Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1967 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1967
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Alqona ho^suth County / ' ' r^T" V[ .. /^ mum* Me. f, i*M, M lewa Mil entfetftet UM» Ad of M«th I, tiff ST. ANNJIHTHS 44 — Mf! and Mrs Hafojd Thilges, Ottosen, boy, 0 ib. iifc 61 VOL, ^ NO. tt - THURSDAY, SEPT. *8,1W7, ALOOWA, IOWA ~ M PAOIS IN I SECTIONS Society ance NtW COURT CAtiS Violet Millei Sorensen and others vs. Alma Hagedorn and others, partition, N fr. % — 9400-28. WEPDINQ PERMITS Gerald Wachsman, Mason City, Ellen Smidt, Titonka; Richard Wiisanen, Carol Mc< Laughlin, both Minneapolis; Kolyn 'Ted Isebrand, LeAnn Gingerich, both Titonka; John Boland, Forest City, Charlene A. Kleven, Granada, Minn. ALOONA WEATHER Sept. 20 _ Sept. 21 __ Sept. 22 __ Sept. 23 •••_. . Sept. 24 '.__ Sept. 25 __ Sept. 26 L_ Sept. 27 BUILDING High Lew 1 ___-76 61 _- 64 48 70 41 •_•_. 67 47 ___ 67 37 ___ 84 42 ___ 80 46 — — 35 PERMITS lain ,01 .08 V. L. Gunder, remodel garage, $750; Production Credit Association, remodel office, $1500; Mitch Taylor, replace and widen driveway, $200; Garry McDonald, driveway, $300; C. G. Venteicher, reside house, $1900; Cliff Hoover, repair sidewalk; U. B. Pfeffer, reshingle porch and dormer, $50; Ray Funk, repair sidewalk. x '..,-•;•'. MAYOR'S COURT Phillip Hill Simpson, Algona, careless driving, $15; . Charles Raymond Deibler, Algona, failure to enter highway safely, $10; Jon M. Deim, Algona, improper mufflers, $5; Robert George Faber, Algona, careless driving, $15; Dennis James Besch, Whittemore, unlawful use of license, $15 — possession of beer by a minor, $50; Bryce Allan Simpson, Algona, improper lane changing causing an accident, $10; William Charles Hassel, Fenton, improper passing, $10; Victoria Siemer, LuVerne, failure to have control, NEW VEHICLES AlgoM loses M vocational * ^ * school site The Iowa Lakes Community college (Merged Area lit) will locate its vocational branch at Emmetoburg. Present plans call (or the academic center and administrative center to remain at Estherville. State department approval is still needed for establishing the branch campus. The Emmetsburg site was chosen by a close 4 to 3 vote by the board of directors last Wednesday night, Sept. 20th. The choice was made because of the Central location of the town in the five county area. Edgar Meyer, the board member from • the south half of Kossuth voted for Emmetsburg as the vocational site as did Orville Thorson of Swea City. . :•'• ' '* V- • ' • An interim course in vocational auto mechanics is still being planned for Algona until the central site receives final approval and is built. A recent survey by the college on the needs of employers is still being tabulated by the college. 5 f The three fourths mill levy recently passed by the five county area by a strong vot» of 3,460 to 2,081 will be used for expanding the vocational facilities of the college. Two fined on drive nears goal 7-year-oW killed when struck by car Over '172,798 sas court starts '••, ••' ' ' ' !; , '• In court action this week Judge Murray Underwood, ~of Spencer, sentenced; two on OMVI charges and postponed sentencing on tw.6; pleas of go^fultty^ batf IcH&^hlSrl&r- na, Honda; Jerry Lee Richard- * Thmas A, Murray was fin- son, Ledyard, Honda; Farmers ed $300 and costs on a charge Co-op Elevator, Swea City, of driving while intoxicated. GMC; Patrick Bradley, Ban- He was arrested August 26 at croft, Chev. p/u; George. Ber- Bancroft. Robert M; Schwid- nard Kunkel, Corwith, GMC; der was also fined $300 on a Hiland Potato Chip Co., Al- like charge. He was arrested gona, Chev. Trk.; Helen M. June 27 on highway 9. Leaneagh, Algona, Ambassa- Gary M. Dale and Jerry dor; Harry Rudolph Ricklefs, Parsons pleaded guilty to bad Titonka, Chev.; Larry Phillip check charges and Judge Un- or R. C. Kiley, Wesley, Am- derwood ordered a pre-sen- bassador; Edwin Fred Lieb, sentence investigation, and John set Oct. 9 for sentencing! Jury work will Algona, Ambassador; Wm. Dole, Irvington, Ford; Gary G. &/or Sandra K. Abbas, Burt, Pont.; Harold Carr, Swea City, Dodge; Charles E. Seebeck, Wesley, Dodge; Barbara Ann Weydert, Bode, Ford; Louis Wm. Heinen, Algona, Plym. ST. ANN HOSPITAL Sept. 20 — Julie Knecht, of West Bend, medical. Sept. 22 — Cathy Bixler, of Algona, medical; Loren White, Algona, medical; Eugene Nichols, Algona, medical. Sept. 23 — Mrs. "Esther Barton, Algona, medical; Arnold Schiltz, Bancroft, medi- tion Comm. open this Monday morning, and the cases listed for civil actions by jurors are: Irelan vs. Will: Hasse vs. Krantz. Sharp vs. Harmon. Davis vs. Baldwin. Davis vs. Meyer. Briggs vs. Farnham. Briggs vs. Farnham. Swartzbaugh vs. Heidenwith. Canaday vs. Schade. Cowan vs. Schade, Edgington vs. Origer, Antoine vs. State Conservation Comm. Christ vs. State Conserva- YOUNOSTER RUNS IN FRONT Of THIS CAR A seven-year old Swea City youngster, David Heneman, died about three hours after he was struck by a car four miles west of Swea City on highway,9 f Sunday afternoon:about 2.35 p.m. ; The youngster was rushed to Holy Family hospital at Estherville with Dr. Turner of Armstrong after he was struck but died'of chest injuries and a skull fracture about 5:45 p.m. at the hospital. • Scene of the accident was in Swea township about two miles from the Emmet county line. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst was called to the scene to investigate. The death of the boy was the 6th highway fatality in Kossuth during 1967. . DRIVER OF THE car that struck the youngster was Kenneth E. Rowlet, 30 of Swea City. His car, a 1966 Chevrolet, had only minor damage. •. % The young boy was walking along the highway, 'according to Rowlet, who was traveling east on highway 9. He said the boy ran from the south shoulder north about halfway across the highway and then started back. , :* The left front car fender struck the boy, knocking him into the ditch, about 90 feet from the point of impact. Rowlet applied the brakes of his car, ; when, he.,,saw- the-bo^ "nurh^ack^u^was" -••• ••""*-' ^ - J Rowlet told Sheriff Lindhorst he thought the boy had watched for cars coming from the east and waited until two had passed before starting his dash across the highway. The accident occurred near the farm driveway of the Carl Schaubergers. The Heneman family lives about one- fourth mile west and one-fourth south of the Schauberger drive. FUNERAL SERVICES for the boy were held Wednesday afternoon at the Open Bible church in Swea City. He was one of six children of the Kenneth Heneman'family and his father has been handicapped since being injured in a car accident some years ago. It was reported the youngster was on his way to visit , a friend when the accident occurred. MMIHIIHIIMHIHIHIMIIIIIIIIIHIIIilMIHIMIIIIMMHIIIHIHIMtlMIIIMIIHIIimillllHIHW to pass, he started a turn into a field driveway. ,The Bollig car, owned by Kenneth Bollig, had $175 damage while the Dreyer John Deere tractor had $75 damage. The accident occurred IVz miles north and 2 east of Fenton. Deputy sheriff Eppo Bulten investigated. Charges of driving on a restricted license were filed against Miss Bollig and Dreyer was charged with failing to signal a turn. Two charges in Tuesday accident Charges were filed against both drivers in a two-car crash northeast of Fenton Tuesday afternoon about 5:30 p.m. A car driven by Judy A, Bollig, 17 of Fenton, came over a hill traveling south and a tractor operated by Harold F. Dreyer, Fenton, was on the road. Just as she was about cal; Simon Henry, Algona, medical; Linda Rusch, Whittemore, accident; Mrs, Theresa Golwitzer, Algona, medical. Sept. 25 — Leland Grein, Algona, medical; Mrs. Sandra Parcel, Algona, medical; Wil* liam Leisner, Algona, medical; Mrs. Ruth Walker, Algona, surgery. Sept. 26 — Mrs. Lucille Smith, Algona, medical, SALE CALENDAR Sept. 30 — Michael Nawrocki sale, at farm located 2 miles east and Vt- north of Hand's Park Corner near Fairmont, Minn, Sale includes 120-acre farm with buildings. We.del & Clark, auctioneers. Full sale details in Advance last Monday. Oft, 11 — Morse 280-acre farm auction, six miles east of Estherville on north lide of highway ft, 12 miles west of Armstrong. Clark *V Clark, auctioneers. Sale details Sept 25 and also next week. Oft, 4 ^ Har9l<i Fischer closing out sale, at farm located mile east and mile ,— .--'-.... 4 ' *-.-.• south of Swea City. Sale in- tist church will host M(Aper- eludes full line of John Deere U?an CounsiJ of CtaVtW machinery pl«s 150 Harop, Churches Rally. Speaker will hsire hogs. Q«inn $ Clark, b§ Pr• P?»»W W»M& Meyer vs. Spencer. Non-jury cases on which work was started last week included: Tietz vs. Caquelin. Interstate Diesel vs. Thompson. Hayes vs, St. John. Faber vs, Faber. Steussy vs. Columbia Hail Assn. Stalder vs. Kiecker, et al. Doughan vs, Gardner, Kooyman vs. Bronson. Stone vs. Skweres. Laberman's Iowa Record vs. Zittritsch. Perkins vs. Ackerman. Mullen vs. Kooyman. Chantland vs. Chantland. Thilges vs, Thiiges. Berningbaus vs, Berninghaus. Hentges vs. Zentner. Peter Rolling Conservator- ship. IMUMIIHMUIIIIIIIIMniMMIIUinUIIMMMMMMMHHIMIIIMIIIIMHNMIIIIIIUmlMMMIMIIIMIIIMtUniHHtHMHMMMHIHMMMIMMMMHMHIHMIIHlin Opens new office now as end nears Harry L. Greenberg. general chairman for the St. Ann Hospital Campaign Improvement Fund, announced yesterday that the program is now in its final stages and that all associated with the program are optimistic regarding its end results. Mr. Greenberg stated, "We now have .$172,798.00 subscribed to the program through personal contact by our volunteer organization. Some subscriptions do yet remain to be finalized, and these are understandable, as the majority of them require more than individual attention and their responses are expected to be slow. Too, a number of people who are away from town are to be seen upon their return. Additionally, we also have some few reports to be made from our workers in Algona, Whittemore and South Kossuth." He added, "We regret it is impossible every person in the county cannot be called upon and personally be given the opportunity to assist in this important project. Because of manpower limitations we must resort to mailing to them. The final action of the campaign was instituted Tuesday afternoon when mailings to all county residents who were not contacted personally by the campaign workers were placed in the mail. "It is expected everyone iff , group will receive^ kbeir. request by. the end of this week, and with everyone seemingly realizing the importance of improving our community hospital to the highest of standards to serve our loved ones it is expected the response to this appeal will help us exceed the $200,000 needed to accomplish the job we all have set out to do." MR. GREENBERG further stated, "It is our hope that ev- 'ery individual who receives the request by mail will respond to it quickly, and to the best of his or her ability. There is a definite need that we do exceed the goal. One must realize that the program should receive an over-subscription of the $200,000 in order that it finally produce that amount for the hospital's improvements. It is only reasonable to expect that some shrinkage will be encountered against the total subscribed, as a number of people who plan' to give over the 36 months will move away from the area, others will suffer reverses and will not be able to continue payments before the expiration of this period, and as this program is not imposing any binding, legal obligation on anyone the balances on these subscriptions will not be collectible." In summing up the program, Mr. Greenberg mentioned the hospital presently is in the process of forming a board to be composed of business men who will represent all factions and faiths, to advise the hospital's administration in the future. Names of the individual members will be announced as soon as the acceptances are complete. One of the first considerations of this group will be the disbursement of the funds of this program, as they are received, for the improvements needed. Priorities for the needs will be a board decision. lady October 3, 8.00 Regular Bap- Tuesday p.m., the auctioneers; Swe| City State. wood, New Jersey, Bank, clerk. Full sale details "of Pr. Carl Mclntir* fo * in tody's PiACH, 20|h Century Hour Broadcast. Reformation DR. Ti Jt tINSINO of Whittemore announces the opining of g veterinarian office in Bancroft in pqrtnership with Pr. E. J. Capesius of Whittemore, whom he is currently associgted with. Pr. Lensing is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Lensing and g son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Menke all of Bancroft. He and his wife Marilyn have g fqmily of .six .children. A 1949 graduate of St. John's High School in Bancroft, he received a degree in veterinary medicine from lp- wa State University, Ames in 1960. He served in the U. $. Air Force in 1951-52. He has be.en associated with Pr. Capesius since graduation seven years ggo. Pr. Capesius is a 1940 graduate of Iowa Store University gt Ames gnd has practiced in the Kossuth area since that time,' with the exception of his service years. Steele meefs Boone ALGONA CHAMBER of Commerce secretary Bill Steele (second from left) is shown shaking hands with singer Pat Boone recently at the Clay County Fair at Spencer after presenting him with honorary membership in the Northwest Iowa Chamber of Executives (NICE) group. The organization, of which Steele is president, held its month's meeting at Spencer during the Fair. Boone appeared several days at the Spencer Fair. Also pictured is left, Emerson Schill, Spencer, vice-president, and'Charles Knoblauch, Carroll, secretary-treasurer. • HlmlMIMHIMItMtMMMIIMMIIIIMIMHtllllMIIMMtlMmnlMMMM4HlmHMIMIIIIIIIIIIIHIIMIHMIlmltlttMHimiHMHIIIIHi MIIIIMtlMIIIIIIIIIMIMIMIIIMHMIMIIIIIIMtMIHII School board Lo " e Rock brolhers Services for meet in Saigon elects Medin and Black MR. GREENBERG, on behalf of the campaign organization, and the hospital administration asked that every individual volunteer who assisted the program, men, women and high school students and that every person contributing to the program be thanked for their efforts and their assistance in making the program a success. "We also wish to thank those who have not yet made their gift to the program, but The Board of Education of the Algona Community School District at its regular meeting Monday elected Russ Medin president and Robert Black vice president. They received the report of the election judges for Sept. 11 declaring Mrs. Ruth Bay and Robert Black as duly elected for new 3-year terms on the Board. The Board also noted the passage of the proposition calling for a 7-member Board; this would be effected by increasing the membership at the next general school election in September 1968. All seven members will continue to be elected at large from the entire district. The Board approved general plans for adult education for the current year including the appointment of Frank BrUsie as director. Salaries were adjusted for seven teachers whose training and special assignments had been changed since original contracts were tendered .last March. The teaching staff, consisting of 103 members, is now complete. The superintendent reported on tentative plans for use of approximately $34,000 in federal aid funds under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. They include: Follow-up on reading skills for elementary pupils participating in the 1967 summer program; remedial reading in high school, AHS and Garrigan, for the current academic year; reduction of pupil- teacher ratio in grade one; 'tentative plans for summer 1968 activities including Distributive Education for selected high school students and reading and arithmetic for selected elementary students. All of these programs are available to both public and parochial school students. Plans for the new high school are continuing with conferences between architect and teaching staff on Tuesday, October 3. The Board plans to review these plans at its next meeting on Monday. October 16. will do so through.thes mail, and to those individuals who have already been contacted personally and who may possibly receive a request in the mail we thank them for their support and their forebear- ance of the duplicated request." Lone Rock — Siagon was the meeting place for two brothers who had not seen each other since.December. They aro - the sons• of 'the Laurence Geitienauors. Lacy, is with the 9th Infantry and Tom with the 3rd Battalion 3rd Artillery and alto a member of the paratroopers. Both boys were made Sergeants. After meeting with his brother Larry, Tom will start on his journey for home. New pastor for Bancroft Catholic church Bancroft — Msgr. Zeno Reising V. F. has been appointed the new pastor of St. John's Catholic church at Bancroft, it was announced today. His appointment will become effective Tuesday, Oct. 10. Msgr. Reising is presently pastor of St. Mary's parish at Alton, Iowa. Present pastor, Msgr. Joseph H. Schultes, will retire as parish pastor after 35 years of service. He has purchased a home in Algona and will live there. KINDERGARTEN PICTURES Free copies of the full-page kindergarten picture presentation by the North Central Public Service Co. are available on white paper at the gas company's office. P.O. Haynes held Tuesday Wesley — Pearly Clyde Haynes, 87, died early Sunday morning at the hospital in Britt. He was born February 20, 1880, to Louis and Lucretia Haynes at Peoria, 111. He has been a Wesley resident since early manhood. He is survived by his widow, Ann; two sons and five daughters. They are Barley, Ft. Worth, Texas; Eirwin, Fairfield; Mrs. Evelyn Saun- ehe ami Mrs. Martha Nadelhoffer, both of Eau Claire, Wis.; Mrs. Irene Howard; Mrs. Donna Gardner, Carlsbad, Calif.; 10 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Kenneth Boughton Funeral parlors in Britt Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. w.ith Rev. Frank Considine, pastor of the Wesley and Cor with IVMihodist dhurches officiating. Burial was in the Evergreen* cemetery at Wesley.. Casketbearers were L. T. Root, . Edward Eisembacher, Vine Doughan, Jim Walker, Frank Bleich and Otto Henderson. • Mr. Haynes was a member of the Oddfellow lodge over 50 years. TO SPEAK Mrs. Frances Eason will give a talk at the opening meeting of the Women's club at Whittemore, Sept. 28. She will speak on Special Education. Mrs. De Etta Twedt, another Bryant teacher, formerly of Whittemore, will be a guest. IHIHMIIHIMMMIIMIIMKIIHIIWIHItlHIHIIIHMUIHUHMINIMIIiyWIIIIMHIHIWMIHU •IMIinillMMIMIllllMIUIMIMIIMIMIMIIIMMIIII Corwith girl to study 3 1 2 months in SE Asia Kriiti Nerem, Corwith, began a five-month term in the Orient Sept 1 as one of 30 students from St. Olif college at Northfield, Minn, who student at Chulalongkorn University at Bangkok, Thailand. «, , _, T !? f ^ lp '* •9 ol 'Vil»nt »° * •tmeiter's work at $t, Olif and the 3'/j months of study are devoted tp Thailand, it! language! and culture. Th» 29 *tud.nts and professor m«t at San Francisco 5»pt. ? and took a Pin American jet to Japan where the y spent »i* days. From there, after shopping and sightseeing, they flew to Hong Kong for • three-day stay and »hf net t* Thailand. They will rwniin thtrt until Jan. 1$ when they tt«rt home an* jSK* m *£$**'* Vnw*n, Honk Kong, Ttipti, phll| PP"»«* ••* Honolulu. Thty will trrivt back in the United Statet Jan. ** ~

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