Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1967 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1967
Page 16
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AIN STEM _ it JULIAN CHRISCHIUIS Into tort * SMI A**' (Archie Moore was one of the all-time great Negro boxers. He was light-heavyweight champion long past the time when most boxers have hung up their gloves. Since his retirement, he has been working with youth groups on the West Coast. He wrote a statement of his beliefs for the San Diego Union and in this troubled time of racial strife, we feel it is worth reprinting.) By Archie Moore The devil is at work in America, and it is up to us to drive him out. Snipers and looters, white or black, deserve no mercy. Those who would profit from their brother's misfortunes deserve no mercy, and those who would set fellow Americans upon each other deserve no mercy. I'll fight the man who calls me an Uncle Tom. I have broken bread with heads of state, chatted with presidents and traveled all over the world. I was born in a ghetto but I refused to stay there. I am a Negro, and proud to be one. I am also an American and am proud of that. The young people of today think they have a hard lot. They should have been around in the 1930s when I was coming up in St. Louis. We had no way to go, but a lot of us made it. I became light-heavyweight boxing champion of the world. A neighbor kid down the block, Clark Terry, became one of the most famous jazz musicians in the world. There were doctors, lawyers, and chiefs who came out of that ghetto. One of the top policemen in St. Louis came from our neighborhood, We made it became we had a goal, and we were willing to work for it. Don't talk to me of your guaranteed national income. Any fool knows that this is insanity. Do we bring those who worked to get ahead down to the level of those who never give a damn? The world owes nobody — black or white — a living. God helps the man who helps himself! NOW THEN, don't get the idea that 1 didn't grow up hating the injustices of the world. I am a staunch advocate of the Negro revolution for the good of mankind. I've seen almost unbelievable progress made in the last handful of years. Do we want to become wild beasts bent only on revenge, looting and killing and laying America bare? Hate is bait, bait for the simple-minded. Sure, I despised the white who cheated me, but I used that feeling to make me push on. If you listen to the professional rabble-rousers, adhere to this idea of giving up everything you've gained in order to revenge yourself for the wrongs that" were done to you in the past—then you'd better watch your neighbor, because he'll be looting your house next. Law and order is the only edge we have. No man is an island. Granted, the Negro still has a long way to go to gain a fair shake with the white man in this country. But believe this: If we resort to lawlessness, the only thing we can hope lor is civil war, untold bloodshed, and the end of our dreams. ! We have to have a meeting of qualified men of both races. Mind you, I said qualified men, not some punk kid, ranting the catch phrases put in his mouth by some paid hatemonger. There are forces in the world today, forces bent upon the destruction of America, your America and mine. And while we're on the subject, do you doubt for one minute that communism, world communism, isn't waiting with bated breath for the black and white Americans to turn on each other full force? Do you want a chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the land of your birth, or do you want no chance at all under the Red heel? THERE ARE members of the black community who call for a separate nation within America. Well, I do not intend to give up one square inch of America. Well, I do not in- be told I must live in a restricted area. Isn't that what we've all been fighting to overcome? And then there is the element that calls for a return to Africa. For my part, Africa is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. If the Irishmen want to go back to the Emerald Isle, let them. If the Slavs want to return to the Iron Curtain area, okay by me. But I'm not going to any part of Africa to live. I'm proud of my ancestry and of the country that spawned my forefathers, but I'm not giving up my country. 1 fought ail my life to give my children what I'm able to give them today — a change for development as citizens in the greatest country in the world. I do not for a moment think that any truly responsible Negro wants anarchy. I don't think you'll find intelligent — no, let's rephrase that — mature Negroes running wild in the streets or sniping at total strangers. God made the white man as well as the black. True, we haven't acted as brothers in the past, but we are brothers. If we're to be so many Cains and Abels, that's our choice. We can't blame God for it. Something must be done to reach the Negroes and the whites in the ghettos of this country, and I propose to do something. As a matter of plain fact, I have been doing something for the past several years. 1 have been running a program which I call the ABC — Any Boy Can. By teaching our youth, black, white, yellow, and red, what dignity is, what self-respect is, what honor is, 1 have been able to obliterate juvenile delinquency in several areas. THURSDAY. jfcV Drsyton, Thefeta WtUgif iftd Beverly .lean Milder. daughter of Mr. nnel Mrs. Robert Milder. West Liberty, Iowa, and George Robert Gurry, son of Mr. ;incl Mrs. Thomas D. Garry of nanerofl. town, were united in marriaKc Saturday, September nth. The ceremony wns performed at St. Joseph's Catholic Church nt 2 p.m., West Liberty. Iowa. Rev. ,1. .1. Fiith performed the double ring ceremony. The altar wns adorned with white Kladiolus and candclabras. The soloist was Richard Meyers accompanied by Mrs. Bob Ruess both of West Liberty. Miss Dori Gorman, Brill, Iowa was maid of honor. Bridesmaid was Miss Judy Titterington of West Liberty. Linden J. Accurso, Rolfe, Iowa was best man. Dick Milde't brother, of the bride, was groomsman. Ushers were Dennis Stran, Sigourncy,.Iowa and Tom Wecber, Iowa Cily, a cousin of the bride. Allar boys' were Dick Kaalbcrg and Lindsy Simpson of West Liberty. A reception wns held in the church basement immediately IMIIIMIHIlin minimum IIIIIIIIIIIHHimHHHHIHHIIHIH VFW Auxiliary plans district meet Oct. 7 VFW Post 2541 met Sept. 13 with Pauline Batt, pres. Membership was stressed and everyone was urged to pay their 1968 dues. Dinner chairman, Ellen Evers reported on the successful wedding dinner served by auxilifcry members. N The Silver March neeted $4.10 for the Cancer Fund. Door prize was won by Deloris Roethler. The menu for the district meeting buffet supper was decided. The district meeting will be held Oct. 7 with registration at the VFW Post Home at 3:30 p.m. Dinner is at 6:30 Hollowing the ceremony. The four tiercel cnkc trimmed in.tur- quoise and apricot lillies. was cut by Mrs. Ida Stover, assisted by Miss Louise Garry, sister of the groom. Mrs. James Milder, Algona, poured coffee and Mrs. Rose Eisele, Elmore, Minn., sister of the groom served punch. Hostess was Mrs. Lloyd Simpson, West Liberty, Iowa. Servers were Mrs. Jerry McConnell, Mrs. Wayne Ov'csen, and Miss Carmen Knake. The bride is a graduate of. West Liberty high schooV and attended the University of Iowa. She is a graduate of Mercy School of Nursing in Davenport in radiologic technology. The groom graduated from St. John's school. Bancroft and Font Dodge Junior College. He attended the University of Iowa one year before entering the service. The couple will be living at 1919 8th Ave. North, Grand Forks, North Dakota, where the groom is serving with the Air Force. '•'•• MttWHItlMHIimMHIHIHMIIIIMHHHHIMHHHMUHHIMMMimillllMIIMIM and the business meeting will begin at 7:00. A dance will commence at 9:00 which is open to the public and will feature live music. Official representatives will be VFW Dept. Senior Vice-Commander, Lloyd Rockne and Aux. Dept. Sr. Vice-Pres., Norma Campbell. A lunch was served after the joint meeting by Joyce Schoby, Carol Adams, Clara jFenton Mrs. Delphine Hatutelman and the 'William Hantelmans spent the weekend at Waterloo and Cedar Palis. They visited Becky Hantelman at Cedar Falls and with Mrs. Mulda Baerman at Waterloo. Mary Hantelman, student teaching at Marshalltown, also spent the weekend there. The Robert Burkgrens, LaPorte City, were Sunday overnight guests at Albert Mitchell's. The Delbert Geitzenauers and Nancy, and Milton Geitzenauer were Sunday guests at Norman Finnested's. Mrs. Ella Theesfield and Mrs. Margurite Weisbrod were Monday supper guests of Mrs. Frank McFall. The Frank McFaBs were Sunday guests at Charles Lovejoy's, Cylinder. Sunday evening guests at Wendell Rusch's wete. the Art Rusches, Frank McFalls and Rachael Gade. The Floyd Vaders, Laurens, had the Ralph Walkers, Whittemore, and Mrs. Ida Dreyer Sunday as guests at Maxine's and to the show "Hawaii". Helen Circle of the Fenton Methodist church met Thursday afternoon at Eugene Huskamp's with 13 members and one guest present. Mrs. Dale Weisbrod had the program. Lois circle of the Fenton Methodist church met Thursday evening at the church. Mrs. Junior Hurlburt was ihostess. There were six members present. Mrs. Merle Voigt gave the lesson and devotions. The birthday 500 club met Tuesday evening with Mrs. James Meyer, Mrs. Robert Mitchell was a guest. Mrs. Stan Berkland won high and Mrs. Bernie Kramer low. Mrs. Norman Bellinger and Mrs. Stan Berk'land's birthdays were celebrated. Mrs. Ervin Johnson, the Kenndth Johnsons, Calvin Vaudts attended the baptism of Tami Sue Zander, daughter of the Dixon Zanders, Walnut Sunday. Mrs. Zander is the former Barbara Hannifan. Kevin Johnson was one of the sponsors, Starting next week there will be no garbage pickup on Monday until further notice. Garbage will only be picked up on Fridays. The Ray Ruskes, Grand Lake, Colo., are expected Thursday for a short stay at Dr. Ernest Ruske's. The Lloyd Kerns attended the Twins ball game at Minneapolis Sunday. The John Persons, Lone Rook, Mfs. Olive Petsoft ftftd the Kehfieth Kf auses wei-e Sunday gtittii at Carlos fifi* elby's, §*ei City, for Mrs. Petson who will be leaving soon for St. PetersburfcJFl*. Kettle Voettler student at Mankato State, spent the weekend with her parents, the Ervin Voettlers. . -Vlcki Eimers, student at Mankato commercial college, spent the weekend with her parents, the Harold Eimers. (Rev. and Mrs. Rex Spicer have a daughter, Nina Elizabeth, born Sept. 20 at the £s< therville hospital, 7 Ibs. and 10 oa». They now have two girls and one boy. Kiatrel Grant; Sioux City, was a weekend guest at Clayton Wolfe's. The Don Shaws, Warren Jones, and Clayton Wolfes were Saturday night guests at Robert Rice's, Estherville. Mrs. Dora Schwartzembach spent Sunday at Edmund Krapp's at Humboldt. .The Donald Hainzingers were Sunday afternoon visitors at Robert Mitchell's. The Donald Hainzingers we're Saturday supper guests at Arnold Hainzinger's. The Eldon HanteJmans and Sandra were Thursday supper guests at Larry Buscher's, Algona. Mrs. Reinhold Laabs, the Wilfred Laabses and Fern, James Laabs were Sunday afternoon guests at 'Bernard Laabs's. Armstrong, for Brenda Laab's birthday. Saturday evening guests of Mrs. Elk Thewfield w«fe Mrs. Jewie Newel and the for fttttt dty we* % J** Teresa and Terry, and Frank Dreyett and JiyW, Sunday afternoon guesto a* Oscar SotentorVs W«*e Jh* Alfred Mtdsetts, iftd Ctof- ence Madsens, Madelit, Joy Otootis, St. James, and the Arthur HovdeftaV Sunday guests at Dale for the birthday* of VW a* M*. M«rvin \MriilftlMt.wftM the tfrvih Runkes and Bob, Not tin ttifflti, BUrt, Jte BerklandJ, Mrt. Shi math and gifte, the DeWatl* and Art Voigts. *0,000 Mlto Leonard Wiley, Harlan City pastil carrier, is retiring after Walking 90,000 miles during hi* 31 years of employ* rnent by the Post Office department there. CINEMA ARTS FUJI FESTIVAL ALOONA THEATRE, ALOONA, IOWA 6 Shows at $1.28 7.50 Series Discount *2.50 Net Thii Series 15.00 Oct. 25 — Marriage, Italian Style Oev. I — The Servant Nov. 29 —Breathless Date Latar — Black Orphaus Juliet Of Tho Spirits Divorce, Italian Style A & W DRIVE-IN - ALGONA Equipment, Land, Franchise includsd; Excalltnt Gross, Cash or Contract Sal*. SEE HERBST REAL ESTATE ALGONA — 295-3733 See Colorful Viking Football fXCIT/NG MINHEAPOUS , *•.' and stay at j W. R. FRANK'S U.-~ u W& MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Just 5 Minutes From Downtown and Mpls. Auditorium Facing F»ir Oaks Park and Minneapolis Institute pi Arts Famous for Quality at adcrat* Pr!c»«. HEATED POOL With Secluded Sun Terrace. Poolside Service. 100 LUXURY UNITS Air Conditioned With Compute ' Hotel Servicai. Iowa State Football 1967 BROADCAST SCHEDULE-SATURDAYS LIVE FROM THE GAME SITES SEPTEMBER 30 — NEW MEXICO AT IOWA STATE 1:20 OCTOBER 7 — IOWA STATE AT COLORADO 2:20 OCTOBER H — KANSAS STATE AT IOWA STATi 1*0 OCTOBER 21 — MISSOURI AT IOWA STATE ,— 1;20 OCTOBER 28 — IOWA STATE AT KANSAS 1:20 NOVEMBER 4 — IOWA STATE AT NEBRASKA I:SO NOVEMBER II — OKLAHOMA AT IOWA STATE 1:20 NOVEMBER 18 — OKLAHOMA STATE AT IOWA STATi - -- 1:20 — Cyclone Football — WARD ALGONA, IOWA CLIP AND MAIL TO — Algona Thaatre, P .O. Bon 216, Algona, Iowa Enclosed $ for Cinema Arts Ticket(s) at $5.00 each. Name.—. phone Address City—-—-- Plaase make ehack or money order payable to AlgonaTheetre NOTICE PLACE YOUR ORDERS FOR MERCHANDISE BEFORE THE OCTOBER 1st SALES TAX INCREASE Either weVechargii too litlle,or everyone is charane too n Rambler Amirican. Ths only U.S. cir Ihil could stop you from buying in import. At a price very close to the lead' ing import, the American seats six people instead of four. It gives you nearly twice as much room in the trunk and more than twice as much engine under the hood. Like the imports, the American doesn't change its style every year, gets about 20 miles on a gallon of regular gas. Unlike some imports, it never gives you the feeling that you're driving a toy. •obol. Amoriu's most untaritri csr. The Rebel 550 Hardtop is the lowest priced intermediate sized hardtop in America. 1 It looks sporty, drives sporty and still gives you all the things that most people buy a car for. The Rebel—Hardtop, Wagon, Sedan or Convertible, V8 or 6—is everything we think a car should be. Before you pay more for an intermediate, make sure you get as much. Ambassador. Tho esr with sir MaditioMH! it ilsddsrd oquipmiit. Air conditioning has been around for a long time, but so far only a few companies—the people who make Rolls Royce for one—have had the good sense to include it in their cars at no extra cost. We're another. We just don't understand why someone should be asked to pay a lot of money for a luxury car and then be asked to pay over $300 more for the luxury of air conditioning. InlroduMHf Ids JsvsNa. Although we've always had the reputation for making sensibly priced, well-built cars, we've never had the reputation for making hot, sporty cars. We'll soon have the reputation for making hot, sporty cars. The front and rear bumpers on the Javelin are massive. Unlike thin blade bumpers, these give the car a rich, racy look. The side windows on the Javelin are solid sheets of curved glass, without vents to break up its fast lines. The Javelin SST comes with wheel discs, special exterior trim, reclining bucket seats and a woodgrain steering wheel, all standard. And all for a lower price than the other sporty hard tops. 1 American Motors 1 -Piice claims based unon a comparison ol manulactuiers' suggested retail prices. Prices shown are tor Rambler American 2 door Sedan. Rebel 550 2 door hardtop, Ambassador 2 door hardtop, Javelin 2 door hardtop. Federal lues included. State and local taxes, it any, destination charges, options excluded. ON Javelin Mall Coupon lui rKU Color Ui P^MWUKr^^^ I Frn Trwipoftit.^n lo i NAME Alrjwit, Triin *i»t Bus I j, C.n5r». Aljp M.t. Sir , , d urn, Gutb'i* TtiMtri , • i WT» STATE KLGA *** 1600 KC t DAU'S GARAGE, us «.Wf«»,Ai«o«, MWA UAftb MUIUK ttUltl AMU KtblAuKANI

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