The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 5, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey · Page 1

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1899
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Eight Pages r r r NUMBER j*e'" TIMES. ff Two Cienuu THE DAILY TIMES : NEW BK0N$WIOK, N. J., WEuNttSDAY jUL*. 5, 1889 PRICE Two OUR* LAST EDITION LATEST BT WIRE. Dar*?d Him to Shoot. Special to the TIMBB. DUNBAR, Pa., July 5. —An old qaai- rel between William Irtwdin and Mark Hay, fellow-workmen at the Pariah Coke Works, broke out anew yesterday, and Lowdin was phot down by bis enemy in cold blood. The men met in a house where the Fourth was being oeK brated. Hay left the olace, and soon returned, shotgun in hand He dared Lowdin to come out, and the latter, a fiery little man, prom oily ao- •oepted the challenge.. Lo-vdin told Hay that he was afraid to shoot, at which the gun was promptly discharged, the entire load taking effect in Lowdin's (high. He died in a few minuUs. His murderer drove to town and surrendered to the officers. in Woods. Special to the TIMES. WATERFOED, July 5 — A forest fire supposed to be of incendiary origin, started at Dunbarton, near here yesterday afternoon. The house of Herman Rose was destroyed and only back-firing saved the five tenement houses and the big hen- neries at the Dunbarton Chicken Farm. The fire was not under control at 10 o'clock last night. MURDER NEAR KINGSTON. Samuel Cruse Shot and Killed by Mail Named Larkin. Samuel Cruse, a colored man, was sho. and killed at Princeton Basin, four inile s from Kingston, last night. Crme and two brothers named Larkins got into an altercation along the canal whioh resulted in one of the brothers shooting Cruse. Two shots were fired, both of which took effect, one in the head and the other in the abdomen. He died almost instantly. Officers are looking for the brothers who fled. The affair occurred in Mercer county just over the Middlesex line.; METUCHEN NEWS. METUCHEN, July 5. — The lawn fete at Uplands Farm on Monday evening was a a delightful affair. Mr. and Mrs. Spear toave conducted many successful affairs at their charming residence, but their latest surpassed all other achievements. There was a fine fire works display, and the guests then •enjoyed daroing on the large pavilion erected on the lawn, to the musio furnished by a Hungarian string orchestra from Hamerstcin's, New York. Over three hundred guests , were present. Among them were Messrs. Van Cleef and Boyd, of New Brunswick. The game of baseball yesterday morning was won by Metachen, who defeated the L. S. Plaut team, of Newark, by a score of 7 to 6. The golf links were crowded yesterday afternoon with contestants and spectators, tho occasion being the handicap tournament! of the Woodwild Goll Club. The ladies' tournament was nine holes. 1 1 was won by Mrs. George 8. Silzer, with a grogs score of G'2. aad a net score of 47. Mrs. b\ A. Pattisou was second, playing from scratch, with a. score of 57. The men's tourament was 18 holes It was won by Washington Wilson with a gross score of 96 Arthur Strong was second, with a gross score of 101. „ hehei-al Biscay pf Fireworks v Last evening there Was a gdnerii! display of fireworks throughout the city. Any number of individuals had an exhibition in front of their residences whioh not only delighted the givers, but those in the immediate vicinity. The display this year was larger than usual. TEY Bissett's milk shakes. mS-tf At the E kiT MId-Snmmer Night Festival to be held iu Washington Park, July lllh, you win be «utenalned for two hoar* by talent from aoaie ot the beet New York theatres. Immediately after tbe grand concert by Prof. VOM' First ftrglnieut Band. july3-td. PLANT OF FORMER BEACON LAMP COMPANY. THE HOUSE OF MBS OOOK AFIRE Two Bigr Fires and Several Little Ones Keep Up Fxoite- ment Locally. Fire destroyed the er tire factory of the former Beacon -Larnp Company, on lower Burnet street, around midnight on Monday. The plant of this company was brought here, fuur years ago from Boston and was Ihen known as the Beacon Lamp Company, makers of incandescent eltc.Iru: light globes. This company recent'y tailed and was sold out to Charles Bigelow, of New York. A week ago it became the Raritan Electrical Manufacturing Company) an incorporated concern with a capital stock of $150 V 000 and with H. G. Far Mr as the local representative. The streets were filled «M'h ,,,»r,. pie at 11.20 o'clock MODO' - . i^i-t when an alarm of iii.- v a3 sounded from box 27 at avenue and Burnet street. A few minutes before a half dozen people, including Thomas Collins and Harry Gorman,who were in the vicinity of the building, dis- oouered flames on the east side of the building where the laboratory of the firm was located. Even then the fire must have been burning a long time, as soon afterward the interior of the struotnre was seen to be a mass ot flames.. There were many other buildings near the factory and Second Assistant Chief Charles Bank, who was early on the scene, realizing their danger, soon sent in a second alarm, while a third and general alarm, although only the box number and not three threes was sounded, was sent in at 11.40 o'clock. Every engine company responded promptly. The wind blew from the south, sending the flames and sparks toward the canal, with the result that the fighters quickly accomplished the work ot putting out the fire. A wooden corn «rib less than 15 feet from the building was not even burnt d, although the entire two and a half story brick factory and ah its contents were lost. There were many explosions of chemicals in tho building during the fire. The firemen greatly distinguished themselves and prevented the fire from attacking the mule stables of P. M. Welsh, Conover's Ftables, the, machine shop of Thomas Lea, the foundry of Thomas Phinney and dwellings nearby. Collins and Gorman mentioned above saved 16 mules from the stables. One accident occurred. George Jaques while mounted on a ladder at the rear ot the building and fighting the fire at close quarters was forced to jump to save himself from a mass of falling bricks. He was badly bruised about the bead and face. Engine No. 0 was at Thomas Lea's machine shops uudergoiug repairs, and when that building WJB threatened the engine was removed to a safe place. There was considerable insurance carried on the building and its contents The building belonged to Thomas Lea, wno recently had furnished the power for the factory from his engines. The building was insured for $7,000 of which J. Bayard Kirkatriok carried $2,000, Michael O'Connor $2,000 and. (.hree New York poajinieB $1,000 each. The contents were insured for 164,000. J. Bayard Kirfepatrick had $33,000, Neilepn T. Parser $25,000, and Lyons .flrotheft 16,000. About 200 persons bad been employed in the building lecently, and as a result they have now no employment. A representative of the company said today that it was undecided whether they would rebuild On the old site. It was possible, he said, a new factory would be bailt across the river The origin of the fire has not bsen fully determined SOME MINOR FIEES. Several fires, undoubtedly caused by rTTrfTmrfT ECONOMY cannot be pfaotided lo better advanfcr^e than by patronizing us. We guarantee • f-aving of 10 per cent on all goods purchased from us. We buy direct from the producers and save you all middlemen's profit? Why not give us a call? TEAS. The quality of our Teas Is well known consequently you will readily understand what you are receiving when we quote the following prices. fhla Bale Our Boo Teag. auy_ flavor jjer Ib 3oc " 70o * * * S2o 8 Ibs choice Mixed Tea $ 1. lo per box. Our perfection Blend and Ocylon Teas 1 Ib package 40e. regular p-ice 46o COFfTKES. on 'our quauty aud BUro Fresh roasted dally on 'our own roaster. to j~ SUMMER SPECIALS. Lunch Glama. can BSffi&gtff&Jg*' 0 ***'™ Lunob Longne, 1-4-n? cam Soused Maokeral can Hew Bed Salmon, can Mustard 8ardlne». tan Bpfoed Sardine*, can Bpae'a Ume Juices^ bot Wld ObSry Kitract. bott IOC 13o 4o 4o 12o 9c 40 no to FlneBtMooha Ib Old Qov Java lakes in'BBreakfast food nt Wheat it tip 6 ;' 1 '** Oat fflakee 3Mba Do llo i*o 13o 4*fto 4So We will carry a Ml u>g v O { ; V . -1 m fe;i,.,., - &•*• '••" 4 •• **H : .v'^ "2 wite&&: burning refuse from fireworks, were discovered and quickly extinguished during the day. One occurred at Ten neson's corner, Somerset street and Easton avenue, behind a fence adjoining a house. Bernard Dolan discovered and extinguished it. Another fire started the flames on the roof of Mrs. Richard Phillips's house, on Kaston avenue. Patrolman Frank Campbell discovered it and Timothy Campton extinguished it. Charles Hammell at 10 45 discovered a fire in Mr. Levine's faou-e next to his store. He extinguished it with several pails ot water. Fire was discovered on Monday afternoon at tho rear of i hff house rn Com- mproe Square ne^r Charles FUh^r'n o^»l office Men from the rubbt-r faotojiy extitig linlud it. j FIREWORKS S FIRE The property of Mrs VV. H. (Jook, at 230 Neilson street, was ruined by firo and water li-^t night, the alarm beiojj sent in from box 46 at 10.40 o'cl ck i Mr. Cook in tellm* of thtf fire tr|i$ morning said the blaze was started by firecrackers thrown by a «aog of hood lumb standing at the comer of Neilst'ii and Wa>luogton Htreett*. ' The n're started on tho roof wherr there was some tar fdo i.uper whioh kui- oled the hUze Ttie t-n ire roof was so^n all on fire the dry stimuli s burning veiy rxpidly, and |ihe flduaes gradually 4 e ihtir w.»y into the attic ai.d lower stor| The fire also spread to the Hugh Mooney property adjviBut to ihe Oook house and occupied by George G*y, the [CONriNUED ON EIGHTH PAGE] WRECK Of a Passenger Train On the Raritan River 'Railroad — Miraculous Escapes of Passengers, i The 6 o'clock train on tbe Rarita-n River Railroad was wrecked at Meltort. three miles from South Amboy, Monday evening, the engine and two oars, which made up the train, plunging down a 20- foot embankment. Miraculous to say, only one ot tho 50 or 60 passengers on the (rain was seriously hurt, althou|| one of the cars turned over in its tumble and the travelers were badly shaken up. The train which makes eight regular 'trips between this city, and South Amboy every day was 20 minutes late in leaving there Monday night. In rounding the curve at Melfort, one of the most dangerous points on tha road, the train juoaped the track at the switch whioh connects the Rrritan River and Pennsylvania railroads. Tbe engine left the traok and plunged down the embankment followed by tho two oars There were nearly two score of passengers in the two cars and not a life was lost Engineer C. W. Mulf>rd and Fireman John Sullivan jumped from iho as it left the rails aud undoubtedly We have many odd suits gathered from the very best in our store, cannot guarantee your size in all styles, but have made the variety so choice, that any suit in the lot will prove the. greatest value you ever bought. You will notice mamy 10, 12 and 15 dollar suits, in this offer- rng; ihey are worth these same prices to you today. We will part with them for 7.50. SPECIAL—WashaMe boys pants. 3 to 10 years at 15o pair. We will close evenings, alter July 4th at 8.38 p, m. Saturday excepted, A ! WQLFSON'S SONS, OUTFITTERS. New Oui- Trenton Star*. •«TH« BKUL," lift «md 11T 8. Bread »tr M i. their lives, as the engine was badly damaged. One of the oars caught on the tender and was prevented in overturning a second time. Conductor Richard Sullivan was the firsfe man out of the train and though badly bruised he went at work at once to assist the other members of bis crew in rescuing the passengers from their perilous position. The drew? did excellent service and are to be com 1 mended. The passenger most seriously injured was a resident of South River, who had an ankle broken. Judge 0. T. Oowen- hoven was thrown over three seats in the firet ear and bad his shoulder sprained Ms. Edwin^armw, of Sayreville, was badly bruised, as w«re also the three Miases Archer, ot South River. The fireman'had his arm sprained. W. Clark, of this city, was also on board. Nearlr eVetyone was out jor braised, but not seriously. The wreekA engine and oars are still m tbe swamp at the foot of tbe embankment. PhotographerfaUmaylk a number of wews ot the wrerc COMMON COUNCIL REFUSES HIS APPLICATION. FOUB STREETS TO BE PAVED Telford Pavement for Commercial Avenue, Paterson. French and Somerset Streets — Other Business. Speculation as to the disposal to be nude of t.he application of Thomas Howley f >r a linense for his saloon on Somerset sir et wan otido-d on Monday night when the Lioco^c Committee reported unfavorably upon tho application and it was relusi-d by a vote of 10 to 3. Howley's place is now closed. Other important business was the ar" rnogement ol the improvements to bo iiiado wi\h the special'paving appropriation nf 510,000, for sireut improvements. Resolutions providing lor t(e 'HVU'g of 10 inch Tel ford pavements t n (J.iiiimeroial avenue, French, Patersc n nf'd Somerset streets were adapted nud bids will be advertised for atonoo. fhe ordinance for a aewer in the Sixth ward was passed on its third and final reading. The meeting was called to order by Alderman Jaques with all present. On motion of Alderman Runyon the reading of the minutes was dispensed with and they were approved as printed, with a correction noted later. The following petition was received and on motion referred to the committee on Streets and Roads. To the Honorable the Common Council of the tlty oC New Brunswick : Gentlemen :—We the undersigned property holders of Pateraon street, between Kirkpatriok and Sohuyler street, wish to make complaint regarding the continual damage done our property trotn each and every heavy rain storm, whioh is caused from lack of drainage in -our street ; the matter has become serious to us, both from a healthful and financial standpoint and we pray for some immediate attention to this matter and hope for immediate relief. The petition was signed by the following : Louis Wolfson, executor Aaron Woll- 8on, William Browei* Charles 8. Van Nuis, Daniel VlieL 8. J. LaRue, J. S. Waker, Anna B Qarretson, J. J. Janeway. The Cicy Clerk reported that he had a copy of an agreement entered into by the city and the Pannsylvania Railroad Company, relative to a sewer under the canal. It was stated that a resolution would be submi.ted later to cover the matter. A communication was received from Almira Ryerson, setting forth, at length, that she had souie time before submitted a petition to the Board of Aldoruien stating that certain lands of hers, in the Fifth ward, known as " The Tea Boxes," were oontiaually overflowed of improper drui'iage, and offering to give to the city a strip ot laud for a drain ; that, thia had been referred to the Se vers Committe whioh InJ taken no aoiioa in the matter ; and that she requested that some action bo taken. President Jaqueri stated that the committee had tho matter under advisement, and the communication was, on motion, referred to the Committee on Sewers. The petition of James F. McOloskey, for 9i renewal gf his license, wa.s received and referred to the License Committee. Later it was returned to tbe olerk, to be returned to Mr. McCloBkey. Alderman Uousell, the chairman of the committee, stated that a new application must be made out, as the applicant had never had a license for the locality petitioned for. The following reports of city officers for June were received and referred to the appropriate cpmmitiees ; Chief o$ RACES At the Driving Park Yester day Afternoon. The Fourth of July race meet of the New Brunswick Driving Association held yesterday on the Highlanl Park track was a grand success. It afforded an excellent, opportunity to many pleasure seekers for an afternoon's amusement and was well patronized by local and out of town people...... The afternoon was a delightful oje for the meet and the Association is much p 1 eased with the success of the second day's races of the season. Tho musio for the occasion was furnished by G >odwill band. There were three events beside the match race, in one of which there wore seven heats. The match race between W. G. Deinzer's Prince El.and R. J Smith's chestnut uiarc, Rotuea, was not run <> vjng to the lateness ot thn li'>ur T <e large number ot entries in thf '2 HO ul m resulted in the foil'iMtinsr uf the n. a o>i raw I'rmoe It • lial raceil in ihe fnvon heat event and wn« not brought out, for the mutnh^raou by Mr. Doiuzer, who forfeited the r.i«o to Ronioa. Maj -r Lambtrt, the brown sorrel of W. L. Lockwood won three straight heats in the free for all class, trot or pace, with a purse ot 8200. The second event, the 2 23 class race with a $1.50 purse w^s won by Prince H. who made three straight heats. In the first four heats he was evidently held back. The last event, 2.30 class, was won by Elizabeth D., owned by Thomas Dunn, of Elizabeth. The purse I was 8150. The summary is as follows : Free for all claps—Won by Major Lambert, owned by W. S Lookwood, Newark ; Daisy Stello, owned by S. R Forman, Freehold, second ; General Mercer, owned by J. L. Conard, Trenton, third ; Time, 2.18, 2 20*. and 2 19. The other TfflYTB CAUGHT ON The dressy men know ihe intrinsic worth of our clothing. Some learned the truth by experience, some by-hearsay. But they've all caught on. We've giving all an equal chance to become acquainted with our characteristic high-grade clothing at little prices. $i2.oo for all wool suits made to order. All wool suit, ready made from 5.00 up. Children suits 1.50 up Satisfaction Guaranteed in case or your money refunded. Newark Clothing Store, 4-7-4-9.CHURCH STREET THEO. OOHN. PROP'R. [CONTINUED ON PAG The Best Values for the If the best quality at the lowest bottom price is any object, come and Bee no. Extra good values in every department* Ladies' shirt waists and wrappers ; largest stock ot hosiery and underwear for spring and summer. The best 26a and )0o. corsets in the market Infanta* wear, everything thalf a mother mate for darling baby Novelties in neckwear, ies, beta, bunk els jewelry, notiona, Viehmann's Bee Hive, 48 and 60 huroh street. ja21-4 BATH SPONGES The finest Hue ever shown in New Brurswick lOc to $1.25 Sponge Bags, Soap Boxes, Pocket Mirrors, Whisks, Combs, Tooth, Hair and Nail Brushes. Best Goods at low prices. WM. RUST & SONS. DRUGGISTS, Commerce Square, Mi, Booming sale of high grade CLOTHING also Musical Instruments, Sporting goods, Pistols, [ammunition, fishing tackle, watches, jewelry, trunks and satchels -AT— G. DREIEB. 75 Church Street. All goods positively Dew. HEADQUARTERS FRUITS AND VEG6TA5fc6S Fine Groceries and Pune Food Products. Teas and Coffees of the higher grade. An unbroken record of 28 years catering to the wants of the people of New Brunswick has proven my ability to cope with competition and is the strongest possible evi<kmc3 that satisfaction has be^n rendered. P. 8. VAN ANGLEN, STANDARD LEHIGH starters were Bam L., owned by Charles MoCue, 8eabright ; Kitty Van, W. H. Coville, Three Bridge, withdrawn after first heat. 2 23 class won by Prinoe H., W. Deln- zer, New Brunswick; Myrtle Twig, owned by T. H. Brandogham, Plainfield, second ; Maaiie Clark, owned by J. C. Brower, jr., Pnrkville. L I., third. Time, 2 221. 2 211, 2 22J, 2,23, 2 24, 226, 229, 233|. The other starters were Charles 8., owned by W. F. Cutter, Perth Amboy (withdrawn in third heat) ; Alberta §hf'i 9wned by W. S. Coville, Thre^ Bridges^ .2.30 Class- Won by Elizabeth D., owned by Thomas Dunn, Elizabeth; Dandy A., owned by A. J. Palmer, New Brunswick, second; Lizzie E , owned by W. H. Lockwood, Newark, third. Time, 227i, 2.22i, 222|, 2.23$. The other starters were Lena Wilkes, owned by W. 0. Ely, Holmdel; Lizzj B , Charles Whitenaok, New Brunswio! . Kremlin Girl, E. Sweet, Perth Amboy ; Ambdate, W. H. Ooville, Three Bridges; Fairmont, (withdrawn in third heat). The judged and timers were Austin Moofe, C. H. ,Manahan and James M. Parson*/ Lewfa" tf- Martin was the starter. Cor. Hiram and Dennis streets* > A SUMMER iSUIT Egg, Stove, go: 2 $ut, NOTICE ia her3t>y x\ TON. $3.75 3.76 3.76 p. 76 NOTICE ia herslay gl v.- L tb f . •' s ' '. ooal eredswill be jftifetoja jc fcha tJty «>'.a,les olflclftl welgHi ticket, cenui with e*<;\ deli whov£0 requested b} c-'A " ,. r Robert E. pf Couuneroj*! ave. Of Blue serge, made _ well, f trimmed ( well, looks well, and Fits, at $6.50. Others at 8.50 and 12.00. |Ij NEVIUS & CO- : ;if 1 1 : '$ ••<'»& VBRY EASY 'fo select clothing from ou¥ stock, \re hav# such a variety. VERY EASY To decide upoo what you w&nt, for our prices are low. Ml EASY To pay* for what you DUY, for our terms are right. T($i ita.«RB-aecc,'• ** J& HWMEYER'S & ELDER' i i: 1; v Granulated Sugar at ^ flners prices. *pEST TEAS W

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