Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1967 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1967
Page 5
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Fans Invited to full-scale scrimmages Altena football fan* will tot a thaneato soo both local football teams In action two woofci boforo thoir oponlnt tamos this comlnt Friday nltht, loot. 1 whon a benefit •crimmafo will to held at tho Garrison hlfh school flatd. TIM CMNMM IS ft IWW tlen ond jrofcoWy wiM be *•«• • Jfctf IOIIII pVT •WTWn •!!• ••! P>*^ eeeds will §• to MM iMf) ehiki it Alfona nnn sthojcJ and Oarrlfan. Th« concoaoion stand will ill* IM operated by tho pop cluiM. '. . . _ uniforms anal tho tcrimmato* A total officlaU will will bo rcfular famo-llka af- fffNI WNI ffMTMM|IMfTOw fftlftb to brush up on tho now COACH ilANII Coopor at Oarrlgan will uso 24 boy* in hi* throo quarter* of scrim' mat*. Ho oxpoct* to work his No. 1 unit atalnst hit No. 2 tama* to INTUAH up sWalskai aiMajsl siafesfcjflo4 fj&uhtMkA4hloo*ai rVIW fJIM rvljfVw ffflVlflMlvM A ** • -—• * A M _^_AAtt w9T Vnip Cvfvllfl0 M0Mft« ^Ml will JsMk^akAls^Bi aMiA^af AAsiOAijiJiak ' • MffMfW fitinr MTvlCMa will "team and will film tht t«me to the work of each individual can IM analyied. "This will IM our only •crimmate before our first t«me it Ettherville Sept. IS that will bo open to tho pub- lie/' ho taid this wook. Tho t*me will bo played it Garritin this yoir and Alfoni public field noxt yoar, OVER AT Algona high school, Coach Kolth Chrlttto expects to UM hi* entire squad of 29 boys, Ho hat three youth* hamporod with minor injuries but sovoral of thorn probably will bo roidy for AAflfaUh A tfttiall OH ' •Ofilw •CTIQfl* Chrlstio) »«!d ho hope* to UM hit offensive toam againtt a dofonM which ho expocts Emmetsburt to UM in tho op- ener horo Sopt, IS. Ho doot not plan to film tho fomo. All in alt this ihould bo an intorotting night of foot* b«M with iix quarter* of action and fans should got an idea of what tho rotpotttvo school* will fiold thi. fall, Areacolleje to open with throe courses The newly created Iowa Lakes Community College, for Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto, will open the initial fall term Aug. 30. Three vocational classes will be offered* at the Estherville site: Office (clerical) Education, a two semester course giving the student part-time in the classroom, and part-time on- the-job training in preparation for a career in the business world. Clerical education will be conducted in a well-equipped classroom. The most modern and widely used of• f ice machines are available for personal and group instruction. Teacher is Mrs. Georga Voigt. Practical Nursing, an eleven months course preparing students for skills in practical nursing. Classroom instruction, coordinated with actual hospital care, provides a program for the student with the best possible learning opportunities. Upon completion the student is eligible to take the licensing examination given .by the Iowa Board of Nursing examiners. Successful completion of this examination qualifies a graduate to become a licensed practical nurse. Teachers are Mrs. Shirley Larson, coordinator and instructor, and Mrs. Geraldine Kramer, instructor. Feed and Fertilizer Marketing Technology, a 21-month program, is a newly created course to meet the needs of the fast growing agri-business industry that offers unlimited opportunity for trained personnel. Coordinated with the classroom work is a program of employment experience with each student gaining practical experience by working as a trainee for 36 weeks during the program. Teachers are Marlin Edwards and Leonard Stransky. All vocational programs to be offered are approved by the Department of Public Instruction and the Board of Education of the Iowa Lakes Community College. The future planning of the Iowa Lakes Community College is to offer a comprehensive curriculum, offering the advantages of higher education to all. Included are vocational and technical courses, transfer programs, general education courses, adult education courses, and vocational counseling and guidance. A survey is being conducted to determine training needs of the area. Both an employee and employer interest is needed to determine the programs to be developed to meet the needs of the five- county area. Richard Blacker, vocational director, will come to the merged area Monday. He has been a vocational instructor, coordinator, and assistant vocational director at Boys' Town, Omaha, Neb., for 18 years. He has been teaching this summer in the vocational division of Colorado State university, Fort Collins. LOCALS A1N STEM k» And fatniiv atiMwtwt a QKitv. »_ _ «_ j n t m* K ana ramuy anenaea .a s»mp- ,j>e remembered as Pearl Ken ler family reunion Sunday, von A receotion followed August II I at Crystal Uke y ' and the hours told polls will be opened than be the »ome « tho«« designot- cd ln !h « "" of 1 * re 9 ul ° » ch001 BY JULIAN CHRIftCHILLI* tost* son, a vacation* fceldAug-16 where Mrs. Volk's sister Jacqueline Oook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Cook is employed. yeUow used tat attendants gowns ond em yoursciv« according. AII i«goi vot- ain, great aunt and Mrs. Charles Golden, an aunt of the bride poured. The bride's cake was made of four tiers of pe- ONE OP THE most frequent laments we've heard from travelers returned Is that they carried too much luggage . . . we had our full quota in two top-carriers and the back end of the station wayon but if that wasn't enough, the "booty" collected along the way by the kids added further to our woes. For instance, on our first day in Washington near the start of the trio. No. 3 rm David walked out of a store with a new $1.98 fishing rod and reel and for the rest of the trip this unwielding fishing instrument was being stepped on or poked into everyone's back ... it was treated like an lire- placable art treasure by Dave and there were frequent backseat incidents when the pole was in danger of breakage . . . he carried it in to every motel and hotel we stayed In from Washington back to Algona, including the downtown New York hosterly. The bellboy there must have been surprised at David's glare of displeasure when he asked. "Did you catch anything?" as the pole took its, nightly trip to our room . . . little did he know that every bellhop had asked the same question at previous stops. /• . ' Ah — but this wasn't all. No. 2 son John somehow smuggled two of his prize cymbals from his drum set into the tip carrier and these too were treated with loving respect by everyone in fear of breakage ... and these also made nightly trips to the room and always ended up on top of all the other luggage in the top carrier ... but this wasn't all ... we always had a back seat full of baseball helmets and sport books picked up by No. 1 son Steve and Sara had dolls and trolls scattered in every crevice of the car. Oh yes, we added a dart set along the way somewhere and the leftovers of one of the most concentrated soda pop consumption trips on record were always rolling around under the seats and the driver's feet. Oh, the joys of traveling with your children! NEGROES IN Washington, comprising 60 or 70 per cent of the population of the city, are better dressed and better educated than any in the East and maybe this is the reason there have been so few racial riots in that city. BIBLES IN desk drawers at motels and hotels are commonplace but in a Washington motel we saw our first "Book of Mormon." Setoond Annual Novice Swimming and Diving 'Meet was held Wednesday night, August 16, and twenty-three uJ^I* J , 0 ,t"L l l* ni ? lm * n htf :tit fours and carried out the been ait West Bend with her color scheme in the icing, son-in-law and daughter, La- — - vonne, Mr. and Mrs. John The couple will be at home in Minneapolis, Minn, where — m — —, — -„ Krug, Jr. to whom a son was ! both attend the university. swimmers and divers received born. August 13. He has been > Th e bridegroom has a fellow- wwanto. The meet is held to named Michael Thomas. ship and is an M.D. but will be Introduce youngsters to com- Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Holt g0 i n g to New York next sum- petfttve swimming and diving were visited from August 13 m er for further study and is •nd to increase their interest tall August 18 by their son- continuing his studies at the ii> it. it also helps to develop in-law and daughter, Mr. and Minneapolis university. " Mrs. Ed Oarman and little son Todd of Iowa City. Mrs. Garman is employed in the biochemical department at the university. voter to vote of the polling place In which such vottr resides. Thli notice ti given by order of the Board of Director! of said Area Com' munity College Merged Area III In the Counties of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth ond Polo Alto, State of Iowa. Dated at Ettherville, Iowa, on August 23, 1967. Pearl A. Overeen Secretary, Board of Directors of the Area Community College Merged Area III, Counties of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto, State of Iowa, Published in tho Algona Kouuth County Advance, Algona, lowo, Aug. 28 onjJ Sept. 4, 1967. Algona (Iowa) Advanco—5 MONDAY. AUG. 28, 1967 MEN'S SOFTBALL Tournament Scoros Bunnies 12 Warriors 2 Hurt 7 Rat Pack 5 Final* Monday, Aug. 29 Consolation 7:30 Warriors vs. Rat Pack Championship 9:00 Burt 6-3 vs. Bunnies 11-2 0 upcoming talent for the gona Swimming Team. The meet was divided' into three groups and each age group had three 25 meter swimming events; breaststroke, backstroke, and frec- styfe. Diving was divided into two age groups and each diver did three dives. In swimming events, Cathy o 8-9. two evente and IN THI DISTRICT COURT Of THI STATI Ol> OIWA IN AND FOR KOUUTH COUNTY .... IN THI MATTIR Whilo living in Japan Kirk °f ™* """ Of Hayes and Ted Lanither were otCA " UM " assigned work together and the families lived in the same OF ADMINISTRATOR hou<?inp- aiTfta Owxr *h<> umolr To ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THC nousing area, yver me weex- AB OVE ENTITLED ESTATE: end the LantherS and their You are hereby notified that all (tailpMfiirs Mhllip (Tvnlrtiia Percons Indebted to said estate are UHUgiiuer& inviue, vyniulia, requested to moke immediate payment Jane and Amy Were gUeStS Of r ° the undersigned, and creditor! hav- IWr aTirl MI-C Vii-L. Un.io*. „» ino - eloirnj against said estate shall - .- _ . _ . r 1 ™- an « 'Mr 5 - KlTK Hayes at file them with the clerk of the above John Peterson one. Only one the Dr. M. G. Bourne cottage nomed <M*trict court, as provided by event, freestyle was held in at the Okobojis. Mrs. Hayes £& &t»^Mh.MtSa 'SSJS1S 8 cL5e l pS te « e f r n £ r i uua Bo n n i e - feXJT'i«^M, il s Categories, and UarOie VWl- Mr». M. G. Bourn* had as paid) such claim shall thereafter be er and Mike CbgdaU were the guests last week at the Bour- <orever borred - ne cottage at the Okobojis, Dated ^fiXfZjL*"* 1 *'' " 67> her grandson John Hayes and Administrator of said Estate his Mend Bill Strohmto. ^^ LuVBrne - lowa Claronco Maland of Elmore, A „ H. w. Miller Minn, was a weekend guest of Atforney for A^ona Ac !± Dr. and Mrs. M. G. Bourne. Addreis His wife the late Blanche Maland was an aunt of Mrs. Susan Buchanan, Lloyd, and Roxanne Voyles were winners in Girls 10-11. In the Boys 10-11 age group, Mark Kinsman, Dennis Pefter: son, and Pat Cooper were the winners. • Second and third place fin- in swimming were ,p tltieMt KoUasd Dennis cooper, Karen Mrs. Vivian Skogstrom and son Tom have returned visit since June 20 at with her Anderson. MY >V»FE vliltad Mae/s |a Now York for a coo- pi* of hours ono afternoon and eamo away more than .a little disappointed ... "Tho store merchandise doesn't compare to tho nice things wo have at homo," she stated honestly. "Maey's is dirty, cluttered, crowded and poorly arranged. Dayton's of Minneapolis is much, much nicer." IN YEARS GONE by, Atlantic City, New Jersey with its famed "Boardwalk," was one of the most fashionable resort cities on the Eastern seaboard ... but no more said an oldtime resident who had lived there for 80 years . . . he recalled the days in the late 1800's and early 1900's when "boardwalkers" would stroll the 10 or 12 miles along the beach in tuxedos and furs. The hotels that line the Boardwalk were built 30 and' 40 years ago and are now old and out-of-date ... the new Howard Johnson and Holiday Inn complexes completed the past couple of years are by necessity located a block or two back from the ocean. The Boardwalk is still lined solid with shops of all descriptions (no sporting goods shops our oldest reported) and there are still a few auction stores left although not nearly as many as we remembered back in a 1950 visit. The newest and cleanest resort area we visited along the Atlantic was at Ocean City, Md. ( a short drive from Washington ... Bobby Baker's famed Carousel motel is located here , , . there are motels and resorts spanning a couple of miles, right on the beach, which is some of the whitest and cleanest sand on the Eastern seaboard, Anyone planning an Eastern trip would be wise to break up the strenuous sightseeing with two or three days at this Mayland resort ... we Were sorry we did not have the time to do so. WE MIDWESTERNERS have always prided ourselves on our friendliness but you can't sell this fact to an Easterner or for that matter, to many midwesterners who have moved tp the East . . . "Midwest people are too stuffy and hyprocriti- cal," we were told more than once , . , they might be right. With an exception or two, most of the people we met in motels, taxis, service stations, etc, in the East were more friendly than you'll find in the midwest. Maybe we are too complacent because we have so much and they have so little! DURING OUR short stay in Now York, wo saw Algona pro football rookie Paul Seller's name in tho dailiei several times... ho signed with tho Now York Jets of the American Football League ana) they are expecting big things from him. Kennedy, Cindy and ^ Craig, and a son Steven Dale •;; born July 20. She was also with another son-in-law. and & under, and Joe Sttraub in 10-11 Wendy at Mr »LOCALS days attending the State Fair at Des Moines. They are using Mr. Black's camper. Mr. and Mrs. Vallo Naudain were at Webster, S. D. last week Wednesday to attend the wedding that evening in the Lutheran church at 8 o'clock of the latter's grandniece Josie Langager and Barry Welge. The grandmother of the bride is Mrs. Frank Suttle, of Tulsa, Okla. who will IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY IN THE MATTER Of THE ESTATE Or Mrs. J. D. Burns went to Des her husband who has been in the Veterans hospital for treatment the past few weeks. She and her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Stalling have been visited by her son James, wife and daughters, Jo Dee, Lynn and JOHN"!."SMITH Lea, of Magnolia, Ark. The Probote No ,,„ °<* e ™ d ' visitors stopped at Des Moines NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF *r^L. Tnnu^eAiihaf APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND to see James father. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Skill- TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED ^N ing are parents of an eight B£oS! E2ft 'VoTS!* f 1111 ?! 1 '* the Y0 ^sr e doy hC of by Au ng °usr.w:-th2 bom AUgUSt 20. She has been lost will and testament of John E. namwwi Qharnn Ixviiiw mnd Smith deceased bearing date of the namea snaron ixnuse anu 19th doy of April )96 y wos odmitted •the birthdate Of her to probate in the above named court lamac Riifnc ' °nd that Mary E. Jutting was appoint- JHJnca ouriia. ^ executor of said estate. Mrs. Carl Hanson has been', Notice is further given thot any visited by .her uncle and aunt, ^h/V^he s ±tricJ d c^ T^ Barbara Murphy spent three months in Chicago with net sister Mary and family. The Rofceft MeGrfcth's, Barbara ha* returned home for her *«• ior year alt Garriigan J. f. Milder, accompanied by Jean took the son Bill Whittemore golf club has! 91 shareholders VA Rihort director for the course, will be held this week m Blbert, director for We. (Tw§dgy])( w|th ^ eng ine er Davenport. WIT. l>eon- or thereafter be forever barred. aid 'has been with the road ^^ indebted Slid "Jo?. 1 a"," ' department there requsted to make immediate payment wars Mr Han«nn is *° the undbrsignedj, and arfeditors w years, far, rauiauu is having claims against soid estate shall HOW employed With a CrOSS, file them with the clerk of the above __.._*_. 4_««»( n _ onmnnn., named district court, os provided by OOUntry transfer Company, | OWi du | y authenticated for allowance Mr. and MrS. Virgil Rohlf, °nd unless so filed within six month:, . A1 _ w i; •_.' from the second publication of this former AlgOnanS nOW living notice (unless otherwise allowed or at Ankeny are parents of a :p° id ) suc " c|oim sna11 thereafter be SOn bom AUgUSt 15 and Weigh- ° r Dated thisVlst day of August, 1967. ing eight pounds and seven Executor 0( Ma0 i rdy EEstoJtuettin9 and a half ounces. He has been takoto, IOWQ named Kenneth James. Mrs. Address Bu£hQnan & McClure John KollaSCh, mother Of Mr, Attorney(s) for said Executor Rohlf is assisting in the care Address Al9 ° nG - |OWQ of the other children, Brian, Vicki Lynn and Michael. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miiltr have had as guests from last week Thursday till Tuesday Mrs. John Cox, of Aurora, >., and Mrs. Fred Mahoney, Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, lowa, Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 ,1967 Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance; Algona, lowo, Aug. 28 arvd Sept. 4, 1967 NOTICE OF REGULAR SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given to the qualified electors of the IOWA LAKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE, MERGED AREA III, in the Counties of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto, State of lowa, that the regular election of said School District will be held on the 11 th day of September, 1V67, at 12:00 Noon to 7:00 P.M. in each local' school district in the counties,,described above, , , , ,j • ,. ... A'Director will'be elected for, a term of - three years to succeed Jack Totman in District 3, whose term expires October 2, 1967, District 3 includes Harris-Lake Park Community, Spirit Lake Community, Arnolds Park Consolidated, Milford Community and Tcr- ril Community School Districts. A Director will be elected for o term of three years to succeed James Coffey in District 6, whose term expires October. 2, 1967. District 6 includes Emmetsburg Community, Graettinoer Community and West Bend Community School Districts. A Director shall be elected from each of the above director district* who shall be a resident of said district and shall be voted upon only by the qualified electors of his director district. You are further notified that at said regular election there will be submitted to the qualified electors of said school district to be by them voted upon the following propositions. Shall the Boord of Directors of the lowa Lakes Community College (Merged Area III), State of lowa, be authorized to levy an annual tax upon all of the taxable property within said merged area not to exceed a rate of three-fourths mill on the dollar in any one year for a period not to exceed five years, commencing with the levy for the year 1967 to be collected in 1968 tor the purpow of purchasing grounds, construction of buildings, payment of debts contracted for the construction of buildings, purchase of buildings and equipment for buildings, purchase of equipment for buildings, the acquisition of libraries and for the purpose of maintaining remodeling, improving, or expanding the area community college of the merged area? Said special tax proposition will be submitted to all qualified electors of soid school district. Said Area Community College Merged Area III in the Counties of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto, State of lowa, is composed of the territory hereinafter described in the following seven (7) Director Districts: DISTRICT I - Ringsted Community, Titonka Consolidated, Sweo City Community, Bancroft Independent, Sentral Community School, Ledyord Community, Lakota Consolidated Independent, Grant Consolidated, Greenwood Township, ond Ramsey Rural Independent School Districts. DISTRICT II - Estherville Community School District, Lincoln Cental, and Armstrong Community School Districts. DISTRICT ill - Harris-Lake Pork Community, Spirit Lake Community, Arnolds Pork Consolidated, Milford Community, and Ttorrill Community School Districts. DISTRICT IV - Spencer Community School District and Everly Community School District. DISTRICT V - Clay Central Community, Sioux Valley Community, South Clay, Ruthven Consolidated, Ayshire Consolidated, and Mallard Community School Districts. DISTRICT VI - Emmetsburg Community, Graettinger Community and West Bend Community School Districts. • DISTRICT VII - Algona Community, LuVerne Community and Burt Community School Districts. The voting precincts and the polling places in each of said voting places Wednesday Taesday Auguit 29th RKEDFOR The Mod Gambler' Wednesday GEORGE SANDERS TECHNICOLOR ROMA RECOMMENDED FOR THE MATURE Admission Adults $1.00 SHOWS START AT DUSK enroled for iui . year at St. Benedict Mr iiUder'f mother, Mrs. Fwnces Milder w«s visited at Iowa aty. Jean returned home Saturday. Judy/ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miujger his completed her nurse* training at Rochester, Minn., and after taking her State Board examination* August 29 will be at horn* on § brief vacation. She will then go back to Rochester where she will be an R.N. at 4ft* Methodist-Kahlef ho*. the ftm m o{ 8hirehoW er« has been submitted' to Jbe Farmers Home Administration d w * Mr. filbert stated that 191 shweholderV Sd been ic- of last house can be large enough to accommodate social such as wedding tturt ime. was needed) more: Ed Elbert, Harold Pop- A iSjs of the Bo«r4 of KVfc'Pafl^AJ^Krl: Directors for the proposed "?»' • ¥ " • Germann. Mr. and Mrs. . dari Fink, ailso of Kenne. The Kenne guests and Mrs. Miller went to West Bend to see the grotto and also spent a day at Sac City with Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Anderson. Mr. and Mr*, iarl ihipltr, James Shipler, Sr. and Mrs. Paul Ostwinkle attended the funeral services at FWrbault, Wis., tor Darwin, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shipler who was drowned August 16 at Mound City, Ml. Mr, and Mr*. Paul O»twink- THE FLAG IS FLYING IN MEMORY OF . Col. HiroU Mm Nsteon — World War 2 — U. S. Army EASTIAWN MEMORIAL GARDENS OFFICE — 708 S. Phillips, Algoni, Iowa 9 — 5 Monday through Friday Saturday 9- 12 A.M. . . Sunday l-* CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE WINNERS AT OUR FAIR BOOTH CINDY MERRYMAN ALGONA WINNER OF THE RADIO MRS. EUGENE CASEY LIVERMORE WINNER OF THE BLENDEX Lindsay Soft Water 520 South Phillips St. — Algona, Iowa ••••••••••••o)a)a)0)0)«0)«««*0)0)0)«0)o)«»0)o)«0)0)0)0)0)o) CIRCLES? WHERE—WHEN — WHY—WHAT — HOW TO INSURE? These questions can keep you pretty confused. WE CAN SET YOU STRAWHT! Phoie 295-2735 INSURANCE MENGY 109 N. M***«***tMtM****M**t*** Alton*, tow

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