The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1930 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE 1936 Will Set High Mark, Home Loan Commitments Indicate Modern Now England-'Hom<; WASHINGTON, D. C.—Complete reports from (ill over the country bear oul UK' forecast ol Federal Housing Administrator Stewart, McDonald tlml at least three times as many dwelling units will l>e constructed In llio Untied Stales during 1936 us In 1935. Administrator McDonald announced that, tlirauyh the week radliig April 25 liome mortgages j accepted for insurance numbered 63,118, with a dollar volume of "Commitments lo Insure mortgages." Mr. McDonald said, "have I to n certiiln exlcnt laken thc place of building permits us Ihe indicator of actunl liome building that Is to come, since the commlt- mcnl Is often issued before the contractor applies for a bulldinc I permit. Tlie commitment lo In- I airc a mortgngii starts the 1mm- I incts nnd saws going. We can- I not, of course 1 , Insure' a mortgage on a building- that doesn't. exist, I but .when our experts liave exam- 1 Ined and approved the plans and ions for a home, we 1s- I sue a commitment to the lending I Institution agreeing to Insure the | mortgage on that structure. "The lender, with (hat commtt- I meiit in Imnd, turns the cash over I lo the builder, wlio immediately I starts his men lo work. Upon com- 1 pletlon of the slructnre, which I our experts liuvc Inspected at I least three limes during the op- Icration. the mortgage is automat- licaly Insured. This is the reason I for liic gap between mortgages I accepted rov insurance and in- l.'mred. premium-paying mortgages. • This jap is constantly widening, land we hope it will continue to I widen, for it is a healthy •sign and a real barometer to the •intelligent business man as to the • prospects for actual building in •the immediate future. Tlie more • commitments we Issue to insure •mortgages, the blighter the out- llook for the building-construction • and durable goods industries. |Briefly, today's commitment is lo- iiorrow's premium-paying - mort- |Bage." • ) Thi-ougli_ ri tlii S| lainc period 94,- fli mortgages;-with "(i "dollar vol- fimc of S3fi7.287.4S2, - hail been se- |"!tw, for s'liijriiiyii hv the Federal — nionsing Administration. One-third ftr e to be |)f this amount represents new- provements. liome construction and the re- Work of inalnder represents the refinancing of mortgages on dwellings al• •eady constiiiclccl and the change Ifrom the old multiple-mortgage l-ystein to the new insured Single System of the Federal Administration. Jn the: Large Scale Housing Di- Solely Demands Si rid Ad- luTeiice to Carefully Drawn Specificalions SECO'ND: 1 (FLOOR-The above house, built for $0,150 at Melrose, Mass.. from plans by Hoyal Barrv Wills archllect ot wnt liietSeL^y^the t'VwilX S{ °^ """ alr "°"- W - T ' 1C "' r °''" mllli ° f " •* ""'-' suggests old England. Even the heavy oak door smacks ot the days when a door u-uTa"barrier ""iis 'wetl a. a device for keeping out the weather. If the .pace on the second noor could ba,e be »r I dW ua, dormers would, have improved the front elevation; but for full use .of the second too he box do me,- was necessary. The ptan is interesting ana inhales the B row-ing tendency toward the ehmi nation of the dming room h, small houses. The long living room allows ,he end ,u ,r t ^ tc. en o be dernu ely assigned to dining purposes without Us complete separation: The Inclusion o vo , 1ms .. a house of th s s,,e is a delightful extravagance. The la, W storage space Is somet.i , g ,,0 Tav found in houses tlml are squeezed dry of all c space. ' Ward Will Remodel Old 11 u nin nemuuei UIQ g-._ . — = Peoples JJank Building HoUSlDg QlieSlioil Box Work will start June 1 on the remodeling of the old Peoples Hank building and thc George Muir shop building, It was announced today by U i,. Ward, owner. He plans to tear oul thc partition . and to convert the building Into one store room 30 by atf.Jfcet. A new roof, a new iloor and n new modern front of black glass included in the im- removlng the vault from the bank building was started Monday. Q. We would like to have windows with smalt panes put In our [ house In plncc of the large-pane windows we now have. Can we use the same whitlows and have them divided^. A. It is possible, but if llic windows are of slock sizes, it would probably be less expensive to buy new window sash with thc divisions in I hem. I Q. i l/lsion cdinmitmcnts amounting to "1i32,C42,158 had been made on 20 Jirojects located in various sections lif the country. Plaster Safeguard To avoid the cracking of tlie Waster or the opening of the joint •here the tile meets the bathtub, Watcr-l'iuc- Noise . If your water [)i|x?s '.hammer when you turn oft a faucet, you had better do something aboul it ns soon as possible or it. will loosen joints somewhere along the line and then there will be a leak. You can correct this condition by providing air 'cushions to take up the extra pressure of the water it is sud- steel angle should be screwed i the studs to support the weight if the tub. If it rests on the floor •olsts or on a wooden slrp, the Ilirinkagc of the wood may Inough to open the joint. - denly stopped by turning the faucet. Such air cushions can be a short length pipe set above the top faucet in each line. There are also patented gadgets that can be installed. built an addition to an old and have stained the i He nse of coal for kitchen range was thought to Q. What Is the best, kind of garbage container lo use? A. A container that is burled in the ground with a removable pail and an Iron cover that Is raised by pressing down n lever with one's foot is about as neat and i satisfactory nil arrangement as I you can get. ] | Q. When you use brick as a veneer on the outside wall, Is it necessary to put paper over the sheathing? A. Unless some form of sheathing that Is waterproof is used, paper should be erected. Even with waterproof sheathing, there should be paper and through-wall flashing to protect the wood members at thc bottom of the wall, as water may penetrate the 4-Inch — j brick wall, run clown the inside the home| a "d, collect at thc bottom. With shingles on the roof and can't gel llic old and new shingles to look alike. What would you suggest? A. Matching new slnln lo old or now paint lo old is always a difficult job and can only be done by experimenting. The elements of time and weather llial have operated on the. old stain must be simulated In the new. Gel the color as nearly matched as possible by staining the new and then give tlie whole roof n fresh coat, and In a short time the difference should be hardly noticeable. I'liinmnii-ly for home owners In urban HIOHS, and also for the |u- SUIIIIHT companies, electric wlrlnu Is usually carefully Inflected In new omstrucUoii work, Hut III those niuil parts or (he country win-re iiu codes apply, the build- el ' ol a home should see lo It tnut tic has a complete .sjH'clilcu- lion tin' a llrst-elass wiring Jou unil slumiu employ competent, supervision lo make certain that he (jets «h;,i | S specified. Once the wall;, are ciu-losed ami the wires com-niled, 11 will lw Impassible to ili'lw! any faults, and Ihe (Irsl indication of poor wtrhic, ts apt to l>i- Ihe smell of smoke from a Ire In th,. W1 ,lls or celllni! caused by 11 sliorl circuit due lo careless or Improper wiring. There are three types of wiring used, namely, knob-and-iube. flexible cable, and wires run In metal conduits. The last Is the most complete Job and the one where the (jiralcsl degree of safely may be expected. The flexible" cable Is imfeclly satisfactory If properly installed, but It ".should not he used where It will be cxiwscd to dnmpness unless waterproof cable Is used. The type most usual In piescnt-day construction Is an iii'mored cable made of Kalvanlv.- ed forrous metal. Tlu.> galvanic- Ing Is sufficient to prolecl the metal under normal conditions, but where severe moisture exists It may eventually lose Its protective quality and the metal will rust. For Instance, suth cable .should not be used where ll will be ex|»scd to the weather, or In a damp, poorly ventilated space under a house where It citnnot be watched for possible' deterioration. Knob-and-lubc, properly Installed, Ls satisfactory, but no wire should pass through any wood member without a protecting non- conducting porcelain tube, and all connectlcns should be carefully Insulated. Wilh good materials properly used, expert labor, and an inlelll- gonl lay-out, little or no danger should exist. be «nd flashing, tilts possible hej more or less pa.sse, but" a model collection of moisture • -- --— • *-»-«ui. r uiib *[ IIILHHJ1 I has been developed that offers re" , , — - , Imaikable jierformances both as to I _ . Ullst . tosll y I il-s cooking qualities and economy Economy in finish hardware, If of operation. It offers a hoi sur- •arried too far, is no economy ntjface of over 700 degrees P al all 111. If rust seLs in, hardware i times as well as a simmering plate • nisi be replaced, and there is a; to keep things warm It is • ossibility th ffecled, too. the Use wood will be only ndncor- pslve metals for any outside door ly insulated and gives on little heat to the room, so that even in Summer it can be used with comfort. will then be kepi away from the wood and guided uncle i ' i .." 'Chimney Wldtli A chimney I'hnl slicks out into the room Is awkward and makes the room, hard lo furnish,. In a narrow room It cuts the room In linlf and makes virtually two rooms out of it. A fircpjiice lliat Is flush with t'hi: wall or hits only 8 or 10 inches of projection makes a nicer room and one much easier to furnish. If there Is tills slight pro- raintiiur Concrclc " Lsl1 - If 'here Is this slight pro- Whcn painting concrete It Is nd- J cctlon . book shelves can be built visablc to use only those' paints "S" 1 ' 1 -^ Hie wall on each side so Which have been specially prepared l ' nnl thc front of Hie shelves is flush f ,_ J ' . ^ ,1,tlU l\, n n l.;.. 1. 1 . ... for concrete. Painls which are not particularly designed Tor concrete are liable to peel, scale, and discolor,. as thc moisture or the salts In the concrete react on the pnlnt used. Some of the specially prepared palnls can be applied while thc concrete Ls wet. F,vcry Kitchen Cabinets kitchen .should have cabinet with doors for dishes and a separate cabinet, that may or may not have doors, for food- Shelves for dbhe.s should with the chimney breast, and neither the chimney nor tlie book shelves will,seem to project into thc roi>m at all. Read Courier News Classified Ads WELDING EI.ECTUIC A ACKTYI.KNK ritOMI'T SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES Barksdale Mfg. Co. BE COOLER THIS SUMMER AND WARMER THIS WINTER WITH A Red Top Mineral Wool It will he a pleasure to tell you about this new efficient low cost insulation. We have the new modern Glukole washable calcimine. Artistic wrought iron screen door grilles $1.50 Just call '10 for accurate estimates on remodeling and repairs. Many Blytheville homes are being reconditioned through Federal Housing loans. May we help you? Arkmo Lumber Co. Quality — Service Now Is the Time to Build Your Home--Easy Monthly Payments This company will gladly help you with your loan applications Through arrangements perfected by the American Asphalt Roof Corporation, we have connections with the Planters Bank and Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby it will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Blythevi.lle and vicinity. East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed R. Jones, Mgr. Phone 29 New Owner Improves Lutes Grocery Store The Lutes' grocery has been ie- drcoratfil on the- liiUTlur anil Ihe IIIIH-C repainted by Ihc new owner, Hugh P. Itiulwl. who pluns to do oilier linpiovlnn Intel 1 . Mr, IIin ben who was renrril at llnytl, Mo., but who bus b.-en living In Texas lor llu> paxi n yi'ius. piirclmscd tin' :,un,- (nun Mrs. Oimir l.ntes. Mis. Huibi'rl Is n Him' of llu 1 lali' Mr. l.ulc.i and a diii'shlcr of Mr, ami Henry Miles. They came from I.nbbock. Texas. MIS More Than Half of New Homes Insured by FHA BAN KHANOISCO, Cllllf.-Aboul <;u I*-'' 1 cent (if Ihe homes holng built in central California are being conslrucled under (he Insured ililu Moiisugo System of ihe I'Vderal Housing Administration, In Ihe opinion of the Awwtnleii General Contractors. Tho Central Ciillfornlii Clmplrr of Ihls group In u report lo the National Association of tinkling Trades Employer*, stated (hat 'JOJ hoine.s. valued at' $1,011.08(1. were, thirled In Mils dlslrlct during Itu' first quarter of 10:10 as compared lo 118 homes, valued ul j-tU2,0oo in IMS, nnd -15 homes, valued al. s:iU!i.!)a;> in ifjj-i, Uulldlng perinUs Issued dilrlni; the siinic! comparable periods show l,l!70, totaling -3,218,001 for HMO; l,n«, lotiilhn; $2,GJ2,085, for 103S; und 1,081, lotiillni! $1,040.095, for 1UII-I. Tiistwi In nnlshcil Imnhviiiv (or houses Ims rlinngnl innterliUly,' Just as Ui.sles In most oilier parts of Iho house liuvo clmiiB«l. Tlie ehilwmlcly "diToriillvc" embossed umiblimtlun knol) and key plales mid largo conspicuous bra.w butts, "i hlniji's I hut protrude Into the room In nil Important manner are n« IIIIIBIH- anfall. H Is no loimer n crime lo paint llii'sc liull.s. In fact, for Inside work, small, unoblruslvo steel or Iron luills prepured for paint me iinw commonly nsod mid palmed with the iliwrs. Iliirdware has "I'.one pi'iloil" and In Kiiijllsli, H|Kiiiish, or lliilliin lumw.s we de- luiind wrounlit Iron, either with a semi-polished llnlsli or possibly a rusl. llnlsli, to ulve tilt' jipprar- unci^ of age, In cnlnnlal luiuses we ninne from tlu> wioiiKlil-iirai thumb latches tlml our humbler ancestors beat out on Hie anvil for Ilielr llttlu cottaiie.s lo the exquisite brass and .silver cuhvork plates wllh tlielr uriicefiil drop lunullCK of the umnof houses of ilie gen- liy. in between are the various lype.s of It-ini spi'lni! liitehc.i ex- \mxi\ on HID surface of the thin doors they used and Iho same leeks with Iron or brns,s boxes lo cover their "Innards" tluit our nicer progenitors preferred. When thicker doors were used, mortised locks were Installed with small round or oval brass knob;i with ni'nl brass I-IDKS. or ro.sclles. to cover the hole in the door. Wllh these, simple brass key holes were inserted In the wood-Hie wholo I'lvlng n restrained, refined appearance. All Ihesu style.? have been re-, vlvwl and are Used somcwhul too Indiscriminately. Try to keep your' periods In hardware straight; you should no more put Old English wrought-lron locks on n Dutch Colonial house than you should put green blinds with owl cutouts on an Knullsh manor house. To use n paradox or two, you can mtxlernlzi! your house by replacing your old hardware with new "old" models, ami all this may be done under the Modern - billon Cri-dlt 1'lau of Ihe Federal ilousliiK Administration. Weather Stripping Double Protection It Is very dlllleiilL to make In- opitn casements alksolulely watertight. Mplal weatherstrips are effective, and n projecting drip mold on (he outside will also help lo keep lln; rain it way from tho cruck al (he bottom of Uiu casement. , In houses where casement windows are desirable, it would bo well to use the out-o|Kiilti[' type. FHA Booklet Gives Plans For Home Costing $1,200 WASHINGTON, 1). C.—A booklet Is beliiK Issued by lite Technical Division of the Federal Housing Administration conlainltH; suggestions tor lln; COILS!ruction of live houses ningliuj In jirlci; from $1,200 to $2,500. The plans, iiccordng lo Miles Colean, dircclor of (he TechnlcAl Division, Illustrate practical, durable structures from which all but the necessary elements have been eliminated. They are an elfort to show that n skilled builder, with careful planning. <;an provide a really low-priced" house with the essentials of living nustsuring up to the minimum standards of the Federal Housing Administration. !\Ir.. Colean stresses the fact that Iho Technical Division will not Issue stock plans and will In no wny attempt to compete with architects or organisation.'! providing plans for low-priced homes. ISUSINKSS ft POMTICAI, US'ITHIIS A SPEOIAIjTV Work neat, cheap & quick VetemiiFi Service 'Work Al( Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little nail! nidg. WE FEATURE STANDARD Haihroom and kitchen Fixtures Including the New NEO-ANGLE BATH TUB "PETE" The Plumber CLEAN UP PAINTUP FIX UP REBUILD Almost every home needs MODERNIZATION, New Hoof, New Floors, Insulation, Window Guards, Wen- llier Stripping, Screens, Wall Paper and Paint arc only a few of the many ilcms that can help make a New Deal for your Home. Come to us for information about any Modernisation or Repair Problem and ahout your loan if you desire one. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. BLYTHEVILLE PHONE IOO We Do The Resi: * LUMBER Mbo ARKANSAS JLL

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