Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 2, 1967 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1967
Page 4
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Bear Facts By Suian Elbeft and R»e Ann Koll*»ch Congratulations Cathie! Cathie Kollasch, daughter of •Mr. and Mrs. Francis KoUascb of Whittemore, was elected by the band members to rep- . rescrvt the CHS marching band at the annual Algona Band Festival, Oct. 7. A senior and a four year band member, Cathie, plays first part clarinet. She will act as .host, with the -AHS band queen, for the area band queens. We're well represent- GHS The mighty Bear* trounced Clay Central Royal 44-7 on Sept. 23..The Bears will again go into action Sept. 30, against Sioux Kails O'Gorman. Eat- urn up, Bears! GHS The Junior-Vanity alto won their game as they romped Esthcrville 21-0 on Monday, Sept. 25. Keep it up, Cute! GHS WELCOME ALUMNI!! Homecoming preparations are gelling into full swing with the ideas and guidance of Sister Imelda, senior class moderator, and Rhonda Schul- lor, senior social chairman. Bdclic Fishers band from Des Moines will provide the dance mn.sic. Homecoming is in honor of the alumni of GHS and we encourage them to come to the game against Fort Dodge St. Edmund and to the dance following. GHS Smile! You're getting you're Senior picture taken. Seniors were caught in the act of posing for their pictures last Wednesday and Thursday. The Medlar Studio from S pen cor came to GHS to take the senior pictures. GHS The rest of the clait officers were elected and now join the class presidents. They arc seniors: Tim Molacek, vice president; Margie FroeJi- lioh, secretary-treasurer and Rhonda Schuller, social chairman. Juniors are Jerry Bl- bert, vice president; Marcia Hinken, secretary-treasurer and Mary Kay Miller, social chairman. Sophomores are Mark Besch, vice president; Judy Lrpelding, secretary- treasurer and Linda Dogotch, social chairman. GHS G-Club officers for the coming year are Jack Muller, president; Jerry Plaitihc, vice president; Kevin O'Brien, treasurer and Mike Elbert, secretary. St. Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner 4_Alf*n* Leeker (tat it Wet! MM West Bond — the We* Bend Locker Plant, which was operated in conjunction with the West fiend Co-op Creamery was purchased re- enUy by present manager Norbsrt Knccht. He has man' cept for a short period of cept fod a short period of. time. He took possession Oct. 1. JAYCEES MEET Tha Algona Jaycees hdd a model meeting Wednesday night with special invitations being sent to prospective members. Guest speaker was Roger Muth, state vice president, and member of the Crystal Lake-Woden Jaycees. The Iocs'! club voted to help Taylor Motor with the Punt, Pass and Kick contest. tAtttt eoefeelrnon. Salary 297.13 Day, Salary I64.TO Hutchison, Salary 179.74 Jorge.nsoft, Salary ..: 193.44 khodehdorr. Salary 158.40 Thomcwon, Salary .. ... 157.65 Voiot, Safety i.i. 170.12 0, M*y«7, Salary i.-.-. 14.34 C. Wiltey, Salary .i. 47.80 la. State Bank; Withholding... 149.80 Slot* Cornfrt., Wlthhotdiftfl .. 22.39 Soe. S«e., Soe. Set. ....*.^'. 146.80 Truit 4 AgefKV, PerHion „.*•_ 16.1? Uf« Inv/Co., (moronc* ..... 67.4$ A. BocMlman, E*p*rw« .... 7.14 A. Bockelrhon, Expemcs 85,93 Sunroy DX, Gasoline .. . 65.32 NW Mil, Phone 22.35 Ed F«ld Equip., SuppliM ...^ 12.75 Chrome Station, Gasoline 4.48 Ft. Dodge Towel, Service 1.50 Fire Dept., Service* .. .. 180.00 SANITATION Gade, Salary ..„. 88.84 iCourtncy, Salary — 105.91 Uo. State Bonk, Withholding . S.IO V'Sot. See., Soe. Sec. 19.10 [peri, Ipcrt 15.20 Bowrnpn Bldrs., Ad|. Mhole .. 35.00 i Venfeicher, Oil 41.78 Cowan'*, Supplies 13.45 SCWlK MNTAL -. .Lemkce, Salary 222.17 Mrs. Randall, Interest • 67.50 la. Slate Bank, Withholding . 4.60 Stole Comm., Withholding 2.78 • Soe. See., Soe. See. 21.74 10.58 2.50 11.85 28.85 146.37 155.31 7.50 1.13 15.66 12.46 4.01 Uf« Inv. Co., nturortce . Fire Fund, RetKo*. £*f. . O-fifien fafa., SuptTlieSrilll" UBC Int., DeotiJkljX.<kt .... RECREATION BofcJfidge, «.> Solofy ... lo. Sfot* Bahk, Withholding .. State Comrh., Withholding ..» S6i,-S«t., Sbc. Sec. .^7;... IP***, lp*f* i.^.-.i^iiii.;. Llf* tfiv. Co., Insurant* i.,_ ,„. Cdrsori't, Supplies ..:..,.? 36.54 Koufiky Sport Good*, Supplies 216.75 NW Bell,Thortt .;....,..... 1.00 UBC Inc., Supplies ._* 4.52 E. Wognef, Lobof 17.40 Algono Greenhouse, Spray ... 1.69 PARRINQ MITER Groen, Solary 20267 Nouhofi, Salary 59.39 la. State Bonk, Withholding .. 33.10 State Corhm,, Withholding ... 4.38 Sot. Set., Sot. Set. 28.66 Ipers, Iperi -. 5.30 Tfust & Agenty, Pension 2.50 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 14.58 Vogef Point, Repairs -...^ 22.72 Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algono, lowo. . October 2. 1967 HEARIN6 Ot »INAi REPORT Of ENGINEER ON COMPLETED CONTRACT ON ROSSUTM COUNTY ORAINACE DISTRICT NO. 71 To all landowners and interested p*f*om in Droirxsa* Oistricf No. 72. You ate hereby rtotif ted' (hot fhere is now on file In the office of the County Drainage Cle»k, Koiiufh County lo»o, a repoH signed by Marvin O. Kraute, Engirwef In charge of »*ro^ert*nt to Drainage Dhtrlct Me.,727 Ittttins In P6H as folWWs:o : "thit Wife teWiff Jhof Unfit Col^ s*ruetldf» Corhpony, bthtrvllle, lowo, hot twt**et»d work eoverid by Ifs ebntreef doftd Augu»t 23, 1966, for tomtruetlng Wiprorements to the out- IM of Kossuth County Drainage District No. 72. We reiommendlhot you accept tht work petformtd by Fogrc Construction Company on fhi* cen- troct ond that you inttitut* proced- ings necessary to close the contract." You ore further notified that same win corn* up for hearing before the Beard of Supervisors at thiir of tie* in Algona, lowo, on the 10th day of October, 1967, of IftOO A.M. (C.O.T.) Any party interested in said district or the Improvement thereof may file objections to said report and Submit evidence to show why said report should hot be accepted. Dated at Algono, Iowa, this 27th day of September, 1967. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA By: Arnold Alderson County Drainage Clerk Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algono, lowo, Oerbfser, 2, 1967 td C 4 G Transport Co,, D*» onej, le*a, trbmWfbf Snd Hd«**y* TCdni- porf G>., Sfofiwixxfc lewd, trdfiifftfe*, .hav* filed o MM <i(*licofion for tte Commliiion'i approval 6f th» ffohifer of Liquid Tromport Corri«f Certificate No. LC-76 which outhorltt* th* opcro- tiorrl o» 6 liquid transport carrier between all polrifs Jh the Stole of The Commission hoi tl*ed tuesday, November 28, 1967, ten (10:00) O'clock a.m. of its office In D« Moines, Iowa, as time and place .for public hearing In the above docketed °PP'i«tion. ^ sfAft e6MM6R£fe COMMISSION Bernard 1, Martin, Chairman Frank 8. Means, C6mmissloner Dick A. Witt, Commissioner AtTtST: E. B. Storey, Secretary Doted at Des Moines, Iowa, September 19. 1967. Docket No. DLC-301 Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Monday, October 2 and 9, 1967 lEGflLNOHCES Former Algona girl married SHERYL LEE Lindhorst, daughter of the Kenneth Lindhorsts, Ionia, formerly of Algona, and Leon I. Wait, son of Mrs. Mildred Wait and the late Clark Wait, Nashua, were married Sept. 17 at the Republic Community church, Ionia, at 2 o'clock. After a week in the Ozarks they are living on a farm east of Nashua. She returned to her secretarial duties Monday at Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories in Charles City. iHMMtMIMMIIIIMMIHMIMIMIMtMHtMMHMHHWttll afternoon followed by birthday cake. Mrs. Faber is a resident of the Good Samaritan Home in Algona. Adam Joseph Berte, infant son of the Alfred Bertes born September 19 was baptized Saturday in St. Joseph'j ' church by Rev. L. C. Schumacher. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Adam Berte. Phone company lax up 23 per cent A check for $66,146.40 has been sent to the County Treasurer front Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, according to John Claude, the Company's manager. It covers the second half of the Company's operating property tax. The year's total reached $132,295.30 in the county, 23 per cent greater than just a year ago. Northwestern Bell's total Iowa property taxes this year will amount to $8,535,000, nearly $6 million more than they were ten years ago. The company pays taxes in all of Iowa's 99 counties. COUNCIL MINUTII . : The City Council met in spsclol • session Sept. 19, 1967 at the city hall with Mayor Finn ond the tallowing council members: Muckcy, Andreosjn, Elbert, Cook, Miller, ond Peirce. It was moved ond seconded that the resignation ol Councilman Miller as Councilmon-at-largj bo accepted. It was moved and seconded that the resignation of Councilman Cook, as Councilman for the Fourth ward be accepted. Sheridan A, Cook was nominated to fill the uncxpired term of Howard Miller as Councilma vat-lor>je. Ballots were then cast and the Mayor announced that Sheridan Cook das duly elected. Kevin C. Nash was nominated to fill the unexpired term of Sheridan Cook as councilman for the fourth ward. Ballots were then cast ond the announced thjt Sheridan Cook, was duly elected, Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn, D. A. Smith, City Clerk COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met In regular session Sept. 27, 1967 _with Mayor Finn and the following council members: Muckey, Andreascn, Nash, Cook, Pclrce. Absent: Elbert. Minutes of last meetings were approved. Council discussed the increasing of Class C beer permit fee. No action taken. Authorized the purchase of 100 parking meter heads to replace worn meter heads. Authorized the Enginser designing the proposed curb & gutter project for 1968 to include certain streets around the business area. Insurance covering Vol. fireman was discussed. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn, D. A. Smith, City Clerk GCNIRAL Finn, Salary .............. 123.15 Smith, Salary ........... ... 261.57 Sands, Salary ............. 130.00 la. Stole Bonk, Withholding .. 71.23 State Comm., Withholding .. Soe. Sec., Soe. S=c ......... Ipers, Ipcrs --------------Life inv. Co., insurance ____ 7.93 56.32 22.76 18.59 Parrot, suppue, 63.5 Sept. 25, 1967 Andrews AFB Washington, D. C. Dear Advance. Just a little note concerning the article in the Sept. 21 Advance sports section. I'm sure if you check the records you'll find that brother Bill Lampright ran 98 or 99 yards for a touchdown back in 1951 against Eagle Grove at Eagle Grove. Bill was a junior that year and before he got his knee all banged up. He took AI hand off from QB Jerry Beamish, hit just off tackle and went all the way out-running all the Eagle Grove boys. If I remember right Tony Guzowski's "donkeys" as he Lashbrook, J>J s'ai'ary"IIII"I" '47:79 called ill didn't r>nm<> nut nn Pergonde, Salary 216.71 taneu us, man i come out on sifert Sa | 0ry , 5833 top that night but We gave Wibben, Salary 154.07 thpm a unnrf fioht lo - stote Bonk - Withholding .. 99.10 mem a gOOQ Ilgnt. state Comm., Withholding .. 15.39 I've received the Advance ^° c - ***•• *° c ' Scc l' -— J 30 ' 38 all over the world, from Ger- ^"'inv^co.'"^"^^^""!! 4us manv to Viet Nam in the lact NW Bell, Phone 13.00 many u> viei mam in me lasi M Todd -j. c Posls _,, 224 90 14 years, and have truly en- ROAD USE TAX invert tho nlrl hnnwi tnurnor Bowman Bldrs., Concrete Work 1,564.40 joyea me oia name towner. cibbs-cook, Gaskets 4.17 YOUrS tnilv Rowley Bbdrs., Sidewalk 79.62 DsvK^.t I nmn .:«k« Sankey Sand & Gfavel, Asphalt 66.60 Robert Lampngnt sumoy ox, Gosoiine ....... 334.25 T-Sgt. USAF, Swony Equip., Repairs 2.55 W. Finn, STREET Burtis, Salary 165.67 ' ' 170.61 The Paul daughter Sister Lois Marie. OSF, Dycrsville, the Martin Fridt'res, Andrew Kramer and Paul Thilgeses attended funeral services for Steve Olson, son of the Charles Messes in St. Joseph's Oallh- olic c-hurch in Farley last Monday. Mr. Hess is a cousin. The Martin Fridcres took son Duane to Loras College, Dubuque last Sunday where lit- is a freshman. They also visited a niece Sister Betty Fridercs at Mt. St. Francis (or NOTICE TO All WATER CONSUMERS Wt Will Be Flushing Hydrants The Frank Bormanns, Davenport, were visitors several days last week at their daughter's and other relatives and friends, Mrs. Anna Faber was honr ored Sunday for her birthday with relatives gathering at the home of her sons Joseph and Herman, for a social THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fanton, lowo Exp«ri«nctd Embalmtrt ond Funtrql Oirtcton ••lioblt 24 Furttrql May It Rtftrrtd To Ui With Confidtnet Not all, but in some neighborhoods, this work may rwult in water tak- ing a cloudy or riled appearance for a short time. The flushing crews will take every precaution to eliminate as much of this as possible, but in order to clear the mains of accumulated rust and to make sure thai all fire hydrants are in the best possible condition, a certain amount of disturbance is unavoidable. The purity and safety of the water will not be affected. It will contain nothing harmful, so if it happens in your neighborhood do not be alarmed. After the job is finished your water will soon return to its usual sparkle and clearness. i Flushing will be done on Tyosday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, October 3, 4, 5 and 6th. T. James Palmer, Superintendent Aloon« Municipal Utilities •hen.i MNTON IINOJTIP 1*4-1004 Bulk Wagon Service Fuel Oil and Gas Free Premiums With Gas Purchases at our station. You'll Like It! VIKING OIL Roy Stoffcl, Mgr. N. Main St. TAYLOR IMPLEMENT • Behlen Buildings • Kewane* Disc* a> Cat* Farm Machinery "The Best of Everything" Phone WS-2467 Algena "Homebuilding It Our Specially" We'll appreciate it ch«nee to e* timate without obligation on any town or farm construction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. 210 E. Oak St. - S-5577 - Algona Algona's Largest LANDMARK-- LINDE IMPLEMENT CO. Farm Equipment • Allit Chalmers • 0«hl a) New Idea "Serving Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota for the past 30 Years — 1937 to 1967" 272-4401 Swea City MMM CARPET HEADQUARTERS — Of North Central Iowa — Carrying in Stock — The Most Complete Selection of Carpeting in This Area. . SEE OUR DISPLAYS NOWI BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE CARGILL Inc BEN WIBBEN Bwlding Contractor All Types Building Cabinet Work 22 South Heckart — Algona Dial 295-2160 Please call after 6:00 p.m. GRAIN STORAGE And CASH BUYERS OF ALL GRAINS CARGILL, INC. Dale Kleingartner — Manager — featuring FAMOUS HUTRENA FEEDS AQUA-AMMONIA NITROGEN AND FERTILIZER GRINDING AND MIXING ON THE PREMISES TOP QUALITY PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE Kossuth County Advance Algona MOVING-STORAGE CRATINQ Wo Move Household Good* Anywhere — Fully Insured Furniture A Machinery Storage In Clean, Modern Warehouse Moving POST Storage Pial 395-2275 READY MIX CONCRiT! • SAVES MONEY • SAVES TIME t DOES A BETTER JOB PHONE 295-5266 Alfona, Iowa COWAN CORP. (Formerly Ready Mi* Concrete A Lumber Co.) m mlm mm IOWA STATE lANK Algona's Homo-ownod tank 9 Member of f Momfewr of Reaorve 1 LINDSAY SOFT WATER OF ALGONA fvryfet VIMDSAY

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