Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 18, 1967 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1967
Page 6
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Presbyterians plan 100th year (1957) MONDAY, SEPT. ti, |f*7 to train •t Cliifiytt API Saptombof 17,19S7 AlfMii high Mhool dogs upset EmmeWbufg for the first grid triumph here since 1954. To name heroes in the game would be virtually impossible, but Jim CoWan and Dieter Gainer, who team up to be as good as any halfback in the leagues before the season is over. Tom Potter, Dave Richardson, Francis Bjustrom, Howie Funk, Jerry Rupp, as well as Fosrvaugh. Jergenson, Kern, Harris, Ostrum, Jennings and Discoe had a share in the victory. Neil Colwell was injured and did not play. It was definitely the spirit of the A1- gona team that brought the Victory. These boys have a desire to win! "Maybe it's ju»t at well to have a president play golf raither than international politics. Ike Just gets the ball in the hole—not the country" Hodgepodge. The 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Algona Presbyterian church will be observed next week. The first Presbyterian church was formed in 1857. Among the arrivals in Kossuth county in the summer of 1856 was the Rev, D. S. McComb, an. ordained Presbyterian minister. He took land on the Black Ca». creek a few miles north of Algona. He made no immediate attempt to organize a church but preached in the log cabins of <the families, he later had for members of his church. During the montlhs after he (arrived, he located a number of Presbyterian families and on Sept. 25, 1857, Samuel T. Wells, a traveling missionary in the Presbyterian of Dubuque organized the church with mine families. At present Rev. •Myron H. Brower is minister of the Presbyterian Church. Ma|ny festivities have been planned during the week to commemorate the 100 year anniversary. Kathleen Griffin won her first Algona Country Club golf championship as she defeated Lorrain Smith 1 up in the 18-hole final of the ladies tournament. Mrs. Smitih won the crown several times but this was Miss Griffin's first appearance in the finals. Alice Kretentky was pictured in todays issue of the Advance waving farewell to the New York skyline from the deck of the Holland America liner "S. S. Maasdam", just •before she set sail from New York Harbor bound for Scotland where she will attend the University of Edinburgh for one year. She is a graduate of the college of Wooster. Alica is the daughter of Mrs. Claris Kresensky. A few twitted Mottoes from the Orange City Capital newspaper featured on the Editorial page. "Don't talk about yourself; we'll do that when you leave; If you can't understand it—oppose it; Money isn't everything but it's way ahead of wliatever is in second place; Work facinates me —I can sit and look at it for hours; YouYe certainly trying—very trying; This job is more fun than making money; I spend 8 hours a day here<— do you expect me to work too?; My mind is made up, so don't confuse me with the facts; What can you expect of a day that begins with getting up; Your call has climaxed an already dull day; If you can't convince 'em' confuse 'em!; Money isnX the best thing in the world; I just happen to Ukc it best." These mottoes were written by Carl Hamilton, editor of the Iowa Falls paper. September 16, 1947 The officers club house at the former prisoner of war camp site, now the airport site, is being readied for use of the Country club which has rented the building from the airport commission. The new olub will replace the country club which was burned to the ground in a fire two weeks ago. Algona high school cheer leaders were elected by faculty members and members of last year's student council. Marcelle Putz and Janet Reding were chosen. Cheerleaders from last year are Ruth Arm Reilly and Janice Bartholomew. These four girls will be the J947 1948 Cheerleaders. Tht flrft «in in evtr two months brought relief to 3 dry 'hot spell in Kossuth County. •fulfil Burljngamo, daughter of Mr«- NeJMe Bujrlingame, formerly « nurse it the Kos- svto hospital, is now employ- eg as, office nurse at Brit* for Qr. C, Q, Brewster and Dr. *°- - • •,* sponslble for plating of school "Stop" or "Slow 0 rign was tossed back into the laps of the school administration at the semi-monthly meeting of the Algona city council. A letter from 0. B. Laing school supt. was read by the council, and after some discussion the council decided it was not the function of the tity to see that such signs were properly placed before school distrusted periods. Supi Laing was notified accordingly. (Somewhere along the line the city must have gotten the job tossed back to them again) Val Fuhrmann, well known here and now a big wheat farmer in Netherhill, Satak, Canada, wired for 'help to harvest 2000 acres of wheat, according to Louis Fuhrmann who received the wire. The cry for help met with immediate response and Herman and Florens Faber and Harold Thill, nephews of Val, left last week. The W. A. Bueghlys have recently purchased a home in Spencer and will move as soon as their home here is sold. Mr. Bueghly will have refrigeration sales and service department there. Mrs. Bueghly taught vocal music in the Algona high school and they are the parents of twin daughters Diedre Ann and Dianne Kae. On Saturday, Sept. 20 hundreds of free Merchandise' Coupons were dropped from the sky by planes in a Chamber of Commerce promotion. Algona business community had teamed up to bring the people of Algona these novel and exciting "sky announcements" of Greater Algona Days. (All heads were pointed upward that day I'm sure.) at Otiose* ft& Kai stficS becft wwt flitted the requirement* itt IttBHt Mr. Mayw wi* A106M hie* school. He a PhlBeta Kappa ; Airman'Ronald 6, Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ervln W. -|ocial security? 1, Lakota, to? *a, his been sleeted for techni Ottoeon — Eileen Bauer was given a pre-nuptial shower at the Conuncnial dub building Sept 9 Mn. Ed K«mna introduced EHeen, her mother, Mrs. Clarence Batter and the mother of the prospective bridegroom, Mrs, Donald Christiansen, West Bend. MlttttttMt „,;» . EUeen and the two mothers JonB8<Ml of * « %$*<&?» £T3;!L2f ££ST cml * r * lnln « •*"«••-"•«« Am, and green, her chosen colors. ,|, „ m Ut s A|r r , Mrs. LeRoy Worby gave^read. tnti n ^ nienMM spec ,.,, sl . ings. Mary Wirtz played two The airman recently comple- piano solos "Honest and ted basic training at Lackland Truly" and "Wonderful One". AFB, Tex. His new school is Mrs. James Roupe gave a part of the Air Training Corn- reading, mand which cnnducls hundreds Helping with the gifts were ° r specialised courses to provide Sharon Christiansen, Mrs. technically trained personnel Richard Oline, Wanda Bristow for the n »*lon'* aerospace force, and Jeanne Montag. Teresa Airman Johnson is a 1966 Montag, LuAnn Montag and Joleen Montag sat at the guefet book, Hostesses were Mn. Peter Mertz, Mrs. Ed Kemna, Mn. Philip Montag, Mn. John Krischel, Mrs. Oliver Lee, Mrs. Raymond Wehrspann, •Mrs. Eugene Hofius, Mn. Clem Ludwig, Mrs. Donald Usher, Mrs. Ed Grimm, Mn. Peter Schmalen, Mrs. Francis 0, I have $23,000 In mutual fund* whJeh will mature at varioui ftntts in the next •even ytari. Itt addition I have $35,000 in lavin* and loan and bank Mvjftg* dfc petit*. Would it be wi*e for mo to draw out $1,000 from my saving* every tix month* for the next fix year* to augment by $220 • month retirement income until I roech 62 and become eligible for with i Servicemen OfeiOa OdHftttt dub ft* present at (lowa > . , School. Mrs. Rejpa Memory of St. Joe man is honored St. Joe — The Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus of ore. •the 'Emmetsburg area held a dinner-dance A at St; 1 Joseph's •school 'hall Sept. 10. The din Montag, Mrs. Homer Bristow, Mrs. Alfred Wirtz, Mn. det- is Choicoine, Mrs. Antone Waechter and Mrs. George Montag. REUNION PICNIC The O.K.C. reunion picnic was held Sunday at the Commercial Club building with 25 attending. Officers elected for next year are: Mrs. Roy Telford, president, and Mrs. Earl Olson, sec. treas. Attending were the Oliver Lees, Bode, Oliver Holdens, Humboldt, Edgar Jacobsons, Al- <bion, Earl Firkins, Newton, Fred Benjamins, Bradgate, Cecil Jolliffes and Mrs. Florence Larson, LuVerne, Nick Meurers, and Joe Wilsons, Poeahonitas, Archie Rollands, Bode, Oliver Kinseths, Roy Telfords, Earl Olsons and •Mrs. Loran Daniel. Afternoon visitors were Mrs. Rem Enockson and Naomi Struth- visitors with Enockson. The Gordon Blanchards and Jeanne, Mason City, were Sunday afternoon visitors at Chester Alme's. The Cecil Jolliffes and Mrs. Florence Larson, Lu- Verne, Mrs. Ann Horn and Mrs. Cora Laursen, Humboldt, were Sunday afternoon visitors with 'Mrs. W. G. Cooper and Mrs. Helen Campbell Alton Mitsven, Bode, was a Sunday guest at Percy Walt- nem's. A. It seems to me that you could quite safely use $1,000 of your savings every six months for current living expenses. This is not much more than the interest you are receiving from your savings accounts-. Furthermore, when your accumulation plans mature, they will not only replace the $12,000 you will have drawn out in the intervening years, but will also provide you with dividend income at that time. 0. I bought 30 there* of Gulf A Western Industrie* a little more than a year ego. I have since received an additional 60 share* a* the result of three for one split. I have been told, if I sell these shares I received from the split, I will have to pay taxes. I didn't know I'd have to pay taxes on the split shares. Is this true? A. Based on current prices you certainly would have to pay taxes when you sold. After graduation he Bpeut -S yens a iti intelligence brteflng officer in the ait force at Headquarter* 5th AF, Japan, and Headquarters Strategic Air Command, Of- fiett, AFB, Neb. Leaving Die service as a Captain itt 19M, their record ^t^aktkdl tjutjbjb^L * d^£«^^K mV^i laiRs were given ny Rathy Payne and Debbie Mia- sal. A demorwtraUort was given 'by Martene Goiwttaer Guests were Mn, Hauler and Mrs. Payne. Reporter is Joyce Sifeft. ' Memptti*, Tonn. — Marine Pvt Russel L. Shaw, Algona, has been transferred from Camp Pendleton, Calif., where he completed boot training, to the airplane and aviation maintenance school here. He recently visited his home before coming to Memphis. RECRUIT GRADUATES SAN DIEGO — Seaman Recruit David W. Tripp, USN, son of the Everett T. Tripps, Algona, has been graduated from nine weeks of Navy basic training at the Naval Training Center here. In the first weeks of his naval serv- SHUTS RPOWN'"" SHOE SlOPf Bear Facts By Susan Elbert and Rae Ann Kollasch Shares of stock received in a ice he studied military sub- split are not a tax-free gift. They receive their proportionate share of the cost of the stock you originally bought. That is, twojthirds of the cost of your original stock is now the cost of those split shares, and, if you sell them, the difference between what you get for them and that cost 'is a taxable profit. It is taxable •at the long term capital rate, •however, since you have owned the original shares more than six months. Pride, excitement spirit, ran high at ^GH week as posters! announced/ Q. Would you say the average mutual fund would be a better investment than a savings and loan association account? , - ... ,,,,. ,, jects anl lived and worked under conditions similar ot those he will encounter on his first ship or at his first shore station. Algonian to conference in San Francisco NEW SHIPMENT OF WOMEN'S AIR STEP DRESS, CASUAL, STREET or WORK NEW SHIPMENT MISS AMERICA ft ROBIN HOOD LOAFERS, TIES, STRAPS NEW SHIPMENT CHILDREN'S SHOES FOR DRESS or SCHOOL bion, were Sunday ner program was in honor of guests at Roy Telford's. departed Sir Knight Charles The Clarence Seiverts, Alta, Plathe with a memoriaible were Sunday afternoon visit- presented to the or® at Olvin Huug's. Other Chalice Plathe family. The Plathe fam ily donated the Chalice to the Benedictine Missionaries. Schuyler, Neb. with Brother Innocent, OSB, here to accept for the order. The Chalice will be given to a Mission priest in Tanzania, East Africa. A CD A committee prepared and served the dinner. The Country Cousins Trio furnished the music for the dance. visitors were the Richard Kinseths. The H. D. Bensons and Dean Nilges, Sumner, attended funeral services for Ml-. Benson's brother, A. J. Benson, 78, at Fort Dodge Thursday, Mrs. Howard Thompson had the American Lutheran Church Women Wednesday Eager fans awaited the Friday night game when the Bean traveled to meet their opponent, EsthervUle. We're behind you this season 100 per cent. • GHS Band, Attentionll The GHS: band, directed by Mr. Norbert' Rezac, after three weeks of sharpening up, performed at the Turkey Day parade at Worthington, Minn., on Saturday, Sept. 16. GHS Band officers for this year Kirk Hayes, Druggists Mutual Insurance Co., will leave Sept. 17 to attend the Society ; °f Chartered ^Property and believe iis ^everyone '^'^W^w^y £3j unflerwrii^t" s Bin- ahould have some kind of a nu&l meeting and seminar* at bank account before he invests. However, once he 'has that, I favor investment in f^r™ 1 "^.?^^ «7M,^~^hii*y£. The William Ashers and Jody and the Sam Ashers, Englewopd, N. J., spent last week visiting the Maurice Redings and other relatives and friends. Mrs. William Asher, the former RoseUe Bormann is a sister of Mrs. Reding and the Sam Ashers arc the parents of William Asher. They left here Monday morning for Davenport to visit Mrs. William Asher's par- qnts, the Frank Bormanns, before returning to their homes. lors. Mrs. Robert LeMont, Mrs. Carroll Olson and Mrs. Raymond Borkowski took part in a skit. The Max Seelys, Spirit Lake, were Saturday night visitor* at Clem Ludwig's and the Loren Seelys, Columbia, Mo. guests. The Tom Olsons and Nels Olson, West Bend, Tom Olson, III, Albuquerqufe, New Mexico and Kris Olson, Iowa City, were guests Wednesday night at a barbecue at Carroll Olson's. Thursday Carroll and Tom, El, took Kris to Iowa Cilty to resume her studies at The Roger Bormanns, Olar- ,the university, ion, spent the weekend here The Con with relatives and friends. The Raymond Kohlhaases, Allan and Debbie, and Murl Majorwicases Rolfe, Mrs. Etta Perkins, Fort Dodge and the Alvie Perkins, Long Beach, Calif were Mon- dent; ^Barbara Murphy, secretary-treasurer; Sue Elbert, equipment manager; and Sandy Elbert and John Hyink, uniform custodians. .GHS It seems liko you never get away from tests, even at the beginning of the school year. 1TED tests were given at GHS on Sept. 11-14. One thing about them-they make you wish you had stayed awake in the past years and had absorbed some knowledge! GHS Campaign speeches wore 'given by the nominees for class president on Wednesday, Sept, 13. Seniors nominated were Ronnie Gilbride, Tim Molacek, Jack Mueller and any equity where there is a possibility of a price appreciation as well as income. Q. I have $6,000 invested in a mutual fund specializing in insurance companies and bank accounts. On the whole, those types of stocks seem to bo at their lowest. Should I sell now? A. If there is one thing I ihave learned in 30 years of buying securities, it is that the 'best time to buy a good stock is when the company or its industry is unpopular. Both the insurance and banking industries are very favorably situated for the long-term growth and long term profitability. Both are in disfavor with investors right now; consequently their stocks can be bought for less ' in relation to earnings than has been possible for some time. I can't tell you when stocks in these two industries will sell at higher prices, but I have confidence they will db so. In my opinion, an investor who increases his holdings in good banking or insurance firms at this time is almost the San Francisco Hilton Hotel., September 20-22, 1967. The society, with headquarters in Media, Penn., and 94 chapters throughout the country, is the professional organization of approximately 5,000 in the property and casualty insurance business who have the CPCU designation. Only members and prospective members of the society of C.P.C.U. are eligible. The CPCU designation is 'granted by the American Institute For Property and Liability Underwriters to Insurance men and women who have passed a series of five professional examinations in such subjects as law, economics, management and business finance, property and casualty insurance, and in addition have met other professional requirements. Mr. Hayes will participate in the highlight of the soci- Phone 2954411 Algona, la. TWO-TRACK Aluminum Storm-Screen Windows SIZE TO 13 INCHiS* NO MONEY DOWN EASY TERMS 83" to 101"* .— $14.95 101" to 120"* _._ $16.95 Self-storing windows Uf you make stasbnal changeovers from inside your home. Need no maintenance; non-rust fiber glass screens. Weather-stripped, ruggedl UYIlMflinfl Dodds spent the weekend day-afternoon visitors at Hen- jKHkST juST J£re * certain to nave profits in his with the Joe Rmgsdorfs and lry W s . y ^ £jj Be^^m K, Se ?™«<* The Edgar Meyers, AJgona, K ^^ and Joha Winkel Mike at Centerville. The Conrad Kunkels observed the birthdays Sept. 10 of two daughters and one son, Lisa 3, Sept. 9, Norman 2, Sept. 8 and Theresa 1, Sept 7. Attending the dinner were the Lorenz Bormanns', Ljeo and Ralph, Mrs. Florence Faber, Cindy and Melvin Jr., James Fowlers and Kermit Sophs Bob Bernhard, David Fowlers were Sunday jtonic p^ ^^ Wack and ^ guests of Mrs. Mark Fowler & Edna at Humboldt for Maroy Meyer's fifth birthday ant) Melissa Fowler's first birthday. •Mrs. Loren DanieJ, Mn. Earl Olson and Mn. Roy Burt, and Mrs. Caroline Kunr Enockson helped Mn. Gunda kel, Algona Mrs. Faber and Enockson celebrate Her birth- Mrs. Kunkel are the grand- 4™ Tuesday afternoon, mothers. The Conrad Kunkels, lisa The Gary Anliken, Melvin Ellingsons, Allan Wehrspanns *u »K ix» i ir ^ ,.,, and Rayinond WehrsptnniB al- wvth the Don Loeus, Hayfield', tendeda reception Sunday af- Minn. and Virgil Kunkels, ternoon f or the Loweil Habe- Bryon, Minn. Mrs. Loeu is a and Ben, spent last weekend sister of Mrs. Kunkel, and Virgil Kunkel and Conrad are brothers. Norman and Theresa stayed with their maternal grandmother, Mrs. Florence Faiber ait Burt while ifcheir parents were on vacation. The John Weyderts, John Kohlhaases and Connie Kohl- •haases, all of Algona, were Sunday guests at K. L. Kohlhaas's. gars at Abraham Habegar's, West Bend. The Jake Koehls and Joe and the E. 0. Koehl*, Hancock, Minn., Victor Banwarts and James Banwarts were Friday night visitors at W»yne Fehr'», West Bend. The Jake Koetiii were overnight guests at Victor Banwarts and the E, 0. Koehte stayed with the Jamei Banwsirts. Th* KoeWs were enroute to Illinois where they spent tine weekend- The Edgar Jacobsons, Albion, were Sunday afternoon rill Bormann were nominated, 'Senior class President elected was Ronnie Gilbride. John Winkel was elected as sophomores elected Mike Black, Uvereore girl beads confirmee The 8tb District Junior Legion Auxiliary Conference was held in Ft Dodge Sept. 9th at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall with 125 Juniors and •their adult leaders present. Janice Thul from Uvermore, District Junior Chairman, presided. New officers are: Cindy Peterson, Westside, chairman; Mary Zeimet, vice; Cindy Logan, chaplain; Cathy Stengel, secretary; Jacjkie McGovern, Gowrie, Sgt. Mrs. Gu* Simonsmeier, Ledyard, presented the gavel bell to Carroll for having increased membership tfce most this past year. Eight from Kossulh at 111 aid meet The Kossuth County Red Cross Chapter reports eight from Kossuth attended the first aid clinic Sept. 13 at Mason City. Going were Bob Wells, Steve Krasean, Chuck Volk, Glen Burtds, E. Hutohi- son, James Peterson, Irene Kollasch, Kossuth Red Cross first aid chairman and Evelyn Bickert, executive secretary PAIR OLDSTERS HONORED Mrs. Mamie Winkel and Mrs. Anna Zanke, Mothers & Daughters club members, past 90 years of age, were honored recently with a decorated cake and corsages. There were 30 present with several guests. Mrs. Louis Bode, Rochester, Minn., and Mrs. Irma Harvey, Swea City, former members and Jessie Sarchet, .Algona, attended. Mrs. Russell Patterson was guest speaker. Neva Shipler, a club member, made the cake. Mrs. W. L. Heerdt, is club reporter. — 6:30 to 9 P.M, WEDNESDAY ONLY — Free Baby Mattress WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY Storkline Baby Crib BJUSTROM FURNITURE

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