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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 21
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 21

The Agei
Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SITUATIONS VACANT SITUATIONS VACANT HOUStS LAND TO UT aTUATIONS vacant FLATS VACANT CASAam, RnTAuiAHrt' AMlrtf MINTS THC AGE, Dsc. 12, 195821 OT. nida B. c. rut folly TkKOOESS Worker, female, day JL work only, must Aot be lew WHO.

DRY Home, Glesi Xria, 12 thsi, 3UJ.I Mt 2 jai. a Women. nqnln (4) Wo, man for. our Coburg avper- marketTFor Bale, or CheckoutaVitp- Meo- than mtdlum height and speak food EnflUb. Preference single ladles.

S.K.1. yftgoel AMtBtAUNTS ellarit aaadem B.C. Mlbournt'i Fweit TKeefr. i. aimni fipiz paron onij to jeimincx r.

Ltd. SM Bav ChelUnham. Ft. J. Flat, of 3 roomf, kit end, be turn, ft (ma war.

an ii au serienc.d AfiJtTrt wortT Commence Im- B'tft'ltui rT'BublKc. 334 5FRIuKRATldN Mtchanic for fHiWb, 7 P. wk. Box 406Q, CARTXR. op.

6outh Yerra ana Math general service ana commercial itallatlonj. Apply J. P. sennltt lnstsTl mKltm a Irbttnec PJn. giaHgtJ TO WOEBOW and WED.

Wood Ma out nut for moulding machine; muat be able to set UBtn, BJiirae. JWVRNISHBD FLAT, Quewa Road, Melb. TJALWYW NORTH, Attractive modsrn S-bMUr, Uomt, UN- Kjr. Bd Richmond, jh. cotton conditions.

Apply H. Beecnam Co. South Melbourne, MB1431. IsOOF TILKRS. Parjnanent ooal posl THE Kuoma, rree n.w.a.

rlnonui. Ronral in Ifi 4Mtmatm Me ID, wk. tion, piece ork ratat. HoUday -Uda O. HBNDXRSON riiinaanAaf, y.w, TRBILCOCK R.I.S.I., BSwCOD.nturrdJhtd VllU Flat 3 r.

and 0.C.; 353 Collins St. eOAPO VACANT TnFUKvlflHHD 1 TAB 004HS TJfl Richmond, with bath 0 gns. Write to 13.062, Age. quot A A.A.A. FULL BOARD LESMAN-DRIVER, tap, hand- W.

A. MCUUeVa, O. WCvpARD PTY. Cajnbe rweQ Junction. early waah.

bank manager and full JIMS mz A reis. uu iw unci, im.hi. jMJMOWalto bono Deep. otngie. aiso dOUOltt, parties.

I ift J3? w- Toor VITANTKD, 1 or 2 gUls. ahar, VrioOKISH. outdoor, tor PlsstlC sag, only. Phone Sffii1- a bolel claentog. Alii' Awfsller s.m.


-teACER. MsnsAeres. med. Ki' A tUtn A WUiun nun Bica, 6 yiunushed; id Plans open NOW at Theatre (In Bueell It.) ar at Myer's Bourke Street Stare You may reserve 2 weeks ahead Berry, ne talephon, ieokingl, Enqntrlw only 'phone theeUe, aaF3031, MaU booalnn te Hanafer, Barclay Theatre. Two Seslons Dally at 1.10, 7 JO.

(Wedneedtyt and saturdaya: 10.00. 3.00 da 7.S0) SETTER, For UULTI SPINOLE LATHES. IX) per wi rvcia NKnuu ROYAL BALLET from COVENT GABDEN. FOB A SEASON LIMITED TO 4 MOEE WEEKS. TONIGHT, TOMOKBOW ClAf A'lJ I A MAT.

AND NIOHT. fcla TONKHtT. with Bwrens, iaeksea, PUrk, OaU4a. Itapertorre for 6th and Teh Weeks. Deo.

15, to Bat, Deo. ZO IES 8YLPHIDES THE BAKE PBOGBESS FACADE and the Pas de Deux from Act 1 of "Sleeping- Beauty." NOTE) BOBEBT HELPMANN Joins the Company OB Monday, appearinr at all performances of above pror. Deo. to to 27 COPPELIA LES PATINEUBB. Plsns AlUuV, (8 to 6.30) and J.C.W.

Booktat Office (9 30 to 7 p.m.) IS1: arra-jsa iai U. Tf VWASVU CAVA, (VltAtl R.E.S.X., Csjnbtrwell JuncUoa, RESTAURANT A Oollra BirST fSwB. nSl 4a1354. W' end "iff da, ubnee aervlce. MB5O50.

UU4412. JT li-tAUiAFlBLD. Two-stonr Kalson- A rWiheT VI ufi-tnn VAitte. unfurnished, Upetasrs: Two ahares, I jfxor 3 boys ahare, awall. meaU, ROOMS VACANT bedrooms, Dsrnroom.

wutt. Down- AND Hartpury, inn uvmi, I. Hlrih. Fashion Pty. I'ttf 267 Ut.

Collins St. Bint HcRITCHIE BK). 40 Lynch St. Hawthorn. WAlSai.

mi room A CCfW 1A n.B.1. 1I1 I nnTTTUfl OT BWO jrvifl MonaT bivhiuii. W.S.u toiiai, ga Ml UlCtUt, ilHIedl All 11. rune Deing ins yiCHAJnc rulrj mart be A auillfled. Good salary and Apply A.

4 15, SuT ladle, 35: 3 10. MAnV M.O mtn, city. 103 Roya OTHERS.CHILD. TAKEN. FREE PAT.jParltyflle.

1 SERVICE. MB5050, MU4412. unfurn. Houa. C5 30 o.w.

Dromua 8323 STiST'" sons 80 wu. able youns famUy, Reply 1S.031, A. B. an -Dirt Melbourne. SMART Lady, fruit.

Jack Brtjht, Prahran Market. teroporsry, roust, he OD. TOfum. Villa Pr. Unit.

Nlffhtly, 8.15; Mattnees, 2.15, In JU qustised. "iS i rerrars liace. I divkv, taua tuea. ci voac. wunre, a.a.

Utu ear Newl SntAi raintera, mint xp. palntlni factory lnterlora. Pit nalntln. f.rlArv Int.Hnn NlM Single Bunialow. TOMI dii.

riOBBOW and WEDNESDAY A 10 A AAA PLETNTT HOUSES. Milton SL, Ascot Vale. -mW' can. 1 van, biindi Eft to. ui.

lf Bu'ckhurst St" mt -tt-tt NOTE: Gpectsl Reduced Popular Prices for Matinees. o( work (or the right men! Apply toreman specialuad BuUdlnr ser- C. ROOMS, ALL share. Please Ini pec ou lis. jsan Mninsiu, Jw work on dollath and Oorgward a anji Catilei lactorr, near Tottenham efa- LS3B3.

LF141S: A.H.. XT2fiSH. CeqledeMille's HEBE IS THE FUNNIEST SHOW FOB TEABS. A New, Gay: Surprise Every Few Minutes, A Gasp at the Shocks and up-to-the-minute topical! ties. J.

C. WlUianuon Theatres In oornootion with Ktnai Oil TO AA.A. 30 Albert op. D.B.S.R.. btu.

trol. Palnlv foil. Howe Aibert Pk. MX4414. hidei.

Kennem wciini rtr. 95 johiiton FlUroy. JA2708. SeEN or Youths for carnival work, lj.iutr.w licence an advantaze. JFRAY top 11 hone, earaze.

near rail wav. IT.nn.M. all conv. BM2882. aF ewu o.

jLjj iw. aeniv vi i Biao aaie. alio sale, hnnr 17 tt -mk. Vaiant IThi-iiF rSydney Brunswick A CCOM. for bus.

ACCOM, for bus. private -tar. clean trpes. Apply Lease 12 rathj. or more.

13,329. Age "cagiey uawe- present toe snow of Minn BOARD available with private family, fot hllBltlMU runnec JA2708 wnM yinroy SpaAX PATOTOR, Smaihed motor Si. AiueuiB, Aiinnit, nr. flhona. W.

and K.L The Ten Commandments near beach. XA2272. ALBERT Pk. Furn. D.B.S.R.

own ault OA Vln. tjf.M.-Junlor fcirls. 15-16 Vein, reoulred to learn patent sjuAkTiiu or a. and all TTNFURN. Maisonattei and Houses, B'ton, Caul field and Toorak.

machine wore, JXlt, Coed ame OtOREMAN-DRrVER. An expert-i At Mtn 14 required by A1 ICBrfcM TU oiAttion Mm BronlKlcl" Ftterop. Tram atop CHRISTIAN, homely fellowship, A LBKRT PK. Sfle. aU conv.

EESk. aBU Btoa BRYN ER HL5T0N BAXTliR ROBINSON duatrtal Coatlnia Pty. 51 Me- I IWtr UUU, HMO. UUIMJLO. jtTTY.

Tuma. at ParllamMit Pli Mt.c aunanine, sutneriana tu. Stl Bun kit is co rap. new au rPANNERS. SDllttlnt Maehlnlit Rs.

and breakfast. 176 dally. OTOR TRUCK DRUVER. OTOR TRUCK DRIVER. Hi auiomai.

2-3 years, JL man able to let up and omit. all mod. 2 mln. atn. Phone umUh btw, SMMCtMl PSTTDt bTITERS and RONALD CAB6.

mechlne. standard Leather 60 WW, fra- exoerlenced ADA1LH To Ir urv Plana jCllan's (9. to. 5.30). and J.C.W.

Bocerun once home, waah and Iron, TV; 4 10. ht'tn live -itrf CABARET 40 High Street, SL Kilda Junction LA4770 CABARET SAT. 8 pitiis 2 a.nig 4 Course Dinner, 110- NO COVER CHARGE Book Note for XMAS DINNER and NEW YEAR'S EVE NIGHTS: 20. W. XII.

11V. with use of handy transpt, 4601. guburtan deliveries. S-d permanent poalUon for rirht man. PeMlon fund jtcheme.

Annual bonua. SOOT VALB, 26 St. (Leonards ri TELEVISION SERVICEMAN. Fully experienced on all aete. With "CWIiL.

Douhle. WANTED TO RENT (Houiei ond Flati) inpiy by Iir ataung agt, expen- ii ruitu Maivern. a newjy ciosa ana gents. NIGHTLY, AT 8 P.M. enco no lull to; MCPHERSON'S 546-566 Collins Street, Mm-HftimNE.

CI. A A 4 ttrls, 14 fen "CTULL near city; early break- SkftUda. JCI1893. 3 3 MsOveri 3 ivem Other A A fw Gantrol Eahibitten NOW SHOWING PRICES (Ineladlnt Tax) Day aealonl 106, 86, Evening. 186, 11-, II-Batordayl and Holidays Morning: 108, 86, 6-.

Matinee: 136, 11-, 7-. Evening: 15-. 13-, 8-. Children half price at day seeatens. (Theatre tally gjr-eondltloned) ants, cnnstie, no.

women, men ueed to "4Un O'eron. Pulltn-mit. H. Beechain A Son M-b60 R.B. electric A lui, excan.

meal. XV. wiaiw, TliRVULA. Vac. FB.

382 Car- Gertrude Fltrroy. 11.1. St7. St. kUdf LM662.

DAACLAVA. 8o Alexandra St. aroONEE PDnda. (Vacant Sat.) "if. 2 Ra.l aura New coonlc.

turn child. ern creek J. ran, require Film, or Part Furn. Auatraliana welcome. Phone fat nrutoWEL Band, Kiraaaie s.

urmuwicK. UTOOOR Workers. Book now and Rentals during nouc, igna praaa. moo, rent, uooa tenants. Non -drinker.

AoiiN-mm IiBZ90S1IJS093. ju noori. ppiy Lannera, cor. for Repairs ,,1 i v4u caiiabv. HATINEB TOMORROW 1 P.U.

luaurb. MJ5785. ljalwyw 4 walnut Rd. iwuius, luiunv rerm. or casual, rum wrmi.

kkwini: nu. ma jioiion mil, auiv, uiu 4HTI0, Kil, Book Myera, Eraens, Hotel Auitralla. Cajlake'a. Pitnceaa. SrfmkiFNT ro FW93S4.

PW40M aeeke nicely uiin. citj. "uu vegas, "jsvegsj, I new home: cheap rent. 4 to 9 Montmorency. fRUOK DRWER, wharf and rail A P.

Apply 204 Batman fum, AC. Fist, refs, BOOK NOW FOR ALADDIN XN TUB WONDERFUL LAMP. "DENSDONrTRS' DetaUa XY Cutters (34), for sera 1 rard. Appl Blgftarn A Son, 149-ti peroDn. a.m.

In Person, tA.iri.ria Li. i ciose ipr garaens, oeaon. snor close tpt gardens, beach, shop W. Melb. Jackion Juchau Vic Jackion a.

care fJUSINESS hlgheat reft. ioo uee- caiv. ana 4 cnua. urAoay luinea. ivria rij.

Uteukl IUMi ilUU, ATAta ui AMtLAau. xur. ions-t first class. Full Bd larm wmb, moaern uc, ana OTH sexes, B. end sgle.

end ftAIKTilRS. can earn 30. Work available during Xmaa, New rnuRNER and Fitter, permanent wsei, overUme I IRfl 7 mln oltv Kunh paone ana garage essential, pan or mil i rrora rtPtif VZ) Crey at, Kjida. XJ4241. crey St.Kllda.

XJ4241. 99 lust, welcome. Lot 73, Locner Av Cheltenham yexus TLAT required in Footscray dls- tkCLUSIVE TO I T9 10 QHTOLE. full gueac house. H.

A kYu Wt 13 W.S.. laundry XaciUtles. car "MESSIAH MOB r. All. uto.

Amujil. AIR.CC'NDmOciEDl -pANEL Beater, tradesman, eeu. B.S.R. qulrlea. UM1034.

Mr. Stanafleld; WA4863. I pace. JL WAITRESS, imart, Monday to Friday 4.15-8.30 PJn. Ap-py 2 p.m., Bhertdai'i Sui.

129 Fitiroy SL Kilda. and ault hr BOURKE STl SPECLU. 3 mile, from city, often Full all meali. H.WA, near T.i aft. TOTaAT A Hurley.

B. 8. StUlwaU Co Pty. 9 felenferrle Hawthorn. AT.

B.C., bual- a a d. Frwtey, Dec. 19 Saturday, Dec. 20 atsa cuuviE. diuiiiish naiieTiiier.

no FB3oi. i a1 ar i WApRESS. Uve lo or out. WY4440. park; TSDWFWSBTO' TlSWICK D.Rep 3.871.

Ate. 1 a BOOK AT ALLAN'S. CarlVOna rtfll.l a. first-class tradesman, MW3292, "ETLATETTES, S.C. UNITS.

WANTED FOR S7 cas. and perm, I w9n stwr W'ATTRESS, exp. wagea arid cond. Apply penonally, Mar- PLUMBEKS waniea. p.


Dble. own kit. 6EEI I SEEI (S joy Hlfh school. Falklner Fltz. MMHTUf At AlIrM MATS.

Wta IA 1,1, 'JO. PEOPLE ARE SAYING Sun PLEASURES OF PARIS A PLEASURE INDEED. Thla la the show with Sabrlna In it. The Hoirie Dargle Quintet were a sensation. The Mlatln Juniors brought the house down.

The come-dlDiB tunny Andrea Dancers memorable top cleas enterUUunent, Age lAf AITRESS. mtddav. mini ana uouoie, iruu Bus. cole. TORKalK rAi- mnA xr.w 01.

-fxp. Apply In peraon. 256 Col- 7 oarn. food mi! a. in.

Una SL 'um-. 3Jn TCTURN7 8-bedr. House, fflwoodl mcri Si rfi? I Kw. flavnv APA Ivf'V. duit vniintF einii m- I VAfAITRBas, 5 to p.m.

thorn Grove, Hawthorn. Industrial Plumblne Services, 14 Churchill Mont Albert. WX4274, WX4296. PRESSER, must he exp. god waiea and conditions, GOOD- Coffee Lounse.

166 RuueU boys, P.H., M.S. LA2689. sc. BUNGAWW. cook" wsahT TTturn! sJcT FlatTto 7 7 2 ISA 80 Grev fit Rt KIM.

I LH UJrnei 1 aJT 1 UJ WAITRESS. Uvt In, amart appearance. Ann aft, in BOARD WANTED jyuua; uhii. COOK, i flwjtiun i itn. LOOK DRY CLEANutS, 14 Anderson Yarravllle.

-rtRTNTTNC. tetter. anrl HEY KIDS I See Special Preview WALT DISNEY'S "OLD YELLER" Tomorrow, 11 a.m. Only. COUTH Aust 20 years, ao- wow cny.

Mxt473. I auitaoie DUNGAJW.Fum., unfurn. 4 NlAJB! Py to MelroM PJaM ut.ik 7 13.RJW Are, ii eats: pay HOTEL CECIL Leading Place in Melbourne DINNER DANCE FROM MONDAY TILL SATURDAY. FLOOR SHOW SUNDAY Australia's Leading Artists. good rental, lease.

WAITRESS, 5 till 7 p.m. Dimity Inn. 262 FUndera Lane. JT press Machinist, for automatic requirn run rrrlvai hnm Phnn AI platen and cylinder macmnes, re GOOD ACTS SUPPORT VlMTRESSES. must be exp.

and TUNGALOW. abgle. car space, C- xeaalda niburh. irtutdA neat aooearan. for m.

1 ju leaiixaii. fAixjw. gas, lln time available for rlsht man, TTNTVERisrrz lendladlea, past KJ present and future, for beat at linen. VAN1ED' S.C.Fiat or House. 3 VV adulte, St.

Kilda area; offer T.R.IRai 2 ma. Genu' AU facs fooa reniai. huwxi, sxt, 772, be- 497 Cortina Street, City. hone CoHlnV si. VvAITRESSES, casual, for TTolka TV Restaurant, 17 Beach.

HamptonAppiy in person after 6 SABRINA. the girl haa a creai fotore the Home Dargle Quinett funny and clerer i Mlatln Juniors auperb apetotaealar staring and coatumlng. fween 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. tention, advise before Xmaa.

Full board, single close Unl, Max. 5 10. Vacant Wl TTWTV. MfiTTSTNn 13 handy t'port. XM1679.

unium. b.u. In aul.fc hnrne. OFFICER. FJ0484.

ext. 237. 10-5. AITRESSE3. caaual work Elwood.B.

St Kilda area: willing vouhu proiessionai Man, irom Bfrr tniiBV Bin if i.awka -a. wueeruiana, requires luu Bd. COR. LONSDALE riear Tan client, re- HUBBARD ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS INTERNATIONAL PRESENT L. RON HUBBARD FOUNDER OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY.

IN SIX HOURS OF COLOR SOUND FILM LECTURES AT THE CLEARING CONGRESS Cleor A person ot willing and knowing cause over his own life, his body and his surroundings and without a reactive or subconscious mind. Location: Try Boys' Society Mall, Surrey Road, Hawkrburn. DECEMBER 13-14 Registration 9.30 o.m.-12.30 p.m. DEC. 13rh.

Further Particulars Scientology Centre. 157 Spring Street. Phone: F63396. TlVOLl' mount at s.u Mala. 14- laf in private noma, 00 to.

commenc. 1ns runv war. tdrmt rniurvvrf. IT 7 ANTED. Butcher.

ahnnman. S. 780 urwood R(L BX7ft4n ontrlng B.C. Flat, end Houiei, AlfiiERlTOLL mrn. rvBB 4111 If POod wm anrl fnnAftlrmm in.

it QUEEN STREETS MU718L VJ own central. Btr2ai7 Si "SK.iA car- Ai i' wiiusiwiwu rij. Jvio, rirUIJfj lisle St. Ktlda. XJ4T0.S.- I S.

A-iJ. Men. 10 FLATS VACANT fVTr.Btlt., cook. wasn. MECHANICS EXPERIENCED TRADESMEN Are Offered Posltlona with Security and Opportunities for Advancement at Varloua of Our Modem Clrj and Metropolitan Branches.

Excellent Conditions and Amenities, Bonus Flan. Apply to the Personnel "THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE" Rex Harrlaon, Kay Kendall. Cscope Color, (G). Plus: Featurettes and News, 11.00, $.00, 0.00, 8.00. 1 ea.

11 nicnoiBon c. non-drlnker, without children; 6 15 p.w. and accom. for self and husband. Rim i7fi WANTED TO SELL A A.

A. PUNT RD A neat 4. TROIKA EXCELLENT CUISINE, 3MF. Flat. 9 Jlnrl Irir hn.

Sobrint 21 at: rna. rltv. I A QUA Luntr. with FflmnUU tmrlM. ninn.

ok rinilAr a Dtn aa-I Jfarl -rrvou airftt WOMAN, experienced, required, part time, for sandwich and milk bar Anon Th Tlfrln A nl AOismgion. x'lr140O. I water oucne. including B.S.R. and kitchenette, iurn, mini- DANbENONO ARMADALE.

near trm anr on I A twTTvu ditnn Wa Una Way. after 9.30 Frl- MALVERN 1135 Herald Nowl 1.30 and 7.46. Kyonkoot Road. Hawthorn. A REFRIGERATORS AND BEAU-TX TIFOTa WILTON CARPETS.

AT 3 IS and per wk. AND wa: We Band, Curt Black and HI, Orcheitra, Continental, Clpiy and Ruutan Muelc. Open 7 Nights aa from Deceniber 1. Beaerve for Special Xmaa Dinner (ChUdren Half Price). Carietmu Break-up ParUea OTHERS.

YVOMAN to help family with 2 axccuuYe, VArtur AW 107 tit. a -SSSPtf- people; 4 l57 AT 11.30 a.m. for weeks. PRESTON MOTORS Trtii M. A UCnONS, Thlg at 11 Ring LW5053.

tnr jtanrT. WOMAN or Girt, PTY. LTD. kt at "THE TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS" Mario Lanza. Kathryn Grayson.

Plus: "TO PLEASE A LADY," Clark Gable. Barbara Stanwyck. wlches. 1 full and 1 part good wages. 338 Flinders r- 1 JE15; Basins.

50; Shwr. uaiered For. Floor show Nightly. 17 BEACH ROAD, HAMPTON. Tel.

XTO176. I gas, linen. pw, iw, hod owan ax 1W RUSSELL STREET, MELBOURNE. MF50S1. Brighton' XM45S2.

JB3230. uuu, o-ivu iurn, aev( OPEN TONIGHT, ft OMAN, finisher and decorator, Sj'Hfli' "P-5 non 110UBLB wash, facs "RICYCLB, jnrrs. exceii. C9 10. WT946.

-r rain, iransp. 126 Tooronea J- cona rood waeea. MF8H1 mw vuwra, an prim, iurn. MSlvern. 30 2Rd9 wr sanawicn bar.

"I trrzckirv sve vase i vci I.VofciS.n 10? fcltr TIICTCLM. Bonrke Cl'ty. SABRINA'S QUITE A TROUPER. Nobody eonld eoinplaln Peak of the proinmrae, the Dargle Bora when combined with Sabrlna, Mlatln Juniors brilliant Ernestine (jtn-drca Dancera) breathtaking. Garnished with glrla produotlon very eftecttve.

Listener In PLEASURES OF PARIS LIVES UP TO EXPECTATIONS. personeilty English Glamor Olrl Sabrlna. Horrie Daraie Quintet clerer and allok. Srd and Max Harrison particularly fanny Billy great farorlte MfBtln Junlora brilliant Nlcoll Brothers spectacular. Lavish with plenty of color.

PARADISE HOTEL Have You Ever Tasted VAX PArVTF.A'H rnnn ffi 1 fS Jgfa. Oi SWt 182 NkkAWlaaa St. Jul1 Reconditioned Technlrama, Color, John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Rossano Brazil. Plus: ''Satchmo The Orcat," Louis Armatrong. 1I.W).

Lip; 4.Z8. T.BB. 353 Malvern 8.E.I. BJ3056. a -a, u'weu.

s.c. caul- to fill at nrad'te Hotel, CLEMATIS tg- All fully suarantMd and tanriaaa InS-i. wo XJ Bell Fltxroy. pAST Melb. JLJ field, B.C., 8 B.

St Kilda, Vlirn e.i. I frrrlr-X Anrriit TrnfmnAiHnnmit mnA Fui MATINEE XOMOaaOW, DeeDdene. newly renov. all ult narflelled as new. newly a 'irM Pr.t euu Binff Now Emerald 60 for year CeatliMntat Xtnaa Dmner.

Haw fn ki a Xa fniaa 5. surrey Hills, "ciAST Heth -TsVu' tv.C7 ahiiTiM -arwh wwsn Children Half Price, Join In mm or Phono Have a Glorious Drlm In mrt 20-ian. DENE Dandenongs, through Belgrave, MUilQO. sessions at 7.4S and 9.00 p.m. "THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE" Rex Harrlaon, Kay Kendall.

CScope. Color, (o). Plus: and News. GATES OPEN 6.30. DINE- INN, HEY KIDS I FREE PONY RIDES Nightly.

Also, meet SANTA In Person I own all vwisnnaa rarues, iTinners, Jkc. SL WTOTJai COnV cromble "THE YOUNG STRANGER" RKO-Soope, James MacArthur, Rim Hunter. Plus: Sear-let Web," Haxel Court (X). 10.4K, 1.45, 4.4S, 8.00. A.

-St Kilda. S.C. furn. Fiat, 104 Powlett JAU 51 sm MOTOR MECHANIC REQUIRED FOR WORKSHOP AT WERRIBEE Permanent Evening Shift, 6 P.M. TO 2 AJit Ring MW6096.

Mr. AMPFEA. lAiin. mnn MELB. Sgle.

dWe. perm "i "Sif reK; 35 or near iS WniM.S 4 Men. Phone 50 4281. PRINTING ESTIMATOR Wanted, young man with experience and knowledge pf printing trade costing for training at estimator In leading northern printing house. Good salary with excellent scope for advancement to outside representative.

Apply Sales Manager, WATSON FERGUSON. A 221 Stanley Street, SoBth Brlabane, Qeeeniland. frig. BeauL Been. 7 196.

Ell AMUSEMENTS bpb irtrtn MSfj- -lua, superior twui K5f.Vr!,.n... Situ. At t7niirtnr )6t M.lh KlVatt Trips, dally, Melb. Ferries Ltd. Princes Bridge.

Westbury St. St I rii gna. Many W. J. Burke, MFT74I RICKS, secondhand, clean; 'AST LF9671.


HAT. IT j'AdT Melb. Flrt( bath, new. F.2. meter.

Ac. Full HOUSPy: AVATUnt.E BBTFORW Hurry I Don't miu daring, delightful, delicious BRIGITTE BARDOT. "And God Created Woman" (Adult). Scope, Color. Plus "Decision at Sun- TBFRIGERATORS.

goat liiO HOLham Rt JA5421. partlca. jhone WX2451. WF7S41 AtAAli THAN IN IV KW YKiB Radio, TV, Tape Recorder! AEICTROCl. 4 Cttb.

ft Mighty "THE HELEN MORGAN STORY" Cinema-Seope. Ann Blyth, Paul Newman (X). Plus: "Tales of the Black Potest," Festorettee. 10.4JI. 1.4H, 4.80, 7.B0.

16 JEAN SANDB.RS, 243 COLLIN ST. I wauAua Jg, aXh a 10? XM17Td I ot, miam, Congo. A.A.A. HOUSES. PUTS.

q- wealing. T5ljwobnZnSt. zTa- 365swan or Brighton Auc-F MiXTrrTT itfi. beach, tloru. JB3230.

XM45S2. a sub, uurry i0r Lrxia, srj ana AVAIL. AT-KO T4T mfKK lilaliAst MAXWELLS DISPOSALS' 3oo Lonsdale St. (cor. SE1RVICE.

aRIAX. AGRNCT. 317 and conr. il734 Alt. tBDAR Cheet large.

3 CENTRE, Ells. St I fP. cub. ft. semi- eaaeu uniu jaeai lor vau: aown." 4.45.

7.4S. AT HWlHill Py.l, 3 mln. atn. 78 Canterbury Middle Pt MF1556 ASTOft TV, POI A VT Am latest mod. No dei IED.

BOX HILL. Malta. WXKIS.BJ The Story of Esther coetello? I (A). Jeanne Eagles X. I BOX HILL.


Alan Ladd. BALLOONS AND SPLMIFEX ADOUt Flats, B.S.R.'S. Aeurooan ennie, 4 mecei. Divan. 3 with inn.r- ri au Lewun- swaivea.

a anap; tVA 10 KELvmATOR. 5 cuo. as new; 243 CoUlns St. 63 7899. mattraaa, 12; Kitchen irerJaymenu from 15 A Rsdlo- IJiuRKisHEb djE "l-m iW a n-t: "t- RT Vf A 'lVBT Oat m.k a.

ACCOMMODATION. Furn. S.C for B.C.: 6 gns. wkly. 1 mln.

Mordlelloc rail, atn MoKensie Fly- 8: Dlnlngroom ahare kitchen, cloae to tntnT hut-aw trans, "ACCUSED OF MURDER" Naturama Treeoler. David Brian (Adulu only). Plus: "Flame of the Islands." Yvonne De Carlo (X). 11.00, 1S.3S, 3.SS. 7.40.

suite, 6-plece. length door. A lft: tsA fTJARRedlos. brand Ferns, 3 moaern. 20: Pte.

home. WA4917. MPS AM, PRESIDENT 9Vt CUb. ft. Full IURN.

B.S.R., Sgle. np. end Shade. 8: 4. 126 Eeeey "THE AGE" CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATES GENUAL BATEl Monday, Tueaday, Thursday Saturday 41 per Une A TTRACTTVB oulet Flat one ataxia oea, in ami aneives.

renect oraeri MAXWELLS DISPOSALS CENTRE! 356 Lonsdale St. (cor. Pnlllntrwrvvt All rvTn VrSk W.SV ault bus. lady; 4 av rtuKin wi PflPP. A mifl QtlHaneele (fHILD'S Scooters, brand new.

to "jENSINGTON. FJB.S.R, del. Save on this modeT; 133. Flat. In charm- rt MOUNTED POLICE' (, fi5: iA Smith's, 249 Smith Fltzror.

JAFiRAd bus. ilrls. xjjwm lng home, located In large MOMENT OF TRUTH, Mlchelegej 1 Morgan, Jean Gabln, MIAMI EXPOSE, Lea J. Cobb. Book! now.

JOHN WESLEY. GARDEN VALE. bw. (Nicely furn. D.3 S.R., aD.

nowx www. I I Gary Cooper, Madeleine lauridry. doae nom. 1 ton or rnnr. EICTRIX BARGAIN CENTRE, grounds, witn sea irontare, bedroom, lounge, dlnlngroom, good bathroom end kitchen, suit bus.

delivered, MANTEL Radios, brand new, 5 clearout of stock. Also Clock Radios. Take half TTDATIONS WAffTBDt 4J. w. Carroll.

Tech. Piua: Selected Featurettes. 10.50. 1.B0, 4. SB, 8.00.

AHsssa. cTpcn aat, I Peter Finch, THE SHIRALKEI coupie, garage, pnone; ta ov p.w. Ki. TrJ sSi.rorlDI to Clear aionaaj sanraay xa for 3 llnea: fl lor ttM. Adrta.

axceedtng 3 llnea and trade adU. mil rata. ru. e.l. tad hvioTo Bvery make of new and auaran.

before i.m or aft' I3- ta. reconditioned Vacuum CLEAN. D.B.S'S-aao" oS 3 SEWINO Machines Used singers, Guar ID v.r. from flA n. ncn.

TkORTABLE Radios. A7 S'hand. ail m.i,.. rs niuu DHiin, K. L.

COWLING dk R.E.8.I., 112 Hawthorn Road, Caul field. LF3292; A.H.. LU4186. 13RIGHTON. Unfurn.

S.C. mod. Popular Prices from B0. At 8.00: 1.30. 4.0.


fxwnon. T.wiAn weekly. 2ft tjl dep. and 5 week. 343 Burwood kIL BY4023.

NonriB! Jnl 5. MAXWELLS DISPOSALS' ITEN onl. T-TI-TS; 5 "i.BAga, Hcaea. Sl IPARX3 and MOTOR LORRY DRIVER REQUIRED by Carlton United Breweries Ltd. 16 BOUVERIE STREET.

CARLTON. Excellent Working Conditions. 3 weeks- annual leave, wtn bonus of 2 weeks' W. and 1 week's pay annually as Christmas bonus. Apply personally to Mr.

Bradshaw, Personnel Officer, At 9.30 a.m. Today, church: and 36S Bourke 9 lux Flat, 3 phone. Ells St i Aniai, at. (cor. 1A Franklin StT Melb win We Jhrade your old cleaner, "FLIHIXERS 3 doors from Ells.

St. For repairs 147 OSMOND BO AD, Mb Si Bn.fl; Sat.) MF3473. 4-speed. 29.

All Films advertised to tUS BJ Panel marked (A) are MPreeedBJ by th. Censer for ADULTS ONLY, NOT SUITABLE FORKS CHILDREN! (X) are apprevedBI by the Ceneor aa NOT SUIT. ABLE FOB GENERAL EXHIBI-Bl TION. All Fibns not martedBl B-spprered aa lor GENERAL T3ADIOGRAM, JLV Really good. Shakespearian Film FesUval.

comolet. MkfmKT. infinAiiiB. VTUPE Recorder, fully Imo. nush- ntn.i pins Bupporl.

JJ "GIDEON OF I "SCOTLAND YARD" I Jack Hawkins, Dlanne I Foster. Technicolor. Plus: I GOING I Molly Bee, Alan Reed. a4 10 00, 1.15. 4.30.

7.45. a S'n. city. Perm, or caaual, rt TKRS, for free advice on ALL jl button, twin track. 2 sceed liitie.

Deacn: Jij gna, Fully furn. S.C. Flat, suit B.C. 7 ins, Unfurn, 8.C. Flat, 2 re frig.

gar, phone 9 gns. BRIGHTON ESTATE AGENCY, Cor. Bay and New ate. XM3056. ULFIELD.

Mod. unfurn. Mai-XJ sonette. 6 spacious H.W.S.. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday TTl par ttne Wednesday 3S per line Saturday 310, per Une STBTH, KAKRlrVOC, WCD-DINO.

DEATH, MEMO-BIAM, BBRKATattVENT AND PUNEBAL NOTICES I XN-OAOKMXNT AND APPROACHING MABtUAOX NOTICES. Any Day 1 per line Take ri7 Tn rSSSS- Satardar, 13th, HAMLET. Pin Support. i iL Access. Brand new.

(2 wrdmia, Nw ilSiS1 to Let. cond ae.r. on gne. or easy terms. MAXWELLS DISPOSALS I others; 10..

JOHNSON'S. Stri Swaniton St. FB2375. TTLECTRIC Flnnr Po handy GJenferrle Rd. ahopa.

trams. 40 A-rrew. (i xauuBc, -ftpg A41, s-omnm at. Caulfieid'j Hie stTS "inaaaie ai. (cor.

rfCkPE Recorder wanted, any make, J- cash, 356 Lonsdale cl! Polliher. nearly UiarieVX. tralnl. Suit large lanuiy; LB1410. after 5 p.m7" M.

Sterling. R.E.3.I., 112 ni eeo. I Canterbury cnifrhun SEJ-L. BUY. EXCHANGE.

A. L- BUDGBON JASR.V1 glrle. TOLECTSOLltt, Hoover and 17 WOOD. Furn. Flat, close vxJ-A- 1 m-a om.ra.

new v.nn. JBninawick F1U. City end. VTiELEVISION. popular 21-bv low.

A boys, well-known brand. In for the first two Unea, thereafter five wards per line. Minimum two lines. rkUEENS Rd. Attract "WHERE NO jus Brighton 2 1 sgle.

Int. and agle. 4 each. GODFREY. 173 axjr riLiiMKHi, SHOW CAS rilJiPT.AV 7Twm i H.W.S.

Lease; 12 gns. VULTURES FLY" Fully guar. Any color. Reduced to 146 gns No dep. Bank Bn.

Stock must cleared before LIMITED DISPLAY exT, loueis, per week. New and Used. ON EASY TERMS. See BUDGBON'S PTY. 1 1 Anthonv Rti Mr ft.

846 'Whit. Hon. fed. additional a per column Inch. iuii blast, use kit: sa.

Box JtHB. WX1152. Aft. hr, Tonight at 9.40. Sponsored by Hardle "Kramer" and Hardie "Ace" Seamless Back Tennis Shoes A COMPLETE SUMMARY OF THE VICTORIAN TENNIS CHAM PIOUS HI PS Commentators MICHAEL WILLIAMSON DOUQ KEYWOOD Sheridan, Tech.

pim; 'BUSH CHRISTMAS," ChlM RafTdirtw k-' Mercer Malv. BYawa SHOP Glass counter case, wau cases. ez- ELSTERNWICK, Furn. Flat, 2 Inge, and 10 gns. per week.

Ring between 8 end 9 Timber. Immed. Free rerr. at 7 vw- 1 11.00, 12.85, 4.20, Apply 66 White Horse VV1f7 4nn QINGLEIiirn. ell conv 2.

RevHr .11 1 Pft HV-u-- lwwntri, VF a.rn., XA'tV9. TLWOOD, Byrne A v. S.C. furn. XU Flat suit B.C.

only. 8 gns. p.w. Further parties, from W. E.

SLEEP OUT 'BARGAINS, BEFORE XMAS. PHONE NOW. NO Dt dens. cke tol LVSTr Thu di4 uonw AuVJi TBLBVISTON. Aslor 31-in.

lowboy, HP" fuU' In carton. Only 148 plus trsdo- lu' 74 --H-fTtELEVISION. A.W.A. 21-ln. Con-X sole, brsnd new, fully In csfton: i60 under cost No dep Installed and delivered free.

Ring 746 7171. A.H.. 748 ftfifi.1 I a.m. ana ax ai Capital Flbroui si'hulz, otH nepean Hignway, Moorabbln. XL2176.

BjUaaa3, new. uitxa nun. junen- lie. llvlng- a. can bxjio, OINGLE.

ault 'hue. vwi 6-In Void LAST 6 DAYS. AT 11, I 8 P.M. INGRID BERGMAN AND GREGORY PECK. "SPELLBOUND" Anna Magnana, "THE WANDERER." kit.

is. a. car apace, Sinl Hv combuitlona, Warmran. ftre. rpELE VISION.

No deposit worries, PAID Building Permit. TOP quality MASTER BWDERS, 99-101 Union Surrey Hills (hot. Canterbury Rd. and hallway Gates). Phone FM3127, FM666T, ell hours.

Also 3 AW RADIO MELBOURNE wacea; KV 10 ton. Blahop. BJ5752 rooes, vt blinds. 11A Argyl XJ0271. Open for A Argyle EUR, SINGLE.

Double, car enace' i a-ey PrahVan. -PC', QINGLB R.j ref, gent; 2 10 acuuiu. ouTer. yox jacket, orth 150. Any reaaonabl.

wnrtri ,7 bm Ci. Kilda. 0 ois.enven, cm, column tomor- 762. or alt 4 gns. quiet, comf.

lncL fJUi24. TV, Astor, A.W.A. and Pro at bargain prices. Smith's, 249 smith Fltrroy. JA5S64.

rTTV Antenns Installation by quail-X fled engineers, 11 gns. WJ3575 (Programme Adults only.) MF3837. aiSwJS "9 yARA6fc. BARGAINS. BEFORiC SLBXP OUTS, from 67.

Compare our prices. Cash or easy terns. Lowest Interest rates, phone CjlLATETTK. dble. OT Sglt, B.S.R.

niwrii i fc-VT-V. rr-TT 5-? JiiMAS. PHONE NOW lvn rwE. 44 Wlltlama nlf Prar.ran w- From onlv art wMhiV rauSn sC 1105 Hoddle B. lie Kooyong lWA7v.

IKff X' Melb. s. sinks 9 15; HZ 9 A.M.-12 NOON NORM SWAIN ENTERTAINS GARDEN SUPPLIES 7.45 P.M. JAY HARTMAN SHOW yfY I TABIJLB. fAIlJ SHXTLVTERS (Aged 20-30 Years) Victorian Railways Experience Unnecessary.

Good Pay with HIGHER WEEK-END BATES. Uniforms Provided. HALF BAIL FARE TO WORK. FBEE BAIL TRAVEL IN VICTORIA AND INTER-STATE ON ANNUAL LEAVE. Generous Long Service and Sick Leave, Superannuation.

APPLY: Employment Officer, Room 225, Railway Offloes, Spencer Street. Phone MT210. OFFICE OPEN SATURDAYS 9 11 A.M. camneu, Bulldlnj Rtlllrlln Permit, Gort stT'sitTrfU 'ito ebb 10 (Steel Frame TLACK Top Dreulng Lou i9 JBMn. OUTH Yarra in 7.if I TLtt Ov rhead Door.

a- j.u uvwn aoii. QTAINLESS Steel SlnksT Cheap, 1 BURNISHED BACUaLOK FL.AT. WINDSOR. In Most Desired CI. Junction, cont 1 bed-slttingrm shower, kitchenette.

Rent 5 15 Incl. H.W.S. TALBOT CCs, 259 Collins St. Phones 63 7608 4 xoung genueman. Drof WArtr.y.

I i vrvb "a-a UOwa. R. Fir. corns. 9 yds.

Delivered, all subs, WlJLCH-PLUS Addillve. 126. potato bag.slse. Del. free aub.

tir. wants loi Union ltd. -vFa- u.B.K, iff oouae. Long Canterbury Bd T.1i-.-"?-..r7, 1 Sprlngrest Stretchers, Mat- Surrey I ind Rallw. FM6667, mumi.

Age. ail noura. ana tS3 twu. frNHi, tjoteman aiove, aj, appiy S3 Xdssll Malvern. Sat onlv.


Nightly SA 8. p.m. 1-bedr. Flat handy sal to- morrow. C30UTH R.

lu stoves, all types, recond. ana jl' muu. siPif n.w.a,, xc, 7 10. P. r.

PARNELL, 36 Cha- pel St.WlndscT. LA2775, rTAWTHORN, fully S.C. 51yd. conv. 7S8 Int Hf.

iWB to clew. A. rniMBBR. S.R.. also Corr, Iron.

all sizes, large quantity: also Joinery, large auentity still in racks. tMt WCYil3Pnew. ompfete clsar- 1 ansa at Mt frnm All. RK. ESQUIRE and "SL juno.

XJ1489. st. km COUTH 7am. Dble, jutk xerre. Dble.

aa. VVAWW5, TTAWTHORN. Large Flatette, own furn. aU conv. 188 W.

Too- 'mm i rak nd. Odd aaeondhuid Aa bic. min. iraLD. WArvin.

Clubs and Sets hand. Cheapest AorD. B.8.R., from TOXIIpIIT ui au lac. tun LIANCI, 309 Swanston St. FB337D.

rpRUSSTCS. Oregon, various sizes, fTHYFERrnCR, Royal, for be-X ginner, very cheap. SO 6966. Kl BAM BEAR, I5AVOV oy I UitllllT At 11,,, Band MALVERN MALVERN. ONE Or PAIR, Completely modernised, 3 lounge, sep.

ar. 9 gns. per week, ease to approved tenants. Ruaiell at. "wmioi 16591 each, .5 ataOth.rsToheap: I 7 FESTIVAL FIRST PRIZES.

riTgrsWIU-iTSKS FROM 1U. Latest dUplay In Melbourne. pal- 19 n'a in au nn, eaay ixip-araae riire marines. No den 10 wkly. netro oermi's 'IL FERROVIERt" CTha 546 Malvern C.

Prahran. LA3955, LA4149. fENTONBVNew FlaU etch S. ItjLC. Lounae.

kitchen ahwr. all fae hdy. tpt. -J ST. Klldl.

Twin S.8.R., dining-rm klt.l 5-5. el inct XJ4033. 1 XM45! I Adults Only, Also Featurettet, rec, Int. tolfet. carpet, built-in robe, stove, wash, car 19Q Elgin Carlton, FJ6466.

fpYTEWRnXRS. Train to city, walk 100 yds, to our wooderrul window display of specially priced Portables. It costs nothing to look. TtTOTpil Mowers, aeraral for sale. nooainga, waisam.

fnnn nn AND a. From 8.00 to 8.30 A New Listening Pleasure I "STEREOPHONIC SOUND" 3XY and 3UZ Join te Prwenr Another Programm of MUSICAL REALISM Si. KJiaa. F.ij.a.K,, ej. E.L,, linen, reduced price, beach iJH, to JHO Pw, Ltuc, r.ri, PHILUPS A NICHOLSOeN PTY.

582 Main St, Mordlalloe. DAIN. ram' Associaiea Type nders Lane. MV43Z a Open Saturday, writers, Hlfl Film fFI PBWR ITK RU 'coat, 30.

lull a bui. glrU swan XH45M. NORTHCOTB. Fum, Flatette, own Kitchen. 241 Clarke St, rs euo 207 Canterbury Ri also Twin na, FURNITURE REMOVERS, fro.


iCST.iaiaa.-Bi Sunda; rlav. IIS St s. Melb. MxVl A. A A a dean! 41 Aolani' St! It i aj w.

ICHMOND WEST, Good Locality. Comfortable B.C. Flat Fur Chas. Carroll, Country, Inter- Ac State, per 1( Unooeried: AiSw OT. Kilda, 48 High St S.C, Ige.

TiANd. baby grand: nVisan. Rim' Type-X writers have acondhand rort ablee galore. mYPtlfVlTTWI. Associated Type-X writers have new Olrmpla.

Oil-vetttemlnfjon. Imperial PwtabTes. AnAjwow, nours. nished and every conv, SUIT COUPLE ONLY: 6 6 p.w, TrtEBIiLCOCK R.M.I, fil et Malr. tmUwl A REMOVALS, Storage, anytime, Anywhere.

MX2372. SC. turn. F7ett, kit. ear apace: 5 16.

35 VSSS. ffi11 BEOI1WERB CO. wanted. Empty ilng BrUbant. South- Victorian Railways STATION ASSISTANTS WANTEr (15-36 Years of Age) ood Pay.

(Higher Week-end Rates). Uniform 1 Provided. HALF RAIL FARE TO WORK. Rail Travel.ln Victoria and Inter-State on Annual Leave. Superannuation.

Generous Long Service and Sick wave. Excellent Oportunities for Advancement. APPLYi Employment Officer, Room J25. Railway Spencer Street. Phone MY210.

ftFTlCE OPEN SATURDAYS 9-11 A.M. BALLROCM DANCING IlVw.s.. und' LAibeoT J3T. Kilda. Sale, and dble Mandalay, 20 ST.

and au QT, Klldl, Punt Rd, car jpace. LAS84S. a iABRf 9-s pai" mit nil it an 01., si. angi. iixravvruiarus.

sea AASOCiaiM Typewrltere window Fay of Port. Mas. PEWRITER3, aK makes. Salt nrleaj Mt 7(4733 mint A. iTn- Tr.diT.ckurtV""ou,rt.,,,,'J?- port Newcastls, Bydney.

Perth. JJ3039: after hou JJ3039; after hours, JWtUlf fA T3AY Removats, mil statsa. Removata. all Nra.ta dmoM 411 Ioflstfale Bt Melb. per 100 miles.

Phone MX4117. JT perfect order. SSl LEARN te DANCE NOW lTlIntfTTimil Tflvuuia wiTajntii, iioBtre, nan, CJISTER, above award, aocora, M.C, to end child. 12,966, Age, CT, KILDA.

MODERN S.C. FLAT, 3 rmi H.W.B.. laraie. Nicely furnished throuinout, 18 8 Par Week. FurthST parllculaxi from 88 Spencer St St Kilda, of rfanT5 com- esfj.

BWIDIIPII xoinf-om AUke, wo Oaaraasee to teavaa arrtra. If MAS'ilAris rtlAK sMgm-F, aJI A4wsvn, run IB I s-r h'tiMt ev.r wtrrr a a o. wmi stat morct Naco. large model, spin dry, re A MR AN HODOIS FTT. BJ5748.

TjLAifcd Flam. UnmnAt. napei a. xarra, KILDA. PICKED POSITION.

inv Knin Tire itwti VV CM ifewry Kxcell. newly dec. nnfum. unit. llarvrei.

4H iuiit iruBJBntprq Su.l5. bal. only SUNDAY Learn Modern JIto Hoe Ron Tanro Rhumb, Rhythm T. Dances Psu Dotu. IMPERIA DAFfCINQ 8CHOOL.

Phone tS Tl.a 3rd Fleer, Howey Oourt, ,34 Coillne Street. Hlgheet 0.aliatlnVri, Olva a Count of Lessons for that Xmaa Present, MODERN CLASS TONIOHT. CXNTRB, comp. 1 lounge, bath 24 Boll, monin. nd rnone ou era; WKdSWa? BR6S.

(AubTJrUJ LTD, 3 Camberwrll Road, WB1234. AUBURN, WB1234. a Bydnsy And Albury dally All other Capitals twice weekly. Mornlngton Peninsula every Friday Empty Vang Going. Chlltem, December la: Seymour, 18th: Moe.

18th. Emptv van. Returning. Ratunea, December 16 (p.m.): 16th: Rochetter. 18th (p.m.); Mlrboo.

22nd p.m,)l Oeelcal, 32nd (,,. stool, free cartage! R.T7J. ini irec ikiiim n.w.a. ana central heating: 7 15 p.w, STOCKDALB St LROOf) PTY. Radio, TV, Top Rtcordtri ROOMS WANTID MAKE CALLS BE-TWEEN p.m.

and I p.m., nnd avoid th. peak period after 1 p.m. Weitlnghnuie, "reli: 433 inrh St. Kilda. XJ04fl4 Kiiaa.

mm, ene, near nm-drlnker, lit hoawi. TADV. work AMPLIFIER Hl-n. 10 waft, S3 transport, shops, beech. Car Mm.

cslej 0 fat, XJ3023. Cloelni .30 p.m. UlMaO." ea. BL9281. Printed snd Published by eulnton Thomas Bone, of 34 Mimosa RcedCarnerls.

lor Derlj Svrr Co it trTtetiVwl Offlca, 333 Cotllns SUtet. Metbounu, Telepbont 0341. uiiaviw a imwi, lg, IB Atkinson Murrambetna, LU4788.

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