Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1967 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 8
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'INK in my VEINS l**AHj*ria (Iowa) Advan* THURSDAY, *IPT. t> MARIAN INMAN What is your Ice cream consumption average? If you don't spoofi down 5^ gallons of ice cream a year, you're below the national average. Vanilla is the preference of 46 per cent, chocolate nearly 13 per cent and strawberry the choice of 7 per cent of the consumers. Cof foe-flavored ice cream goes over big in th* Northeast, peach in tha South. Hor« in California in our near neighborhood it an ice cream ihop called '21 Flavor*.' I have tatted licorice and many strange combinations of flavors but keep coming back to vanilla which thi* ihop agree* it the popular flavor. Did you know that the origin of advertising goes way back in history. We know it is necessary and sort of take it for granted. American Indians used to carve figures on trees to let it be known they sought a squaw. My vacation in California is drawing ta a clote. I have had a wonderful summer bit all good things come to an end and the thought of coming home to Iowa and my sons and families sounds good to me. I am lonesome to see what my flowers and plants look like and visit with my little grandchildren. Our Richard will be grown so much but I am sure he will still smile at me. He is such a happy little fellow. In a review of the recent study report of two political science professors from two of California's colleges the first statement is that the state once had only two taxes. That was back in the so-called good old days when California had but two taxes: property tax and poll tax. These two sources of revenue met all the state's needs during the first 43 years of its existence. Then things changed, and every succeeding decade — except that of the 1940s — has witnessed the imposition of at least one new tax. The authors, in explaining how California's state and local governments actually function, present a picture of the nature, variety and difficulty of the problems confronting Californians. I expect this can be said of almost any state as in earlier days our wants and needs were so different and since then we have cluttered up our pond with many series of taxes and encumbrances, some good and some evil. Progress is good but we are hemming ourselves in and we are weakening ourselves. In a discussion a few evenings ago the question was asked, "What is the largest U. S. city in terms of area?" Someone immediately said Los Angeles which covers 454.8 square miles. We were not sure and after some research found that the honor is claimed by Oklahoma City. As the result of some 300 annexations, it now sprawls over 631 square miles. Hal Boyle's quote of the week is, "It really takes a pretty small man to hide behind his wife's skirts these days." It seems to me that these days children spend money as if it were going out of style. I can remember when a nickel was big spending money. IS cents was luxury, a dime to get into the movie and the nickel for a treat. Nowadays the parents hand out dollar and larger bills like peeling leaves off a head of lettuce. But then the 15 cents will only about cover the extra price of having popcorn buttered. Yes inflation is here in full force. Advice to me has always been, "Don't take any wooden nickels". Wooden nickels? If you are in Gardena today and someone offers you a wooden nickel — take it. About 53,000 wooden coins 'have been distributed to area residents. They are lucky coins. A wooden nickel in Gardena during the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event could be a ticket to Hawaii. A seven-day, six night expenses paid trip to the islandsos.the,*grand prize. , ., . .-• ,ii*'""..*•.-„-: "».- - , - . Si *.: The promotion is designed to introduce residents to stores and services in their area. Other features of the two- and-a-half week promotion will be gift certificates, an art show and a wild west show. So, in this instance do not turn down a wooden nickel. Here is something worth remembering: God gave man five senses — touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. The successful man is endowed with two more — 'horse and common. Folklore is interesting. Here are a few gems: Eating bread crumbs will make you wise. Putting pepper in your stockings will cure you of chills. Dreaming of ants is a sign of an impending frustration in your life. But dreaming of white horses means you will become rich. ... fUmm Aur*, dttifhtet of the Don Aure'8 IMS enrolled «• a frerfuntti it WUdorf cotteg*, Fortmtaty. Hie iRomld OfcMfi'*, Mtiry Lou flftd Denny tOMiMer spent the weekend in Dei MM- ties Mid Attended the Mate fWr. Jane Otoon returned to Bode witfi them Surwfcy to «t* tend KMhleen WUttefM* wed* Bode By Mrs. Roland M. Olson t*eee»eeeeaeaeaeeeee*oe Mrs. Anna Rossing, Hiun- 'boldt, spent last week at Felix Gullixson's. Mrs. 'Rand Fisher, Red Oak, •and daughter Cynthia, visited her mother, Mrs. Nora Quill, last week. Mrs. Quill accom- panied them to Decorah where Cynthia enrolled at Luther College as a sophomore. Guests last week at the Orville and Wilford Roods were the Richard Roods, Royal Oaks, Mich.,, the Vernon Roods, Sparta, Ws., and the Kenneth Sweens, Colorado Springs, Colo. The Melvin Hagens, Des Moines, spent the weekend at his sister, Mrs. Judy Hoover's aad father, Morton Haigen's Merle Opheimu and Benita, Iowa City, spent the past weekend in Bode at Floyd Palmer's and attended the Williams-Cooper wedding Sunday at St. Olaf Lutheran church. The Bob Aures spenit the weekend in Des Moines and attended the state fair. Women Voters League opens fall season The Algona League of Women Voters will have their first meeting this fall, Sept. 12. The morning unit will meet at the home of Mrs. J. C. Everds on 169 at 9:30 and the evening unit at the home of Mrs. Jim Cowan, 1709 E. Lucas at 8 p.m. Unit chairman for the two 'groups are Mrs. Claude Stogie, morning and Mrs. Verne McClure, evening. The League is interested in getting more women to join, to learn more about Good Citizenship. If you are interested in attending either meetings, contact one of the Unit chairman. Karl Kiilsholm, state representative will be speaker alt both meetings. At a later date Senator Murray will speak. Union Aletheans. elect officers The Union Alethean 4-H Olub held their momli'.ily meeting, with Joan Dod'is and Holly Hass as hosts. At this mesiting officers were elected. They are as follows: Pres., Sue Dodds; Vice Pres., Linda Nitchals; Sec., Julie Molaoek; Treas., Kalbhy Hansen; Historian^ Mary Lou Nitchals; Photographier, Patty Hansen; Recreation, Holly Hass; Musk, Jean Dodds; Re- .porters, Georgia Leigh and Jane Shey; Librarian, Diane Nitchals; Leaders, Mrs. Robert Dodds and Mrs. William Dodds. Ribbons from the fair were received. The total of ribbons are: Blue Ribbons 26; Red Ribbons 18; White Ribbons 1. Talks were given by Cmdy Kuhn and Jams Shey. Demonstrations were given by Diane Nitelials. Reporter is Patty Hansen. tax*** ol «*^0Hi«te*e. They «to ytaated *«h Mt. intJAtrt. Ddb«t Moore it Mercy hospital. pufcfit It Meticy ttofpidll It Mrt. Martry Ifrrtfftf ef Arit»- Fort Dodge. •i , _u ..ji . *ar ._ * ±M*^*i.& &Ji mf±-JkiL* I '. , Mtt. ina*ei he* horn* *t Good Sam- f- Tit Oil k a girl marries Titonka — Janet R. Wel- twusen. daughter of the John iVelhousens, Titonka, and Kenneth L. Straub, son of the Harold Straubs, Le Sueur, Minn, were married Aug. 19, at 10 a.m. at St. Anne's Catholic church in Le Sueur. Father McGorde officiated at.the double ring ceremony. Janice Alke, Wesley, was maid of honor. Jack Jenitz, Le Sueur, was best man, Arthur Straub, was soloist, accompanied by Barbara Straub at the organ. A reception was held at 12 at St. Anne's school for 40 guests. Mary Eastman had the guest 'book Marilyn Selke, Skokie, HI., sister of the bride, was her personal attendant. Louise and Susan Straub poured punch. Dttr- lene Shipler assisted with gifts. They took a week wedding trip to Nisswa, Minn., and are living in the Le Sueur Mobile Court. She is a graduate of Titem- ka high school and Manikaito Commercal college, and is a secretary at Green Giant in Le Sueur. He is a graduate df Le Sueur high school and has served in the navy. He is now employed by United Parcel Service, Mankato. Mrs. Bertha Dottman has been visited by her grandson Phillip Wilson and a; boy friend from Saa Pablo, Calif. From 'hera they went tol-Ark-' ansas to visit relatives df the friend, thence home. ; "Susan Rents, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Russell Rente and Julie Thompson of Shar kopee, Minn., recently went to Pumta Gorda, Fla, to visit with Julie's uncle and aunt, iMf. and Mrs. Maurice Thompson. Susan visited wiith her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. EsteU Rentz at Crystal Rive*, Fla. They drove down to Julie's car and she is remaining at Largo where she will be employed. Her parents live at Burt, but She has been Employed &t Shiakopee, Mian. Susan flew 'back from Tampa to Mimnleapolis, Minn, where she was met by her, parents. She will enlter Drake university; :>Des -Moines 'in' a-" short * ; 4ILme and will take an art course. 'She 'hias shown considerable talent in thai line. Mrs. C. N. Robinson and daughter Mildred spent the Labor 'Day weekend alt Spring . Valley, Minn., with the former's daughter and family, Mi. and 'Mrs. Barl Miller. Mr. and Mrs. August Schmidt went to Omaha, Neb. last week Wdnetsday and Mr. Schmidt attended a mechanics school. Mr. and Mr*. Ed Moor* ot Alltoona were guests last week Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. August Schmidt. Mr. Moore is a Mr. Mm! Mr*. Ltf ThlrfH •twitted funeral Mtvfceg tatt week At MaquokeU for Mrt. Dominic Blttnger, M, wtro died following surgery. She *•* an «unt of Mrs, IHilgM. The TWljlw went there Aug- uat 24 and returned the tol* Mrs 8 . Colostlno Ilienfcartti to been visited by her mm- Ifntew and daughter, Mr. and •Mrs. Walter Schmidt and Katrty of Santa Fe, Calif. Mr, and Mrt, Roy MdMohon toft August 30 for a three week vacation in London, England, Dublin, Rotterdam, Holland, Brussels, Frankfurt, Germany, EngleberyV Switzerland, Insbruch, Austria, Rome, Venice and Florence, Italy and the last six days of the trip will be spenit In Dublin. They are flying both ways. Mrs. Jarnea Elmer* haa returned from a visit In Arkansas and 'Missouri at various places and with relatives. Methodist Men will held their first dinner meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., September 13. Th* Methodist WSCS g*n- ral meeting will have the customary luncheon Thursday at 1 o'clock, September 7., Mrs. Roy Hutzell and Mrs. Ed Hagg are chairmen:. Members of the Wesleyan Guild are invited to attend as usual. Womon of th* United Presbyterian Women wiH meet Thursday for a 1:30 o'clock luncheon. This is guest day. Circle C will serve. Devotions by Mrs. ALwin Huenhold. Music by Mrs. Keith Christie. Th* Republican Woman's Olub of Kossuth Oounty met September 5 at 1:30 in the Congregational Fellowship Hall. Speaker was Maj. Rexna, of the Salvation Army. Hostesses were the women of Lakota. Women ef the Cotngrega- tional church will meet Thursday, September 7 for a one o'clock luncheon. Circle .1 will serve. Rev. Merlin Davies of the Good Hope church will give a talk on "America the Beautiful." Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kuhn and Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Klein and Rick spenit last week Sunday at Ankeny with Mr. 'arid Mrs. Bob Kulhn. The mien attended the Iowa State fair at Des Moines. .. Mr*. Henry Irmiter, Armstrong, sister of Mrs. Clarence Metzger and Mrs. ,,;01iMoa Mueller and Mrs. Louis Kollasch of WMttemore has hod surgery at the Holy Family ihospital at Estherville. Ted Fuchsen has been at Fort Dodge and had surgery She U the nut* of Mrt «no» Meu««r of AlgMi _ fcd^« ^<M-fc*-^ai tjufcjlB^i tt^i ftf^M 'Ml A, viKiiit iHiBBeT end snaf Ted Aterittft, Alfona, It a A 1M fmutid <ftht«* wts 0rown in tr* girtM. tint MM* Sf by Mr, «flrf Mfi, Boil Lufco <5 Mownftett. How at no EXTRA CHARGE! COMPLETE ON-THE-FARM TIRE i SERVICED • Flat* lopolrod Fromplly t Troclor Tirol Recapped • Tub* Valvti Replaced • Tirol Liquid Filled, Drainod, Replaced • Comploto lino of Geodyoar Form, Truck ejnoj Aut* Tirol SEE US OR CALL US NOW for fast, dopondablo servicol GOOD/tEAR HUTON'S 8WOUIR MRVNE • OO AIRLINB8 Young men and women, nigh sehuoi itadi, i? t6 38. write for Information about our training in Communications, Passenger Service, Reservations, Ticketing Operations, Hostess, etc. Train how without interfering with your present occupation. Airline employees enjoy good pay, travel passes, many fringe benefits, Airline expansion creating new jobs, Many vacancies due to. marriages, etc. Mail Coupon TODAY. No Obligation, UNIVERSAL AfftUNES PERSONNEL SCHOOLS 947 lnternational*Airport Br,, Miami, Fla. 33141 W-183 Name .'...; .'..'.....". Age; Address. : Phone ..... City •; State i. Zip....... Time to think about your LP GAS Needs with fall just around the earner SPEND LESS SAVE MORE with THERMOGAS USE IUU THIIMOGAS FOR; • Modorn Homo Hooting o o low Cost Tractor Oporotions • Cooking, Wotor Hooting, Clothot Prying • Economical Crop Drying Puol • Pig Brooding • Cooking, Wator Hooting, Clothoi Drying 1 Thermoaas As I urn quilling farming. I will hold n I'uhlit Auction on the farm located half a mile South and half a mile East of Oollivcr, Iowa—on FRIDAY/SEPT. 8th SALE STARTS AT ItOO f. M. -TRACTORS* JOHN DEERE "70" TRACTOR with both wide and narrow front ends (In excellent shape!) * A-CWD TRACTOR, with Twin- Draulic "40" Loader, w/ manure and snow buckets and blade. * 1949 JOHN DEERE "A" 34 HEAD OF CATTLE 34 17 BLACK COWS & 1 ROAN COW (ttred to Hereford Built) 16 Black and Black Hereford Cross Spring Calves 30 HEAD OF HOGS 30 30 HEAVY FEEDING PIGS (Double Vaccinated!) -FARM MAG!!!NERY * John D. 12-Ft. Wheel Tandem Disk, with greascless bearings; * Case Rotary Hoe, like new; * John D. 5554-14"Trip-Bottom Plow;* John D. 400 Cultivator; * Cadet Rotary Stalk Cutter (2 Yrs. old); * New Holland "66" Baler; it 52-Ft. Stan-Hoist ITO Lift Elevator, wide-type with Truck Hopper; * John D. 227 Corn Picker, with new-style rolls, chain and grease bank (very good); * Case Rotary Side Delivery: * John D. 494A Corn Planter, with herbicide & insecticide (like new) * John D. No. 5 Quik-Tach Mower; * 4 — J. & E. Rotary Shields; * A.C. Disk; * Bale Loader; * John D. "I," Spreader; * 1HC "64" Combine, with humc reel and big motor; it John I). 10-Ft. Field Cultivator* Trailer-type Sprayer, with steel tank; * Case 3-16" Plow; * 4-Section Flex-Lever Drag; * Machinery Trailer; * 2—Wagons and Flat beds; * Walsh Steel Flare Box, with Twin-Draulic Hoist; * IHC Knd- galc Seeder; it Turlcy Seeder; * 2-Wheel Trailer; * Fanning Mill. HAY AND STRAW 1000 Bales of Alfalfa and Alfalfa and timothy hay. 125 Bales of Straw BLDGS.& FEEDING EOUIP. 2— Brooder Houses; Hog Feeder 4— Hog Houses; Hog Troughs 2— Steel Tanks; 2— Hay Bunks; 2— Feed Bunks; 2— Pride-of-thc Farm Hog Waterers; Walk-in Hog Feeder; Pamline Cattle Oiler; .Chicken Feeders, Waterers, Etc. ^8O>ME HOUSEHOLD GOODS MISCELLANEOUS* Harley Davidson "61" Motor Cycle; it Jari Mower; * Lawn Mower; Alum. Extension Ladder; Terfer Windrower; Post Hole Digger; Manure Carrier; Bale Fork; Elcc. Chain Saw; 2-man Chain 1-man Chain Saw; IHC Self-washing Separator; Milking Machine Pipeline and buckets; Air Compressor; 2 Tank Heaters; Electric Grindstone. Uiuil luctiin Tirmi! — Nil RujMniikli Fir »ccH«it«! — Nt Pnpirty Ktmnti 111 SiHM F«t Mrs. Lena Frerichs, owner Clark & Clark Auctioneers Emmet Co. St. Hank, Estherville—Clerk USI IOHUD TMItMOCAS FOI: • Stock Tank H«ating • Poultry Having decided to retire fro» farming, I will offer all my paneml property at f«blk anctlw *B the farm located 1 mile east of highway JuMttoi 18 ft 44 Berth of Whittemore than 3/4 mile Berth; or 8 milea weat of Algona on hiway 18 then 3/4 mile north, en Tuesday, Sept. 12 1 p.m. sharp Sato atarta promptly at 1 o'clock, be there on time. Ipja. aharp 4 Tractors 1952 MUSEY NUMIS 44 Thin tractor ia in A-l condition. 1M3nLU8CNUJIIEIkSWI Overhauled laat spring and in A-l shape. IMIMJJSCNUMEMtt with cultivator—very < IMSFOtimCTMtLOUU This tractor has good tiros. A-l condition, Minn.-Moline 2 raw corn picker with rear elevator, rubber rolls—extra goad Allis Chalmers combine with straw spreader *tc. John Deere 8 ft. power windrower John Deere 40 ft. galvaniud elevator with speed jack 2 traitors with flare boxes—15" tires Allis Chalmers 244" mounted plow ftfaaaey Harris 3-14" plow Stan-Hoist manure loader with blade Caaa tractor aunuro spreader John Datro IS ft. diac, atoel hatfinfl John Deere 4 row earn planter t ft, Kovar apring taoth^wtd. or mH Undsay 4 sactien harrow I aaetion rotary hoo Contwry i row ajtd. apfoyaf U ft. flatraek an steal ninnuf v^ »•* **W*Pll^w ' PrWW 1N3 DONE 1/2 T. HCKIP 4 speed trans. Low milea. Good rubber. MttEUMEOtt John Deere portabto corn sheUer Portable cement mixer 12 ft. grain anger with 3/4 h*. motor 25 ft. endless rubber drive halt . 8cowatanchtons Several steel stock tanta 4 wood gates, !• ft. Weed chofner electric feneor, fatka, ahovam, aad •UataT MnnntnmUaBAsmnmmm Mammnol ^ •*-•*» ^^^••'^^^••^•^•wPW ajimniBBmjt I ft xlMt. waft-in BOfteoder f*ir chiakan batoa of itvaw i» har* $0, ST. IN AiOONA TERMS: CM*, at auka arraa4«m«*ta wHh ckfk hafm salt. No property to o* removed u»til aatt)ad for. Not resoMamla for acddenU, ahjajh} t»y oac«r. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Tku equifmeat M«h«e«w«Mk«a4apaa4ismfeed ropak. John B. Wei/and , Auctioneer ^^^^***^*yF*Jr ^PSBWP MPPPR^Py ™ *BP9pR|RiyRy^>y

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