Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1967 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1967
Page 14
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• Algona (Iowa) AeVincO THURSDAY, AUG. 10, 196; • •^••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*V Around Algona by ONIETA DIDKIKSEN Phone 295-260$ MAM >. I. D. THESE OURNED throw away gimicks that come in the mail saying you may have won a few million dollars or some crazy thing like thai give the Old Goat the whim whams. The Old Goat never won anything when tit. 1 chances arc less than the billion to one or so- forth that these things suggest. One of tihe things that is latest is a deal in which you match a dollar bill number with one listed. If the number is iden- ticali 'you get a lot of fabulous gifts including much moo- lah. The Old Goat is suspicious the guys that promote- this-'haifc every one -of these bills •safely locked up IICIILM no big winners. Anyway — with the billions of such pieces of mail sent out the chances arc 1 remote that the real winner will bring in or send in the winner — too many peopk toss them away. So actually the promoters don't take too much of a chance they'll have to pay off. The sticker is that just possibly a fellow might •have the winner. But don't bet on your's. • * • THE DOODLETOWN Pipers are a good clean looking, good singing, attractive group and the show when they are on camera is good. But those two comdeians • are a bit too much too many times. Why not cut them down to a skit or two and let the kids sing more? Even the puppet is smart enough not to get over-exposed on the show. Some of these comdeians are as funny as a busted crutch to a man with two busted legs. And this pair does the same stuff until it gets nauseating. The sad P'rt is the singing kids are so good most listeners endure the junk to get to listen to the kids again. --.-,.. . ' * * * WISH WHOEVER is promoting it would get on dh c bail and got ABC for us local yokels. The Old Goat fumed over the all-star Packers snowstorm and had to settle mostly to listening to the music on the Welk show. Probably most in this area will have to settle for watching Mankato or Fort Dodge. But when the Fort Dodge station puts o:> some local-interest deal the Old Goat is ready to climli the walls when he wants co watch Johnny Carson. Or when Mankato has that band wagon local deal instead of the network, the Old Goal walks on the ceiling with the greatest of ease, screaming like an irritated banshee. And it seems when the Fort Dodge station has a good show too often all the viewers can see is that "network trouble" apology. • * * THE MONKEYS were in Iowa's capitol city the other day and a motly-looking crew they were. And they were surrounded by silly screaming girls. Sad it was the paper that depends on Iowa played them up. It's this kind of thing that makes them rich by leading silly girls to spend their parents' hard-earned money to listen to the sad kind of music they put out. Frankly the Old Goat thinks any self- respecting monkey would be ashamed of anything like that called after his breed. * * * HEY NOWI This has gone too far. Horses are banned on the streets of Virginia City. Nev.! Migosh this will 'make those TV shows look pretty silly with horses on the main street instead of cars. Tourists are particularly, clobbered because most of them rent a horse and ride up and down making lilce Wild Bill Annie. The Old Goat takes a dim view of horses, and the horses take a dim view of the Old Goat preferring to give him a nip with r teeth the veterinarians Mr, and Mrs. Mare Moore where he had been stationed, flew to Ariaona on July 25 Harold recently re-enlisted and back on July 31, going for his second six year term for the funeral of Mrs. Moore's m the Navy and \vill now at- sister, Mrs. Edith Brandt, 73, tend school at San Francisco held on July 27 at the Chapel for one year, of Light in Scottsdale. She Vincent, Jr., attends North is survived by her husband, Iowa Area College at Mason Dr. Raymond Brandt./Mesa, city and came home for a a retired dentist; their daugh- weekend to sec the brothers, tcr, Mrs. Lois Sohradcr. Post- During the summer he Is ville, Iowa and four grand- working as an Orderly at children. There ate three sis- Good Shepherd Rest Home in ters: Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Wllma Mason City. Wengtfr, Britt, and Gladys Mrs. Max Halpin, Waterloo. Mrs. Brandt had grown up in the Ledyard-Lakota neighbor- Dr. and Mrs. Robert Me- Mahon arc vacationing for two weeks at the Lake Okobo- hood and later taught school jj home of his parents, Mr. in both Kossuth and Cedar and Mrs. E. C. McMahon, and counties, but she and her husband had lived in Ari/.ona for .some time. She was a member of the Methodist Church, Ihv P.E.O. Sisterhood and the Gray Ladies. his brother Jim. Bob is oh leave from Fort Campbell. Ky. where he is attached to the Army Hospital in his professional field, Optomctry. Melvin Muckey, of Tacoma, Wash., is arriving today by plane at Mason City where the L. S. Muckcys will meet him. He will visit them and hi.s other brothers, Bert arid Bill. till Sunday when he will fly home from Mason City. Melv- John Platt and his fiancee Denise Dumon came from Iowa City to spend the weekend with his parents, the Howard Plaitts. Miss Dumon returned on Sunday to the University Hospital where she nurses, but John will be in Algona for a couple of weeks. to the University for further study this fall, but first will fly to Thousand Oaks, Calif. for two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Hudson, and their other daughter, Mrs. J. W. Power*. Mr. end Mrs. Lyle Steel* returned Friday from Lexington, Nebr., where they had visited the Harold Brpeldings for ten days. An August 1, a daughter who has been named Amy Jo, was born to the Erpeldings who now have six girls and one boy. Their mother is the former Gloria Steele. Funeral services for Mrs, Robert Steven, Jr., 41, of Sauk Rapids, Minn., were held on July 31 at the First Methodist Church in St. Cloud, with burial at Sauk Rapids. Mrs. Steven, the former Beverly Daniels of Green Bay, Wis., died very suddenly from a* heart attack. She is survived by her husband and a son. Her husband at one time worked at Hoods Super Market and also at the Gamble Store here. Relatives who went to her funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steven, ST.. Mrs. Orella Holldorf, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Shackelford, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Steven and son, Wesley; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Huling and son, Britt; Mr. and Mrs. J. P Mr, and Mrt. Harry Otter- and husband at Storm Lake day celebration last month, son, Silver Springs, Md., ire fttwn Thursday to Saturday sen. Jack Millet was among " " ' * when they, the Jerry Setiew, those dignitiries 6ft the fd- brought her home, they took viewing stand who Jtfrtictt*!' Barbara's brother Bret B«rfc ed in the town's fuUvltifei. left back to storm Lake with them on Sunday, guests at the home of her brother, Lloyd Weil&idorf. The Ottersons flew by jet to Des Moines where Mr. ar Mrs. Weltendorf met them week ago today. * * * Paul Smith, son of the Way* ne Smiths, has been on leave at home since July 28 when his parents met him at the Des Moines airport. He had completed his course in Rad Mr, and MM. Robert Will. Mrs -£«* Oj^ng SrtoOIK iams, Mr. and Mrs. Stan ftoc ' c " a P |ds * was 'e*«d..«»y Muckey and son Jimmy, with !Jl an L«/ f inV!i K/l^A^, ttSt ttw» ruMnt.ai t c Mii«t*«*i» on her luiM Dirtnojiy July droVe1?AnkenV iiturifnE 25th " pfes - Johftson 4° *' Snoon to S dinni «5rf membered her with a birth* IjSnT the *SZ£rS 1X5 &J&VJ&J&L* ITJIMLM&LCU ins tuurse in nau- <»i«.im me evening fli me u-ij _* » £»M»itii ~* •;«. «l>u io £hool at San Diego. Mi, Ru S? eU Picket! home. Pick. J-J «V KLlS, Cl 4 parents will take him to the plane Sunday and he will fly to Pearl Harbor. Hawaii to board the USS Coohran to which he has been assigned for duty. This is a Guided Missile Destroyer with its destination unknown.' Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shipler and daughter Shelia, arrived Tuesday from Stan ton, Caill., to visit their respective parents, the Stan Muckcys and C. B. Shiplers, and other relatives during a vacation of two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Puffer and two daughters arrived home Saturday from two weeks of vacationing. The first week was spent visiting points of interest in Iowa with West Branch and DCS Moinos on the list; then for the sec- (fren, 25 grandchildren, 74 great-grandchildren. -arid 17 KS*r«- rheVTwo'S great-great-grandehildren. daughters had been. in Ank- * * * eny for a week and left Sun- Flowor day for their home at Oald- A plant in the yard of Mrs, well, Kans., where Denny Delia Westra of Hull after teaches music in the schools, growing very little last year has this summer grown on tlu Celebration 10,000 persons saw the two- mile long parade which highlighted Gliddcn's 100th birth- average of two inches a day and now is 7 ft. 7 in. tall. As yet" Mrs. Westra is uncertain of the name of the plant. WfltcnfI MffJ Ihf topi In rtpolri Second rate doein't loit, A pu^e waste/ Let u» tolve your watch wbes . . . economically; permanently! MM MCIIT1 in is cnroutc 'home from a The couple will be married Convention in upper Michi- O n September 2 at Iowa City gan. He has for some years where John is in his senior been on the Industrial Board year at Law School, of the City of Tacoma. Rising Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rae, Mason City, their daughter, Mrs. William Halvorson, Madelia, Minn., with Mr. am! Mrs. Merle Webster of Ai- gona, left Friday noon for Salina, Kans., where on Sim- day they attended the 50th wedding anniversary of their sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sohmutz. The Open House was hosted by the couples' son, K. M. Schmutz, his wife, a.nd .their daughter Shirley of Overland Park, Kant;. A Buffet Supper was tendered by neighbors on Saturday evening and a family dinner was held on Sunday with many other relatives in attendance. Mesdamcs Rae. Webster and Schmutz are daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ed Taylor, who lived for many years in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Kay Setchell, Bopita Springs, Fla., visitetl the latter's sisters, Mrs. Lyle Mathcs and Mrs. Cidncy Laird, for a couple of day.: last week. They came from Eldora where their son Gem: and daughter Marcia Petti& daughter Marcia Pottigrew live with their respective families and the younger son, Mike, remained there while his parents were in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Esser were visited recently by their three sons. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Esser and daughter left early last week for Washington, D. C., whore he will work at the V A Center in Computer Programming. Clifford had been at Veterans' Hospital in Iowa City and was one of 25 men called from over the United States for six weeks of special training, and having completed that, was one of 11 picked for his present assignment. Harold Esser with his wife and son left Tuesday of last week for the West Coast. They came from Charleston, S. C.. Mr. and Mrs. Jon and daughter Beth came Friday evening from Minneapolis and remained till Sunday, then left Both with her grand, parents, the V. K. Risings, for two weeks. Belli had broken her leg earlier and had just had the cast replaced by 11 walking cast before coming to Algona. 'Mrs. Phil Kohlhaas has been visited by her son Phil, his wife and their two daughters, Kimbcrly and Karla Ann, who now live at St. Paul where Phil was transferred last September to the homo office of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. They had been living in Richmond, Va. prior to this transfer. They came to Algona Wednesday of last week and returned home Monday. On Sunday Phil's family and his mother were guests at Dr. Karl Hoffman's cottage at Okoboji where the doctor's daughter Joan and her family, the De- Cranes of Bronxville, N. Y. are visiting. Mr. and Mrs. George Yeoman had two of her cousins as weekend guests. They were, Mrs. Esther Kouba, Corwith, and Mrs. Lucille Johnson, Correotionville, whom they took to Fort Dodge Sunday afternoon to take a bus to Marshalltown where she was to visit a sister. Stevens, Burl; Mr. and Mrs. ond week they had a oottage Wendell Stevens, Laurens. at Crescent Beach, Okoboji. The six nephews who served On • Sunday, July 31, they as bearers were: Robert 01- heard Bishop Thomas speak son, Truman Shackelford, at the Methodist Bible Con- Maynard Shackelford, Ray- ference, and were very favor- mond Steven, Jr., Calvin Hul- ably impressed by his mes- ing, and Craig Steven, sage. Mrs. Roy Adams was visited Mrs. W. A. Poster visited Thursday by her sister, Mrs. her granddaughter Barbara Doris Olson of Livermore, - — and on Saturday by another sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, George Reed, of Tucson, Ariz., who are visiting at other spots in Iowa. They also Adams at Home II. called on Mr. Good Samaritan Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ewoldt spent two days lasl week , visiting old friends at Sanfoorn, Oomfrey, and Springfield, Minn. ; Mrs. Martha Albright returned a week ago today from Burlington where she had been ten days wiith"Her daughter's family, the Walter Schildkneehts, former Algon- ans. They had been on a vatia- tion trip through the Grand Totons and stogjied here eh- route back to pick up Mr/s; Albright who went home with them. Mrs. W. Clede Taylor brought her husband 'homo Saturday from Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge where he had been four days, but had spent ten days earlier at St. Ann for treatment. 'MINUTES FROM COBO CM A FISHER BIDGS. DOWNTOWN DETROIT A Downtown Motor Hotal with Free Overnight Parking en Our Adjoining tot 300 FIN! ROOMS AND SUITiS AT LOW PRICCS Atr Conditioned and TV Rooms Private Bath Slngtei efto Doublet FfK from *i% from *t u I ENTIRTAINMENT NIGHTLY CONVENIENT DINING Telephone (313) 831-8600 HOTEL ERICAN 40B TEMPLE AT CASS AVE. We Honor Dineri and American Express Credit Cardi ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I 0 a That's the word that best describes a modern electrically-heated home! And there are other words, too—safe . . . clean . . . convenient—when you have modern electric heat in your home. ; < t ^ ,:..,;, ,, ', .^ r/i $ V*. .*'"•'j/ •'? '4 .£•' •'•> ?'^. ;v? •' ''••.•'.' -'.''': H ! :v> ¥•-•''•>:* -\ : f.$ %£<''; v -"!>'^'.'i^."':^'Electric heat is easy to install, easy to maintain. When you heat"by 'wire,' you ' can have the heat where you want it, when you want it. It's easier to keep your home clean. Electric heat is trie modern way to heat your home ., .safe, clean, convenient) comfortable! And economical, too. Algona Municipal Utilities •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I Mrs. Bernard Yeoman and her daughter Margaret came home last Friday from Cedar Falls where both had completed cigiht weeks summer school session at University of North Iowa. Margaret will be married to Edward Lieb on Saturday at Trinity Lutheran Church. Edward is also a student at Cedar Falls where he entered after completing his term of enlistment in HID Air Force and tilie couple wiii live there while Margaret continues to teach at Gladbrook. Her mother, Helen, will re- Mrs. John Thompson and son Edward attended the wed- dinw Saturday evening at Red Wing, Minn, of Mrs. Thompson's nephew, Marvin Klink, son of the Paul" Klinks. They rode to Red Wing and back with the Don Klinks of Armstrong. Marvin and Don a'ra sons of Mrs. Thompson's sister, the former Donna Coon. RIGHT HERE AT TAYLOR MOTOR CO Mr. and Mrs. Stan Muckey and Jimmy picnicked Sunday at Mankato with Mrs. Muckey's parents, the Julius Blink- mans, of Shakopee, Minn., with whom Patty had spent a week. She returned home with her parents. at to check their age. besides the horses they r|dj down past the Old Goat's leave something on the The only horses the can take are on the fortunately in ab- The Kossuth County FAIR AUGUST 15-18 KLGA RADIO WILL BROADCAST DIRECT FROM THE KLGA BOOTH EVERY AFTERNOON. STOP AND VISIT WITH KLOA PERSONNEL AND LISTEN TO 1600 KG WE'RE SHAVING PRICES ON ALL USED CARS! SAFE In a lathenover the price of late model used cars? Check these special values... every one a beauty, every one priced to save. Come in today. CLEAN-CUT SPECIALS TRADED FOR '67 MERCURYS! 1965 FORD GeUxie 500 2 door Herdtep, V-8, 4 ipeed, red color, sharp. 1966 FORD GeUxie 500, 4 door, white color, red trim. Cruise-o-matic, radio, heater, power steering. 1966 FORD '/: ten Pickup, 6 cylinder, heater, radio. Styletide box, red and white, like new. 1964 FORD Custom 500 4 door, radio, healer, beige color, standard transmission, V-8 engine. 1963 FORD Galaxie 500 4 door, 352 V-8, Cruise-o-matic, power steering, radio. Light blue color. 1963 FORD Custom 300 4 door, 6 cylinder, radio, standard transmission. 1964 BUICK Sport Coups, 2 door Hardtop, automatic, radio, white color. 1963 MERCURY Monterey 4 dr. sedan, standard transmission, radio, V-8, beige. 1962 OLDS Station Wagon, power steering, automatic, white color. 1960 THUNDERBIRD 2 doer Hardtop, full power, turquoise color. 1961 MERCURY Monterey Convertible, power steering, Mercomatic, radio, Nice. 1963 FORD Station Wagon, 6 passenger, radio, V-8, Cruise-o-matic. 1963 CHEVROLET 4 door, B«l Air lodan, 2 tone paint, Powerglide transmission. 1965 CHEVROLET Van, side § re«r doors. Blue color. HAST STATE STREET TAYLOR MOTOR CO.

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