The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1930
Page 8
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F'OIT A Big Ship Sinks in Mid-Ocean Trr. —: 'Continued from pa?e one) pov:inme;it ivculd produce chej rho)!s •a'.*,-?: nnd private industry; •Ihs fertilizer. Hoover i;: 0:1 record i •ES favcring Hi: House bill. I Farm relief will be up a?nin in| rt Inrp? way bcriu?? uf c'-iUnurTly (Icclininsf farm prices. Scimter Hrr- ch of Idaho prcmLxsi lo haltlc asain for tl-.e export dobfnlurc plan and the Fcdc-rnl Farm Bi;ard! will to attacked for Us continia-cl.' enlrv into ihr grain inarkcl to u'»y'. wheat. Tfiere will te ccjr.a hot pi'ohi 'billon rpc-tchjj, following wei vans! In the election nnd the arrival of j Senator Morrow of N.;iv Jersey. In-i [rfc<l will li- lituh in th» cvisw- sional rfaction to tlio nntici|:.i'..xli 'report cf the Wickersliam coinm!. 1 --- sion. Tax Hciludlon Up Congrers will have iv.; finnl «\v on the Question whether this year's 1 rcr cent tax reduction ru ln-,:i vear's inccMnon Is to be ccntiniic:l.| but probably will follow llv; rrcoin-l nieudnffciis of President Ilooverl arxl Secretary Mell-n. 1i>e admin-1 Islrallon inay seek to avoid n> treasury deficit by restoring the previous tax rate or by Iciking mcn- oy from funds heretofore Replied io reduction r<{ the national debt. The latter course would lead to n fleht in Congress. Senator Walsh cf Moiitniin hold', that Ait'ericim entry into In? World C-nrt oiisht lo te decided in the short EC. c ,sion. He appear-, to have no great support, but this offers another possibility fer prolonged dibate. Drought and fl'1%1 co'ifrol will Kit ditcustSd. Proi»mls lo provide emulovment by speeding to; llcod contrcl program may te ncled upon. The Ship-lead anll-tnjunclion bill will have the atlenlion of Ihe Scn- a'i? and may bo j:aaed there, bu! the He-lire will not pass it unless Horse leaders feel compelled to eapitute'.c to the Norri;- ccmproin- Many "Lame Ducks'" Now Tlie miucrtance of llic Morris "lame duck" amendment will b' flcc^ntinted by the presence -of many lame ducks nt Ihis session— memters. that is. who w,?re voted rut of office rn Nov. 4. but who r .e terms do not expire until March 4. 1!^]2 Bmendnisnl has bsen cd by the Sifrate and held up by ndminlstmtlcn leaders of the Hr-u-e. Scn;2thinj \rill te heard about .the Commutiisls with tlic rcvrrt and reccinmchdations of Ui? Fisli commiltce to the House nnd bills ,in~bolh IIKI '3 for embargoes on certain imp'rtE from Russia. Voricus othsr committees will conriniM Investigations nnd rci»r!s Chief among them are t!:e ' and Senate fommlilees handling railroad problems, the Senate Bonking and Currency Committee with its national and Federal Re- ssrve banking tystems investigation . nnd the, Senate cc-nimitlr.? which has investigated primary expenditures- That's an outline of the most important part of the coryression- arprC'jram—but It's slill not n complete picture of the big Jam into which Ihe short ses-ion Is likely to turn. f: few !i:oiin>iils after the earners sii;i:icr chcfcej r/ nuke ih-j :-.:mro. oil' c:. Use Morm-swopt Atlantic 1100 miles enst of New York, tho ship M-.OTTU in :'w ~t:!-.o:o-ihe 5-.v,;i<ti inerehutit ' vess?! O-.ldla-lurned fanner 1 over 0:1 h:r siiio. l-.eMia;.-a icr a' asuj th™ y\-::..cA to the boUpin of Ihr £[>.!. The 28 members of her crew. inclining one »-o:iun, rivcil of the famous Iliier Mnurciania. fro m <-.> decS a piciurif. b.'vn sa-.-.J paisi-n;?r lock i;::o av i>y the nr- NEA Service N. J. County's Aged Claim Championship T 1 Emperor in Notre Dame Cathedral President of Bra'/il in Rio Tills striking pklurc shows the cafhrdrnl of Notre Dame illuminated at nifht. !!>• NEA Service Ucurdon de Metre Dame, one ot the zl "' cathedral of Notre Dame at | laiveit tells in the wosld. w?igh-, Here's tlie new presloent of Bra- Paris is the most, celebrated of the I lug 16 tons, many churches dedicated to tlie i weighs nearly Virgin (n France. | WpIrH .,^ t ,, ,e cathedral is a gothic ttruc- ture, In tto form cf a Latin cress, nnd has a length of 420 -feet, a wldtf.i of 1S5 feet and a height of nave of 110 feet. It wa-s founded by Pop? Alexander III, ihen a in 1103, its covnerslone beinj laid 1000 clapper pounds. Leader revolution alone '' c S lr " c of provisional period of of refugee in Prance. It replaced tv;oi u ? arcuncl "• unceasing aource of attraction for " on v lii tors. . ' , The towering church still commands the finest view of the modern metroiwlis which has grown the successful which overthrew Xtl:e Washington Luis, and president during the governmental reorgani- Cicncrnl Getulio Vargas .s been officially inducted and recognized by many world powers. President Vargas is pictured as he appeared during the welcome accorded his arrival in Rio dc Janeiro. ANDOVER, N. J., (UP)—Many- individuals have claimed eminence as the ]cn;cst-llvcO penon, with mcrs or le's accuracy. But it remains for the folk of Sussex Comity, Now Jersey, to claim as a group tV country's longevity champion- er. ship. According to a survey made by W. R. Ayres, of Andovcr. N. J., hiniifilf more than 85-years-old vlnre are 250 men and women, in Susrex County who have passed their 8«h birthdays. The eldest male resident is Charles Buzzel. of Kewt'n. who is 03. Several women in the county have par,-?:! thit a;e. Many of r^c group are 89. AjTes layu much of the old aqc there ar; other factors shown in th; s-jrvey. M-nt of tbi octogena- • rians have enjoyed outdoor lives, record to climat;. But he says while few of them are vegetarians, they have teen simple eatirs. Very few have indulged in spirilows liquors and many cf thsm nb'.tain from tea and coffee and other Si'.sscx County's lonwtty champ- stimulants. The ccmbSnsd ages -f ions total more than 21,000 years: churches which had tieen built sev-; The interior is adorned with bas- reliefs, sculptures, painting;, nnd .staiue:l-Elass windows depicting icencs from secre;! history. Notre Dame was converted into a "Temple of Roasc,'.)" during the oral centurlecs before. It was in Notre Dame .that Na- ptlcon I was crowned empcrcr en Dec. 2, 1S04. Here also Mary Queen of Scow nud Nnpoleon II were married, although not to each oth- The facado, which for simple dignity has nj 5iiperior''ln France, Is flanked ay ;«•> '223-foot towers, one ot whlcl.% contain^ Ihe great French revolution The church closed In 1794, but was ened by Napoleon In 1802. reop- The building was restored about I8fi(j at a cost of $1,000,000, but was def<?-| crated by the Communists in 1811.1 Tuesday, Wednesday <• Thursday BEWARE Marble Seaplane Pays Tribute to French Heroes LE HAVRE. <UPi—A gmi!, marble seaplane lies crnslictl a giant granite icet^rg to "mark the pat along the Keir.e, nt Caudebec.' vhsre the French reaplano, Uitli- nm 47, started for the North, In ijarch of Nobile and his men. It never relumed. Tlie monument has ben c'lnplet- ed and ths French Government is miking arragervnts for its dedication in BKjintcr. Tlie Minis'.cr cf Air, M. Laurent Eyniic. \\-K invited nit the Brent \vcrld to attend. New Frencb Law Stills Netrroes' Mournful Blues PARIS, (UP)-There Is gloom in that belt nf Montmartre which i; known locally as "LltDj Harlem: The: French Government has en forced a. new decree which bbreat ens ths vast army o! saxophone footers and dmrmtlck jugslirs with almost chronic unemployment. The decree Is that all restaurants casinro and cabarets engaging Am rrican bands are legally required l< furnish employment at the sam time to. a French band. Seme time ago. the French gov cihment made USD of old immlgra lion laws to prevent American jazz bands corrOng to France. The withh^WUig of labor permits was sufficient to keep (tie bands away. That law could not be applied to ths bands already In the counlry, so the new clecr,;e was decided upon. That (5 why there is real feeling in tho moaning of saxophones nnd ths blues picked cff the banjos ar« ie»l blue. ••. '. ylth s " ch f ° rcc „ .nt t c,r walnut (crests will vcrovor beauty and full pro:l;:. :i-, ::;.•. DIT7 TU1MTFB all L I MM i MI Tuesday and Wednesday It's Nutty but it's Nice! avia'.nrs of Ihn and TJel-i !cnle ha\-,? already a-crp'.v:l. The mciiun^nt '.5 \i:\::\\ r,:i thc'i supposition that the u :I:;.)IK- col- j i'.r'ed with an tceb;rn in the fogi oiler Captain Gullbaud tcck oni board Amurdsen and t!'^ Arctic! uilol. Lieut. Dictriclron. The oilier i i'.:rce members c.f Oie crew 'A-ere! Lieut. c"i Cuvervlllo. wireless o;x?r- ] ntor Valrttc and Mechanic Brn/.y. Tlie names "Crutl-bjc. Bc-rgen.!," reminders cf the fatal: flight, ar? on one sk": of !ht momi- > mejit and in a base relief the names of the six crew passengers. Gales in France Ruin Famous Walnut Crop PARIS, (UP)—American families will have't-i ration cut walnuts this Thanksgiving and Christmas for' Ihs sales which tore Kroujh th3 Daiiphlne walnut groves Wrought disaster to the magiiinceut old trees. The terrific f.; W m;i brr.krjii-t as ths crop -,va?. b;ins ccliectrl and a BO'.lly portion nf iv.ils were thrown with P* APPEARS AGAIN/ Ku Mnnchu's alive! You haven't sc-rn half -Jiu thrills until you "THE RETURN DR.FIWANCHU" with Warner Oland 0. P. TTeggic Jean Arlliur Neil Hamilton Comedy and CarloDii J[;itiiicc and Ted Heaiy and his hilarious! iL*".._! 5 °.Frances AIcCov Stanley Smitli Comedy Matinee—10 'iiui ^Oc Night—15 and -10o. i Coming—Friday and j day—Buck Jones in Coming—Sunday & : — Lois iMoran in 1UNTESS". Saiur- "MFA T Bargains For Nov. 26th to 29th Inclusive TfeStorc Will Be Closed All Day Thanksgiving Tl^UAUMI»».JlL.«,ir^-~»'-a-^-r»»——— " ,- -* I? Extra Large Guaranteed Fresh Fancy Bleached Crisp and Tender CRANBERRIES F H P 15c ORANGES =r,s Fancy Quality Golden Yellow Fruit head 8c Mitfaroni, Spa- KhL'tti or Noodles box 5c COCOANUTS SALT 26 oz. Morton's Brookfield or Clover Bloom No. 1 Tail can Sweet & Jf Pet or 3 Large or Carnation 6 Small Fancy IL Red lw« No. 2>/i Ijibbys Crushed or Sliced. Can 23c PEARS No. 2 Libbys 3artiett can . Fancy Emperors No. ., Libbys Deluxe can Fancy York Imperials Pork & Beans Campbell's 3 For !&rKFDC Sunshine OC A IJUintifd Krispie, 2 Ibs. &% Maxwell House or Canova Campbells Tomato Only 3 for Dressed, Fancy Milk Ducks Ib.J3c Turkeys tb. 35c Fed Certified Quality Hens "Tb.~22c Geese JbTSSc 1JLROAST Ib. lie | BRISKET ReAfflTie B^^flB^^^^H!^^BBBB^E<n^^^sEK^^^^n^^^^H^^^^^^^^^«^^^^B^B^2'^^ H ^^^^^ l ^_ 1 ^^ > ^^^^^^^ MOULDER, Whole, NIC HAMS Ib. Black Hawk 3 Ibs. limit Mix Sausa; PORK SAUSAGE OYSTERS I;, pint 39c -- quart aamM^ • SPARE RIBS Ib. 12k PIG TAILS Ib. 1! Fancy Sweet Brandy Added

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