The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Return of Pullm, Harring• Ion Reed, Willis Prat! AncJ Gruber Likely Assurance dial (he Blytlicville Qiaiils would receive nt least six and pprlinjis more of the members of Inst year's pennant wlmilnK Icam as tlie nucleus of (lu 1 1938 local entry in the Northeast Arkansas League lias been given Manager Herschcl Bobo by officials of (he New York Giants, owners of the local club, A combination from . J. S. Schwartz, secretary ' to Manager Bill Terry, staled (lint among (lie rookies likely to be sent back to Clytlievillc tills season were Thomas Piillig. Julian If airing ton and Clyde "Spot" need, pitchers, Wood row Wills, hard - hitting catcher, and George Pratt and Hal Gruber, inflelders. Reed won 14 and lost nine games for the local team last season and Is expected lo prove one of Hie mainstays of the Blythevlllc mound corps this year. Harrington, who won five and lost seven, anil Pullig, who won four nut) lest nlnr. looked good in spile of their records last year and arc expected to develop. Pratt, who came to Blylhevlllo as nn outfielder bill who was shifted to first base when Bobo failed to obtain a regular flist .sackcr, batted only .204 for the season, .but at the end of the season was pounding the boll to all corner. 1 ! and may ngnin play regularly. Wills, who alternated behind thn plate with Prank Mnncuso, younger brother of Gus Mnncuso ot the New York Giants, ended last season with the respectable batting average of .299 urn) Manager Bobo said lie would again be welcome In the Blylhcville told. One of ll;e best fielding second suckers in the league. Hal Gruber is regarded almost as a cinch to retain his job. Ills fielding average of .088 last year did much to offset his weakness nt the plate. Inhandllng more than 400 chances Gruber committed only Jive errors. Bobo must rebuild his entire outfield.. Giant officials announced the release of John Shelley, left fielder, John Slorti, center fielder, and Clarence Hine, right fielder. The Giant pilot is seeking some batting power in the outneld, particularly in view of the fact lliat last year's, team hilling average was the low- 'est in the circuit and the 1931 outfield -contributed little toward bettering the mark. Four good prospects from the Giants training school at Baton Rouge, la., who are. ..understood to be slated for service In Blythevllle this season ate Don Marcel, 11- year-old.: New York catcher, Henry Dvorak, third baseman, Ed Han- guskas, first baseman, and Joe Curray, outfielder. These tour boys hull from the east and are understood to be well liked by Giant bosses. Five of last year's championship squad who are regarded as almost certain to play baseball in faster company, this season are John Kelly, righthander, who won 18 and lost six here last year, Peter Prfvich, shortstop, Ben Lingle, 'righthander, Frank Unnc'uso. catcher, and William V. "Lefty" Alexander, nortslder. All have been ordered to report to Port Smith in the Westcii Association April 2, Nifty New National JOE. BVCWVARRl^ PITCHING PRQBLm Hit, Hfe/J Z6lHt(R&iJ A'O-H/T &KMe<=. To HiS CREDIT- allliongli nil are understood to be .indcr contract (o Jersey City, another New York Giant farm. Alex- iiulei 1 pitched nncl lost three ball jamcs last season, but averaged eight strikeouts In each contest. Me joined the local club near the end of the season. Ungle won 13 ind lost five, for one of the best inching records in the league, and Mancuso. ivho bulled .230 for (.lie season, blnsted out 13 home runs. 12 triples (which tied for the engiic record) and was fourth in he league In the number of runs batted In. Those on, the roster of the Bly- lievllle Giants l)nve nil been notified lo report to Fort Smith for raining on April 2. PUTTER UP More Critical View Taken On Rules To Be Tried On Coast SATURDAY, MARCft • 8," 1938 Where Torrent,? Ravaged City -of the-Angels OVER THE%ALL\ fci ~ i ** J * a *^ " _f^^^^^iyV^K^-^^.^m:<^. v .^ rrrrnt ^^^. ,,JF Terry's Station And Dr. Pepper Triumph Terry's iervlec station forged Into a two-way lie with the Holt, Funeral Home for the City Bowl- Ing league leiu! by beating John's Confectionery last night at Sudbury's Playhouse. The closest game of the night, however, was the Dr. Pepper-Pal-' ace Cafe match with tho Dr. Pepper team emerging ahead by a slim margin of 10 points. Terry's margin over John's was 131 points. Elliott Johns was high point scorer for a single game last night and lor the league games so far with a score of 2CO. Bou Johnson of Dr. Pepper was the night's high scorer for the four gnmcs with an average of 224, bringing his high season avenge to 215 so far. Samliiigs Team \v. L-. PCI. Holt Funeral Home ....2 o Terry Station 2 Palace Cafe 1 John's Confectionery ...1 Hudson Tailor Shop ...I Dr. Pepper 1 Ark-Mo Power Corp. .. .0 Htibhard Hardware 0 Behemoth Of Grapplers To Appear Here Mat fans will witness nn unusual exhibition here Monday night when Mlio Mcroncy presents "Blimp" Levy, the world's largest wrestler, In a wrestle royal wllli four normal sized performers. Levy, who resembles a balloon at first glnnce, weighs as much as three or four men of normal proportions, a lota! of 845 iximuls. Tills human zcppelin will be the target' of B:ldie Ma]one. Art Perkins, Sailor Parker and Ole Giatm, who will doubtless "gang up" on him ond attempt to eliminate the big fellow Ural. The total weight of all five wrestlers who will appear in the riiiR at the sntnc lime is 1,387 pounds. Little is known here of the wrestlinj ability of Levy, but with Ills enormous weight it is not likely to prove an easy task even for four men to down the man mountain. The three heavyweights. Malone/ Parker and Olsen will probably attempt lo lift Levy while middleweight Art Perkins will try to Jtrop him occupied with some of his own tricks. SACHAMENTO, Oil. IUI>)_VH ei'an baseball men aro wondering 11 W. C. Tutlle. president of llu I'dflfic Co:i.vt I.rat;ii(>, hits not ov- iT-rcnehcd hlin.-solf In un i-llort d h|.«'d up tln> (jame llil.s season. Under H series of rules recoml'i Mird, T.illle luis demanded tlmi if practice of ".soldierinB"_ s t«n- il! mid (lclnyl!i« (hi! (jame fui irloiis reasons—bo abolLshed. A writer of Western novels h Is .spare moments, Tiiltle nppar- cntly wants his umpire.! to be a.s ciulck on (lie decisions as hischar- netcrs are with their pistols/ Ellin- iiallon of uniK'crxsary .sqiinljbl Is HIP major objective, >j"r I'olnls - - .. few things v/j tho arbiters have been asked frown nijon: The custom of Ictlim; outfielders come In and question decisions oti bulls and strikes. A free-for-all conference aroiini Uic iiilohpr'.i box when the mounds- •tmn begins to wcnEtn. Superfluous (ossliiB of the Ija] iroiind belween plays. "Debating society" meetings ue- tween plavers and umpires. Undei Hie revised rules only Ihe nmnn"- T. mid jiosslbly n 10 team captain ."ill be peirnllled lo protest. Already declnred certiiin to 'receive nn unfnvorahle risponse Is the regulation limiting (he number of \vanmip throws for a pitch- or Considei-iiblc criticism on Hie point already has bow voiced. As for not nllowing outfielders !o come in. (his one leaves (he .'derails gasping. Wlien Ty Co'ub who set many of the styles in um-' )lre baldng. wns managing thy Detroit Tigers from his center field position, lie would [rot leisurely in is many as 24 times during a game^.lo jockey the umpires on a decision. Even more disconnerlln?. In (lie M.-wpolnt uf .-•>,-ny i>). 0 huve years siin-..\,i\cleri the convcrsa- ions ljct?re.:u pitcher p.iv| catcher \vtth an alv cf myslery, is the •cgukitlon limiting talks' of this kind (o one mimitc. Perhaps Romance Will Go • Familiar to nil baseball fans ol nn older generation was the cartoon of a Innky pitcher mid n short catcher, ostensibly trying to Mizzle out some difficulty, but actually deciding irlilch night cluti .hey ought lo attend, or whether :he gill in (he box back of third was favoring the pitcher or tfie third baseman with her nlten- lions. This, curbstone authorities have agreed, will become but a byoone memory if Ihe drastic Tuttlc ukase The Eiffel Tower in Paris Is built entirely' of iron wliicli rests on a masonry foundation; glass is used to enclose certain rooms which are reserved for special purposes. 1.000 1.000 .500 .500 .500 ,500 .0(10 .000 Fir$t Baseman Joe Kuhel of ! Washington makes sure ot a six-inch putt In a golf game •.vith President Clark Griffith at • t Orlando, Fla., where the N.i- 5 WINS AGAIN Pipgras Visions Day He'll Call 'Em In Majors ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (OP)— An avid movie fan nixi book-ivorm In his playing days, George Pipgras has cut out both these hobbies now that lie Is a baseball umpire. Pipjras, who wrote three world scries victories into the record books as a New York Yankees pitcher, now shies away from cinema houses and night si>ot.< preferring to spend his \vakin» hours on the golf links, tennis courts or fishing in the Gulf. "I'm not t«kmg any chance on njuring my eyes," big George explained nt his home here, •Baseball is my life and it is just as Interesting calling 'cm from behind the,plate as it was cutting the corners from the pitcher's mound.' Stove league fanning bees with Johnny Nee. Yankee scout, and Johnny Allen. Cleveland pitcher, help George pass the winter months in this resort city where he lives. Pipgrass hopes some day to make the grade from the minors back into the. major leagues — as an umpire. Michigan to Be Ready For Smelt Run in April ESCANABA, iUlcll. (UP)-Eariy April heralds the coming of the annual smelt run in the 10 great smelt streams here when millions of silvery fish travel up the streams to spawn. During the height of a nm. fish may be dipped up by the bushel. Dipping is done at night, since smelt move to spawning beds onlv after dusk. About 600 tons were harvested wlthiiv a week in the region last year. is literally enforced. Regardless of sentiment, how- , ever. the rules will receive a thorough trial. Outfielders will be removed il they leave their position lit unstated limes. Other rules: . If more than two players dispute a point. Ihe other participants cnn be removed from Hie game. The throw to second base will be eliminated. , .W»n» Hardier Wheat Results From 10-Year Tests WINNIPEG (UP)-Caimdlan research scientists see the day when farmers will be free of smut stem rust and piniit diseases that have cost them millions of dollars in (he Dr. Cyril H. Goulden of the Dominion research laboratory ( le rc has produced a new kind of wheat known as -Rust Laboratory 1097" which i.s .superior in quality to other rust-resistant varieties. Ten years ago Dr. Goulden crossed two varieties. The S i-c1s have multiplied Into 500 btisiiris of uniform n. L. 1091. Rust-resistant wheats such as Thatcher Renown and Apex have certain undesirable characteristics Desirable factors include early maturity, high yield, disease resisfauce straw length, good kernel and ),i°li milling and baking quality. The new type wheat meets Ihese requirements. Tests of the 1937 crop were conducted by Canadian research chemists and cerealisl.s In Canada Circa i Britain and the United States. 1'Yied Ciiickcn S3 a VnunA TAFP. Cal. lUPl-It wns almost more than human nature could stand for Leon A. Itoysi » o r( . M7C hat someone was eating chicken worth $,-, n pound and nro'nblv not appreciating it more lhan'ihe common garden variety. Someone robbed his chicken roost of cvera^ birds including a prize Kl land rooster valued at $30. Automobiles Bermuda. ^ Don Lash, Indiana University's two-mile world record holder, Will make another winning dash June 18-but this time lo the altar—when he marries preuy Margaret Mendenhall, top above, ot Pendleton, Ind. The if Cm 9«y w»> be perlormed at Ihe Little Church Around the vorner to_NewJfprk City. are forbidden ^=S%3 Mallbtt Swirling down from the mountains, (he worst flood In the history of Southern California isolated Los Angeles and Its far-flung suburbs, causing scores to lose their lives, driving thousands from their homes and resulting in tremendous properly damage. Tins 1 map shows the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Los Angeles itself and Long Beach apparently were hardest hit by the rampaging Los Angeles river, where (he water ran at 20 miles an hour. Communication from those cities was po.5sib!e only by radio telephone. The low. flat suburbs were swamped; the only access was by boat In those stricken areas were Venice, Santa Monica, Compton, Lennox, Boll, Van Nuys, Lomila and Culver City. Movie stars were marooneil at (heir Mnlibu Beach colony. — Manila In Win From Trumann Manila, with a 44 to 40 victory over Trumann, still remained In the running for the District Four senior high school boys' cage title at Jonesboro today but was conceded little chance to grab the championship with the Jonesboro Hurricane, defending district and 'ate champion, riding high. Blytheville and Shawnce were eliminated today from consideration for second or third place and. put. oul of the tournament when they lost in tlie consolation round. Blytheville was nosed, out by Local Boxers Lose To NoVth Little Rock Team Aaron Byrd was the only mem- tor of the eight-man Chickasaw Athletic club boxing team of this city to score n victory in an inter-city tourney with North Little Rock boxers at North Little Rock last ni»ht. Details of the matches were not obtainable here today. Rector. , to 38. after beating . oining. 58 to 29, in Ihe first round of the consolation play. Shawnee was eliminated by Marion in Ilic consolation pl!>y, 38 to 33. It Is possible for the polar re(ions to witness nn eclipse of Ihe moon at high noon. Demonstration Club News Notes Gosncll The Gosnell Home Demonstration Club met at the church Tuesday GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Karl E. Parker, Prop. Glencoe Hotel HI rig. Hand or Electric Manicuring afternoon with ia members and two new members, Mrs. Bo y< \ ant j Mrs. Prank'.un. present. The meeting- was called to order by (he president, Mrs. B. u Eubanks. A talk on raising baby chicks was given by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent after which.-, round table discussion" wat nollie Ilcmsley, Cleveland Indian catcher, obtained in a deal •with the SI. Louts Browns, takes :i healthy cul at the ball as he swings into spring training with a vengeance at New 'Orleans, llemsk-y's presence behind Ihe hat is expected to be a big aid ". to the Tribe this year. .- held on this subject. The meeting closed by the reading of the Club ' Collect. The next meeting \vtll the first Tuesday in April. \ Light (ravels 186,264 miles a I second; sound travels 1088 feet a ' second. Light speed Is. constant, while sound speed often with the temperature. DON'T PASS THE BUCKS! Neiv cafe opens Saturday morning. Special Dinners 25c. Come to see us. THE BUCKS CAFE SAM W. BARNES, Prop. Next Door lo Gaines' Market WRESTLE ROYAL With 5 Men, Including "BLIMP" LEVY THH HUMAN ZKI'PEUN—\VKI«HT 615 LBS. ALSO BimiR RlALOISK, AKT PERKINS, SAll.OK '"PARKER AND OLK OLSEN 1387 Ibs. of wrestlers in the ring at one time! American Legion Arena. Mnndiiy Night, 8 P.M. WK ARK NOW 1JUYING Government Loan Cotton LOUIS APPLEFJAUM Phone 167, 107 S. 2nd SI. niythcrllle, Ark. try our NEW SENTRY COAL this tlm» If s prepared in America's Most ft _ _ Modern Preparation Plant We $7.00 tOH Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS PRONE If, v National Used Car Exchange Week BARGAINS! BARGAINS! LOW PRICED USED CARS Be Early -- Get First Choice V 1934 Ford V-8 Coupe $134 Black Color, Looks & Runs Fine Guaranteed To Satisfy 1937 Ford V-8 Deluxe Tudor $397 Beautiful Maroon Color Seat Covers. A-l Condition See Other Low Priced Cars PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810

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