The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1942
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 1942 Jackie Byrd Scores Second Round T. K.O. To Whip K. O. Carroll whip v 0 i s TO Lead e y 3* *__ Games As Travelers lie} Jackie Byrd, Arkansas welterweight champion, pounded ic "K. 0." Carroll's, face into a gory pulp to win by a Vic . . , technical knockout in the second round of the main event at the Legion Arena last night. Carroll, a tall, rangy lighter who looked big enough to be a middleweight, was game as a fighting cock but his number was up from the first bell. Jackie, an artist of the ring, danced around his taller opponent, bobbed under the latter's pawing leit jabs, and shim- * med right hand smashes to Car- • roll's nose. He drew blood with his first blow and, before- the match was over, had the claret; flowing unceasingly down Carroll s For Third face. As the second round began, Stone, a tough game-cock, came off the floor and lit into Don with a furious fusillade of rights and lefts. As the round ended, Stone was grinning. By United Tress Continuing one of the wildest Two Strikes on Him ed left hand. His method simple. When K. O. As the fourth round began, both iJav"his talent- boys were plainly tired. Stone tried is " method was to take over an offensive, but was nearly torn in two by a scorching S5 Byrd ducked under it, threw hook as a right hand smash to the face ^'^ * and hooked his left to the midsection. Carroll Injured round ended, he walked to his corner, sagged down on his stool and, then, rolled off on the floor. Loser Is Game Carroll was a ragged boy but was unable to hit. Ke took 10 punches for everyone that he landed, in the closing seconds of the second round, gasping from a scries of ripping hooks to his breadbasket, he received a. powerful jab square, in the eye. As the bell ended the round, his eye was bleeding badly He was examined by Neill Reed, boxing commissioner, and by a doctor, who found a heavy gash just below the eyebrow. Carroll, in no condition to continue, didn't attempt to come out for the third round an dthe bout was awarded to Byrd on a T. K. O. A scheduled six-round fight between Don Burton, Blythcville middleweight, and Galen Stone of Stone lay stretched out in his corner throughout the rest period but answered the bell for the fifth. As he exchanged blows with Burton, however, it was plain that he was through. Once, against the ropes. Don refused to hit Stone as the latter sagged helplessly. The ref stopped the fight and gave it to Burton on a T. K. O. in 40 seconds of the fifth. Stone had to be treated for a gash on the forehead after he left the ring. In one of the preliminaries, Irish Joe Murphy, a former Golden Gloves flyweight champion from West Memphis, scored a T. K. O. n the second round of a.scheduled iour-ronnder over Albert Cavashere of Blythcville. Both lads were fly- winning streaks in the history ot Southern Association Baseball, the Memphis chicks poled out 2:j hits for a 17 to 4 victory over Knoxville last night to increase their lead to 3Vj games. The Chicks, led by the ex-Phil manager, Doc Prothro, have piled up a record on 21 wins out of the 24 games played this month for a near perfect average of .1175. This streak, coupled with the faltering of the Atlanta Crackers, has aounced the Chicks from Oth place into the league lead. ' Memphis was an also-ran nine during April with 9 wins against 12 losses for an average of .429. Then when Doc Prothro made good his promise that "there'll be some changes made," the home of the blues songs became the hottest thing in baseball. The Chicks hav* more than doubled their league average this month, jumping from .429 to .875, faster than Memphis cotton rising on the market. George Burpo, the 19-year-old southpaw hurler of the Birmingham Barons, moved ihc Atlanta batters around yesterday like chessmen • For 11 batters, he issued free walks to first base, but for 15 others, Cape Girardeau, Mo., ended in the fifth round when Stone, beaten so badly he collapsed in his corner at the end of the fourth round, was saved by the referee from further punishment. This match was a slug-fest from beginning to end. Stone, a tall and rangy lad with a rapier -like left jab, mixed it up unceasingly with the stockier Burton. Although neither man seemed to be in very good condition, they were both willing fighters and both of them had talent. Burton Throws Left Hooks Burton began throwing his high- weights. Murphy, a fa^t and experienced little fighter, had little trouble in disposing of his inexperienced rival. Cavashere was game and was more then willing to mix things up, but he never had a chance and was plainly, hurt when the referee stopped the fight. In the first preliminary, Elmei Buckner, Joe Craig's novice negro middleweight from Armorel, scored a T. K. O. over Irby Lee Jones negro at the beginning of the second round. The fight was stopped after Buchner had floored his opponent once in the first round and (he set them, down swinging as the Barons won their second straight 8-4. Burpo limited the Crackers to four hits for Atlanta's fourth loss in as many starts. Lou BeviLs of Chattanooga limited New Orleans to 5 hits us the Lookouts downed tch Pelicans 7 to 3., Walking G and whiffing (J, Devil coasted down the home strotch aftei lis rookie teammates blasted traclei riorn from the mound in the 4th SavolcTs Win Over Nova Qualifies Him As Heavyweight Contender LANE SCOTTS WASHINGTON, May 27. (UP) — Lee .Savold, the Des Moines spoiler, has joined the waiting list of heavyweights who will get a fling at Private Joe Louis' crown —the U. S. Army permitting. Promoter Mikr* Jacobs conceded that Savold earned a berth in the challenging bracket Monday night by carving out an upset technical knockout victory over Lou Nova in eight rounds of a scheduled 10- round Navy Relief battle. "But it's all up to Uncle Sam," Uncle Mike sighed. "Joe Louis belongs to the Army now and it's up to them • to say when Joe can fight and whether he can fight." Jacobs indicated that the summer schedule would be something like this if the Army lets Loui* fight more than once: Bob Pastor will get first cracks at the champ in a New York setting next month. Then it may be Savold against Louis here in Mid- In the battle of the bums the I other night, Savold licked the daylights out of Lou Nova, as who hasn't? Nova, a well-educated lad with a powerful physique, is the sort of athlete who is always standing just on the threshold of fistic success without ever being able to enter the door. The fiasco the other night should just about finish lim off. So far as Savold is concerned, however, his record won't brackets with a classy 138. Shut Out, up and downer of the turf, captured the Ballot Handicap at Belmont Park yesterday while such performers as Challedon and Australian Star lapped u phis dust. With Arcaro up, Shut Out had one of the best days he's enjoyed for some time and already has the konw-it-all's gaga over his chances in the Belrrjont Stakes in June. be unduly improved. He's merely licked the same fighter almost every other heavyweight worthy of the name has whipped. Bobby Berger, Chicago welterweight who meets Jackie Byrd in a 10-rounder at Memphis Friday 7 night, is due to arrive in Memphis today to begin the last stage of his training for the bout, it was learned today. Berger, subbing for Jerome Comforto, who only wanted a $1000 for meeting the local pride, is an experienced fighter" who has met such lads as Fritzie Zivic, Harold Brown, and Jimmy Pierce. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis 17, Knoxvillc 4. Birmingham 8, Atlanta 4. Little Rock 4, Nashville 3 (10 innings. Chattanooga 7, New Orleans 3. The Boston Red Sox are ready NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston 4, New York 2. St. Louis 3, Chicago 1 (10 innings). Only games. *ul4, V^AV* ».*•£)•.*••*«« *_»i.f< u ».« * *v* v »•.» *.'«-*« _^ . Summer, and somewhere along the Lto run y° u "B Bob ^' Doer flashy a title match econd baseman, for president oi- ly-touted left hook during the second round. Stone took several to * te head without much difficulty' but-when .Don started tossing them to the mid-section, he floored Galen for a nina count. had tagged him again with a vicious right cross to the face in the second. Jones left the ring with olood flowing trecly from a lip wound. As an added attraction, Dickio At the beginning of iht- third. Burton trapped his lanky opponent against the ropes and sent him down for another count of eight. Craig and L. W. Stafford, young "skeetcr-wcights," fought a three round draw. inning with a 4-nm barrage. Little Rock moved into a third- place tie with the Pelicans b\ downing the Nashville Voi.s in a ten-inning affair, 4-3. Lnfty Frank Papish of the Pebs limited tin Vols to 7 hits but a quartet o misplays by his forccc the game into an extra inning. The' Chicks, in their 17 to win over Knoxvillc, pulled nbou every play in the books. Every mu ;in the lineup scored ut least on run of the 23 hits, the shcllin being led by Roy Bueschcn, hare hitting right fielder, who knockc in 4. runs with a .single, a trip and a four-bagger. Lewis Carpcnt got credit for the Memphis w while veteran Crlin Collier was tl losing pitcher. Today's games: Atlanta at Bin Pvt. Paul Kirkcndall of the United States Army was referee. The jjl Not WASTE if Yo u i^EZZflE=B|^ uy GOOD Shoe sand ^BBEZHd^Bfc **p Them Serviced I matches Craig. were promoted by Joe Brown Wants Four Tires TAUNTON. Mass. (UP)—A sign in a drug store window here reads: "Brown wants 4 new tires, will pay $400 cash, give mortage on store ind will throw in small farm in Maine with two ducks, one hen and seven roosters." There's something about your face that seems to cause a certain antipathy among the spectators." RY JACK GUENTIIER nitcd Tress Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. May 27. (UP) - — he brightest bit of news on the nscball bulletin board today is an tern heavily underscored with •ony. It .seems that the forgot- ,cn * man of that tremendous St. Louis-Brooklyn trade back in 1940 las suddenly become the bogey nan of this Brooklyn-St. Louis Dcnnnnt fight of 1942. You remember his name—Curt Davis. At the moment Davis is cele- jmting the completion of another jhase in his campaign to prove ;hat you can't keep a good man down. The gaunt string bean 'Of a man, who is tall as the sphinx and twice as silent, has just racked up his sixth triumph of the season and, in doing it. practically erased the name of Joe Medwick from the hearts of the Dodg- ev rooters. Medwick cut Davis loose and threw him away as the tip in a big deal. And on both occasions he has returned to haunt hi.s ex-bosses. Wrigley used him as part payment for Dizzy Dean. While Ol' Diz won just about a dozen games for Wrigley. Davis won 36 for Rickey. Then Rickey * tossed him to MacPhail to .seal the Medwick transaction. After Rickey found he couldn't, use a single player he got from Brooklyn, Davis won 13 games—for Brooklyn in last year's pennant drive. Curt hasn't won the pennant again this year—not yet. But if he continues his current pace, the race won't last until the final week as it did in 1941. Right now St. Louis i.s six nnd a half games behind the Bums and the contest isn't close. But subtract the six games Davis has won and the race would be tighter than Lou Cos- ine there may be nvolving Billy Conn, the kitchen clouter who lost the No. 1 shot at Louis when he got his knuckles cracked in a brawl with his father- in-law. It appeared the Army would permit Louis to defend his title at least once this Summer, so Joe can pick up enough change to pay something like $117,000 on his 1941 income taxes. In that case, it would be a toss-up among Pastor, Savold and Conn as to the opponent. One thing is sure — Nova won't be it. The California Yogi man was dispatched from the heavyweight title scene in conclusive fashion by Savold. By the time Savold got through snapping his left, Nova looked, like a fugitive from a blooc bank. Nova's handlers had to call after the eighth round my other office he may have a lankering 1 for. Bobby, now in his ixth year with the Red Sox, is netting the. American League on ire with his clashing play at the ey spot. He's hitting around .40^ ind is fielding Jike a Gehringer. Mel Peters, grappler who appear- d here a few weeks ago, met Soldier Thomas in a preliminary match at Memphis last night and was declared the winner when Thomas disqualified. Peters, who wasn't worth a hoot in his showing here, apparently caught the soldier boy 'way off form. Thomas is one of the most talented and scientific grapplers of the local ring. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 9, Boston 2. Washington 8, Philadclpiha 3. Cleveland 2, Chicago 1. Detroit 3, St. Louis 1. The zeppelin was named for Count von Zeppelin, its inventor. that streamed uncheck- a forehead wound in- and Davis came to ingham; Chattanooga at New Orleans; Knoxvillc at Memphis; and Nashville ai. Little Rock. .The Baseball Standings ,,, tello's vest. SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L Pet. Brooklyn together. Larry MacPhail got them for four players and $100.000. When they arrived. Mcclwick wa.s promptly lionized. His tremendous hitting, the flook shouted in unison, would win the pennant without further delay. As for Davis, lie crept into Ebbets Field unnoticed, unloved and virtually unwanted. The lanky Missourian wns just the lauMiiappe of the Medwick deal. If he won a few games, then all right; they would be accepted as a' bonus. If he didn't, well. ! no one expected him to anyway. " He was past 30, he had tossed out his arm a few seasons before and Memphis 30 Atlanta 28 New Orleans 22 Little Rock 23 Nashville Birmingham That, was the picture in the sum-t M20-27-J3-10 mer of 1940. Chattanooga Knoxville 17 15 .6G71 ho was in a slump. 20 .583 22 .f>«0 '23 23 .500 There was 21 23 .477 Kbbels Field 22 23 .489 19 2fi .422 30 .362 WARNING ORDER Howard L. Samson, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7801 . Margaret A. Samson. Defendant. In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas The defendant. Margaret A. Samson, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Howard L. Samson. Dated this 19 day of May, 1942. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Eldora Ncal. D. C. Ed Cook, alty. for pltf. Neil Rccd, atty. ad litem. i to .spare Lou from possible serious injury. From the opening minute of the fight, Nova was blinded by blood ed from flicted by the first blow of the fight. Savold slashed -away so savagely with his left that Nova .soon suffered from cut eye-lashes and a lacerated nose. The United Press scoreshcet gave Savold four rounds, Nova two and called two even .Savold .scored the only knockdown, catching Nova off balance with a left in the second round. There wa.s no count. Nova scaled 200 ^: Savold 188'L-. A crowd of 997H paid a gross of S2G.G01, of which an estimated $11,500 goes to the Navy Relief und. Lighthorse Harry Cooper, veteran of the fanvay.-;, is .setting the P. G. A. Tourney on fire with his qualifying play. Cooper touk medalist honors in the prelim For INSURANCE of all Rinds See G. G. Caudill Agency Glcncoe Hotel Blrtg, rn. 2182 BlytheviUe, Ark. Doctors J. L. and J. C. IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 flPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 another picture at Monday. In the NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L Pet. HALTER'S QUALITY Shoe Shop 121 West Main Phone 2732 "The government asks US to curtail, so we'll just produce plain, ordinary super epics for • the duration!" get the advantage of extra mellow. Brooklyn ............ 27 11 Boston ............ 23 17 St. Louis ............ 21 17 Cincinnati .......... 18 19 Pittsburgh .......... ID 21 New York ............ 18 22 Chicago .............. 17 22 Philadelphia ........ 13 27 .711 .575 .553 .-ISfi .475 .450 AMERICAN LEAGUE w. L. Pet- the whiskey of the "flavor years" New York ............ 25 10 Cleveland .......... 23 15 Detroit .............. 23 10 Boston .............. 18 18 St. Louis ............ 18 22 Washington .......... K> 21 Philadelphia ........ 17 25 Chicago .............. M 24 .714 i .l?05 .5-18 .500 .450 .432 .405 .368 Veteran Dog Fancier Selects War Canines BRISTOL. R. I. (UPl— Dr. Howard W. Church of Bristol, widely- known dog fancier, now is picking champions for Uncle Sam. For years it wns Dr. Church's duty to select !hc blue ribbon winners at dog shows throughout the East. Now he is .selecting volunteers for the first canine company in j this war. Dog selectees must be between 9 ind 15 months old, ct the .shepherd, ire da Ic or dobcr man-pin s rher breed. They will be trained at vlontclaire. N. J. .for .service as sen- ries or messengers with troops. past two years things have changed in Flafbush. Medwick no longer is hailed as the savior of the flock. 'Monday, for instance, he wa.s booed every time he walked up (o the plate. But there were no booes for Davis as he blanked the Phils 3 to 0 with only two hits. By all the rules which govern .such things. Davis who never intended to become a major leaguer nnd didn't, become one until he pawed 28 should have completed the cycle two years ago and b hark now at his original trade o fell me trees. Instead, he us up a (lie head of the class. The triumph wa.s about as spec lanilar as an early moniinu fog The bis guy with the bucgy-whi arm .stopped up and mowe 'em down. He struck out the first bat TIT with three pitches, wasn't touched for n hit until the fourth nnd, after unbending with one more safety in the fifth, retired the opposition in order. He didn't rvt n Kive up a walk. While the victory wasn't dramatic, it was extremely impressive. It was the second two-hitter Davis marked up in three .starts. In his last 27 innings of work, he hns been stingy to the point of niggardliness. The opposition has reached him for exactly ono run. There i.s no easy explanation for his sudden SUCCSK. Maybe that master trader. Branch Rickey, mario the same sort of mistake that, j masi er blunderer. P. K. Wriiilcy. j marir before him. Both gentlemen i Prof. A. C: Haddon of Cambridge niversity believes all mankind car e divided into three classes—woolly air, wavy hair, straight hair. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Knoxvillc at Memphis, night. Atlanta at Birmingham. Nashville at Little Rock. Chattanooga at New Orleans. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at Boston. New York at Philadelphia (night) Cincinnati at Chicago. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston at Washington (night) Philadelphia at New York. Detroit at St. Louis. Chicago at Cleveland. The business of A. R. Wetenkamp & Co. will be carried on as usual under the direction of Mr. J. F. McCalla. A. R. WETENKAMP & CO,, Cotton Merchants. ishtii of all highway tax dollars are diverted to non-highway purposes. "Fine Imported and Domestic Liquors*' Your ratronapje Appreciated Russell Marr's Liquor Store 106 N. Broadway Next Door South Phone 286S Post Office ' Kentucky Straight Rowbon Whiskey W Proof. This ir W 5 years old. Sciicnlcy Distillers Corral ion, AYir York City CASH Paid for Laic Model AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS. and Body Wnrk Uy Wysc Terry and Bob Bracken BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117 K. Main W. T. BarncU COCA-COLA COMPANY BY BOTTLING COMPAN\ BOTTLED USDER AUTHORITY BLYTHEVILLE COU

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