Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 2, 1967 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1967
Page 8
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*~ Ataww (Itwa) Advance 'INK in my VEINS' •y MARUN INMAN MMMMMWMMMIMM A GAS WATER HEATER GIVES YOU HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT WATER ANYTIME YOU NEED IT. ALWAYS. With a gas water heater, you get instant hot water. Hot water that's really hot. The dependable, hard-working blue flame is what keeps it that way. It goes to work the moment you turn the tap. Nothing has to warm up; you get instant recovery. Make sure your next water heater is gas. Then you'll always have hot water and plenty of it. Gas makes the big difference. NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. "Complete LP & Natural Gas Service" Phone 295-2484 ALGCNA Any progress that has ever been made has been made tinder protest. Many many of the things we accept today and feel are our right and privilege were protested hotly when first introduced and were said they never would work. To ptotest is our American privilege. And yet, how far can we uo in this protest business? Isn't much of the protest today being made just that and not enough of do something about it in the very protest? A teriout and growing feature of public protett activity it the matt demomtration or matt gathering, Whether it it a march on a government center or a gathering of hippiet in a local park, crowd-control meaturet are neeettary to maintain peace and order. While a small or large number of police, according to the si/.c of the peace officer staff, are diverted from normal crime-prevention duties to supervise the behavior of 2,000 hippies or 10,000 protest marchers — and to safeguard their rights — it means that people and properties normally protected by those police are Unguarded. When such diversion of police forcet rt necettary, the reason for crowd-control meaturet thould be • good one. Criticizing the way these mass demonstrations have developed, the concerned police chief of Los Angeles, Tom Heddin, said: "The love-ins, he-ins, and demonstrations have gradually degenerated into riots or at least exhibitions of rampant anarchy masquerading under the guise of peaceful protest." He called for new laws to govern paradet, tound equipment and the use of parks for mats gathering!. The right to demonstrate and protest is held dear by ,.i. , ii iLTicans. It should ho. lint does (his moan the majority < ll.«.' people in cities should he inconvenienced and jeopardized by the activities ol exhibitionist groups almost every weekend? That turely it not what our lawt really intended. The regularity of "matt" movements calls for tpecial attention — and the tooner the tafer for the whole population. It is one thing to protest, another to guide the need into proper channels that something he done about it. I have been reading further into Maxwell Malta's Psycho-Cybernetics and find it fascinating. Along with thit I read a report on the coming age of Cybernation, where machines will do all suppotedly think all and we would be running around trying to fill our leisure hourt and becoming stifled. Dr. Maltz eases the thought a bit when he sayt, "Science can build the computer but not the operator. Our gadget- conscious public has shown an awarenest of the special advantages and special disadvantages of electronic machinery as compared to the human brain." "The number of switching devices in the human brain vastly exceeds the number in any computing machine yet developed, or even thought of for design in the near future. 1 "But even should such a machine be built, it would lack an 'operator.' A computer does not have a forebrain, nor an "I." It cannot pote problemt to ittelf. It has no imagination and cannot tet goalt for ittelf. It cannot determine which goals are worthwhile and which are not. It hat no emotiont. It cannot 'feel.' It workt only on new data fed to it by an operator. By feedback data it tecuret itt' own, 'sense organs' and from information previously stored." So we have hope that we will, not become; controlled by machines and lose all'of our own creativeness, a gift to us from God. A liberal writer tayt that the crowds which visit the hang-outs and the gatheringt of the to-called hippies prove society's interest in their goalt and what they stand for. I do not believe this, it's fallacious reasoning. Hasn't it always been true that the visitors to the zoo outnumber the animals? And now, my tont, litten to me; happy are those who keep my ways. Proverbs 8:32. Men die, not God. God does not die on the day when we cease to believe in a personal deity, but we die on the day when our lives cease to be illumined by the steady radiance, renewed daily, of a wonder, the source of which is beyond all reason. Dag Hammarskjold in "Markings." Have you thought how really times have changed? I am thinking of the hard work the so-called maid of all work did in the hornet of the patt. But they are a vanithing breed. Such work it now "beneath" the poor and welfare has become respectable. We have all sorts of handy electrical gadgets. The iceman no longer cometh, nor do the laundry and coal trucks of our childhood, but we know every electrical repairman. In this age of specialization, just as a doctor who treats ears no longer tests eyas, so a dishwasher mechanic cannot adjust the lofrigerator. Thus two service calls. All of this investment would have supported a maid for life. But household helpers ett's club of Republican* will meet in October for a sixth district council. The dite will be announced liter, artd the place of meeting, SOftOPTIMIIT CLU§ MIITS The Soroptimist club 'Will meet October 4, a business meeting. A social meeting will be held October 10 with Delia and Edith Welter as hostesses. •--, » fJfp* tf .'f .. , " * ' '• » • *."" ? 1 » « • •»!•• »%'.;; 11 ji -',v<f> Bulldog CKflNMlNM CfciM cliiie Y;,f? ', , .ff fc^JJ-il* t >•*&« ',!»/• V r" is dated kere ' i * t in October Promoted Seneca — Jim Bergum in the navy stationed at Newport, R. I., was promoted to yoeman third class Sept. 16. A third class yoeman in the navy is a petty officer who performs clerical duties. He is aboard the USS Yosemite AD-19, flagship of the Atlantic Fleet which is homeported in Newport. As a yoeman he is working in the office of the commanding officer, Capt. F. B. Shrake. Yoeman Bergum and his wife, the former Joleen Mueller, are livinig at 73 Bliss Road, Newport, Rhode Island. Mrs. Bergum has been working at the US Naval Hospital Chapel at Newport doing secretarial work for Commander M. D. Baker, Protestant Chaplain and Command: er W. J. Spinney, Catholic Chaplain. Jim is the son of the Raymond Bergums, rural Bancroft. SORORITY MEETS Xi Xi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi held its September party meeting last Tuesday evening at the home of its president, Jean Haas. Discussion included participation in the Band Festival' i parade and a service project for the servicemen in Vietnam for Christmas. Tentative date for the fall banquet is November 13. The next regular business meeting will be held October 3rd at the home of Lavorine Peer. Congratulations to Mar** Parrott on being chosen Homecoming Queen for 1967. Manic was crowned before the Algona-Clarion game, Also victorious was the senior class when they came in first place with their display, "Car- ryin Clarion to Defeat." —AHS— Debbie Lews presided over the first G.R.A meeting last Monday in the gym. The main business was the politick supper at Iowa Falls on Sept. 29, The Iowa Falls G.A.R. invited the Algona chapter to have supper with them before the football teams clashed in the game that night. The bus transporting 50 girls lef. the school Friday at 3:45. A date and appropriate dn,ss for Sadie Hawkins was also discussed and a committee was set up to look into it. —AHS— The mighty Bulldogs traveled to Iowa Falls Friday for a game with the Cadets. So far this season the Bulldogs have a 2-0 record after downing Emmelsburg and Clarion. The junior varsity haven't done so well. They tied with the Clarion JV last week 0-0. The Algona JV will meet Twin Rivers tonight at Twin 'Rivers. F.B.L.A. started off the year last Tuesday night with a scavenger hunt. Afterwards plans for the year were discussed, one of these being a candy sale last Wednesday. —AHS— Thanks to Jeff Allen, Phyl Moulton got quite enough parsley at hot lunch last week. Right Phyl? ( —AHS— Red blazers will be seen all over the school during basket- ballseason this year. The basketball team is ordering them to set them off as a team. The Cadettes will be wearing red blazers and black skirts to school on marching days and red blazers and black shorts to the Band girls are wearing red blazers and the boys black blazers when they perform at •the game. —AHS— An important fact was discovered by Pat Mucky last week in Mr. Vint's gov't class —cows don't come in Utters. IHHMIIMMIIMHIIMIlim Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cook were at Iowa City last week and took their son Gregory to enroll as a freshman at the university. Mrs. Nellie Cook accompanied her son and daughter-in- law. Mr. and M.rs Richard house there and will spend i, afternoon naps, piety, neighborly charity, respect for the law, and the faith of our fathers. We are so busy pursuing an illusive bluebird called happiness, forgetting that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within ourselves. If we just had time to find it, . FOUR CORNER CLUB Four Corner Mother and Daughter club met Sept. 21. with Ruth Arend, Opal Simpson assisting. Secret sisters were revealed and new ones drawi>. Neva Shipler gave a demonstrption on- making mints, feather flower making and ceramics. The next meeting will be Oct. 12, 2 p.m. with Alvina Walker, Marilyn Bjustrom assisting. Roll call will be "My hobby". Members are asked to bring hobby samples. Loretta Broesder and Janice Lindhorst are in charge of the program. Iva Witham will give the club cheer. VISITS DAUGHTER Mrs. Henry Lund left Thursday via plane for Henderson and Boulder City, Nevada. She will visit with her daughter, Mrs. Verna Ludwig at Henderson and October 1 will attend the wedding of her grandson James Ludwig at Boulder City. She plans to be gone about two and a half weeks. NEIGHBORHOOD PARTY Mrs. Merle Webster and Mrs. Hugh Colwell gave a neighborhood party Thursday afternoon, a farewell for Mrs. Charles Osborn. Mrs. Osborn has sold her home on south llarlan street and is moving to Mason City. FALL FESTIVAL Women of the First Methodist WSCS are having a fall festival Thursday, October 19, beginning at 10 o'clock a.m. Each circle of the society will have a booth and fancy work, baked goods and Christmas gifts will be for sale. There will be lunch served from 11 o'clock till 1 o'clock, priced at $1.00. WOMEN'S CLUB MEET The Kossuth County Worn- Friends of Mrs, J. H. Nielsen spent Thursday al'ternoo.i with her to help her celebrate her eighty-fourth birthday. Guests were Mesdames Hans Porter, Walter Porter, of Humboldt, Leslie Sorensen, Lee O. Wolfe, John Tielebain. Richard Norton, Reg'ma Baas, (Jlen Harms, Amanda Johnson, Aliit 1 Siluilt, Oliver Hakken, Craig Smith, Helen Woods, John Blumer, Ann rresthus, Florence Macumber- and pncl the honoree's daughter, Mrs. Florence Sorensen. As additional observance, Florence took her mother out for supper. Mrs. J. H. Nielsen expects her daughter, Mrs. Duaiu> (Gladys) Wheeler of Palm Desert. Calif, for a visit. The Wheelers have been spending- some time at Carmel, Calif, and are returning to their home at Palm Desert for the winter. Mrs. Milton Dahi spent Thursday at low ( a Falls with., her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pratt. Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Crapser of the army is stationed at Anchorage, Alaska. He was recently promotad to Lt. Col. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Crapser have been visited by their grandson Duane Crapssr and his wife who have been located in Thailand where Duane was in service. They also visited his parents, Mr. aud Mrs. Russell Crapser at Water- •loo. They are enroute to a base in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Dugan were visited last week by their daughter, Mrs, William (Mary) Hughes, of Davenport aiid Mr. and Mrs. John Long of Billings, Mont. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Dugan were supper guests recently of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Boett- oher of Burl. . Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hard- greaves spent Sunday, Sept. 25 at Otho with the latter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence at at Fort Dodge with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Thelin. Mrs. Margaret Elbert is at Omaha, Neb. with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Anderson. Mr. Anderson has not been well of 'late. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Me. Ginnis sp^nt Monday and Tuesday at Omaha, Neb. where, Mr. McGinnis attended 41 mechanics school. The children were cared for'by'the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hardgreaves during their absence.. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Me Ginnis, Suzanne and Mike attended the baseball game at Minneapolis, Minn, to see the Twins, Janellc and Jeff were cared for by the grandpas ents, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hardgreaves. Mr. and Mrs, Walter Zentner, Mr. and Mrs; Kenneth, Brayton, Mrs. Kenneth Giel- enfeld and James Kelley attended tlie funeral services Tuesday at Fenton for John Olson. He was a cousr. of ton. Mr. Zentncr and Mrs. Bray- Mr, and Mrs. Walter Zentner had as supper guest Tuesday Tom 'Norwood, of Tacoma, Wash. He is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Norwood. His mother was Lucy Barton, sister of the late Cleve and Ray Barton and cousin of Harry Barton. Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Burt spertt last Sunday at Greene with Mrs. Burl's step-mother, Mrs. J. B. Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Don Christensen spent last weekend at Estherville with the latter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Joe King. Tho Christensen's son Dennis was gone to Mankato, Minn, and entered upon his senior year at the college. Mr. and Mrs.' Harry Hard- greaves went to Des Moines where the former had an appointment at the Veterans hospital where he has been having periodic check-ups. From there they will go to Council Bluffs to visit with their son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Mathiason. Amanda Johnson and her brother William Johnson, of iBode spent the day last week at Windom, Minn with their cousin Mrs. Margaret Halsrud and daughter Rosella. Charles Lund who hat been employed at the Rusk druj|| store- as* pharmacist?ftSr^smrib itdme, has a drug store in Ringsted which he has had several years and is returning there. —42nd— iMr. and Mrs. C. A. Burmeister, Marion, celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on September 27th. The Burmeisters were married near Norway and have lived in North Liberty, Center Junction, Meehanicsville and Cedar Rapids, 4-H CLUBS UNION BOYS Union Township met in the Civic Center. Selection of officers was held. Mike McEnroe, president; Bob Thilges, vice; .Mark Nitohals, sec-treas; reporters, Dennis Richter and Ed Kiilsholm. Lunch was served by Alts and McEnroes. Mike Nitchals is reporter. SOC/fTY BAPTISMAL Chandra Lynn Sapoff, born Sept. 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sapoff, was baptised Sept, 24 at St. Cecelia's Catholic church by Msgr. P. P. Gearen. Godparents are Joann Vaske, Bancroft and David Van Gin'kel, Algona The Sapoffs year old son Darryl, stayed with the Charles Quinns, Bancroft, while his mother was hospitalized. Iowa Clfy — The State Services for Crippled Children (SSCC) will conduct a clinic in Algona October 20, to provide diagnostic and evaluation services for crippled children. The clinic wilt be held at Lucia Wallace School. South Phillips & Kennedy. . Pdtients fro;;,' »V loltow- ing (Jountics .in: eligible for tin! clinic: Emmcti Hancock, . Korsuth, Palo Alto, W i n n e b a s o Engaged p The 'clinic is open to patients under 21 years of ago who have chronic or crippling conditions, and who have been .referred by their physician or dentist. There is no fee for the examination. Upon referral of a child by his physician or dentist, SSCC sends (lie child's parents an appointment card specifying the location of the clinic and UiO hour to report. It is important that referrals be sent to the SSCC office before the clinic date. Complete examinations at the clinic will be provided by consultants in pediatrics, MR. AND MRS. Wilbert M. Sclumbachor, route .one, Cedar Rapids, announce the engagement arid approaching marriage of their daughter. Patricia Sue, to Mr. Ivan Lee Lauck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck Sr.. West Bend. Miss Schanbacher graduated from Concordia College, St. Paul, and is teaching at the St. Paul - Immanuel Lutheran School, Whitlomore. Mr. Lauck is employed by the Roeber Building Service, Whittemore. orthopedics, pododr.ntia, clin ical psychology, speech and hearing, physical therapy nursing, medical-social work, and elcctrocardiography. KosuHi MR Silt Sala Bids; on Thursday, Oct. 5, 1967 Thf Ko«»uth County A$C County Committee will open •••led bidf on a limited number of tteel or aluminum bin* and quonseU offered for sale at the following Algona, Titonka, Ftnton, LuVtrw, Hanna, Hobarton, Burt, Bancroft, Swaa City, Lakola and Elmon, Bids will be accepted at the county office until 2-00 p.m. on October 5, 1967. Anyone interested in purchasing bms or quonsets at any of these sites may call at the county office for further information OURTIW P, NMHR Office Manager, Kossuth County ASCS Office 1 306 North Main Street, Algona 48" High x BO'Long Snow Fence For --o as •milage tilos, grain bins, coin cribs, snow fence. SPECIFICATIONS. Our portable com cribs are made ot heavy wood picket full H inch in thicknaM by 2 inches in width. These pickets are tightly woven between cables of 12V4 gauge galvanized wire. The cribs are' painted with red oxide mineral preservative. BIG BEAR Hwy. 18 West Algona, Iowa Phone 295-2644 ALGONA Ends Wednesday-Oct. 4th JAN FLEMING'S I'll" l-lil, il tt| . ..and"TWICE"is the only way to live! Mmmm~mmm-*mmwmaK^ ADMISSION: 2 Shows Each Evening j^m, Starts Thursday. Oct. 5th 'Cc'^Fo.-W,,,,,, * ms Lr>> Winter Tires 2< 1 BldikwdlK lubde^ ur tube ANY SIZE LISTED 20 7.75il4(7.M«M) »,T!il§(S.76ilS) 7.00*13 7.1U14 (7.00*14) 7.JSU51S.50.15) 6.50.13 6.9S.U (6.50.14) MOD* c.ooill SIZES.,, GOODYEAR NEW TREADS (retreads on sound tire bodies,) YOU get the lame famoui winter-traction tread dettga that cornea on our pew "Suburbanite" wjntef Urea" 24 on our Easy Pay plan I

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