilities ^••••••••••••••MMMfMMIMf«M*tfM«MV«MMMffM«t«MI«*fMf«fff«lli*f«IM«MI»M» Daringly new! Chevrolet's new line of Super Sports for '68. Computer-tuned suspension systems. Improved shock absorbers. New double-cushioned rubber body mounts. They all team up to bring you the smoothest, most silent Chevrolet ride ever. A fresh new idea in ventilation comes standard on every 1968 Camaro and Corvette, It's Astro Ventilation, a system that lets air in, but keeps noise and wind out. You'll appreciate all the proved safety features on the '68 Chevrolets, including the GM-developed energy-absqrbing steering column and many new ones. More style. More performance. More all-around value. One look tells you these are for the man who loves driving. One demonstration drive shows why! Corvette Sting Ray Convertible Camaro SS Sport Coupe Chevelle SS 396 Sport Coupe Be smart I Be sure! Buy now at your Chevrolet dealer's. •VW 011UI KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. IW CQiNii OF COURTHOU5I AtQQNA,

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