The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1939
Page 5
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MPNDAY, <; HOLD IUVMYTIHNC - By Clyde Lewis Schoolhousc Only Marker Copies of thcmiricT Nc«s dated 1. Will )iaj 6c each ' Of Ghost Mining Town CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily fate n«r lino tor consccu /lye nserLlii: ' •- . , One thjVe jier Hue.,..." ......... 10 Two times per line jicr. day ____ 08 Vljree tjmos per line per (lay... 06 ilx llm& per. Jlhc per day ____ 05 Moiilty rate per line...,.., ..... 60 Cards of' Thanks...' ..... 60c & 75 Minimum charge iiOc Ade ordered for tlircc or si dmes and stopped before cxpira lion will be . elmrjjed for the nun) her of limes (lie add appeared air adjustment' of bill made. All classified Advertising copj >ubm]lled by persons residing out Bide of t)ie city must be' acconi parded by cash. Raits >nay iio cas ily computer! frflm above table. Advertising ordered for lij'cgula Jii.seriJoiis takes (he otic time rale NO responsibly win be lakei for more (lian one Incorrect Inser (Ion of any classified ad Business Op'liuiilies IHJiE Give dealer f!5.50 Free goods w. ' S15.EO order. Your profit $5.00 01 each advertising .deal.- This .Adver tising offer lip||is you start 'dcai- er route w;!h Iminecllnte CngM income. Permanent year round busi ness. ••TONpSTjEN PACTORY, ui. Wabasli, Chicago, : in. ' For Rent 5 room ijoi'ise" MiK "bit'li." 006 ~W Ash. Call 19-P-21. . 26-ck-30 ? Jarge, cool'bcrtrapnis, newly decorated. Mrs. Qiima Nolcn, 310 Walnut. ' 2C-ck-tf 3 robin TJNluniishuO ai)art:))ent. Reasonable. Utilities 'fnrnislieci 1128 W. Ash. 23-ck-28 For Rent—TlirCQ' room ed apartment. Private ball) Hoi and cold water. 3.24 l^ortli' 2nd Fllione 21). . '23-pk-M 2 roofli. niodern funitslied sparl- mcnt. Private entrance. JOB W. Kentucky. 23-pk30 Bedroom for rent. Outside Intraiicc. Connecting bath, i-2 block froih Main. Call gfia-W. 21-ck-28 pool, soiilli bedroom, canvcnient Ib bath. 611 w. Mniu. Call 280. 2l-ck-tr Comfortable bccln.-om. 1017 Wnlnut Phone 102. 15-ck-tf . .Cool, south.bedroom.- ciarage. Hca- . :nonable.,ilrs.' Simmons, "818 Wni- :; .. '= 6-pk-tf ? or 3 room furnished a'parfmcnfi .Newly decorated.' SH Hearn. '.- ' 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main'and Second. F."J3imop, phone TCI • • • 3-'ck-tf pfflce rooms. Sudbury Building. See .Graham Sudbury. • aitf For Sale <3old fish minnows. Day and night . E. I,, Keith, 4U No. Oth. 24pkl 213 E., Kentucky, 4 rooms with bath. Newly papered sntl paiat- e.d. $200 down payment, remainder to include principal, interest, Insurance and taxes, payable monthly like rent. Harvey Morris, plrne 128 or 506. ' 24-ck-1-24 ,H i£ f° r kW'i 1935 ' and 1035 model fords, PlymolKlis and Choyrolels. Phone . Howard Bui ton st 8JO. Phillips factor Co. 28-ck-li-H'J Wan rod Apl,ji «AN, f o pt. Handle Codec Route Up lo $35 first week. MIU£, 7315 Monmoulh- Ginclnnall, Ohio. STfcApY \VQI!K-r,OOI> PAY lvUAB.I.K M,>N WANTED lo c.iil o» farmers In Mississippi County. No experience or capital required. JUake up to $12 n tlav. Write McNESS pO., Dcpt, S., Five- poit, III. Lost Brlmlle Bulldog. Clipped Mils. Baby's pel, REWARD. Hugh AGAIN PHILLIPS LEADS With Heller Values 1931 Chcv, Coupe Newly painted, jiracllcally Ann iiciv (Ires, Motor A-l $ J 0 1937 Cliev. Coupe A jj?a! clean car, radio mid heater 1934 Chcy.: Master Coach Tires good, motor in good Wlillsltt. 26-ck-3() Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Room awl Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. ED3 W. Ash. plioiie 903. t 22-ck-tr Minnows For Sale Ilnnnws nnd fishlns canes: 300 E. Main. Plionc SOO. G. c. Hnwks.' Goldfish Minnows F. Brocdim, 310 f) OU j;ari MINNOWS & r;r>ck ROACHES '«r» Pnmnn Cnr. Rallroart ,*, ky. condition 1935 Ford Tudor New palnl, good tires, new scat covers, motor i 1936 Ford Deluxe Tudor f> clean cur from top lo bottom 1937 Ford Deluxe Tudor Wlillc sidcivnll tires, new pnlnt »iclor In excellent condition '37 Ford HL.W.B. Truck Good rubber, niotoi A-J, new paint: ... $465 '37 Chev, U S.W.B. Truck BnvLliolomcw Clwsscnec, (lislln- BUlshcd French Jurist of tho JOIh century, made his reputation de- Personal good, new paint. A real buy .......... .... SEE irs. lie ciijivmml that \vc liavc (l|c ti-sl usi'rt i-ar values. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. •T!>H*' Slilsclsh Mvcr. w/irk off 'If hi!n, to rid yourself of conslj- Btilon. gfn pains and thnt sour. Jink fcRllnu. Tnkp one box of KIRBY'S AOT1VK I.TVER TILLS 2Sc at. nil Klrby stores. •we Reveals Secrels Of Boys Purple X Society 'CANTON, o. (UP) — Hcadquar- ors of. "Purple X Secret Soci- ly" were damaged slightly by fire, nt Wrc chief George Jacob hinks the organization still cun xisl. In n vacant house Jacob found ome c.harrcit paper nftnr an alann ad been turned In, but also nu- overed a membership list—Chief! •hunker. Capt. Smokey, and Cor-l orals Bony and Pewce. | •'There also was a primitive | qokkecping sysleni—but no dne.s •ere entered," Chief Jacob said.' There was a book of 'black inaiks' 5lh * Walnut I'lionc S10 LAWN MOWERS Slmriicnccl, lacloo' method, ndjiist- cd nllctl—Picked up & delivered ?1 Used Linvn Mowers For Sale ATKINS Machine Shop & G •110 S. 2nd [.|, nnc ]j g ,i Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM Over Jon .Isaacs' Sloro Phone 5'1!) PRESCRlPTiNS Pr^ Stock Riiiirantccil' Kufil Vriwn Xirby Drug Stores dlnK XOHIO nils lln.l wive on "•ml for linvljiu destroyed tho tar- Iry wo)). J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Urjidiiale ()|it<min. UKI) RYDER Ulah nor « pool ),„)], Is (lie iniic ronmiinl todny of KiilKhtsvllIe, uinh, i;; mill' I"!! town ot Hie old- West, sOpulniloiis iirnde liy JupuncEu JiiH[{lil. illMxivcivr of Hie f 10,000,(.0(1 Oo.liv.a elaltn mid foiuiilcr of ui« (own, bimeil coiislradloji of Or. F.J.Weitz Veloriiimimi 710 \V. Ash Phone 9512 NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 l''or I'ronijit Lnimdry Servlci Niw I.uruttil nl lot North Sranicl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIHVAItHSJ, 1'nuivlcliir All Muki-a «f KrliulU 'IjjX'urHirs, Ail.lli^. M uliliiu ntul (Jiiliiiiliilors—ll TOR SAFETY'S SAKE! KKAFJ THIS AD h'oe us ;iinl s,a\c! Save. dcUj( h.iie Iroiililcl llcforc goliiff o| >inir \aufion «r lakln; mulvi lrl|is, !el us cluck (tic following Danger Points Cooling System and tout Hell , Haltery, Sysfcm (trakvs, liraku ' I'diil & Clufth Sleerinjf Gear, , Wheel Alignment Transmission PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mil A. Walnut I'hqtw «t« S;ife - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Green grapes, fine for Jelly. Phone 962-J. Mrs. Joe Kueter. 23-ck-30 My Stucco home and 2 acres. Has 5 rooms and balli. Blocked hardwood floors. Phone 253 or 341. Paul • Byrum. ' 23-ck-lf .Sweet peas an-( ether cut flowers. . Lois Hooper, Phone 306 or 192. 700 dozen nscci fruit jars, any size. Save money. Alviri Hardy. 313 E. Main. "j7-ck-7-17 \Caiis (or Jug Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't '{ak. 714 cents, each. Raymond Brooks, Sleele, Mo. 3-p.k7-9 \ s have a number of altfactive ^ nd desirable cottages In Blythe- viriX well located, which we can s«l!,Bt reasonable, prices. lerry Absirari * Really Co. \\ W>or lC 617 \\ , 6-Ckrtf PINK-FLESHED FISH \ Dairy \ry quality and service In Dairy \\roducts. Cattle free ot Pane's DLeaso. In best of physical condition, ysalj Mrs. Grace Lowerv. B02-J, for \Yal5pf!'s : 'Qrade' A Raw Milk. CreamYfiountry'Butler. Buttermilk, esliTi "or hollduv orders. Inspection eiWmraued anylfmo. Halteil's Dairy Promised Hand. Route 2 Fishing License FOR YOUR /CONVKNIKNCE. WK ARE I'RKF'ARKD TO ISSHK yiHIR FISHING LICENSE AT ptJR SHjiuSE-HENRY .HARDWARE CO. rhonc 35 Arkansas 1939 1-2 Ion truck license. Number 214-545. Owner may haye license py paying cost P? tWs ad. Courier " ' ' HORIZONTAL 1 Pink-fished ocean fish. 6 H s or lays egss in Jresl) water. JO To lend. ll.Fig basket. 12 Mischievous sprite. M Sharp and harsh. 1.6 Onager. 17 Hawaiian bird. 18 Beverage. li)Mnina.' ?0 Insect. 21 hava. 23 Senior (abbr.). 24 Not separable. * ? Dress ' 30 Midday. ' 48 Tennis point. 3t Made an 49 Negative, engagement. 51 Wild catllCj 32 Hops kiln. 52^Vorkof 33 Walnuf. genius. 35 Golfer's lerm. 53 Rodent. 3$ Mongrel. 54 Discerned. 37 Street. 5fi It is a -— 33 Crippled. finned fish, Answer lo rrevions Fuzzlc 41 II is an 57 It lives near important the sea —— fish. S.STaro root. K Form of "a." VFBTtrAr 4 1? rra ( ed too,. ,™W|. 3 Tennis strokes. 4 Bad .(prefix). 5 Garden vegetables. 6 Conventional SO Hush! !>eetle. 52 To mode. 7 Logger's boot. 53 Like. 8 To foment. 55 To accomplish. RKD HAKMAN HELIO . ON -r' WAR PA-VM I'LL HAVE' Ctf MEN %( fAY ANp NIGHT-— OR1 :\, '^ fc:! If -fit' \t\\ti' WON'T PROTECT MY LEGftU RIGHTS,THIS WILL, L>; poumcAU POV^tR OF ?M7X»- } iLtfflSKtt WELL, HE SEEMED MAW ENOUGH TO VMCK «' r^, •"- kEEP ' £M °N HIM, CUFFS OM THE AMD ALSO, HE PHANTOA1 APE ) WASN'T ANV\ APE! BUT PIO VOU ^A PLACE HE CALLED MOO! VOH.HO! A WOMAM, nir, S LEWZM WHERE'1SEEMS LIKE HE'S" TRVIM TO 6H? NOW WE'RE UIU Juc ^«nc rr,*,, V^.r, v/Hg RE (.(£ Lfrpj me / SETTIN& —' ... ODOLA, y^ PLACE CALLED GUY--IKINDA HATED I5Y BDGAR MAIITIN TO MAKE THE TRIP VflTHTHEA SO FAR.,THEV VttPT BOOT'S ?ROM V^WOWlKSfc WASlITUI}J3.s AIcKec Jfi Sold BY UOY CKANE _ - 1 . THERE'^ M3T A lWJ OU EARTH W WOULOM'T BREAK HE UECX TO BUV IT.' VES.'VES! 5HAP6LV MAIDEUS .. WWXA T)V ADV1ERT1S1MG 0KETHIM6 MEW.'THWS THE SWAVIW6 PAlMi- \MAMT6! (MttV. M1I.UOM5 Gold iMjiie jfndcr the Hood BY MERRU.L BLOSSEK we cor TV!? MW SWS BLOWM A etsxar, VALVES ARE STUCK/ FouRreeM rxxiARs AND EISHry CENTS / IS Bur NO TtULIMS WHAT ELSE ILL WWEN i GST IMIQ rri LOOKS LIKE IT'S pUNA(>INk3 Oil. ' rrs ENOUGH 'RDft. THE VALVE AMD GASKEf JOB I SWELL.' WHEN THE pov COMB IM, . SPLIT WITH loo / THAT ENOUGH , MISTER ? .1 Merchandise. 12 It is known for its or endurance. 13 Eminent. 15 Singer's voice. '20To cancel. 22 Audibly. Z'l parliclc. 25 Circular ornament. 26 Supped. 27 Short coal. 28 Publicity. 29 Organ ot hearing. 34 Label. 36 Folding bed. 38 Dance. •10 Sorcery. •12 Ass.null. •13 Pcrtoimcil. •15 Opposed io warp. 47 Kind of banana. •18 Dry.

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