Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1967 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1967
Page 11
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TM 10,1H7 Reunion held atBurtfor class of 1997 Burt — The class that graduated from Burt high sdhool in 1037 had a reunion Saturday at Van's Cftfe. After a 7 o'clock dinner, time was spent visiting. Uanney Leek and Glenn Graham of the class of 1938 also visited with them and Glenn Grahalm took pictures. Thotoe present were Mr. and Mrs. Thees Schnakenberg (Rachel Becker), LuVertie; Mr. and Mrs. Faye Bolie, Marshalltown; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bahling (Barbara Jean Hott) Titonka; Mr. and Mrs. 'Raymond Lovstad, Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Clint Henderson (Leona Neitzel) Algona; 'Mr. and Mi's. Bill Martinson (Ula Olson) Madison, Wds.; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sabin (Sophia Schipull) Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wieske, Gallon, Ohio. Dr. and Mrs. M. C. Bowie, Lake OLty, a former superintendent and now a veterinarian. ILettars were read from those who could not attend the reunion. A letter from Mrs. Alice Eighme^oott, Vanton, S. D., a former English teacher. HAS 85t hBIRTHDAY A family gathering was held at the Burt Legion Hall for the 89th birthday of Mrs. Mary Dole, Algona. Mrs. Walter Mesoher, Burt, is a daughter. Another daughter, Mrs. Cheater Harmon, baked the birthday cake which was decorated by a granddaughter Judy Mescher, Fort Dodge. The decorations included 85 candles. Those present Sunday were the Elmer Doles, John Doles, Irvington, Chester Harmons and Mary Jane, Algonla, Walter Mesehers, Jean and Alan, Burt, Clarence Greens and Robert, Bancroft, Oswald Thilgeses, Connie and 'Brian, Algona, Ed ImmerfallG, Cinldy and Craig, Algona, Judy Mescher and Bill Byrne and Linda Green, Fort Dodge, David Green, EmmetSiburg, John Mesoher, Burt, Janet; Vaske, Bancroft, the Chuck Bakers, Algona, Mrs. Marie iFrankl, Irvington, the Charles Harmons, Algona, Don Wyrick, Baker, Mont., Mrs. Dole is active and makes her home with.*, daughter, MrsSBdIm- merfall, Algona." ,", t ,..'.. _" RETURN FROM CAMP 'Parents of the Boy Scouts who attended pPrgirie ;Goid Scout damp, ai Okoboji, attended the Gamp Fire ceremony at sundown Thursday ait the camp. Those who spent. the week ait camp were David McFarland, Alan Jurgens, Stephen 'Becker, Charles Schroder, Jeff Miller, Dannie Miller, Craig Gidcbngs, Robert Devine, David Devine, David Hanson, John Chipman, Joel Jentz, Charles Gifford! and the Scoutmasters 'Bill Gaddings and his assistant AMHUU 6-Year-Old Has a 'Boy Friend' By Abigail Van Buren te in* * CMCH* TrlkMW-N. V. Ntm int., l«t.1 DEAR ABBY: My 6-year-old daughter finished kindergarten in June. A 6-year-old boy in her class called her on the phone last week. He was the first boy ever to call her, so naturally she was excited. [So was I.] He called her nearly every day for a week. She refers to him as her "boy friend." I thought it was cute. My husband says that by allowing the boy to call and seeming to be pleased about it I am encouraging the boy-girl relationship much too early. He says 6-year-old girls shouldn't have "boy friends," that he sees nothing "cute" about it, and we shouldn't allow him to call. Abby, I'm not sure what I think. I don't want to be a mother who pushes her daughter into trying to be popular with the boys at too early an age, but I see nothing wrong with this. How do you think it ought to be handled? PERPLEXED DEAR PERPLEXED:,To make a big thing out of It now, telling her she's too young to have a "boy friend" and forbidding him to call, I think would give your daughter the idea that there is something "wrong" with a boy-girl relationship. Let it run its course. It's natural and inevitable, tho somewhat premature. He may not call her again until she's 15. DEAR ABBY: My husband is in the marines and is stationed in Viet Nam. Shortly after he arrived in Viet Nam I gave birth to a baby boy. Abby, my baby is nearly 6 months old and my father-in-law has been over to see him only three times! I told him he was welcome to come any time. [He is a widower.] On Father's day I sent my father-in-law a card and I heard nothing from him. My husband would be very hurt if he knew how his father is slighting me. What is the best thing for me to do? SLIGHTED DEAR SLIGHTED: Call your father-in-law. Maybe he Isn't well. Whatever you do. don't write to your husband about this. If there's anything a marine in Viet Nam doesn't need, It's a letter from his wife complaining about how his father is slighting her. DEAR ABBY: I am a married girl [22] and my husband is 26.1 have a brother-in-law [21] who is getting married soon. He and his fiance are planning a nice wedding, but they don't have much money. They are counting on the wedding gifts of cash to pay for the wedding dinner and reception, as many couples do. 1 They came right out and told us that the wedding dinner will cost $6.75 a plate. My husband and I are both working and we expect to pay our share, but how about the other folks? Should they be told how much the dinner will cost so they'll be sure to give at least enough to coyer it? , , . , ••""• WANTS TO HELP DEAR WANTS: That "many couples" count on wedding gifts of cash to pay for the dinner and reception Is news to me. If the bride's parents cannot pay for the wedding, the bride then pays for it herself. In any case. I have never heard of • wedding where the guests go "Dutch." CONFIDENTIAL TO "Worried in Anaheim": Yes, a man who has been married nearly 30 years can have the "problem" you mention. Molesting other men in • steam bath is adequate evidence of his problem, "illness," or whatever you wish to call it. If you love your husband and want to help him, insist that he see a doctor at once before he and bis "problem" lands on the front page and into jail. k»ve Atlguft 15 foTtteft <*«y with the tli Aftch tt K> b Sioux FfJte *nd be home abouft August 29. Weekend guest* * A. C. iHlnOktey's wc*e the Don Thomwft and Michelle and Scott, low* CSfty; the James Brehms and Billy, Sioux Oty; Larry Hlnckleys and Cheryl, North liberty; and Duane Hinddey, Cherokee, jainc for A. C. Hinckley's birthday Sunday. Supper gueste were Ed Brandt* and Dorothy, Welfc, Minn. Kathy and Patty Gtubb visited two weeks with relatives at Rudd and Hampton. The James D. Schmidts, Weal Bend, visited last week with Mrs. Hilda Gifford. Martha Gifford had major surgery at Park hospital, Ma- flon Qty Augu* 9. Mrs. Beulah Dundas and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Beulali Andrews, Rochester, Minn. spent ten days in the West. They visited the Ross Dundas- Marineland, Disneyland, Krtotts Berry Farm, Capistrano and took a motor trip to Santa An*a> Oailf. to visit Ross Dundas who is a brother of Mrs. Andrews and the late Dale Dundas. Don Wyrick, Baker, Mont., visited Friday to Monday at Walter Mesoher's and with friends ini Waterloo before returning home to Montana. He and John Mescher were in the service together. The Bill Martinsons, Madison, Wis., were weekend guests at Bob Hamilton's and attended the 1937 cftm reunion. The Jolly Ten club met July 31 wtth Mi*. Bob Hamilton for her birthday which in August 9. The N. C. Biases, Fort Worth, Texas, have e son born August 6. They have a 5 year old son Tony. Mrs. Bob Hamilton went by train from Mason City August 7 & will spend ten days at the N. C. Rios home in Fort Worth. The George Beckers brought some of the Boy Scouts home from camp in Okoboji Saturday and stopped to visit Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Calbreath at Eebherville. The Richard Weiskc's, Gal ion, Ohio, came Saturday and visited until Wednesday with his mother, Mrs. Helen Weiske and attended the 1937 class reunion. The Julius Stcckere, Humboldt, and Raymond Lavrenz- es, Stratford, visited Monday at Helen Weiske's. Douglas Steward, Ames, spent several days at Homer Sabin's and Wayne Mann's. The Gerald Braces, Hayfield, Minn., visited the first of the week at Wayne Mann 'p. 'Monday they went to Ashtoii to visit at the Don Krugers. Steven Maoauley, Edmonds. Wash., spent the weekend it Homer Sabin's visiting with Douglas Steward. A. C. Hinckley was taken by 'ambulance Monday to St. Ann hospital. The K. J. Smiths are vacationing at Templar Park, Okoboji, Mrs. Henry Anderson, Log- First things first, and in "Divorce American Style" it's a perpetual argument between Dick Van'•Dyke and Debbie Reynolds. Debbie has no immediate plans for that fistful of soap, but she does arrange a divorce that gives her custody of their home, car, two children and most of Dick's future income. Also starred in the contemporary comedy, a Columbia Pictures release in Technicolor, are Jason Robards, Jean Simmons and Van Johnson. an, visited her mother, Mrs. Lottie teenberger Friday to Monday. She brought her mother home after several weeks in Logan and Stella attended the class of 1937 reunion. The F. L. Ryersons and Sc- lirta Clifton attended the Bible Conference at Methodist Camp, Okoboji Saturday The Good Will truck will 'be in Burt August 23. Leave material with Mrs. J. L. Miller before that date. Oddity The office of the Sac City Sun had similar evidence from two different vegetable gardens brought in to them last month. Robert MillLs of Sac City brought in four littte tomatoes which had grown on the top of a fully bearing potato plant found in his mother's garden in Lake City. Two days later Mrs. Tony Ulrich, Sac City, brought in a similar plant with two tomatoes on it. AL66NA THIATM —Thursday Thf U Sitursfoy Complete Progfim Begins: 7:00 * 9:15 "Those Fantastic Hying Fools" 7:30 • 9:30 —Matinee Saturday at 1:30 —Sunday Complete Program Begins: 1:00'3:00'5.05'7:009:05 "Divorce American Style" 1:15-3:15-5:05'7:159:20 —Monday thru Wednesday Complete Program Begins: 7:00 - 9:05 "Divorce American Style" 7:15-9:20 STARLITE DRIVE-IN —Thurtday • Saturday Complete Program Begins: 9:00 "The Color of Her Skin" 9:00 "Mondo Pazzo" 11:00 —Saturday Mid-nite hhow only — "Psycho" 12:55 —Friday Complete Program Begins: 9:00 "Mondo Pazzo" 9:00 "The Color of Her Skin" 11:00 —Sunday • Tuotday Complete Program Begins: 9:00 "Not With My Wife, You Don't" 9:00 "Blindfold" 11:20 —Monday Complete Program Begins: 9:00 "Blindfold" 9:00 "Not With My Wife, You Don't" 11:00 home Saturday. NURSE TO GRADUATE The Merle Sdiwieterts, Burt, and Paul Danas, Ames, attended baccalaureate at Grace Methodist church in Des Mtaines at 9:30 a.m. Sun- is one of the 65 senior who will graduate Friday. On return home the SdhwietertB stopped at Ames for supper at Paul Dana's. TO VISIT ALASKA Dr. B. K. Bahnson plane to Wednesday thru Saturday AUGUST 9 THRU 12 MATINEE SATURDAY 1:30 rar'sM Sunday thru Wednesday THE B. A. TAYLOR ESTATE WILL OFFER FOR SALE AT Public Auction For the purpose of settling the B. A. Taylor Estete REAL ESTATE DESCRIPTION: North Half of tho Northeast Quarter of Section 33, Township 97, North,, Rang* 29, West of tho 5th P.M., Kossuth County, Iowa. PLMEOFULE: Tho seto will teke place on the premises which is located — 1 mile South of the Burt corner on highway #169, then 1 mile West, 1/4 mile South, on the west side of the road; or, 7 mile* North of the junction of highway #169 end #11 in Algono, Iowa, then 1 mile West, end '/« mile South. TMEOFSALE: Tuesday, August 22, 1967, at 1:30 P.M. 10% down on date of stle. Balance in cash on or about March 1, 1961. Seller will p«y the 1967 general t«*e« payable in 1961. Abstract show* $119 clear title and Executor's Peed will be furnished to the purchasers. I: Mirch 1, 1961. ^iT jnf *7 niHon4 »»» Nine Kr«cht, Lon. Reck, (owe, or Linnan, Lynch A , Algone, (owe, attorneys for estate. B. A. TAYLOR ESTATE By R«f«r F, Taylor, Erontor yVPpi MMNIQIIMF Bancroft, (owe DRIVE-IN THEATRE A1-9ON A , IOWA. IURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY AUGUST 10—11 — 12 DUE TO THE ABNORMAL SUBJECT MATTER OF THIS MOTION PICTURE ... NO CHILDREN . . . WILL BE ADMITTED WITH OR WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS . . . UNIFORMED POLICEMAN WILL SUPERVISE ALL ADMISSIONS! The most explosive motion picture of Jour time. The story of. a-rich'boy ..who. married a poor Negro girl. r t * , + &^ D * AUGUST 13 . 16 CONTINUOUS SHOWS ON SUNDAY "DIVORCE AMERICAN STYLE is a rarity among A hundred years of hate and passion explodes across the screen! comedies American style! A perfect gem of comic writing!" ' '/' T KWMI wci-w %- JL ' '<-••: A TANDEM PRODUCTION mmm S£f IT WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE! JOE FLYNN • SHELLEY BERMAN • MARTIN GABEL • LEE GRANT 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING — MON. THRU WED W ClNEMA^CO JULIE LONDON • DEAN JONES • JOHN DREW BARRYMORE NAT KING COLE AGNES MOOREHEAD ANNA KASHFI JACKIE COOGAN • CHARLIS CHAPLIN. JR CAW CROSBY RAY AN1HONY BILLY DANIELS Phis-'HONDO PAZZO" in Color PLEASE — NO ONE UNDER 18 SATURDAY MID-NITE SHOW Tony Ptrkim . MMkm VJa Milts I" PSYCHO" SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY Audit 13-14-16 2 Big Features E*L ww* •Ywffe, ft! UtAUtr UANbtHUUb ! ht UAMt -—„. i. BLINUt-OLU A NORMAN PANAMA PRODUCTION "- i \ •*•««>« * **»« rum ma> on^i « HU« u»n CL4UOU J HUDSON rC BLINDFOLD* ^•^•^^IBIlilMIP W ilflRWNJBt ^BJNHH*flP9F A UNIVERSAL PICTURE

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