Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 24, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1896
Page 3
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!» •p£i££ibM>:« •«»"W»'.V •' How Is It Possible? •"-• ~ , •*.•••?•.,"-*• Ton can't w« how mlnco moat. .c»n t*« («nougji'for . _ can't w« how mlnco moat. M good uur m»dc »thom«.c»n t*«old .for 10 coata * ' pies) f he;Reasott's Many carloads of the materials ml for, None ; Snch Mince '-.Meat ore bought nt one time, at first "hands. All the paring, chop| ping, seeding, " stemming and • deauing are done by perfected I machinery. Such immense I quantities arc sold that a mite of profit on each package of NONESUCH MINCE MEAT h **tnn«h All iworti Hit H.' cnotign. Bml ftt.itMfoa 1 All trooeti nil It, 1UHH» mil iddron and mention this j wo will m»ll you froo * ultr humorous author* jou ftco • b/ ono uf ihu , molt J jrcnBi:Lt-8oi'iz CO., ITIUCCD,JJ-J- CATARRH For Your Protection. Wo positively stato that tMi remedy foes not contain niercurj or any otlier Injurious dnig. ELY'-S bREAM BALM Cleanses tho Nnsul Pas- sanss.allnys Inilamnm- tiou, heals and protects thP membruna irom If senses "1 taste una sme I IT WILL CURE. Sump e» IOJ, riTATE NATIONAL BANK L IOANSPOKT, IND.I • «2OO.OOO j. F. Johmon. Prertdent. 8 W. Ullery. Vlc« Pr«Hd«nt H. J. Heltbdnk. Ca»W«r. f. F. Johnson. D B R W???lS!. J. T. Elliott w. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. BUT and •"'! Government b«uda. •only or. penionftl .ecurtty and^ c Si I»«ue special certlflcates ot depprtti Klrtn« ; per cent. lntere»t when left one - * per cent, per annum when depo»- Depo.it for the depdlt of ,deed* b*nk for the depdlt o ,ee SSSes! mort»age« and «ther ranted it from 15 to tU r«r ye yew- Keep Cool by Using THE KELUEV Shower Bart RING i Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose . |3 Express id, SCO. prevents Wetting He«d .Kloot or Walls. . •Hornless Water Closet*: . send tot Catalogue ' Itost tfool .Water Closets, Belf-ActlDg Water Closets, Kellr Slop aid Waste Code. THOS, KELLY & BROS.,, No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago., KROEQER& STRAIN, Undertakers He Ran the First Engine Over the Wabash. Bridge, , POWER AND TRAFFIC General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Taylor of Port Chester, N, 'Y., 'are vMt3»g relatives in flic city. Mir! 'Taylor was one' of the pioneer railroad men,'of this State and ran the flrs't cinglme across the WaiUash railroad bridge In'-flute city. When seen yesterday'-ait the home of his sis- Iter-jn-huw, Mrs: D. E. Moore, alt No. 1802 'Spear -street, he talked freely of MS eariy experionce.- In. tho'year 1S53 he nioved llho engine "Bouirbon" from Cinc'imaiatl across the 'Ohio rh-er on a flut'iboat, >and launched It upon the Kentucky 'Contra,!" railroad. It was the first engine nm on Malt' road. • He then went'to Dayton, Ohio, amd put together the engine "Chicago" which ha'd 'been sent' there' from Boston by way of Buffalo, N. Y. Aflter getting If1n Tunning order 'he assisted to running It (to Richmond, Inid., over the Indiana Centra'! tracks. Tho lino now'known as .the-Kichmo-ud division of the Panhandle was 'tthen under' construction, hurt only eleven miles' were completed, Tlvat was the lino' between Rd'chmo-uU and Washington. He waited for n coinple of weeks for 'the tracks- to be connected up aud would nm the engine out every day for -practi-co, niid would transfer -farmers 1 grain from one point' to another nlonjr -the Hue. ' He worked 6u •tiliait'line until it was completed ns : far .as 'Kokomo, -and then whcm n chivuge of officials was? brought about' fi number of men were brought 'from' a distance'to work'on the road, and^ Mr. Taylor anil'several other'men quit Mr. Taylor went four miles Bast of 1 Peni -w'hM-e the Wnbash- company'was- buildtog their road, and secured-employment. He-worked with the con-' struoHon crow and when the road was: completed this fnr run'the first -engine- over the W-abash bridge. The engine drewafew carloads of material which were deposited along- the line. He worked with the construction- crew un,111 the line was finished as far west as the Illinois State line, and ran <a train between- Danville; -111., and Lafayette for .a few years, • -amV'.wOien flhe stock jiards [near''Lafayette wore .completed lie quit work on the road•' to take chaise of the yards. He 'held charge .of 'the yards ; unttt v December,. -1S03, 1 Vhon ho resigned and returned jto Port Chester, N. Y., where he Dias since re- .sided. He has retired from business -.life and although'.'C7 years old looks strong and' hearty wad gives promise oC many more years. Mrs.-Taylor, who Accompanied -her. husband on'his visit is a sister ot the la'te D. E. Moore,- and tins many .relatives ana acquaintances in-this clity. Mr.. Taylor has not visited LoganspoPt since 1863,. and Is much pleased with .the. progress -which the "City "of Bridges" has made to-, that that date . . only to duly authorized ticket agents <uid'the commissioners sliall be ontyof tho amoumt antliorlzed. Ju-the nssocla- tton agreement, and-specified-.to tne recognized Kite -sohed'Ulos. No action hias as y«t been taken regarding Hie high commissions paid by the Southern Pacific, as the other'transcontinen- tal'roads n« waiting.to see what has caused the Sonthwn Pacific to take thils (action before they decide on any plans of Wieir own.' TRANSFER CHAKGEg . ON BICYCLES. Chairman Caldwell, of Kie Westem Pnsscnuer Assoclntloh, handed <lo^vu-a ruling to the effect that' whore transfer arrangements exist'between-two- ronds they may transfer bicycles rronvone to the other wltilwut« chhrge, Dint for whore no such transfer an-sinpu-mcnts exist the roads must make 'a.'charge for all tire transfers that'are miide. This imtter lias C'a.uscd about as umah discussion of whether they -shall or shall not make tiny charge for 'the transportation of the wheels." • ' " NOTICE. All members of tine Order of .Railway Comduetovs. Brotili-erliood , of .Railway aViUnuwn'.-uid BrcJthei-hood of Locomo- filve Firemen, are asked to. moot, .this mor.n-1-ng nt 8:30 o'clock nt the cngin- -eers' hnJl. fo mfctend the funeral of Brother John Oa.rew. - - • • •J. H. WILMAMS, F. A. E. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everv thing new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $13.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 610 BEOADWAY. CHAS. L. WQLL; •UNDERTAKER N». 417 Market ~ .~?~ C«lto attended to promptly. •Ifbt. C*i Jntral tlnlor anfl Mutual t«Jep&onM. Office, No. 16; Beridenoe, No. HL. . trade: only Chicago. .-W^SS^SW-wff 5 ^^ ^uonB^urrtjnadiiate^ Send K.J The bestbaklng powder and favoring extracts; in'the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. • A complete, line of heaters and cook Btovos a-t t(he new stove store.-Ftene- gtn's, 310 Market street. -.-•.• ,Wabash TJmcs (Dem.): Hon. Rufus Magec, of Logansport proved himself to be a Democrat dyed-ln-the-wool When he resigned his position as State ^v, ENGINES FOR T,HE ERIE. Albout a month ago the Erie.company placed orders for/twenty locomotives to bo built In an unusually short time. The Brooks locomotive works were* to butl'd -five ten-wheel passenger, engines, the first to toe.-delivered: in forty-five days, the ot3iea ; four .ten days.- after that date' Tlie locomotive ,works :fllled. its contract and/had two or toree days, to spare-'it. delivering.the nfbh last Mou*iy :The following, are the chief; dimensions Of tSeserjensUMK Cylinders, 20 -by:26 .Jmches; driving wheels, diameter,. 02 inches: diameter: of boiler, 04 inches, fire box, length 107% Inchca; nre box wildtlh; -40% inches;: fHies, : num- ber'bf 282, flues, -diameter, 2; inches; flues, 'iengto, 13. Jeet: 2 inches;, wheel, baee; dTlvJnpr,: 13. feet.G-incIhee; total ^oel'bnse.of engine, 24.feet-2,-lnches; total'wheel -base-'of engine and .-tender, 50-feet G Inchesr-weigHt -.in-Working ordbr/total, 144,750 pounds; weight on drivers,' 108,000'pounds; .•.•weight.. 0 - 11 front truck; 3G.73P; weight of tender, 85,000 pounds. "'' ' PAMH^^DLE MOTIVE-POWER.'It is-Stated..'by an expert'superla- temlcrit of motive power that on no roafl in the country (has the locomotive power been graded to tho 'Increase In -traffic, both passenger and freight and to the Increase In the size of cars so systematically as has been the case on the Pennsylvania lines. ,To illustrate, RAILKOAD NOTES. The office In. the storeroom is under- goliiK a course of repairs. ^ Engineer Howe Is visiting- relatives amd friends In Michigan and Ohio. Ed Golul h«s returned from a visit with his parents' at WnUamsport, Pa.- T. r. 'Carney, the Panhandle llremau .is at work' n'sa In after si three months'; illness. . ' . ' . wife have 'retiirne'd from a" few days • wife haver eturned'from'a 1 fow days" visit with frleiid's in Chicago.-' lilie employes ot the pjinhanule-' shops- will lay off' tills 'afternoon ami atten^ 'the bic railroad rally at Terre Haute, .George W, Cn.mipbell. the Yandalla. onjrtneer is still confined' to his home on East Market street l>y it severe Illness. Barney Bender has resumed work In the blacksmith shop after a three weeks' toy-off on account of an injury. Paiu'toandle Fireman Sam Elsenblee and wife, have returned from 'a two .weeks' visit with rclatlves'at Burnetts- vllle. George Cilley of the storeroom and J.'A. Hankeeof GenomH 1 Foreman Austin's office, have returned' from a short trip to Chica:go. ' ' " : ' ' ' ' Chris 'Hatcwlck, of the Biui'h'andle round house, has returned •from Peru :wihere -he was married 'to Miss Nellie Murphy tost Friday evening. The funeral of the late John Carew will be held' at 10 o'clock a .m. today .from the First Presbyterian • churchi services to be conducted by the Rev. D. P. -Putnam. The: Odd Fellows will attend the funeral ns will the organi- Kaltloos of engineers,; firemen, conduc- >tors. and trainmen:; These orders .will meet at the Engineer's" Mil, march to :tlre Carew home on Broadway, : and •tlhence to the church." ' -•:••• Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5,00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOKE OF AM STRAW BAT IN THE STORE.: 25c choice of any /of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, th*y are bargains. Now ._.. is the time 1Q buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Gccds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money. These Prices are For Cash Only. G: GRACE & CO, 264 BROADWAY. Put a ticket Lu the Hold. . To your silver dodge and ajiarchjr As patriots would not yield .They'll be ready in November. To present you with, tne facts. To prove how hard yon sot it . Where the chicken got the fix.. Billy would wreck WHERE THE CHICKEN GOT THE . , . ..- • -AX, •• ' ..-•-. . ' Tune:—Wearing 6", the Green. • - .. • j c • . -.; •.--•' • '• " • • Hey Billy have'you heard the news, That came from old Vermont,;'. ( : Where v.otes for honest, money came '"So" fast you.couldn't'.count? " ^ Will'you tell us w-hat's the matter ' ^ . ' Can you give us'nJiy-'fiicts Why 'did' your party; get it? "•Where the chlcken'Rot the .ax.' You-ye',.been roaming 'bout'the country Making speeches every day, , Though 'tis very true in nil your talk 'Taint mucli you have to snj. Come let us imv'e your rc"asoii, / Was k Robber tariff tax ' ,, V . '_ Tliat^giW'lt-tb.your party ' _,__ ^''. Where the'cliick'on' got the' ax'?^ "' ( This is only.thebegr'nnln'g^ _ ' ; , | \ p'f tiie axes thiiit SvJli fall'. : .When, the ,'peoplenn November At the'pbillng places call. ( ' Then they'll give you many reasons; ' All founded on sound facts And y6u'll.get,It,'don't forget It- ' ' ' Whci-e the chicken got the ax, ' '_ Then Billy ,you will only be''' Boy orator of the Ij'latte Wen . commi'tteeman from the Eleventh district. N.o true Democrats- If he believes in Democracy, can consistently support Bryan and the Chicago platform. When Mr. Gus Thomtts wrote and produced "In Mlz7.oura v ' he' had Mr. ; ohas. Mason in his mind for the part ot . Trovers. When it came to rehearsals, the manager wlth'Wh'om.Mr. Mason was playing was So loath' to part with him that'he 'had to giro up the chance to create..the. port and this,.season he plays it for the first time, although it, has always been; his desJre. Opera house tonight. ... .•-•„-, .', te ennsy . , lie said that twenty-three years ago the traiinload between Pittsburg and Col- umtous was nineteen; cars per locomotive; now it Js .'nineteen cars, and .the car of today has 00,000 pounds capacity while that of twenty-three, years ago liatf 24,000 pounds capacity. The power of the engines, now used has ibeen Increased In, the same ,propor- ttion and .the same remark will apply to. the passenger locomotive power. .ICO.MORE QQMlMiaSIONiBRS. . The transcontinental roads'have •reached an agreement.nffecttlve.Oct. 31 that the payment, of all street.'cpmmls- Boy oraor . .... Though.all through th« enemies; co : up' ' '' ' ' Bryan you . banks, . , Our .currency degrade,. . Knock out all of our. tariff laws Then'we. would'have free trade. But you'U.flud you'll be mlstak.eu, For you'll never have a chance, . Tiie peoples faith-.'you'.ve sunken With your lititle.soug.. aud .dance. _ you would see Debs's demoustra'tioii '.' Block the highways'!o£.the .land,. .While 'the business, situation. .... .That you Interfere 'demand. . ', But you'know. you. wouldn't do it . 'So we'll vote for little Mac And from the shoulder .hit you Where the chicken got flic ax. Yes, we'll'stand firmer protectiijn' ; Good money'and'good, laws . 1 And will have.in no sectioo. Any of your states right ctanse. , In: November we will cast our vote ' .Shtrnd'gh't,- for.'.protection Mne ., Ami say, biit won't YOU' get it._ .Where, the,.chicken' got the ax. . Yes.our'Mac. will be elected. .Of this'fact.we'ha.v.e no fear, .... , And poor boy. you'll be rejected . And be left, just'.as. you. were ... Our. Sound Money Army's_ marching . ",Led'by'protection Mnc.. , .. .. . Oh my, .but won't you get it . . . '.Where.the .dilcke.n-got. the ax. ... ... .. .' 'M'KINI/HV;ISM r " v . ' ' ' ;• ' Here are a few .pointed, senteuces '•Crorn'. Major McKInley's speeches 'ot Saturday: ... .. ..... . . ...... -. • I am one "of-those Americans who believe-that, the American . workshop should be protected against the foreign workshop. . .. ; . ••..:.•• . '•,-'.: ..The flrst thing we want.in fliTs .country, is plenty to do, and .when w.e have that, then we want,to be paid in good money foi 1 what.we do..." . : ' we want -' neither.short work nor Bbbrt dollars in the United States.- We want neither free trade nor frec'sll- Ver to the United States. : ' • A 50-cent dollar, employes of the railroad companies, will no more-add to your earnings than the railroads would add to their traffic by diminishing the size.of their 'cars'. AH Kinds erf Drawings Made by BYRON B;;GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Lx)gansport Spi-y Blocki ..... ,. . . ..talking through your try,,,: You've been hat. . ;.' , .. . ...V ,'... , •' When the .nation's sons have spoken. There 1 .Will be no lack of facts To convince you that you .got it Where the.chicken got,the ax., , ; You have traveled- through' thc.country, LikeBarnum's hippodrome,' .,, , .\ And.think the crbw.ds,that come to see,; ...Youfll get them'.ev.e'ry, one. , , , , Have you heard from'.ind.ipna.polis, ; ,' Heard -any,-.6i: .tho,fnct« ; ;, ., ., r ; , Eeparddng how you'!'. ;-';:,.". ... ; ; ; , .,' Where the.chlcV'-. •.-.'. l -"' : ', 1 ^ '. The true .Dervy.yn.i:!'" lizeoi IUKIL uu..j. I aim one Of those who believe In the doctrine or protecting American factor leg'against'.'foreign factories (cries o "Good!" and tremendous 'applause) an< the American worktogmflu against- th worklngman.of'the oW.world. - -^ .;' . .. , .THE ••; HALF.. HOLHMiY.-.:.-:: | • The PharosichSmot refral^frbm- v<iri' 'tag Its spleen.on the Panhandle-em nloyes'because-like .other 'intelllfeen citizens they ate not for. free silver at ie'to'li 'r.BsteyeniI'ng-,it contained;the fallowing:'. .', '.'1 ...'•..' '. " ,.,-'; ,. ' • ••The PnMi&ndie- offlclJils heve or- J.jJ^-A.^ n «;-i?J.-«i ! t8T)S cto^e ; d iiit'll-a 1 . m.'. Brooks 'ems Hunte tomorrow." , ( .,,... The facts are,, ahd' the Ph'aros'knew t, that the employes Keti'tioned to have the usual biaM-doiy lay-off on, Thurs- lay'Instead, of Saturday.^ the; re- mest was' -gi-ah'tecl." No one. loses 'any toe' by the arrangement .and 'as; most of tho emiiloy.'es'nre; lor sountf-money and wanted> go to Terre'Hau e the arrangement was an; accommodatiDn CROP; _ Mr- -S. .S.."Cragan / of Washington ownship; brought a. Branch which had boon broken from a P«ar tree growing in hl« door yard; to The Journnl office one'day "this week which, has the second crop: of'fruit'growing upon it. The peats are aljout. half-grown, and tue'varlety is not'kr.own. Mr. Oragan says they, ripen about ten days earlier thnn Uuc sugar-pear;-wW'cIi is an early variety. Should the second, crop mature; there wdll be a more abundant harvest, than was borne the first crop, and the-'tree Is .stilt putting forth blooms. The frosts of the past- few will settle the blooms, however. THE PkiY TONXGHT, Hamilton's, players will present Augustus Thomas's gem, "In Mizzoura, at the new Dolan theatre this evening, It Is au unusually strong brgantotlon, living been selected by the aattwr, each memoer for: their fitness to the character to be portrayed and the result has been, a most happy one, a performance. without a : flaw. that is the includes A. PC Hamilton, A. J- Edwards, Webber, Chas. Hall, J, H. BnrrMge, Billy. Woods, H. Charles, Mr* u Jeaa OJara Walters, Margaret Dlbdin, Alainle Johnstons, Margaret Mercer, the Imperial quartette and others. Begular scale of prices. : Seats on sale at Johnston's drug store. IT KILLED THE nOOXATO BUG, •Patrick Bilbow, of Muncie, ncclden tolly swallowed a potato bug as he was warning along the railroad track. He asked advice of a woman, who lived near by, Who -was a potato farmer. She saw she'iound ; pa.ris green efficacious. Bilbmv : wcnt to a drug'store aud bought some of 'the poisonr It killed' the' bug but came near deposing of Mm. : Two'doetor8 pumped hta out He fe 'employed''by'-'the Indiana/iron •\vorks. , ••.... [• stoves' of .any kind' ait gin's new stove storef ' ' ' REWARD, ?100. The readers of this paper will-be pleased to. learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science baa able to cure in all Its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's Oaterrb Cure Is the only positive cure noxrknown to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease. £OjJ^* constitutional treatment. HnU s tt tarrh Cure is token internally, acting directly upon the blood ^mucou 1 surfaces of the system, • thereby «es ^oyW tbe foundation c< the dlsea^ and giving the patient strength by building HP the' constitutlon ; and assisting nature in doing -to work. The proprietors have so much faith In Its curative powers, that they offer .««£ dred Dollars for any cose that it fall* to cure. ^dtorl! S tofT*s«monft,to. Address F. J. CHBNBY & CO Toledo, Ohio: ' ••'''. Sold by Druggists, 75c. ;

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