Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 25, 1967 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1967
Page 8
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INK in my •y MARIAN INMAN On Sunday Sept. 3rd the torrance, California, Press- Herald carried this ed'torial called. "Everybody Does* It." Please read it and think and do something about the example we are all giving to our youth and for which we blame them. Whan Johnny wts six years old, ht was with hit father when they wert caught speeding. Hit father handed the officer a $5 bill with hit driven license. "It's okay, ton," hit father taid at they drove off. "Everybody doe* it." When he was nine, his mother took him to his first theatre production. The box office man couldn't find any seats until his mother discovered an extra $2 in her purse. "It's okay,.son," she s,aid. "Everybody does it." When he was 12, he broke hit glattet on the way to school. Hit Aunt Francine persuaded the insurance company that they had been stolen and they collected $27. "It's okay," she said. "Everybody does it." When he was 15, he made right guard on the high school football team. His coach showed him how to block and at the same time grah the opposing end by the shirt so the official couldn't see it. "It's okay, kid," the coach said. "Everybody does it." When he was 16, he took his first summer job at the big market. His assignment was to put the over-ripe tomatoes in the bottom of the boxes and the good ones on top where they would show. "It's okay, kid," the manager said. "Everybody does it." When he was 18, Johnny and a neighbor applied for a college scholarship. Johnny was a marginal student. His neighbor was in the upper three per cent of his class, but he couldn't.play right guard. Johnny got the assignment. "It's okay," they told him. "Everybody does it." When he was 19, he was approached by an upper classman who offered the test answers for $3. "It's okay, kid," he said. "Everybody does it." Johnny was caught and sent home in disgrace. "How could you do this to your mother and me?" his father said. "You never learned anything like this at home." His aunt and uncle were also shocked. "If there's one thing the adult world can't stand, it's a kid who cheats." Jack Griffin in Chicago Sunday Times. This clipping from the bulletin of the Rotary Club of Graham, Texas. Read this and think. "Gather around, little children, and I'll tell you a fable. Once upon a time three dogs were walking down the street. Passing a butcher shop, they saw some bologna sausage temptingly displayed in the window. "That looks good," said one of the dogs, "Let's go in and buy some." "No," said the second dog. "Let's ttay out here and howl until the butcher givss us some." So, they set up a mighty howl and sure enough, the butcher threw them some bologna to quiet them. Now the sad part of this fable is that from that day to this, these three dogs have been howling and the poor butcher is broke, frantically searching for more bologna to throw to those dogs and the many, many more who have joined them. Have you been around long enough to remember the old wood shed? That's where the kids wound up when they misbehaved, and it was a lesson long remembered. "Has it occured to you that our moral decay began about the time garages began to replace the old woodshed?" a H That was about the time Dad switched to a safety Sraior and the razor strop vanished from the home. It wasla 'pretty good safeguard against delinquency, too. I read today that the erratic hurricane 'Doria' took the lives of three persons in a cruisar. Even the power of a hydrogen bomb pales in comparison to the devasting power ., of .a hurricane. These awesome storms can lift two billion tons of water from the sea in a single day — and in a single hour release more energy than is produced in all the power stations of the nation in a decade. Car thieves must be the world's, worst drivers. Safety officials say their accident rate is 200 per cent above that of motorists driving their own cars. Incidentally, owners of 40 per cent of the 600,000 cars that will be stolen this year will make the job easier for thieves by leaving the ignition keys in their parked vehicles. Here is a bit more of folklore: To kill a wart, rub it with a penny. Hang wolf teeth around a child's neck and it will grow up to be fearless. If you recite the Lord's Prayer backward at midnight, the devil will appear to you. Now really! A woman with a "Widow's peak" — a V-shaped hairline will lose her first husband but remarry soon. IIIUIIIIIIIII Mil II Illllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHHIIIHI HIIIMUmllMIMUHlmlMmlMMIHIIMm.IIWIIIIIIlmWIINIM.IMII Celeste Ehrhardt married at Livermore Sept. 2nd | "I MW by MM i Advance)..." • - NIWS MUM FROM AROUND ALOONA - fcwMMMMlM«iill"MlMMM«MBi Mrttf Eowin scftufnojCiMr and daughter Rustel liner, Titotki fin worker, lies Russet D, Miner, M of the Titonka area, died it St. Ann hospital Wednesday, Funeral service* for him uated ft iW fttffli lenfeii f, Fenton. CICIL Mllft, PLA. - Aviitfdft Boattwain's Mate Third Claw LawWftc* T. feft* nwr, USN, Aon of Layrente J, Dei^piiSflf. Biftcrtnt, and husband of the former Nicy J. ftrtnitigh Of 210 6. Etm St., Algona, lits reported for duty it the U. S. Nivii Air Station •t Cecil Field, Fla Ms station «MH &r i i ll iK «s Linda Sands married . Also nuking the to Harpers Ferry was * guest of Miss Schumacher, Mr. Greg Sprau of Meservey. Cindy Schumacher is attending La James Beauty School in Ma* son City, and has been home visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Roper i. Long .had as guests in their home over the Sept. 16 weekend, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Christehson and family of Des Moines. Visiting the Longs on Saturday and Sunday of last week were Mr. and Mrs. Art Campbell and family of Sac City. Dinner guests also on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simpson and family from Hobarton. , interfainint at a brunch M« . dton «r • thA Linda Jean Sands, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Sands, Algona and Randall Scott Wagner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Wagner were married Sept. 16 at the First •Methodist Church, Algona Rev. William R. Noland officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride was escorted by her father. •Maid of honor was Carol Teeter, Algona. Best man was Russell Wagner, the groom's brother. Ushers were Dave Schreck and Gary Venske, Davenport. Soloist was Judy Thomson . accompanfed by Mrs. Rex Taylor. A reception was held in the church parlors following the ceremony. Donna Gunderson had the guest book. Kathy Freer served punch. Laura Howell poured coffee. Cindy Schreck cut the cake. Host and hostess were Mr. and Mrs. Miles Sloniker. Waitresses were Ginny Roethler, Cynthia Groen and Christine Groen. Shari Nelson, Cindy Long and Mrs. and Mrs. Clifford Teeter open- from Golden, Colo., Davenport, Rock Island, Belmond, Iowa City and Springfield, HI. The bride is a sophomore 'at the University of Iowa majoring in English and Business Administration. The groom is a junior at the University in Photo by Glenn't Studio 8—Algona (Iowa) Advance MONDAY, SEPT. 25, 1967 the College of Pharmacy. The couple is at home in Iowa City. GOP "Buck" night dated Thursday The Kossuth County Republican Party has declared Thursday, Sopt. 28, "Buck" Night" throughout the county. Residents will be called upon by a neighbor to give a "'buck" or more to the G.O.P. and thereby become a part of political action at the local, state and national level. Members of the County Republican Party says "Buck Night" is an opportunity to do something that counts on the political scene. MARRIED IN CALIFORNIA Henry E. Douglas, Mentone. Calif., ,fqrmer. Algonan,,,,was married Sept. 9,, .to-' Helen Drew, Mentone, at the Lutheran church with family and close friends in attendance. The reception was held at his son's the Wayne Douglases. The newlyweds are at home at 103 North Grove Street, Redlands, Calif. Chapter BW of P.E.O. were hosts to a dinner party Wednesday evening Sept. 20 alt the Algona Country Club. Husbands of members, were guests for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zwiefel visited Sunday, Sept. 17 at the home of their son. and daughter-in-law, the Tom Zweifel's in Fairmont, Minn.. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zweifel have two sons, Jeff and Chris. Mrs. Zweifel is .the former Sandy Phillips, daughter of 'Mir. and Mrs. Grady Phillips. A. surprise house warming was. held Saturday evening, Sept. 16 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David VanGinkel who have just recently moved to a new location. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Christenson of Rolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Uirick and Mr. and Mrs. John Dorweiller and son Paul of Mallard, Mr. land Mrs. Charles Origer, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Weber and Mr. and Mrs. William Weber and family of Whittemore and' Mr. Gary Sapoff of Algona. A .lunch was .served during,the evening and 500 was played. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stillman have returned from a four day trip to Pleasant Run Inn in St. Charles, Dl. The Stilimans left by plane from Mason City on Sunday, Sept. Long, James Joseph Rooney, Frank and John Shaw. Newcomers Club met at Sid's Cafe Tuesday evening, Sept. 19 for their monthly meeting. League of Women Voters presented a film for the evening's program. Awards for 500 were given to Mrs. Jason Etherington and Mrs. Jim Anderson. Bridge prizes were won by Mrs. Royal Nold and. Mrs. R. P. Lippencott. Mrs. Rex Kooyman won the door prize. Doug and Gary Barr, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ban- have returned to college. Having left recently. Doug U a Senior at the State University of Iowa at Ames and Gary is a Sophomore at Centerville Junior College at Centerville. Miko Stillman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stillman has resumed his studies at the University of Iowa at Iowa City where he is a Sophomore. Mike was employed with the Advance during the summer months. Honoring Mrs. Joe Wagner on her birthday Sept. 14 at her home were Mrs. Jerry Puffer, Mrs. Ed Schumacher, Mrs. Gerald Kramer, Mrs. James Heideirscheidt, and Mrs. Anita Moritz. Gifts were presented to the honoree and a lunch was served during the afternoon. ATTENDS MEETING Sue Dodds represented Algona high school at the 1967 District Future Homemakers of America meeting at Pom eroy Saturday. She is a district representative. arrangements. . Serving as pallbearers were Fred Asa, Gordon Davidson, Harold Kuchenreuther, William Miner and Tom Ellefson. He was the son of H. E. and Elizabeth Miner and was born July 20, 1901 in Algona. He was never' married and had j. worked in the Doan area for * the past 30 years. He had worked on the Rudy Larson farm for 22 years and later on the Ray Cunningham farm for 14 years. Mr. Miner had been in failing health the past year. Survivors include two brothers and a sister: Ray of Dakota City; Mrs. Roby Yates, Garden Grove, Calif.; and Don of Minneapolis. ••»«»»•••»•»•••••••••• Servicemen ummti PMOCUDINM A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal -Utilities was held at Sid'* Cafe, 114 North Thar. St., Algooa, la., Sept. IS, 1967, ,'at 12:01 o'clock P. M. - Present w«e: • Buchanan, Boy, T. Jart Pa , me , ( s upt . 4 lro K ohi,'scc. SERVES IN VIET NAM (NO266) VIETNAM (FHT- NC) Sept. 12 — Marine Lance Corporal Ronald E. Burtis, son of the Glenn F. Burtises, Algona, is in Vietnam serving with the llth Motor Battalion of the First Marine Division. His battalion's primary mission is to augment and reinforce the land transport capabilities of major dements of an expeditionary force for the tactical, logistical and administrative movement of troops. . LANDS IN KOREA WAEGWAN, KOREA (AHT- NC) — Army Private First Glass William M. Holcomb, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kanneth 1,. Holcomb, Whittemore, was assigned to the U. S. Army Camp Carroll Depot, near Waegwan, Korea, Sept. 7. Pvt. .Holcomb is an automotive repairman in the depot's Company B. He entered the Armf lii t Afigust^966' 0 and fvas last 2MationedA?at Ft. Bragg, N. C. The private grad- of ' tnv nictfirtQ of Sept. 5, 1967, were read and approved « read. <.''. ••.-. Motion by Buchanan, seconded by Bay, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorised paid at audited, Roll coll, toting Aye", Buchanan & Bay. Voting Nay" none. Motion carried, LIGHT FUND American Pub. Power Ann., Reg. Fee --$ 120.00 Postmaster, Supp. 248.00 Grouse Cartage Co., Freight 12.90 Pay Roll, Pay Roll 5,293,36 Milton "O. Bilyeu, Lobor 303.73 Wilbur E. Bruner, Labor .... 223.73 David Van Ginkel, Labor 151.10 Jerry Parsons, Labor 157.65 Robert Nichols, Labor 132:46 Richard Frideres, Labor .... 206.21 Marlin Meehlhause, Labor -. 71.22 West Elec. Supp. Co., Supp. 606.80 P. .1 E., Freight 6.91 Rural Elec. Ser. Co., Ser. ... 344.25 Algona Chamber of Comm. .Dues , 65.00 U; S. Dept. of Agr., Adv. ... 12;00 Eugene Weir, Appl. Exp. ... • 25.00 Schultz Bros., Appl. Exp. ... 40.00 Clair Strohm, Appl. Exp. ... 10.00 Percy Atkinson, Appl. Exp. .. i 10.00 Ed Thilges, Appl. Exp: 35,00 Mrs. Helen Mikes, Appl. Exp. 10.00 Rotprt Thompson, Appl. Exp. 10.00 Paul Schneider, Appl. Exp. .. 15.00 Mark R. Stanton,.Appl. Exp. 20.00 Ed Kisch, Appl. Exp. 10.00 Murray Mowers, Appl. Exp. . 20.00 Eldon Moore,.Appl. Exp. .... 10.00 Edward Hanson, Appl. Exp, .. 10.00 James Voigt, Appl. Exp. — 1.0.00 Mrs. B. J. Bradford, Appl. Exp. 25.00 Bill Prothmon, Appl. Exp. .. 15.00 Mrs. L. R. Riedinger, Appl. Exp 15.00 LeRoy Nelson, Appl. Exp. ... 25.00 Hank Furst, Appl. Exp. 10.00 Ed Sindelar, Appl. Exp. . 15.00 John Waldron, Appl. Exp. .. 10.00 Edward Ruhnke, Appl. Exp. . 10.00 Kathleen McEnroe, Appl. Exp. 10.00 Harry Treganza, Appl. Exp. . 10.00 Earl Aldrich, Appl. Exp. 20.00 Ron' Ditsworth, Appl. Exp. .. 10.00 Stanley Sorenson, Appl. Exp. 25.00 Gary Lane, Appl. Exp. 50.00 Jack Davis, Appl. Exp. 10.00 Jerry Cowan, Appl. Exp. 35.00 Rudolph Tietz, Appl. Exp. .. • 10.00 WATER FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll 377.03 Walter Peterson, Lobor Marlin Meehlhause, Labor .. 68.40 Des Moines Testing Lab., Ser. 670.50 North Cent. Pub. Ser. Co., Gas 5.92 Next meeting date was set for Oct. 3, 1967 at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Meeting adjourned. President of the Board i;, i-v, Allen K, Buchanan ^ifei. Ira Kohl . , , - |{i8* : ' Secretory . .; ; M' ' Published in the Algona'Kdssuth >''' ' County Advance, Algona, ; Iowa " September 25, 1967 : i Livermore — Celeste Ehrhardt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ehrhardt, and Daniel Clawson, son of Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Clawson, were married Sept. 2 at Livermore Sacred Heart, Livermore. Father Skahill officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride was escorted by her father. Maid of honor was Judy Clawson, Des Moines. Bridesmaids were Jean May, Renwick, and Mrs. Daniel Collins, Fort Dodge. Best man was Terry Newberry, Ames. Groomsmen were Tim Oak, St. Louis, Mo., and Rich Bestick, Ft. Dodge. Ring bearer was Kevin Clawson. Flower girls were Jolene Clawson and Mary Beth Clawson. Ushers were John Marshall, Fort Dodge, and Gary Rolfes, Fort Dodge. Altar boys were David Thilges and Tom Eisenbarth. Soloists were Ray Welter and Jim Collins, accompanied by Mrs. Francis Collins, Livermore. A reception was held in the Legion hall, Livermore. Annette Ehrhardt had the guest book. Mrs. Jerry Witham poured coffee. Mrs. Wayne Vaudt and Mrs. Willis Hellickson cut the cake. Jane Dickey and Lois Serebrin opened gifts. Out of town guests came from St. Louis, Mo., Burnsville, Minn., Manson, Marshall* town, Whittemore, Humboldt, Hardy, Ames, Des Moines, Ft. Dodge and Scran ton. After a honeymoon to Des Moines, they will be at home at 319 N. 8th St., Ft. Dodge. LAND Wi- trill liiilda luiblir nurlion on •> Irurlx of I anil lorulctl OH Intel no. I Im-attd 2 wiiiY* Haul ' "" '""' * l>ark r ''' - •• Saturday, Sept. 30 _ SALE STARTS AT 1:15 SHARP 120 - ACRE FARM - 120 PRESENTING THE NATIONAL SNOWING FROM TUESDAY, SEPT. 26 FEATURING JAVELIN AND AMBASSADOR j R. J. FUNK Plunking & Htath{ lit i- Tract Land No. I Located :' inilen Kast and ' ( »»n7«- \nrlli of H(ind'n /'nrA- Corner. Sale lime l:l~> p.m. Legal Description The South Html Quarter (SK> { ) of \<,rlh Kant Qntirlir ( .».'' { ) and the Haul half of the South Kant Quarter (SK 1 ,) of xection :'/ /« Tiiii-nxhip 101, \orth of Kttni/c :ll>, Marlin Counlu, Minn, containina 100 acre* inure or less accordiiifi to Ihe I '.S. (lot-eminent Surrey thereof. IMPBOVEMENTS House :i liediooni home, /' •> ttlory. Idtill in kitchen cupboards, full base- in nil; Machine Shed MX 3* ft. Corn Ciih .12x2HH.iritliWft.aHey Hog House 16 x 20 fl. trilli cement feed floor Cattle Shed 36 x 16 ft. Barn .•{: ; .v til) fl. Steel Bin /.'.'//> /j|«, Columbia Sleel Itin on cement platform; Chicken House IH X IK ft. Garage 2-rar (ittraue Trod Land No. 2 /' ^ mile* Kant and ' 2 South of //nnrf'w /'nrA - ('<»•in r and Stile lime in directly afler tract m-. /. legal Description Tin- Soulhwcxt tluarlrr C.SH'! J of tin .\orlhcani Quarter CA'A^' 1 i tin \\'enl half of the Soittheant Quarter (SK> J uf \orthea»t Quarter, the \orth half of Stitith cttxt Quarter (SK lt ) and the Kast half of Southcaxt Quarter f.S'/v' 1 ( J of I he Southeast Quarter till in section 2'i, Toit-imhip 101, \<,rth of Ratine M. West of the l-'iflh I'riiiciiml Meridian. Martin County, Minn., containing IIW acri',1 of land, tnorc or lens, ac cording lo the t'nited Stolen Surrey thereof. IMPROVEMENTS House I'/ A 1 1'6' ft, .5 ht'ilrooiii /IONIC, Ixiill in kilclti'ii cupbiKtrtlx, cisli fit tritli iirt'HHitrf suxtfin, full husc- mini, nnr furnace. Bom :w x M fl. Machine Shed •MX -to ft. Hog House ;'« x 10 ft. Chicken House II x :i»(t. Coin Crib American Motors' new entry in the sporty car field is the sleek, low-profiled Javelin hardtop . , . standard or the SST model shown. Roomy inside with full, 4-passenger seating, it's classic appearance is enhanced by fast-angle windshield, narrow dual pin stripes that follow graceful body contours and twin Venturi grille. Engine choices range from 232 six to 343 V-8, Through ventilation automatically changes air in the car continuously/eliminating window vents. :•« x /:' ft. ( 1<> ft- allru, x fl. Oikci SMU Termi Tin- liiircham'r trill n-crirr /w- atmiiuii on March Int. MM. The piii-chaw mau enter ilium Ihe premise* in the fall of /.%7 to do tin utci'imary fall plotrina after Hie crHpn /i«r<' been remorc>l_ therefrom. Ifittrn itayment of l~> atrccnt at time of nale. The balance it-ill be due March Int. IWti. uiien (he Warranty /'<'«'</ in ff/cc/i to /A* purchaser. Michael W. Nawrocki HEIRS, OWNERS Dougherty and Scott. Attorneys at Law. Fairmont, Miii Wtdel and Clarlt~-.-luctionee.rii New hood and "airfoil"-type grille highlight exterior re-styling of American Motors' seven-model Ambassador line for 1968. New to the series are a four- door SST sedan, shown here, and a two-door hardtop in the standard Ambassador line. SST models feature AM'S 290 Typhoon V-8 as standard, with 343 V-8's as options. A new feature includes recessed door handles inside and out, D AII'C QLDSMOBILE A U 5 & RAMBLER MHpRlwRMl WWM

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