The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE BLYT11EV1LLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 19, 193 THE BIA'TIIEVIL-LE COURIER NEWS tire COURIER NEWS co., PUBLISHERS 0. R. DABCOCK, Editor " H. W. HAINES. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas UaHUs, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louts, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mailer at the nost office at Itlythcrlllc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 0. 1917. Served bv tne United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATE3 By earner In the Cliy of lilythcvillc, 16c per week, or $6.50 per year, In advance. Dy mall, within H radius ot 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 51 50 for six months, 15c lor three months; by mnli 1" postal rants two to six, Inclusive, SG.50 per year; In zones seven anil eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. "Wliul (liis (.own needs is .some payrolls. Why doesn't, tlic chamber of commerce K?l IMIS.V mill bring some industries here? 1 ' Yon have liewd tlial scnliiiK'iil expressed ;i tfood ninny liinc.s. Maybo you liiiVi! voico',1 it yourself. Whiil is Uie answer? Imlnstric.s, some no donbl with «:ooil 'possibilities, am be liiul. Inquiries keep coming i" to the chamber of commerce. Committees of business men have already investigated some of them. Others will bo followed u|>. We can get payrolls if we want them badly enoimli. JJnt the price is hiRli. Free buildings, cash subsidies to cover operating eosls while, labor is being trained, in some cases cash for the purchase of equipment—these are some o[ the contributions Unit our .prospective industries expect of the comnumity. The cost of bringing: to lilylhevillc any of a number of small industries that have indicated .11 will- iiitfiietis to movo. here would be from $•10,000 ijiv. Pc.rhiips it would be money well invesled. Tliosc who think, so will have to put (he money on (he line before we will ever find on I. The Ecltencr frtrndox Among other things, it appears now that the epochal flight of the Zeppelin Hindenbii'rg was notable for the fact that it brought, Dr. Jlutfo Kclfonei- further "disgrace" in his home country. By "<li?i?race" it is meant that German newspapers persistently failed to mention Dr. Kckener's name in oll'ic- ial account.-) of the airshi|i's recent voyage. He already was in "disgrace" because he refused to co-opc'ralc in the lust Nazi Jtcichstag election campaign. Such Nazi revenge is particularly incomprehensible to Americans, because newspapermen at Lakchurst filed liflO,- 000 words on the arrival of the fillip and the famous airman. In view of this fact, the Cerman attitude looks silly and ab.-ui'd—if not a bit psychopathic. Pcannls I'canuls are an important cash crop in some sections of the south and while they hitve never been grown extensively in this immediate Vicinity, mcii v familiar with I he conditions which they require say thero is no apparent reason why Ihey should not do well here. Tn any event, with the acreage that can prolilably be devoted to cotton limited, farmers of Mississippi county are looking about for other sources of income. Peanuts may prove to be one of the answers to their problem. The assurance which a Memphis concern has given that it will buy for cash all the peanuts that, are grown in this vicinity eliminates one major obstacle to the introduction of any new crop. It is not too late to plant a small acreage this year. If it proves successful it may open the way to an important aii.i profitable new farm product for this territory. The chief value ol an anniversary is to call us to greater failhfulncss in the time that is left. —Bishop William T. Manning, New York City. The S/me'.s Job One 'imiKl agree with Joseph H. Keenan, assistant United States attorney general, that federal law should not be • substituted for state law. Kccnan points out that, there is an increasing tendency to let the "feds" do the job. When there is something wrong with it state law, the thing to do is to amend it, Keenan believes. "I don't think it was right, for example," Keenan said recently, "to give AI Capone 10 years in prison for violation of income tax laws because authorities believed lie was responsible for gang mnrUers for which Ihey could not god conviction under state laws." The suppression of crime is primarily the job of slates and cities. Uncle Sam can't be asked to do it all. SIDE GLANCES By George Clarkl POLLYS FAREWELL By Mario C H» I'EA Swit hi m:<;i\ jn:m: TODAY UM»A IIOIJJIXI^.^O, vrcltr, t* ,M iilJiioKt iu-nnlh-v, l,y tfce »uil- fii ill-Mil of I LIT ftitlii-r. J'K'I'KU (;.UM>l\i:il, ufiVKtiniMT -f|iiifliT. lirli»* her Kt-l it Job \\rH- utx mirli'lj- HIMVS. l.hulu Jx 111 lute- llli 1)1 \ (lAll'I'KIl, l,u( ) LL - Kov » lo IJniln j \i\it ji try Iil (li 1 1 A It 11 0 \, ill ut N t» r, A i- M town, mil kfn*c H niipi-iirttiifi- 1 ' lour, ii/itt rmirlu ivrlflcn hi- MM tin. d:i KIJCX tu Huilj ivmnl \|irf«Mlri|? lih'ii* Ih'.it nra n:illj JVti-r'*, ;u-(|iilrvs u rriiLiln- liui> far belnx to ilU.-uvor IM-U- Atnrs. .Sm» *lu (T 1'Dtll "Are we starling- another whole summer of just driv ing around looking at houses?" if tiic. average persnn who rides with you is constantly nervous and Is moved by nu]iar- cnt hazards to make suggestions Ircqucnlly, you. arc probably not as Rood u driver as you think yciu arc. —Dr. Miller McCliiilock, tralliu research expert, Harvard University. ' - / : . + * * Women of today are learning (lint, nlihougli nmiTingc is every woman's prerogative, it does not necessarily mean they must, detach themselves from all outside activity. I cannot justly soy that a woman may not have both. —Dr. Mary E. Woolloy, president, Ml. lloljokc College. * * * I think tilt 1 patents foil i.iuor-savitig devices) .•should be slopped timing tlic emergency until .some of the millions ot unemployed are ytvcti jobs. Labor-sluing devices were Ilic principal cause ot unemployment. —Representative Ilal- lon W. Simmers, Texas, chairman ol the House Judiciary Committee. * * * American dogs dllTcr in some ways from clogs In all the countries Hint. I have visited. They seem to have rcall'/.cd more than their masters, the democratic ideal.. .What is I lie reason for this abnormal sociability ot dogs In America? —Danlclc Varc, in Italy America Review. * * * Tlie nighl of tyranny is closing in on llu: liijht of American" liberty from all pulls o! the world. —Herbert Hoover. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, SHARKS DO NOT HAVE TO* TURN ON THEJR IN ORDER-TO B!TE/ O O ~° . , (Hi .. Umln IMC-K in lu-ln liltu. Tn pliTLKc Dlv, >-ln- Invllcjl HASH. TIKIll.Vi:, illrrrlur, ri> licr lionur IFmnKli *1>V dlslllu-* innj illNlriiHtM Thome. rf.skful pin)' mill <.-ome» lu llully- lumJ. Tliurne ilrlvi-M I.ludn 1o n niomi- liiln rrsiirl iihrre <he rOMpanr lu tit lu-Kln work iirxl ilnf. Tin- nllirn. f.-ill f<> Jirrlvr. Then- In inmMi- wllti Hit- nnd I.lnilit null Tlioriii: nri- tilillccd lo xlny Iliriiniil' Itlv n In III. Tlie »lor>- Kid tilionl ami J.Iml;i n*k« 'J'hornc to >\lll niitrry him. l.ltLiln ronflili-N 111 Dlv, IM inim*ed HUH In- m-nlK (ln> .*ltu:ill<m IJKhl- Ir, Slit' li-li-iihoiu-K 1'rli'r Curitlm-r .-mil K (old he- !I:IK li-fl HiillynouJ. .vim" tin as WITH Tin: STOIIY CHAPTER XXIV CCOICTTING my world in order Is *•* potting to be a liablt with me," l.lmla said to herself with tirirn liuinor llio next morning when thero wa? EO »unsirino to warm lier heart for all that it poii:ed through tho sheer curlalns of her bedroom windows. KHc sighed anil closctl her eyes :igniji. There were many unplcns ant lliitiKs lo do that day. She must sec licr lawyer as nix bad advised. Strange that she could say Ills naino without Its linrlinK licr. She must try to reason lliat l>nt not now. There were other thing!) to rlo. There was one short week IK>fm-o she would know whether her contract with Commonwealth wa? In \K renewed, flefore lliat moment came, sbo must settle her debts Fur if Ihey did not renew, sho could not afford to slay in Holly wonil; filic would have to go<home Home to Ncwtown. N'ewlowii vs'hcro Peto Iiarl been [scenes tliat would break lier heart as Dlx had never bcci ahlo to break It hccaiiso on this mnniiir< she was grown up, knowing herself lo liavo been a fool, to liJM-o Ihrnwn away the one precious anil beautiful ihins she mU'lit luivo had. llnil sho (brown it away? Could a man like Pete have loved her and then stoiiped loving her? dialed tho number u£ (le-orge MaeMillen, a well-known lawyer \vln> had advised her in matters of lect her utterly; he- wouldn't write 1 to Thome,.lie would ask Him to coino to Ills offlco and telephoned the mail while Linda was in Ills ollicc. His Invitation was a command, Thorne agreed to meet the lawyer nt noon. And.BO simply, the episode did nd. There were other things that 'jlndii hail to do that tlay toward setting her world in order. And puttlnE the- one Important tliinu jehlnd fcer, sho busied herself wrlt- iig checks to pay her htlla. Then slio telephoned Syhll Carlson, a oir.iE writer who had coino to lollyn-ood .1 fortnlKht before. "This Is Mnda nourne, Jliss Carl. son," she said. "I beard yon .were looking for an apartment and I wondered It you would IM interested in seeing rnlno. I'm going io ako a vacation and I'd like to rent it." Sybil camo find fell In lovo with it. Could she have it quickly? recline utterly mad, Mnda told her sho might liavo it as soon us sho liked and tlldn't nanso lo ques- .Ion herself or her insane- desire to :io out of the place where sho had liecn both happy and miserable. Slio wanted to bo away from every oelallon that would remind lier ot herself. Slio would like to lake a ball-bedroom somowboro and Joae her identity. Not that slio had tho faintest idea ot doing anything of the kind As usual, sho Intended (e iiursne- tho routine of her life in a new home environment. Sho wynt to her office that adernoon and found urgent summons lo tho offico ol Paul Leonbardt. COMETHINK inside her did a ^ elevator dive from throat to the pit of her stomach. She didn't renlly care what happened that da> but summons to tho producer's office brought n swift nnpleasair Ilirlll. She smiled at somcono on hei way lo I.eonbardt's office; she didn't know whom. Slio opened the door softly with a cold litllc band And then she was Inside and I.eon lianU was talking lo bpr ". . . Hire hundred more a week . . . hope i will bo satisfactory . . . apprcciat your services . . . policy of re Irenehment makes it impossible to givo you more . . ." There was more but it was enough for her to realize that Commonwealth was renewing her contract for two years. It wasn't happiness that she felt, it was relief. Happiness was something tliat she never hoped to ex- ?e NEW MOON, AS WE. KNOW IT, RJEAL1V IS ABOUT TWO &AYS OLD./ A TRUE N'EW MOON IS VISIBLE ONLV DURJNG AN ECLIPSE OF THE: SUN. 11M BY hEA SCRVICC. IXC. GRAHAM BREAD IS NAMED ' FOB. SYLVESTER. GRAHAM, WHO CHA/V\PIONE1O THE CAUSE OF UNBOLTED T, WHEAT Fl_OLJR_ MORE THAN /OO VEXU^S" X><3O. e-n When the moon truly is new, the lighted side of it. is turned away from the earth, and is, Ihcrctorc invisible to us. We can see tli2 moon at this phase only when it- passes between i:s and the sun, during an eclipse. N'I'.XT: \Yhal dill Ibc word "salary" originally mean? x contracts, and made an appc-ijU- mcnl lo sec him that morning. * V » '11IM.EN made it easy for her. Sympathetically he listened and vdieu Hho had finished, be :;ei. her lust fear at rest. Ho told Linda that ho would pro-(didn't want to wrilo it where she pcrienco again. But nt least she still bad her chance to go on working and working, forgetting. There was one last task sho had to tlo that day. Sho bad ;i, 7loto to write. Deliberately Klio avoided licr "aparfment or her office. She ould let go. Sho choso no right, popular spot than rown Derby at cocktail lil 'here she inished asldo tho sill ?a[iot and drawing a pen and rom her pnrso slie wrote: Dear Dis, I do not fool tin nccil of any explanation her anil I hni sure you do not rtl Qulro ft. Wo do not love eacl other any more. More t!n( that, Micro Is nothing In :-r,'K forget yesterday with oul plans for tomorrow to lio sponi together. 1 am happy for bolj ot ua t'ual we liavo learned IK . Do not feel tliat you hav failed me or lliat I have (al!ci| you, Let's only remember tha onco we were Imppy and that I sincerely hope Hint the. tomoJ rows I will not—and cannot-1 sharo with yon will bo (lllcl wllh all tlio Ibings Mint wil mako you happy. This is in| farewell, —Sincerely, Llndn. Slio read and folded ft, sli|ipe<l n an envelope and scaled it. 'I'l sho fiavo it to (ho waiter to l| and asked for hot (ca. * * * wIIE waved gaily in some pei| slio know, joined two of Tor a few moments and -Mien Ir. tlio twllislil. wondering if aV ll/o i,lie -waii to walk into twillil i lonely ns this ono. Slie walked atm|cssly along Street and turned into Uollywl Boulevard. Her iniEecIng strayed from shop wlndosv to s| window. "Missy, this is (be last him] An old woman thrust a bunch ot violets almost into face. Their fresh, sweet scout : to her nostrils. She took then] both her hands for a minute gave tlic old woman a dollar. Slio stood there for a monf looking nt tlio violets and thlnl| ot Pete. Pete liail loved her! liail to know It ho still did! Stic had less than an hour. if slio hurried she could catch Chief, Hie castlioutnl train, sho would find Peto Gardinen New York. Slio had to do It! She pinned tlio violets to belt ot her gray gown, pulled grey turban on, slipped into a | vcly moleskin jacket and up tho small bag she bad pac| A. telegram lo Heulav '.vonld all [be affairs of. packing and i| ing tho apartment. Sho wasn't happy, sho waa| static with anticipation lirealhless. slio made the raill station just In time (o catch I (rain. Thero was no time to ill reservations. Slio had to ha| wilh the conductor. "Why,- Llnilh! - Yon may my drawing *orim." It was Hi| Harmon. ' (To lie Concluded) OUT OUR WAY J5y Williams WHY-GOODNIGHT/ x * HERE I BEEN A LITTLE AFRAID Of YOU-ON'V A LITTLE THO— AMD IT'S JUST LEGS I BEEN AFRAID OF' WHY, OO-HH- THERE YOU GO AGAIN, ALUUS P1STURBINI' TIV PEACE- ALLUS 5TARTIN' SOMETHIN THA.TS BECAUSE, IF YOO FINALLY PECIDE HE'S TOO MUCH PER YOU, VOU KNOW HE CAN KETCH YOU TO FINISH UP A GOOD JOB ON YOU. OH, I ALWAVS NOTICE IF JUST A GUY'S LE&5 THAT MAKES HIM BI&GER THAN iV\E, BUT STILL, SOMEHOW, THEY COMN'WJD A LOT O 1 RESPECT. _ IM n'v^kV WAY, BUT A FEW INCHED OF Lfc&S. OH.WHV DIDN'T I NOTICE THAT AGO/ THE BUSVBODV. our-Hour Kcnl'mirs Found Effective is likely to vo:nil less often than :i Vaby fed ill two or llirec-hour Intcn'nls. G.—When tlin baby is fed nt fci'r-liour intervals, the motlicr lias a chance to rest, and (iocs net have to spend all her time with the chilli. •> * * In the course of two or three weeks, a liciilliiy baby usually will he trained to nurse nnd sleep with almost, perfect regularity. !(' a t.iby cannot be placed on a Jour-hour schedule in three nion- tlis, he recivires sonic suppleinen- tnry feeding. Valite of a long interval between miraing periods means rc- ief for the mother from nursing he baby at night. It also will lelp her maintain her health, and >ermit her to mirsD the baby .o better advantage. Whenever pcssiblc, t the baby :hould not sleep with the mothrr. [f the baby is in Ihc same bed with th2 mother, and if he cries it 1113111, tho mother has a tendency to nmse the child to keep him t]iiicl. Of course, a mother with a liny CHURCH EXCUSES or Ik)ih 13aby and His Moilier uv DI:. Mouitrs Kllilnr. .Iniirnnl nf !! Mnliral / Association, llj-frla. Ihc Ilr.lllh A baby u'iinilv i livsl tc"ciiiu; aUon 11 ter Sin i:; horn. .Miicrirtnl anil nf his af- next hom.s. he may t:r Inl every ;i\ hnurs. After thr linrd day. Hie baby may bv led nnin both rvrty four late milk proiiuction, 3. The Hunarli and the intestines hiiii 1 ii chance for a suitable res: iierirxt. •t.—The iialiy v\\\ take more feed at <'nch f'rriin:i atid sl lender nfiei each Icoiins. 5.—A fcaliy fed every four hours Announcements Tlic Cuiir^r News lias been an- aliriii.itcly nsp breast or '''<1V -*jnv7TrirV' r r-»- **• ^>m^ : _ ir.nro finm each bri-a--t i-v.-ry four hour?, and still others siiaiest that ilie Inhy br; fed tach feeding from tho other. 11 a liaby on a I Hie rrir> bec.'U'S' 1 1 tiie riifi nf '2 1-J ii^iy not he -.v'fiu milk, nr hi.s sloir-.ifh n;,n liiK- :iti of I tie lno,i ;,«'-, H may Iw nei-rt an-, in I his aje. to change from a four-hour to a three-hour scluiiuic Very rarely nrne a ba by i-!^iiu' schrd- i ; hiaigrj- at ihu-c hours. gciious' 1 be get- quickly. For Kcprnrntativr in Congress ZAL 15 IfARRISON For Prosecuting Attorney O T. WARD BRUCE IVY I'or County Jurljc O. B. SKGRAVES '-.siary to frequently Amnvj Hie I ven eilrd in v.hioli have '.lit! lour- t arc th 1 ' l.-'l'he baby 1: hiiu-ry at the nisi nt four ]io:ir:; 2 Tlie Ixihv- will HMISP more ••Unovsly and nr.'^-y ts-, c brcasls more completely at ?]-. r crl n of lour horns. This hclns lo stiniii- K. !.. GLAD1SH For Sheriff, anil Cnllcclor HALE JACKSON JOK S. nU,I,A(KJNTY E. A. <En> RICE For County Treasurer ROLAND GREEN For Cireuil Courl Clcrh HUGH CRAIC7 For nc-Klectlon for 2nd Tern For Cnuuly Court Clerk MIGS CAUVrV WOOUBOUN For rc-clectlon for second lenu For Stale Senator LUC1EX E. COLKMAN For Counly Kenrc.sculativc IVV \V. CHAWKOHD Fnr County Assessor R L (HILLY) GAINES Per Re-election to a 2nd Term 1 told Jim, that's-my-husbanri, if we didn't live so close to the I Church, I would start in anil j would cither do all the solo work [ or teach one of the classes. Of course, it wcnlti be an awful task for me to decide which I would hike for they most surely would all want me, but, as I said, we live just too close to the church. 1 could not prepare the lesson while walking -inch a. short distance. Jim, that's-my-husband, pays I am right and that he is of Ihc opinion that more than half the world's troubles today were brought about by someone failing ; By G. W. Barbara— taby has no business taking the infant to a motion picture thciitro, or to other places of public assemblage. Under these circumstances, there Is a tendency lo permit the baby lo nurse constantly, to keep him -quiet. to make proper preparati something. I nm sure if c-J body would lislen to him, mil as he says, it. would not be r until everything would be rui| ;o smoothly and all, that he hardly know there was anvil going on. He -says he bclicvt| will run for Congress or thing with a preparation plai| his platform. Tosvn History Emichcd I MONTEREY, Cal. (UP)—Fcl research workers have cstabll that an Argentine naval exf tion under tile command French captain captured sacked Monterey in 1818, Argentine flag floated for scl days over the city making . [ l foreign flags that have at been flown in California. OUll HOAKDING HOUSE" 7/ ^L Tne letter "e' p is used more I any other in the English lang With Major Hool "BEW/ARE A WJ-JEM HIS IRE IS jjT AROUSED/ UMF-F— n SPLIT-T— I'LL SHOW THAT OAF/ BAXTER, THAT THERE \-s MORE THAW ONE TRICK IM MV BAa / THE NEXT TIME? HE IWTERRUPT-S MV TALK WITH HIS SILLY FAPDL5, T'LL. BE REAPy FOR //.' HIM ( D/ZZV 1^0PDIW<3 HIS. L~[\ 6ARDEKJ A<3A)M / HE'S PROBABLY PtAWTIM6 SOAP- BUBBLES TO "RAISE A CROP or Toy BALLOONS / /•% nteci<. loM't mm z=s/.im tit err.

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