Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1967 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1967
Page 6
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Summer reading winners will be held in the summer time. Up to flow the court terms hive been affifiged id they come up one in the fail, a couple during the winter months, and • final in the spring, the summer has been "vacation." With trials coming up in the summer months the problem of air conditioning of the courtroom is raised, and at' torneys visited with the supervisors last week about con* ditloning for the summer of 1968. The courtroom becomes almost unbearably hot in the summer and attorneys fear impaired judgment of jurors in hot and humid conditions. total nun>bet of books fetid iltd total number of Winners were a* Third grade - KMhy Die*mum, 120 book 6945 pig*; Diamte Johnson, 94 booto 417? pige*; Kathleen Rodney, 10 books 1313 page*. Fourth grade — Trudy Parrlah, 70 books 11564 pages; Matthew Ootteti, 28 books 4591 p ttedi WirrtA, 24 book* 4— Alfe** (I**.) Aebiftii MOND gide -i. Jti»f . 30 books 5949 pig*; Donna Sheppard, 39 books 5063 p*g< ee; Conine Dietanftnti, 27 books 4235 pages. Sixth grade — Susan Gotten, 63 books 11,* DAY, 646 page*; Debby Hanson, 39 books 5272 (Mge«; fftrigit Ooleman, 29 book* 5143 JMg< «i, Seventh grade — Dick Leigh, 51 booki 0214 pages; Mary &obba, 40 books 8796 pages; Mary Gotten, 43 books 7768 page*. 21 Oldsmobfles PHOOEY TO THE moguls in the telly biz. They are now giving hints and glimpses of the goodies they will offer this fall—here it is only July and early August! In the meantime they dish up some hash warmed over from the first run of a show thai was dismal to start with. On a new show a person has a bit of hope it will get better toward the end. However on the rerun the viewer remembers that it was dull all the way. * * * THE OLD GOAT didn't cere from which way, how SHOWN ARE THE winners in the library's summer reading contest who received the election went but it prizes at a party held Friday morning on the lawn of the library. From left to right they are, would be nice to have the f ro nt, Trudy Parrish and Kathy Diekmann; back, Susan Cotten, Dick Leigh and Jane Shey. in* contest the ABC network 10 at least the re-runt will be new to . thote people who are limited now to CBS and NBC. Maybe now the powers that be will arrange to have a ABC network come in to Algona. The Old Goat is hopeful—but not very. He's been fooled too often and is getting crotchety and becoming • real disbeliever in his old age. Maybe Ames " and .Austin will put in a deal to get the viewers in Algona but from an economic standpoint the chances •re not too great. The people have spoken—so the Old Goat will shut up and cuss the NBC and CBS. After all, if he can't see the ABC shows he isn't in a position to cuss them too. * * * SPEAKING OF the idiot tube a show the other night Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Open house for former school head at Burt Burt — An open house coffee will be held at the Fellowship hall in the Burl Methodist church Aug. 8 from 2 \a 5 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. in honor of the B. C. Browns, of Motairie, La. Mr. Brown headed the Burt school in 1917 and 1918 and would like to meet former pupils and former friends of 50 years ago. Engaged tomo, Texas, came a week a go Wednesday and will spend some time at the S. R. Parsons home while her mother is ill. Mrs. Parsons is improving slowly at the Park hospital in Mason City and may be home soon. Court terms are confused by new law Changes made by the recent legislature have confused the situation regarding the coming court terms. In fact, court "terms" as they have itixuiiuiu jr^.^ng 1^5*,.,..^. * m v. „. - ...„-„ r<vn»viov.i iw m casuierviiiu me oiuiuuu- P 661 ?. 1 w probably cease at- that oldie of J*nctte Mac- SSSf.J tlSbwSBS: ** * hc engagement and. ap- ter the new law gets fully im- AUXILIARY MEETS winners named by library The summer reading con- teat, sponsored by the Algona public library, ended this week with a party for partici pants on the library lawn. Rt- freshments were served by Zeta Xi Sorority and Hutzell's Office Supplies furnished the prizes. The first requirement of the contest was for each participant to read ten books. Of 233 who entered, 152 met this fflrst requirement. Thereafter, points were kept for THOMAS" FUNERAL CHAPEL That was the sale. had Gordon McRae and affel ^^^^S "«• AND MRS. Floyd Mil- Merman, yelping together like ™t Aufr 1 at the Legion hall ^ ^ ^^^ are announ- Donald and Nelson Eddy. They pie of rhinocerouscs, or a l>crs wcre l P rcsent witl1 iswiwiuaiiu iiuiou.. UUX..T. *..>.j i?ip v « n Anxiliarv mpm preaching marriage of their were about as cute as a cou- }; or ;_ . E ! e _! c . n ..^ lh .^ y , I^™; daughter Sandra Lee, to Bill Hall, son of M'r. and Mrs. W. plemented. At point now is the drawing of a jury to consider cas- s pic i« iiuiiuwiuudva, ^. u „,,0-4,0 anH civ T otrimn mf»m nail, son U"I 1V1T. auu mis. v>. —b "* « j"«j i" ivmaiuci caa- pair of elephants doing a go- ^^s rfiests were Kv S" A. Hall of Algona, Iowa. A es at what would have been go. Why is it these character* K";^ nu ^^ owa Tul o September 2 wedding is being the September term of court past the teen age (at least £3?*"' uJmntowT and Den Panned at the St. Patrick's in Kossuth. The jurors will twice) think they can be coy ™am JJ""J™"• " na T^' church in Estherville. be drawn as usual for this iSs.S^K ~*S~j», saHaBusuwft.^. SaJSOryM and Kimmvrinir while fchev ex- •.** al we mexnoaisi anurcnhin... week. »<\ nn t a * K,, th« «.*o»« *..«.»>»>„ and simpering while they ex. . 0 0 . n , ercise their tonsils but they ^ n .^ M l"L.?- *?,*?»% ., „ , _ ... adopted by the state supreme -'Mrs.iCaroliFrasen and.twins rou ff ' are only nauseating. Nothing "fn wHi report on, Glrta State ^sited Thursdav ^ Mrs . » ^ is more foolish than an aging a j Cedar tails June 5 - », iw>/ A* T~,«=™ .r ? has-been making like a t? a |^c'neetang. Memo™ ser- Art Leason. age love-in. . , , , , M JomT^hwietert was trans- J^^g Krors'St^ vices were conducted for Ma- ferred from Britt hosoilfcal to Ior ° ulv OI i?™™ lor U P lo ree Bahnson and Wilma Fair- -^ - • •-• ^^ m1 ^ a thr fifi -month n-rind thpir THE OLD GOAT got a bi« banks - Servin g the Uons club bang out of mdiculous days ««nn«r Aug. 21 were Geno- di^. J&ng the kids.particular- ^e Gr^m^FJjncj, S,n,t,i, ^,WlTJBS SST eants^lce Snlin^S Aug. 2 an<l is in serious con- cases up to tne point Qf trial ly the wee ones. The two to {^ AUa five year olds had a big day fc>oot)t NEW LIBRARY BOOKS with the rides and stuff, tt Was worth the time to watch .. , , . . , a little girl in her first ride, N 7 books are coming in al- hanging on for dear life in ™> st evc ^ da V to the Burt Mrs Neva Ollom and T nr-» Wnat tnis may mean is not Sewick ?pent Aug 3 S * S$$L dear Usually cases are tried Sr^ m&lL W^ne «" e ^ -""ff"[ ""J" "" Ollom is a patient at the hos- fil^^" 1 - Unde ^ the " ew pital in Estherville and they dea ***y can come up for also visited the Jim Sewicks tr ' al at alinMt^any time the at Spirit Lake. attorneys and judge are rea- real 6 scary*fun' And" the'Vd- library. Some recent books ""Mrs"."Ray Dvorak and the dy " , .. . 4 . , erl oTKc elephant seemed *™ D ^ toruZh l va g°' ™ e ™f' 20-months old twins, San An- " seems also that trials to be in a hurrv to get on— The Shepherd of the Hllls - I^uSi.S^to1e4off The ^^^a^S^ their high fearsome post. The ? nc > and .others. One to men- Old Goat got a big bane out tlon especially 1S Currahee, by Sa^lnffellow trying S Donald Burge,U which was maneuver four youngums on presented to the libnnjy in a course he wanted them to ™ mor y of the Charles Henry take. That fellow was real 52™1A, by their children. busy. * * * THE OLD GOAT'S homestead it unutually quiet after the four grandchildren left. For a week it was a noicy, littered, cluttered happy kind of a rat race. One problem the Old Goat's generation didn't have however is that of the television. There was no plea then to iust watch one more show please, before they were sent off to bed. But on the other hand there's nothing like a TV for the youngster who is bored and hasn't "anything to do". So ifs an unmixed blessing or curse, depending on the point of view. Perhaps the young family can not know the longing of the grand- folks for the days of their youth which they renew in the visits of the grandchildren. They probably don't realize the intensity in which the days and hours •re checked before the arrival. The hours and days drag. And when they are here'the days rush by too soon. And they can not know until they themselves are grandparents the agony that comes when the grandparents know they must leave. That's when bvty-. work if necessary. Wish the screen door would tlam Cairl Reynolds and Mrs. George Ackert (nee Floss Reynolds). The author Donald Burgett, is a grandson, by marriage, of Mrs. Floss Ackeirt of St. Paul, Minn. CIRCLES TO MEET Circles of the WSOS will meet Aug. 9 — one week early — because of the fair on the regular date. Gladys Circle is at the Lulu Hawcoll home, Ivy circle at the cafe, and Janice circle at the home of Barbara Harms. Mrs. Larry Hinckley and Cheryl, North Liberty, are visiting the A. C. Hinckleys for several weeks. The Sidney Millners moved last sveek to the Rose McGuire house on Main street. He is the assistant district manager of the Sinclair Co. north of Burt. The Jack Giffords and children, Bode, were guests of her mother Mrs, Gertie Moore, July 30. Elva Simpson, Algona, was a guest the first of the week at Frank Ryerson's. Thursday they attended Bible Conference at the Methodist camp grounds, Okoboji. The Burt high school band spent Aug. 3 at Arnolds Park. The Good Will truck will be in Burt Aug. 23. Leave material with Mrs. J. L. Miller before that date. The J. L. Millers left Aug. Mue ME -rue u ~.^^c 6 for McGregor to spend a $ 2£ § ° F ™ f OW "^ week there. Mr. Mll&r will on TV are a scream. They grade ^ at the termiiw j el . show .the women in long | ya tor there. ^•J^JSf 1 m °^r The Russell Shiplers have J wide bottom panits. DU rchased the drug store l £ t* W"* ^ I ^ mSm ' bSngfrom Mrs. F. L. Stt. ber those tones, and unpos- o^lMaore has a new gar- aibte for Uie yoyng folks who ag e SlaMofM ' ^ l »««* at the funny dresses. * e ' HOW FAR ARE YOU FROM A FRIEND? Just a reach away, by telephone. Whether you just want to enjoy a leisurely afternoon chat, or need help in the middle of the night—your phone is always there, ready to put you in touch with friends. North western Bell tt* Exp«ri«nc«d Embalnwn and Funeral Directors tollable 24 Heur Ambulance Service Funeral May !• Referred To Ut With Confidence Phenet WTON ||t.27t* tiNMTID IM-lOOt •44.1001 Shrewd move, waiting until now. Our annual Year End Sale is going full bore. You get extra savings on every young-spirited '67 Olds in stock. Extra savings on front-wheel-drive Toronados. Extra savings on beautifully engineered Olds Ninety-Eights and SSs. Extra savings on the value-packed Vista-Cruiser, Cutlass and F-85. Just visit the biggest Y.E.S.-man in the business — your Oldsmobile Dealer—today. Go Oldsmobile at your nearest |Hf transportation center On 57 OldHnotallei MAflK OF EMCCUCNCC DAU'S GARAGE, 125 s. Dodge s«. f ALGONA, IOWA WANT TO INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF YOUR FARMING OPERATION ? THEN BE SURE TO ATTEND THE OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, August 8 - All Day 1»4 mile east of intersection hwys. 169 & 18 ~ on Plum Creek Blacktop — Algona, Iowa. ••••••••eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee At Kyle * 5 TORMOR SEE IN OPERATION ! i SEE A COMPLETE GRAIN DRYING SYSTEM IN OPERATION ! Stormor's "matched to the job" units provide labor-free bin filling, drying, unloading or grain transfer capacity with efficiency and economy. Many types of augering and handling systems available. f ••• •• -^ JIRWAY, TMHWIUMOMM See in operation the new vertical auger stirring system that is available for all sizes and kinds of bins ! -These units were tested at the university in Ames and proven to REDUCE DRYING COST. Field proven to eliminate spoilage, hot spots and overdrying. Complete details and information compiled by I.S.U. available ! •••teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee«eeeeeeeee«eee*e**eee«eeeeeee«e PARKER PARKER GRAVITY FLOW BEDS For fast, easy and safe handling of grain, ear or shelled corn, feeds, bulk fertilizers and solid vegetables. SPECIAL PRICE DURING OPEN HOUSE ONLY ,_._-_—— $909.00 »*eeeeeeeeeee«««eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee***eeeeeeee«eeeeeeeeeeeeee«teeeeeeeee FACTORY REPRESENTATIVES WIU BE ON HAND FOR ALL THREE FIRMS MANY AUGERS AND WAGONS WIU ALSO BE ON DISPLAY - FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS - Kyle Keith, Phone 295-3801 kcfolt'i of |awa PaMt - •oprtMnting Stockc|ale'9 of low« On Plum Creek Blacktop, East 9! Algona Roger Keith, Phone 924*3370

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