The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APR11- 0, 1046 MIWB •». WIT. rWof ent of, by, secret 'police, '"controlled «tun canter MTMC* ii Ste per week, or Me Mr mmtti By ; n*Jl. within • radtM « *» MtM. MUM >v . f*JM for *i moothi, HM (or OWN ouUld* M mil* MM, «1MO ia •dnae*. ' • '• • ..... '• '• Language and Meaning -'.'. One of the fundamental difflcut- tfea in the troubled sphere of inter- n|itionai relations is, of course, the latck,;o£ :a common, interpretatioii-. -of ~tK« same', words;.by' .different {nations .-arid /gbyerivrrients. It,'- is;/'p^f^a.'pR;'~ey.en jiipr* ; troublesome .than" is ; thfe 'lack '.(if \ a^Qriimoii-Jariguage. ":,,.«..:.; •' .1. : ' ••-.'• £.T^e, example of Uiis ./iif ficuHy. ttya't toiney.:most • readily to s min*l -Jhe . varying conception of the word •:''democracy.' 1 .' The' American'.an<V ; .British! :defimtipn is ,best .and rnogt faniously '•expressed .in. the last'seiiteiice; of .1<U,V coin's Gettysburg Address. TO ihe RUH- Vstans, however, "democrcx'.', is gov^rii- and . for : the' party—with ': press', o'ne- , p&rty 'elections, and 'so on.; .['['.'•'•' : L' 'But: there are other . differencOH. Tate,. for example, the matter : of "equality • among nations." From • the evidence at hand, it would seem that among the great powers America' ami Britain, in particular, construe',. Uie phrase to mean'that sniull nation^ have C ri'ght' tib be heard, to resent being lilished around, to choose their own form: of • :government .'in-free' 1 elections,: and, having choscii that form of "government, to be granted- equality., of sovereign .standing among the" United Nations. ,'•••* '.'..' ',•"•' •::' •'I It would also seem from,recent'evi- dence , ; that Russia considers v''ecjuai|ty among nations" to mean "an • 'equally free hand; among tiie- powerful, to do about'as they please,. '/..' v At least, ."equality among h'^-been invoked in : unofficial- corn' P}*MritS'from Moscow -in protect; against the fact that,'in efiect, Britain niain- ta'ins armed forces in the £fear, ; ,Middle,' sind Far East, and the -United States -Jyjep.s troops in Chiria, u Iceland; and elsewhere/yet Russia is not ^considered justified in doing the sarne' thing' iri Meanwhile, it can be pointed out that, in some instances, American and British forces arc present on foreign soil at the'request of that foreign nation's duly constituted and recognized government. In no case are they present in violation of a treaty agreement to withdraw, and despite a recognized government's protest of their presence to the United Nations. rjut protests and excuses' can lead to no solution in an ini£rnatk>jial organization without real legal power, umiy.lhanku to weakening compromises, without any real strength to uct against the Big Five. Lacking legal teeth,' the United 'Nations can depend only on good will for its good work. And good will .seems to be an unhappily scarce commodity in the international market these days. You Take What You Can Get These Days ,-*r«N" Worth-Whi le Gesture ^; • Over ill BlyUievllle, "uncle'' John" ;Wtuslpw . served' the conjres'itlon or the First "Baptist Church for 30,years as church janitor.;' ' • ' '.He,-was "80-|ilus-years-old • vyhen he died tills week. II liail always been his 'dream that when life endul that he could be burled iroin "his cllurch." HI* "while folks" will cause that ill-cam lo come Iruc lodny. The Rev. E. c. Brown, paslor, will conduct the service;'T*ie" deacons will serve as "Uncle John's" .honorary pallbearers. Mis friends, within un'd without"'the- conKi-eKutlon, will :be there. Loyalty, good character, fullhful service will Ihiis be recognized Ui tin appropriately uffeclloiuit* maiuier. Such sincere gcsuires ai'c not unusual In the South. Rather tve they to common th«t. The.. Conunerclnl Ap|>eul rarely comments'' - i>. .-in:'. , "Uncje Joh"" Winslow's passing;, however, al- fards timely opportunity to point out that (lie ' Blythevllic . ttlneral of n Negro i-'lnireh-'.Janitor ' today symbolizes the true feeling of th*. souUti toward lhe Negro contains more figments' of yenulne mclal good will thun'the loiig-haired . • theorists of olliai pans ever thought'about'."'..; .'.'it Isn't about that, though, that -our Blythe- \llle friends will be thinking. They'll merely : be, ' burying someone I hey liked uul : who., served- triftrh well, nnd without worrying about what someone else thinks. -And (here's a. sermon uiid H lesson in that, too, for those who think that exploitation for seHinh or subversive ends comes Under the heading of .racial relationship. ; ...'.•'-,. ; -. . -VTHE , '£'. Perhaps the western Hive not lived up to. the.i«ttje^ :1 6r- 1 *I>ir't; bfr their 'ideal of equality . ijrjpnjf r' nations. Surely, the world will .be--*, happier and more peaceful ' plac<j L , WhenVaH .5 foreign troops are with'drawh , :fVohY cyfery country 1 . : ' ; :.;--.•.•-.•••.'..•;- * IN HOLLYWOOD. in' LKSKINJ: JOHNSON NKA Stuff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April 5. INEAl — England WJinls JOiinetle MacIJonaUt so badly for concert appearances thai a British good-will emissary tins arrived in Hollywood lo discuss lhe plan personally with her.:. Hie Bob Burns and his multiple hobbies will be pictured in a Pill-amount short subject, "Unusual Occupations." Ct:servalion by Evelyn Ankers on fins signed by PRO for lhe lead In "Queen of lUirk'Kcme": "I've been taking blimps for years in pictures. Now I crm give some.". penchant for scrambling words... Director Mitch I-cisen doesn't have to worry about hotel uceomoUui?J»s in New York, He lins n solid sold kev guiiriinlecd lo o))en tlie front door of the £v. Heeis "forever." Well, hp can sleep In the lobby, can't he? Nominated as possessing the sweetest smile on tlic screen—Joan Caulfidd.. .Since Perry Como came In second to the Groaner on tlie Billboarri poll. 20lh C«iHury-Fox is planning 13 break out in a rash of Commo musicals. Add Runoiis Sayiiips: "A bc.iu- liful chassis Is a handicap in Hol- That much discussed .sequence In j lywood"- Lyim liari.. .Add sights: "The Outlaw," in which Jane Rus-1 Lucille nail and Uesi Anv.ix liypno- tell nurses Jack licutcl through chill, has prompted Navy medical personnel at Great Lakes lo christen her "Miss Sulfanllamidc of )'J4U." 'Hie Ritz Brothers will be starred on Hrondwny this fall in a musical tilled "I'll Tell the World.".-. There's ail ironic twist to Lhe casting of Lionel 13arrymore as FDft i in M-G-M's "The BeBinning or the j End. Lionel was n sleadfast op- Joncnt or Uic Roosevelt policies nd administration. Judy Garland will go clrainullc Ijain, for her first picture since he birth of her daughter. Liza. The Him will be "Forever.".. .Pro- nised and hoped for: Hetty ifnt- on's punching a lion in tlie nose "The Perils of Pauline." M.I, FOKC1VEN AT LAST? The feud must be over. A na- ionul maKuziue ^WASHINGTON COLUMN G.O.P. Operation Crossroads SO THEY SAY Air defenses for the United Slates far. su- • prior to those which prevail In Germany' would still leave .Amertcan Industries "vuiner- »ble; — Oil Division report^ United States £tra- v Bombintf Survey. ... v ,-.•:':'•'• ? ; ' ' ' No nallon-statc' Is toilay strong p enou&h, •: cpvereign enoiisii, to fulfill the purpose 'for .; which it was set up— to protect .Its citizens!— . Rollins College Scienllfic Conference 'report. : '* * * - . ' : ' Russia's whole foreign policy, as I, is' founded oii>a' desire for security.— President Eduard Benes -ol Czechoslovakia. . ' • byHozeJ Heidergott ^•^^^•^^^^F • -- • .C^r • ^"^ .V^ ^ '^^ -^r^ t W^W^V\:<piinfrti*i *i-n«js!uH^Co. '• \ '_•• -.^|r'..;i>uitaiijiCTi'ty XKA'fatKyicE. INC.) ANN-went.eutside, and Walked rr- 'aroMrTa to' the new 'VSrig; whicKJwit irowinf impresjiveiy ' "Is"-Mr. Hansen Kound?" ihe askcSl tive first workman ihe encountered. . • ' "Just'lelt," he said, then railed his Tyoice, "Her,'. Harisen! Mis' j Drake wanti 16 fee you!" "CfiminB." jelled a voice frotn the road. Ann sauntered dawn the path to meet him. "Good morning. Mrs. Crdnt' How'does it look to you?" h« (reeted her-pleasantly. Mr. Hansen: was a big blond man. He had' :been to .evllege, and to Ann was distinguiibtd from hie worknuo, likewise big blond men, for the .most part, by more careful enun: ciation and a bhie serge suit. "It look* grand, Mr. Han**n," Ann smiled at him. "And now that you're doing that so well, 1 wonder, if you'll do something else for me—" Suspicion clouded Mr. Haasea's clear blue eyes. "Now listen, Mrs. Drake, if it's about that Pete Carpello—" dewtr of you, Mr. Han- Ann crowed. Then her. t Ml a coaxing tonel "He needs a Job so twdly.'and I'm sure be »o»t drkrk any more—-at leart not,while he's working—' , Mrs. Drake, that' guy's Be can -work •nough, drunk or sober, but he's • mean .little nun, and I'm not •oing to have • bim start carving on any of my »>od gjt».' her* ope day 'a >ke a little "After all, T'tliiilKjyou're .1 ab«urd," : Ann said, you admit tljat Pete is a good carpenter— ". "None better," he admitted reluctantly. ' "He's a cabinet-maker . • "Well, we need food carpenters for all thovc built-ia features dwt't.-tvc?" AMI Mid triumphantly. •', "Come ': oil,' Mr. Hansen— furdy your men are Kg enough lo take, car* of themselves." Ii her voice was a trifle scornful, it .what she intended. Pete CarpeUo w*g such a Uttle man! "Ok, ail right," -Mr. Hansen said, with a small gesture of resig natiorf. "I " suppose there's no boo* : .i* taking it out on his -wife and kids, because he's an unrul) gent. You win—I'll take him on.' "Thanks—you're a pal," Ann teamed at him. ' They (Urted down the path to- Mr. Drake comin Hansen inquired so Mn yet. It ail de going down thi « if (berc's a lette 'When'g back?" Mr. ciaWy. • . ; "r»a,hot i pends. I'm to i (roasbinv'* Haosen*'Ann nsproattied him. "I M-JMU it wouMnH k« atttt to h»rt -Mm -working her*. : HU wia*^7*ur UuMMrto. isn't (her 1 , Ann nodded:' , "But what does Ittt <kM» *»,«V wi» MV - , I ' r*e!i, he gets screwy idea*, sad _ 'FHXBX wat a letter. Ann put , in Kor pocket, and (lanced ove tbe teat interesting Bull on her way-back to tbe house. She shed her jacket, then curled up in a bi chair in the library to read Colin letter. It wasnt long— h* wrote pertuia* kalf a dez*a> lines each day,' and pwted the total when 1 went down to the ranger static t» watt lor her weekly letter. H wai'-fettint "along so well no angel ihe likes lo make •rat at a W« gatt ktkto' «ur ak I wall M Hat Mtat ••• ican't Utarne bar much; I frightened him— it couldn't when it went so easily. loved her very much. -Aftaj Juacb, AAD dtiMad, ratber afetwAr for her propOMd walk tb* wood*, in a frivolous gown ndy-striped green «nd wVut*, i.lftqn. She liked the >r|(y H :out- ', ried her slender"bpd^yl'' ded she should. nfake the .jirvost her -clothes befoife. srie'had to i art v wearlng smocks^ She sounlercd, >Vlth . _,... Uking around Her : jpy£ntiy, doliyit le wooded path'- th'at'l^d' to the • lore. H was >'a,'beautiful, "day,' lear and sunny, and she fill.con- entcd and full of w> '.§*>«' vas ' perched precarioy'sly: on'a' ail fence, her fuH chirfon skirt' raped gracefully about Her, when he snw Jock coming down the ath. He looked fit, In trie sttn- ght, tall and handsome in hie rown tweeds. "Hullo, beautiful!" e shouted at her. She responded -warmly, in spite f herself. Jock was so very good look at! She hadn't seen him or some months—not since h* nd Nina had atayed overnight t their house—and was disgusted at the ridiculous way her heart ad acted. It thumped alarmingly at the very sight of him. Jock •was married, and she w»s married —she musn't lose sight of those wo very important facts. He stood beside her, and flung an arm carelessly about her waist, •hich gave her a further twinge of uneasiness. For Colin was so far away, and Jock so very close. It's a beautiful day, isn't It? I was driving through, and thought I'd stop off to see you. Bnmhllde >r somebody—told me you'd taken this path." v That was Helga—my laundress." 'Oh? It's been an awfully long lime, Ann. In spite of the unpromising way our last Interview ended, we shouldn't let such a long time go by without seeing each other. It ain't right!" He smiled a litUe crookedly, and turned lo look into her face. Her voice was carefully casual ai she answered him. "There isn't much reason for our meeting, ii there, Joek? In fact, it's better that we don't I think. For after all, we know—even though we hate to admit it—that friendship simply isn't possible, when you've been in lov« nctee." "And who in hell said anything about friendship?" Jock inquired rpugtly. (T* B BY PETER EOSON J,WMhlntUm Cerrnpondrnt WASHINGTON, April 5. <NEA> -iThe Republican National Committee nnd lh e American Retail Ftjderallon held meetings in ndjoin- Ing, rooms at Washington's Hots}. Sutler Monday. In a tliird, sniullef. rooni, t the. Gridiron Club was holdr ia« a'reiiearsul for Us next show. But th1_s couldn't be jury more .satirical, ihati the nets put 011 by Lhe Republicans .and retailers. : • It vrasn'L-.a conspiracy, but both the • ,fteuiiblican.i and the retailers 'to the same conclusion on Thut's;light.. They.. w,«re. UotJC. t' It. Th'c vclnUei's were n'TM* 1 Xle niore broaclminded, however/Because they Invlleu 1 Chester Bowles lo come tn nnd give hLs side of the story before criticizing his pro- Brahi. But when Bowles asked lhe retailers lo keep their shirts on, ii,; voice from the audience sanE out-"We .haven't got nny." That was; the payoff. - The 'Republicans also elected n new '. nftlioual chairman, congressman <B.: (for Brazlllal Carrol Recce of .Tennessee, to succeed Herbert jrownell, Jr. But if the choice hnd been [up-, to the retailers, it proli- fttjly wouldn't have been any different and. couldn't have been nori3 sutisiactory. Either or the other,two candidates, ex-Sen. John 1 3ariaher of Connecticut and John i-Hahes of New York, would have- >een equally ofcay. It 'was n field day for conservatism. . NORTH CAKOI.INA the issue should- be clearly, drawn. Giro devotees with a SIK•i I ing rhumba. DON'T KUSTLl: THE IJV.STI-F. For n scene in "Inside Job," Ann Rutherford uears an evening iiO'.vu of heavy ivory satin, with a bustle of fabric flowers. Set pranksters Preston Foster and Alan Curtis scm lo the prop department for a siK" which they hung on the bustle. H read "Please don't pick the flowers." Marilyn Maxwell and Peter Lmv- ford have discovered each other... Ray Milland has nothmi; to do with tlm new Irving Uerlin tune- just recorded by Dinah Shore. "I Got .Lost." Maureen O'Hnrn asxcd Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.. for an autograph"! picture of himscll to hang in her dressing room on the ^et of "Sinbad the Sailor." Dons sifted her twin 1 with u full-puec colored mug;v/,inc advertisement, framed, of a Vir- ayout on Hctte Davis and joati Crawford.. .Joan, by the way. isjginia ham. on a protein, weight-maintaining Pat O'Brien. recaUini diet, and she brings her own steaks [he enlisted ind salad dressing to ,the studio commissary. The funniest blow-ups heard on Hollywood sets are those of Fred MacMiUTay, who suffers from a lhe time in the Navy wilh his pal, spencer Tracy, at (he ripe: age ol 17, tossed off this line—-"We sailed the seven sprees." U. S. Senator Total U.S. wheat supplies left fo export on Jan. 1 after deducting domestic needs up lo June 30 and a carry-over of 115,000,000 bushels, vas 225.000,000 bushels. llaly has more "miles of electrified lines than any other country in the world. Business Opportunity! Due to the fact that we have no one *o manage onr Appliance Store we offer to sell the business and lease (he building—or will sell an interest 'in it tn person that is capable of managing and operating it. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Phone 861 HORIZONTAL 3,5 Pictured U. S. senator 11 Pressed 13 New Zealand town 15 Accomplish 16 Delicately 18 Senior (al>.) 19 Likely 21 Ebb 22 Greek letter 23 Pay attention 22 Australian '25 Leave out ostrich 26 Greek theater 24 Medical 28 Armistice amounts 29 Compass point 25 Declaim 7 Christmas 8 Place 9 Onward 10 Rural 11 He represents 12 Expire 14 Angry 17 North Carolina (no.) 20 Golf mound ADOPTS G. O. P. Haiies was a darkhorse candidate, nominated by Sinclair Weeks of Massachusetts, but he ran a good :hlrd: He. was born in North Carolina ' nritl .cast his first vote for Woodfow Wilson in 1916. Four yenvs later'lie 'switched to Harding. He llveV'ih'New York now. Is registered fa's : a Republican and tlie G. O. P.'claims, him as one of Its own. Among the seconding speeches, Kentucky's young committeemnn Joue'tl Ross Todd made an impassioned plea that the Republicans "should get the Democratic con- ffvatlves like Hanes In here—the lieople who feel the way we do in (he National Commiltee." That was probably lhe keynolc of - lhe whole meeting. A bid for cons.ervalive support.. Klines' 1 might have had a chancei[ at this point Harrison Epranglcr of Iowa had not asked innocently it Hanes wasn't the man Roosevelt had once appointed to the S.K.C. and an assisUnt-secrctapyshlp ,,f the Treasury, and if Charles A. Jonas of North Carolina had not risen to remark that Hanes had never been known as anything but a Democrat In North Carolina. Then it was that Mrs. Ilerth.i D. Baur of Illinois, iu a gorgeous bis red flower-covered picture hat, got up and said. "Lei's open the windows. The temperature in here is about 80 degrees " But it was when the Republicans gol lulo their platform consideration that .they really showed how conservatil! they were going to be In the coming campaign, Last December the Republicans met in Chicago and adopted an interim platform which was a masterpiece of gcner»Ult«s. They also npno'ml- ed a seven-man committee, chnir- nianed by Barak T. Matlhiely of Missouri, to lix II up good. Matttngly made his report at the Washington meeting. Nobody paid much alttnUon while il was being ready, but the effect was that everybody thought th« platform Wiis dandy. Only recommendation was that they make il even stronger lor conservation. Maltlngly closed with a ringing statement that the American people wera entitled to a choice "between the (Truman) ad- miuUtratlOn policy and the American form of government." He said FOR SALE! 16 Gal. Corrugated Steel Culverts in 1G" Lengths with Connecting Rands. They're Lighter than Concrete, Easier Install and Will Last a Lifetime. to CALL OR WRITE— LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. 30 Each (ab.) 31 Property 34 Garret 30 In addition 39 Comforl 40 Fastener 41 Simmered 47 Note oi Gitido's scnle 48 Part of "be" 40 Surprises PI While 52 Permitting 54 Cat-like 56 Voracious fish Cpl.) 57 Bivalent VERTICAL 1 Fumbled 2 Behold! 3 Finish '. Close K Carry (cc.ll.) 6 Dry 27 Profit 25 Beverage 31 Dismay 32 Smears 33 Solar disc 35 To (Scot.) 3fl Isolated land 37 Stop 41 Mix 42 Armored tractor 43 Work units 44 Weight (ab.) 45 Sprite 46 Act 49 Station (ab.) 50 Furtive 53 Symbol for thoron 55 Indian army (.ib.) i T. )ur Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie Refrigeration Service! Phone 415 We hav« on Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; also Electric Motor Service. We alco carry a complete stock of New Parti for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main Sf, Blytfieville,, Ark. Radio Service "Pi«" Anpi Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip FrH Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. •Ruby Strollers — Jumper Swings Presto -I CJiiHvl Coolsevs Premium Vacuum Cleaners Phonograph Records and Accessories Fans—attic, \virulow, pedestal, and table types.. Gut Our Way ByJ. R. Williams Adams Appliance Co. r Inc. j. w. *«••», Her. Successors (o Hare/away Appliance Co., /nc. Phone 2071 20€-08 W«st Main NO. DiSM'T \ / WA.W- 1E TURMED IT H WRITE 3VEE TC\ A P D.REC W HE " OV COLL ACENCYASO WRITE ' HE'S A MULT IA BIO, RU:H BOSIMES-: TSASM SHOP LAWYFP-3 KIW GIT VOLI I WTO WOR.S!? MESSfcS- TMAKJ A RE ; AL ONE KIM C-l sou our or-/ V VE'S TOLO HIM FIVE TIM6G TH' fiUY IS A MILLIOMAIRE.... AN}' ME DIDM'T E HIS MOJE GUFF PROM SHOP LAWYERS.' ) -TT

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