Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1967 · Page 19
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1967
Page 19
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ONE OF ALOONA'S prominent citizens had quite an experience the other day. He took his car to the robot car wash, got in line, paid his four bits, drove his car onto the rack, started his windshield wiper, and pushed the start button, rolled up his Window, and waited. Boom! he forgot the right hand window and imagine his surprise—he darned near drowned when the gadget got to that window. Had to change clothes and air the, car for days. HERE'S AN EXERCISE in the Sunday pap*r that d«ptndt on Iowa. S«y»: "Li* on your back with your arm* out from the shoulder. Bend both kntts up close to your abdomtn. Roll from side to tido." It's •aid to bo a fanny reducer. The Old Goat feels that tying on the back i* plenty but if a person wants exercise maybe moving the arms out from the shoulder is about as far as a fellow should go. -.-•-• : - • * * * SUNDAY the Old Goat settled down to watch the Vikings football game .on the idiot tube as announced over KEYC. What happened? Noth- ing'but some silly movie! Must be the Vikings stopped showing because it might interfere with the gate receipts. 'The Old Goat tried KGLO and had the biggest snowstorm of tho season. With winter coming soon that was too much. What ever happened to that deal that would give KGLO signals 'here good, or was that just a gimick in the election? And wanting to watch the Africa picture meant just more poor quality. Phooey! WITH ALL THE reel news in the world the Dem., on Monday Register, came ;; -'• up with the headline that one of the bi rds is going to wed a marine. If thafs the most important news of the day then some headline writer in Des Moines needs to have his judgment adjusted., However maybe the headli n* writer was trying to tell us something. The big headline said: "Lynda to marry Marino" and right underneath it was the streamer: "Warn of Health Hazard in Garbage Buildup." ;.-•«, ' -• '•• *;-* • ..- ;-. . HERE'S SOMETHING to really worry about. The scientists are not sure just where the south pole is. They can't hit it much within a mile. Seems the earth wobbles a bit on its axis and that squirrels up the measuring. Why it is important is a puzzle. It's a godforsaken land and no one wants it so why worry about it? Anyway the way things are going it's no wonder the world is wobbling. • • *• UP TO MONDAY the new season on the telly has been a big flop. It teems if you don't like bore* operas you are going to be out of luck. There was more shooting, feuding and fighting than you could shake a stick at, And they took the Doodletown Pipers, Candid Camera, and What'* My Line off for that bang band deal! Maybe it'll pick up during the week but the Old Goat has misery complex about it. e • • SOME STUPE wants all holidays to come on Monday, The way this newspaper Business runs any holiday messes up the works but Mondays do the best job of getting things all loused up good. Frankly the 'best deal would have them all come on Sundays thus getting Tid of those yard work, garbage out, and such unhappy things all on one day. STALIN'S DAUGHTf R had her say in the paper the other day, and mgybe the SJaWn fellow is going to come out as a first grade sajnt Th«j Old Oast thinks •te-fuftg* t bit just as he hopes his £4$ pajrit Wm a bit better than he reaHy is. So there! SIXTH- Dorothy Momsen' Penison, started on her sixth g^U.ofl as a. Wwd 49 nor w "^ n the BlfiodroobUe^was in Penison early this month. Nicki Clark married Christine Ann, daughter of Francis J. Gnabesik, Milwaukee, Wis., and Nicki D. dark, son of the Homer Clarks, Algeria* were married Saturday, Aug. 18, 11:00 o'clock at St. Anthony's church with Fr. Eugene Krcuzer officiating. The bride, escorted by her father, was attended by Mrs. James McGivern, Milwaukee, as matron of honor and Louise Roufs, lola, Wis., bridesmaid. Attending the bridegroom were John Clark, brother, as best man and James McGivern, Milwaukee, groomsman. Ushers were Richard, Martin •and Frank Gnabasik, all brothers of the bride. A dinner following the ceremony and evening reception, buffet and dance were held at tine Forrest Inn. Attending the wedding from Algona were the Homer Clarks and John. Christine graduated the 4th of August from Wisconsin Stalte University of Eau CUaire having majored in special education and is teaching at North Charleston. NicM graduated from Algona High School in 1958 and entered the U. S. Navy July 9 of that year. He attended ^Marquette ; University, -i Milwaukee W three years' under the N'ESEP program and is an instructor at the Fleet Ballist-. ic Missile Submarine Training Center, Charleston South Carolina. They are residing at 318 Rugheimer Ave. North Ghlar- leston, South Carolina. Gyrocoptor James List, Graniville farmer, is flying his own licensed gyrocopter, which he made entirely himself, and it was the center of attraction at Paullinia's Municipal Airport this summer. List is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Assn. and Popular Roto- craft Assn. The copter can travel from 45 to 60 m.ph. and weighs only 250 Ibs. Burt . A picnic was held at Call Park Sept. 12. Former employees of Burt school were hosts to the school board members and wives to the new faculty members. . A State Line conference was held at Burt school Sept. 14. Sept. 18 the school board's organizational meeting will be held at noon at the Burt school. '' The John Longs, Billings, hive been vttfflftg »me time and Uv- mg Ifl their trailer hottte •DBflC MfVcfVl W456HB Stf folks, her brother, Nofrls, ift Eidora, atro _..—, Mrs rrene Cook, Waterloo, *f)d relatives in Des Moin**. Mrs. Dotis Larson aftd Ddti Urton vteited relatives in Waukesha, Wis., Saturday to Monday and broUtfH M«k two cousins, Mrs. Myrtle Tiy- •r and Delia Johnson, who live in Millner, N. D They visited relatives here unt«l Wednesday. A dinner wis held at Helen Johnson's Wednesday. Present were Doris Mid Dean Larson; Arlyce Nelion, Joan Gade, Milo Johnson and Myrtle Tayer and Delia Johnson. Mrs. Glee Bullock, Milton, came Tuesday by bus to Alfona and visited relatives and friends. Mr. Bullock came for the weekend and they returned home, Charles and Roger •re both in college. Wilfair Rest Haven has .1 new guest, Margaret Collin•on, 68, of Wesley. There are atx guests now. Jerry Kissner has purchased the Roy Anderson home in Burt. The Andersons will move to Forest Heights, Md., sometime before Oct. 1. The J. L. Millers returned Wednesday . from' a vacation at Benton Harbor, Mich. The six Miller brothers and wives were all present. Friday the C. E. Millers, Estherville, accompanied the Millers to the Spencer Fair. Ruth Patterson, Luella McWhorter, Hilda Gross, Viola Becker, Virginia Becker, Dorothy Scott and Virginia Frie-. spent Sept. 11 in Estherville with Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Calbreath. The R. J. De La Hunts, Hagerston, Md., came Sept. 12 and visited until Thursday at O. H. Graham's. They were on their way home. Mrs. De La Hunt is the former Mercedes Peters. The Dean Andrews and • AVMMM IMJiWl .^mWmn99 eea *9 wuiiPA¥,jMtFj > .ji< < : •" Date staitnet* went to North 'liberty Saturday to viftft Hie A. L. Strutters. They returned home Monday, The Ronald Elvidges, Cotes' burg, were recent guests at Bertha Elvidge's for her 50th birthday. They also visited Efma Pratt. Sunday the. Hvid< took Mrs. Elvidge and rs Pratt to Swea City for • birthday dinner it Ed Stewart's. Mrs. Erma Pratt went to Worthington, Minn. Friday to visit the Earl Nesters and to attend turkey day Saturday. Mrs. Max Argyle, El Monte, 'Calif., visited relatives and friends in this area last week. >Mrs. Argyle is the former Justine Grover, daughter of the Ray Grovers, former Burt residents. Guests Monday evening of Mrs. Art Leason were Mrs. Gfen Grouse, Steven, Elaine and Janice, Humboldt. Guests Thursday were Mrs. Tom iFrankl, Mrs. Emma Beard and Mrs. Leslie Sorenson. FOREIGN SERVICE — C. J. Pitman, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pitman, Leon, . was sworn in as a Foreign Service Officer of the U. S. Department of State in Wash- Council Minutes 0efgS*te, Sif ert, Solory j>'. . i i . *. . . i *. I SbcYSte. .Tuty, l6*.,SeeV ^i^. Ipers My, lp«H'^i.^.^iiiis. • Sec. See: Aag.'pSoe.See. ^i.i T '-t^» ...,•_• - .. _ • ,.. 155.30 t24.3» high school, Dartmouth College and Vanderbilt University. He will soon be assigned to a diplomatic post overseas.. COUNCIL MIMUftl the City Council rMf In regular »«sjlon Sept. 13, (967 with Mayor rinn and the following toundl rh«m- beri preient: Muekey, Andreoxn, EN hert 4 Pelree. Absent: Cobk » Miller. Minutes of last meeting were dp- p V etitlen to tlote alley In Block 56 0. P. wai submitted to the council but since hot all of the property own' en bordering the alley did not sign the petition the council took no action on request. Resolution approving contract to purchase real estate at 123 E. Nebr. was adopted. Resolution approving construction contract & performance bond with Gjellefald Constr., Inc. of Forest City, la. was adopted, Wayne Keith, Kossuth County Civil Defense Director discussed with the council, a Suggested outline for community action to'deol with man-made or natural disasters. Moved & seconded the meeting adjourn, 0. A. Smith, City Clerk eiNIMAL Finn, Solory „.: 123.15 Smith, Salary 255.00 Sands, Salary 130.00 Soe. See., July, Soc. Sec. .._.' 56,32 Soc. Sec., Aug., Soe. Sec. '56.32 Ipers, July, Ipers 44.82 Ipers, Aug., Ipers . . 36.34 lo.'State Bank, Withholding .. 71.23. State Comm., Withholding .. 7.93 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 37.18 Soc. Sec., Sept., Soc. Sec. •_.. 56.32 Ipers Sept.. Ipers 22.76 W. Finn, Crt. Costs 129.00 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills 1.25 Advance, Publishing 33.99 Arwell, Rat Control .15.00 Buchanan & McClurc, tees & cxp ,:.. 1,218.88 Hut Cell's, Supplies 6.38 Inst. Pub. Atfoirs, Booklets .. 7.00 la. Plan. Assoe., Dues • 25.00 • M. Parrot! & Sons, Receipts .. 40.10 Shey & Gotten, Fees :.. 15.00 Upper D. M., Publishing & Sup. 106.58 STRUT Burfis, Salary 169.73 Frambach, Solary 172.64 Giddings, Salary 166.39 Melmers, Salary 145.81 Loshbrook, Salary : 1 ... 47.79 1MTIB r^UUi/ IUW> '* W •»_»•• ^ it * Id. Statefldnk, WftWtoldWo i; * State Comm., Withholding ... Soe'.'S«e. S<spt.,.'Soc-.-S*t. '.iiivi Ipers Sept., (pert --Life Inv. Go. Insurance _.-.. City Cletk, Prepaid Bills .... Algono Flour t, Feed, Seed -. ). J. Butler, Alt. Tester ....i. . Ft. Dodge Towel Service, Service ' ^..i.ji.ii Miller Lbr., Cement— ^ N. Central, Nat. Gas Sherwin-Williams, Brush S, Strebrltt, Labor -.....<.».. Zep -Mfg., Supplies J. «OAD lilt TAX Algona F & F, Repairs ...... Arnold Motors, Repairs Benson's, Weldlne) 1. Bradley, Repairs —. Cook's Welders, Oxygen ...... Croft Ready Mix, Supplies ... Greenbcrg's, Repairs i— Hilton's, Repairs J. Simon. Sidewalk ... Taylor Motors, Service —... PUBLIC lAftTV Boekelmon, Salary •— *. Day, Salary _: ... Hutchison, Salary . Jorgenson, Salary .......... Schodcndorf, Solory Thompson, Salary •.- Volgt, Salary —. — > Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec la. State Bonk, Withholding .. State Comm., Withholding .. 'Soc'. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec Trust & Agency, Pension Life Inv. Co., Insurance W. Finn, Admin., Amb. Service City Clerk, Prepaid Bills Advance, Publishing - Sgt. Armstrong, Expenses Big Bear, Inc., Wheels Greenbcrg's, Shocks Llelsen-Riondo, Badges . Reminder, Ad. — Cards Kossuth Motors, Service Behr's Service, Cos Cook's Welders, Demurrage . L. Nichols. Repairs Hilton's, Supplies Schultz Bros., Gas E. M. Fold, Splints Algona Fire Dcpt., Services _. SANITATION Code, Solary Soe.'Sec. July, Soc. Sec Ipers July, Ipers Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec Ipers Aug., Ipers la. State Bonk, Withholding . , Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec. Ipers Sept., Ipers City Clerk. Prepaid Bills ---- T j'iff CwMkM, toJSSf.Tstil'i-i*****' • Hf.| 1133 C, D. Bin Co., IHNHiU -iiiii' H.W la*M **• «"• W ** *"• <--*n&TS s»*J^.L* f L^s«r:r:': 40, 3.00 85.45 3.10 3.40 7.97 10.50 20.97 38.83 5.20 2.00 6.99 5.50 92.59 43.23 3.75 48.00 7.47 289.83 232.53 232.63 263.82 213.50 204.15 208.21 168.83 167.85 225.40 37.00 184.72 20.99 134.97 120,00 5.00 30.80 26.00 4.30 41.50 16.15 82.64 30.81 2.50 1.50 6.70 13.34 9.26 44.95 347.00 88.84 23.87 16.83 23.56 13.88 5.10 8,98 7.14 1.25 (o. ^ o ^?JSi**/iJ?2JJ?*' 4ii! ' let, Sfoffe Bdrm, WltWwwHrtQ .... State Cofnrfl., Witt*6Mfnfi -Soe, See. Sept. See. S*e. Llf« Inv, Co., Injure*** R. Lernkee, ExpwiMi--.s----^ City Clerk, Prtpoid Bill* --^ Bowmort's, S*fvlc* _.**»..».. Brown .Supply, lUpdif* *- f_-t 1*4. LJ>AiI*A C^rfMhll^A FrtdncR Hpwe.i auppiiw - - - - MCUIATION R. Sigsbee, Solory <."-- Boldrldge, Jr., Solory Boldrldge, Sr., Solory ... Soc. See. July, Soe. S«<. (pert July, Ipers .... *-See. Set. Aug., Soe. S«e. .... Ipcrs Aug., Ipers .....----. loTstatelonk, Withholding State Comm., Withholding .. Soe. See. Sept., Soe. S«e. Ipers Sept., Iptrt - --" Life Irw. Co., ln»uranee City Clerk, Prepaid Bills Cook's Welders, Chlorine Thermogas, Cos D. Hemmlngsen, Supplies Huttell's, Supplies ........ Frederick Hdwe., Supplies ... Austod Co., Supplies L. Nichols, Repairs .i Bowman's, Oil -. —....--»_. OUT IIMVICI Whitney Loon & Trust; Interest PARKINO MITIR Groen, Salary Nauholz, Salary .----.O. RoMnault A R. Roblnoult Down Payt. —>. Estate, Real Estate Soc. See. July, Soc, Sec. 2.» ,^.9 ' 2W.02 7.54 ffl! <ni? 132.33 29.2* 184.51 43.97 8.60 1.13 23.04 12.46 8.01 1S.7S 60.75 28.81 7.41 22.75 15.25 '•• so ^ 77.50 308.58 ''•'« „.«««««• 2 ' 5 2?'°° 36.33 o- State Comm., Withholding - - '.01 Trust «. Agency, Pension ---- 3.97 Life Inv. Co., Insurance ----- ??•!; Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. See. ---- 43.54 Ipers Sept., Ipers .......... 6.80 Utt Electric, Service -- ...... 5.50 THOIT * AQINCV „ ' B. Egli, Pension ............ „ 75.00 Published in the Algono Kotfuth County Advance, Algono, lowo September 21, 1967 Dramatic! Distinctive! Daringly new! Chevy n Nova : .•-;•,-,i;ovio vJ.J;;U?.FV.> 'vhur .'nJ'ljj: ^r-; Chtvrotet Impala '68* Top Secrets are here 1968 Chevrolets Today's modern refrigeratoivfreezer never frosts. Food packages in the freezer are clear of frost, and! labels easy to read. You don't waste refrigeration power building up frost anywhere in a modern electric refrigerator-freezer. Join the up-to-date housewife ... let a modern frost-tree electric refrigerator- treeier store your food safely and conveniently for you! AlgOM Municipal UtllltlM jrifJiiiliiiiiiMMitlllllMliM The 1968 Chevrolets are the very essence of modern design. Every line, every curve is in close harmony, It's a smooth, uncluttered looK with roof lines compatible with body lines, grilles and bumpers that blend gracefully into long, rounded fenders. Clean, flowing, beautiful in their simplicity, these '68 Chevrolets are rich and advanced in styling beyond any you've ever seen. A MORE SILENT RIDE And for 1968, we've gone to every length to give you more peace and quiet inside. The most sophisticated computers have been used to strategically place body mounts and successfully isolate noise and vibration. Shock absorbers have been improved, The wheel stance on many models is wider for greater smoothness. Exhaust systems have been redesigned to make them whisper-quiet. Even the clocks tick more softly. A sound car is a silent car, The '68 Chevrolets are the most silent, highest quality cars we've ever built. BETTER PERFORMANCE There are new engines, a bigger standard Six and V8. There's a new 250-hp V8 you can order that runs on regular fuel. Many new engine components increase dependability and keep your new Chevrolet running stronger. There's a new rear axle ratio you can add for greater economy. On most engines equipped with automatic transmissions, there's a special heater for the carburetor which gives you more efficient performance in cold weather. And with every engine, you get the new GM exhaust emission control. UNIQUE ASTRO VENTILATION There's a whole new idea in ventilation, called Astro Ventilation, for Camaro, Corvette and the elegant Ca^ price Coupe. It's also available on many other models. By opening two new vent-ports on the instrument panel, you bring in outside air that can be directed where you want it. This way, you can leave your windows rolled up and add still more to your peace and quiet. PROVED SAFETY FEATURES You get the p/oved GM-develpped energy absorbing steering column, folding front seat back latches, dual master cylinder brake system with warning light, plus many more new features. Among them: energy absorbing front seat backs, and safety armrests that shield the door handles. MUCH MORE THAT'S NEW There are new roof lines, some formal and graceful, others sporty and quick. There are new instrument panels, richly designed and all controls within easy reach. There are new interiors, new vinyls, new fabrics, new colors. There are models with Hide-A-Way windshield wipers and headlights that disappear behind grilles. There are new side marker lamps, new recessed taillights. There's even a new ignition alarm buzzer that reminds you not to walk away and leave your keys in the car. These are the newest, the most differ* ent, the most dramatically changed Chevrolets ever. And they're at your Chevrolet dealer's npw. Ypu'll tho/' oughly enjoy slipping behind the wheel, experiencing the smooth new handling and library-quiet ride and, more than anything, seeing and feel* ing the even greater quality built into every new Chevrolet for 1919. •e imortl it turtl iny now «t your ChtvroUt dtaltr'f. There's more quality and value built into Snevroltti than ever before, miking tvf ry of w .1151 moclf I in iMMbttltrbiarl kossutFlof&ii^^" IW AtOONA, IOWA

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