Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1967 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1967
Page 13
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Purchases Murray Eltwrtw (ftwi) 'Appearance' Fine Character Index By Abigail Van Buren U »»«7 kf Chlttf* TrltoM-N. Y. Nc»i Sw«., Int.l DEAH ABBY: A kid named Allen came over to see me because my parents think I'm too young to date. I'm 14, but am very mature for my age. Well, when my father met Allen he told me needn't want to see him around again unless he had a shave and a haircut. It so happens that Allen plays with a band and he HAS to Wear his hair like that. But I told him what my father said anyway, and about that time the band broke up, so Allen got his hair cut. Now, my father says he doesn't like Allen because he never stands up when an older person comes into the room, and he doesn't look clean, and he dresses like a freak, and blah, blah, blah, etc. My father is just looking for things to pick at because he doesn't like him. How can 1 get my father to realize that the way a giiy looks is none of HIS business. Allen is a good kid and I like him. Please help me. LIKES AfcLEN DEAH IJKES: The way a ','«">" l««ks may be none of your father's business, but the kind of fellows who rail on his 14-year-old daughter is probably the most important business a father has. A person's appearance is a fairly reliable index to his attitudes, habits, morals, and character. Trust your father's judgment in these matters. You won't regret it. DEAR ABBY: "NERVOUS AND AFRAID'S' 1 letter brought back memories of those terrible days when I, too, was nervous and afraid. Nervous about every new situation, and afraid to face people. I had doubts about my sanity, but wouldn't admit that I needed psychiatric help because I thought I might bring "shame" on my family. Finally I had to l>e committed to a psychiatric hospital. It was only for a short time, but djring my stay there every shameful act, every reason for guilt feelings that haunted me was brought out into the open, and I was cleansed and reborn again. This I did with the help of a psychiatrist. Later I received help from my clergyman la rabbi I and a social worker. - . Let no one try to tell one who suffers from deep depressions that "it is all in her head." It is very real. There is nothing imaginary about a mental illness. Denying it only prolongs the agony and delays the cure which comes from psychiatric treatment. So tell "NERVOUS AND AFRAID" that she must pet help. She owes it'to herself, her husband, and her children. Sincerely, "BEEN THERE" DEAR ABBY: If I had read that letter signed "NERVOUS AND AFRAID" four years ago, I might be well today. I was exactly like the perosn who wrote that letter. I was so afraid to face people I couldn't even go into a store! I felt so alone I wouldn't admit to myself that I was having a nervous breakdown because I was afraid I would be "sent away." It's nothing like that. I am seeing a psychiatrist and am living at home with my family.' My doctor said if I had come to him earlier it wouldn't take so long to cure me. Too bad I didn't have the luck to see a letter like that four years ago, Abby. Just knowing there was one more person in the world with a problem like mine would have helped a lot. FULL OF HOPE CONFIDENTIAL TO "NEW MOTHER": I could write a book on advice to the new mother, but if you want hannv well-adjusted, secure children, never say: * W * ! J! !!"r U d °, th81 ° nCe m ° re r " goln « to P unish >»«•" 2| Why can't you be good-like your sister?" 3 'Wen daddy comes home you're going to get . licking!" 4| If someone calls, say I'm not home." 151 "Go away and don't bother me. I'm busv now " Bancroff-Swea Couple Wed stew MILO JOHNSON of Bancroft assumed duties as owner of Murray Elevator on September 1 and will continue to operate under the firm name of Murray Elevator. Johnson, the fiYm's bookkeeper for the past 20 years, is not married. He also owns large farming and cattle feeding operations in addition to his latest investment. The Murrays have not announced plans for the future, which are indefinite at this time. HIIIIIMMHIIIHMIMHMIIMIMMMMMIIIIIIMIMIItMMIMIMIMIIMMIMMtMMMIMItMtlllHIIMHIIMIMNItllMMMIMmMINtHlmHIIMIMHWHtmlmHIIlHi •the parental, Eugene Zeimet'.s at Algona with Mrs, Ziemet's parents, the Garland Bradleys. The Robert Nelsons have returned to Sacramento, Calif, where he is a science teacher in the Sacramento state college. Mrs. Nelson is the former Mary Sue Zeimet, daughter of the Eugene Zeimets. The Nelsons have been in Sacramento since the first of the year and spent the summer in Kansas where Robert spent the summer at Kansas university at Lawrence, Mrs. Marvin Reding, Mrs. Art Kohlhaas and Mrs. William McGuire received the prizes at Mrs. Eugene Zeimet's when the Farmerette club met last week. Mrs: Delmar Plathe has the club next. Louise Thul is convalescing 'at her daughter, the Peter Beckers, following major surgery in St. Joseph's Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge. The Weydert reunion was held August 27 with 97 present with the Leonard Wey- derts, Adams, Minn., as hosts. Relatives from here attended. Carol Erpelding, Denver, Colo., will leave Saturday after a several weeks visit with her parents, the Francis Er- •peldings and other relatives is big success by St. Joe K. C. St. Joe — Rev. J. G. Skahill, Sacred Hcnrt parish, Livermore, and Rev. James R. Smith, Garrigan faculty, St. •Joe, were guests Wednesday evening at the regular Knights of Columbus meeting. E. M. Gales, grand knight, presided. Both gave.a.short talk. The officers and committee chairman for the Mulligan Stew express their appreciation for the cooperation to make the event successful. Winners of the gate prizes wtere 'Mrs. Joseph Becker, Polariod camera; Walter Freilinger, tractor radio; Dean Kinsman, Algona, the instamatic camera; and Harlan Berge, Bode, the transistor radio. Ed Bormann received the door prize at the meeting Wednesday. Officers for the coming year are E. M. Gales, grand knight; Irvin 'Mertz, deputy grand knight; Bernard St'reit, chancellor; Mark Thilgcs, recording sec.; Ottosen MN. DMtafd Uihar The Donald Larsons and grandsons, Danny Johnson and Jeffrey Jacobson, and the John Larsons, Swea City attended a Twins game at Minneapolis Saturday. The Merle Halsruds went to Bode Thursday night for his mother, Mrs. Laura Halsrud's 79th birthday. Shelly, daughter of the Randy Watnems, Humboldt, visited her grandparents, the Percy Watnems Wednesday to Tuesday, while her parents were on a fishing trip in northern Minnesota. . The Charles Larsons, Chicago, were Thursday night visitors at Conrad Johnson's. Oliver Christianson, Mrs. Clafa Solbcrg and Naomi Struthers attended the Ok! Saturday. ' The DeVere Newtons came home August 27 after a trip to the Dells of Wisconsin and Prairie Du Chein and visited ing a cousin,.Leonard Newton, Ladysmith, Wis. 1 The Center school picnic was held Sunday at Bicknell Park with 17 present. Officers were re-elected, Oliver Christiansen, pros., Mrs. Melia Christianson, Humboldt, vice, and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth, sec. treas. Those attending from here .were the Lenhard Holdens, Arne Jottens, Gilbert Holden, Oliver Christianson, Mrs. Clara Solberg and the Oliver Kinseths. Other towns represented were Bode, Humboldt and Iowa Falls. Petty Officer Allen Borkowski visited his brother, Raymond Borkowski from Sunday to Tuesday. He has been transferred from the USS Blank at San Diego, Calif., to the USS Manley at Charleston, S. C. He is a brother of Raymond Borkowski. Sunday guests at Martin Meyer's were the Paul Meyers and daughters, Rutland, Edgar Meyers, Algona, Elsie Meyer, ( Fenton, the Victor Meyers and Eldon Meyer. Birthdays were Paula, daugh- of the Paul Meyers, 11; splendor in Chevrolct-lntiU '68 Chevelle Concours Sport Sedan In addition to II models in the l%8 Chevelle line is this optional Contours Sport Sedan. This ultra-luxurious car like others in the Chevelle family features a new instrument panel, new lattice radiator grille, special interiors and exterior ornnmental trim. The Contours Sedan is built on a tlti-inrh whvolbasv, has special sound insulation throughout and concealed windshield wipers with articulated left blade. The new Chevrolet-built passenger cars will be on display September 21. SEE THEM AT KOSSUTH MOTORS NEXT THURSDAY — H sister, Kris Olson, Albuquerque, and Kathy Kinne, Lc- Mars. Afternoon visitors were the Marty Krienei ford, 111., and Earl and Hon, Cylinder. The Marvin Andersons, Milwaukee, Wis., and Richard Olines, Des Moines, were weekend guests at Clarence Bauer's. Saturday guests at Clem Ludwig's were the Ben, Beck- iuscs, Art Beckiuses, W. N. The Darrel Bishops and the Dillard Bishops attended the Minnesota state fair Sunday. The Willis Bahmanns, Cedar Rapids, came to visit the parental Cecil Thorcsons over the Labor Day weekend. 'Mrs. Gene Newlin, Harlan, Mrs. Everett Hill, Marne, and the Darrel Ncwlins were Sunday guests of Mrs. Fred C. Newlin and Pauline. The Ralph Walkers and Dori, Reid Farland, Vivian Thorson, and the William bunday * ucsts al MIM.IMIIHH* Far ' land's for the birthday of Mrs. t. Mrs. Schmidt is the r of the Farland The Don Larsons, Wakonda, S. D., were weekend visitors at Tom Preston's. The Allan Mathers were Sunday evening guests of the Terry Johnsons to sec Tammy Kay. Sunday guests at Floyd Montgomery's for his birthday, were the Lee Holls, Dolliver, and Roger Lindells, castors, Middleton, Wis., Ed Lintgens, St. Cloud, Minn., •the Dean Andrews, Burl, and Clifford Maginniscs, Dalton, Wis. Fred Niewald and Fred Jr., who had visited at Emmetsburg, called at Ray Pentico's Wednesday. At Newton they picked up the rest of the family and went to their home to Fair Oaks, Calif. The Paul Berninghauses, Fort Dodge, were Saturday •guests at Antone Speich's. The Allen Watnems were Friday visitors at Robert Waechter's, West Bend. The Edward Zinnels were Sunday visitors at Richard Krause's, LuVerne. The Raymond Wehrspanins were Sunday guests at Bill Lauek's, Whittemore. The Frank Banwarts, Lake Mills, were Sunday guests at James Banwart's, the Leonard. yl Baker, advocate; Sylvester Wagner, warden; George Wagner, inside guard; Wilfred Schneider, outside guard; arid Milfdrd PJathe, trustee. New men appointed to positions on the Point program are: Tom Bormann, General Chairman; Ray Kohlhaas, Catholic Ac- 'tivity; Gerald Girres, Council Activity; Ralph Reding, Fraternal Activity; Daryl Baker,' Membership; Orville Wagner, Public Relations; and Bernard Thilges, Youth Activity and Robert Wilson, ' Decent Literature. FAREWELL PARTY The Edward Thilgeses and Mary and Gloria were given a farewell party at their home Tuesday evening by their neighbors. They are moving to their new home in Algona. The evening was spent playing cards with Mrs. Howard Bormann and Mrs. Martin Friders receiving prizes. Lunch brought by the guests was served and a gift presented. Attending were Mrs. Maggie Thilges and sons, the Wey- derts and Harlan, Hubert O'Briens, Greg Thilgeses, Clarence Bormanns, Art Kohl- •haases, Albert Thilgeses, Bud Kutscharas, Paul Thilgeses, Marftin Fridares, Dick Capes- iuseis, Howard Bormanns, Wilfred Schneiders, Tony Wey- derts and Cyril Thilges. Unable to attend were the Mark Thilgeses and Marcel Redings. ing will accompany his sister back to Denver, Colo., where he will spend a short time before returning home. Jim'Erpelding, Keeler, Wis., and Jim Foreman, Dubuque, spent the weekend with Jim's parents, the Francis Erpeld- ings. Jim is a seventh and eighth grade teacher at Keeler parochial school. Jim Foreman is a freshman at Walhett high school, Dubuque. 'David Zeimet, son of the Eugene Zeimets, was a medical patient in St. Joseph's Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge Thursday and Friday. tor Meyers, 6; and Marcy, daughter of Edgar Meyers, 5. It'was : also Mrs. ; Martin Meyer's birthday. Mrs. ; Howard Hellicksori took her grandchildren, Dawn Perry and Cindy Ludwig, from Omaha by plane, to their homes in Garden Grove and Santa Monica, Calif. Thursday. The girls spent the summer here. Mrs. Hellickson will visit there for a short while before returning home. Sunday guests at Carroll Olson's were Tom Olson, just returned from R.O.T.C. training at Ft. Lewis, Wash., his evening visitors. The Louis Jacobsons were Friday visitors : at Richard Krause's, LuVerne. ,, f ^,,,- f The Louis Dippels, Belmorid, were Sunday guests at Percy Watnem's. Swea Eagle Mn. K«nn«th BrmMt THE FLAG IS FLYING IN MEMORY OF ... Pvt. Harold E. Dearths World War 2 — U. S. Army EASTLAWN MEMORIAL GARDENS OFFICE — 708 S. Phillips, Algona, Iowa 9 — 5 Monday through Friday Saturday ^^^^I^^^Sundayl — 5 P.M. MEN WANTED NOW TO TRAIN AS CLAIMS ADJUSTERS Insurance adjusters and investigators are badly needed due to the tremendous increase of claims resulting from automobile accidents, fires, burglaries, robberies, storms and industrial accidents that occur daily. Top money-can be earned in this exciting, fast moving field, full time or part time. Work at your present job until ready to switch over to your new career through excellent local and national employment assistance. Home office: 1872 N. W. 7 Street, Miami, Florida. VA APPROVED. For details, without obligation, fill out coupon and mail today. Rev. Dua'ne Nelsons, Dodgeville, Wis., were recent overnight guests of her sister, the Darrel Bishops. For prompt reply write to: Name INSURANCE ADJUSTERS SCHOOLS Address Dept. W-183 Cifv 7915 State Line y Kanta» City, Mo. 64114 Zip .... State _ Phone_ . Age ite I St. John's Catholic "Church at Bancroft provided the set" ting Aug. 19 for the 10:30 a.m. double ring ceremony of Janice Lea Angle and Eugene Carl Schneider. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Angle of Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schneider of Bancroft are the groom's parents. Bridal attendants were Joer lene Schneider, sister of the groom, as maid of honor and Sue Tague, bridesmaid. Elmer Schneider Jr. was his brother's best man and Michael Schmall, newphew of the bride, was groomsman. Mr. and Mrs. Schneider are at home at 117^ State St., Apt. P in Algona, where he is employed with Hood's Super Valu. Burt Mr«. Gwrft The Jay p. Grahams ant! Glen Grahams and Gary viat- ed relatives in Rothsay, Minn., several days before Gary went to Georgia for 8 weeks military training. The Jay D. Grahams spent Labor Day in Ma'spn City at John Emmert's. lions cluo will meet Sept. 18 at Region hall. The 7 o'clock dinner will be served by Auxiliary committee of iMe Winter, Ruth Alice teraan, Leona lacy, Zwiefel. Sheryl Weydert, daughter of the N. J. Weyderts, employed in Des Moines, left Saturday with three girl friends for Colorado Springs, Colo. C.D. of A. monthly meeting will be held September 14 instead of the regular Wednesday of the month date.' The Andrew Kramers, Ann and Raymond, spent Sunday with their daughter, Sister Dorothy, OSF, at Sacred Heart Convent in Templeton. Sister Dorothy is a 7th and 8th grade teacher in the Sacred Heart school. Mrs. Janice Lehman, Ronnie 'and Rajndy, and Peter Klein and Vonda Kay from Tucson, Ariz., have returned home after a visit here with relatives. Mirs. Lehman is the former Janice Kirsch, daughter of the Peter Kirsches. The Robert Zeimets, Angela and Robin, have moved to 1731 Alameda Ave. in Bak- ersfieW, Calif., where Robert is a science teacher ia tho Bakersfield high school. Robert spent 'the past year at the University of Northern lov/a at Cedar Falls, studying for his masters degree. Before 'leaving they were visitors at LIKE IT...CHARGE IT! HOURS — FRIDAY — 9 to 9 Other Days — 9 to 5 1 BIRTHDAY THRU SATURDAY ONLY Our own Gaymode nylons reduced! REG. 3 PAIRS FOR 2.95 3 PAIRS FOR Famous Gqymode 8 ' nylons in every style imaginable for fashion preference! Seamless sheer plain for micro mesh, sleek fit Cantrece* or Agilon* stretchables, regular or demi-toe styles. That's not all! Full fashioned dress sheers and service weights, too! Flattering fashion shades in proportioned sizes. Byy now!

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