The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 84, BI ™EVILLE COURIER NEWS ZT,'.: — ~ - OF NORllrEASr ARKANSAS AND SOtlTItEAOT MT HO ^,, D T W *~' Dlythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Great Britain Takes Cognizance Of Rumor Of Approaching Strife Mississippi valley Deader Blytlievllle Dally News a News of the notification came a day after an admiralty announcement that annual fleet maneuver? would be held a month earlier than usual, which' means In effect that the great home fleet would be at emergency status In August. i Notices have been posted in territorial barracks throughout country, it was learned wan the troops-corresponding t 0 „„ American National Guard—to clear up all personal affairs before they report In August for their annual training period In camp. The notices emphasized that the terriers" should pack their furniture and other belongings before they go to cnmp, HS "in the event of emergency" they win be given a. maximum of one day to wind up their personal, affairs. There have been various reports from the continent that something was going to happen in August when the crops are in, and when the German and Italian armies on maneuvers, reach peak strength The orders to the fleet and to the terriers" left Britons in no doubt that this time Great, Britain was going to be ready. Men of the territorials who are bank clerks and office workers in daytime fell how :lhey are routed out of their beds and rushed in automobiles to the dark countryside to man anti-aircraft, batteries so that they will be ready to get them into action with a minimum of rtelay if Germany strikes. Balloon barrage men have been put on permanent duly in Hyde Park and the adjoining Green Pnrk, next Eo Buckingham Palace. , It -was 'made known today that the first batch of 34,000 recruits under the new conscription net will be notified Saturday to report for duty July 15. A Week earlier; July 8, the Royal Air Force will hold the biggest, maneuvers on record with 1000 •bombing and fighting planes taking part. • , . Blind Man Is .-•Arrested For .Driving Amo AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Next Year Musi Rc 1940 PEORIA, 111., j,me 27.-Tlie police Had one for the record books talavf -Uie arrest of a blind man for driving nn automobile Policemen Vern Roberson and Leo MauschbniiBh vouched lor this st,cry: Harold swords, 20 years old, a Wind man receiving n state blind pension wh o , lvcs *„ ,, 1C ^J*™ ,»!„•„ Peo " a ' Slartl « l neighbors C. of C. Secretary Says Materials To Arrive Here Shortly thc^rc'ir' 8 lmvo 1)ccn on)( ' m ' fai 01 In Mississippi eyninly' following a Pledge made by W. W. Mitchell &..''•»?», "W-™* ^r the Highway Commission HI tin, sununer nml that suc)) IS Cl , lrvcs ns cvlsl wwl'l te provided right of way , furnished without cwt to Diei stale it was announced todny by j Mell Brooks secretary of the Bl- in would an old machine down a quarter- mile stretch of used gravel ' vi:>eChauiberof y col,^o B ' ylhe Mr. Brooks said he had been Sonnet tlml the materials womci be unloaded at Yarbro, Dlythevlll" Oscce a and Wlkon prior to begin iiliig the work and lhat the machinery was being moved to the fairgrounds here, where it is lo be must be clone facing or brlc tk Tard ngfr ° ml " S)l0met0a ,. T "^., fce ' m y ™y along," he said, i use to nm down to the brick yard to chin with Ihe boys " The policemen hustled him the station. They said he had automobile license to weather "regaling", as to * the resur- it Is i hot ..The: army will hold Us annual -: maneuvers; on a grand .scale -in : ;. September/- with -French',-'''Russian ,; Polish,. ?Turktsh, .Runialilaii mid - other officers of the general stair's of "anti-aggression" present. countries Gasoline Consumption Reported On Increase LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 27.— More automobiles and trucks are tising the Arkansas roads more frequently this iyear than last, the state highway department indicated yesterday. Director W. M. Mitchell said the consumption of gtnlfliue in the first four months of 1939 was about ten per cent higher than in the corresponding months of 1938. • Consumption in the 1D39 period was 53.C78.5H gallons, compnrec with 48,563,320 in the first foil months of last year, "which Mr Mitchell said would forecast an increase of about 15,000,000 gallon during Uie entire year. Defense Attorney Claims His Clients Do Not Remember Anything LOS ANGELES, June 27 (UP)— New York Cotton NEW YORIC, June 27. (UP Cotton closed steady. open high low close 951 950 050 955 87G 857 July ... Opt Dec Jan. .... Mar. ... May 839 832 885 8G6 854 847 841 875' 857 847839 832 882b-3a 863 852n 837 Spols closed nominal at 837, up 6 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 27. (UP) — Cotton futures reached new highs on n sleady market today, advancing three to seven points. open high low close JuI V 961 968 961 965 001 ...888 896 887 892 Dec -'871. 817 868 872 Jan 854 jjgj M»r 850 85" 850 856 May ....... 844 852 844 .847 Spot.s closed steady at 950, up 6. Livestock 'III., June 27 EAST ST. LOUIS, (UP)— Hogs 9.500. Top 7.30 170-230 Ibs., 7.15-7.25 140-160 Ibs., G.30-G.60 Bulk sows 5.00-6.10 Cattle 3100 Steers 8.10-9.W Slaughter Steers 7.00-10,50 Mixed yearlings, heifers 8.25-9.50 Slaughter Heifers 7.00-10.00 Beef cows 5.75-6.50 Cutters & low cutters 4.25-5,50 Chicago Wheat open high J"'y n 71 1-4 Sept. 70 7-8 72 1 low 70 close .,„ i r i „ ••-• -— Je fters jnd .ftls, wife,; who 'allegedly' were' Capped in - .nn-'obsc&iie'-'exhlbmon se^ out today to prove that the two were drugged by district otlor- ney's detectives; ; ' '•' The Bev. and Mrs. Jeffers nVver' knew what happened,; Defense:Attorney Lcrrin Andrews charged after they drank champagne which Andrews hinted, contained marijuana. He dirt not reveal a motive for a frameup but throughout- the trial has indicated that the whole affair resulted from a desire to' halt the preacher's nntl-semetlc utterances. ' . Andrews announced thai Jean •Mhnmirs, blonde English actress had been subpoenaed : to testify in the Jeifers' behalf today He dc cllneil lo say how she fits into Ihe defense case. Andrews in his opening address lo the jury denied that the'pair disrobed and slaged an immoral exhibition for tlie entertainment of It is understood thai the tramc will continue while the road is being repaired by resurfacing one- half of the width at the-time with the surfacing material which Is said to be non-skid. Anncunccinent of [he plans for repairing ibc road \vere made June 1 Hollowing a meeting of (he Chamber of Commerce, Mississippi County Automobile Association and the Highway fii Asscciatton when Mr Mitchell tojk up the matter with representatives of these groups and Allan Paticson of Joncsboro member of the state highway commission.' .Although the sponsoring group said that tills section was losing much tourist traffic because of condition of Highway Cl Mr Mil chcll revealed (hat surveys had shwn that this higKway carried the heaviest out-of-statc traffic of any highway in the stale and that the same stretch of highway also was the most heavily traveled hblii. ° his availability ns 1840 Presidential ,., . n • - — *"^ ". u. Of Paul Hlfih Commissioner: lo the Philippines. Hc nm , Mts • are pictured as they nrrived tit San Pi-anchco from ' Louisiana's Earl K. Loii Is Expected To "Crac. Down" J— The purse Ln , June 2' fiom bj Oov. Hirl K. Lone way in Arkansas. ; .It.was.pointed-out that way's -^condltiSh had' 'deteriorated during the. uast 'several montiis since the survey was made. promised _ new chief execiUlve nnd biother Louisiana's slain klngHsli mo rapidly today wilh (he calling „ a grand jury tomorrow lo Invest! gate embezzlement chaises agalns former .President James Momc Smith of Louisiana Slalc University ' Attorney General Daiid M Elli son announced the call of t)< special £css|t>i)._of the giand jui^ and pronjlse't!-k>"piosecute all \lo- Inlors without fear or favor whili n nationwide search was made for Dr. Smith, the resigned prcsiden Jf^ S - p " eil!>| B c<1 wltli emuerallntt $100,000, of the university's] funds Earlier Gov. Long announced hc I would appoint Dcnn Paul M. ilebci-l of the Louisiana, Slate Universlh aw schocl as acting president of (hc university. Textile Workers Head Says Industry Is Cutting Own Throat ATLANTA, June 27 (UP)-Strife within the 1 textile Industry was guests. Andrews contended Jeffers was persuaded lhat Mrs. to lake a drink of champagne only after Vincent Juggins, district attorney's de- lective, explained he was piurlng n powder into the glass "which would take out the alcoholic effect" He said the Rev. Jeftcrs likewise was urged by Higgins to "let down his hair and have a good time- for C11CC." The Rev. and Mrs. Jeffers Immediately became wobbly legged and light headed, Andrews said and 'that Is the lost either of .them remembers until awakening in the Beverly Hills jail." Mrs. Jeffers was still under influence cf the drug, he said, when «ID signed a confession next day. Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 27. (UP)_ Stocks opened firm and developed strenglh in the last hour today AT&T ., 16u ' Anaconda Ccpper 23 1-2 Associated D G a Beth Steel "'"' 55 3-8 Boeing Air \\\\ 2 0 7-8 Jhrysler .. 70 3-8 3it!es Service ] 57-8 blamed today for low wages by Einil Rieve, general president of the Textile Corkers Union of America (c. I. o.), who testified before Wage-Hour Administrator Elmer F. Andrews on proposed .establishment of a 32',i cent minimum wage for the entire Industry Funeral Rites Held For J. W. Daugherty •'• MANILA, Ark,, June 28. — The last Dawghcrty.. to serve Manila as a law enforcement oincer was buried here today.. Joseph Wallace Daugherty, former marshal, constable and deputy sheriff here until he moved to Dallas eight brought homo to i his wish. He died Saturday in Dallas at the age of G4. The first Daugherty- lo serve this years ago, was buried ns wns ,. T . ,, ------ - .--*-*.</... j, i - — ---a ---- ~j v^f oi.i rs; ulift It is clear that mills resort to lown ln Uie Peace capacity wns his wage cutting nnd low wages not fiU"*, Die late I. L. Daugherty to maintain their. competitive posi-i^' 1 ' 0 w »9 Hie first marshal after lions but for the purpose and with i the Village of Manila was incorDo- tbe result of raiding the market ln(ed as « lown - Son of 'Father Of Blythe- •lit T-v . . •* villc' Dies Rock At Little More Ports Blockaded But Situation At Tientsin Somewhat Relieved TIENTSIN,- Jun7"21 U)P)~J<ml nn widened ti naval blockade of forclBli shipping | n £0ulh ohjn ^ jioits today but apparently sought o speed solution of Ihe Tientsin Incident by casing' tension wlUi Client Btlldin. The Chinese ports of Poochow mid Wcnchow, down the const from Shanghai, as well ns Swnlow were brought under tlio All foreign ships were \vnrned to stay awny and . resijomlblllty for Mjfcty of forclulicrs violating tho blockade wns disavowed bv thn British consular oinclals liiune- Jliilcly rejected (lie warning and American ofilclnls wcro expected to 'lo (he jiilmc. ... • The blockade was declared os- lensbly to halt munlUons slilb- nents lo the Chinese ngnlnst wliom ne Japnneso were reported staring a big otfcnslve In the Swatow area which Chinese snld wns heav- ly bombed. While British nnd Japwiese con- •ersallons In Tokyo soiigiit to find a basis for nenaUallng „ solution of. the Tientsin trouble dispatches from Singapore snld Hint • British ami Prcucli . military awl-air coin- Hands had conferred and conclud- % that their combined forces were SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO - - . Committee Hurries Relief Measure To Senate Floor Today With,' tlio "senate legislative ma- chhiMy Idle, pending it, action, IB . committee accepted niost 5 of tlio changes In J the house bill lec- ON IN SlIITJS LIL1 Action May Upset Bailey' Plans For Hurried Cotir Decision June 2 John Wesley TJrylhe, for man years n resident of this city whlc was named for hl s 'father, the lal Rev Heniy Thomas, Blylho, die nt a Litlle Rock hospital early thl morning,''He would bnvc been 6 Sept IB. i A citizen of DeWill, Aik, foi th wit 12 yeais, he retired six month igo from ,1110 ding store buslnes. because :0f III-, health. He- was removed lo the Llttl Sock hospital when his comlliloi became serious - ami' one of \\] ilslcis, Mis Ed llaidin, her dnngh ci, Mrs Tayloi, and n niece Mrs. Bancroft Terry, joined Mrs Blythe and other relatives - then ast night. . • . Funeral services will be held a DeWHt Wednesday afternoon 'here burial will be made. Among he Blythevllle people who plan to Mend services nre Mrs COl "> lctitos ."- Became loa old for the Rieve contended that the 32'.i i steps nloiu «, cent proposal was still loo low for fanner, an adequate wage." I -n arn ... ,„,,,. , ASSna, iw^e' s£j^ r Er r proposal would wine ont. „ nn ,;?,. „„.£.,.,""- ,. U , nty . w . llicl >. hc .Cola 125 1-2 eneral Eteclric 33 5-8 General Motors , .' 435.3 nt Harvester ].['.' 55 Montgomery Ward . . 50 ' Y Cenlral .' lt Packard •> i o —I«P» ..• •..;::::::: 35 Radio .. He deplored low living conditions ™ in southern textile,millTtowns and i A"™ 1 ECrviccs wcre <=oMMed said that an .increase T iving ^ ""> **;,?• J > H <"*cr, PWto costs since the davs of the -NRA j Baptist ciiurch, and burial justified at least a southern mlni^ ."'"* ttl tllc Ma " il11 «matDry. mum wage of not less than 34 2' Al1 of llls sens and daughters cents per hour. I nnd hts only brother accompanied "Elsewhere where wages arc now tlle rc 'ni»'ns here. Tlie fcur sons generally well above 32V. cents Ihe nre: D!X " 1Ul and Pa '» Daugherty of recommended minimum will re- mllas . Glcl) n Daugherly of Hous- sult only In eliminating unfair l0 "' Texa s, and Basil Daugherly competition from a few stragglers of Tuc s c ". Ariz. Mrs. John Bird of whose failure to pay wages at the Dctrolt . Mich., is his daughter and the prevailing level drags down entire structure," h c said. Campus Paddles Made To Pay College Expenses" Ed is his brother". of Harrisburg, Ark.. Pallbearers were: E. c. Fleeman Guy T. McHenry, R. j. McKinncii, Harbert Grlflin, A. R. Moore and Emery Wright. 5 7-8 12 3-4 22 Sccony Vacuum 113-4 Standard of N J 42 'exas Corp ]' 371.3 IS Smelt 51 ]~4 " Steel Ati c. o >...,,,..,..,. ft; j-o Chicago Corn ' open high low close D „ . -•- ', la. (UP)—Norris Pritchard worked part of his wa-y through Iowa'State Teachers Col- ege with paddles, and now his brother James h carrying en. When he started to school fcur """•s ago, Norris hit upon the Of -"-!-'-members. , lo fraternity and sorority 11 1-8 July 47 5-8 47 7-8 47 ]-2 4? 1 ? «i ft '.\" , VO 7-8 71 7-8 Sept, 40 1-4 -49 1-2 4» i-4 49 1-4 ntt yea?. He also made Greek - phis. His lathing tools and other equipment cost $35 , 1 . Thc - Tbusm «s prospered and M L- n 68 enlered collie '1C —- ••-' v«...™ .*,<« immes uut »£» -,w 1 e " ter P rIse - Last year i employes of the comptroller's office uitysDia no paddles and 150 said there wcre only about 10 000 la?f ir?. s '. cnou * h to Pay about! According to Claim Signatures On Petitions Insufficient LITTLE ROCK, June 27. (UP)A group of auditors of the' stale complrcllcr's office tcday were checking signatures on petitions brought to tlie secretary of slate's office to Initiate a workmen's compensation act cmb:dying the state insurance plan. Those presenting the petitions they carried 12,293 names but of ilylhe's other slslcr, Mrs. J. M Ooad, and Mr. Cload; his sister In iw, Mrs. Virgil Greene and (laugher, Miss Elizabeth Blythe; a cousin iiss Lcla Blythe; n niece, Mrs harles Crlgger Jr., Mr. and Mrs, ohn Smotlierman and daughter flss Gladys Smathcrman. Born In Blytlievllle, Mr. Dlythe as Hie youngest son of a. family f six reared by Ihe Kev. Mr lyllie who played n major role In ic early history of Blylheville The laic Mrs. J. p. Allison was ic eldest of the children and ohn Wesley Blylhc was the oungcsl. Another daughter, Mrs. H. Roney, and another son, Tom lythe, died a number' of years Because educational fac 11111 c R were meager In Blylheville when John Wesley Blythe was n lad, he wns sent to Slonn-Hcmlrlx Academy at Iinbodcn,' Ark., ami Inter received his college education at Ilcjidrix college, Cotiwny, Ark There hc met Miss Mildred Douglas whom he later married. He Is also survived by one daughter, Mrs. Margaret Blythe Massey of Memphis, and one son Bobble Douglas Blythe. • After completing his education he was employed in a drug store here and later bccjime n member of the firm of Ihe Blythevllle Drug Company In which he was a partner (if Edgar Borum and W. T. Barnett He continued in that business until he disposed of his interests here, which also included a number of real estate properties, and moved to DeWltt. lo hold olf u strong Jap- mesc attack oil any possession li\ oulli Asia for an Indefinite period. In Tientsin the Jnpnneso gnr- Ison commnmlor declared Hint Japan would not, uo halUxl by tin eats of Biltlkh reprisals ami hat the Japanese were determined o tnny through Ihclr oppoMtlou to a British policy thai was considered pro-OWnesr But he sought to case the 'i lenliln tcnsloii by announcing that bentrlc-s around the blockaded Biltlsh concession had been Instructed that it, \\ai not necessary to strip persons being 5eaichcd . . f PuIaski^RoadDUtrict. Is Seeking State Aid , ," ri ' LB ROCK . Aric,, jmte .27.- Llllc Rock North Hclghls Road District., -No. 22-A, formed In - in Hi u ,' *" uunc * i)— well Informed sources dk u£?n """if, Umt "" "'towntloi would ue filed In the j,lnlc sup£T ™ rt J'' h W* <P "elny the ° Noill TIIM <-• i '*vY -— •««*«*». 11,1, nui ii JUUle nock taxpayer, ns lo Oov "alley K )c(;a! i| g j,t t o refund Uie slates bonded Indebtedness .n was reported .nt. the capita Hint- some oinclals opposed tho rc- iiwdlng program ami that nihiK of tlio Intervention would enable oilier taxpayers lo tnke part In the oral hearing set for July 3, Bclolt, Taylor, one of two nt- wrneys representing Mntlhows J his test milt, snld hu leauied U i the possibility of the Intervention wing filed nnd that he wclcomci nil questions of law lhat may be brought-up nt (ho' hearing. Tlie,' governor It, was Mild was c-tpcctcd to leach New Yoik. lo- Hlghl to resume conferences with bankeis ie B aidin B tho rofumlmif program ° EWE HTlEil ! < ; . V Woman Prison Visitoi Seized As Hostage Is Slightly o 1031 ti. rural, road 'in what and . , known as Hie Mile Creek Kellogg Creek, bottoms about nine north- of LIttlu Rock, ap- ' inlles f aduatl «K. to initiate he ct and presem he . se e C0 " ttaue U ' e talslllfss » ctlu °» lo " 10 voters in lTo dec- tlons. Job Proves Answer To What's in a Name COLUMBUS, O, (UP)-Whal's In ft name? Well, in Ihe case of Hcrmon E. Zepcrnlck, of Salem, O., his unusual surname is directly responsible for his job on one of WPA's strangest projects — locating the ;ravcs of long-forgotten ancestors whose relatives have searched In vain for their burial places-. Years ago, as a salesman, Zcpernick spent his spare moments In graves ind historical libraries trying lo race his name and from there It was just a slep to his present job. Sea Anemone Eat In Films MOSCOW (UP) — Par the first me the sea anemone, which usually catches Its prey only in darkness, has been photographed in action. The rare Dlished by anemones to .. T- —.-..w *i^ji,r\, IUJ- )Hcd for slate aid yesterday'under i 103!) act appropriating $200000 fcr relief of fann-tb-inarket rond Islrlcls during Ihc 1B30-41 fjschl blennluin, : . In n letter (o State Treasurer «rl Page, E. D. Dumas, chalnnan of the district's board of commls- loncrs, said the district would have 2,510 In Inlcrcst payments and a 1,000 principal payment due be- ween July l, IMO, and June 30,' He said the district has oulstand- «g 426,000 !n five per cent Ijonds aled Peteimry I, 1932. It pays out Tlie North Heights district, was he first of the Justin Matthews evelopment districts to apply for iM under the' act. Eleven other Islrlcts, nine In Mississippi coun- y, one In Crltlcntten and one In 'ulaskl, have filed applications for total of nuru than $270,000. Residence Is Looted During Occupants' Absence RESIDENT IS LOOTED-H Tlie residence of Ihc Rev and frs. H. J. Klclndicnst. on Sixth treet between the Christian and plscopal churches, was burglarized cccntly, ofncers announced today. Members of Iho Klcln'dlcnst family re vncatlcnlng In si. Louis so fflcers have been unable lo ascertain what was stolen. It Is believed that money was sought as the silver was left unmolested but n child's bank had been torn apart nnd the contents removed. Entrance was gained through prying off the hcok of the rear screen door to reach the ]wrch where a pane of glass was broken lo unlock a window. i The theft was discovered by two boys who had been employed lo mow Ihe lawn while the family was away. Noticing a rear dear standing open, they Investigated and found the house in disorder with drawers open and clothes strewn on the ftcor. They notified the police, who obtained fingerprints. Wounded CITY, (U!> '~Prison guauli In a bin/a o'r gunfire today icscucd hoslugo n «oman by ihiee Imltnna. •-, . •- • . — -j Hi**.*, Aimnmiv ,RUUe prison coiivlct.s ln,n desperate escape nllempt. , ' 'The jvoman suffered a flesh wound nnd all three of. the convicts were ivomidwl In (ho BUnflro. 'Hie group of prisoners had sel/.ed he woman-visitor, to 'Ihc Institution and (icmundcd "giins aiul'frce- jloin" after tlglitlng their way" lo Ihc physician's olncc. •The cchvlcls were iinn«! w ilh a knife nnd had .threatened lo kill their prisoner unless theli demands - ommemlfld by the sulj.commitlee, 'llicie Included.: ^ •-:" I 1. Elinilnaflon of the thtee-man ,-,•,- (-B.-V----v board In favor of'; single jjiuminlstrnlor. wL nf " U , m ot * 12 5,««0,00fl of I WPA funds allocaled by (lie house to the ))iibllc \\oTka adminlstra- 3 Coiillmmtlon of (he federal Ihcatci projects will! the prov'fi'l slo» thnt they must have locai' 1 siiojisorslili). All three changes had been .ought, by the administration. -T As the hoiiso prepared for eight lours of debate on the neutrality bill, Us ipomor, Acling Chalrhian Sol Bloom of Ihc house foreign . alfalrs comuilttec, predicted that"-1 BO Republicans would join witli'a uajoHty of Democrats to pats 'it. Democratic leaders,, pieparlng for, nn expected bitter attack from' opponents of tho administration' policy had cllscaided at the last ulnuto a provision to allow Uie iresldcnt to define combat are'as n lime • of war between foreign mllons. Their object was to protect'the icart of the bill-repeal of. Ihe aulomMIc arms embarbo which .ukes effect under present law > whcncvei the president proclaims hat n stiito of «nr exists. ' — V, Joel Carson Petitions Federal Court For Writ 5 LITTLE ROOK, Ark., June ^27 —Following the precedent set 'In. he A. T. Hudspeth and Clayton- Caritthers cases, Joel Carson 'contemned Piilaskt county slayer "ap- jealed lo united States. District Couit yesterday tor'tv temporary vrll of habeas corpus to Imlt his, scheduled execution Friday,' .Hcaiing on the petitlomwns set Or 2 this afternoon. "" , >. ls W5Y w JitfTpeUtloft' "wlfh .'-Kderal -'judge 1 riinblo a few hours after the Ark- nsni Supieme Court denied'his- Kitltlon for a writ of error coram ,obis lhat would have given him new tllal in Pulriskt Ttr^t Dlvis- on Circuit Court. Lawyers for ' Iiidspelh nnd . Clayton-Caruthers' IEO had ben unsuccessful In their' fToils. to obtain writs of error oram nobls. Granting of a (empoiary writ of abeus corpus would automatically lay Canon's execution until a earing caii^be held on a petition or u permanent writ. were met. For two hours prison authorities clamped a strict censorship on news from within the walls 'Pork Barrel' Holds Big Ditch, Funeral Services Are Held For Baby Boy Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the Holt Fu- lerai Home for Tlldon Dccn Craw- 20 State-Owned Cars To Be Sold This Week LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 2V—' Approximately 120 state-owned automobiles operated by revenue department emplojcs will be sold Friday nnd Salurday following appraisal, State Comptroller J. O Goir snld yesterday. Enrl L. Armbrust, Little Rock automobile appraiser, will head an appraisal board composed of state engineering and accounting ex- pcits _ °- . 'Present users «>f Ihe cars will be given first opportunity to buy their machines Cars not. sold to present iKeis or other revenue department employes will be ottered to the public at the appraised prices. Cars not sold by this method will be offered used car dealers on cash bids. Individual buyers will be required to pay one-third cash nnd make notes of $25 or more monthly for payment. family Sunday. Largest single project" in $67,000,000 "pork barrel" rivers nnd harbors bill before Senate Js proposed Tennessee river-to- Gulf of Mexico waterway, major link of which would be 41-mile canal, shown by dolled line on above map. Canal would b= dug from Pickwick Landing, through area where no river now exists, to source of Tom- bigbee river. Eighteen locks and eight dams would be constructed In improvement of Tombigbee river southward to - Demopoiis, Ala. • Mansfield, 0., Tries "Public Health Hour" .MANSFIELD, o. (UP)—An innovation in public health services-Ai program lo immunize children of Ion-lucerne families against smallpox and diphtheria—k being tried here. Called the "Public Health Hour" because each of 37 co-aparating physicians in Rkhland county have set aside one hour dally or weekly for the work, the prcgram offers Immunization services at cosls ranging up lo $1 a child. Families unable lo pay for any service will have their children treated free; families who aver? aged $60 a month for the past six mcntlis will be charged $1 per visit, regardless of the number of children, whole families whose monthly income averages between S6b and $60 will be asked to pay $1 for each child. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy to partly cloudy tcnlght alid Wednesday; somewhat warmer Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday; not nuch change In, temperature.

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