Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1967 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1967
Page 4
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Top tractor performances H %»•?*••' A POCAHONTAS MAN, Lylc Whcatlcy, shown with his wife above, won the Class "D" (up to 15,000 pounds) event in the tractor pulling contest at the Kossuth County Fair last Wednesday night before a crowd of 1,700 persons. Other winners were George A. Simon, Rolfe, Class A (under 6,000); Harold Boekelman, Britt, Class B (up to 9,000 pounds); and Laverne Larson, Armstrong, Class C (up to 12,000 pounds). The first woman ever to enter the contest at the Fair here, Mrs. Lyle Wheatley, wife of the Class D winner, placed second in the Class C event. Area entrants who placed in the first four were Paul Thoreson, Swea City, 3rd, and Gerald Erpelding, Whittemore, 4th (Class A); Jerry Schmidt, Ottoscn, 2nd; Joe Eisele, Elmore, 3rd; and Gerald Langerman, Fenton, 4th (Class B, Roger Farland, Swea City, 3rd (Class C>, and Dean Dodds, Algona, 2nd; Joe Buscher, Algona, 3rd, (Class D). Snack at Fair IP YOU WANT to know what makes a fair good, just ask Kurt Vitzthum, 11, of Whittemore. He'll tell you the biggest delight at the Fair is a big, munching bite from a freshly made carameled apple. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. NIHHMHIMIMMHIMMUMHIMIHII MHMMHIMHtlHMMIHIIIMIIIIMIMHHMMMIHIIMMIHHHIIIHtlMMIl Oral vaccine to be given at Bancroft Plans are. well underway for the polio imnuini/alion clinic, to be held at Bancroft on Saliir- daq, Aug. 2(i from 1 In 'I o'clock. The Bancroft Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of tho clinic, state that all persons who have been, immunized against polio more.than two years at-" should now receive a booster dose of the oral polio vaccine. Sabin oral polio vaccine, the newest form of immunixation against polio, is the simplest form of imnuini/alion yet devised, This liquid vaccine i-an be mixed with distilled water and drank. However, the wonderful modern protection is only effective if it is used. According to surveys conducted in four Iowa counties in 1064. over one million lowans are not currently protected against polio. All ages can and should be immunized against polio my- elilis. Although the disease has usually attacked children and young adults, according to the Iowa State Department of Health it is also a potential hazard for older persons. Iowa's age distribution of eases has ranged from ten days to 78 years old. Since older age groups can act as carriers of the disease, without actually being ill themselves, it is important that they too be immunized. The Iowa Stale Department of Health states that more people in Iowa are immunized against poliomyelitis than for any other preventable disease, due to community educational campaigns and mass clinics. However, virtually everyone should be immunized to insure our community against even one needless case of polio. Plan now to take your entire family to the polio clinic in Bancroft. If you have never been immunized for polio, you must receive the second dose of the vaccine to obtain adequate protection. If you have been previously immunized against polio, one dose of oral polio vaccine will strengthen your protection. Q. Where will the clinic be held. •HMtlHMMMHmitllHMIHIMmiHHIHIIIWHIIMHHItnHlttlHHIIMMIMI A. Bancroft Legion Clubrooms. Q. What will the vaccine cost? A. 50c. pre-schoolers i'rcc by registering with secretary at the door. Q. Why do we need booster? A. Research has proven that as time progresses, the anti-bodies which the vaccine builds slowly diminishes. The boosters build these antibodies back and protect us. Q. How IOIIR after a person takes the vaccine docs it become effective in providing immunity? A. From two to three weeks. Q. Does this vaccine provide protection against all types of polio? A. Yes, There are three types of polio known to medical science, and protection' against'all throe, typps, is included in the oral vaccine., '••< " ,'••:••.&*?' Q. Wli.v is it necessary to take the vaccine now, when we do not have any incidence of polio in this area? A. Experts feel that it is better to conduct a program like this before an epidemic strikes than wait until it is here. Q. If my child has a cold will he receive the vaccine? A. Yes, unless the cold is a severe one or unless it is accompanied by a fever. 1C in doubt, ask your doctor. Q. How often should I have a a polio booster? A. You should have a polio booster every three to five years. Mrs. Tibodeau services held Mrs. O. II. Tibodeau, 82, of Winnebago, Minn., mother of Mrs. Marjorie Nurre of Bancroft, died Friday morning Aug. 18 while asleep, The funeral Mass was held at 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening with burial on Monday morning. Six grandsons served as pallbearers including Denny and Larry Nurre of Bancroft. Survivors are seven children, 51 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. Mrs. Nurre and family attended services on Sunday and Monday in Winnebago. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vaske attended the Mass on Sunday night and Mr. and Mrs, Maurice Bernhard were present for burial services Monday. John Cordes : returns from Peace Corps John Cordes, son of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Cdrites, l^kott, returned to the United States Sunday, August 13, after twA ' years as a Peace Corp* ^Volunteer in India . Mr. Cordes began his tenure . in the 'Peace Corps. In Jur* 1965. During ; the two years; 'he Spent three ''rnonths in Annapolis, Maryland in an in* •tensive training program' .which introduced him lo ; the Various facets of Indian culture, history, geography, 'religion, politics, -economics, and social institutions. He , was also extensively L trained ;m Hindi, the major north Indian language,, and in the psychology and techniques of rural, community development.' •'•''. : • ' ' After a short, home leave he and. his fellow- volunteers went overseas, but f • were unable to enter', India immediately, because of the 1065 Indo-Pakistani conflict. In order to give the volunteers both a practical and , educational experience, they were' placed on various agricul- , •lural Kibbutzim in Israel. Dur- 1 ing the two months they spent in Israel, ample time was allowed for extended travel in the Holy Land and. for the further development of their new skills. Finally in November 1965 peaceful conditions returned to the subcontinent and John's group was allowed to eniter India. A : one-week "in-couhtry" orientation preceeded his first trip to. Kota and his new. home for the next 19, months. Kota is a small city in the, desert .state of Ra'jasthan in nortM-west India. ' ,'••' While in India ..John taught economics and physical education in the local college, worked with neighborhood youth , clubs and helped to establish e poultry industry and cooperative association. He was also granted considerable vacation time and was able to see : all of India and its environs. In early June of this year John's tour in India ended. Af- , ten his termination had been processed he spent nearly three months touring the middle East and Europe before arriving at home, ; /••_ John said that hfe would do it again, and .'described) his two years in Ithe. Peace Corps as the best of. his life. They'. [h^Ve given him many opportunities to learn t ,to understand, Ad travel. :,ahd to" develop, .persbjially. He said he w.ould : recommend the Peace Corps to . anyone who is looking for a challenge ' and an insight into the world of the not so developed countries. ;It can be frustrating "and is 'most- 'often challenging, but the: benefits are multifarious and greatly exceed the sacrifices,' Lakolansback from Germany Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kardoes and daughters, Ingr.id arid Gertrude returned Friday, Aug. 18 from a three weeks trip to Germany, This was their first '-visit back to their homelands since coming to the states, Mr, and Mrs;', Fred -Stratmann of Buffalo Center •took them to' Minneapolis, where they took; Northwestern Airlines ..to New. York. At the ' Kennedy .''Airpor ; t • they took the Lufthiiisa' to the airpoi-^ ,in -. Amsterdam. A train "..ride : .. and.,.;.^ taxi took them to the horn.e of Anton's .parents,.. Mr,, and Mrij.' Gerhard Kardoes Sr, 6f feunder- hammrich. '. . ••-.' '. From there, they -^visited at the home 'of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Artur "Widera .of Ditz- umerrerlast. Most of their vacation' time /was spent :in this area with friends and 'relatives. Other relatives came frpm other towns to see them w.hile they were : there. Last Friday they returned to Minneapolis by jet and were brought home by Eunice Murra of Buffalo Center. Scholarship William biers, son of Mr. and Mrs, George Diets of Bancroft has been awarded a $700 Health Professions [Scholarship for study at the •University of Iowa during the coming academic year. The award is made to students preparing 'as nurses, doctors and pharmacists. Dicrs, a 1964 graduate of St. John's of Bancroft will be .a junior in the College of Pharmacy at the University this fall. He has been employed at Honsbruch Drug in Algona this summer. Service* held Tuesday tor L Services were held Tuesday id 2 p.m. at Inunanud Lutheran Church, Lotts Creek for tan wichtendohi, 22, who died August 19 at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge. The Rev. A. E. Vehling of. Adafced at the ceremony, and burial was in the Letts Creek Cemetery. The McCuUough Funeral Chapel WM in charge. Ctoketoearers were Marian Leininger, Bert Seely, Marvin * Hading, Danel Wiohtendahl, Myron Barker, and David Pot' mtz. Leon Arthur Wichtendahl was born February 21, 1945 tat Whittcmore, the son of the Wilmar WiditendahLs. Surviving are his parents, m « a* J*i. <& SWtei*. Mf& Kistln \iTnu «v»rc/ Van How, Mtntelfcowft and 4 rwphew and niece Daniel and frfee Van Mow H« *•§ (** cttfed in <teath by i HHef, Janice. He «duated from Sentfal High School M IMS and had been «mployed for tt*R.P*st 2^ yeifi at the Consolidated Coop OMUntry, WNttemorc. Seven ww teachers hired at Bawoft BANCROFT - A total of seven new teachers have been hired by Bancroft's two schools for the coming school year. Naw teachers at St. John's school are Sister Elizabeth Cummlngs, English, who has taught at Waterloo; Father Mer- T%I Hdttl ffo« Who Wtil also te pastor it Led* yard pallid; Mf». Htttlltohfi? froffi OraMdAi ilfst gfadtoiMfa Uona H*lv*f»tm (fom Ferrtort, 7th grade and Sl«*r Lbls Moussl frofil Slott* City, 8tti gfade* - '.'•:,'.,. Public school teachefs an Mrs. iafnes Va§le utd Mrs. deorfe Rockier; both of Bancroft, parutlmc klndergtrten teachers, •INCD ON OVIULOAO Arnoldo Anzaldua pleaded guilty to a cfarge of having 4460 Mb*. overwelgM. on truck axles, and WM fined |157 in district court. Plant! The unusual plants that have been discovered around Iowa Which have "tomatoes" formed on potato vines, as Were found in the garden of 'Mrs, George Conklin, Independence, are actually potato seed pods, A horticulturist report^ ed these seed pods if planted will grow new vines. SUPER STOCK CAR RACING LAST RACE - SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP Friday, August 2Slh $1000 PURSE-POWDER PUFF RACE TIME THAIS FUST lACf 9P.M. ADULTS $1,26 CHILDREN UNDER 12 KOSSUTH SPEEDWAY ALGONA IOWA leander Menke installed Tuesday Leander Menke of Swea Ci- f'ty, member of St. John's Father Hunt Council of Knights of Columbus of Bancroft was installed as Faithful Navigator at a meeting of Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus in Emmetsburg Tuesday night, Aug. 15. Other officers installed were, Captain, Isidore Neppl of Estherville; Pilot, Fred' Montag of -West Bend; Admiral, Lawrence 'Brennarv of Emmetsburg; Comptroller, Cyril Bormann of Estherville; Scribe, Leonard Sernett of Laurens; 'Sentinels, Ray Montag of West Bend and Edward Richter of Bancroft. Elect Langerman to elevator board Ledyard: Marcus Langerman was elected to succeed Engelbart Logemann as a director of the Farmers Cooperative Company at their annual meeting held on Wednesday evening. Door prizes went to Paul Trenary who won the ice cream freezer; Arden Kramersrheier, the Cooling jug; Gail Olthoff, th'e set of wrenches; and Hubert Govern the transistor radio. i Four hundred eighty five members and wives attended tfie dinner served by the Matz- rier-Estle American Legion and Auxiliary in the school dining room preceding the meeting. Open House for bride-to-be j Ledyard: There will be an open house bridal shower in honor of Miss Petrea Thoreson at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Swea City Thursday night, August 24 at 8:00.. ,. Alj friends and relatives are invited to attend. Miss Thoreson will become the bride of Jon DeBoer, son of Supt. and Mrs, Gilbert DoBoer on August 27. CUSTOM FARM SERVICES, INC. Phone 928-2610 Titonka, Iowa A compUt* one-stop fertiliitr c*nt«r for • Prescription fertilizers—Bulk or bagged. • Complete Spreader and delivery service. • Anhydrous Ammonia and Nitrogen Solutions. ' r; " • Soil testing and agronomic assistance. CPS Manager Phillip Pftffor Invites You to Drop In Thit now facility has everything you nood for officiont and convenient fertilizer application. C. P. S. products and services can help you produce bigger crops, better crops. And Phillip Pfeffer is ready to help you with guidance and advice on the fertilizers and management methods best suited to your needs. Come in soon. CUSTOM FARM SERVICES Phone 928-2610 Titonkr, Iowa on .By Mat Mcltan The Ronald Sabios and six of their children drove to Rudolph, Wis,, .Saturday and were weekend visitors of Mrs. Sabin's parents, the, Erwin Blivens. They returned Sunday evening., Terry and Marsha, another son and daughter of the Ronald Sabins, : stayed with their grandmother, Mrs. Hazel Sabin. : ; A daughter was born to the Dewey Skillings, Algona, Sunday at St. Ann hospital was named Sharon Louise and weighed 8 Ibs. 8 ojs. Sharon Louise has four brothers and four sisters. Paternal grandparents are the Robert Skillings of *hjs area and maternal grandparents are the Jim Burns, Algowa. Randy and Mike Shilling are staying with their grandp^reiits, t% Robert Skillings. DEALIN' WILD! Until all 1967 Ranblm and OldsmbiUt an COM Ma an "fcal- in' wiir lo claar out all 1967 stock. Special discounts on the base price of sorno cars of up to $500 plus liberal trade allowances. Dan'tbanitMbyolliaroffan, Sbaplbafcal art m DMIt last! WH1UN F, DM - TOM FRMKLI WUHAN 0, DAU atywrtarviM DAU'S GARAGE m»i, Drip AljoM, lowi PNWIIMM4 FWVVVWV ^V^

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