Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1967 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1967
Page 2
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10, M YEARS AGO Algona Country Club burns to ground ('47) BtcMMi Bride of DM tat* September 2, 1947 Wayne Keith of Plum Creek township, Kossuth Farm Bureau presidentfis on his way to Europe by plane as the Advance goes to press today, Mr. Keith is a member of a group of 22 newsmen including J. S. Russell, DCS Moines Register farm editor on a month's tour of England and lf»fi« (tort) Arfvtfltt MONDAY, SEPT. 11, 1W State and Hall streets. The corner has become a bottleneck for State street traffic, Capt. Harold Pitcher, one of the leading jet aces, became an assistant professor of air science at Iowa State college of Agricluture and u _ Mechanical Arts at Ames Jast certain continental countries 'month. \«t*l ICblll Uiyil L11ICI1IX21 W 11111*1 l\~t) - . -. • , ^f 4§» to find out for themselves *°™ Hopfcm*, owner of ?ne and other farmers just what H ?P klMs ^P^ervure is ?|f conditions are in wartorn Europe and what U. S. farmers must do to meet the needs. From the Long Ago Column of Sept. 2 comes an interesting item. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh are perhaps the only Americans in Algona Who were married abrcful. They were wed in Paris June 16, 1927 and the Advance had .: column that year about their loneymoon tour in France, faly and Switzerland. It was twenty years ago that the Algona Country Club burned .to the ground on Sun- in the 7th annual pearance and cleanliness contest conducted by Standard Oil Co. for 600 dealers in the Mason City sales division. 123 enrolled in parochial Wesley school Wesley — St. Joseph's Par,ay morning while firemen ochial school opened Monday, were unable to halt the fire Sept. 28 with an enrollment after its discovery. Jack Can- O f 123 pupils, -ling, golf professional at the Sister Jane Francis has join- Club lost his life in the fire ed the staff as first and see- that completely destroyed the O nd grade teacher The re- Pare nts of the bride are Mr, clubhouse. The blaze was dis mainder of the faculty are * nd Mrs ; Donald Williams of covered by Harry Barton light the same as last year Sister Nevada ' Iowa - Rev - J - M - Kis »- croft and Iowa State Univer- plant employee, who went to Agatha teaches third and " "" °* """ " " ' " ~ ' ~ the roof of the municipal plant fourth grades; Mrs. Oscar Aauinas Ca for a breath of air. Mr. and M onson, fifth and sixth grad- ££es at 11 Mrs. Ralph Miedke were man- es and sister Ralph, seventh daT Aueust 2 6 agers of the dub at the time and eighth erades and is nrin ™L ^ . j , . • „?»!,„ r:.« T«,.I !„„. u.j i <"iu eignin graaes, ana is pnn- -p heb r id e - s attendants were Cathy Williams, sister of the bride as maid' of honor; Nan Stewart and Sue Sturtz, soror- ority sisters of the bride as bridesmaids. , Debra Golwitzer,- Dave Griener was the sees a man who literally has Linda Grandganett, Margaret' groom's best man, groomsmen had that happen to him. Thus Hauptman, Mary Klein, Co- were Ed McGuire and Darrell was Uhe case of William Fan- i ee n Laubenthal, Kim Loebig, Eich. Ushers were Bob Landa del Sr. who was one of the Larry Plathe, James Richler' and Bob Buelow. All are fra- 90 Pfiester corn dealers who Randy Ricke Duane Vitzthum' ternit y brothers of the groom, went to the home plant in El L orri West and Paul Young- Paso, 111. last week. The group vvirth. Sister Mary Jane who teach- Miss Donna Lee Williams of Nevada, Iowa became the bride of Donald Stephen Smith, son of Mr. Leo P. Smith of Bancroft and the late Mrs. Smith. ring ceremony at St. Thomas rin ceremony at St. Thomas Catholic Church in 00 a.m. on Satur- of the fire. Total loss had been C i pa i; Mrs. j. M. Kunz, special estimated around $30,000. The reading. . . ,-_- ^^ sixteen first graders are Joan Becker, Patricia Bode, Cynthia Cink, Russell the entire tradogy shocked Community. One often hears of a man losing his shirt but seldom Eischen, Nevada High School and attended Iowa State University in Ames 2 years. She will be a junior at the University of Mis- issippi this fall. She is a member of Delta Zeta sorority. The groom graduated from St. John's High School, Ban- sity, Ames in Biochemistry. He is affiliated with Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. He will be a graduate fellowship student in Chemistry at the University of Mssissippi in Oxford, Miss. • ••••••••••••••••••M* Fenton chartered buses for the weeks trip By mistake Mr. Fandel e s mathematics, and Sister .took the driver s bag leaving Maurii who teaches English his own well-filled with shirts, and journalism in Gantgln and all other clothes. The at Algona, live in the The wedding reception was held at the Campanille Room of the Memorial Union at Iowa State University, with 175 guests attending. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Shearman were host and hostess. The couple spent a week* their • honeymoon at the Wisconsin HO finHitwr ue K i -*i classes. There are 59 Wesley Dells and visited his father in be finding its was back with students, at Garrigan .high. Bancroft has new white (tarts! .school! ', * , /, The bride is a graduate of The "Egg and I" was ap- ' . . pearing Sept. 3 at the Call Theatre and will be remembered not only as a best-seller but one of the better pictures of the times. Fred MoMurray and Claudctte Colbert were cast in Betty -MacDonald's best seller which told of life on a wilderness ranch in a most witty and 'humorous fashion. With the change of lengths of skirts today I think Duane Dewel who writes the Hodge Podge Column knows something we don't. ... at any 'rate 20 years ago this column appeared in Sept. 2 issue of the Advance. There are some women in various parts of the country who are protesting the lengthening of skirts. But they will wear them! Shucks! The gals got one put over on them by the dress makers— or maybe it was papa who got the works! Because every woman wants new clothes the new styles are a godsend to to those gals who want new clothes. And pappy also gets a chance to pay. And the bird who benefits by all this hokus- pokus is the of new cl»Uu'.s Looks like a deep-dyed plot against pappy's pocketbook. Then after all the gals get the new long skirts—wham! Hhe manufacturers shorten them again! Seems strange not to see a sports page but twenty years ago today there was little or no mention of things going on in the world of sports, Guess things have changed as athletics play eueh a large port in our community as well as over the world. September 3, 1957 Twelve 4-H club members from Kossuth County made a good showing at the Iowa State Fair, They were David Kollasch, Albert KoHasch, Leon DumEtorff, Bill Wilhelmi, Jim Kain, Don Madsen, Aaron Anliker, Bob Cham- 'bers, Roger Dreyer, Daniel Skow, James Bierstedt and Ed Dumstorff. Mrs. Maxine Sharp, owner of Sharp's Jewelry in Algona, will attend the New York University for a course in management and merchandising. The local jeweler is one of 94 accepted for this special course, which will include retail jewelers from the United States and foreign, countries, The pattern of Friday night and Sunday aftmio.-;:; liTivers on State street will be changed in the future after the city council voted to eliminate the "U" turn at the cornier of Mrs. Ray Uthef • ••••••MMMMMMaa* Tuesday evening the Eugene Huskamps and Trudy, and Sylvi Slander attended a steak fry in Harrison park, Emmetsburg. This was a meeting of the Palo Alto Extension council. Sylvi Silanti- er spoke and showed slides of Finland. Sunday evening visitors at the Albert Mitchell's were tiie Ernest.Berklands, Morris Mitcheais, and Dick Under- wood*. It* Atrtviti fictkkadi md title Vdigtl wife Sunday if* temoan visitors •* Ervin Runke* Bttft Monday dinner gtieifU at Stan Berfctad's weie the Ernest Berkfcnd* ittd Steve Bctk- itnds and tMrbtri. Monday evening giMMte §t Nortmn Botttnger'i for Mm, BollLn««'s birthday were the Kenneth Bollinferg, Wayne BolUnfers, Mft. Carol Tiete and Michael, and the Arnold Hantelminj. Labor Day picnic guests at Marian Elmer's were the Kenneth Johnsons, Dale Voigts, Durwood Volgts, David Berklands, Lydon Kerbers and Lyle Jensens. .Labor Day picnic guests at Robert Mitchell's were the Ronald Chrischilleses, Merlin Wegcners and Ray Uthofs. Ronnie Geitzenaucr, Omaha, spent the weekend at Delbert Geitoenauer's. Friday coffee guests of Mrs. Adolph Hansen were Mrs. Hans Baago, Mrs. Oar- Sunde, Mrs. Ida Dreyer, Mrs. Charles Feye, and Mrs. Lyle Hansen. Saturday coffee guests of Mrs. Adolph Hansen were Mrs. Howard Bruhni, Mrs. Clarence Arbogast, Mrs. Norman Larsen, Mrs. Carl Beck, Mrs. Ervin Gremmels and Mrs. Merlin Wegenef. The Lloyd Kerns visited the Bennie Berklands Friday. The Fred Jentaes and Herman Maahs were Sunday guests at Dr. W. Jolley's at Spirit Lake. Monday guests at Ervin Borchardts were the Milton Wiltsies, Arnold Schultzes, Orin and Elton Wiltsie, Lisbon, N. D., and the John Ker- bers, Fairmont. Saturday guests of Mrs. Ida 'Dreyer were the Ben Highers, Coflman, S. D., and Mrs. Reuben Luedtke. The Duane Dreyers, Hum- boWt, were Saturday guests of Mrs. Ida Dreyer. Sunday aill visited Mrs. Lena Kohlwes and Dorene and Mrs. Alice Keely at Minneapolis. The Uoyd Kerns visiited Sunday afternoon at Harvey Henricksen's. iMrs. Ervin Voettler and girls and Mrs. Harold Elmers family visited Sunday with Mrs. Lorraine Berkland family at Fort Dodge. Sunday evening guests at Franklin Mueller's for his birthday were Mrs. Edna Mueller, the Bennie Berk- tends and Lloyd Kerns. Bob Alt and Dan Hofer, Sisnw Park, til., spent the weekend at Larry Alt's. The Llrty Alto and Mrs Robert Rettefnth attended a Alt reunion at dft state park, AJgona Sunday. Ervin VoetUet, Victor Struetker, Cecil Langerman and Harold Eimers spent a week in Canada fishing. The Fentoti Woman's club met Monday with Mrs. Arthur Priebe, Lotie Rock, with 12 members present. Mrs. Priebe had the program and showed slides of her historical education trip in the East. Mrs. Ferdinand Mueller .and Everett visited Sunday at Arley Doehla's at Primghar. The Clayton Wolfes spent the weekend at tlie Darrell Wolf's at Waverly. The Warren Jones were Monday guests at Clayton Wolf's Saturday guests of Mrs. Charles Newel for Lyle Newel's birthday were the Richard McCartys, Kelly and Kim, Hartley, and the Lyle Newels 'and girls. The Willard Menzes were Sunday guests of Lloyd Johnsons, Cylinder. The Ernest Vottlers spent the weekend at Dr.' Vincent VoetUer's, Laurens. They stayed with their granddaughters while their parents attended the ball game at Minneapolis. Sunday guests of Mrs. Reinhold Laabs for her birthday were the Wilfred Laafos family, George Meinkes, Arnold Lalabses and girls, Mrs. Fred Mortenson and Kathy, Mrs. Darrell Householder family, and 'Mrs. Rose Kraft, Lone Rock. The Frank McFalls were Sunday guests at Wendell Rusoh's. 'Mrs. Warren Jones has been hired by the Sentral School Board to teach grade school music and Warren Jones will teach instrumental in the grades and high school. The Leo Elberts, Corwith, and Dean Elberts, California, were recent supper guests of Mrs. Florence Saxton. The Harold Saxtons, Emmetsburg, were Sunday after- un.. ALGONA GRAIN AND FEED CO. UNDER NEW OWNER-MANAGER SEPT. 1st N«w Own«r.Manag«r Announces "SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS" And W.'ll Roll Out Th, R«d Carptt , To Entertain our Questions Complete tine Of Purina Chows Purina Sanitation And Health Aids Purina Sales An4 Serviceman Orain Buying Grain Drying Orain Storage Seed Needs Educational Farm Trips Arranged Building Plans Available Informative Feeding-Management Meetings Check-R-Mix Grinding, Mixing 4 Delivery ORTHO Fertilisers - Insecticides - Fungicides Weed Killers Application Units Available Serviceman Soil Testing YPM Can Depend On Tht Checkerboard noun visttors at Mofefk* Sa* tott'i. • _ The Am OrirtMwws, fMeti; fait, Can*di, weffe reWftt guests of Florence Saxton. the J, H. raffed, Caiifofn' ia, were Tuesday gtle*s of Mrs. tlofefioe Saxton. MORTAL AUXILIARY fh«« .ww • good turn-out Sept. 4 at St. AmV« Auxiliary meeting to welcome tte new Sisters. &u»ines« meeting was short. Mr. GreerAurg and Mr. Briscoe gave an interesting «nd Ifitofrnative talk alr>ut the fund drive Mid . t The auxiliary his ed equipment, beside* work- ine with the patients' own•fan in mind Picture* are taken of the new bout btbies and given to tfte parents. The month of September hi* been set as a membership drive by the committee, v •/ The Pall Event will take place of the October meeting. Time and place will be announced at a later date, THE FLAG IS PLYING IN MEMORY OP Pvt. John R. UseHfli World War 2-U.S. Army at EJtSTUWN OFFICE — 708 S. Phillips, Algom, lowi » —5 Monday through Friday Saturday •—12 A.M. . . Sunday I—»P.M. •Frigidaire 'Maytag •Monarch SALES & SERVICE BEED HARDWARE & APPLIANCE TJtonka, Iowa Phone 928-2127 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••C — ^w^«"—• ^^*^^mr^ ' • tj* IH A down payment savings account here • •. the first step toward debt-free home ownership! EVEN if you're not ready to buy a home, you still should visit the helpful folks in our savings department. They'll show you how to build a down payment fund quickly and easily-through regular I Convenient Passbook Savings Pit" for ALGONA GRAIN AND FEED CO. 916 i. STATE AlOONA, IA. HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. All Ateoont. Pylly | n .ur»d tf $15,000 S»ve From The 15tb - Earn From The 1st SINCf 1917 -ALGONA, IOWA ON PASJiOOK SAVINGS AND 4-MONTH INVESTMENT up to 115,000 by F ederal Savings and loan Insurance Cprporitipij

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