Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 18, 1967 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1967
Page 10
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'INK in my VEINS' Date ASC elections in Kossuth Tuesday the last Sunday f spent with Mary Fran in Torrance, California, we toured the Kuska Museum. Some seventeen tons of treasures, antiques, and jewels of every description from former times and far-off places line the Wails and fill the niches and corners of this museum, which is reputed to be the largest collection of its kind in the United States, outside of the Smithsonian Institute. On display are more than 20,000 item* of antique china, glassware, furniture, doll*, costume* worn by long- dead king* and queen*, costume* of the time of Lincoln and Grant, a myraid of button*, marble*, book*, bottle*, »hoe« of different period*, beautiful old clock*, chantilly lace shawl*, paisley shawls, homespun coverlets, gobelin tapettriet, hats and gloves. Beautiful cut glass, cameo glass, Venetian glass and samples of the beautiful coin glass produced with such excellent skii! in 1.192 that the government forbade its manufacture after five months. Beautiful pieces of Meissen, Sevres, Capo di Monte, and a set of famous Dresden China. Among the 1200 dolls a rare French doll dressed in hand-made lace and tatin and wearing a necklace of 37 jewel*, each containing a miscroseopic reproduction of a famous painting in the Louvre. There i* the famou* porcelain cat said to contain a fortune in rubies and if it does, just smiles on and keep* it* secret. The museum originated in Kansas and operated there until 1957, when Mr. and Mrs. Kuska filled two large vane> with their — yes, seventeen tons of treasures, and headed west to California to be near their three sons and families. One son at Redondo Beach is an engineer at North American, another an engineer with Northrop and the youngest son an architect in Salinas, who designed the memorial carillon tower on the campus of the University of Nebraska while a senior there. Since the Ku*kas have moved to California they have continued to add to their collection, item* ranging from the two steins once belonging to Hitler, to an original Old Cabin Whiskey bottle made in 1840 by E. C. Boos Company of Philadelphia, whence came originally the nickname "boose," al*o a Paul Rover spoon, an original Frederick Remington and two tumblers, Holly Amber and Agata in Art Glass. The Kuskas celebrated a golden wedding anniversary in June and traveled to Europe bringing back more old world treasures. I haven't begun to tell of the beauty of this collection, the exquisite pieces of furniture, the garnets, the jets, and all the wonderful history that goes with each piece. This collection is worthy of being housed in the most up to date museum and will some day be given so by the Kuska children but I hope the precious history of the various items will not be lost. Mrs. Kuska is a graduate of the Fort Hay* Kansas State College and received her AB degree from the University e< Ilinois. In 1952 she was selected the Kansas State Mother of the Year. In 1962, Fort Hays Kansas State College presented her with an Alumni Achievement Award for the preservation of America'* cultural heritage. Mrs. Kuska, with her husband Joe, Past District Governor of Rotary International, show school children, scouts, clubs, tourists and visitor* from every land through the museum daily. There is no admittance fee but a contribution for upkeep i* accepted if one fool* inclined to do so. .If you are in the Torrance area of California do •top to see this fabulous collection. It is well worth your time and much credit goes to the Kuska* for preserving art and history of the past. Election of ASC community committeemeti for itch township in Kossuth county will be held Tuesday of this week from noon until 9 p.m. at the polling places listed below. Ballots will be tabulated place for Harrison f*p t fc the Swea City Legion Hall Hebfcwi Twp. •— Carl Badje, Ralph MMUn, Alfred H, May* land, Marian Melt, Edwin I. Naumann, Andre 0. Torket- son. Polling place for Hebron publicly by the farmer elec- Twp. is the Buryl Berg ten tion officials at the polling ant house. ' Irvington Twp. — Edward I am at home again and'happy to be back i o of home affairs again. The grandchildren, children'arid friends are so glad to see me and our little Richard is really a big boy. He still studies me gravely but we'll make up I know. We have a new pony at our place, the pony of all ponies, a nice little fellow. I enjoy seeing the children ride him and am glad they are here in the good country spaces to romp and play. I have a deanery meeting in Algona on Tuesday and return to school on Thursday and Friday. Back in the routine again and glad to bo here. Today we attended the 40th wedding anniversary celebration of our good friends and neighbors the Maurice Bernhards. Visiting with them, seeing their wonderful family, children and grandchildren and greeting friends I haven't seen all summer made this a special occasion. It's nice to think of good, salt of the earth people like the Bernhards are with us and having such a fine family to carry on the good pattern. With these kind of people the world cannot go all wrong. The reason people dream of having a cattle in Spain i* that it'* simpler to find one there. Spain ha* some 1500 castles, but the plumbing of many is still a* medieval a* their battlement*. Hal Boyle gives us this prosperity note: A pawn-shop on First Avenue here posts this sign: "It's no crime to be broke. The crime is to be broke when you can hock something." Insects are both the bane of mankind and also among mankind's best friends. An example i* the boo. Hi* effort* are essential in the pollination of 50 United State* crops worth $1 billion annually. His reward; We steal hi* honey. Relax, be happy, read a good book, play Lara's theme from Dr. Zhivago. Take your vitamins, work hard, you'll sleep well. Write to me. places when the polls .close. Following slates of nominees and polling places for elections are as follows: Buffalo Twp. — George F. Alke, Lester Blain, Dale Finer, William J. Mayland, Henry D. Radmaker, John S. Rippentrop, Arthur Rode. Polling place for Buffalo Twp. will be the American Legion building, Titonka. Burt Twp. — Robert E. Angus, Dean E. Culbertson, Dennis E. Lynch, Bernard Miller^ Russell E. Patterson, Ed Tigges. Polling place for Burt Twp. will be the Burt City Hall. Cresco Twp. — Robert L. Buscher, Marvin D. Kramer, Howard M. Long, Eugene Rochleau, Roger Rochleau, Virgil Roethler, Harold M. Sabin. Polling place for Cresco Twp. will be the Cresco Community Hall. Eagle Twp. — Kenneth Brones, Arnold L. Duer, James O. Koons, W. James Rock, Everett Thorson, Virgil D. Tokheim. Polling place is the School House in Eagle Twp. Fenton Twp. — Ervin P. Borchardt, Frank W. Dreyer, Raymond H. Dreyer, John M. Munch, Harold W. Wehrspan, Arthur Zumach. Polling place for Fenton Twp. is the Fenton Community Center. Garfield Twp,. — B. J. Anliker, Louis Balgeman, Carroll Olson, Clair L. Reding, Clinton W. Stetzel, Francis Wolfe. Polling place for Garfield Twp. is Center School. German Twp. — Eugene C. Beenken, Kenneth Brandt, LeRoy Bruns, Leroy C. Phelps, William L. Rode, Everet J. Sleper. Polling place for German Twp. is the Township Hall in German. Valley. Grant Twp. — Ralph E. Angle, Paul Eisenmenn, James L. Hacker, Irvin H. Huskamp, Morris Quam, John C. Richardson. Polling place for Grant Twp. is the vacant „ .house across .road west of the **'***' sk&$fRpbei;t "*'*** * Greenwood Twp.—Ray Ditsworth, Joseph F. Fangman, Erwin Heldorfer, Frank M. Kramer, Walter A. Renger, Marvin J. Vaske. Polling place for Greenwood Twp. is the fire station in Bancroft. Harrison Twp. — Clarence Darnell. Elmer H. Kollasch. Earl C. Kvamsdale, Walter L. Peterson, Jerry Sanftner, Marvin Simonsmeier. Polling Arend, Joe A. Divis, Henry Eisenbarth, Eugene Lemkee, Robert Mayer, David Seller. Polling place for Irvington Twp. is the U.S.D.A. meeting room, Algona. Ledyard Twp. — William Bauman, Joseph R. Berschman, Arlowe C. Blome, Ronald Heetland, Burdette L. Hoeppner, Ted J. Thilges. Polling place for Ledyard Twp. is Ledyard Legion Hall. Lincoln Twp.—August Baumann, Carl W. Boehm, Harold Kettwick, Menno Limberg, Alfred Melz, Adolph Junior Poppe, Burt W. Weaver, Louis R. Wingert, David Yegge. Polling place for Lincoln Twp. is the new Fire Station in Lakota. * Lotts Creek Twp. — Charles Bjustrom, Joe Kollasch, Dick Kuecker, Duane E. Lieb, Orville P. Muller, Franklin Rusch. Polling place for Lotts Creek Twp. is Center School. LuVerne Twp. — Owen P. Curry, Donald F. Fett, W. Raymond Legler, Edwin H. Marty, John Voss Jr., Frederick L. Will. Polling place for LuVerne Twp. is LuVerne City Hall. Plum Creek Twp. — Harold E. Bode, Everet Broesder, Amand Dangelser, Ronald Gardner, Donald J. Madsen, Michael P. Schmit. Polling place for Plum Creek Twp. is Community Center. Portland Twp. — Ralph W. Carlson, Ervin K. Elmers, William Hellman, Rollo E. Moore, Merle Phelps, John M. Smidt. Polling place for Portland Twp. is Center School. Prairie Twp. — David L, Bernhard, Marvin M. Eischen, Dan E. Froehlich, Vernon Plathe, Joseph L.- Rahm, James A. Rosenmeyer, Donovan J. Studer, Charles T. Widen. < Ramsey Twp. — Leon B. Dumstorff, Richard Elsbecker, Kenneth J. Heldorfer, John R. McGuire, Art Menke, Rudolph M. Rahe. Polling place for Ramsey Twp. is the Fire Station, Bancroft. \ Riverdale Twp. — Herbert J. Kayser, William M. McGuire, Hubert O'Brien,. Peter C. Reding, Bernard H. Thilges, Alfred Zellar. Polling place for Riverdale Twp. is the Community Center School house. Seneca Twp.—Earl Crouch, Lyle R. England, Herbert H. Krause, Clarence L. Osborn, Victor Struecker, Ervin Vot- teler, Joe E. Culberteon it. Polling place lor Seneca Twp. fettle County Shed, Senwa Sh*Mtiin twp. — Rob*rt N- Bormann, Thomas J. ftor mann, Wm. CoeUeh, W. Harry Naffclger, Ctrl E Swan»n, Letoy F. Weber. Polling place for Sherman Twp. ii Center School. Springfield Twp. — Elmer Anderson, Duane Darnell, Carlyle A. Engelby, John Kram- ersmeier, Jeremiah f. Sullivan, Lowell Underbakke. Polling place for Springfield Twp. Is the Ledyard Legion Hall, Swea Twp. — Daitel Bishop, Dennis W. Guerdet, Morris Johannesen, Laurel D. Peterson, Virgil Preston, Ber- " nard Verbrugge. Polling place for Swea Twp. is the Swea Ci« ty Community Hall. Union Twp. — Duane C. Dittmer, Daniel J. Fisher, Robert Heifner, James D. Lindhorst, Donald F. Riebhoff, Donald K. Strayer. Polling place for Union Twp. is the Union Township Civic Center. Wesley Twp. — Robert L. Boleneus, Ray V. Cunningham, George Detmering, Bill Goetz, George H. Lickteig, Luther C. Nygaard. Polling place for Wesley Twp. is the Wesley Legion Hall. Whittemore Twp. — Garmon H. Adams, Gerald Erpelding, Victor Faulstich, L. G. Fuchsen, Harold Haag, Albert F. Kramer, Charles P. Origer, Dennis C. Weber. Polling place for Whittemore Twp. is the Whittemore City Hall. For each community, three regular committee members and two alternates will be eW ected. The chairman, vice chairman, and third regular member of the elected ASC community committee will also serve as delegates to the county convention, where farmers will be elected to fill vacancies on the ASC county committee and where the committee's chairman and vice chairman will be chosen for the coming year. The alternate committeemen will also serve as alternate, delegates to the convention. The county convention will be held at the ASCS Office Saturday, Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. The county committee supervises the ASCS county office and is responsible for administering the price support, acreage diversion, agricultural conservation, and other programs in the county. The community committees assist the county committee arid are particularly responsible for keeping their neighbors informed about the programs. Mr*. Matilda Waldsehmidt accompanied Mrs. John Grotte arid Tom Wichman to Spencer recently whetre they visit ed. with relatives.. Mrs. Grotto and Tom Wichman were at the Ben Grottes. Mrs. Wald- sohmidt visited a son and family. MONDAY, SI Pf, 11, tftf MR. AND MRS. Siemen Smidt of Titonka announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Ellen, to Gerald Wachsman, son of Mr, and 'Mrs. Stanley Wachmann of 'Mason City. The bride-elect attended the La James College of Hairstyling in Mason City. Her fiance graduated from Mason City Junior College and Iowa Tech in Otttinv wa, la. He is presently employed as Programmes- with the Courthouse in Minneapolis'. A Sept. 30 wedding is planned. THRU MONDAY, SEPT. 25 BIRTHDAY CLUB 'Mrs. Paul Richardson entertained tier birthday dub. Shop These Harrison Bargains Wednesday Prices GooJ 6:30 to 9 p. m. Only BRACK'S ENTIRE STOCK OF CHOCOLATES I Dusters & Housecoats ROWLEY BUILDERS & SUPPLY CARPENTER SHOP NOW OPEN 210 WEST STATE ALGONA, IOWA • Cabinet Work • Aluminum Combination Windows & Doors • Window Glass Replaced CALL 29M323 FOR FRiE PICK-UP * DELIVERY AS ALWAYS Frw Estimates ON Rtffljrs Or Remodeling Dip Peanut* — Star* — Clutter* — Bridge Mix Reg. 69c Lb. 2lbs. $ 1.00 — $2.98 A $3.98 Regular Price — '1.00 Off INSIDE LATEX 30 Colors I $1.33 BOTTLE 10Q/$ PAINT 2 gallons <4" AN AC IN e e 99c SHORT SLEEVE All Color* A Siiet Sweat Shirts each 99c 210 Yd. Skein RUG YARN 87c ENTIRE STOCK OF Reg. 49c Yd, Contact . yd. . 38c WIZARD - ALL SCENTS Rog. 49c Can Room Deodorant 27c •LOCALS* Mr. and Mr*. John Dutton wore visited over the weekend by their son Jerry and family of Omaha, Neb. Mr. and' Mr*. Ed Mine recently took their daughter Rose ito Ames where she enrolled as a freshman at the university. Mr*. Chester Bailey wa* recently visited a lew days by iher son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Aaifs of Sioux City. Mr*. Robert Bomgaart returned last week Tuesday from Mason City where she had surgery at Park (Memorial hospital. Mrs. Gerald Bomgaars, mother of Robert, has been 'assisting in the care of the little grandson Jay and granddaughter Jayne during the mother's absence. Mr*. John Grotto ha* boon visited several weeks by her grandson. Tom Wichman' of Macon, Ga. He will enroll at Georgia Southwestern college. He has had flying lessons While here and is a new pilot. ,.: Mr*. Harm*,who.rnake*.her home at Mrs. J ( ohn Grptitws was visited Sunday by her son of Buffalo Center. Mr*. C. N. Robinson has been visited by Mr. and Mrs. iRay Smith, former Algonians now living at St. Petersyerg, Fla. They also visited friends at Wesley. Mine*' Reg. 4.99 I Strap-Happy^ Casuals Buckle on these -neat little flats with pant suits, skirts, kilts . . . all the newest sportswear! The black crushed leather is styled with a timely full toe. Women's sizes to 9. v 3.99 COMFY Wedge Heel* Here's savings on a whiz of a walking shoe. The simulated leather uppers wipe • clean! Black or russet.. Sizes to 10. 147 - 6:30 to 9 PJ». WEDNESDAY - SEAMLESS 100% Nylon Hose 3 pr ODDS A ENDS Lipstick tube 9c Concentrated Dry Skin Qt. Silken Delight Bath Oil PRICE Creme Rinse YOUR OHOICE '/a Gallon Silken Delight Shampoo 59c '/» Gallon PRO LON Rog. $1,69 Brush & Comb 98c BATTERY OPERATED Toothbrushes MSLMAC One Plato Sitting Silverware V.riety HONSBRUCH DRUG "Your Algona It**)) fitref

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