The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on September 23, 1950 · Page 4
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September 23, 1950

The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
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Saturday, September 23, 1950
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. TBPT6N DAILY TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, SEPT. 23, 1350 Rancher Finds fossil Quarry By International Newsservice Lsramie, Wyo. — (INS) — A Wyoming ranch foreman has discovered what may prove to be one of the most important fossil quarries in the 'country. Dave Cook of the Warren Livestock company was riding near the Pole 'Creek ranch, north of Cheyenne, when he noticed bones protruding from a bank. He notified a. geologist at the Uni- "versity of Wyoming. By digging just below the surface of the ground, geologists .found bones deposited in volcanic ash which dated back seven million years. Bones of the direct ancestor of the modern horse, the genius Pliohippus, first of the one-toed horses, have been .. uncovered.' -This animal was one-half the size of the modern horse. r- Dr. Paul McGrew, professor of Jgeology, said that bones of the Nannippus, a three-toed horse, 'were also found.' He said a mastodon bone was laying almost on the surface of By Jack O'Briah ' New York—(INS)—One of the most frequent letters cropping up in my mail is .the one asking what should be done with an idea for a ne wTV show. Well, as Lou Holtz used to say, I'll tell you. , Hide it. Don't tell a soul. Give it the benefit of secrecy better than Oak Ridge's. How to peddle them? As Lou Holtz also used to say: Don't ask! On behalf of a friend of mine who had dreamed up what,! thought was a fairly adroit gimmick for a TV show,.I noised about among my TV acquaintances, trying to learn for him the proper first step toward production. Before I could even get to the idea itself, another old friend of the ground. This animal was re-1 mine," an NB.C vice president ne lated to the elephant and had ifour ivory tusks instead of two. •It was about the same size as the modern elephant, but much •heavier a'nd with shorter legs. •. The two-foot-high Merycodus, one of the dozens of types of an- .telope which once roamed Wyoming, was discovered along with .the jaw -from a cat which resembled a cross between a mountain .lion and lynx. Bones of carnivorous animals such as this are extremely rare in fossil deposits. . An ancestor of the modern Asiatic camel was found. Camels disappeared from Wyoming in the Pleistocene period, from 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. The •Procamelus species was smaller .than the modern camel and the Megatylopus type was at least-12 feet high. Both species were represented in the fossils. McGrew 'said the discovery will enable the university to date many rocks in the area, the age of which had been unknown. Metcalf Sings At Class Party Due to inclement weather, the wiener roast by the Stemen class of the First Presbyterian church, which was scheduled to be at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. John McNeal, was at the church parlors Wednesday evening. less, pleaded with me not to tell him anything about it. "Look, Jack, we 1 get dozens of them a day, every one^a possible lawsuit," he said, a bit painfully. "Probably your friend has the idea that will drive Milton Berle underground. Even if it would get Godfrey for us, I wouldn't j take the chance." : Law Is Hazy He went on to explain, looking furtively about for fear I might Hoosfefs Give $350>000 to Figfht Caiitef Indianapolis, Ind.'— Hoosiers donated inore 'than ^SSO.OOO to cancer control already "this year, the Indiana Cancer Society announced at the semiannual meeting of the board of directors. Nearly $300,0(10 was contributed directly ; to the Indiana Cancer Society in its spring campaign. The Indiana Elks •Association raised more than' $50,000 through its lodges to be earmarked for Indiana projects, the Lipns Clubs of Indiana raised several thousand dollars and -an undetermined amount went to the Damon Runyon 'Cancer Foundation in New York, William H. Ball, president of the Society, commented that "Indiana's generous support of the cancer control movement, whether through the Indiana Society of other recognized organizations, reflects great credit on the work the Society has done these past five years to educate the public to the importance of cancer control. Some day we will see our efforts culminate in the goal we are seeking—the discovery of the cause and cure of cancer." Rollis S. Weesner, executive director of the Society, reported Strangled by Boy Airrnen Go Back To Classrooms By International Newt Service London. — (INS) — Hundreds that every county in the state participated arid 49 counties reached or exceeded their quotas. They were: Bartholomew, Benton, Carroll, Cass Clay, Clinton, Crawford, Daviess, Dearborn, rush up a witness or two, that | Decatur, Dubois, Fayette, Foun- just as every music publisher is! tain, Franklin, Fulton, Grant, plagued with lawsuits brought'Greene, Hamilton, Heridricks, by amateurs against professionals Jackson, Jasper, Jay, Jennings, who, they say, stole their brain- jKnox, Madison, Marshall, Mar- Linda Hicbman, •tnngied. WINDFALL Mrs. Ted Barrett Physician Blasts women's Sunday'Pregnancy Theory f *K«i f^HWctiaw I ^ * •' ' * The school Church, taught by Mrs. Jesse j. class, of the Christian I International Newsservice w«awu* \**1M/ —— AAUUUACUa LlAUAWAl, laugltl. WJ A,X4i3. w\..jijt I • «, . / T»TO\ V\ T->J of American airmen stationed in Shockney, met Thursday after- 1 - c ° lc l go -~ (INS > ~ Dr ' Ed " - Britain are going back to the classroom in their spare'time. . Ttte University of Maryland has started'a program of evening courses at all 'the American Air Force bases in Britain. Dressed alike in civilian clothes, the colonel and the private £rapple together with advanced French or international politics. .The Air Force authorities have arranged 'that. "credit" marks earned at any of the courses conducted-by "the University of England will be accepted by all the universities and colleges throughout the United States. -It is .possible for a student to attain the -equivalent of two years' 'full-time university education under, the scheme. ARCADIA Mrs. V. V. Leamtnr Mr. and Mrs. .Howard Shatter of Arcadia, are the parents of a son, born September 13, at the Hamilton coun'ty. hospital, Noblesville. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Shaffer and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. I Waltz,-Arcadia, are the .paternal grandparents and great grandparents respectively. Mrs. Shaffer's parents live in Indianapolis. Carrah Knause of Toledo, Ohio, and his son, James Knause kids, TV has assembled its own videogre of nuisance litigatio.- tin, Miami, Monroe, Morgan, Ohio, Orange, Parkc, Perry, boh bverholt, tells itory. BECAUSE she fed grapes to his dog, Don Overholt told Ravenna, O., police, he strangled 7-year-old Linda Hickman, who lived In m. neighboring (apartment. The 17- noon at .the home of Airs. Grace. McDowell. The meeting was S. Burge, Northwestern university gynecologist, claims opened : by "Blest Be :.ttte Tie That Devotions were presented by Mrs. Lizzie Mefford, reading the 23rd chapter of Psalms by Mrs. Clyde Coffin were served to *-*** 1 O '»*««» i l - » , , the hymn ' ave ^ xp *° ded one more P°P- •ular belief concerning difficult pregnancies. The Northwestern physician reports that women who come near having an'abortion during pregnancy have virtually Mesdames Nora Smith, Clyde " IC . sam ! *? ance of delive «ng a Coffin, Jesse Shockney, Otto Mc-,? ormal ^ aby as those without New, Lettie Wade, William Pass-.! complications ; . water, 'Carrie. Houston, Nannie .**• . Burge s °P ml ° n was ° f Grisso, Mary Zehner, Grace Me- * e f, ed In a re P° rt *° t °? Chlca 2° Dowell, Alice Dean, Lizzie ttef- Gynecological society based on a ford, aMIn-dianaHuffman. The * u * y . of t12 ' 000 consecuUye de- next meeting will be Thursday: liv , e "f at , Evans ton , < ul -> h ° s " October 19, It the home of Mrs if :ltalfrom \ 9 f . to 1?«; J he de " ''•™™°«: included 900 o^f his own. university gynecologist i said popular belief that near ,..-..- _i_ ... , - ._ .,,, abortions usually result x in mal'^Ch™^*™^* a ™ fc«ned Babies probably is based - « the fact that fetuses an _p. m. at the Hobbs rest• abortions turn out to be defec- park. The committee in charge 'tive. are Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Nasn, | Dr. Burge reported only three' ana > O m 'o- ''On Thursday they chairman, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne' malformed babies in everv 20o' attended the Delaware county ' ! '-- --- — - J -- ; PRAIRIE Mrs. Darrell Stoops Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Stoops and son, :Kenneth and Marvin Rose and -Gail Moore attended the Indiana Sheep Shearer's picnic at the Shades State park. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kabler of Kingman, .Kan., were Sunday and Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul West and son. Mrs. Kabler is the daughter of Mr. Charles Sample, a Prairie township school teacher of the 1890's. They were en route to New York city, N. Y., to attend a Banker's convention and called on a number of relatives in the vicinity. Mrs. Letha Panich and daughter and niece, Sandra Moninger of Defiance, Ohio, visited Saturday night with her brother, Dillon Traxlcr and family. On Sunday, they, with their father, Dane Traxler and Paul West, Jr., went to Chicago to visit relatives of Mrs. Panick. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Stoops spent Wednesday night at Urb- Rush, Mr. and Mrs. .'Gleri Barker, ! births to mothers who had ^ r j "X?_ 1V ^L-T! dTBa !-! t _ t ' S£- [threatened to abort at some time j during their pregnancy. This was only slightly less than the figure for mothers who had normal pregnancies. Mrs. and Mrs. Alton Heath and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burris. ; Mrs.. Nannie Grisso was guest of honor at a dinner Friday at the home of her son, Albert Dennis and family, east of Windfall, in celebration of her birthday. KEMPTON Mrs. Donna Kessler fair \vher> Mr. Stoops served as one of the judges at the sheaf-, ing contest. They returned home Thursday evening. MRPSVTlIE (Mrs. Hazel Alexander) and son, Michael, of Mills City, tives. of Detroit, Mich:, visited a few anniversary days in Arcadia with their uncle, ( Those present were Mr. and Oregon, are guests of Rev. and Charles Knause and other rela- Mrs - Virgil Stone of Kokomo, Mrs. Raymond Armstrong. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dennis and Courtney will enter the graduate family, Miss Jessica Dennis of school in the College of Religion Mrs. Mollie Mosbaugh, Mrs. Windfall and .Mr. and Mrs. Wil- a t Butler university. Val Underwood, Noblesville, and , Ham Lorenson of EJisnore; Utah. • ' • brother,- Truman Dickover 'of | Canton, Ohio,- were Thursday I J. C. and Bob Rubush visited their uncle Leland Rubush and family-and grandfather, Clyde Courtney Ru bush in Wausaukee, Wis., for 10 days. They returned home Monday night. Their grandfather Rubush returned home and and in Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drook and "The copyright law is so hazy," i Pike, Porter, Posey, Putnam, he pointed out, ."that no one Randolph, Ripley, Rush,. Scott, seems to know what can be done 'Starke, Tippecanoe, Tipton, to thoroughly protect an idea.! Washington, Wayne, Wells and Furthermore, many ideas that j White. ..,.....-._ - . .-.somehow get produced seem to' The Board previewed a new occur to dozens, and sometimes i film titled "Breast—Self-Exam- hundreds, of people at the same.' ination" which is highly recom- time. Every one in the world, I .'mended for showing to women's think, has a gimmick for a panel [groups. Since breast cancer oc- show. Every network is all curs xvith-high frequency in tangled up in puppet strings and I women and since early detection everyone says he strung them upjis so important in its control, it first. That's pretty iwell straight- is felt this film, which teaches (year-old high school senior said dinner guests of Mr.'and Mrs. E.'family of Somerset were the ' Linda "wandered" in and started IH. Fouch, Arcadia. gucsis of her mother, Mrs. Edith feeding the dog. He said he told :her to stop, then grabbed her from behind and choked her "four or Lea veil Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walz andiYohe. daughter, Marilyn, Arcadia, vis- mother, : and Mr. and five minutes." Her body ..was found tited over the week-end in Delta, a closet Inhisrootn by hi, ! "other, Mrs. Frank Sirk. Linda ened out by now, but the other ideas'still stick in our hair. "Our mail and telephones are clogged constantly; with ideas 'er life saving information in the some of the technique of self-examination to women themselves will be highly effective in furth- we have literally to fight off. It's npt^that -we iplpn't like ideas; actually <we feed on them. But we fight against the disease. Dr. Edwin A. Lawrence, .oncologist and coordinator of cancer can't stand still for the lawsuit'teaching at the Indiana Univers- Tenn., with mother. FROM THE EARLY FILES Gathered around^the fireplace, I that seems rea dy to drop out of ity Medical School, reported on , ...j „,„ _^ •,»__ ever y re j ec tion slip we send. So Progress in the various research 16 members and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wooden, Kempton, guests, listened to Richard Metcalf sing folk songs and ballads to his own | accompaniment on .the guitar. The group also sang a number of eongs. Mr. and.Mrs. McNeal and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Surber, hosts, presided at .the wiener roast at the fire place. • Giant Pencil Sharpeners. TRIBUNE PRESS Abso Pure Ice & COG! Co. Phone 12 NATIONALLY 'ERTISED lit N. .Mam Titttbn P.M. Sunday, Sept. 24 :' .3:15 Program Preview 3:20 Roving Camera 3:30 Gene Autry 4:00 -Hopalong Cassidy 5:10 Ayres Jr. Matinee 5:30 Mystery Theatre 6:00 Hollywood Reel 6:15 TeleNews 6:30 Super Circus .7:00 T-V Theatre 8:00 Philjco Playhouse 9:00 Break the Bank 8:30 What's My Line? 10:00 Sign-Off P.M. Tuesday, Sept. 26 4:55 Program Preview 5:00 News and Notes- . 5:30 Howdy Doody 5:45 Howdy Doody 6:00 Film Feature 6:30 John Conte Show 6:45 Roberta Quintan 7:00 Milton Berlc 8:00 Little Theatre 8:15 Paradise Island 8:30 The Web 9:00 Tele-Theatre 9:30 Talent Scouts 10:00 Man from Scotland Yard 10:15 Roving Camera 10:30 First .Call ; 10:40-Program Preview 10:43 Sign-Oil please, please, don't utter a hint and educational projects at that institution. • Officers assuming control .t>f the Society for the 1950-51 year were president, William H. Ball, iMuncie; 'vice presidents, Mrs. James H. Cloetingh, South Bend, Dr. Chester A. Stayton, Indianapolis, Dr. Lall G. Montgomery, Muncie and Dr. Thurmari-B. Rice, Indianapolis; secretary, Mrs. O.; K. Gray, Anderson; treasurer, Mr. James S. Rogan, Indiaw- apqlis. These officers with'Mrs. Ronald M. Hazen, Indianapolis, Mr. John G. Biel, Terre Haute and Dr. Don X). Bowers, Indianapolis, compose the "executive committee for the §ociety. New members of the Board include district ditectprs, Mrs. Edwin 'Harrington, Chesterton; Mr. Edward Rademaker, Marion; Mrs. Frank C. Wright, .Monticello; Mrs. Cy Proffitt, West Terre Haute and Mrs. A. W. Ratcliff,, •Evansville. Medical representa-; tives, Dr. Nicholas Egnatz, Ham-, mond; Dr. Jack L. Loudermilk, Ft. Wayne; Dr. Stanton Cope, jHuntington; Dr. William"F. Tran-i ter, Sharpsville; Dr. Wemple| Dodds, .Crawfordsville; Dr. Robert Kuhn, Wilkinson; Dr. L. H. Allen, Bedford and Dr. J. -E. Elliott, Guilford. 12 YEARS AGO—Sept. 24, 1938 • Christian churches of the county were to convene on Tuesday < at the Normanda Christian church. W. C. Aschenhort, state evangelist,^' . residing at Flora/; was the'. guest speaker. . Fine weather brought many with Mr. Walz's sister and Mrs. Minnie White .entertained at a family dinner, Sunday, for Mr. and Mrs.. Clinton Beck and baby, of Scircleville. Mr. Beck Mrs. WC is returning, to college at | Bloomington. The following i guests were present: Mr. and Mrs."- "Effie -Shaw is visiting Mrs. David White and family, relatives and friends in Tipton. of Kokomo; Mrs. Harold Hoover husband, Rev. and Mrs. Fred Mrs. Laura Shaw is staying in and family, of West Middleton; Rediger. Mr. .Walz also attended ! the home of Mrs. Vinna Ray ciur- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kirby, of a convention of the L. L. L. in i n g her absence. Napoleon, 'Ohio, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Funeral services for Charles hear Goldsmith; Mr. .and Mrs. Clinton Beck,' of- Scircleville, Hensel were held Tuesday at the'M rs . June Mitchell and family. Shaffer Funeral home, Arcadia. Mrs. Fannie Bfirieshults of and Mrs. Blanche Cunningham. Cederville, N. J., is spending a few-days vacation witn Mr. and. the City ' park, including the Needlecraft club hamburger fry, W. H. Burton and Mrs. Arza Spidel celebrating birthdays. • .-«- The Sunshine club of Jefferson high school =held an initiation service Monday afternoon Rev. Ray Biirchfield, pastor of Mr. and Mrs. Richard. Lewis ', at the school building for new the Arcadia Methodist church an d family have returned hoine • members. The president, Suz- was the minister and Mrs. Clar- after visiting a tew days with his; anna Molden, conducted the ence Bishop, at the piano, played parents, Mr. arid Mrs. O. H. Lewis meeting, and the creed was led appropriate selections. Flowers O f Mbrgantown arid his sister, by Kay Eaton. Candles were were carried by friends." The Mrs. William Lottner. . (lighted during the service-ancJ pallbearers with the exception _ ! the closing prayer was offered of ^Howard Guy, Arcadia, were ( Mr . and Mrs . Kenneth Ken- by Kay Eaton. ! . members of the Fraternal Order ne dy of Los Angeles, Calif., are " Officers for the coming year to'of the Eagles at Noblesville. visiting Mrs. Nettie Howell and are Suzanna Molden, president; New England states were visited by a hurricane .and tidal wave 'causing the death of 600 persons and damage estimated at $350,000,000. Burial was m the Arcadia ceme- other friends and relatives the Margaret Baur, vice-president; tery. Mr. Hensel died Sunday pas t j ew days, morning at the Hamilton county hospital, -Noblesville, following a brief illness. NORMANDA • Mrs. Martha S'wisher . Phone Kempton 1468 The Willing Workers class of the Normanda Christian church Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Addleman_ held its monthly meeting Tues- returned from Manitoiila Island, day night at the home of Mr. and Ontario, Canada, where they had Mrs. William Robert Orr and family. Devotions were offered by, Lowell Ach'enbach and the Carolyn Bitner, secretary; • -. : j Barbara Murphy, treasurer; Jane Mrs. Calvin Tuttle was remov- "Ann Stouder, corresponding ed to her home Thursday evening secretary; Margaret Williams, from the Robert Long hospital, Indianapolis in the S. t>. Edwarus ambulance, where she under^ went-a major operation. She is getting along fine. • spent several days fishing. **'*•. i Mr. and Mrs. P. II. Lawrence, election of officers were as fol- Mount Olive Mrs. Martha Swisfier Phone Kempton 1466 ,''.-• Mr. and Mrs. Jesse LeGarde and Mrs. Luella .Enidalay, of editor, and Mrs. Paul McClure, sponsor. There were 20 members present. Philip Robinson, of the Pickard community, has been called to serVice, and is at Camp McCoy, .Wis. .Mrs." Robinson was the former Miss Meredith Cunningham, and > they have a daughter, a year old. in company with Mr. and Mrs. lows: President, Clarence Mor- Fairmouht, called Sunday after- — The Ch " s |, la ? Ambrose Harper of Lima, O., rison; vice-president, Wilma Jean noon on Miss Anna^ liinville at 'Planning a fish try, visited Ambrose Lawrence, a Dawson, and secretary and treas-: the Pilgrim Home at Frankfort. 29th - Tickets can oe ^ brother, T In Cumberland, Md., ! ure r, Dorothy Orr. Contests' Miss Linville was the first pastor from members or at tne aoor. JIRES Your better heril beginj vAttn ybd phone ni -Tor Informmtion vnd • •A • -_ skilled *ervice to high•index Prored Sire*. MortNdsh Phone 26X1 &sKJtt^^ QUALITY BEEF BY TH€ QUAKf Eft Fare Qudiftief...; Ib. 49t Him! Quarter,;•» ,1b, S3c IVERN SMITH'S I.G.A. MARKET «XWWX>WW>^X%l^>^>>»SW^^ whom they had not seen for 44 years. , ' . . * * •* 24 YEARS AGO—Sept. 24, 1920 Mrs. Alma Winkler, 64, died at her home in Windfall. * • » • Dorothy, daughter of Mr. arid. .._ Mrs. Roger Westmoreland, Mr. mount, is visiting Mr. and-Mrs. Mrs. Ora Small, Goldsmith, fell and Mrs. Curtis Vandevender, Cleda , Davison and other rel- New Eemington Portable Typewriter, ^9,57, including tax. Easy payments. TRIBUNE PRESS and broke her right arm. **->*' Mrs. Scafie Weaver was taken to Robert Long hospital in the Youns's ment. AMERICAN LEGION. The Charles Sturdevant Post No. 46, will meet Mondaj at 8:00 p. m. at the Legion Home on North Independ While .dipping gravel from the ner.vum oirmaay ai iicr nume _ Thompson '-pit, southeast of East Wednesday afternoon. Those were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Union, workmen'brought up two present^ were: Mr. arid Mrs. Mrs. William Stewart. ence street. L. A. P'TOOLE, Commander. JOHN REESE, Adjutant WESTERN ELECTRIC (0. 2525 Sha'deland Ave. and : 4711 W. 16th St., Indianapolis has immediate need for ' MOLDED HELPERS Our Employment Offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 A. iM. to 445 P. M. at Shadelarid Avenue, 8:00 A. M. to 4^0 P. M. at Westrieth Street, and Sat* urday, 4:o9 A. M. to 12:00 noon at both locations. were held arid refreshments were served. Those present were Mr. arid Mrs. Howard Hunt, Mr. arid Mrs. Junior Snow and daughter, Mr.- and Mrs. Paul Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Marion McFarland, Mr. and Mrs. Donald West, Rev. and of the Mt. Olive church. Rally day will be observed at the Mt. Olive church Sunday, October 1. Everyone is invited to attend. Mrs. Luella Endalay, of Fair- ambulance • for treat- arid fariiily, Mr. and Mrs. Mort Nash and son, Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morrison arid Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Achenbach and son. Mrs. Nannie Day celebrated her 78th birthday at her home- a tives in the community. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snook were i Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LaGarde and son, Sam, of Greentown. - _ • , 1 . . . Mr. and Mrs. Loran Magi;art Read tne Classified Ad* j '_ j KIWANIS CLUB | The Tipton Kiwanis club will • meet at Tom's Cafeteria,j Monday, 6:15 p. m. TROY N. HUTTO, Pres. ROBERT CLARK, Sec'y- Tipton Comity's Family Theatre For 25 Years . SUN., HON. & MS. Another Big Pitcure At Your Diana! How far can a poll detective go... Added Cartoon _. News ENDS TONIGHT ABBOTT and COSTELLO in "KEEP" 'EM FLYING" -. — AND The Dnrangp Kid in "OUTCAST OF BLACK MESSA" Also "THE SUPERMAN* perfect mastodon teeth. . * * *Mrs. Wesley Reed scalded her Ralph Day and family, Mr. and Mrs. ban Day and family, Mrs. Jeanette -Penningto.!!, V el m a lelt foot arid leg whe'n she Henderson and Arthur Hilligoss. dropped a kettle of boiling water. .. '• ... •..•-.-! .' ' « • '• * . * * - .i ' 36 YEARS AGO—Sept. 24, 1914 Ward McGuire .so\& his Ekin property to Thomas Bailey. . Atlanta was advertising:, the biff .Jackson county fair for Oct. 9.andlO. . :•' • . . ' * .* *..'•-'" Refreshments of ice cream and cake were .served by her two granddaughters, Ann and Janice Bay. The large birthday cake was baked by Miss /Ann Day. Mrs. Day-received several nice gifts arid cards 'from friends who could riot attend. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Black well, Nevy York City, N, Y., and Mrs. Dave i|ay have returned^to the icy Mitchell traded a Jackson home-of Mr. arid Mrs.-Day .after J ••-•- •-•.„•_•_ . _• >^-., ; , «V~.A.^:-.. being .called,.to \he bedside of, ALL-GIRLS : Salt Lake City —(INS)— It's an all-girl political campaign ; in Salt Lake City this year. QLepre- sentative Reva Beck Bosirie is believed to be the first,•woman ^ •in •CprigressiOrial history to be i,^ opposed by another woniah in an £ . election. Her bppbhent: is Mrs. 5 'Roy.Priest, the attractive mother of three-children. « MEA FRAHCHISED GEHEIAl UECTRIC OEAlEl COMPTON AND SON, INC. I county ;farm for "the. Newt .Fred meat market in Atlanta. ••••'? 1 ••-•.•"..•."'- : Farmers reported hundreds of tons of tomatoes spoiling in the fields on'account of inability to get help. * * # The fire department was called to the Huron home on .North their mother, Mrs. lltoriias Black- • well, who is seriously ,.ill' in a Memphis <Tenh;) '-hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell VMll remain In the Day home for a few days before "returning to New York. Mr. and .Mrs. Bryson Dobson ot Hew Orleahs, La., recently West street, where- a gasoline's^ent a lew 'days ihjthe home of stove had started a blaze, Mr. and Mrs. Cash Tyner. LEATHERMAN-MORRI5 Funeral Home ^. TIPTON/IND. Welteplarce Ar.y Size Slate.. Have Your Slate Coated In Your Choice of CoIors...Red, Green, Black, Gray. Gutters. Downspouts Repaired AmbuUnc* Scrvic* 2406 A. Elwood, Indiana