Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1967 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 7
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White 1 still take MI active intefrest, Jti, and about f the moVies, I fifid it ittcreasingly difficult to conduct this column,. In (short, I'm slowing tip on my assignment. After 30 odd.yfJiri,.^'. ^ "fire" is gone, v,, • ,. ••."- -i done is the element of controversy which used to crop up almost every, .week — the desire to 1 "stir,up the animals" — 'to use, a homiey phrase. 1 make my usual,visits to the local theatre and manage to see AUCTION , AT AUSTIN, MINN. ^^—• All prli«-«innln| . ..purebred hoi's and liltt of.-M, NATIONAL IAMOW SHOW MONDAY,'StPnMfcft II, IN? 3:30 p,m.-B«rl,stmt,CI«tttrJrM(« TUfSDAY SEPTIMBrt \t, 1*7 J:00 p.m.-Himpshire, Polir* Chin .6:00ojn,-0!jM)c ( lMdr«et..,,-.,.-, wmhoM sttnmu u, INI 10:30 i.ro.-Spol, YorMhiff TopQuolity..J\mo(ti»»Prktj| " 3 •? * f '1 : ; JV t i .- ., « " the big aftes W Minneapolis, but I'm ifftid the ctfutnn lacks, histfey Verve, pep: But enough of theses lamcn- - tations and let's get down to business. I missed Divorce, American Style, which some of my close associates thought quite entertaining and dever. I attended the theatre to sec Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet, and I'm Feeling So Sad — (what an awful title) and had to sit thru the first of the double feature, Come Spy With Me, which was so positively atrocious that I couldn't take the other. Dr. You've Got To Be Kidding, with Sandra Dee wasn't much of an improvement and I left before 1 found out If and why the poor girl was pregnant. 'Someone asked me before I saw the picture whether it was for children. After Beer ing part of it, I still was unable 'to answer. Just what, I wonder, is fit for the kiddies? for DANCING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 3:00 P.M. - 9KW SATURDAY, SEPT. 9 9:00 AJ*. • 3:00 P.M. AT PENNErS BASEMENT OR PWn»M5-7069 • INSTRUCTOR - 19*6 Plymouth Fury III 4 dr. A local oM ownor car that it spotless. Has V-l, Terquvflit*/ powtr •. •tooring, whitowalU, dtluxo whool covort, and ' othor Mtrat. Light grotn color. 1945 Ford LTD ,4 dr, Hardtop. A doluxo car with powof ttooring, powtr brakot, Crui»»«-matic, V-l, and .many othor •«tr«». Whit* with black * vinyl roof-^v ,•. -••. :•- ; . : - -.;./. '•',. ' 1964 ChrytUr Newport 4 door, Liko now in and out. 1964 Dodgo 440 4 dr. 8, Torqy.fliU, radio. M»dium- •ii* »odan in Turquoitt. 1964 Ponti« Citflini 4 dr. ... , ._ „ Only $1395 1963 Ford Gitaio 500, 4^r. ( "I", automatic, powor ittoring, factory air conditioning. Low mita, liko I 1962 Ch*w. Imp-U 4 dr. N»P- Standard ihift, ;. Only __;_______ T ,_.__ ________ |tfS . 1961 Dodge Uncor 4 dr, A compact car with only '. 40,000 miloi, tike now. 1960 Dodg. Dart, 4 dr., 6 f y|., ltd. *hift. V»ry cioan, 1960 Ford Fairlano 500 4 dr, I, aut, 7 . ._,_ Only $17$ 1960 Plymouth J dr, Hardtop I, Aut, P. Itf.-. Pt* 1919 Plymouth 2 dr, Hardtop. 1»59 Ford Cu»tom WO 2 dr. 19SI Dodge Royal 4 dr. I, Aut. Way abave average, 1911 Ch*vrpl*t4dr. 1994 Cadillac. Air conditioned and in food condition. 19$? Dodo* '/, T. Pickup. • *yl Ttpd N*w paint •*'• 1999 Ford % T. Pickup, V4, 4 H»d- Rwn» good. 1949 9*dgf % T, with combination itock i grainbo*. POOOi % SOUTH PHILLIPS ITRfiT I FULLY intended ttafr Dotlifft Morey and comprehensive Mflce . this unUMial itiMK wlsiterli is „ attendance records in Rabin ttettrM. It was a continuation of th« first picture, A Fistful of DolllrSi which 1 sotnelww the time U WM Mhtfwtt 4Qth anniversary Well, 1 goofed again when I , failed to write my column •!•, tho 1 thoroughly enjoyed the ftlm. It was beautifully photographed in Italy, with much "dubbing" but in the hands of competent and convincing ac- ton. I was sorry t missed tho Fistful which got good reviews. • • . Here I've written almost a 'lull column and still haven't said anything. See what 1 mean when 1 say 'Im slipping? Which brings me to The Naked Runner, as pointless as the title. Who dreams up these fantastic titles? Frank shows little emotion. The picture.is filled with close-ups of the faces of a lot of second grade actors and in the end, 1 wasn't sure if Frank killed the light ,man. tail that a heck of a situation? . : ' •; • •..' ! . .'.'••.' : ' I HAD HOPED to mention (two forthcoming pictures — both current and well received, but both covering a period of violence in our nation's history. I refer to Bonnie and "Clyde and St. Valentine's Day Massacre, both depicting violence in its most virulent form. I can't assotiate either film with entertainment but 111 see them both here and give my honest opinion!. Bonnie and Clyde comes September 21st. : That brings me up to date but ust a word:about Georgy Girl, a controversial film that is late getting to Algona. This is adult entertainment but some fine acting and some rather "frank" scenes. See it if you want something strictly not "run of the mill" stuff. It may set you back on your critical "heels" but it's a change of pace. Other good ones for September include You Only Live Twice, Dirty Dozen, El Doradlp amid Jerry Lewis' latest, Rough Night in Jerico. And that winds it up for this week. of 'Mr. and Mrs. Bewrd n*lpu went to Port Dodge Friday afterrtcon where feern- ifd had a check up. Mr. and Mn. Lloyd Bartlett went to Swea City Thursday to help the Andrew Hansons put up hay. The son Dennis broke his collar bone Wed- n«day night in a football ttevil's eaistente, just try re- sitting him for iwfiiie. Alfftii tlri to Ajfdfii (low.) A<f«ift«*«*r THUMOAV, Karen L. Shirley, daughter of the Lteyd Ehirleyl, Algona. She received the M.F.A. de- grec from Mills coltege in a B.A., in Art f fWn Ah- lioch in 1961, ind graduated from Algona high school in 1956. She is ona of Si* Mined to (each «*K! study tesetuig methods at Anttoo'i college, Yellow Springs, Ohio. She will teach art. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bern* hard, Bancroft, will observe their 40tlh anniversary oh Sunday, September 10. A special anniversary mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. at St. John's church followed by a dinner for the immediate family. Their children wtU hold an open house from 2 to 4 p.m. at St. John's Hall. They are: Paul, Fenton; David, Algone; William Philip and, Mary Celeste, Mrs. William Goche, Bancroft; and Mark, Fentom All relatives and friends arc cordially invited. The couple requests no gifts: . : Mra. Victor Flteh 0000000000*oooooooooo* ' Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Maf low, '' ett,! were last Fri ning ^guests sin "the Wayne Eckels home near Briitt. This was in honor of Mr. Wayne Betels birthday. Other guestw Were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Eckel., and .Stiswe of Kanawha, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grieman of 'Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Grieirtan and family of Gamer, Mf. and Mrs. Forest Eckels of Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Al .Bolttlarb and Bam of Wedt Co- Vina, California and Mr. and and 'Mrs.. John Claude and Tom of Algona. Mrs'iTom Trenary and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker visited Tom Trcnary in this St. Ann hospital Thursday and Thursday evening. Tom is getting along as well as can b? expected. It is believed that ihe is slowly improving and if >he does not get another sot back, is hoped he may be home some time in the near futute. iMr. and Mrs. Roy Kenme of Algona, aunt and uncle of Mrs'/ Robert WodoV visited Sunday evening in the Robert Wood home. iHoriry Smith, Jim and Ramona visited Mrs. Heniy Smith at the St. Ann hospital Thursday evening. Mrs. Smith is getting along fairly well and hopes to be home r6Mi. Mrs: Robert Wood and .Mrs. EMzabelh Kennedy visited Mr. and 'Mrs. Ray Fitch at tf;e Samaritan home in Algona Wednesday afternoon.. . Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hix of Sexton called at the Victor Fitch and Hazel Rus'e home Monday morning and were dinnier guests in the Stanley Ruse home. * : " Mr. and Mrs. Norman Johnson and family at RedfieW, South Dakota were weekend guests; : in the P. W. Marlow •home. spent the lowj part; In the of an Army Buddy, dark Shelling, which was Sun>,day. ..,.,.. iMr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary went to' Fairmont Sunday where they were dinner guests in the John Rosanberg home in Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. George Donavan oi Rocheeter, Minnesota, spent from Monday to Thursday, a part of their vacation, with the Bernard Meisters. (Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sar- dhet and family left last week Monday morning for Belle Plainle where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Winkie and family. They went on to Kan- Oilty and Independents, This Is the Machine for You! Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Erickson of Rodman, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur firickMttt Paul *nd Detiise of Wichita, Kansas and lindy Erickson of Cedar Falls were Thursday dinner gueals of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy. A granddaughter, Mrs. George Seemoar and four children of Madison, Wisconsin WM a Wednesday overnight guest. They were on their way 'home from Portland, Oregon where Mrs. Seemour visited her mother, Mrs. George Nelson. •Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett accompanied Mrs. Andrew Hanson of Swea City to Iowa City Tuesday to bring Betty Hanson home after attending summer school. If you do not believe in thn Monday, Sept 11 — 12 NOON TO 7 P.M.- al Missouri where they visited dou&ins of Mr. Sarohet, Mr. and Mrs. James Romdtad and family and Mr. and Mrs. Jer- aild Romstad and family. They returned home Sunday. iMary Ann Goetz of Oelwein was a weekend guest in the Bernard Meister home. Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Moare and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Meinders of Buffalo 'Center arrived home test Friday, August 25 after (spending • a week around Denver, Colorado camping and sight seeing. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett attended a family get to geUi- er at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hanson at Swea City last Sunday. All the children and their families were present. This was to celebrate several birthdays and tlhe going away of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Riasmiissen and Kim. They will move to St. Paul and spend a year where Mr. Rasmussan will still work ate a nurse in St. Paul. They rentod their, home in Albeit Lea for the next year. •Mrs/Don Ringsdorf visited Tuesday afternoon in the Lloyd Bartlett home. Mr. and Roy Harbour of Swea i^Wednesday after- liihH " - 'i--i.ir,i. ;-;, i' 1 - ir. and Mrs. Lester Hacker of Fort Dodge were Sunday dinner guests in the Bernard Phelps home. Afternoon guests were Mrs. LueUa Johnson and Leann of Forest City Mrs. Cecetia Jacobson and Louise and Mrs. Myrtle Miller of Forest City and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Pheips and boys KEN has a Surprise FOR YOU SEPTEMBER 1967 S M T W T F S 12 3456789 10 11 12 13 (5) 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 2A / 27 28 29 30 . . . he'll be felling yoi abort it in newspaper Community Center Building in Riverdale Township residents of Riverdale and Sherman Townships. City Hall in Whittemore residents of Whittemore and Lotts Creek Township High School in Algona all residents who do NOT live in above precincts DIRECTORS FOR ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD VOTE FOR TWO • RUTH BAY • ROBERT BLACK • PHILLIP DIAMOND • JOE E. LYNCH TREASURER [X] VOTE FOR ONE • FRED DIEKMANN STUDY & VOTE . . . on the following proposition "To change the number of members on the Board of .Education from five to seven members, elected at large." This advertisement sponsored in the interest of better citizenship by League of Women Voters. ALGONA i,. Only $6615 buys a new Case "660" Combine (less cab) with the following: •i* 40" Cylinder , 44M H, in, Straw JU«k (ffforatinf aroa) 2443 M|. inch of Siovo Aroa Individual turn trakof, iifhtf, ttraw tproadar, 14.9 Krof, anti frotv*, pfwtr ttotrinf, wife roar «il*, IM cw, inch C*»* Motor, v«ri«bl* «po*d drivt — v.ri«M* Wit* ffn, I" wnloadinf awgor, 90" turning radiv*, hotvy duty cyhndtr chain driv*, htavy duty all it**l unit itraw rack. $•§ Ttyk»ri »«d»y, bvy Hit vombin* new with tht capacity thft eo»t» thoyitnd« of dolUri nw* from our compttition. ._ , . ......... . . ,-. Taylor Implement Co. M«« . •--'; ' • '' ' -WON* .^^^•K ^P^PJr ^>^p ^^Pff ^•^Rr ^^W ^k^w^^^W ^^^ ^^W_^^V ^_^P MV «HRP BHP_ VHP JIHP VH VP RIGHT HERE AT TAYLOR MOTOR CO WE'RE SHOT PRICES ON ALL USED GARS! In a lather over the price of late model used cars? Check these special values... every one a beauty, every one priced to save. Come in today. CLEAN-CUT SPECIALS TRADED FOR '67 MERCURYS! I960 POtD Oalaiio Stariinor 2 door hardtop, Fait lack, V-l, Cruito-a-matic, aharp turquoiao with matchinf interior, 1966 FORD Galasi* 500, 4 door, whit* color, rod trim. IruUe-o-matic, radio, boat- i, .. *r, powtr |t**rinf. 1942 FORD Galesie 500 4door, Hardtop, Factory Air Con- ditioninf, power ttoerinf, 352 V* anfino. Sharp in- if*; tidt and out, 1964 FORD Gala«i- $90, 4door, ptwtr ttttrin*, Y4, mttic, »olid whit* with 1963 FORD G-U-i. 500 4 door, 352 V-l, Cryi»o-o-matic, powor (ttcring, radio. Light bluo color. 1963 FORD Cuitom 300 4 door, 6 cylinder, radio, itandard tr«n$mitiien, 1964 BUICK Sport COMPO, t door H«rdtop, aMtomftic, radio, whit* color. 1941 RAMtLft 24o*r, 4*Vlin< dor, »tand«rd trtni, with ovordrlvo, radio, claan all t»«o way. 1942 OLDS Itftion W.goo, tr ttftring, whit* c«l»r. 1960 THMNDER9IRD 2 door Hardtop, full powtr, tur< quoit* color, 1961 MfRCURY Montoroy Con. v*rtibl*, pow*r *t**ring, Morcomatic, radio. Nic*. 1942 FORD Station Wagon, 6 p*M*ng *r, radio, V-8, 1941 CHIVROLET 4 door, Bol Air lodan, 2 tone paint, Ptworf lid* trammjuion. 1941 FORD Gt Iwit dan, V4, Fordon^ftlc^ radio, Wvt finiih with iintf h- inf interior, oicellont lAITfTAHiTRliT TAYLOR MOTOR CO

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