Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1967 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1967
Page 15
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Around Algona fey OMITA DIBftiKSEN Phtffo If M*0 J This Guy's Not Marrying Kind By Abigail Van Buren I* IN? * CMUft TrltaM-N. Y. NMH int.. Int.] DEAR ABBY: I am engaged to a guy who can't seem to make up his mind whether he wants to get married. We have had FOUR blood tests [you can't get married in this state without one] and every time we go to get married he changes his mind and we put it off. 1 am 22 and he is 21, but I don't think he's ready to settle down yet. We both work, so money isn't the problem. We have gone together off and on since high school, so we know each other pretty well. He says he loves me and I know I love him. Have you any advice for me? NEEDING ADVICE DEAR NEEDING: Yes. Give your blood to the Red Cross and find another guy. He's not ready. DEAR ABBY: Not long ago I wrote you a letter, telling about my miserable homelife. I said my mother was a tramp and my father would get drunk and beat me for no reason at all. Then I told you that I turned .to my boy friend for the love I needed and he got me pregnant, and I was considering suicide. I gave you my name and address begging you to hurry your answer. Well, I just received the most wonderful letter from you, Abby. You gave, me some good advice, with hope and encouragement for the future. And you sent me the name of a home for unwed mothers nearby where I could go for help. Then you closed with "Good luck, Dear, and God bless you." Well, Abby, my letter was a bunch of made up lies. I have a good homelife and I don't even have a steady boy friend and I surely am not pregnant. I feel so sorry for what I did. Please forgive me. I promise never to do a thing like that again. ASHAMED DEAR ASHAMED: I can usually spot a phony letter, but when a girl is "in trouble" I take no chances and answer accordingly. [Some of the wildest situations are "real."]. You're forgiven, but if you have the urge to do any more "creative writing," please spare me.' ^ DEAR ABBY: Everywhere you turn you hear about sex, which is the most overrated thing in the world, if you ask me. I have been married for 24 years with practically no sex. He doesn't bother me and I don't bother him. I was considered quite a doll in my day, and I haven't changed much. Blonde, 5 ft. 5, weight 115. Yes, we have children. Three of them. [And I had a job talking my husband into it]. I have a full length mink coat, a leopard jacket and a mink stole. My husband is a professional man, well liked and handsome. Looks sexy, but looks can fool you. I play a good game of bridge and consistently break 90 in golf. I keep busy, and enjoy life and if I'm neurotic, frustrated or heading for a nervous breakdown I havn't seen any signs of it yet. Nobody knows what I'm missing but me. ' SATISFIED HIM HUN* Mr*. Ploranca Maydan and daughter Joyce were dinner guests of Martha Fry it Laurens on a recent Sunday. Miss Fry and Mrs. Hayden formerly taught together in Poc* hontas County. Jorry and Jana Ranay, ton and daughtef of the Lyle Raneys, left for Iowa City Wednesday of last week. Jerry is beginning his third year in Pharmacy at the State University where Jane is now a sophomore. Mr». Sid Spaar want to Lakota Thursday and returned home Sunday evening. She visited her two sisters, Mrs. Mary Zoller and Mrs. Louise Schroeder and saw many old friends. Mrs. Anna Mueller, of St. Paul, a special friend since girlhood, was in Lakota at the same time. Her father was the Rev. Mr. Priggie, an early day Lakota minister under whom his daughter and Mrs. Spear were confirmed and they have kept in close touch over the years. Mrs. Batty Galbraith of tha County Clerk's office entered St. Ann Hospital on Wednesday of last week With a back ailment and has been in traction much of the time. Tad Kolly hat clotad hi* Clock Shop just south of the Advance and left Monday with his son Maurice to mako his home in El Cajon, Calif. He had sold all of his docks except one which they took with them for delivery in Kaiv sas City enroute to the West Coast."Mr. Kelly took some of his equipment along and is planning to work at Mantle Clocks in El Cajon. He had done cabinet work in Algona •for some time before concentrating on Grandfather clocks. Another son lives in Los Angeles. Mrs. J. J." Harmon, Vallay Falls, Kans., arrived Thursday at the D. E. Dewed home accompanying her son and his wife, Judge and Mrs. Jerome Harmon, of Topeka. Mrs, Harmon is an aunt of Mrs. Dewel and they remained here two days. Mr, and Mr*. Varnar Sand* Arrived Thursday evening from Golden, Colo., and left early Monday morning to return home. They spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Mary Sands and attended the wedding on Saturday afternoon of a niece, Linda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sands to Randall Wagner of Davenport. Both young people are students at the State University. Mrs. Mary Sands accompanied her son Verner and his wife to Spencer on Sunday to visit her 'brother James Anderson. Russell Wagner, of Davenport. Both young people are students at the State University. Mrs. Mary Sands accompanied her son Verner and his wife to Spencer on Sunday to visit her brother, James Anderson. , Mr*. Charles Otborn hat sold her home at 713 South Moore to the Dwaine Hacketts who are moving back to Algona from Kansas. Mrs. Osborn has bought a home in Mason City just a block from her daughter, Mrs. Bob Peterson, and plans to move there early in October when Hacketts take possession here. Joyco Haydan, Public Health Nurse for Kossuth County, was hostess Friday noon at a pot-luck luncheon for other Public Health nurses in tliis area. Among those present were: Mrs. Donna Me- Cormick, Renwick; Marilyn Krall, Garnet, and Mrs. Judy Ellington and baby, Kanaiwha, both now retired; Emmaline Johnson, Forest City, Marge Costigan, Buffalo Center, both of whom serve Winnebago County. They meet quarterly for lunch and to discuss problems common to them all. Having complatad his Naval service, John Clark has entered North East Missouri State Teachers College at Kirksville, and was immediately elected to the Freshman Council there. He has also joined the College Little Theatre group. John is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Hanry Rog- ers,- Grand Junction, towa, formerly of Algona, ,wete to have celebrated their Golden Wedding last Sunday and local friends who planned to attend the Open House were informed of its sudden can* cellation. A son-in-law of the Reimers, Darwin Vipond, 47, died very suddenly while in a Des Moines hospital for a routine check up and his funeral was held in Des Moines Friday with burial at Grand Junction. He was the husband of the Reimers' elder daughter, Marilyn, and they have one married son. The other daughter lives at Ankeny. Both were youngsters when the family lived here. Recaivad into membership at First Methodist church on Sunday morning were: Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Jorgenson, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Crandatl, Mrs. Donna Smith, Mrs. George Yeoman, and Mrs. George Schwauber whos<3 husband, Rev. Schwauber, a retired minister, is a member of the Conference. Last Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, Atlanta, Ga., with Mr. and Mrs.. Tom Ford, Fort Dodge, were dinner guests of Joyco Hayden and her mother, Mrs. Florence Hayden. The two women guests are sisters, and are granddaughters of the late Joe Helinsky of Bancroft, whose funeral was held there Wednesday morning of last week. Mrs. Thompson, also a registered nurse, is an old friend of Miss Hayden who encouraged and assisted her in entering St. Anthony's Hospital, at Rock Island fot- her training. They have been staying with the Fords in Fort Dodge while going back and forth to Bancroft in settling the fathers' estate but Thompsons left Monday to return to Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Modin arrived at the home of their son Russell in Whittemore on Tuesday of last week. They had gone with the son Kenneth and his wife of Moorhead, Minn., to Los Banos, Calif., where they spent a few days with the older son, Carl's family. While here they are at St. Ann often with Sam's sister, Minnie Medin, who was .taken to the Hospital from Good Samaritan last week., "bchy mi ions pfpeopbqre getting young ideas. ^ C} • • 3-60 ) \oungnnoDi es ton Ott young ittoat in Ihii new Culltm S: Iff young in the way It lookt, young in the way il acti. And you'll find the lame young ideal in all 31 "youngmobilei" from Qldimobile. 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They flew via- New York to London where they arrived the next morning. Some 20 foreign countries were covered on the tour with interesting trips planned at each stop, through Europe, and Asia. On Aug. 29 she arrived from Hawaii at Los Angeles and was met at •the Airport there by her son Merle and his family who took her to Thousand Oaks to visit in their home till Sept. 7, when she flew back to Minneapolis. She saw there for the first time, a new granddaughter, Leslie Jo Pannkuk, born Aug. 15, the fifth child in the Arlo Pannkuk family. Mrs. Pannkuk enjoyed her tour very much forms of with its varied seeing cottuictt tftd many n«* .ii 5 :l • Frigidaire * Maytag •Monarch SALES & SERVICE BEED HARDWARE & APPLIANCE Titonka, Iowa Phona 9212127 Give your treasured time piece the care it deserves. Depend upon our experts for repairs in record time. Prices are low. IMMTIRID JIWILIR AMMWAN MM MCIITY, m See Colorful Viking Football IN EXCITING MINNEAPOLIS and stay at W. R. FRANK'S l MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Just 5 Minutes From Downtown and Mpll. Auditorium Facing Fair Oaks Park and Minneapolis Institute ol Arts DISTINCTIVE DINING 7 ••m. to 12 p.m. Dally Famoui For Quality at Modtrit* Price*. HEATED POOL With Sectudtd Sun Tcrracf. Pooltidt Strvlc*. <!5«I'ik''fi fin Transposition la i Airport, Triin and Bus I Centers. Also Met. Sl»- | dium, Guthrie Theittt ' ind Other Points Upon I Request. , | M>il Coupon '" FRff Color CITY STATE For R«Mr»ttoni, Write. Wlr>. or Phon. 612 336 4391 FAIR OAKS MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ( U S. HWY 65 - 2«TH SI AT 3RD AVE SO . MPIS MINN SS404 Among out of town guast* , here,. .Sunday for Dedication of Kossuth County's new His- ' torical Society's .Home were: Call Dickinson, afternoon speaker, his wife, his sister Ruth and husband, Dr. and Mrs. James Daugherty, Des Moines; a cousin, Attorney Doyle Dickinson and his wife, Eldora; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Fredricksen, Humboldt, (she is the former Helen Dickinson, also a cousin); and Ivadell Ross, Estherville, who is treasurer of the Emmet County Historical Society. More than 300 people attended the dedication on a fine afternoon with about twenty who are eligible for the Century Cluib: descendants of pioneeers who , arrived in Kossuth County by 1867. Wonders have been accomplished inside the building with new paint, fixtures, and room for exhibits which have been attractively placed by the work of many people. Mrs. Grace Leisch, Milwaukee, visited at the home of her brother, Chan Dailey from Friday to Monday. She came by bus but left Fort Dodge by train Monday evening to 'return to Milwaukee where . she has worked at the switch board in St. Luke's Hospital for the past ten years. 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