The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1934
Page 3
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liV ;1U. 103.1 BILLION IN IN NULtii Luxuries and Weapons Discovered in Cells mid of A null doors some- One type or w} irrd cannot be cut ril ijv any known device. (ioijlile time-lock. sr>l at nlelil '.'•nil.' enn'i Ix 1 oiiened before HI: hour Ii] Hie morninq. can!»• made 10 unlock until an /!'• Hjii'al sysh'm of ijro'cr- !\ broken. Then each time must t.e handled bv a man knows ilie cmiihliinilnii— and ; i,ne pi-r.-'in Is ix-rmliir-d i 0 the roinbinaiinn of l;oth Ho« TlirH's Change I Tlx' new Treasury vault t-oiild i house more ihan all the world's; known gold. Its base is o 1-2': feet of concrete and sire! and iis ' doors weiRh 300 ions each. More than 00,000 cubic yards of earlli v.-ere i-xcuvaled to'lay Hie vault and it was necessary to liiK 22 fret Ijplou- the deep siiu-ba.seinenl' level in order u> underpin the! Treasury walls with 25 suripn.-ritis; I The original mint at I'hiladel- ' pm'rc was tjuardcd al night by n ' iotif walchman and a dne. Watch- , wan and dog had to keep walk- .'. INK around the biiildhiK all n:sht. it THE BEST li'-Jihral Analysis Can Ro Vl> :il Puritv hut Not QualilV < .iquor. Curious Excuses Offered By Holders of Gold ST. I.OU1S iUI'1 — Mnny u.rlcd ;(1 -ii ;|i« a'.lUs oi- PAGE TIIREB iployes were piven allowances for "drink money" in addition to their pay. But it they were cauglit at iniy shenanigans with the money lh<? penally was death, pa rains. 11. MacCor- instiEiiiioii anu their leiLs for- L'iuck coiTlclur tin 1 di'lji-ls wcro I'umr-ljicw ap- San Francisco Mint Has Grealeet Gold ore Denarlmenl Ooens Offices i in Blythevillc and Osce- ; ola. A permanent office hns het'll j opened in the courthouse here and ; a tPiniwrnry office in the Osceola . courthouse by (he state revenue deiiartmenl. : B. P. Smith of Leaehville. who • lias b«en connected with the de- ' partment some time, is movine t litre and is agent in charge of'* the local office, while A. P. olas- j coc is- the agent at the Osceola | office. Francis Carnenler will con- : linue as outside officer of the de- ! partment here. i While the Drineinnl duties of ; the offices will be to receive applications for car licenses and issue tags, other business of the i department such as issuance of' beer and gnsohne permits and collection of tobacco taxes will be • carried on at the offices. The Os- i crola office, however, will nrob-! ! ably only continue o]:cn through ' the rush period of cl'.ases. Agents in charge of the two I i county offices are not anxious to. i. e tags as yet. awaiting arrival i 1334 fee books. They antici-j' ' <pale arrival of their fee hrsnks by • February 5. 16 days bsfore cxpira- l -' nclc tion of the latest extension of! time for making application lor, licea^es. which closes on Feb 20 ! The office of the revenue' dc- parlmerit here is on the third floor of the courthouse on the east hall. ) car ta» our- ' " • of - .uins r, ;m : ,|l *•.,!;. E , Kl |Jilts „„ i-u- jack, ami th:- declarer nlavs l::e aei- ir. l;c:i:r jjliiy might have Kiist now is ; 0 :cr ( ; i c lead imo - tr-nr-ce -:i •J.cnns or hcuriF. o: cn-jrs; it . --- ;:. OTIIMAN I illicit I'rrss SUIT Cm respondent •>'.«'. :iriii v for the rni.iliiy nf the mii:i:i, hen,or .sini|ilv nmin hnlf n 'I"' 'i «":i-M,lined noses, j '- noses function five floors} ula:-. i :!,, 1 .,,i I | v:ll] | Ls i,, . m) , m . j •'I''"' !••!«.i.iun-v. whine ri'd nml i ill "' Kl| :'l:i-v kui'iilc"- (hroii"h -' '•'••> ""'1 vajans snkv till 1 f'hniiiMiv isn'i wurili much In | Icvi:... whKl : ,. v . bm u (.omi ]K)M ,, is : -i: ; ,^ri i K .yr>.,d value In tie-1 [•.i.iiii-. wh.'iher a bull!.' of Hniinvi " In •" drink, (i. ].'. Ilyer. chief ] clii-!ii:s'. ),:is s'.'rh :, nose. So have! 1 l:i v I) 1 -:: HIM w''S 1 tln'oiiuli n >!li! - iPdlMllI it-hreak il ! lilt" liiriiik-at I'Dinimiipnls—bail the ff li"iir in ri'iiKenis-.-lravn exuei- Iv •';•.!: i- in ilu- lumlc-hrcw much l all..';,,! hw niurii water--linw niii-h :ic:i! how many esters -how mi': n I'.iM'l oil Im-.v many solids. ."li'ii we i-ii'j'i I,',,]-,] imich abouti t'xji..i:!!fd "Whiskey making ts I"' 1 :- nf iii] an ihan a .science." Ti i inn whiskey, therefore. is| j mi) 1 '!' ill:.- urt auiireciiilion limn ill'- nii-:- t . appl'iMiinn of cheinlcnl "•>''•.- ixiiired a few drops of 16- vrar-nld nmirixm into crystal lu- hali ;• -o (U-iiio:isira(c. lie warmed (lie '.ln^ with his hands, spurted, in :i flash (if distilled water nml I f:i'' txi'ir w;is delicate, bill over- "Ilint is ijnod wlilskcv." he snid 'kin.-; :i Una) Miiir. "Now .smell this ' he continued, producing; a • iti!.- ,,r rlmap. blended lliiunr. "S:nf-!i i]| ( . rim- nkoliol? And (he lUjrill!;? Awful!" M'^'. of il-.e whiskey now l>ein« J'l is none Int, t/cod. but it will trcl lj,'ucv isr.idnaHy, he believes. His i-iivi'i-Miiion revealed fuither (linn that: Th'.-re an' no simple (csl.s by whit-li Hie owr.vrs of poorly trnln- fir uoses r-an lell i:txid whiskey. I Tile botllp-fliakhis. bubble count-! 'ny ir-st iiieam nolhlni;. becnuse " Tiie distilkns ,1111 arliflclal Ix-nd- i' oil in their products. Ilotlled-in-bond'whiskey, aged Ifl viars or more, is so good that It hardly Iii 10 drink. It is more <• a llnvtiripi' exliact (ban n 'jeu-iage. H a decldctl "woo- uy" flavor, bal not cut loo far. metes an excellent blended lUnjor. Good whiskey contains plenty of fiitt 1 ! oil. . Some of the hlends ••'nr.'t contain enough. Thai is why U:ey tasle flat ar.rt watery. ' s ' ! '' y -\ M - """I f<".i.:! tin- ijoltl. Aiinllii'i- hrjlun- cl « $s t"lil 1 1-0- said It ].-tiiv.-f)i|,',| t'i.s III-M •"ii lilies us a iieriilwy. A mild ftiln ..vnii'ii ;,.,„ h ,. ( , n | M „..„,,„ ,, ,, , , , , •' '"'"""y luv '»« v - ihan 11 K ,wr- •n! U,nn SI ^ ^' ""1 ™M*^. '^d tl^l "'^ O:ic> iiiiinaii. mi 1 ., sijoo ni uoid i '"!:-i.s m f .\,: 1 \\ [ ;- tinunnnmfoi" app'ini'd ui ,i i, : ,ni: and snhl n] U '-\ •• l ' ll: ''•«• ban^ f!, ; : ; ii, S M,,,j y,,^ know that slie luul ihr ''- 11 '••••'• ruins" imi." }>• umu'd ,'n »• s:ii,l /l'i r hastontl li-u' ""' '>»iier n-lui'iamly i<tin l )ii,.d .m envi-lojip »l-"ii iir died am] di- liTl-.ll thai sin i:.u:,i ,,01 m;i>n I! f<r live >.'ins Cltlllllisly ^], ( . O.Xlii'n It HCeilllv, 'lex:is lius I8.HM miles of liish- '.' p ay, mure inmi M1> ollu-r stntc ni tl». Union. UN's Agency Writes Fire, 'lliefl, Tornaclo. l'ro]XTly l)am:i:v. Liability, Collision, liiiriilary. I Ate. Accident, nrnl UK- v:irlon; I,[]UT forms 01 INHUHAN'CK and BONUS. We can write- Farm Pi-o]x>rty. All biHiii'vs :ipim«''-itcil and Los•'•s "aid oroiiiu!!-,-. Pliohp 707. the ^ or ^ man opening IHREE HELD FOR Sam's greatest individual cold hoard lies in ;overnmcnt mini in San Fran .isco. pic'.ured a; prepares crushed gold, ,-x.en in pan in melting in la ingots the vaults ;op. Below: foreground. Defense Lead Inio T.- and ev?i, thou-.-li he leads ;'- "earl, lie Mill mi-., hnvo a heai! Hnw-.vcr, the poii;'. i, ih :it South .- marked v.irh iv.-n mo,-,, clubs does not i;: :t . u where tin ;:<•<• ol diamonds ,. : - u-.c ni.c-n ot fiamonds lies, bu: he dn-s 1-iiov i;ie kciitlon of ti;e i:i nn of |, narts To lead a '.(-an will e j,- c ,|)i' crtlaror two :.;:rc !.::-.,[ irid's Trv rif'Ffr reiiirn K .. dint ..... -d w u ai ,. :n .., h( , ui . [5 _ ns Old no n, alK | j,,. otab | V V ' •"'Irielo'-', 01 iUU " U '" 0 lh: " ' Vil ' !i " Prcv(»iHs An lixlm Trick : ?'H/ES : irS f r Mnni'a Men Aic R ouncl Ovov "n F?rm Implc-l rivnt Theft Charges. Three Manila men were bound over to the grand jury yestcrdav by Judge C. A. Cunningham oil i charges of grand larceny qrowinB | out of (he alleged thefl of farm j ii':|)leinenls. Another was released j when a similar charge was dis-! mi r sed. i Tho^e held to the jury were: j H. F. Ha'kins. Norman Hartitis! find Willie Haley. Pasrhal Hr.s-: kii 1 *- was cleared. Sherman Riley wa? fined 550! for carrying a concealed wctvrxm.' ' enion Brown, negro, forleiled a! *5d cash bond when he failed to' appear (o answer a cluugp of ill«?al possession of intokicatin- • liquor. i Thomas Haggard was cleared of 1 J rharse of disturbing the peace ; USIIP Bunch was fined S10 foi thsiureing the peace Robert rinrris was'fined S50 for^ cjrrymg si concealed weapon John 1 Burl «-ns fined five dollars for dis- lurbing the |>ence. TWO men were fined S10 for public drunkenness and a third forfeited Jio when he failed to appear In court I Today's Conirac: Problem ; East lias Hie cop'ruct " four hearts. tioulh cashes two high clubs and then leads a small club. Han;\ trniiips with llio eiglu. whirl, iieruilfj declarer Try it. to make to i:lav 'he r n Irmnp. How-' ' • i!' • 1:11 by N'orih was: one hi'arl. j >o-.iii: :u::si .v,. : ...i : : «ith , m . ,, o ' r.s he cic:', iw;l have a re-' i>!c!d::l)l.' Miit. ::i: l!, then ",uc--. to ::o iiiiui;,. am! South takes i; to line.-. riiM-arcl:,-:; Hi,, jack u: j !:.'~rt Irick. ' "' \ C: coin:.,., s.nit!. Mill , ll:l i. : (, s ,, ls r.tlJ-t. ()(;; .,, , uplj^if. |( ,.. (.;(im: Ui^> hand : > ,:,].• i,. M lr - K ^ Temple May Play Buckneli | On Thanksgiving Day PFilLAUEl.r-IIA rui>l — Temp "'liu-rslty may piny a footba !ime on 'riianks.;iviiia Day ne> ;.i'.ir for tin- time in It: r.stitiition's histoi;. ISccaiif.e o[ r. ru:flici with th .^'iny-Navy gamr a propuse t nlesl with R-ickneii l:rre on I> .ember 2 :ikrlv MI.; he advance • i Turkev D.T. nr-rcrdiiv- ID Hi ihool ofliclals tir-jlting a ten crary schedule, '[he only o!h' llicnksvlvLni Dp.v game eve laved by T< :ii]::r IM > again ' ucknell in 1H2R. Oames j-ch'.d^led include L Sept. 29. v. P. I.: Ocl. 5. TCXII -V and ^t.: Ort. r Indiana Un! -i-l'sity; Ocl. 19. West Viryinlii ^ : ci ^7. Marti'jciie :;i Milwaiikcr *•<"•:•. :i. Holy Cm=s: Nov. 10. '•-%<e. Tech: N'nv. !7. [x-nuaiipnti' en: N I)V . ->.i. Vii, r.iiva; Nov. '/;i t-uckncll. • A (.) J : K.I H Solution to Previous Contract Problem "V WM. ETiTrKENXEy itrrlarv. Ampricsu BrM.p I.o.tiii,- Wi line:- i,| ; , . , -,,. !(i i . i[o " ^' niiace position. N IV K I A .! 5 I v K s r, < • 10 7 ; i?. Q J J AKQli) Y 2 V li f- 2 « '! 5 f 3 *<; * A G 5 V 10 9 » AQS t f A 10 3 5 ? Duplicnle—13. »i;d W. Vul. Opening leail— t* K Soiilh West Xoi-lli Knst 1 4 ''ass 1 V I'as.i 1 N. T. Pass 2 N. T Pass 3 N. T. Pass Pass Pass 30 se( som[ , t , mcs hl * <l' r l;>rer c r) av wliirti will l!t " one or the c m c e uday's hand, after (he iirsi tricks. East K in an ,„ , s ? .1110 cither (he kl'^-jaek of rii'a us to lead' tcnace. in' Ini- I'l.i.v West's opening i>"-'^ is the king <:' spades .nnti dcr-.iivr must hoM: i.If (he sp.idc. 1 - mil 1 ' the third lead.! i'^ exhaust K,i<t c-f spades A : mall buna i^ di. c rartled from 1 .. lit],my. Iji.lsirr ilvn j:.irls the club: it. Ic.'.dm; the ten. and winning' dimm. SAN ANTONIO Texas IUPI _;':cmus! make a'd'oli f \™1, -ick Wolf, nolorioc.s outlaw coy- I" '.liink. Ihc chok" ' 1<¥ who for three vears raided : pic. i^> rather sim- ps' chicken houses, mol his l believe North bTor, rloo here recently when he 1'pnrn sho-ild cornered by a pack of 12 j no trump, as 1 '- After ugW'.ng ncrcely for ace positions he \>-af killed. though the ai 666 ~j Mrs Dona Howard Dice | Mr, Uo:ia Howard. 29 wife of f. .V Howard, died yi-ierdav a >he atmly ho,,,, Uvi> ,,, i|cs smuh i ,t™l> On "iSl'^'ay 01. Her! ; " CIU)1 lv: >s atiribiited to acuie : myocardiiLs. Funeral services will b- held to- •r'-nh, nt .. M 9 rri1l <">- '\rk.. with lliei Cob'j Undertaking company in L'.-.arge of arransemenls The deceased is survived bv one .so'n bnn<< ' U ™ flnu s lll "s. ™"> How On c Woman Lost 10 Lbs. In a Week: Mrs. Betly Uircuke of Uavlon wntcs: "1 nm u;.;n. Kruschcn :o .•edi;ca wclglH-l losr 10 pounds in one week and can-o; say too much li recommend II." To lake ofT fal ( .,. si |y. snfriy aiinj quickly lake r>:ie r.aif leasiioonlii:' "' Kf'iTheii in R r .;i ss of llo , (l .,_! lei every mornim- before break-' fast-an. B:,C bottl- lasts -1 week.s- Oct u at an;:" More in /.merica. If tlm (.,;( bottle l.,,is • I) convince- you t!- •, | s (],„ ra s;i-t -'afotl and stirr't . : ,-.- („ !o ^.,';.,', - money back. ' . viv"- M. L. Wilsip Dies runeral sei vires wore held yes- ••rday for M. I,. MUsip. ^7-year ''I fanner, who surtumbrd at hi l-ome south of ibis rily Sutidav Interment was matic at Sands "Wge cttneicry. The Cobb UnderlaXing coinpain '•as in charge of funeral arrau inents. I Mqitirl. Tablets. Sahe. Now Dmn- : bidding Clirrks ^lilaria In 3 days. CoMv th two first day, Heailicbr? or \puralxla! al leu- • In 30 minutes. 3ks ns, Fine Laxr.lhc and Tonic i for his .Most Sprrdy Rcnirdlrn' Kno^-n I BabyCliicks CUSTOM HATCHING Marilyn Hatchery I3uv Poullrv fjoon COAI, is Till': CHEAPEST COAL ^Sflrj There is rn coal, *^^ Wctl nf the Allr- chony Mounlain,, as hi;li in brat and as Ion in ash as Mir Super-Ilia I Yes*- '" i: " " - 1 " Ol " . ^ -'(atrmrul. lu,t it i.« Hl.iMl. l.rcausf it's | n ,r. Wr Mpve nctliorllalitr aunljsis on "I; "i all roal nml r.iii |irn\c ^'-'j claim. KUI'KKjrK Snpn-IUMl is ll,r n| ilv co.i! of !(<, hi,,,] al ,,| ^ nll] l,y ,|,j, ro ,,,.,.,,, y ^••K/j&I"* 1 ™*'.''? 1 rix:! s ' ri ' ii|ni ^^--^•••i^-^ifv^ ^ I7t ' '-'"IIP *1$ A Rich Miin's Coul ;il A I'oor Man's 1'rict' Superior Coal & Mining Co. 304 \v. Walnut . Phone 7M r-'-fl t f 1 hat s why your car needs "SOCON T HE nvcnge car lias about 40 <Uf- icrcni points (sonic as many as 78) tn be lubricated, each requiring a spc -' cine amount of the right kind of grease. Hit-or-rrms firc.ising can't possibly get l of them. No.onc grease can resist at, water, pressure and speed. So we vo developed several different grades ot Mob.l S RMse to meet each condition. L • " j* ubncafion an'd more of thorn. Tfic next time your car needs lubricating, ukc ir to a Mae- noha Station and discover how nnich Mobilubrication can adt! to the pkaww or driving. • • r MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY A Socony.Vacuum Comn J , v will fi, u l ; c i ntcrcsting to watcli a Magnolia Man lubricate your car With, complete equipment, the correct grades ol Mobilgrcasc and an accurate "Click - Uiart of your c,r at his finger-tips, he works with the precision and assurance ot an expert. He knows his business because he has completed a thorough course of instruction and passed rigid ^• on scientific lubrication. car or old. Mobilubrication will 6'vc you bi«oot!iei-, trouble-free miles Stay with You'll, have a smoother running Automobile wften you get fW „„,, more tli.m the ,,ric« of a "liit-or-mm" Sroasc job. But tlm s li s h, difference i< more tlun repaid tl,roL,. ? l, the ,.„•[„» in fewer repair bills 3 nd better pcrfor mja «. NEXT TIME GET MOBILUBRICATION one/ you stay ahead!

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