The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Tax OOURUR NEWS CO., PUBUSHBUi O. R. BABCOCK. IdltOf H. W. HA1NE8, AdvMtUint Manager 6nl« Nitioojj AavertWng RepracnUUrei: Aitetuu IJtllles, tec,, New York, Ohlcato, Ottroit, fit. Louli, Callu, Kansta City, utUe Book. Published E>-enr ATMrnooo ttcttx Sunday. Batered (us wcona class matter it fa pofi olTIci at Blythcvtlle, Ar- :aus»s, under act ol Congress Oc?.£~ tobcr 8, 1917. Served by trie united Pre«9. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in me city or aiyinevlUo, 16o per urck or *6iO per year la advance. B> irmll within a radius ol SO miles, 13.00 per j-oar, $1.60 tor six monllu, S5c for three months; by mull ID posts! zouos two to six. Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In nines seven «nd eight, ilO.OO ocr year, payable In advance. Mr. Lewis Explodes a Queer Notion Tin- 1-ritk'iil tfoiltlomi'ii v.lid It'll us wluit liouks :'.1X' worth rc-.i'iilltf si'tiu to h:ivc Iji'cn |iul on sumotliinjj re- st'inblinjr n .ipot by Siiirliiir l.t'wis, N'obi'l pn/u winner. Mr. Lewis just Ims wrillon ;i mrw novel, :tiul in il lit h;is vovt-i'sod his lii'ltl. lo .--ins f]it> praises «f I In; Anu-r- ii'iii) liiisiiK'ss man. lie prc-soiils Ivvo diar.-u: 1 !').>:. n huli-l man ;uicl a playwright, ;ir]d makes every contrail lielwcon lin-ni favorable lo Hie fonner. Babbill is avenged. The hotel man is an i.!ea!:slic, hardworking gentleman who (,' r \'.'* liiniseir to his job because lie loves il ami not because he wjiiils to gel rich. The playwright is a io;rfer who is interested solely in tin money ami tame' his writing will \n\n^ him. By this eonlras), iVr. l.t-wi.s says bUinll.v thai the Ann-vk-jii business hian ofierv lias much mure of the "artistic spirit" than the artist hiin- self. Now this seems lo hcve'lho critics v running around in circles. Their comments have been varied, i/nt mostly they agree Hint Mr. Uv.:s hinisel'f is, at bottom, a Babbitt, thai this latest efVort is simply u |K)t-boiler, in which he Itas got down <jlf his artistic ixjcleslal mid has given way to.his old admiration for the successful money-getter. In oilier words, they have been very busy explaining how a writer of iUr. Lewis' cnlibui- could ir,<ifcc such an odd mistake. * * a The one thing that seesns not lo have occurred lo Uieni i.- ; thai Mr. Lewis' thesis might be ii'.iilc correct. There has grown up i:\ American artistic circles in the last deciule a mieur and illogical notion, t-j-wil: Thai even Ihe most metlioere and talentless of writing persons is entitled by the very nature of things, lo look down with contempt on the most able and devoted of business men. * * * We have been assured' Ill-it tlie man who follows one of thr. arts, even if lie_ does it without skill and without si'iril, is a more admirable ami valuable chap than the man who puts i" bis licks ;n the marls ( ,r trade. ^' lll 's Mr. Lewis has tlu:ie. in this OUT OUR WAY nuiv novul of his, i.s to k-slfw a liuiirly raspberry on this iinwi- notion and ilfiiioii.stntle lliat t lit. 1 re is milling in it. A Sliiike.-iK'iuv, to bo :;ii>v, is worth more to the race than :t Kockcfclloi 1 . But (low it [Vlltnv lli'il evi'i-y foiu-LI]- I'iilo scribbler i.s liaik-si'ly i liner Mini nnhler tliap tlifin tin- mi'ii who is out on (he lirinjr line in the weld ol' Inix- iness, u-orkiiiK his In-art mil on ;, job whose rewards wmi'i I,-.- -iii\ '.I'hei'o near ' COlni!H!l]SII|-.'ll.> will; lii,' "I!';'! 1 !, hi' JllllS lorlh •'. Tlie bu.-iness man h;,s ii, ,-i ;i (ai'Ki'l I of thu smlib.'crs aliNn-q i -|^ eii(ili(,'h. II is a Kontl lliiiiK i,, -.-,.,. \||-. i.uwjs liiViiliiiiK :t \M\ru in i;is I, ';;ill'. --ll'IK't! Ciltlolt. K. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Undejiled There won'l' In- any iii.iy billliuanl.-; or ramshackle hot-ill^' slamis aloiij; the -l-mi!e hi|;luvay which ilie Tennessee Valley Authority is linilcli.ii; in (he vicinity of Nun-is Dan. This highway will have ;( j!f)U-foot n'trbt of way, and all builninjcs erected aloiiK its bnnler.s will |-:i\'e h, ron- fnrin lo iircliiiectunil s!:in.i;mi.--' set by the Valley Authority. .Since the highway will rni.<.s eimntry of great scenic beanly. e.-pccial pains will be taken to |>rcvr:ii i;,,. ereetion of any stritetures which mii;hl cut oil' the motorists' view. This news is apt t» make many a motorist wish thai some similar regulation could be laid thmn for highways elsewhere. Ko one can lake a motor trip nowadays withoni heiiijf oblitred to look al a great numlii-i' of roadside eyekorcs. A 21-nitli! shvMi ,,f r<i; l( | njni|jletely lacking in sndi ]ihcnonicna ou^lit lo be a rare treat for Hie e\\s. Afkausiis' Refunding Bill. II may «,• Hint (ho ivfmiciini; I)],! _i (1 . s t jjasscd !>>' the Alkalies legislmiiiv, i>; necessity a compruniiw nu-usiin-, «jn 101 nitliTly im'Cl the rxptcdillons of i;oi:c|]io:.ii-rs; il may IK' thiit Uu; esiimiili-.s n! rrvcnu- i-» which il is tasul nn- opllinistic: it may !H' t'.mi, in Unco or fuin- yciirs. a. finchi'i iridjus'.r.n-ni will Lu iicccssnry; but « v Ix-liou- it vrr,r.-senu> n .•-lii- ccrc mill lirmoi.iUi.' rlfurl (o sollk- a ]wp!cx- ing prublcm. R Arkansns, ilurinr Uie cli'p'i ssion. has been" one of the Imi'il.-.u hit 0 [ a ]| ,;;. x t rs . u 1VI)|S visiti'ti by Ihc morlcrn co<.n:'.ri])iiiy of Ule placiics of Esypl. includiiiij U-'-^ lii-lurcs. ilroutli ami riiinoiis pric-j.s fur cotton, oiv nf the .'.talc's chli-1 soiirce.s of inrnmn. I! iv.s ;I|M) jjrcyi-rt »|K)ii L-y mvcMmviu hani;c-i-.s. \;ln, \ n me money iwriMl prior to fit I!i23 crash, pri.snaded Ihe .iliuc to incnv-si' ii«: incleincd- ne.v, beyoiul a prudcnl pmnl. Mojcover, tile sanic Iiii-uMini'iil bankers n.i.'rni'.e.vinti.-cl llic m-iillli of Arkaiuos fu ciiciil-ji-.s (^scnhim; Hie buml-,. Wltliout such inisn-i)vc.v,.uat:iin. "many of tliein could not have been m:d. Widely crilii-LvJ as n "vein d;;.;un; stiiio." principally by thc-n; who Had L<> uili.-r iiucr- In (he inattiT except to cV.nn- Uinir fx>!m<l of llcsh. Arknn.sns is now si'L-nc. ;;: i!.s critics. 'I'o lint lh:' .slKiK's Innir.cial l.,-i-i' it\ onln- i-ii'.ail:; hardship, i-'ov inslance. c::i!cr tlii- rc- fimdliiK till, the ',iait--.s gasoline i.ix is i]icrcu.s- cd to T, cr:il:i jwr Bi ilion. i]n.i;;ili:i s t|, t . i cent f«i"i;u lax. Ilon-evcr, if lh.- hi:s;iu-« np- turn cunlnuii's and if collori |;.-; ;T .s an- ;n- f'-cted lavombly by tlic dc-vai., ainn 0 I Uir dollar. ; ,s is i-.\i),:clcd. Uicre U every reason lo believe Arkansas vvilj conn- inroii::h wish colors flying. — St. lj):i:s i'o.t-l)is[w!cli." TUtiSDAV, JANUARY jjg££LANCES By George Clark HEY THERE ,^ CSANE MAN WHAT'S THIS , CONTRAPTION -\ HAMGIN' By Williami ' WHV-LIH- V^HY-LIK- \ / -rei 1 BULLO'TH' ^ A c i^OUH R ,J £°ij^' HC-DC A K1' »M n: •' I t-it e~ . —.. ._. S .— ' MAYBE: :*••!_« ~-fi i\j \ -^ U^CK •SOME-THIN'. THAT WAS A POLO GAME,AN 1 ME DON'' , NEVER f "SEfEM MUCH D OLO- IT'S KINU'/X EXCLUSIVE, vou KMOW. ^ ^ -.-. ^. vw m •J " ;. ••. i ;L o;Wtl) II 1 + t" U! '•'! -Ii> .• "She diiesn't sleep so well sim-e we (let-orated her room. Build Of \ourBocly Has Little Relation to General Health —y, Jan. i». int. Congressman Driver o! tlic First, Arkansas dlstrlcl has Introduced a bill which, If passed, would secure an appropriation fo> the t'lecllon ol a new postofTice In Blythevllle. Postmaster Elklns Is not becoming excited over the prospects for a new government building, however. George Wright has leased the "lldlng on Main St. formerly oc- ui'lCTl l>v the First National bank and will open there a new restaurant, with ac com mod a! Ions for both ladles ana. gentlemen. Mrs. John Batten w»s elected president of (he Blytheville Players at a poity given In honor of George Jiinkin Tuesday night Tlie Rev. Wililaui La Rue Wltmer was elected vice-president,, and Moss Bryan was named corresponding secretary. Mrs. Otto Shidc, V. A Klcibcr. George Barhnm and Mrs. Bill Poster were designated an executive committee. 5» V«rs in Choir H1PON. Wls. lUP)-Hcnry Dan- lelson, city treasurer for 20 years, Just completed 50 years as a member of the Grace Lutheran Church choir. During that time he has not missed a Sunday service in which the choir participated. l)rys Ahandnn Buildinf ARENA, WiS. fUI'J-.\V. C. T. U. olllcials here doeded the organization's temple, buili In 1895. (o the '.'liagc lo lit' used ;,s a community building, following the repeal of prohibition HV UK. MOKKIS USHHKI.N :<lilur. Jumnai ,,f the -Mrdiial .V.snrlalion, .-,,-j „] Itytcia. Uu; Health Masavine Fnr many year; the idea 'ha-. Availed that tlr build of yon truly hii.s imi,.-h tc :! 0 with nit J 1:i; ,. of your ernei-H !,ci,Hh. In f:i,-t. ,H lulrrds of years i.yo. physician.-* Hiked n^ the consiUiition n: n and claMincr; the vaiinu.s •c.-> of. hiiinun U'ings accordn:: :o thi'ir build and olln-i- characteristic-,. N'ow. however, it Is Known 1 isn't your bixly ;•'. ; i whole llu.l bu-alts down, but that some single an ur (issue beci.mcs the soi ol n .seven- lnfi:ctv:i and. as a ic- •i-lt.of this, the tody is attacked. AppL'mllcilis i.s jjci-hajis, the most conspicuous ixampie. Von nay be |ierfecl!y henlthy. but the Ulen infection o! the appendix may end fatally vnlcss a surgeon u'lcnds you at lh? earliest possible uiiiment. Votir l;o<ly i.s r.ot like the old iK'-hocse shay this: went io pii-ccs i: :it (i!:if. but i-atluT iL ri-.-cinbU-s n automobile in vliii:li ^o::.i- parti !:>-cak down iniir-i. earlier than tllicrs mid have- to be replaced. ', :- * 1'iactirally :\1! ncrsons I>?K U' hav. 1 trouble will, ihesr ly i!-,r ai;e oi 50: uthers b : •••T their hair in l,-.e eailic-i- ui life. I'liL' muscles ih.-.t .sup];:,:: weaken at niiilii'.e as<. Uul°to 11-i-ionii their fiiii'-.imi.s j.nd tlms caii-c juu to l:iro'i:c roimd-.-huiil- eil. nut your '".-..rt nn;n :,-. un- i-.s- diiL-nsi-rt. nor; nylit n:: t,>!;- '.u i-are of us nork thn..:jhout sight in lo years your ANNOUNCEMENTS The C'omicr NPA.S has h-. n; aii- lorixud to lumor.un tlip in'.'.uwinB s candidates Inr |r,l)|io oi:a-i-. .-mb- Tor Mcinhcr nf Cmi^n-ss CLINTON I.. CAUM'.'I-.U, t'nr <,',mnty 'J iraMin-r JOF. «. UlLLAlHiN [ V PIT Cinnil Cnuil Clrik HUGH CIliMC'r l-'nr Ccinnly ( unrl (.Ink I'UKI) K'LEEMA.N l-'or He-Election fur 21:-: Ti ,tu i'nr Assosi,, U. '.. 'HILLY- (i.-\:.',| .. V. C. HKKl lifc. Certain ua:-.;s, i.l your Ixxly i-l!i'i](jc as you «i-r-,-- uiclcr. Tliis is l-arllcnlarly .so i:i relationship lo • iiiiiiiiinUy lo mfcfi.oti.-, diseases A i.ian. at, 20 or 3D y,;.|s of age. siul: t'rnly may develop cnallpox. Thcre- .-'ler he is imui-".;- io smallpox, '. indicating that • -|)i-gfound i-lnintic 'has takci place in his .syttem. « 4 * Recently tin- S'-l'ool of Biology ' ol Johns Hopkin-. university at. ('.'niiiicd to (Iclernui c whether any paitiuulai' Ixxly lipe was asso- Uiiti'ti with hciilil' and long life r-i cords weie nui(!r ni 2-JU women '.II but sevi-i- of v.;ioii> wcre.mar- . i-Tti and practical,;- all of whom t::,d Kid children \ ' women vert- of several cur.slitulional i.yp,-:. varyin? from .i.'L- Vail thin type ;,, the" short fal tv;!i- of body sli-it:;i,re. Their t'en- i-i-al health over a period of years w.i.s .studied. It was found ll.,r. there was no it'-ikiuu ass'jclallon between botly , iirucuire iiiui gcr.ttal health. If iiul luuu'r.u-.;'. wove ;.i t;e made over u.lo either tall tl<i:i or short fat people, by careful breeding, theie 'f no evidence tlic 1 , general health wr.iiid be any heticr. Howcvi'i, this cto-.'.^ not mean Here !.-> no rslal-i asliip tetwcen juiir roiiMitiition I'litl your health H does indicate :.:,at" insufficient •'iiicly has been nicicle to jirovc oefinitely wlmt ! c j-elalionships There seems no doubt that the '•w.t majority of laople have not 1.1 come ac(|iiair.lcci with the obscr- '.:dions of science even as Uinj :.ncct llie avera,; • human Ixjtly run thnt we arc ;i,st at the bcKinniiiL: o: a clwr understanding tl I lie rrlationslii|i of tody stnic- luie to health aiui disease. Government Give Milk l <iOIS.-.. id;,,,;, 'Ll'i-Mcallhic: iMilclrcn and (unK.'npiiau of the "^n.v. milk v.ipp'.v was Hie Iwo.•^iii purpose ; f a ;)ro:'ram Mlb- u.-ttc'tl ft-fleial aMJisriitcs bv J V. Condie. stol" •-1 |; ,-nnleiulcnt of i.nbli-j insti-iictnn .';•• urv-rt tli-,1 !••- <l'i.'it of t.,ilk !.-, >,ipp| ic(1 facll "1\ this pro.;-,,.,- .wild \K mutl I'Oll CITY t>lT-[(-|;s Election Tuesday, A;I: : ; :;. Tor Cily Orrk It. I,. MC'KNIUIII '.hk:- ituuiliuuti _£"'.' Co _ ilr "' r -''•'=•« Waul Ads. becomes San, Francisco. ?p ara^nd, smiles 3.11 •k oa aeal BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO THIS CURIOUS "" W^ f ^/.w^ Jft- '(A feTf ( ' fc '-^ & /*' •ii^. ,M.J / - //: Ull.&J ( W- S^ Tsetse PLY WHICH CAUSES ' SLEEPING SICkNESS LIVES IN SHARPLY' DEFINED AREAS, AND ir 15 POSSIBLE TO TRAVEL WITHIN 2O YARDS OF ONE OF THESE AREAS IN SAFErX %e ERUPTION o/ ONE VOLCANO CAN CAUSE SEVERAL YEARS OF COOLER, TEMP-.^ATURES OVER, THE ENTIRE EARTH/ DOST PARTICLES IN THE AIR, IMPEDE THE ' HEAT RAV5- COMIN& FROM THE SUN. A MATURE GIANT SEQUOIA TREE SPREADS ITS ROOTS OVER. AN AREA OF 6ETWEEN TWO AND THREE ' ~ - [•y ;• i93* BY .TE« stnvxc. me. ••f»L., UU11> 111 1UJJ, \\J HIV T-. . , 1»~_ - r _, i lit' used ;,s a communily KL particles remain in the air fo.- Song periods alloi- -i following the repeal of vol «>nic eruption. In 1783 there «as -i>- eruption of' \-. ' "I' a " d Ulc threc f«"™ln8 years wore very cold over llic'whole' arriea BEGIN HERB TODAY „.?*??.}' BORBLI. «M TOM .«l.A»tn «r<- nirrlci on Ike »-*»e ria^ a* I.II.A HOTAI, » ? a UBIIEK BLIJ)!,, b". In. l"-clii 1» Mrp 1m laxar " . ^. T IMT mum I* Btrurftlr "«"«. V'fcfR To.'. Anulkcr probity , i. ft rrenlth» NI.-W CO OS WITH THK S10I1V ClIAPTElt XXIII J^' was a Ksblmare—a liideous, tifiick. absorbing ni K litmnrt. T^-e ••us!, liomo through the silen; street-, slipiiery nov, f« s t gln/ing under the moon; the first slgW ot tbe Mo-.-c'.l hoiiiclighled throughout, "'itli tlic doctor's coupe parked at '•'''• driveway. Gypsy scarcely a-ii-.ted for Tom to put on <lie oral-.ts. Slie was out. of tin; door, halfway Ui i (lie stairs by the time no had fairly stopped the car. "pavhl . . . mother, how ij he?" Tlic lif ? j;ucst room, wilh its i-osc-sai-laiidcr) paper, its ptclin; ureiiniy wnodv-.-ork. was bno biaic "f li.alils. Cypsy s ;;i w only Hit tiny I'surc in the hasbiuotto with Uoclor H:niiieiman hcndln™ over il. There »'ns a |,(-i-uliar smell in tlic room, f'lylio hovered nc.-ir with n kclllo. ^"ni(jiuic lirid marie a sort of tout <vilfi sheets ow ihe big. wi<Ic flat 'JC'I «ith UK- phi(.ii,pt(, pottj. U«: doctor strnigiilcncd al (I;, ns\ "H entrance. but a little croup." he .. "Kiighlrning .it first, u: coiir.-v. Vimr molltcr hud rjuilc * lt:r;i ..." Mr.=. .Mrjrcll Iwjan volubly lo ci- l'l:iin. Ili-r children, K!IC said, had ilic heard ymm- Daviil? ch.ilfc. "H'il In- W.-H ticrfcctly well-lie "-'a; linn when I Icfl him," leiit saying it, her bciviWcrinciil. f'nit one broir^lit her a chnir; her knec-s wc-ro ireruhlin^ will, tlio rc- »cl!nn. The lialiy slept ,|uictly now, sno i-rtiviplc,: rosulcaf hand tlirown 9ti')7« his l;iad. l.iBlils. were urucit ';<iw,i and (lie wiiichcrij in the room ''loved softly, p;icakinc in whisiicrs. Tom to!d Gypsy to go to bed: Se'il wiiich Da>iil himself. liut slie ?"a-; stubborn. Hhc wouldn't sleep, shfc told hiui. What was the Uhc? tihft i-cfusctl even to taUc olT her frock !<ui tat. wrup;ictl In her wool- ty robe, her eyes on the crib. Khc "must, at last, have duzcd off t*c;,u.-.c when ths opened her c^s tgain (he room was very chilly knd Tom. straight "nd tall In his drc.-sinj; gown, tlooil b«sifle bcr. ''Darling, you'll make yourjclt I". Lie down In llic other bw lu llea'3 room and I'M watch here. He'll bo all rislit. The doctor nld I here were even cliancca lic'd not 1'C dlsturli:d again tonltbt.* She was stiff, cold, nclimf; hj every limb. It was E<""* 1° be ot.xri tor aud comforted. Tlic sliccl; between which she crept wrrc tie- lietously ivarm. Slie was Jclccp In tivo uiimjtc?. • • • I IVVV1D «a3 liappy. rosy, uu-j luui-hci! tbe ceil uiorntus. Tlie j tii let auil trisbtcniD^ jl-.jck of| Wlthctlt l6i<!!!S i > I tht bji.r. at Udt'.. bul | , B Jjutloj .tifecJ « !u^ i young mother. She discovered that the iove she felt for him was tiugwl with fear—fear chc might lose tim, that somrtUng might strike, out of the dark, at his smallncw ami help- Yes, motherhood bail changed her more thu.t little, h h«u wberei! and aweetbhcd ami saddened her. It made licr all at once more womanly, in n r e B cullc. more thoughtful while the e.\peik-nce ot being n father, she considered Bravely. Imd mtercd -for,! not at all. When they were in their own litde home, and Gypsv's glowing face ami brlyhl eyes were i turncii uu to him. r iim furgot cvcrylliiiiK (•M.-crii thai she was his infinitely denr and ailornulr. When he unlocked liis own door at ni^-tn it was Gypsy ho wanted to sec. lirst ot all. The found of hfr !:i,-lit laughter wus [he sweetest music he knew nnd lie was still lillerl with wonderment :,t ihe ilir>n»]>i she had cl,n=en him 0111 nf all ihe world. Tho baliy came sei-omi; Gypsy was first always. While Ihi.s (liii not niiikc any real dirTorcnce bct'.voi-ii ;!ioin. Ton, was conscious that under r.yiisy 1 -: love for him r^n always, witlic/ut changi or cessation, her passionate con cern for the boy. David completed tlic circle ... lie anil llypsy ami j David. Well, that was us it sho-ilcl | I)!-, he knew thai. And yet . . . am] yet . . . (Jypj, |, IU | !,,.(,,! ,,,„„ c I, MABEL McELLJOTT T),o ncit day Gypsy ir,u,li- a |.u ot new resolution:,. Khc wnuia "fiisi more" over her own IOD'^R, would never neglect cohl crraniln = riles at night, would girc )ieis"l! a dally manicure. Ton) had scim, lo llml that young copywriter tc-t chiivinlui; last night. - She. Cy|v.'. li;»i keen considored n most delightful companion once upon i lime. Wliere had a!) her amusU; repartee vanished? When the telephone mag ;«*., that nficrnoon ami Tom's vohs came to her she was pleasant excited. Oficn whet, he callcrl ihtj late it was to iuinoimre thai .si,:r.n I newspaper friend ha.l (,-ivru l-l'ia second night tickets lo it 1,1. "Yes. darling!" Kill her voice dwindled; the :•.,> of pleased expectancy died nut c't it. Ho had to work?" 01,. thai w- ( , too bail! She had been menial* freshening up her best blcn froclr. rloins l u . r hair. Tom was sorry, he said. Tlirr^ was a bit; new account in (,;,) nffire. lie lialeil leaving IUT alon,> Imt honejlly he had to v,v,r> : , a , tlil.-= MiifV. Slie was a cooil tporU • H was all .i s ht. thcuv ' * • * ir'YPSY lilll the to-.cjihc.tK ,| nns , '• will, a sciiaaljon of di ;;,(>. liolntiiicnf and defeat. The hun j evcnliif strelrhcd out Ijefure hi>r inuiillis went nn, ih ; ,t ho came If. K hr- ••„< fi-,rl?i'"«' i , ,, speml , ,it,,e more of hi, , lm . at ni^ ." L,""'L-^t ^ , , Ihe office. For one t!,!,,,. nierc lwl,vl,o n ,Mn his r" h» nir were the new demami.i Hint David's Iiiit" "i inclu^nm needs platc-l upon the Weavers' in h'h slender income. .Ami for another, :,ml n' h- a i ^ " frc to « . .She was often actually tw lirc d to i K° In Ihc movies ,„ ,,, e cv cnln She even urscd T..,,, | n CT |, y ,,,,„. ! «lf or will, ,1 K >, nli>011 ,. anolllcr li , i, d ,wn tl I T ,''" :i1 ,^ tho w^ '"t ' ,, , l ° l ' ic s ^ 1 -"'- ifc '' °' rather b'j will, h-r But ( i woiiM make an excuse lo creep off [ In bed early. Kmall wnnilcr thai 'Dun ni-i>p|ic:l into the liabil of yo- ins "ill wilhout bor. • * * gOMKTIMKH Ehc- v.-af fri^iiiencd al her own W(-,iriac;s and dnll- 'ie-,3 nnd h.r ahsorpiion in the h.iliy. Tom vrould tire of her. she would tell lu-iodr wildly, glanciiis at her imaxe in the mirror. Kho had iinlliin;; (,, ( .,| k :il)0lll , ilc£e day;. Tlic y,,im s mtithcio *he met in llie park were ikcp in tlic rajs- t,:nc3 of fonm:lii5 ami jnn-ecil carrots and orange juice. How could the. aflcr an aflcriiuon of Ibis conversion, bo bright ami amusing lor her hnsbuml? ,\inl w, ;5 n't David woilh'auy -cll-sacrificc? One evening in M;,r,-h ,]icy went to dine with Tom's in=t, a rubi- < unil ccatlcnian who owned a clmrmlns I,o>itc in Searsdalc. II *»» til icry, host and'. J!ui i;j,, sy [ c |t qu it c out of ;t. Her frock was unfash- innnlilt and tier small talk rusty. Sl:o lia-ln't been to any ol the new Plays, U t e diJu't di the night clubs. Her l-oJts; was smooth, manicured, bcau'ifiiliy <j,r.,-cd aud lew- fed. G>|i-y i'uiKMdercd. with buuioious de«Oir. askiu; luem lo bcr uuuic and sa\c LP tho projca lu live minutes. No. uulil David wjs a litlit oidir-uiilll they had !i:3!-t IL-C!;' s'jc! j Lai'-r terxiDl llicv nould bt»T ;c fibatftln from sulartait^si. .. hooiing ot fnxij:. tlio K-.-r'aiie liralii-.-:. A radio lihirL-'l on! .-n:r'i= = (hi way. Dinner nin-ic. S-jiiic- where dri^a in the i-ily urn .T,,! Sirls were dninjim- to I in- nlrai:i of that -music, were dinins a ml snmkinK and laushiiii.-. "I--1 feel like Ciiulercll.,.'' U> saiil to heihclf. Iryins lo s:11 She swallowed harrl. Why. rhc i hcins just a baliy! Siin'd bad ir> cat her dinner alone, b.-forc ihij. What was t!ic nintlcr with her? The chop ami the b.iheil p^n and the n'luacl, nil taste:) Illi* dust and ashc:i to her. Rim pickd up a magazine nnd Iricd to rral but the lypc nil swam together. Tb» Blorics w-erc Irile, and uuir,lcrc. ; i- ing. What was G!IO doiug. In thi» stransc little apartment. bi{:h 'in above (ho uncaring city, alon"' She needed laughter ami good t ami tho kinil faces of friend;. She piled the dishes in the si revolving to wash them later, blipping quietly past the bcrtroom lu which David slept, slio washed ami powdered and donned her tilark frock. It aho bad to be alone, at least Elio coald mako herself trc i ami prcicnlalile. Nothing «o'.;ri happen . . . nothing ever bappc•;;' to her any more. Her li[D * a = J a standstill. .Tbo doorbell rang rcsounoiL;;;. as if lo answer to tuts tho-ijbi. Vldtliins to answer It, Ebe eTictf In amaz^mect. "WSj-. Huct! <VLtn oc tdrlb did you drop trea'' (To Ba Continued)

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