Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1967 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 2
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Twin Rivers grads Livermore — Among,the 1967 Twin Rivers graduates who will be going to college •are Sharon Joiner, Hamilton Coltcgs at Mason City; Trudy Rossirtg, Ames; Mary Mela* vin, Business College, Mankato, Minn.; Susan Erdmann, Stewart's Beauty School at Sioux City; Mary and Barbara Kozajda, .Junior College at Ft. Dodge; Carol Federlick also plans to go to Ft. Dodge; Dennis Kissinger will go to Luther College at Decorah; Dean Paeper is attending the Univcriat Trade School at Omaha; Richard Helmet at Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs; Jim Collins will attend Briar Cliff College at Sioux City and Duane Sharp also plans to go to Mankato. ATTEND WEDDING Mrs. Amelia Hoffmann accompanied her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hoffmann of Hnmboldl to Marcus August 27 to attend the wedding of her grandson, Robert Richacl, II, of Long Beach, Calif..and Miss Cheryl Schlenger of Marcus. Others from 'here attending the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Don Clark •and family. Mr. Richael is in the service and is stationed at Sioux City. EXPECTED HOME Frank Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Collins is expected home soon from Viet Nam. He will receive his discharge from the army on his return. last week, Oft Wednesday they all went on a two day camping trip. . Mr, and Mr*. Ernie Logos left, on Friday for Red Oak Where they spent the holiday weekend visiting relatives. TUESDAY NIGHT BOWLING LEAGUE W L Blue Ribbon ._ 4 0 Pioneer 2 2 Custor Farm Serv. _ 2 2 Smith Lumber 0 4 K. of C. .'...- - 3'Xz '/2 Hardy Lumber .. 'i 3'A High Team Series Blue Ribbon 2892 Pioneer . 2769 Custom Farm Serv. _ 2748 High Team Game Pioneer . ... 987 Custom Farm Serv 978 Blue Ribbon 931 High Individual Series Leo Bormann 674 Orville Wagner .. . . - 557 George Schnctzer 646 High Individual Game "Butch" Dasen 203 Orville Wagner - 201 Leo Bormann 201' o+««ooo«ooooooo»ooo»o» Irvington , By Mae McLean THURSDAY, ftlPT* 7, tltt Classes Dane officers for LuVerne high LuVerne — Officers for LuVerne high school are: Seniors—President, Doug Nelson, vice, Duane Will, sec., Mary Hjelmeland, treas., Bob Felt, student council, Coleen Jdhns. Juniors — President, Connie Hefty, vice, Dennis Blumer, sec., Mary Hanselman, treas., Barbara Hurlburt, student council, Ronnie Wolf. Sophomores — President, Terry Vaudl, vice., Lee Schipull, sec.. Paul Swanson, treas,, Kathy Tauger, student council, Raejean Hewitt. Freshmen — President, Jennifer Wilhelm, vice(, Mark Barber, sec., Becky Coyle, treas., Nancy Arndt, student council, Randy Will. Uttton of the merged area. AUXILIARY MEETS The Legion Auxiliary will meet next Monday at the Legion Hall for their 1st fail meeting. Mrs. Martin Miller was hostess to the Delta Dek Bridge club at her home Friday afternoon. A 2 o'clock dessert lunch was served and at cards Mrs. Norman Scott won high prize and Mrs. Hazel Sanders second high. Ms. Robert Wondcrly won the Bingo prize. Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Wonderly and Mrs. Azilc Dolder were guests. A group of ladies went to the home of Mrs. Amelia Hoff- manri one afternoon last week to help her celdlftate thday, bringing^tjie with them! Those.- present wore Mi's. Martha King, Mrs. Ruby Holmes, Mrs. Guy Rancy, Mrs. Lester Smith and Mrs. Harold Frederick. A social afternoon was spent. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Paeper and family, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Olson of Bode and Mr. and Mrs. Miles Cunningham of Humboldt, sister of Mrs. Paeper, went to Pikes Timber Park near Clarion on Sunday for a picnic dinner. Mrs. John Hosford went to Des Moincs Wednesday to visit her husband who is a patient at the Veterans Hospital. Don Gronbach, son of Mr. 'and Mrs. Lcroy Grnnbaeh. who has been attending Junior College at Eagle Grove, will go to college at Mankato, Minn, fen- his second year. Mrs. Martin Miller, Mrs. Vernon Kramer. Mrs. Anna Bormann and Mrs. Florence Altman drove to Carroll last Wednesday where they visited with Father Sturm, form T Pa'rish Priest, and Josephine Weidemeyer. Mrs. Hazel Sanders has returned home after spending several weeks with her son and family, the Joe Sanders of Ft. Dodge at their cabin near Nevis, Minn. After the Joe Sanders returned to their home, Mrs. Sanders spent a couple of weeks with friends near there. The Neighborhood Card club met at the Allan Forh home Wednesday afternoon. A 2 o'clock dessert lunch was served by the hostess and at cards, high prize was won by Mrs. Carl Olson, low prize by Mrs. Raymond Graaf and Mrs. Julius Becker won travel. Mrs. Olson was a guest. Miss Margo Richael of Long Beach, Calif, who came to attend the wedding of her brother, Robert Richael, 11, ?t Marcus and to spend some time with her grandmother, Mrs. Amelia Hoffmann left for her home Friday evening taking the train from Perry. Mrs. Dick Schultz entertained the Deal & Chat Bridge club at her home Thursday afternoon. A 1:30 dessert lunch was served and at cards Mrs. Keith Logue won high prize, Mrs. Jsmes Bormann, 2nd high and Mrs. Bob Wonderly low. Mrs. Wonderly and Mrs. Margaret Howard were guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lyons and daughter of Cedar Falls were visitors in the home of Mrs. Lypn's aunt, the John Olsons, The George Perils and Jane and Mary, Armstrong, were a week ago Sunday evening visitors at Harold Sabin's. The Harold Sabins, David and Peggy, were Sunday igucsts of Mrs. Sabin's parents, the Roy Bensens, Ringsted. The Ronald Sabins, Debbie, Rebecca, Marsha, Rhonda and Scott, accompanied by Mrs. Gloria Rochleau, drove to South Sioux City, Neb., Aug. 23 and visited Mrs. Sabin's grandmother, Mrs. Mazie Bliver at the Green Acres nursing home. Mrs. Bliven had recently had her 85th birthday. The Sabins also visited many other relatives in that area while there. A surprise slumber birthday party at Ronald Sabin's Aug. 26 was for their daughter Debbie's and Sue Smith's 16th birthdays, and was at. tended by Mari McCulloagh ^and Judy Sigsbee, both Algo- l~j\a, and Marsha Sabin, sister of Debbie. The Charles Reisetters, Brian andj Judy, Eldora, were Sunday guests at Ron Sabin's. Mrs. Reisetter and Mrs. Sabin are sisters. The Robert Blacks, Roberta and Becky, left Sept. 3 for Lake Millc Lacs, Minn., for the Labor day weekend visiting old friends, the Don Mc- Alpines. The Blacks returned Monday night. Visitors at the B. 0. Davis home Sept. 3 were the Clement Fowlers, Clare. The Fowlers are cousins of Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Florence Colwell and, her brother Claude Fowler, Irvington, spent the Labor Guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clif Bjustrom from Saturday until Wednesday were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harris of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clif Bustrom were Mr. and Mrs. Loren Larson of Des Moines. ' Mrs. Anne K la witter has returned home from Qhurdad where she has been visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sell and son Duane, brought her to her home in LuVerne. She also visited friends and relatives in Latimer and Jefferson. Mr. end Mrs. Fred Baunv gartner and granddaughter, Peggy Burtis, are spending several days in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where they are visiting. Mrs. Durwood Burtis, daughter of the Bauni- gartner's. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hardcopf of Steamwood, HI., airs spending several days visiting in the,home. ,o£ Mr. Hard- Smic9i^?'V f |i4v ^x:*y£ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardcopf entertained at a Barbeque Sunday in honor of their son and family, the Jjanry Hardcopfs of Steamwood, Illinois who are visiting here. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hardcopf and family, Mrs. Rosie Hardcopf and Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Stewart. The LuVerne American Legion Auxiliary held their regular monthly meeting, Monday evening, September 4 ait the Legion Hall. Fifteen members and one guest, Julie Hankopf, were present. The meeting opened with the roll call. The auxiliary is planning a bake sale to be announced.at a later date. Nora Gronbach and Laura Zwiefel had charge pital in Brttt, where he _ medical patient. Mr, ane) Mr». iurl DeNto were hosts to a wedding rehearsal dinner in Boone Sun* day evening with twenty five guests attending. The guests included the families of Collyn DcNio and Miss Fkrlne Weigel and the wedding attendants Towns represented were Boone, Ames, Lehigh. Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and LuVeme. -;: Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hoimes attended the wedding morning of their gr andson Collyn DeNio and Florine Weigel at St. Peter and Paul's Cathok Church at Boone. On Monday evening they were guests in the home of their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Holmes and Jeff in Ames. Miss Connie Sanford of Mason City spent the Labor Day weekend with her parento, •Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sanford. Levy sought I for community area college September 11, at the regular school elections in the are*,. the board of directors of Iowa Lakes Community College. Merged Area III District, will submit to voters a request for permission to levy a 3/4 mill tax for a period of live years. This 3/4 mill levy will provide funds for purchasing a site, construction of buildings, payment of debts contracted for the construction of buildings, purchase of buildings, and equipment for buildings, and acquisition of libraries, & to maintain, improve, or expand the merged area school. This includes Kossuth Count- and federal governments to. help with the community college building development. The amount of state and ' federal funds is not determined at this Unle, but When combined with the money that will be raised, if the three- quarter mill levy is approved, should be sufficient to initiate a program that will provide the needed facilities to dairy out the projected program of the merged area. State and federal allocutions for the area community college will depend to a great extent upon the local effort within the district. By the passage of the levy it will prove to <higher levels of government interest on a local level. Crystal Lake, were visitors on Aug. 28 With Mrs. Hazel Sabin. the Lloyds are cousins of the late Harry Sabin. STRAYED FROM MY FARM 5 mites northwest of Lu< Verne. Hereford heifer —500 Ibs. Phone 862-3484, Lu- .Verne. HAROLD Marold,Tfaw9«r town Clerk Published In the Algono Kossuth County Advance, Algono Sept. 7 and 14, 1967. Iowa, Irvington By Mao McLoan OOOMO«0000000»000000»« John Weber with Henry Weber, CorWith, and Alvin Weber, LuVerne, drove to Mt. Pleasant Sept. 1 for the Old Settler's and Thresher's reunion. , Mrs. Leman Lloyd and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Kenneth Lloyd, and son Ricky, of HOW WILL YOU HANDLE ALL OF THOSE STALKS? IIOAL NOTICI Notice is hereby given thot the town of LuVerne, lowo, proposes to convey •to The Corden Company a portion ot Linn Street In the Town ot LuVernej Kotiuth County, lowo, described m follows: . ' • • • • Commenting at the northwest corner of Out Lot B of Western Town Lot Company's 4th Addition to the Town of Whitman, now LuVeme, thence easterly on the north line of said Out Lot B a distance of 273.25 feet, thence northerly at .... • right angles a distance of eight ' '•(•)." feet, thence westerly along a line'parallel to the north line of < said Out Lot' B -fa .the right-of-way of the Chicago & North Western . Railway Company, thence south' easterly along the east line of said roilroo<l right-of-way to the point for the sum of Ten Dollars ($10.00). Said proposal will be acted upon by the Town Council ot the council meeting to be held on the 2nd day of October, 196? In the Town Hall in LuVerne, lowo; This notice is given by authority of the Town Council and pursuant to Section 368.39 of the Code of Iowa. Doted at LuVeme, Iowa this 30th TOWN Of 10 VIKNI COUNCIL MINUTIS AifMf M, 19*7 Council met ih special session, with Mayor Mollory presiding, ' , Couneilmen present: Zenfrier, Holmes, Gronbach, and Lawson. Councilmen absent : Nielsen. Motion by Legion and seconded by Zentntr-to give the Mayor and Cleric authority to sign an agreement with Clarence Hint to pay him $10.00 for any damage the town may do to his crop while digging o well and which would terminate his lease, when his present hoy crop is removed, Motion carried. Motion by Holmes and seconded by Zenther to enter ; into a contract to provide Sherrhon, LuVerne, Humboldl, and Prairie townships fire protection for ten (10) years at $50.00 per section per year and 'also to enter into a contract to provide fire protection for Vernon Township for five (5) years @ $50.00 per section per year, Motion carried. A resolution <.wos mode by Zentner and seconded by, Lawson to make on ordinance vacating the south 8 feet ot Lynn street, beginning at the N. W. Corner of Outlet B and • going • in on easterly direction 273.25. feet and to sell this portion of Lynn St, to the Borden Co. for $10.00, with the Borden Co. agreeing to pay all expenses occurred in' thi* transaction, . Motion carried. Motion to adjourn, H. G. Trauger, Town Clerk Published in the Algono Kossuth County Advance, Algono, Iowa, September 7, 1967, AN OROINANCI VACATING A PART Of LINN STRUT WITHIN THE TOWN Of LU VIRNI, IOWA WHEREAS, it is deemed for the best interests and conducive to the welfare of th« tow'rt o* LuVefrte, lowd, And the IhH&bitants thereof, that 0 tertoin port Of Linn Street in sold town be vacated; now, therefdht, _ ' BE IT ORDXiNED SY THt fOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LU VtRNE, Section I. That a portion of Linn Street described as follows, to-wit: Commencing at the fwrfhwtif corner of Out Lot B of Western Town Lot Company's 4th Addition i to the Town of Whitman, now LyVerne, thence easterly on the north line of said Out Lot Bo distance of 273.25 feet, thehee northerly ot fight angles a distance of eight (8) feet, thence westerly along a line parallel to the north line of said Out Lot B to the right-of-way of the Chicago & North Western Railway Company, thence southeasterly along.the east line of sold rollrood right-of-way to the point of beginning, , .. • < be and the Same is hereby vacated. Section 2. Thot title to the pott of the street hereinabove' described and vacated hereby be retained in the Town of LuVerne, lowo, subject to disposition by further action of the Town Council of the Town ot LuVerne, Iowa, as provided by law. Section 3. That this ordinance,, being deemed of immediate importance,'Shall 'be in full force and effect after its passage and publication, as .provided by law, •'> PASSED and ADOPTED by the Town Council of the Town of LuVerne, lowo on this 30th day of August, 1967, /S/ HAROLD TRAUGER Harold Trouger — Tdwn Clerk Approved: • (S) JAMES L. MALLORY James L. Mallory — Mayor AUTHENTICATION > The above and' foregoing ordinance is hereby duly authenticated this 30th day of August, 1967. . /S/ JAMES L. MALLORY James L. Mallory—Mayor /S/ HAROLD TRAUGER Harold Trouger—Town .Clerk (SEAL) Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, September 7, 1967. i Merged Area in board; members are: President: Jack tatmaii, Spirit Lake; James L. Cdffey, Emmetsburg; Way- \ ne Orim, Estherville; Joseph Graff, Spencer; Edgar Meyer, $ AlgorUa; Orville Thoresbn, "" Sweet aty; Alden Wigdahl, j Rulhvem. <• The people Will be asked to vote on the levy in ell school districts of the area. If approved by a majority (this proposal would amount to 75 cents per each $1,000 of assessed valuation!. If a home was assessed at $3,000 the cost would be $2.25 per year for the homeowner. The three-quarter mill levy would yield about $180,000 each year for the five year , period, based on present val '' 4-ROW CHOPPER The best way, to, handle the . hybrid stalks lisvaSBrady- fla ..shredder. It shreds 'your' stalks, makes plowing easier, faster, better, . . . knocks out most of your corn borers, too. You can even pull a tandem disc behind a Brady and be ready for minimum tillage. It's a great labor-saver . . . and excellent for clipping pastures and idle acres. Two, three, and four-row available. See them today at OARROLL QARAQE LuVorno, Iowa It's a big job making certain your IPS service is always there. The instant you want it. ; : . I PS men are working ai all hours of the day or night. the next lime you see one of those orange and while IPS trucks, think about men working. IPS men working for you. SERVICE SERVICE 18 OUR day weekend at Lyle Pearce's, o f entertainment with, bingo Britt. Mrs. Ray Fitch, Algona, spent the day recently at her daughter, the Robert Skilling's. The Ronald Sabins had as picnic guests Labor day, the George McVays, Mrs. Harold Sabin, Peggy and David, and Mrs. Hazel Sabin. Mrs. Marguerite Hayes left Saturday morning for' Minne- being played. Hostesses were Ann Bjustrom and* Florence Stewart. Mrs. Frank Kondoll of Badger and Cora Holmes of Ft. Dodge were Friday afternoon visitors in the home of their sister, Ms. Clifford Holmes. Sunday guests in the Charles Hinz home were Mrs. Louie Warner of Fairmont, Minnesota and Mr. and Mrs. Bldo I NORTH IOWA "•BANCROFT MANLY 0 FOREST CITY apolis for the Labor day week- Beckman and family of St. end visiting her nephew, the James, Minnesota, On Sunday uonald Frankls. She returned afternoon Mrs. Hinz and her Tuesday. IALGONA le • • BRrrr •+++++O+0+00+000000004 Card of Thanks «0«000000000«»««»+»»« CARD OF THANKS — I wish to express my sincere thanks to friends, neighbors and relatives who remembered me with cards and acts of kindness during my stay in the hospital. Mrs. Raymond Zeimet. 69 CARD OF THANKS—I wish to expre's my sincere thanks to friends, neighbors and relatives, who remembered me with cards and acts of kindnsss during my stay in. the hospital Mrs. Raymond Zeimet. 33w69 FREE Parkar 16K-BN. Gravity Bax . , , With each Brady 144 4-row Stalk Cutter purchased or ordered in September, Carroll Oaraga and luplainaal LuVerne e GARNER BELMOND • Delivering your advertising messages every week to the A New Servke To Advertisers ... Going Into 27,800 Hemes In This Area Every Week... Included As A Part Off foci Qf These Leading North Iowa Newsi ,^^WW V il^'IW w^r • Iritt • like Mills GrepMc •racroft RtgUter Fortst City Svviuft ill day Wednesday Phone W-3WI ANSWER, CAW. 888,3304 • M«0»ll MtftMdMt • Giritr Ltodirr • Hortfcwood Aich«r , Plw Extr. **nrH»iin Tfcrt Piyt OH Md w HWH Yw Ad T» "flu Nor* (•*• Pie*", to Cwt «f Y«w Ucol Ntwtpepw

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