Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1967 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1967
Page 15
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Around Algona "?*""**""'* 1W ft TIE AIMN* THEATRE OfilltA fttDRIKSIN , daughter «f Monday morning for Dent, for of Mr. and MM. Arfte Wnnr., to spend a week at Meyer, wai baptized Sunday Sta* Like atid will return on morning by the Rev. WlUlarn Noland at First Methodiat church. A family dinner at 4 , . .-- 44 —i. —-. the Meyer home followed the Mrt *nd Mrs. Leo Thomson, service. Present were Arnie's snared Itoiversity of North parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Iftwa on Sept 6. She had been Meyer, Titonka^ hk« riater a rtudetvt at Morningside last and her husband, Mr. and y«r before transferring to Mrs. Harold Cook, Britt; Mrs, Cedir F«lls. Kathy Hatch, Meyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. daughter of Mrs. Duane Jen- Jirhe Baas, the Baby's great sen also went down on Wed- grandmother, Mrs. Kate Steph. nesday. and Carol Teeter left enson, and great aunt, Mrs, Sunday for that University to Hattie Burlingame, all of Al begin heir sophomore yean gona. Jennifer is the Meyers' second daughter, Mrt. Arthur Cruikthank't Mr. and Mrs. Harold Robb, Mt. 'Pleasant, arrived Sunday n evening to visit at the Metho- household "goods were'sold'at diatv parsonage. Mrs. Robb auction last Saturday. She had and iMrs. Noland are sisters. sold her house to Rudy Harig ''_,.''C; V ..' -' "... who moved there Tuesday The Alpna F«dtratad Wo- from Jacksort, Minn., with his man's Club will meet Monday w jf e and son. Mrs. Cruiks- morning at the home of Mr>«. hank now lives at the Good M, G. Norton who will be as- Samaritan Home, stated by Mrs. L. S. Muckey ••• • and Mrs, Inez Wolfe. Theme Mr. and Mr». R. W. Ander- of the meeting will be: Open son were visited from FYiday the Door to Retirement and to Sunday by Mrs. Myrtle guest speaker will be George Bickford, Webster City and Repdogle, of the Fort Dodge her daughter, Mrs. Jess Gra- Social Security Office, who ham, of Pico River, Calif, will -talk on social security Guests on Saturday were Mr and medicare. and Mrs. Bob Beckwith, Al::•••'. . • • . bert Lea, Minn., who former- Mr, and Mr«. Gtnt Harris, i y lived at Webster City as Springfteld, Mo., are guests did the Andersons. They took this week of Dr. and Mrs. .their guests home on Sunday -L: R. Potter. Mr. Harris is and went via Fort Dodge Mrs. Potter's brother. where they saw Mrs. Ander— . . son's mother at Friendship M«tdamt> Frtd Bartholo- Haven's Health Center and mew and Ed Wilkins returned Mrs. Bickford and her daugh- last Thursday from Dayton, ter called on old friends: Ohio, where they had visited _____ In "Luv", the honeymoon starts at Niagara Falls,, . . ; and almost ends there. Testing his bride's love for him,",, Jack Lemnion throws Elaine May's mink coat into the swirl" ing waters, and Elaine is all set to throw herself in after it!: The Columbia Pictures comedy release is in Panavision and Eastman color. * Simonwrtcier and, Elva chef revised the county rtfle^to bi reported fdf ffa* vember. The hynm of im month was sung. The Aux* lllatf' sewing meeting •*•* heta sept, 13 it Gladys H*w< colt's. Serving Lions dub dinner Sept, 18 were Elsie Winter, Ruth Alice Patterson, Leona Lacy, Myrtle Bwiefei. CIRC.!s TO MttT Circles oil the W8CS of .Methodist dtufch will meet Sept. 20. Janice Circle host' ess, Florence Spear, roll call, 1st Samuel, program by Mi' nerva Curtis and Dorothy Johnston. Ivy Circle hostess, Ethel Smith and Lorena Roark, roll call, BiWe vertes, program, Marion Westttng and Hazel Larson, special by Edith Chipman. Gladys Circle, hostesses, Mildred Larson and Alice Cole, roll Call, Harvest, program, Lulu Hawcott birthday and Kenneth's birthday. v : ;.'; ..:• \ .: Guests Monday of Wallace Hawcoit and Gladys Hawcott Were the dietiff Wallaces, Mason (Sty and Ray Kamms, W*shi«gtwi, 111. UPW will meet Sept. 20 in the church. The program is "Dedication of Least Coin" is by Mrs. Duane Mawdsley 'and "Where is Your Treasurer?" by Mrs, Ray McWhort* er. Hostesses are Mrs. Roy Rlngsdorf, Mrs. Elsie Junkermeier, Neoma Junkermeier and Mrs. Jesse Harms. • 'Mrs. N. C. Rios and sons, Tony and Nicholas, and Bill Hamilton left early Sunday for Fort Worth, Texas. Roberta and sons have .spent the past ten days at home. Bill Will start his senior year at Texas Wesleyan, registering Sept. 12. The Merle Richards, Britt, Sunday 6:30* afid 8:30 a.m. d:do p.m. — Knighte of Columbus meet the flrtt Monday of the month. , , , 8:00 p.tri — Rosary Society the second Wednesday of tiw month. Immonufl Luthtron . Arnold t. Vefciiiit Lett* Saturday, Sapt. 16 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. — Saturday School. 2:00 p.m. — Adult Membership Class. Sunday, Sept. 17 8:00 p.m. oti ffiisBloft WOfk e« by man of NeW Thu Sunday acnooi ami, < 7:15 p.m. — Low* tictdjt Teachers. -' ', > 8:00 p.m. — Busine* Me*t' ing. ' L> 8:15 pm. — Upper Crfdf Teachers. BATCH CORWTIH BUSHEL TO and'Beulah Davis, special by were guest* Thursday of Mrs. Burnadine Opheim. ALGONA THEATRE —Thursday Thru Saturday Complete Program Begins: 7:00-9:00 "The Liquidator" 7:15 9:15 —Saturday Matine* Only Complete Program Begins: 1:30 "Tarzan, the Ape Man" 2:00 —Sunday Complete Program Begins: 1:00 • 3:10 - 5:10 - 7:00 9:10 "LUV" 1:25 • 3:25 5:15 7:25-9:25 —Monday Thru Wednesday Complete Program Begins: 7:00-9:10 "LUV" 7:25 - 9:25 a few days at the home of 'Mrs. Margaret Winslow-Ross, a former Algona girl. They stopped overnight each way at the home of their brother Dolph Miller, in Grinnell. Al Th« MtthodUt M«n htld a dinner meeting last evening. Guest speaker was Hal Lubbert, Mason City, who along with his work as an Insurance Adjuster, also is a member so, enroute back, they had ^ - Judo a b in which hc ff ^Spf^nd^ is an ***** in «* ^ daughter Virginia who now has her doctorate in Ekluca- Mr*. Max, Bartholomew drove to Chicago Wednesday a . i , . . . «_Ji_ VI*\/TX» *\r *^*M*-** I M*' ~~ **v««»~«--^»*»-'j tion f and is associated -with of last week w f th her daugh . the Umversi^ at Normal. ter Trudy a Cor , ne u student , who will do practice teaoh- «_ ^.u- «r j j f in'g in Chicago during the from Chicago Wednesday of -.--•. •_.».-_?«^,i.s_ ^°- _~_ B i %« IL. - " ,-. . , ,- »,. ... , first semester of this, her sen^ last week for the wedding of idf year she and ' ano ther Cornellian have rented a Ho- tter cousin, Lorna Walker to Steve Hapdy on Friday eVe- » m - ^Mi^ in the Hyde Park area on the South Side. She will teach for eight wee<ks at Bradwell Elementary ''"«•' '-"'li'*•- nZ-r tu u. School and be assigned to a Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wa(Mr, differenit school for the sec- of Chicago, brought his moth- ind er, Mrs, May Walker to Al- - ninig, and is remaining for Wo weeks with her mother, 'Mrs. Leslie Walker. weeks of the semester. She will then return to - ^ ..,...-.,.. . Mount Vernon .to complete guests UM Monday of Mr. and her senior year a t Cornell. Mrs. Don ^Hutchison. The eld- Her gister (J ail acocmpanied «r Mrs. Walkeivformerly of her and their mothei . ^CM. Algonai has been spending and y, were Wednes- aghirmonths of each_year in da overni g h t guests of Mr. Phoenux, Am, for .the past an £ Mrs 8 M ^. riu M^n 18 years,.and dunng the sum- fopme j Algonians. On Tues- mer divides her time between d iMrSi Bartholomew drove her son's home near Chicago to i ndianola taking Gail who and her daughter Frances at Cedar Rapids where Philip. " " ^ picked her up for the trip to * Algona. student this college. °^ Dr. and Mrs. John Schutter with Steve, Ann, and Peggy, .... „ . ^ left Wednesday of last week dle. of the Acreage Motel are f vacation trip. They stop- leaving today fora fishing overnight with Mrs. Mr. and Mrt. Don Clapsad- ^ . .trip to Canada. Their son, £fc utter . s Brents at Glen- Don stationed at Fort in automotive maintenance. view, UL, visited their son John ' and ^ wife a t Hamilton, N, Y,, and from there were going to Montreal to spend a few days at Expo, planning to be away for two weeks. After an absence of six weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hutchison arrived home Wednesday of last week. Accompanied by their daughter, Jo-, anne of Tucson, and a granddaughter, Elizabeth Ann Newton, of St. Helens, Ore., they went by train to Winnipeg, and thence to Lake Louise, in the Canadian Rockies where the remained for several days. From there they continued to Vancouver^ and Victoria sightseeing, and then to St. Helens, a town, on the Columbia Riveri north, of .Portland where they remained with their daughter Nancy's family, the Newtons, for several weeks. Then; halving learned of the recent marriage of Helen JaspersonrWhite to Col. Charles Sheperd, they flew from Portland to Monterey, Calif.,' to see them. Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll, nephew arid niece, picked them up at Monterey and alter a brief visit at their home in San Jose, the Hutchisons came by train to Omaha, and by plane to Fort Dodge; thence home. Mrs. Alice Clayton accompanied her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roethler and their son Bob of iivermore, to Rogers, Ark., early last week. There they visited briefly with the three Clayton children who live at Rogers: Mr. and Mrs. <Harold Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Ward McWhorter (Gladys), Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Peterson, (Mildred), and returned home on Wednesday. ; Mrs, George Scuffham wa* released Monday afternoon and came home from Park Memorial Hospital where she 1 had surgery and had been it patient almost two weeks. '•' _________v ' ""' : ' '' '•'•''"''' The first dinner meeting; of the Fall season was held' by Business and Professional Women on Tuesday evening at Sid's Cafe. The theme was World Affairs and Place Mats were maps of different COUTV- tries. Inez Wolfe and Leona^ Smith presented the program. iFrom the book, Ten 1 Most Famous Women, Mrs.. Wolfe chose to discuss two:* Madame U Thant and Medley Marcos, wife of the president of the Philippines. Miss Smith reviewed the book, ; Faith is a Star, by Ronald. Gammon. An Indian Game, Moksha-Patamu, which, translated, is: A Journey Through^ Life, was played. ' } Miss Hattie Wilson, Marion,! is a guest this week of Lovern Johnson. f Burt Legion :. • ' \ and Auxiliary { have meeting I Burt — The Legion and Auxiliary met Tuesday at the Legion Hall. Hostesses were Helen Werners and Celia Scott. Elsie Winter gave a report of the county meeting at Ti tonka. Seven 1 Girls Staters gave reports and memorial services were held for seven members. The next county meeting will be held alt .Wesley, Nov. 14. Needed clothing was sent to the assigned child.! Dues for 32 Senior members and 4 Juniors were. sent. Pres- Elva Boetcher conducted the school of instruction. The Junior Conference was held at Sacred Heart scjhoiot in Fort Dodge Sept. 9. Opien House for the District President will be held Sept. 17 Bt Lake Mills. The Fall conference will be held at 8 p.m.,' Sept. 24 at Humboldt. The committee Lillie Fotlv, Ruth MARINERS MEET Mariners Club met Sept. 4 at Duane Mawdsley's for a steak cook out with 16 pre* ent. Bob and Maxlne Angus were assistant hosts. The basement was decorated in Hawaiian theme and members wore HaWaiian costumes with prizes .for best costumes to the Russell Pattersons .and Harold Beckers. Devotions were by Frank and Virginia Becker and games were in charge of the hosts. The meeting closed with a Singspira- tion. ; GIRL SCOUTS START Girl Scouting started the first week in September. The Brownie troop has not organized. Cadets met Saturday at Duane Habeger's and practiced one of their challenges, "How to be a good hostess". Leaders are Mrs. Russell Patterson and Mrs. George Becker. Juniors met Thursday after school at the Town Hall. Leaders are Mrs. Thomas Herrick and Mrs. Pat Bradley. • • ' ; SCOUTS CAMP OUT ' Scoutmaster Bill Giddings, Scouts Stephen Becker, Joel Jentz and Craig Giddings camped out at Keith's timber from 3:30 p.m. Saturday to 10:30 Sunday. They practiced camp cooking to earn their first class badges. Next weekend all .the troop will camp out Friday to Sunday and will hike with a full pack not less than a> riffle i and " Etta Holdren. Recent guests of the Carl Reynolds were the Earl Chambers, Corwith and Mel Daokens and John Dackcns, Des Moines. The .Brian Zwiefels and Shawn were guests Sunday of Mrs. Myrtle Zwiefel for their 3rd wedding anniversary. CHURCH, SERVICES St. Cecelia Catholic HI. Rev. Miff. P. P. Oearen Algona MASSES AT ST. CECELIA Sunday Masses — 6:00, 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30. Weekdays — 6:45 and 8 a.m. CONFESSIONS — Saturdays, days before First Friday and Holidays. On the hour 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 p.m. Other times by appointment. Sacred Heart Catholic Rev. Ralph Oberntlre ' Ledyord 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. — Sunday Masses. 7:30 a.m. — Week Day Masses- ,, ' Confessions : Saturday night at 7:00. Tht> above picture shows Albert Fish end his son standing in front of his New Behlen "500" bu. Batch Dryer he purchased. Albert has been drying corn for / several years and using Behlen Dryers. The New Bahlen 500 bu. Batch Dryer has an hourly capacity of 447 bu. on 5 points moisture removal. These new units can be moved to dry corn on any location, including the corn field. FOR YOUR NEW DRYER — SEE REX TAYLOR Taylor Implement Co. "Your Drying and Harvesting Headquarters" ALGONA TWe Ray MciWhorters, Walter Stfrensons and Mrs. Mildred Puitz spent Sunday at Ira .Hanson's, Woodward. The Walter Campneys returned Sunday from a ten day trip to New York, Pennsylvania and eastern states. - Roger Sarchet is back in school after a trip to Rochester last week for an operation on his ear. He is an 8th grade ALGOiNiA Thursday - Friday - Saturday SEPT. 14-15-16 In Color COLOR The A. C. Hincfcleys spent Sunday in Cedar Rapids to see the new grandson Brian Wade at the Bill Schatz home: Mrs. Larry HincUey and Cheryl, who spent the past week here, accompanied them home. The Larry Hinddeys now 1 'live in Cedar Rapids. Guests Sunday at Wallace Hawoott's were Selina Clifton, Lulu Hawcott, Etta Holdren and Gladys Hawoott, A birthday dinner was served for Mrs. Wallace Hawoott's SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1:30 TARZAN THE APE MAN" PLUS CARTOONS MATRON ON DUTY All Seat* 50c THE LIQUIDA70R GOES FROM ONE HOT-BED OF INTRIGUE TO ANOTHER! iOIW«ORHO»-JISlJ01, .\V 41 THE LIQUIDATOR Recommended For Adults — Adults $1.00 SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY SEPT. 17-18-19-20 Household Good* at the farm located I mile east, h mile north, and \ mi. west of Irvington on the north side of road; or 5 mi, south of Algona to the Ridge Road and 1 mi, east -SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON G.E.^ELECTRIC STOVE, less than I year old, Q.E, REFRIGERATOR, DEEP FREEZE. WASHING MACHINE and Tub. KITCHEN TABLE, Formica top, Chairs, Stools, DINING ROOM TABLE AND CHAIRS, Mahogany. DAVENPORT AND CHAIRS, BOOK CASE, G.E, VACUUM CLEANER, ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES,including Radios, Coffee Pots, Mixers, Electric Blankets, Fry Pans, , Remington TYPEWRITER, '.f PATIO FURNITURE. RUGS including 9x12, BEDROOMTURNITURE. BEDDING, PILLOWS, 6 WOOL BLANKETS, SPREADS, LINENS, etc, ^ Cooking Utensilsi Silverware; Canned Fruits & Vegetables; Books; Fruit Jars; Dishes; Men's Clothing, sises 38- 40, including suits, overcoats, shirts size 15-15^; Shoes*, Power Lawn Mowe?; All kinds of Tools, Ladders; Dehumidifier; Garden Tools; 150 gal, Oil Barrel; many other miscellaneous items, > SOMIANTIQUli Including Desk and Chair, ' TERMS: CASH « ? 9,9 property to be reioyed until settled for. Not responsible for accideots, ..nfllS g IWfll ^^jjjjilgWiiMiiaJ] Show* 911 Swodty fr«m 1 p-m. — 2 Compkt* Showing* Each Ev . • Ti Alliiltl I \M JEAN KLEVE, KLEVE AUCTION SfKVJp, Clfrk, KPT, 21 Bonnie and Clyde'

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